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sister   heat  

I got in late, somewhere in the hazy place between late night and early morning, but the heat had not let up. The inside of the house was just as dark and humid as the outside, and I waded through it

cove   aquata  

Chapter 58: Not Goodbye Merrick puts a few things in his small cubbie at Lovers. He looks sadly into the small space, where his uniform vest, pants, and name badge are stored. Today was supposed to be

tutor   the  

This is the sequel to The Tutor, Pt. I, which introduces the characters and relationships. I strongly recommend you read that first before continuing. This story contains elements of nonconsent and re

orders   doctor's  

My husband has been very ill over last few months and only now is getting back to good health. It means that sex has been very difficult with Miks in hospital lot of times. I think you can imagine tha

now   this   ass  

Paige had been very tempted to just stay in AJ's little love nest until the next RAW, maybe longer, however she wasn't about to lose her job over this little feud, no matter how fun it was topping Kai

taking   your   virginity   final  

"Sam, I want to give you something special tonight." I smile at you lovingly. "You do every night, darling. I've got you!" "Yes, you do, but I want to give you something more, something we've never do

mom's   anal   servitude  

Part 1 of 3: The Politician From the moment Patricia awoke, she knew it was a bad day. The scandal had been brewing for a while. At first it was just silly rumors. Something she could easily dismiss i

steve   lover   and   cum  

I made a couple of sandwiches and we sat down to eat. Sarah, "I am having the craziest and wild thoughts. On numerous occasions, Tim used to bring home porn videos of all varieties, regular sex, gay,

experiences   crossdresser  

This is an introduction to my crossdressing experiences – touching upon highlights along my journey. I will write more about these, and other encounters in detail, in time. These really are all true s

finding   dana  

It would always happen, without fail. I'd begin jacking off to regular, everyday porn, like everyone else. A man doing a woman, maybe two. Sometimes two women. Sometimes a woman on her own. But it nev

executive   mile-high   the   club  

The two men relaxed in their own post-orgasmic silences for a few minutes. Mike couldn't avoid staring at the three Business Class beauties going about 'normal' stewardess duties: preparing the bar, p

unconditional   love  

I could hear the fluorescent lights over my head humming their static hum right after the jets stopped showering me with their peaceful effervescence. I sat on the side of the hot tub while I watched

ashlyn's   revenge  

I have not let this out to anyone: My marriage is on fire. For two weeks now, Brice and I have not made love. I am starting to lose patience. Why is he tormenting me like this? I miss those nights whe


a/n: It's my first time writing smut, but not my first time writing. Hope you enjoy the ride. ~ Phantasmal, red light swirled around the living room in great rings of runic code. I altered the code as


Disclaimer: Okay, a couple of things: (1) Everyone is over 21, (2) this is fantasy and only fantasy, (3) No one real is portrayed in this work, (4) It contains; non-consent, oral, vaginal, anal, bdsm,

big   secretary   and   the  

Mr. Big is particular when it comes to his secretaries. Long dark hair, big breasts, and dressed in shorts skirts and tight low cut blouses. He has always had a fantasy about his secretary, Betsie. Sh

merna's   story  

This is a continuation of the story about Merna. To know characters Part 1 should be read ***** Merna continues making friends with Tommie I awoke at 6am with a wet pussy thinking about another round

uncle   and   johnny  

"Now catch your breath," Uncle Johnny growled in my ear, "and then it's my turn." I was still coming down off the high of having been fucked by my daddy for the first time. Sitting on Uncle Johnny's l

shopping   around  

Neil and Brenden ambled through the department store. "Look at the sofas! This would look great under the window in our living room." Neil chimed. Brenden came behind him and wrapped his arms above hi

little   slut  

My boyfriend and I love to tease each other when we aren't together for long periods of time. When he was in Hawaii for 8 days we decided to not make ourselves cum so we could be extremely horny when

another   wild   birthday  

I went to visit my daughter Naomi recently. She moved to Las Vegas about a year ago with her latest boyfriend Brad. He was kind of a biker type, long beard, tattoos, etc. He seemed like a nice guy tho

fishing   hole  

Fish laugh at me. Once upon a time, I was the Genghis Khan of the Greybriar River, the Napoleon of fly-casting. I was the great and renowned piscatorial conqueror. Both trout and spot kneeled before m

moment   insanity   brief  

All characters are 18 years or older. The chapters alternate between Warren and Shu for the first half. I don't want to confuse you the reader. It was suggested that I mention sources for cross over c

the   resort  

Rachel's Odyssey Continues Rachel sat down in Carla's stylist chair still slightly wet from taking a long and soothing shower. She looked at herself in the mirror and stared into her own eyes seemingl

road   season   egot   the  

The ambulance arrived faster than I had hoped. "How long has he been here?" A latino paramedic asked me. "I don't know. I came back and found him like this." "Does he have any medical conditions?" "He

a-team   the  

Despite no-one living in it, the apartment was neat and well-furnished, with a wide-screen TV affixed to the wall opposite a comfy couch. Next to the window was a desk, from which you could look out i


As I drove home, my asshole had stopped hurting, but burned like someone was still shoving a red hot poker in and out of it. My ass cheeks were separated by what felt like a golf ball between them. I

"moms   &   family   affair  

CREDIT & THANKS: A super special thanks to legendary artist Rebecca (of the Housewives at Play series and many more) for giving me permission to use a few of her plethora of illustrations for this sto

fantasy   many  

Daddy knows it but... What a pity, little Johnny, although grown up but is not old enough to understand what are the restraint and commands of marriage and why a man and a woman after being married fo

confessions   depravity  

June 1989 (Miranda.) I had just turned nineteen and had never really been all that interested in girls before. Sure I had had the occasional fantasy about them while jerking but the fantasies were not