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sister   heat  

I got in late, somewhere in the hazy place between late night and early morning, but the heat had not let up. The inside of the house was just as dark and humid as the outside, and I waded through it

trouble   mother-in-law  

This was just after fifty shades came out. My mother-in-law was living with us because she left her husband and the divorce wasn't settled. My wife's a nurse and had a late shift. Mom started asking a

night   date  

Tonight I'm sitting at the bar alone drinking a glass of wine. It's a nice place, not really what you would call "high class" but not a dive by any stretch of the imagination. I'm wearing the little b

poolside   summer   fun  

It was the hottest day of the year, only about 1030 in the morning and already thirty degrees. Mark stepped onto the deck, closing the door to the kitchen behind him. It was Wednesday, and he had subm

kinky   pegged   husband  

Summary: Wife's discovery of husband's anal toys changes everything. Note 1: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest Story. Note 2: This is one of two different versions of this story; you can read the husba


I was sitting in the passenger seat of Hannah's car as she drove us home. "Look at this picture. Oooo look at this one. No this one," I said as I was scrolling through the hundreds of pictures the wai

ravaged   you  

I come into your room wearing a black blouse that exposes a substantial amount of cleavage and a black skirt that reaches mid-thigh, exposing my nice, shapely legs. I have my black four-inch heels on

nurse?   want   you  

Assistance and Corruption Michele and Polly made love three times in total that night including a long session of oral sex. They both stripped down to their lingerie and fell asleep in each other's ar

when   opportunity   knocks  

Ben and Lacy arrived at the small, hole-in-the-wall bar on the east side of town. Neither had been there before and were only there because Lacy had won tickets for a show in a raffle at work. Lacy wo

darling   nikki  

"My butt's too big," complained Nikki, looking at herself in the mirror. "Shut up, it is not." Lila was sick of having this same complaint thrown at her by her best friend. "I did whatever he wanted,"

true   90%  

Chapter 03 -- A Farewell Orgy - - - I was doing the dishes as my wife came in from her friend's house. It was nice that we lived walking distance from her best friend, as it allowed my wife, Ann, to d

weekend   naked  

The next morning I woke up to the smell of coffee brewing. I also heard a car door close and an engine start outside. I slid out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I washed off my face and brushe

because   you   needed  

My fiancé Riley and I have been together going on five years. He's ask me to set a date on more than one occasion but we get along so well, I'm almost afraid to rock the boat. He knows how much I love

truth   lies   and  

-There is some truth in every lie. Part II- Cindy Continued Dave managed to stay away from Cindy for about a week. He didn't talk to her, and she didn't talk to him. No text messages or emails, and de

keri   amost  

----- This is a sequel to an earlier story (AMOST - Keri). It is not necessary to read the earlier one, just to know that our mind-controlling protagonist had met and enjoyed a girl a few days earlier

weekend   kara's   horny   continues  

Intro: We first met Kara in the Kara's Horny Weekend 5 part series. If you would like to read them the links will be posted below the intro. To remind you though Kara is twenty-two and is very sexual.

  bad   gateway   (error   502)  

The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request.My cousin Alicia and I have always been close, bu

merna's   story  

Part 2 of Merna's story. Chronicles the second day at the races. Really need to read Part 1 to understand it. Edited by DRGRIFFIN ***** I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face. Jerome was lyi


Only two weeks after setting Hal and my mother up on their first date. Hal's visits had become less frequent since that first date. We had only made love a couple times and it was clearly different. I

world   day   dream   bad  

Gwendolyn walked slowly through the dream world. Her feet made a slight squishing noise and against the purple, blue and green giant mushroom pads. Fog hung low and the sky was black. She heard a deep

touched   moonlight  

"I've never been afraid of them. Not once. Because I had you." ~Katrina *** Luciano looked down at his hand in a daze. He could still feel Katrina's warm skin beneath his palm, smell her scent around

gf's   threesome   with   sideways   goes  

Hello everyone, My name is Stacey. I am a 23 year old woman, am 5'1" and am 115 lbs. I live in the Santa Cruz mountains near a couple of really nice parks. I love to run on the trails to keep in shape

christmas   white  

Whoever thought it was a good idea to celebrate the holidays in a cabin on a mountain is an idiot. I keep telling my parents that, and every other person who decided to attend too. Sure enough I'm jok

flesh   pound  

The next day, Nicky went to work as I had instructed him and officially resigned, giving them two weeks' notice (that way, if something happened to me, he'd still have good references). His supervisor

you'll   mine   say  

David stood with his ear to the door of his sister, Emma's, room. He'd heard the sound of her window open and close as she'd let someone in, and now he was listening as her bed creaked and she moaned

than   lasting   more   round  

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, organisations, even

pin-up   girl  

"No blindfold or hood today?" she asked cheekily. "Oh no, not tonight, little slut. Tonight, I want you to watch everything." "Mmmm, I'm intrigued, Master. But a bit nervous...there's a little edge to

michael's   destiny  

By the time Ashley and I were upstairs, my sniffling had stopped, though I was no less distressed. Ashley obviously already knew... hell she was the one who saved my ass from my homophobic parents whe

one   who   got   away   the  

Author's Note: This is the first installation in what I intend to be a long series that explores the beginning(s) and end of a relationship. Naturally, as the introduction to the characters and their

new   eve   year's   rockin'  

Monica Fiorentino couldn't help being jealous of Zoe Byrne. The gorgeous Gunnedah native considered Zoe both her friend and her rival; she got along well with Zoe, but also considered her slightly ove