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Oversimplification of Amy Ch. 04

From Chapter 03: Amy and I live together for a week to make it easier for us to collaborate on our term papers. She continues to charm me, but she is a little spooked by our sudden closeness, and dates around a little. I have a final date with Janie, and the next evening with Amy, I decide to concentrate on her, and vow to ask her to move in with me. The chapter ends with my decision to choose Amy, but as I sit alone thinking about it, the phone rings ... it's Kathy!

Please note that all names are fictitious, and are not meant to refer to any real person. All characters are over eighteen years of age.


Asking Amy to move in with me.

Part Seven, Moving Forward with Amy:

"Hello Michael, it's Kathy!"

"Kathy! What's up?"

"Michael, I just have to see you! Can we meet tomorrow for breakfast after your class?"

"I can't do that, but I can meet you after my last class at Two o'clock if you'd like."

"Okay, meet me at the overlook at two-thirty; I will bring something for lunch. Okay honey?"

"Alright, I'll see you then."

"Bye Michael ... and thank you!"

Kathy was my girlfriend until I found out that she was cheating on me. She is a stunningly beautiful woman with a full but shapely figure. She captures a lot of male attention, and apparently has said yes to some of them, so I am wondering what she wants with me anymore. Since my curiosity is killing me about what is happening behind her way-pretty brown eyes, I agree to meet her.

After class, I am going out to breakfast with Amy. She looks lovely today, in a soft sweater, and a short but neat pleated skirt. She still enjoys giving the guys in our class an occasional view up her skirt crossing and uncrossing her legs, but at my insistence she always wears panties. I picked this morning to tell her at breakfast that I want her to move in with me.

"So a couple of guys in class see my panties. What's the big deal? You get what's inside them don't you?"

"Baby, I will never get used to your twisted logic." I sport an enquiring look and continue, "Honey, tell me: what do you get from letting men see you—up your dress? I would like to understand; since my last girlfriend had sex with other men ... you are not going in that direction are you?"

"I-I guess it's a little hard to explain. First, I will not have sex with another man as long as you and I have a relationship ... I love you Michael, and you are my man. But ... I don't exactly know, I get excited knowing that some um, boy can see up my skirt, seeing my inner thighs and my most intimate panty-covered parts—you will not let me go without panties, or I might want to um," (whispers) "show them my pussy. But I can't look at them, it has to be that I am innocently letting my legs slip apart, and I don't know they are looking ... but I know they're looking!"

"Michael, I will not do this if you don't want me to ... it gives me a little electrical tingling in my buttocks and thighs when I know that a guy is looking u-up my skirt ... or down my blouse. I don't have much inside my bra, but I keep a couple of buttons unbuttoned to allow for an 'innocent' exposure, hoping to give some man a glimpse of my ni-nipple." In a more urgent voice she says,

"Michael, I am not attracted to them and even if I ever um, like, let any of them touch me, I would not let him go any further than that. Letting a guy look at me-my um, 'places' is very exciting, and if the guy is cute I sometimes get a little uh, wet. Sometimes I just have had to run into the ladies' room right after, for a minute or so. Michael, you are the one who benefits from it later ... why do you think I push my hips up so forcefully when we have," (whispers again) "sex?"

"Amy, I am not going to say that you cannot do this, since it is just an innocent fetish ... except for the touching part ... but you have to know that it is over immediately and forever if you ever let some other man fu—ah, have sex with you."

I am telling her this with a serious look, mindful of the question I am about to ask her."

"Michael, I know that guys can get the wrong idea, but, I am very careful, and I do not flirt with the guys ... mostly ... and they just think they are getting lucky seeing up a skirt or down a blouse of a pretty girl. You think I'm pretty don't you honey?"

"Amy, you are very pretty! Look, I am not trying to pry into your private um, business, but I need to be comfortable asking you something important."

She turns her head giving me her 'curious puppy' look as I take a big breath, look her straight in her big round brown eyes, and just say it ... clearly ... straight out ... unvarnished. I clear my throat, and blurt it out,

"Amy, I want you to move in with me! I want you to be my roommate, my partner, and my love!"

She is stunned, and looks blankly at me. She blinks twice,

"Wait! What?" she says as she shakes her head to clear her momentary shock.

"Michael what did you say?"

"I said I love you Amy, and I want you to be my girl ... hello, anyone home?" Coming completely out of her momentary dazed and confused state she says,

"Oh Michael I'm sorry, um ... yes! Yes! OH-MY-GOD YES!!"

Seated with me at a table, she gets up to hug me knocking over her soda on the way. I rise just as her body slams into mine nearly knocking me over. She throws her arms around me and covers my face with kisses.

"Yes! ... Yes! ... Yes! ... Yes!!"

When she recovers from my message to her, she says,

"Darling, I have waited sooo long for this! I want to move in right away ... tonight. Can we do that?"

"Of course Angel-face, we can do it after supper; I want to take you out somewhere special tonight."

"Michael, I love you so much, I will be the best girlfriend anyone ever had!"

"Amy, you are already that! You are very good for me, and I should have realized that long before now!"

"Oh, you are so getting laid tonight, dude! I am going to ... to ... well just wait n'see honey!" Then she frowns expressing a little worry,

"Michael, I am not going to find another girl's panties in our room am I? You are not going to entertain Janie or anyone else in my bed are you?"

"No. I will not have sex with your sister ... or anyone other than you. This is going to be the beginning of us together and I am very excited about being committed to you my little darlin'!"

