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There was a lot about her current job Caroline Channing hated, but if she had to narrow it down to just one thing it would be total lack of hygiene. Seriously, if their customers knew the truth about

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This is a continuation of the story about Merna. Merna catches up with Rose I barely beat Rose home after leaving Tommie's. "So good to see you again Rose," I exclaimed with glee. "You too," Rose said

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It would always happen, without fail. I'd begin jacking off to regular, everyday porn, like everyone else. A man doing a woman, maybe two. Sometimes two women. Sometimes a woman on her own. But it nev

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"Dress off Kelly, it's not like you aren't used to showing off those big tits and ass anyway, and I'm assuming a slut like you isn't wearing any knickers but if on the off chance you are ditch them to

love   thy   neighbour  

Final part of the story? Makes more sense if you've read 1 and 2 obviously. I'm happy to consider suggestions for future episodes :) Enjoy. ***** Doug could tell that Tim wasn't being entirely honest

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Note: This is dedicated to the real Johnathan and Elizabeth who inspired the story. The entire back story is based on real events...the plotlines are real fantasies of the lovely couple. Note 2: This

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As I eased into the huge tub, I sat back and admired her walking toward me. She was a perfect vision. While I had fallen for her personality and heart via text messages, I was truly astonished that sh

stacy's   first   adventure  

I've enjoyed crossdressing for most of my life, but it has been only in the past few years that I have discovered that there is a Stacy inside of me, and have allowed myself the joy of complete transf

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I had been married to Laura for about a year when I made the biggest mistake of my life; even now I don't know how I could have been so stupid. Laura was the most beautiful girl I had ever met and I a

melanie   learns   hard   lesson  

A woman stands on the corner of the dark street, waiting for her bus. Melanie is twenty five, 5'5", blonde, and chocolate box pretty. Suddenly a car appears from nowhere and squeals to a halt right in

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I went to visit my daughter Naomi recently. She moved to Las Vegas about a year ago with her latest boyfriend Brad. He was kind of a biker type, long beard, tattoos, etc. He seemed like a nice guy tho


This is the fourth and final part of a story that was presented as a challenge for me to write. I don't condone or approve of true non-consent though admit the fantasy is an intriguing idea. I was ask

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She's wearing a yellow empire waist dress with black swirls and flowing patterns with black Mary Janes. A black sash runs under her breasts and ties behind her back. Her breasts are high and he realiz

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I didn't see much of Fred for a few weeks, except for around the neighborhood. I was thinking of him quite often, but I wanted him to come back only if he wanted to. Spring was in full bloom and Alice

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This is set in the TV show Chuck. This story focuses on the characters Sarah and Sylvia, played by Yvonne Strahovski and Jenny McCarthy respectively. The set up for these stories may be ridiculous, so

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As the new slave and his new owner were removing their masks in the exit corridor, the slave's nose was alerted by the smell of leather. He turned to see Madam Harriet and Fiona Brown smile at his Mis

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As I was saying, the dream starts with you deciding to come see me suddenly. I was caught by this. I left early and was to meet at the park. I got a message from you saying you weren't going to come..

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A special thanks to Volunteer Editor Wickedinside for their time and expertise. Any errors that remain are my sole responsibility. ***** I had received the following text message: "at the Pools, bring

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He is lying in her arm, she touches his face, her gentle voice is sending shivers down his spine, just like all the times. She is playing with his nipples again, they are already hurting a bit. She is

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A Anal Slut—Almost a Virgin. It was a warm fall afternoon as I strolled down Main Street. I noticed my reflection occasionally in the store windows. I was a handsome young man at six feet tall, 30 inc

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He should have known Linda was bad news before he married her. More than one person had accused him of thinking with his "little head", and the moment he walked in his door to find the tall blonde nak

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Dear Reader, thank you so much for reading this story. It has taken nearly a year of my writing life to get the whole thing finished. This is Chapter 13 of 14 chapters and the total is over 250,000 wo

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Anya stared after Mr. Hughes' receding back with her mouth dropped open as she felt something surround her other ankle. Something that was solid, slippery and strong. She was unable to move her legs a

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The first time was my birthday. We had been married for a few years and I had been sharing with her my fantasies of watching her taking a lover while we made love. When I did so it always made her mor

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You are wearing tights, remember when I asked you to wear them, and a dress, sitting on the sofa with something boring on tv. You start feeling horny and begin to fumble with those ample boobs of your

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Fiction with adult themes. All characters are over 18. * A splitting headache greeted me as I awoke. The soft surface I was lying upon seemed to be moving beneath me, rolling from side to side with oc

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The Warehouse Two weeks had passed and Miranda still hadn't heard a word from the handsome police officer that had taken her for a ride. Trent had been told Miranda's secrets by his younger brother. W

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Sometimes, it's good to just let the beast off the chain and have some fun between the sheets. * * * * * Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (12 min/mp3) * * * * *Sometimes, it's good t

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After struggling back into my soiled fatigue pants, I wobbled up the darkened stairways and was waiting in the Jeep's driver seat when my CO joined me. I didn't look at him as he settled into the pass

20th   surprise   anniversary  

I'm lying in bed waiting. Waiting for my wife to come home from fucking another man - with my consent. I'm impatient and restless and incredibly horny. My mind is filled with wondering about where she