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rose   for   victoria  

(This story was written in collaboration with hardcoregirl22, to whom it is dedicated.) Victoria leaned on the stone balustrade, the flat coping gritty under her bare forearms, and looked across the b

fallon   hotel   the  

The stagecoach came to a bumpy stop in front of the Wells Fargo and Co. Express building in Columbia, California. Winnifred, or Winnie as she was known to her friends, looked out at the brickwork buil

day   bad   work  

Whoosh - Thwapp. Supple leather whisks through the air and meets pale skin. Whoosh-Thwapp -- the sting is felt again. Brian is feeling extraordinarily lucky. Another Whoosh-Thwapp and for the ninth ti

aphrodite's   angels  

I stood there watching Jasmine from across the lobby of Eros Industries where I worked. She wasn't what I had expected. For one thing, she had tripped over her own feet three times in the last ten min

kit   the   karate  

I can't remember what his name really was, so I'll call him Pete. I met him on an internet dating site, and he quickly became very possessive, in that creepy way that happens sometimes, where a guy wh

duties   barmaid  

Nothing out of the ordinary had happened in the pub for a long time now, Alice serviced the locals still but on a much less frequent basis than her first six months, the novelty had worn off shall we

sweet   ass  

This section of Sweet Ass is dedicated to my friend, Indy Submale, who helped me with comments and suggestions on Randy's cuckold angst and bisexual tendencies. ***** Chapter 13 I was still awake at 2


I really relaxed and let you into my mind with this one. I hope you will enjoy hearing me so wet and willing while I touch my pussy and my ass... Thank you for all the wonderful feedback, it keeps me

trip   the   camping  

Friday I woke up in Tina's RV on my back pitching a tent. Tina came out of the bathroom seeing me awake immediately brightened up. She jumped onto the bed and kissed me deeply. "Go pee. I will not tak

clinic   men   massage   for  

It had been almost a year since the divorce. John had been heartbroken when he discovered that Allison was cheating on him. When found out, she had simply stated that she didn't love him anymore and s

true   love  

"Merry Christmas Alex." "It's not Christmas yet." I grunted and shifted under the covers. I was awake, but didn't want to be. I was trying my best to be a grouch early, like most mornings, but I knew

seeking   gratification  

From the files of Cleo. Note: I have been asked by several of my fans if "Seeking Gratification" is another story about a client from one of my files. My answer is this. It is "from" one of my clients


The annual New Year's Eve party that they threw every year was tomorrow tonight. Mostly the same group of people that came to all of the neighborhood parties, but she had made sure to invite her new n

because   you   deserve  

Silence covered the room like a blanket of fresh snow. Blindfolded, Elly knelt in the middle of the room, comfortably resting on the soft carpet. The temperature was just warm enough to keep her from

toy   first  

I had been curious for awhile. I couldn't tell you exactly when but it had been years. It grew over time. At first i truly only liked women. But as i aged my fantasies took a turn. Even when dating be

sinful   six  

Preface What follows is a story of excess. It's raunchy, incestuous, and parts of it are downright depraved. But thankfully, it's my story, and it's a representation of the dirty visions that are play

game   the   generation  

"She was fucking amazing," Dan was saying. "I wanted to find a way to thank you properly for sharing her with me, so here it is. You're going to the conference in Edinburgh next month and staying in t

jack's   life  

Jack slowly opened his eyes and grumbled as the alarm clock made its annoying noise. He fumbled around on the night stand and finally found the button to turn it off. He slid back the sheets and heade

#04   them   let   have  

I woke up the next morning in Gray and Amber's bed. Amber in the middle. She was asleep, cuddled up with Gray. One leg thrown over his hip. Her face so close to his I'm sure they could feel each other

the   guy  

"I still don't understand the bracelet, he buys it for you and tells you you can keep it if you don't fuck him?" James said holding her wrist looking at the expensive piece of jewelry, "If he wanted t

again   and   daddy   together  

She stood outside the door to the hotel room, raising her hand to knock but then placing it back by her side. She takes a deep breath and raises her hand again, her knuckles almost reaching the wood o


"He made me do it," I said into the phone. It was the morning after and I was alone in the house. I had a cup of coffee and was wearing my robe. My fingers flipped the pack of cigarettes I kept around

bad   call  

(CAUTION: This story entails a fictional account of rape, of a fictional female Police officer. None of this is based on a real event, and all of it is fictional in basis. I do not condone rape, or no

initiation   prison  

There is something particularly humiliating about being arrested covered in cum, piss, and surrounded by big black men, especially when you were once a very well-off businessman with a simple insertio

1984   summer  

My grandfather emigrated from Austria in 1919. He had four sisters, but he was the only boy. He married my grandmother in 1940. Unable for whatever reason to have children of their own, they eventuall

evans   threesome   mary   the   chronicles  

The Threesome Chronicles: Mary Evans Chapter 2 The Bikini Age - A Mother's Nightmare I eventually downloaded the incredible video to the computer when he commented shortly after that it was killing hi

meeting   overdue   long  

Intro: A sexy voluptuous young woman around 30 years old gets to meet for the first time an older man she had known on the internet for many years. Meeting: It was a warm evening during the late summe

504   gateway   time-out  

nullThis is the second part of a two part series. ***** On the Monday after our photo shop I called to see if Dave enjoyed his gift. He said that he'd spent most of the day masturbating to each pictur

later   discovery  

Phyllis and Mark have been together for a year, and they have a joke, that isn't really a joke. It is serious but also enjoyable. Every time they attempt or experiment with new experiences, she asks h

unidentified   organisms  

Drip, drip, drip! Thick drops of watery fluid was falling from the ceiling and hitting Harley on the forehead. She groaned loudly and rolled away. Every part of her body ached. Not that this was surpr