I can see it building up in her as I speak, and finally she explodes, jumping up and down, and clapping her hands, and vaulting into my arms in one of her patented whole body hugs, completely unaware of where the hem of her skirt is. But, I love it! With my arms around her wearing that soft fuzzy sweater that smells like perfume heaven, and her hard tits pressed into my chest, I don't care that others in the café are watching.

She calms down just a little and says,

"Michael, let's get out of here. I want to be alone with you. We have some time before afternoon classes!"

We go quickly to my apartment, and Amy has her sweater and bra off before I get the door open and she's working on unbuttoning her skirt. She runs into the bedroom and buries herself again under the sheets, and quilts. I follow the trail she leaves of discarded items: sweater, skirt, bra, panties, socks, shoes that all lead to my bed. She is giggly, teasing, and sexy and it feels amazing when I find her warm naked little form buried under the bedclothes. We make love urgently until it is time to get back for our afternoon classes.

Amy is a firecracker in bed, and is easily multi-orgasmic as she insists on my fucking her hard. After holding her through her final orgasm, we shower together and dress quickly for afternoon classes. She is wearing the same outfit, and as she heads for the door, I clear my throat loudly,

"Forget something, baby?" I say as I hold up her panties perched on the tip of one finger.

"Oops ... we don't want to give them a free show do we?" (giggles) she steps into them, pulling them over her tiny butt, and we are out the door.

I told her about my meeting with Kathy after classes, and that I was going to end it with her. Amy was a little worried, but quietly said,

"Okay Michael, I-I trust you honey."

If I did not tell her about Kathy and any of Amy's friends see us, it might jeopardize our nascent relationship. Amy is my little love, and I finally matured to her level enough to realize that!

I meet with Kathy at the overlook at two-thirty. Actually, I am there a few minutes early taking a small strategic advantage. Kathy appears, looking stunning in tight fitting dark blue jeans, three inch black heels, and a crisp white blouse with a couple of buttons strategically unbuttoned to show her magnificent bust to best advantage. She is carrying a sack and a couple of drinks.

I take a soda from her, and we sit and open the bag. She brought a couple of savory hamburgers and French fries. They are not from any 'McFastFood' place, but from a four-star restaurant. They are amazingly delicious. Kathy is a classy woman.

"Michael I know that you had reservations for us at the Lexington for the Sunday I returned and cancelled them, and we didn't get together as we planned, but I just want to explain myself."

"Go ahead honey, I'm listening." I say.

"Michael I like you a lot, I think you know that. You have been a faithful and honest boyfriend and an amazing, lover and I really appreciate that ... I appreciate you, Michael!"

"But I—" I start to say before she puts up her hand and interrupts me,

"—please Michael, let me say it. I know that you received some information from Tammy Newton about me, but you have to know that she has always been a little jealous of me, and mostly it isn't true. Yes, I had sex with Jason, but it was only once ... um, twice actually, and I was drunk. It was at a party of one of Tammy's friends, and it was a dare because of his um, size.

"Yes, but—" I try to interject.

"—Michael, please! I know that she told you about my high school friend during my visit home, but I was lonely, and he was so nice. You can see that, can't you? I do not love him like I love you, Michael!" she says, as she fiddles with the next unopened button on her blouse.

"Kathy I know that you saw someone you met out of a club, several times while we were dating. What about that?"

"Well ... c'mon Michael I was out with my girls, and we were drinking ... it was just um, sex ... just a little fun, and it meant nothing to me ... less than nothing actually." Quickly changing the subject away from her frequent lapses in character, she continues,

"Michael, I want to keep you in my life, so tell me what I need to do honey!"

"Kathy my dear, you are a classy lady. Just look at the way you are dressed today ... you are stunning and any man would be proud to have you on his arm! And, the designer burgers we are having ... very upscale, baby! But I cannot be with someone I do not trust, and I don't trust you Kathy, you have grossed the line with me!"

"I can ... I will change! You are handsome, and charming, and more importantly, you are a good person and a fair person, Michael. Won't you give me another chance? Remember the wonderful times we have had. I know that you love being with me ... being inside me ... touching my breasts, Michael!" She slides her hand up and cups them for effect.

"Actually, it is too late Kathy. My little friend Amy is moving in with me today and I am going to be excusive with her. I will spare you a listing of all of my reasons, but suffice to say that she and I mesh well ... together, and ... I love her. It's right!"

Kathy is starting to tear-up a little and she looks down. As she drops her shoulders a little, I get a peek further into her blouse at her unbelievably lovely breasts. She looks up at me with tears filling her eyes, and says,

"I am sure that this Amy person is very nice Michael, but I just want to be in your life. Can't we just get together for um, lunch or dinner or something occasionally? It doesn't have to be sexual ... just friends."

"No. Kathy, if I expect a partner to be faithful, I must be true to her as well. I have some amazing memories of our times together; you are beautiful, and sexy, I loved being inside you, and God, yes, you have the most incredible breasts. But, I have chosen Amy and I am going to have to ask you ... and Tammy ... and her minions to respect that!

We get up to leave and Kathy approaches me for a hug. She hugs me, making sure to press her tits into me as she gives me a soft kiss on the lips. I can taste her tears on her lips as she moves away slowly ... mostly to give me her lovely brown eyes to look into, tear-filled or not.

Kathy has it all, and knows how to use it!

"Just don't lose my number Michael, you never know! That little girl might just break your heart!"

This is all she says as she turns and walks back down the path to the campus. I watch her shapely ass as she walks away, perfectly defined by her tight jeans. She knows I'm looking at her ass ... women always know! I shake my head, to clear it from the mesmerizing view of Kathy's lovely derriere and start to think about Amy. A warm smile slowly spreads across my face at the thought of my little imp.

