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Gina stared in shocked horror at the sight of her ship quickly disappearing from view. Captain Peters voice was shouting in her headset. "Gina! Gina! Answer me! What have you done?" Her demands for an

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Every morning after I saw Daddy off with his wake-up bj or a quickie shower fuck, I would take a couple hours to workout. I had to keep in shape to keep my ass round, firm and tight for Daddy. I also

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This story is set in the Star Trek universe, but does not feature any of the familiar characters you may have seen on TV. However, it does mention some events which may be familiar to fans of the show

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The club where I worked was a fun place; I enjoyed my time as a barmaid there, while most of the gurls among the clientèle had a fine time too, I reckon. That's because most nights, they were heavily

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Author's note: The following humorous tale is probably mostly fictional. All sexual actors are living humans aged 18+. Views expressed are not necessarily the author's. It's only a story. ***** Make M

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Sasha Banks was so furious over what happened with Becky Lynch after their match at the NXT Take Over event. Not only had her ass hole been stretched wide and fucked hard for the first time in months,

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Note: this is a true story about a one-nighter I had during the relationship I had in my other true story, 'Green Eye Burn'. ***** This is the story of an experience I had about 25 years ago. I've nev

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"See you tonight," I say and kiss my girlfriend goodbye. She's off to work in the café, and has just come by to drop some stuff off. We don't live together, but we have been seeing each other for four

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Sometime after that first weekend where David and I discovered our desires for each other, things carried on getting better and better. We slept together frequently, we stopped going out on weekends l

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Mothers Day was coming and I wasn't sure what to get Lisa. Both Her Kids had already let Us know that They wouldn't be able to be there and each had already bought Her a gift. That meant it was up to

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ALL CHARACTERS IN SEXUAL SITUATIONS ARE OVER 18. This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. Copyright © belongs to MJ Roberts, 2014. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without

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This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relat

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She was waiting for him on the terrace of the Main Building in the College Campus, it housed the big daddies including the Principal's office when he finally got through his never ending part-time cho

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Lydia stretched out. The babies were asleep, the house was quiet, and she was just going to spend her time on the couch. She was rather thankful that Susan spent her time at the yard. Elunara was up a

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Gray showed a little trepidation when the cab arrived next day, and the heavy portmanteaux which accompanied the ladies was once more lifted for transport to Hampstead, Ella noting the insecurity in h

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Hello All, I have been thinking of sharing my story since long but never been able to write it up. But I am finally writing it now. I am a 30 year old guy settled in California USA now. This story goe

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This is part 2 of a three part story, the story is complete and I am posting addition parts as time allows. Voting and comments will be turned on after part 3. Please read Lethal Weapon part 1 for thi

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Part 2 of Merna's story. Chronicles the second day at the races. Really need to read Part 1 to understand it. Edited by DRGRIFFIN ***** I awoke the next morning with a smile on my face. Jerome was lyi

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PREFACE: Hi! My name is Andrea. I am a male to female crossdresser. I am very old to literotica but I am new to writing stories. This is my first one. This is a fictional fantasy story. This is a long

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This is my first story of any kind, sexual or otherwise. Pure fiction, and fun to write. -Eldon132 ***** There had always been a certain amount of sexual tension between Mick and his niece Ann since t

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Part 15 - Hustling at the Gay Bar I couldn't believe that I had received $50 for giving a blowjob, the previous night! If I could do that a few times a week I would be set financially. I could finish

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"Guys and Girls at a Bar," part 2 of the "It was supposed to be about incest" arc. Copyright CopperSkink (or Copper's Kink; whatever turns you on), January One, Two Thousand Ten. All players eighteen

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As the new slave and his new owner were removing their masks in the exit corridor, the slave's nose was alerted by the smell of leather. He turned to see Madam Harriet and Fiona Brown smile at his Mis

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This is part 3 and the conclusion, please read Lethal Weapon parts 1 and 2 to find where we are before reading this. My keyboard has a habit of skipping letters and doubling letters. I usually catch t


...But your first time was so awful how could you even have sex again so soon? I have always been intrigued by sex but there was something more to it for me... something physical. Something inside me

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Anya thought that the dining room would be empty, but she should have known better. This was a spa, and she was certainly not the only client that they would have within its massive walls. They could

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Quite a while now – some where around 2 months and Shanti did not get enough of cock meat, her cunt was swelling every morning and she had to quench the pulsating urge and juice flow using her pussy a

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It was about a week since Travis had seen Sarah or Christian since the day he stumbled upon them both naked and enjoying themselves in a way only lust can create. Travis was at the diner a few blocks

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The phone has been ringing off the hook for the last week. "Historic costumes," I paused and waited for the inevitable question given it was October. "Yes, ma'am, we do rent for Halloween. No, we only

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Brad Keller was new at the job he was now in, but he's only been there a week and his staff was shit scared of him, what he might do, what he was going to do, who was going to get it in the neck. Who