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sally   and   miriam   fucking  

I first met Sally in a bar. I was going out with friends and spotted her in a corner with some pimply-faced chap who did his best to chat her up, but she was having none of it. She was tall, curvaceou


I thought he was cute when I first saw him. These things always happen in strange ways. I was out to dinner with my husband Dave. We were at this very famous wonderful restaurant for dinner. I was tak

massive   gifts   for  

"2 BIG TREATS FOR ME" It's your birthday and you said that on your birthday you wanted to see me do something special for you, something you've been thinking about for a long time, and I agreed. So no

chanel's   rehearsal  

Disclaimer - This story is a work of fiction, did not happen, and has no basis in reality. All characters presented are over the age of 18. ***** It was early morning on the set of Ridiculousness as C

christmas   myth   near   the   last  

1. Somewhere deep in the arctic a great beast lies on the floor of an ice cavern held by three chains still striped with bruises from the shaft of a fireplace poker. 2. Lord Hugh Stephen, sat in his c

incestuous   summer   love  

Summary: A crazy summer forever changes father, daughter and son. Note 1: Thanks to Bill who shared this story of his life and his special intimate loving relationship with his children. Much of the s

oversimplification   amy  

From Chapter 03: Amy and I live together for a week to make it easier for us to collaborate on our term papers. She continues to charm me, but she is a little spooked by our sudden closeness, and date


The people and interactions in this story are real; the emotions, filtered by 40 years of life, are as factual as memory can hope to be. The major bits of fiction are: moving an event that occurred in

tara   and   paul  

I met John and Tara online. I have always been bi curious and they posted an ad for a mid 40s, tall in shape guy for a threesome. All week, I waited in anticipation, I had so many fantasies that this

rose   for   victoria  

(This story was written in collaboration with hardcoregirl22, to whom it is dedicated.) Victoria leaned on the stone balustrade, the flat coping gritty under her bare forearms, and looked across the b

fallon   hotel   the  

The stagecoach came to a bumpy stop in front of the Wells Fargo and Co. Express building in Columbia, California. Winnifred, or Winnie as she was known to her friends, looked out at the brickwork buil

daughter's   boyfriend  

I didn't see much of Fred for a few weeks, except for around the neighborhood. I was thinking of him quite often, but I wanted him to come back only if he wanted to. Spring was in full bloom and Alice

teens   milf   cams   &   wife  

Authors Notes Revised on August 2015 to fix typos, make minor changes and get ready to write Ch. 3 The Housewarming. This story contains hetro sex, voyeurism, cunnilingus, a cheating husband, anal fis

day   bad   work  

Whoosh - Thwapp. Supple leather whisks through the air and meets pale skin. Whoosh-Thwapp -- the sting is felt again. Brian is feeling extraordinarily lucky. Another Whoosh-Thwapp and for the ninth ti

aphrodite's   angels  

I stood there watching Jasmine from across the lobby of Eros Industries where I worked. She wasn't what I had expected. For one thing, she had tripped over her own feet three times in the last ten min

kit   the   karate  

I can't remember what his name really was, so I'll call him Pete. I met him on an internet dating site, and he quickly became very possessive, in that creepy way that happens sometimes, where a guy wh

duties   barmaid  

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in the pub for a long time now, Alice serviced the locals still but on a much less frequent basis than her first six months, the novelty had worn off shall we

sweet   ass  

This section of Sweet Ass is dedicated to my friend, Indy Submale, who helped me with comments and suggestions on Randy's cuckold angst and bisexual tendencies. ***** Chapter 13 I was still awake at 2


I really relaxed and let you into my mind with this one. I hope you will enjoy hearing me so wet and willing while I touch my pussy and my ass... Thank you for all the wonderful feedback, it keeps me

sam's   night   out  

Sam hoped out of the car and headed for the hotel door. The third hotel in two weeks he thought to himself. He glanced around as he walked to the reception desk. There was a couple at the small bar wh

trip   the   camping  

Friday I woke up in Tina's RV on my back pitching a tent. Tina came out of the bathroom seeing me awake immediately brightened up. She jumped onto the bed and kissed me deeply. "Go pee. I will not tak

clinic   men   massage   for  

It had been almost a year since the divorce. John had been heartbroken when he discovered that Allison was cheating on him. When found out, she had simply stated that she didn't love him anymore and s

true   love  

"Merry Christmas Alex." "It's not Christmas yet." I grunted and shifted under the covers. I was awake, but didn't want to be. I was trying my best to be a grouch early, like most mornings, but I knew

seeking   gratification  

From the files of Cleo. Note: I have been asked by several of my fans if "Seeking Gratification" is another story about a client from one of my files. My answer is this. It is "from" one of my clients


The annual New Year's Eve party that they threw every year was tomorrow tonight. Mostly the same group of people that came to all of the neighborhood parties, but she had made sure to invite her new n

because   you   deserve  

Silence covered the room like a blanket of fresh snow. Blindfolded, Elly knelt in the middle of the room, comfortably resting on the soft carpet. The temperature was just warm enough to keep her from

wanton   parole   officer  

The Warehouse Two weeks had passed and Miranda still hadn't heard a word from the handsome police officer that had taken her for a ride. Trent had been told Miranda's secrets by his younger brother. W

toy   first  

I had been curious for awhile. I couldn't tell you exactly when but it had been years. It grew over time. At first i truly only liked women. But as i aged my fantasies took a turn. Even when dating be

sinful   six  

Preface What follows is a story of excess. It's raunchy, incestuous, and parts of it are downright depraved. But thankfully, it's my story, and it's a representation of the dirty visions that are play

afield   shepherd  

Author's Notes: 'A Shepherd Afield' is a continuation of 'A Shepherd in France' which continued the story of 'The Shepherd of Ashburn Court'. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backsto