Amy is so giddy, that she skips her afternoon classes to get her stuff together. She has a solid 4.0 GPA going, so there is little damage done. Amy always gets every question right on all of her exams, and has gotten an A+ on all of assignments and papers. In addition, all of her responses in class are not only correct, but also articulate and well thought through. It is amazing that all of this intellectual firepower lives in a tiny, innocent, but flighty and naïve little girl.

She tells me she has decided to follow me into law school ... my law school. While I am pleased at this, I know that her intellect will always out-shine mine, so I will have to find a way to deal with it. The best way I know to do that is to love her and support her. I will become her biggest cheerleader ... that's what I will do!

I have an IQ in the gifted range and a respectable GPA, but hers is off the charts! She has doubled her course load for the first two years, and tested out of core courses to catch up with me. Amy started two years behind me, but she in on track to graduate with me. The law school does not require an LSAT (Law School Admission Test) from 4.0 students, but they asked Amy to write an entrance essay due to her age. It will have to be her original work, but I promised to help her with it.

I catch up with my little girl, and she has most of her stuff together. Between Amy, Judy her dorm mate, and me, we get her stuff into my place. Judy insists on visitation rights. With a laugh, I tell her that she is welcome any time. Amy agrees saying,

"Yes darling, do come over any time ... but call first!"

Judy is a sweet person and a bit of a biker-chick, but she is indeed welcome at any appropriate time ... I like her! She gives Amy a goodbye hug since Amy and I have plans tonight. She whispers something to Amy as they both look over at me and Amy laughs heartily. Judy then walks over to me, kisses me softly but passionately on the lips—the silver ring in her lower lip feels amazing, as does her tongue stud—I now know why people do that! She rubs her lips on mine, and looking my straight in the eyes, says,

"I had to do that Michael, just to see what that would be like!" then whispers in my ear, "Hurt her, and you are a dead man!"

I laugh and tell her not to worry. Since Amy only heard my comment, she turns her head to the side, but does not pursue it just yet. Judy is well-endowed and seldom wears a bra, so I get the full effect of her breasts pushing into my chest. After Judy leaves, I ask Amy what she whispered to her and Amy replies,

"It's a secret ... between girlfriends, I can't break that confidence!" Then after a second says, "I'll tell you some day, but not today." She giggles and asks, "And what did she whisper to you?"

"She told me that if I hurt you, I'm a dead man." Amy giggles and says,

"Well you would never hurt me so you have nothing to worry about!"

"Yah, I know ... but she scares me a little. I get the impression that she would fuck the shit out of me if you ever let her!"

"You never know Michael, maybe I will!" We both laugh at that.

We decided to unpack whatever she needs, for me to take her to a fancy restaurant. I tell her that I am taking her out in style to celebrate our partnership, our love. She scrounges around in her stuff, and picks out a tight, short, dark blue dress and a pair of sheer stockings and four-inch heels. She slips her tiny frame into the dress, it shows off her bosom quite nicely, and it is backless down to the small of her back. She pulls on her stockings and slips into her heels. What she does not do is don either a bra or panties.

When I call her attention to that, she says with a sexy smile,

"I want to feel very sexy tonight for you, Michael! Plus, it is just more comfortable. I promise not to flash anyone!"

I approach her for a hug, massage her naked back, and slip my hand down into her dress over her naked ass as she flexes her ass-cheeks and giggles.

"I approve!" I say, and kiss her. We leave for the restaurant.

After the meal, we decide to go clubbing a little. Since she is wearing a lovely dress, I want her to have the opportunity to show it off a little. I am guessing that despite her promise, she will show off her legs a little, but I don't really mind.

The band is good, and very danceable, we are on the floor a lot. Because of the heat in the club, our active dancing, and her lack of ... underthings; I detected a strong female smell on my little girl. There is no stronger sexual signal to a man than the natural smell of a woman's pussy, properly heated!

I keep her close, but she notices my obvious arousal, and slides her hand over my thigh and onto my bulge in between dances. On the floor, she puts her arms up around my neck, and I notice in one of the mirrored pillars in the club, that not only is she showing the tops of her stockings, but, just a hint of her little butt cheeks peeking out from under her very short dress. Some of the guys in the club notice as well.

In between dances, some of the men approach her for a dance, and she says yes to a couple of them when I nod my approval. During one such break, I leave her at the table to us get a couple of drinks. On my way back, I see a young man sitting very close to Amy, they are engaged in an animated discussion back and forth as he lightly rubs her bare back. Their faces are close enough to kiss, but they just continue to talk quietly.

When I set both drinks on the table the guy takes my drink, hands Amy hers, and says,

"Thanks dude, I'll let you know when we need a refill!"

Then he turns his attention back to Amy whispering something in her ear. He actually thinks that he is moving in on my girlfriend. He smirks at me as Amy smiles shyly. I calmly walk over to him, clamp my hand on the back his neck ... hard! I whisper in his ear. He gets up, apologizes profusely to Amy, and leaves.

"Michael! What did you say to that boy?"

"It's a secret between guys Amy ... I'll tell you someday, but not today!"

She gives me a sideways glance, at my turning her words around on her.

"What did he whisper to you honey?" I ask.

"He wanted me to leave with him after we finished the drinks. I think he had something naughty in mind, Michael! I was about to tell him no, that I was here with my boyfriend, when you pulled him away."

A sexy smile creeps across her face; she looks directly into my eyes giving me a 'fuck me' look and says breathily,
"Take me home darling!"

