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months   later  

Chapter Two: The Unveiling of The Slaves In Chapter One, Kelly and Celia were blindfolded and gagged separately, and strapped to each other in a 69 position on a hotel bed. They were forced to lick ea

sera's   awakening  

Sera double checked the handwritten address on the slip of paper, comparing it to the modest home in front of her. Marcus had given it to her, said that it would be exactly what she was looking for. T

the   bigger   better  

Kim graduated high school a virgin, she dreamed of sex and would often play with herself. Her parents often warned her of the issues with having sex too soon. Pregnancy, STD'S, and having her heart br

irma's   new   toy  

Irma had Drake lap and probe obediently at the mixed perfumes of her cunt and arsehole, enjoying several rich orgasms as she indulged in the sheer pleasure of enforcing her dominance over him, revelli

joy   sins  

I attributed this story to my dearest editor "JackGates74". Thank you "JackGates74" for all the hard work on the story. ***** Soon before, I leave Shahida Bhabi's home that morning saying her goodbye

make   scream!  

Author's note: The following humorous tale is probably mostly fictional. All sexual actors are living humans aged 18+. Views expressed are not necessarily the author's. It's only a story. ***** Make M

"waiting"   fantasy  

"Are you ready for this Mish?" "Not really but it's too late to back out now." I stood in a dark alley before a metal door shaking with both anxiety and the cold, waiting for the door slot to open and

intruder   the  

Here is another new idea that kind of just jumped right out of my head. The best part about doing this story was getting to play with the visuals that give this story that spice. Thank you to Wayne &

angel   snow  

Thank you for taking time for reading my story! This story has the same characters as An Angel and an Owl The story Dragon Wings and Faery Dust also has the same characters and overlaps the events of

arabian   nights  

Michele sat sobbing as she told Sarina about being taken forcibly by Jamhal, the Cabal's vicious pimp. She told Sarina how Jamhal had justified his actions because Michele was no longer unsullied. "Su

girl   and   adult   bookstore   guys  

This story contains a bit of bisexual male sex if you are not a fan of this please do not continue. The sounds of a buzzing alarm fill the air in the Jones bedroom, a large masculine had slowly reache

concubine   sultan   his   and   the  

I love to please my wife. Her happiness is my happiness. Whatever she wants I try to give her because I'm always the one who reaps the rewards. To see her writhing in her own orgasm is the greatest pl


I always think of her when the sun sets. We'd been on the beach all day, I'd been watching her play and enjoying the heat of the summer as the tide slowly crept towards us. Eighteen years old and stil

caged   for   freedom  

I had a dilemma. You see I am a very kinky individual and my wife is not so kinky so, for a lot of my life, I am kinkily frustrated. Even more so because I know I can easily fix my frustration, simply

captain's   requirement   the  

Thanks to Blackwing for this, giving me the constant reminders and making me reign in my muse to finish this... And for beta'ing this. All characters in this are over 18. Enjoy. ***** Kate Beckett sig

she   and  

Dewey looked over at the two girls, barely able to contain himself. He couldn't believe this was actually going to happen, and happily handed over his credit card to pay for the room. He paid for the


I re-applied my crimson red lipstick and curled my last piece of long thick dark brown hair, I slipped into a black mini skirt which only just covered my curvaceous ass and a tiny red singlet which st

gets   banged   sister  

Pls read my story sequel for better understanding of the character and the story... My story involves my 3 sexy sisters and how I was able to full fill my much awaited fantasy of fucking them story co

inquire   within  

Author's note: This story, while wholly self-contained, can be considered a sequel of sorts, as it references characters and events already described in its sister story, "Share and Share Alike," avai

fuck   daddy's   toy   girl  

James was a carpenter and a damn good one. He had been the shop foreman in a custom door and cabinet factory for seventeen years. Then came the housing crash of 2008. He watched his seniority, benefit

gift   unexpected  

Most everything about my life could be classed as normal. I have a boring low paid job and the only minor exception to my normalcy is that I live with my sister, not being able to afford a place of my

stuffed   canary  

Author's note: This is a story based on Arrow and takes place during Season 3, but deviates from canon after the middle of season 2. ** Sara Lance hadn't celebrated her birthday in over six years, som

second   english   language  

This is part six of our story. While it can be enjoyed individually, reading previous chapters may help you to get to know Margot and Jay better. We join our story in progress - Margot has fallen madl

visitors   night-time   the  

This is a true story -- an actual experience. There is no exaggeration. Feel free to pray for me, if that's your thing -- though I'm agnostic so it'll not necessarily work. Hehe. Tx *** I have no warn

fences   mending  

Lysa sighed and walked out to sit on the back patio. The night air was crisp and the leaves were just starting to turn colorful shades of orange and red. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the brok

the   constance   gardener  

This is a tale of a chance encounter along the long tow-path that trails below the garden gates found between Runnymede and Windsor. I guess, if you wanted, you could wander all the way from London to

night   rough   out  

It had been a really shitty week at work; she had missed the retirement party for a long-time friend because she had to work late, again, and awoke this morning to find the weather had gone to hell, s

wakes   kylie  

I want to tell you all how I became the Cross-dressing slut I am today. My name is Kylie, and these stories are all true. I could tell you the same stuff all cross dressers seem to say, how I dressed

sally's   first   black  

After the first of the year, Will called and asked if he could come down for a weekend in February when the weather in DC was at its worst and he would have little work. I jumped at the idea and didn'

river   the  

I had always enjoyed having sex outside and was always looking for new places to do it. Today I was wearing a short flowing summer skirt and a sheer top with an opaque stripe around my breasts which s