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Assistance and Corruption Michele and Polly made love three times in total that night including a long session of oral sex. They both stripped down to their lingerie and fell asleep in each other's ar

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The stagecoach came to a bumpy stop in front of the Wells Fargo and Co. Express building in Columbia, California. Winnifred, or Winnie as she was known to her friends, looked out at the brickwork buil

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The first time Ernest Irving saw Elizabeth Smith was at the incline. The incline was a paved path that curved to the hilltop. A lot of students studied and sunbathed on the grassy side of the hill. El

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Chapter 11 -- The watcher - - - Author's note - Greetings to anyone joining me for the first time. I suggest going back to chapter one to get the full effect of this story. But if you'd like to read f

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It would always happen, without fail. I'd begin jacking off to regular, everyday porn, like everyone else. A man doing a woman, maybe two. Sometimes two women. Sometimes a woman on her own. But it nev

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Author's note: This story does not continue from the previous one - it's just a short one-off story. Although...I might take the two forfeits part somewhere in future. ***** I woke to the feel of a ra


We both woke up about the same time, before the alarm went off. As we were both still naked, I could feel Williams's hard cock poking me between my legs. I began nibbling playfully on his ear lobe, as

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The sun was coming up on Saturday, the big day. After almost twenty years of marriage, Liz had promised that she'd try anal today. After watching me fuck our friend Lori up the butt last weekend, insi

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I hope you enjoy the story. Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kink

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Matt is a 22 year old engineering student. Tinkering in his basement electrical lab while working on a project for one of his classes he made an amazing discovery. The device he was building was suppo

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This story is written by my lover from her point of view, it's another fantasy we have shared and I thought you might all enjoy it. ***** I hate it when my husband works nights; the house is so dark a

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It was an itch I needed to scratch. It had started months earlier, one evening when my wife and teenage daughter were downstairs watching their favourite soap opera and I was upstairs in my office tra

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This is a separate story series about some people I have known all my life, and is not connected to any other stories. I was sat in my friend's living room one Saturday afternoon, staring into my coff

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Standard disclaimers. This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all p

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Growing up, my parents were always a prime example of what a healthy, functional marriage should look like. They fought from time to time just like anyone does, but, for the most part, they got along


"So... I saw this woman I have seen on and off for months the other day. We are both busy people so we get together occasionally for dinner and good sex. Nothing serious. I think i mentioned her. I to

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Chapter 12. 'Faithless Filipinas.' The Cheap Charlie life. Cherry pop choices. Nick's next offer. Foreign husband murdered. Hu-Fan's unicorn. When they met next day, Nick suggested that they go to his

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Nathan headed out of his house with a big grin. Working the farm always made him happy. It was really the cow shed that did it, which was the main reason he'd had to sell off most of his fields to his

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A few days later, Drew and I are enjoying a long free period since our physical education teacher wasn't around that day. We head to our school's library and use his laptop to check out what's happeni

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Eldon opens up about his feelings, but Gloria's response is heartbreaking. The group rushes to rescue Shelly, Jessica, and Becky, but will it be enough to face the total might of the Paladonic Knights

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The allure of an older man is undeniable for some young women. The realization that this attraction even exists may not be apparent until you meet that special person, and the time and circumstances a

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A beautiful Asian woman walks up to my table and becomes my Mistress I was sitting in a moderately priced restaurant having lunch by myself on a Thursday afternoon. I don't want to give anyone free ad

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As a student I didn't have a lot of money. Neither did anyone. Apart from the trust fund kids, and there were a few of those at my uni, everyone was scrabbling for pennies. My poverty was becoming a b

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Summary: Sweet teacher's naughty photos end up in a stranger's hands. Note 1: Thanks to Sweet Daisy Haze for allowing her photos particularly from the following photo shoots to be used for this mammot

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A fictional story about fictional characters. ***** What had begun as a perfect day for Penny and Leonard, had somehow ended up a disaster. They had left Pasadena full of hope and love for the 261 mil

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Our carriageur was nowhere in sight, but a lazy horse ride wouldn't've served us much anyhow. We made for the nearest trolley, which didn't contain our quarry departing from the party, but we hopped o

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It was Monday at the Jackass Saloon and that meant it ladies night. During the two hours in which men were off-limits there they would have to mosey down the dirt road here in the old west town to the

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Author's note: This is my first submission to Literotica. I had not intended for it to be this long, but the story more or less wrote itself. It's actually quite different from the one I had planned w

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The characters in this story are the same as the characters in the Blind Date stories. This is a story about a trip to the beach with the busty, not too attractive, school teacher. I don't think you h

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Mothers Day was coming and I wasn't sure what to get Lisa. Both Her Kids had already let Us know that They wouldn't be able to be there and each had already bought Her a gift. That meant it was up to