That's an invitation I do not need to hear twice. When we arrive home, she goes directly into the bedroom, and starts to remove her dress. I stop her telling her I wanted to make love to her wearing it ... and her stockings. It is kind of a tactile thing, skin and fabric adds to the experience sometimes. When she tells me that she feels icky and sweaty, I tell her that I will take her as is ... stink and all! She stands with her arms open saying,

"Okay, take me then!" So, I pick her up in my arms and softly lay her on our bed.

My request regarding her dress throws her a little, and she is waiting to see what comes next from me. I slide my hands up her shapely legs, and when my hands reach the buttery-soft skin of her thighs above her stockings, she gasps. She is breathing fast and shallow as she nervously spreads her legs. As I slide her dress up halfway to her hips, she shudders. She is nervous ... apprehensive ... turned-on!

"Bet I have you guessing now, don't I Angel?"

"Michael I am so excited, I am about to explode! I am yours, however you want me darling!"

She becomes jittery as I move up to her and she can feel my breath on her sex. I breathe in her strong female smell; the intoxicating heavy musk ... the smell of her warm steamy sweaty pussy sweetened by the perfumed soaps and body lotions she uses. The aromatic cocktail makes me as hard as I have ever been.

When my lips touch her aromatic pussy, she comes in several strong convulsions ... that is how much of a hair-trigger her sexual response is on. I push my lips into her and slide my tongue inside her tiny vagina. I can feel her come on my lips and face; my tongue explores her deeply as I squeeze her buttocks. I remove my tongue from her pussy and flick it over her clit. She squeals loudly! She is still shuddering as I suck her sensitive little nubbin into my mouth. She convulses wildly, flailing around as she comes again. Finally, she moans,

"Oh, Mi-Michael ... oh please! Plea-please sto-stop ... it ... it is too ... much, it hurts!!"

Still wearing her dress, she is a mess of sweat and female juices. She stinks, and it is driving me wild as I move up and slide my rock-hard throbbing cock into her sopping swollen pussy. She is wet but tight as I work it into her, inch by inch, nearly to her cervix. She comes again, stronger than before. I begin to pump her with long smooth strokes as she continues to shudder and convulse in orgasm after orgasm, flexing her strong hard little body up against my thrusts. It does not take me long to stiffen, and unload deep inside her with convulsions of my own. She moans in a jittery voice,

"Oh, Michael!"

Normally she is very vocal as we make love, but this time, things are a little different, and she is just lies back with her legs spread wide, just enjoying the electrical pulses running through her and letting her convulsions have their way with her.

I pull out, rest my cock on her stomach as my juices swirl, and mix with the sweat and cum cocktail already pooling on her stomach. I pull her dress up and off to allow her overheated body to cool a little as she recovers. I look into her face, which is red, and just a sheet of sweat ... her hair is disheveled and matted. She says,

"Michael, that was so amazing. I have never felt like that before. I love the way you make love to me! W-what do you have pl-planned for me now, darling?"

I smile at her kissing her, and smearing my lips on her sweaty face. I turn her over and slowly and carefully introduce my little darling to anal sex. I know it hurt her some, but she was very brave. She was so into it by the finality that she screamed into an earthshattering, sheet-grabbing orgasm. As she cooled down, I rubbed her little ass to soothe her.

She gets up to take a shower after ordering me to make her something to eat.

She comes back into be bedroom after her shower with a towel around her body, and one around her head. She sits on the bed beside me waiting for me to take the towel from her head and gently dry her hair ... something that has become sort of a ritual for us. She tells me to shower, and she will make coffee. I hold on to the end of her other towel, and it unravels from her body as she rises, leaving her completely nude.

"MICHAEL!!" She says in a half-hearted complaint. Then adds,

"Better get your eye-full honey, I move fast!" she says over her shoulder, pursing her lips in an air kiss as she quickly pads toward the kitchen with a cute wiggle.

After my shower I throw on a pair of jeans, put a couple of pads of butter in a frying pan, and slice some zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and some red and yellow bell peppers, all cut chunky into a frying pan. I ask Amy to beat up about four eggs. When the veggies are ready, I pour the eggs over them, and cover it on a low heat. When it is ready, I cut the egg bake in two, plating it for us. With Amy's coffee, we have our midnight snack.

She eats all of her portion and steals a little from my plate ... a bad habit of hers I have always found rather endearing. I don't mind of course but give her a look that says, "Really, Amy?" She just shrugs her shoulders and giggles.

"So, how are you doing Angel Face?" I ask her.

"A little sore, but I'm okay Michael ... I think you are safe from the wrath of Judy!" She covers her mouth with a musical giggle. We converse quietly as we finish our meal. She comes over to me with her coffee, and curls up inside my embrace as I sit on my stool with my arms around her still naked form. Another thing she loves to do.

"Michael, I am so happy that you have had every little part of me, it makes me completely yours! I love you honey!"

I hold her a little tighter until we decided to return to the bedroom for the rest of the first night we are truly together. She gives me a long slow blowjob, sucking, tickling, and licking ... every time she senses that I am getting close, she backs off to prolong the sweet agony, until I finally explode into her eager little mouth. She swallows it all as she gently squeezes my balls.

I lay next to her on the bed, idly fondling and playing with her pussy with my fingers for a while, and then we make love slowly for about two hours until we fall asleep with my cock still inside her. I wake up the next morning alone and on my stomach, when all of a sudden I feel a sharp stinging slap on my buns from a tiny hand. Amy is already dressed and ready for class. She has on a short pleated skirt with a crisp white blouse tucked neatly into it.

"Get up sleepy-head; we are going to be late for classes."

