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esther   &   abigail  

I was sitting in the bath, my arms wrapped around my legs, and my head rested on my knees. The warm water relaxing my tired joints. After a particularly deep sigh I heard a noise from the doorstep of

four   sluts   the  

Lauren woke up to the feeling of her dad fucking her asshole. Only a few hours ago he had taken both her virginity and taken her ass. It was an amazing experience, but she was still sore. Apparently t

slutty   girlfriend's   roommate  

I lay in bed while I watched Abby get dressed for work. God, she is beautiful, I thought. It had only been twenty minutes since I finished fucking her. I had been on top, as always, and she lay there

that   kept   the  

I nearly passed out, just lying on the floor, my ex's new boyfriends cum mostly gone, but leaving a sticky feeling on face. I couldn't believe the slut I had turned into once I started sucking that be

fuck   daughter   your   trans  

Dear Daddy, I know I've been a bad girl lately, sleeping around with boys from college and I know you can hear upstairs as they slam into me in your sweet little girl's childhood bedroom. The truth is

sister's   how   became   sub  

This is a lesbian story, but it is also much more. It involves control and punishment, submission and obedience. It involves incest, and anal penetration. It involves sex with both women and men, as w

sinful   six  

Preface What follows is a story of excess. It's raunchy, incestuous, and parts of it are downright depraved. But thankfully, it's my story, and it's a representation of the dirty visions that are play


Thank you to BlackInk07 for all the ideas and help with research! I do not own anything Hannibal! ***** There had been no time for goodbyes. No time to pack or even to blow a farewell kiss to her home

taming   amy   the  

"Make sure you are home on time tonight Barry! You know I have my mother coming over for dinner! And for god's sake put on a better shirt than that old thing! I swear you are such a slob!" Amy said as

meets   peter   johnson  

My name is Johnson. I recently posted an ad on craigslist ISO a first time experience with another man. Because I'm not in a social situation that allows me to go out and meet other men I proposed tha

gushing   greta  

Everyone had heard about my mini-gangbang by the time Spring semester started. It was starting to become generally known that I was the school whore. Someone actually scrawled "Whore Hound" on my lock

maternal   lait  

Rising out of bed, Penny had a slight hangover from the night before. As she came to her senses, her eyes adjusting to the daylight, she remembered what had happened the previous evening and blushed t

fucking   through   georgia  

This is a long and complicated story set in America as it was plunging towards civil war in the mid eighteen hundreds. It is about one woman's efforts at preventing that war by using the only facility

pledge   duties  

My first time as the "guest star" in a threesome was in college. There was a girl named Tara who I had met and flirted with for weeks – she was always hanging around the frat house where I was a pledg

son   cuckolded  

It's amazing how little you can be aware of what's going on around you, right underneath your nose, even right in front of your eyes sometimes. By the time I was in my forties, I thought I had everyth

intruder   the  

Here is another new idea that kind of just jumped right out of my head. The best part about doing this story was getting to play with the visuals that give this story that spice. Thank you to Wayne &

river   the  

I had always enjoyed having sex outside and was always looking for new places to do it. Today I was wearing a short flowing summer skirt and a sheer top with an opaque stripe around my breasts which s

moment   insanity   brief  

All characters are 18 years or older. The chapters alternate between Warren and Shu for the first half. I don't want to confuse you the reader. It was suggested that I mention sources for cross over c

possessive   sex  

This is just a fun little Halloween idea I've been meaning to write up for a couple years. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please vote and leave a comment. * Cheryl stood in the kitchen, her yellow gl


Note: I got the idea for this story from a Hentai comic written by Akiha. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. ***** John walked into the school at a side entrance. The main office

goer   theatre  

I passed by the old façade several times a week. The old neon sign reading "Paris Cinema" above the old marquis that simply had the word "Adonis". No movie name, just that one single word to let peopl

bound   queen   story   halloween   the  

Each year as I write my Halloween stories, I depend upon the pixies to bring me inspiration for one with an Irish/Celtic theme. This year they led me to the myths and legends surrounding the last of t

initiation   prison  

There is something particularly humiliating about being arrested covered in cum, piss, and surrounded by big black men, especially when you were once a very well-off businessman with a simple insertio

odyssey   shanti's   sexual  

Suhas was a famous businessman and had accounts in all the accounts but loved the bank where Shanti worked – she was his attraction and he had a big role in turning her into a paid whore, the Bank Man

girls   4-4-2   and   bar   guys  

"Guys and Girls at a Bar," part 2 of the "It was supposed to be about incest" arc. Copyright CopperSkink (or Copper's Kink; whatever turns you on), January One, Two Thousand Ten. All players eighteen

howlin'   moon  

Dear Readers, It is with great pleasure that I introduce the very first story authored by my wife, margarita, of masterandmargarita. We have reversed our normal roles of author and editor in order to

lustfingers   kalemnia  

The creature was small and short, hunchbacked and bent over. Its skin was stone grey and stretched across its bony fragile body, and the creature had wrapped a loose piece of brown fur around his groi

goes   anya   vorhees  

Anya felt the bed dip slightly as someone stepped onto it and she slowly opened her eyes, yawning as she let them focus on the darkly clad man that was working on the rope connected to the ceiling abo

djinn   the  

Disclaimer: This story contains sexual content between a male and futanari, shemale, etc. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. All charact

challenges   jenny   100   sex   for  

'18 Today – Her Virginity Must Go!' in Literotica's 'First Time' story section provides the background to this story. This is great-aunt Robyn's list of 'sex challenges' to Jenny and her seven sisters