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Only two weeks after setting Hal and my mother up on their first date. Hal's visits had become less frequent since that first date. We had only made love a couple times and it was clearly different. I

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Author's note: I apologize for the typo in the title of my first submission – Personal Assistance. Not a good way to start! I hope you will forgive me and enjoy the submissions, anyway, for what they'

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This is my first story ever, so I'm sure there's a few rookie mistakes here. I don't mind constructive criticism. ***** One night in November, Sam and his friend Tom had recently turned 19 and were pl

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Summary: Note 1: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest Story. Note 2: This is one of two different versions of this story; you can read the wife's much longer version called Kinky Tales: I Pegged my Husban

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There was a darker side to things, as there always is. Sridhar had no way of knowing that his wife, Shanti was a slut and beneath that demure honest looking spiritual god fearing saree clad extremely

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Over the Christmas holiday, my fiance, Stacy, and I joined her parents for two weeks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The warm but mostly overcast sky was a welcome break from the snow back at home. Half o

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I was traveling west from Richmond on US 250 when the motor in my Lincoln MKZ started to knock. I was almost to Charlottesville and the sun was going down, so I decided to get a room for the night and

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My intention is to release my entire erotic novel in chapters. I hope you enjoy my writing. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Copyright 2014 by D.J. Winters All rights reserved. No part of

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Ok, I am a dirty fucker and I am married to another dirty fucker (some would say FREAK), and I LOVE it!! My wife and I have an amazing sex life full of dirty games, porno, toys etc. Recently, I have b

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Pls read my story sequel for better understanding of the character and the story... My story involves my 3 sexy sisters and how I was able to full fill my much awaited fantasy of fucking them story co

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Amanda pulled her pale yellow cami over her 34C tits and matching lacy bra. She combined that with a spring skirt and checked herself out in the mirror. By anyone's standards, she was hot. Long blonde


I always think of her when the sun sets. We'd been on the beach all day, I'd been watching her play and enjoying the heat of the summer as the tide slowly crept towards us. Eighteen years old and stil

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My ex wife and I lay in our respective beds, each wiped out from masturbating. Beth, alone in her room, spent a little too long primping for her affair with a yoga instructor, feeling the immediate ur

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"Hank, you're scaring me. What is it?" "Steffi, I am so sorry, these last couple of days have been so strange. We barely know each other, and I have seen you naked. Heard what has been happening to yo

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Dear readers: I hope you enjoy this most recent piece in the 'Michelle' series. Enjoy it, vote for it if you want (I find the vast majority of readers don't give stories a rating), and if you truly li

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There's only one person in the whole world who really gets me the way you do. I never knew about this part of myself that was missing. I felt so incomplete my whole life. I knew there was something mo

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I'm so sorry for the long hiatus. Thank you to anyone still reading, and I hope you enjoy it! --- It was a long half an hour later that Aspen managed to push Ruby out the door as she coached him on wh

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Chapter XI -- Her Private Angel, part 4 -- No Boundaries Her Private Angel -- Part 4 When Thursday arrived, Jacky found herself musing about what she might want to do with Dean tonight. Her car ride t

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When Anya's pussy finally unclenched and she could breathe easier, she realized that she was still within the water, and the creature was still connected to her ass, her mouth, and her breasts, and it

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Stacey had had the worst week. It was the worst for a few reasons: First of all, her best friend had gotten married. Which, of course, is great news! She was in the wedding party even. And had a blast

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This is a true story -- an actual experience. There is no exaggeration. Feel free to pray for me, if that's your thing -- though I'm agnostic so it'll not necessarily work. Hehe. Tx *** I have no warn


"Whatever you wish, Master." She said, holding her voice calm. Her body was all over me, helping me get naked and kissing me. I got the message. We got the sheets back on the bed, the towels folded an

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He had seen her before, there at the department store, and he had given her more than a fleeting glance as he bought a newspaper on finishing his coffee before work at the store near where he worked.

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This is a continuation of the story Submissive Girl takes control. She had been on pins and needles all day, knowing her punishment would be coming for taking control of him earlier that morning. He h

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Ben and Lacy arrived at the small, hole-in-the-wall bar on the east side of town. Neither had been there before and were only there because Lacy had won tickets for a show in a raffle at work. Lacy wo

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The windows were open, letting the fresh October breeze waft through the air. It wasn't really warm outside, but it was crisp, as any autumn should be. The oranges and yellows and reds of the leaves h

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"Yes! A in the class! I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you." "Just failed philosophy miserably," I chuckle at Sterling. "You are definitely right. Thanks to you not only did I pass

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Sarah, Rachel, and Elizabeth stared at their best friend Lauren in total shock. As usual they were in one of the hallways by the art department about a half hour before class started. For the fifth ti

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David stood with his ear to the door of his sister, Emma's, room. He'd heard the sound of her window open and close as she'd let someone in, and now he was listening as her bed creaked and she moaned

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Chestnut Falls 1952 It was a beautiful, frosty Christmas Eve as Mark Matheson stood at the bathroom mirror, neatly combing his hair. Always the early bird, he had already dressed and readied himself f