I get up, and see her bending over to pick up some clothes; I notice that she had forgotten something. I walk over to her and lift up her skirt to see her naked ass.

"Going commando today are we, my darling?"

"Well, it's harder to flash people with my panties on Michael!" She is just kidding.

I walked to one of the drawers I had given to her for her stuff, pick out a pair of modest panties, and open them for her to step into. She put her hands on my shoulders and steps into them. I slide them up her legs to just above her knees, as she pulls them up and in place with with a sexy wiggle.

"I am the only one who gets to see my girlfriend's pussy! Understand?"

"Thank you, Mister buzz-kill!"

"You're welcome, baby!" As I run my finger over the crotch of her panties, I can tell that she is already starting to become moist. I start to worry a little about her sexual appetites and little fetishes that turn her on.

My group of friends readily accepts Amy as part of the group, especially the guys due to her cute little form, and her penchant for showing it off a little. I have to accept the fact that Amy is naturally a bit of an exhibitionist if I am going to continue to be with her.

She challenges me on another occasion at the bowling alley to bowl a last frame topless as she pulls her blouse off over her head. She seldom wears a bra when we are doing something active, so she is bare-chested. She teases a couple of the guys and allows one of them to touch her a little. A young handsome curly-headed guy whispers something in her ear. She smiles and nods her head yes, as the both look at me out of the side of their eyes.

She considers a little flirting to be an innocent expression of her sexuality and argues that case with me, but I disagree strongly with her. She usually ends with,

"Michael, you get to fuck me and they don't, it's innocent ... fun ... I like the attention!"

She completes her frame and I step up to get my ball sans shirt as a girl in the next alley gasps looking at my arm muscles. I get a strike on the last frame as my ball smashes into the pins scattering them wildly. That means I get two more balls. I concentrate on my game and after the last frame, I look around to find Amy gone, and so is the curly-headed boy. Looking around a bit, I hear some moans coming from an otherwise empty game room. There is Amy kissing her curly-topped friend, with her blouse still off, and letting him fondle her tits. This must have been their secret agreement as they slipped away after her last turn.

I pulled her away from him, and as her breasts jiggle a little, I say, "It's time to go honey!"

I turned to the boy, and backed him up against the wall without touching him.

"Michael, this is Ben. He is just a friend. Ben, this is Michael!"

Without looking at Amy and with my gaze still on Ben, I just say,

"Say goodbye, Ben!" He looks at Amy nervously, squeezes past me and makes a hasty exit from the game room.

"Michael, you are not mad are you? It's just innocent ... um, he just kissed me!

I paid for the bowling, and escorted Amy to the car and we drove home without a word passing between us. When we got inside, Amy couldn't stand it any longer and says,

"Michael! If you are mad at me, please tell me ... say something honey! I-If you th-think I was bad, at least give me a spanking or something, so we can get past this."

"Not a bad idea, doll-face!" is my only reply.

I grab her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom where I take my hard wooden hairbrush from the dresser. I sit on the corner of the bed and tell her to take off her shorts and panties. She looks worried as she nervously complies with my demand.

"Amy, you do realize that we have an exclusive relationship don't you?" I can see her butt cheeks ripple and twitch with her nervousness.

"Michael I guess I was bad, but it was all so innocent. B-Ben is just a f-friend! I-It won't happen again, I promise."

"I know it won't baby, otherwise your curly-headed friend might get hurt. I don't want that, and you don't want it either."

I smooth my hand over her flawless little ass, and can feel her nervousness. I bring the brush back and bring it down hard on her tender little behind with as loud "Thwap!" She screams in pain and I continue with her education. Blow after blow rains down on her increasingly red and bruised butt. As she tries to cover her butt with her hands, but I hold them tight against her back.

I was mad at her, and ended up punishing her more severely than I ever intended to, as she is sobbing uncontrollably. After about twenty blows, her ass is completely reddened, and heavily bruised with big welts. I help her up and onto the bed, on her stomach.

"Lie still and I'll put some lotion on you." I said softly. She is sobbing as hard as she possibly can, wanting to touch her backside but not wanting to cause herself more pain. I think she is angry being so abused and I am already heartily sorry for hurting my little girl.

She covers her face blubbering loudly feeling sorry for herself. I get some soothing skin lotion, and start to smooth it over her damaged ass. She flinches at the first cool touch, but her crying starts to subside after a few more applications.

I am so sorry I gave into my anger, but I know that I got my point across. We play at spanking many times, and I stopped using the brush after the first time, since it does so much damage, but today ... I needed the brush. I need to show her that she is not allowed to be kissed and touched by other men; I am nipping it in the bud to prevent her going further with other guys. After a liberal application of lotion, I ask her she needs anything,


"Are you sure, honey?"


I leave her alone on the bed, turning off the light as I depart. I can hear her crying softly into the bedspread. I am not completely torqued by her exposing parts of her cute shape to other men, but I draw the line at her letting them touch any part of her they wish. We have been together for only a couple of weeks, and her flirting with Ben bothered me a little; seems like a backward step.

I am sure I did the right thing, as much as it kills me to think of my little darling in pain. I tell myself that I will never punish her like this again. I throw the hairbrush in the trash. I am sure she thought what she was doing was innocent, but she went too far.

It was quiet in the bedroom for a long time as I sit at the kitchen counter with a textbook and a cup of coffee. As I rise to get another warmer-upper for my coffee, I hear the latch on the bedroom door click. Amy slowly pads out toward the kitchen wearing only one of my T-shirts covering her to her knees.

