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I woke in the morning, a bit confused as to where I was. It came back to me as I felt the knot between my ass cheeks. There was no pain, as such, but a burning sensation persisted. Remembering what To

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As three-hour drives go, the drive to the lake house was a quick one. My wife Stephanie and I planned a hike through the countryside, so we woke early and drove through the morning. We chatted amiably

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This is a first submission to the site so all comments are welcome. I hope for constructive and appreciative but have more realistic expectations :). This is a long one. If, like me on occasions, you


Overdose It was the dead of night leading into Thursday before Lexi escaped the halls of Beta Theta Mu. Perhaps "escape" wasn't the right word. They hadn't been held against their wills, after all. Fa

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Whoosh - Thwapp. Supple leather whisks through the air and meets pale skin. Whoosh-Thwapp -- the sting is felt again. Brian is feeling extraordinarily lucky. Another Whoosh-Thwapp and for the ninth ti

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She lay sprawled on her stomach on the thick duvet. Her hands were level with her head and gripped the pillows tighter in time with the thrusts that shook the bed. She had given up trying to escape in

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"Professor there has to be something I can do?" I asked, practically begging. "I am sorry James." He said looking at my paperwork. "There is nothing I can do, these are the numbers I have, and I have

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"Hank, you're scaring me. What is it?" "Steffi, I am so sorry, these last couple of days have been so strange. We barely know each other, and I have seen you naked. Heard what has been happening to yo

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From Chapter 03: Amy and I live together for a week to make it easier for us to collaborate on our term papers. She continues to charm me, but she is a little spooked by our sudden closeness, and date

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At 6, Neff picked up Savannah at her apartment in the limo. "Wow, you look fabulous, my dear," he enthused, as he took both her hands and lifted them shoulder height, appraising her bosom, her small w

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Monica squealed in elation as the yellow Mustang barreled forward on the desolate highway. "I cannot fucking believe we are actually doing this!" Kelly joined in with a squeal of her own as she naviga

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Final part of the story? Makes more sense if you've read 1 and 2 obviously. I'm happy to consider suggestions for future episodes :) Enjoy. ***** Doug could tell that Tim wasn't being entirely honest

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All characters are over 18. Author note: You need to read the other chapters in the series before reading this one. My apologies for not numbering the others. The order is: Katie Explores Her Sexualit

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I went to visit my daughter Naomi recently. She moved to Las Vegas about a year ago with her latest boyfriend Brad. He was kind of a biker type, long beard, tattoos, etc. He seemed like a nice guy tho

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(Please don't read this story if you're under 18. Any resemblance of these characters and any actual people is coincidental. Explicit lesbian sex, brief drug references, and profane language within!)

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They spent the morning packing and getting ready to check out. This was the last morning of the convention and the vendor room was closing at 11am. They had room service send up breakfast and sat quie

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Edited by Windy Swimming "Damn it, what's wrong with this TV?" She muttered as it wouldn't turn on, the third time this week. She tried the usual trick of rolling the batteries, and then finally gave

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The blaring alarm woke Max out of a dead sleep. He was yet again in a hotel room alone while they were on the road filming Catfish. Nev had chosen to stay in a separate room tonight. Sometimes MTV gav

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As I had said in one of the first of these stories, both my divorces were painful to go through but they were not mean. The emotions taking a beating was the painful part. So, what I am about to write

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Barun checked his watch for the tenth time in as many minutes, still five minutes to go before the 10:00 meeting with Shanti. He paced back and forth on the path before the fountain, pausing only to p

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"Rebecca!" The crowd roared and the darkhaired girl looked over at me. I bowed my head and closed my eyes. I just wanted all of this to go away. A little while ago I was a strong fighter, an alpha wol

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CREDIT & THANKS: A super special thanks to legendary artist Rebecca (of the Housewives at Play series and many more) for giving me permission to use a few of her plethora of illustrations for this sto

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"Damn, how do guys work with that in the office? I wanna jump on her back every time she come up the aisle, shit man. Seriously, I don't know how she can even walk through there without tearing those

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Moderate BDSM. Female sub, male dom. Also, the people involved are just playing - they don't "live the life." And they sometimes stop playing for a little. They're playing quite aggressively though. T

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Michele sat sobbing as she told Sarina about being taken forcibly by Jamhal, the Cabal's vicious pimp. She told Sarina how Jamhal had justified his actions because Michele was no longer unsullied. "Su

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As I eased into the huge tub, I sat back and admired her walking toward me. She was a perfect vision. While I had fallen for her personality and heart via text messages, I was truly astonished that sh

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"See you tonight," I say and kiss my girlfriend goodbye. She's off to work in the café, and has just come by to drop some stuff off. We don't live together, but we have been seeing each other for four

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"I really cannot believe you booked a room for Chuck and me. I knew you fantasized about me being with other men, hell, you wore out the VCR tapes of Amber and had to get the DVDs, but I thought you j

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Back to school Erica sighed, lifting the last box out of her car's trunk and slamming it shut. She looked up at the building in front of her, her old high school that she was coming back to. It was ho

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As the clock hands meet at the '12' mark, Jacob, Chandler, and Leo made one big jump to celebrate the 18th birthday of his little buddy, Kevin. Kevin giggled behind his hand, "Haha thanks guys. Finall