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"She was fucking amazing," Dan was saying. "I wanted to find a way to thank you properly for sharing her with me, so here it is. You're going to the conference in Edinburgh next month and staying in t

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The world ached and Cole wanted it to stop. He'd settle with the tightness behind his eyes or the rope that rubbed sorely against his wrists and ankles, but anything be stop the nausea-waves that came

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Jack slowly opened his eyes and grumbled as the alarm clock made its annoying noise. He fumbled around on the night stand and finally found the button to turn it off. He slid back the sheets and heade

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Yes, in case you're wondering, I was able to get hard again while washing my plump, cheating wife Lisa under the hot water jets of the shower, my hands caressing her soft, pampered flesh as I did so.

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I woke up the next morning in Gray and Amber's bed. Amber in the middle. She was asleep, cuddled up with Gray. One leg thrown over his hip. Her face so close to his I'm sure they could feel each other

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"I still don't understand the bracelet, he buys it for you and tells you you can keep it if you don't fuck him?" James said holding her wrist looking at the expensive piece of jewelry, "If he wanted t

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Peter had discovered of late, that there were in fact some benefits to being dead. Being dead of course, was rather inconvenient, considering all his ambitions and plans. He missed being alive, but ev

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She stood outside the door to the hotel room, raising her hand to knock but then placing it back by her side. She takes a deep breath and raises her hand again, her knuckles almost reaching the wood o


"He made me do it," I said into the phone. It was the morning after and I was alone in the house. I had a cup of coffee and was wearing my robe. My fingers flipped the pack of cigarettes I kept around

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(CAUTION: This story entails a fictional account of rape, of a fictional female Police officer. None of this is based on a real event, and all of it is fictional in basis. I do not condone rape, or no

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There is something particularly humiliating about being arrested covered in cum, piss, and surrounded by big black men, especially when you were once a very well-off businessman with a simple insertio

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Anya felt her breathing run rampant as she tried to ignore the ache in her cunt. Looking around her outside, she found the dildo near where she had been lying and picked it up, and then located the as

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My grandfather emigrated from Austria in 1919. He had four sisters, but he was the only boy. He married my grandmother in 1940. Unable for whatever reason to have children of their own, they eventuall

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"I've never been afraid of them. Not once. Because I had you." ~Katrina *** Luciano looked down at his hand in a daze. He could still feel Katrina's warm skin beneath his palm, smell her scent around

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Author's Note: Here is the third chapter of Tales from the Soiled Dove. It is a continuation of Chapter 2, and I hope you all enjoy it. Work is progressing slowly on Elfish Descent, but it is progress

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The Threesome Chronicles: Mary Evans Chapter 2 The Bikini Age - A Mother's Nightmare I eventually downloaded the incredible video to the computer when he commented shortly after that it was killing hi

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Intro: A sexy voluptuous young woman around 30 years old gets to meet for the first time an older man she had known on the internet for many years. Meeting: It was a warm evening during the late summe


Gina stared sightlessly past X's shoulder and out the window. She sat in the passenger seat, feet pulled up in front of her, sucking her vape. A shiver ran through her at the memory of those ice-cold

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nullThis is the second part of a two part series. ***** On the Monday after our photo shop I called to see if Dave enjoyed his gift. He said that he'd spent most of the day masturbating to each pictur

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Phyllis and Mark have been together for a year, and they have a joke, that isn't really a joke. It is serious but also enjoyable. Every time they attempt or experiment with new experiences, she asks h

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Erotic fiction and short sex stories

New stories daily

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