Her head is down, and her face streaked with tear tracks. She walks over to me and puts her head against my chest waiting for me to hug her. I do not keep her waiting as I gently slip my arms around her, and she starts crying again.

"Michael, I am so sorry. I am so trusting, but I didn't mean to hurt you. I love you darling, b-but you hurt me. That terrible brush hurts, Michael ... I though we decided not to use it."

She raises her face with her eyes wide and childlike, and I kiss her softly. She closes her eyes and breathes into my mouth. Her breath is sweet, but I can taste the salt from her tears in her kiss. I lift her face with my forefinger under her chin, and say to her,

"I am sorry I let me anger get the best of me. But, finding you kissing another man was too much for me. If you want to call Judy for her to exact her revenge on me, I'll wait. By the way, I threw that brush away; you will never see it again!"

She starts to smile, but just a little like it hurts.

"Michael, you are not really afraid of Judy are you? She loves you, and trusts you."

"No, I am not afraid of Judy, but all of her six-foot-eight, three-hundred pound biker friends cause me a little concern."

"She would never let them harm you Michael!" Then with a sly smile she continues, "Maybe just rough you up a little!"

We both burst out in laughter at that, and it is nice to see a smile back on that face I love, but I detect an edge to her voice still. We walk back into the bedroom and make love ... with her on top. She slides onto the bed on her stomach afterward, and I move my hands all over her naked little form, I place little kisses all down her back, and kiss every inch of her tiny damaged ass.

"Mmm, darling that feels so nice." She moans. Her voice is sweeter.

I can see some moisture building up between her legs, I move my fingers down to tickle her little asshole and massage her pussy lips. She spreads her legs for me. I touch her for a while until I have to lift her hips enough to enter her from behind.

My cock is hitting her G-spot and further inside, her A-spot at this angle. She quickly shudders into a nice orgasm. I come again deep inside my sweet girl. The feeling is indescribable as I look down on her petite shapely body running my hand gently over her still-bruised ass. My cock is still throbbing inside her. She is still breathing fast; I just listen to it—the sound of her sweet breath trying to becalm itself.

Amy has a very strong sex drive and the exhibitionism, spanking, and whatever she has going on with Judy are all part of her sexual expression. She has never been able to tell me where they come from, only that they are imperatives for her. But, I am hoping she will change—that she will outgrow the need for them, and what will remain is only our sweet lovemaking.

She has vowed never to have sex with, or to be alone with anyone else as long as we are together. Her stuff with Judy is just hugs, and some light touches between two girlfriends, and she allows Judy to kiss and hug me ... and occasionally an innocent touch, but nothing more. I decide not to proactively touch Judy out of respect for Amy, but can't stop Judy from touching me.

Amy fits in well, with my group of friends—particularly Tom—who is the friend that I went with to the mixer the first time I danced with Amy. Amy can occasionally be a brat still, but she is loved by the group—even the girls. Being much younger than the rest, the girls in the group look out for her ... like a little sister. She is not a threat to their relationships.

One evening, Amy pisses off my friend Tom at a party with an incautious remark. He tells her that she needs a good spanking and I surprise him by nodding to him to go ahead. She looks at me a little shocked, but giggles as he pulls her over his knee for her friendly punishment (Tom knows about her mild fetishes). He looks down at her pink bikini panties peeking out from her short skirt. Tom looks up at me, and I nod again. He pulls her panties down to her knees, showing her perfect little ass and part of her sex to our crowd of friends.

Tom only gives her a half dozen of light slaps, and lets her up. She stands, pulls her panties off, and stuffs them in Tom's shirt pocket. As she apologizes for the mean remark she had made, she puts her hands on his face and kisses him on the cheek. Amy may be the little darling of our group, but tonight she just had a couple too many beers. I worry about her becoming flirtier with other men. Janet—Tom's girlfriend—coolly walks over to him, takes Amy's panties out of his pocket, and gives them to me. She isn't mad, but doesn't want Tom receiving a panty-trophy from another girl.

Amy sits on my lap, sans-knickers, and occasionally accidently let her legs part a little. Back home, she insists that I take her right to bed and fuck her. I am as excited as she is, as she flexes her hard little body against mine to receive my strong thrusts. Her exhibitionism turns her on so much!

I am just afraid that she might innocently allow a friend or friend of a friend to go too far when I am not around to look after her. After all, these guys are all friends of ours, but a hard cock has no conscience. They might decide to pass her around a little without me there to look out for her. Amy is mostly careful not to let that happen: Tom is a friend that she trusts, and Janet doesn't mind; she helps Tom watch out for Amy a little. Janet is a pretty and pleasant little blond. As a nurse, she has quite a lot of savvy and maturity for her young age.

At another party, Amy becomes obnoxious with the group, and after they call her on it, she insists on being punished. One of the guys readily volunteers, and pulls her over his knees. He lifts her skirt, pulls her panties down, giving her a couple of hard smacks. She likes that, but then he slides his fingers down her crack and across her pussy. She moans and spreads her legs a little. I am out of the room when this starts, but seeing where this is heading; I step in, pull her up and help her to get her panties back in place. I give the guy a look that said, "Don't ever do that again!"

Back at home, I talk to her very sternly, about her drinking too much. I tell her that mostly the guys in the group look out for her like a little sister, but there isn't one of them that wouldn't mind fucking her, if I was not in the picture.
"Michael, I am so sorry, they just kept handing me drinks and I guess I ended up having too much."

"Amy, I want you to refrain from alcoholic drinks at parties ... just stick to coke, okay honey? You are still underage anyway!"

"Of course Michael, I will. I just didn't realize I was being touched ... um that way. Michael I am so sorry."

