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I'd just waken up from our afternoon nap, and with Sandra still asleep. I thought I'd better give Beth a ring, to confirm the arrangements for tonight. As I waited for her to answer the phone, I pulle


It was the first time any of them had been to a keyhole party. Five couples, complete strangers until a few minutes ago who had all been tested for diseases before hand. The rules were simple, each wo

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If I had one night with you I would tie your hands and feet to the bed. I would start by licking every inch of your body briefly stopping to suckle your clit and nipples. Then I would bite and kiss yo

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Your phone buzzes on the nightstand. You look up, glancing at the bathroom door. Of course, there is nothing to worry about. Like clockwork, his routine doesn't vary. He will be stepping out of the sh

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Hi Guys Sanpeux here! Nano is finally over and I can finally update this series, yes that is right. Chapter 03 is here! On to some questions that were raised in the previous chapter. Chapter 01 was a

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Gray showed a little trepidation when the cab arrived next day, and the heavy portmanteaux which accompanied the ladies was once more lifted for transport to Hampstead, Ella noting the insecurity in h

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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, organisations, even


Monica and I lay in our bed, holding onto one another, our bodies slick with a sheen from the after-glow of our lovemaking. I was thankful to have a lover like her and even more thankful that she was

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Dear readers: I hope you enjoy this most recent piece in the 'Michelle' series. Enjoy it, vote for it if you want (I find the vast majority of readers don't give stories a rating), and if you truly li

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"Great, so now someone is trying to kill me." At home, Lydia sat on the couch, nursing Dargek. "It's not going to happen." Darguni growled. "I swear; you're a bigger mess than Jordan ever was." Elunar

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Prison is not a great place to be in. I was sent there for the first time in my life for sleeping with my older sister. I got 90 days and six month probation. The punishment wouldn't have been that hi

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-This is a story set in a future dystopian society, a society in which there are way more women than men. The first few chapters basically builds a backstory. If you don't want to be confused later on

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I watched my friend Mark and his daughter, Laura pull up in front of my large suburban home. Mark got out of the Lexus and helped Laura with her suitcase as they

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Earnest Johnson was a middle aged black man who worked hard for everything that he owned. By day, he had managed to elevate himself into a manager for the baggage department of an airline. And every o

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Author's notes: In her bibliography Literotica member/author Peggy46 wrote that she is very turned-on when people write stories about her. She extended an invitation to anyone to continue or add to th

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My cousin, Willy, and I were supposedly best friends. We were born within two hours of each other (Willy was the oldest as he kept reminding me) and had remained close all of our childhoods. We were n


Please read part one or part two and then forward by chapter before you read this. (Or say "fuck you" to me, and read them like a porn version of Twister, skipping up and down the line. OR, realize th

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June 1989 (Miranda: epilogue.) I was sitting on the porch reading listening to Joy Divisions Unknown Pleasures when Miranda came around the bend in the road between our cabin and the one her parents h


The sunlight made it impossible to sleep any longer, it pressed against her eyes forcing her to wake up. Her first thought was that she must have slept late, the sun was really high. Her second though

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I was 18 years old and itching to have sex like every normal teenager. Years of jerking off to porn had only expanded my imagination and made me want to fuck a girl even more. I was turned on by just

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the rights to the UFC, Zuffa, or Reebok brands. This is obviously a work of fan-fiction and parody. Views and sentiments expressed within this story are not reflective

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"Merry Christmas Alex." "It's not Christmas yet." I grunted and shifted under the covers. I was awake, but didn't want to be. I was trying my best to be a grouch early, like most mornings, but I knew

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The name is Luke, male, 22 years old. I would love to tell you that I am hot, masculine, and a heartthrob; that I could have every girl that I want; that I have an amazing sex life every man could eve

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Part 15 - Hustling at the Gay Bar I couldn't believe that I had received $50 for giving a blowjob, the previous night! If I could do that a few times a week I would be set financially. I could finish

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Pls read my story sequel for better understanding of the character and the story... My story involves my 3 sexy sisters and how I was able to full fill my much awaited fantasy of fucking them story co

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I know many children don't want to see their parents divorce, but I was happy to see my Dad escape the clutches of my mother. She was a selfish woman, wasting my father's money on her so called friend

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Author's note: This is a story based on Arrow and takes place during Season 3, but deviates from canon after the middle of season 2. ** Sara Lance hadn't celebrated her birthday in over six years, som

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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, people, places, conventions, events

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Summary: Hot Nana becomes slut to daughter and grandson. Thanks: MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for their editing expertise. NOTE: Although this story can stand on its own, if you are curious how the Mot

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Wherein, we discover how Bill's father came to be in the next stall. Yes, there is gay male sex and incest. Considered yourself forewarned. Thanks to LarryInSeattle. ***** "I'll go with you." "No," I