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They were lying in bed together and snuggling. To a casual observer, they would have looked like any other couple - and quite vanilla. But a peek under the covers would have revealed her deeply bruise

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Months passed. Becca had officially wrapped up her first semester in college, Fleur had transferred to another undergraduate program under some strange circumstances, and Erin and I were nearly finish

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This can be read as a standalone story, but you will get more enjoyment if you read the "Weekend Working" three part story previously posted. ***** It had been several months since 'that' Saturday, wh

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Anya stood very still in the attention position as her hair was brushed and then she was slowly rubbed with the coconut scented oily lotion. Her hair was braided loosely behind one ear and fell over o

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INTRODUCTION: Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've written a nice hot erotic story and lately I've been missing it! This is a true story that takes me back to 2010 when I had the experience o

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Assistance and Corruption Michele and Polly made love three times in total that night including a long session of oral sex. They both stripped down to their lingerie and fell asleep in each other's ar

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Author's note: The following incidents are probably mostly fictional, even just plain fantasy. All sex involves living humans aged 18+, even the civilians. The story contains multiracial, bisexual, an

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It wasn't New York and it wasn't L.A. but comedy is -- and always was -- a road game. I was returning to the circuit after going through a messy divorce. The call from an old friend to play a string o

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So this was a story I wrote with a friend for a while before things ended rather abruptly. That is why, I'm sorry to say, the story is not finished. If the formatting holds true through the upload pro

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Chapter 03 -- A Farewell Orgy - - - I was doing the dishes as my wife came in from her friend's house. It was nice that we lived walking distance from her best friend, as it allowed my wife, Ann, to d

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All are characters over eighteen * Ella Montgomery entered the HQ of the A-team, a frown of irritation across her attractive features. "You're late" Melissa Hastings said and then aware that it sounde

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Darcy stared at herself in the mirror with disgust. Despite the one-piece, well-fitting bathing suit she wore, she was still critical of herself. She was still a very attractive woman in her mid-forti

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A/N: Just a few little notes before I start the next chapter. First off, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful comments and feedback I've been getting. I'm happy to know that people enjoyed t

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Six weeks later Autumn's threat behind summer's promise has turned into winter's shadow on the door. The sky is gray and will stay that way, except for a few bone-chillingly cold days that seem to bri

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Lacey's BDSM Test Lacey's alarm rang in her ears. The sound pounding in her skull; rolling over she flings it from her night stand. Reaching for her phone she looks at her messages. None. Throwing bac

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Happy Hour Rob had a territory of seven states, but not all of them were equally visited. For most of the year, he had regular trips to just three major metropolitan areas. He was typically all work o

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We booked a 4 night stay in a secluded log cabin, deep in the English countryside, with a few excursions planned along the days. The cabin is idyllic, warm and cosy. The bedroom with the massive Emper

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Summary: Wife's discovery of husband's anal toys changes everything. Note 1: This is a Halloween 2015 Contest Story. Note 2: This is one of two different versions of this story; you can read the husba

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This story has been buried deep inside of me for a long time. I remember all of it very well, almost like it was last week. I've reminisced and re-lived it all many times over the years. Much of it is

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This story contains a bit of bisexual male sex if you are not a fan of this please do not continue. The sounds of a buzzing alarm fill the air in the Jones bedroom, a large masculine had slowly reache

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It's getting late when you turn to your friend and say, "I need to get home; I'm out of cash and it's a bit of a walk". In reality, you know she's eyeing up the guy across the bar and she'll be going

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I met James Dennis at a nearby café and, after coffee and doughnuts; we walked two blocks to the train station and waited for the train to arrive. I should take a moment to describe Mr. James Dennis t

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If you had told me when I was fifteen that I could one day date a sex addict, I would have thought it was a dream come true; what could be better than a girlfriend (especially a hot one) who wanted to

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Debbie Manchellini Gerald had tossed and turned all night his sleep disturbed by the fact that he had discovered his wife's infidelity. He had emerged from his home at five in the morning and stalked

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Anya whimpered when Yakov shifted away from her, far enough that his cock came fully out of her mouth and she was sprayed in the face with his remaining come. She opened her sore mouth to take him bac

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I couldn't ignore the sway of her heavy breasts and full round ass neatly packaged in the taut fabric of her clothing which clung to her without wrinkle, as if it were a second layer of skin. She was

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Act I: Tipping Point Scene 1: Blow by Blow – By Loveforgirlieboy © 2015 Edited by shygirlwhore and copperskink October 12th Thursday evening. My eyes open in a flash. I must have fallen asleep. I bat

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Thank you to D. and D. for your continued support....Yogakay * How she ended up living in a "Podunk" town like Driftwood, Texas Ruby would never understand. Her mother, Jennifer had insisted. Said her

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Author's note: this story gets off to a slow start - I do hope the buildup was worth it for you. Although purely fictional, Tess is based on a real person. If she ever reads this she will know it is a

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The hand placed on Norm's head gently guided him down to his knees. As Norm dropped down onto his knees he knew what was expected of him. In his hand before him, Norm held the stranger's cock. Norm ha