She comes over, sits on my lap, kisses me sweetly and softly says, "Take me to bed honey!"

That night we make love, with her insisting on my fucking her hard and rough; she is so turned on. She flexes her hard little body up to meet my thrusts like never before. She comes several times before we shower and settle in.

She is as good as her word, and stays out of trouble at parties with friends. The guy who touched her, Fred, tries once again to coax her over his knees again but she refuses. Later in the evening, I wait for Fred to wander into the kitchen, and I follow him.

I grab his shirt just under his throat and push him up against the wall,

"Amy is my girlfriend Fred, and I would appreciate your respecting that. She is a little too innocent for her own good, and it is our job to all watch out for her a little. I know you will help me out with that!"

"Sure Mike, no problem. I'm sorry, I really like Amy and won't ever do anything to hurt her. I'll make sure the other guys treat her right too."

"Thanks Fred, I know you will, buddy."

I let him go, straighten out his shirt for him, and clap him on the shoulder. I am not a brute, but at six-one and one-ninety-five, I can be intimidating, and I have enough muscle from my athletic activities, to insist on my own way most times. I hate doing it though ... it's not who I am.

She will never willingly be with another man; I know that; she seems happy with my seven inches filling her up. I found out that she did not let Ben have sex with her the few times they dated. It was just a little kissing and light petting. She told me that herself saying that she just wanted to make me jealous at the time. She really thought that letting him touch and kiss her in the bowling alley was innocent.

~ ~ ~

Part Eight, Law School Bound:

The final semester of my senior year arrives with registration for courses. I have only three requirements left, all in my major field of political science. I walk into my first class of the morning, and see a familiar face.

"Hi Kathy, what are you doing in this class?"

"Oh hello Michael, this class is in my major field too. I will be going to law school next year, and this class fits in. Um, how about breakfast after?"

"Can't today, but maybe some other time."

Kathy takes a seat a row ahead of me, and a seat over so she will be in my line of sight for the semester. She is wearing a blue blouse with a couple of buttons strategically unbuttoned and tucked into a tight black skirt. I am able to see down into her magnificent décolletage, which is no doubt her reason for sitting where she is—to tease me with just such a view as each breath makes her breasts swell a little. I try not to take advantage, but do steal a little glance or two. Kathy is a lovely girl and she knows it!

I look behind me in the class, to see Judy perched up in back in the last row. She is slumped down in her seat; arms folded, legs akimbo, wearing her signature pre-destressed jeans and a T-shirt with a faded image of some counter-culture icon or other. She is watching me with a smile that says that she is ... watching me. Likely because Kathy is also here, I am guessing! This should be an interesting semester! After the first class, I climb up to where Judy is.

"Judy! Nice to see you doll, what the hell are you doing in my class?"

"Is that Kathy Miller down there, Michael?"

"Never answer a question with a question, Judy!"

"I saw both you and Kathy entering the same class, and was just curious. Actually, I have an art history class just down the hall, but the first class is going to be just the usual organizational bullshit!"

"Let me buy you breakfast, darlin'!" I offer.

I use endearments with Judy because she is really just a sweetie with a hard shell. And, she takes such prodigiously good care of a little girl I love. After class, we walk over to a café just off campus, and find a quiet table. The food is good, and since they mostly cater to students, the price is right. Judy looks at me,

"So, what's Amy up to this morning Michael?"

"I think you already know that she has an English lit class this morning. It's a basic requirement they wouldn't let her test out of. After that—right now in fact—she has another class on international treaties. She has quite a full load as you know." I look directly into Judy's eyes and say to her,

"Now for the real reason we are here: Kathy Miller just wandered into this class, and her being here has nothing to do with me. We have the same major, and she has been in classes with me before." After a pause, I tell her, "You will just have to trust me honey, and not hover over us like some kind of pretty but tough eagle, with great tits!" I chuckle.

"Okay Michael, I do trust you but just looking out for Amy's interests ... she's my girl y'know." After a moment's hesitation—and pushing out her chest at me she continues, "I do have great tits, don't I?" We both laugh as I agree.

Of course, now I am focused on how they push into her tight T-shirt; nipples well-defined without a bra to restrain them. We finish our quick breakfast, and as I get up, Judy is already on her feet. She puts her hands on my shoulders, and gives me a little peck, but squarely on the lips. Judy's lips and breath are sweet. I say,

"I am pretty good about looking after Amy myself Judy, so no more skulking around. Okay?" She looks at me and with a trusting smile replies,

"Okay! Thanks for breakfast darling."

I turn to watch Judy walk out the door with her tight jeans nicely defining her shapely ass—I notice other guys watching her as well. She turns toward one of them, and gives him a smile that says, "Eat your heart out fella!" Judy is very attractive, but she is a bit of a ball-buster!

I try to catch up with Amy after her last class to walk her home. I peek into the nearly empty classroom to see Amy surrounded by four guys. She is not flirting with them, but she is definitely enjoying the male attention as she carries on an animated conversation. I walk over to them, and she gives me a broad sweet smile as I reach through her small throng and pull her away simply saying,

"Excuse me guys!"

As I lead her away their eyes follow us (her, really) and I hear one of them say,


I told Amy about Kathy and Judy being in my class. I also told her that Kathy asked me out for breakfast, but I took Judy instead. She was happy with my choice, and warned me about letting "that bitch" get too friendly. I assured her that Kathy is not a threat to her. Amy does not use the 'b-word' or similar language very often, but she does see Kathy as a threat.

~ ~ ~

Kathy, Amy and I all graduated at the end of the term together, with Amy voted valedictorian of our class. She gives a rousing speech exhorting us all to make our degrees count in the world, and receives a standing ovation. My chest could not swell any further, with pride in my bright little girl.

I gave her a small sterling silver pinkie ring at dinner after graduation. It is not an engagement ring, but more of a gift—and a promise to wait until after we graduate from law school. I just wanted to give her a graduation gift, and she loves jewelry—rings mostly.

While Kathy nailed down a spot in a prestigious law school in the east, Amy resisted several prestigious offers from big-name law schools, insisting on attending locally with me. We keep our schedules as close to the same as we can, to help each other out with assignments. Amy is always the most well prepared member of our study group, and usually leads.

Tom and Fred and a few others of our old college group of friends are still in town, so we get together frequently for parties. They help me look after Amy—still very naïve and innocent for a law school student. We attend a New Year's Eve party at the home of one of the group, and there seems to be a larger crowd than usual, with many people neither Amy nor I know.

At one point before midnight, the supply of champagne runs low, so Tom and I leave to get another case. Tom actually has one in his garage he was hoping not to have to use, so we grab that one. He and Janet are into wines big time! While we were gone, it seems that Fred became distracted, and lost track of Amy. Asking around, he found out from a female friend that Amy started back toward the bathroom and bedroom area and hasn't been seen for a while. He heads back to investigate, and hears what sounds like screams coming from the bedroom.

He quickly opens the first bedroom door, to find Amy on the bed with a man he didn't know on top of her ... some friend of a friend. Amy is screaming and pushing the man away who had taken off her pants and was trying to get at Amy.

"C'mere you little tease!" Fred hears the man saying. Amy's responses are unintelligible.

Fred grabs the man and pulls him off Amy. By that time, more friends enter the room, and a few of the men subdue this guy while the girls take care of Amy, helping her keep her ripped dress together. That was the precise moment when Tom and I arrived with champagne.

One of the girls in our group tells us about a commotion in the other room, and not seeing Amy around, I immediately race, threading my way through the crowd, into the bedroom to see this guy with no pants on being subdued by Fred and a couple of others. I rush to Amy and embrace her as the girls, Janet and a couple of others tell me she is all right. I hug her tight, and kiss her on top of her head. She is sobbing on my chest. She looks up, wipes her tears away and says,

"Michael, I'm okay Janet, Linda and Sarah have me. Just ... get him out of here, darling."

The guy seemed to be quite badly bruised. I asked Fred what happened, and he told me the story. Apparently, this guy took a liking to Amy, danced with her once, and then later waited for her to visit the bathroom. He grabbed Amy in the darkened hallway, and pulled her into the bedroom. He was drunk, and intent on having his way with Amy.

"Fred, who is this guy ... how did he get all those bruises?" I ask

"Well, he is a friend of a friend of somebody at the party and um, he sort of ah, fell down a few times after we, John and Chad and me, got ahold of him."

"Fred?" I ask accusingly my voice rising at the end,

"Okay, I guess we kind of helped him fall down a few times. But Mike, he was going to rape our sweet girl. I just lost track of her, but it was just for a minute or two ... I'm so sorry Mike!"

I clamp a hand on his shoulder and say,

"It's okay, Fred. Thank you, you are a true friend. Let's get this guy out in front. Think he might fall down a few more times on the way? He just looks like the clumsy type."

"Yah!" Fred says to me with a sly smile. Then to the guy, "C'mere ass-clown, you are so going for a ride."

Fred is a badge, and knows most of the local cops. I let my friends lead him out to the front room to wait for the cops, while I comfort my little girl. Amy's face is a sheet of tears, and she tries to speak,

"Mi-Michael, I-I am so so-sorry ... he just grabbed me. I could't stop him. I was being a good girl tonight! I promise!"

"I know sweetheart, let the girls clean you up a little now. I'm here for you Angel-Face."

"O-Okay, Mi-Michael" she throws her arms around me, trying hard not to cry. "I love you Michael!"

Apparently, this guy did prove to be accident prone, and ended up with a few more bruises on his way to the living room. Fred quietly explained the situation to his friends on the force and they took him away, but they insisted that he put on his pants first. The sergeant asked Fred about the bruises, and Fred explains that the guy must have fallen down ... sort of accidentally.

"Right! Well, you know we will need statements from you and each of these guys." the sergeant gives Fred sort of a half 'bro hug' and says to another policeman, "Get this ... thing out of here."

Amy insisted on not charging him with rape, and the jury eventually convicted him of lewd behavior and second-degree assault. After the police took him away, I ask Amy if she wants me to take her home. She insists that the party go on, and after a couple of the girls fixed her dress, we dance until midnight. I dance with Janet as well, while Amy dances with Tom. Janet tells me that there actually was no penetration, but the guy did get his hands on her ... if you know what I mean.

"Michael, Amy was a good girl tonight, and she said she wanted to save her drinking for a champagne toast with you at midnight. I saw her smile at this guy but there was nothing to it ... this asshole just took it the wrong way. I am sorry Michael, I just lost track of her ... it's crazy here."

I give Janet a little kiss on the temple, and say, "It's okay honey. I know that you and Tom are good friends to Amy, and take good care of her. I am indebted to you guys ... and Fred too, for being so good to my girl."

"Oh Mike, she is a little sweetheart, and even though she is very attractive to the guys, the girlfriends are not jealous of her ... mostly! She seems to be very bright, but a little on the naïve side, y'know ... guileless! She trusts everyone! Kind'a like a little girl that way!"

"Well you, Linda and Sarah have been very good friends to Amy, and I appreciate it ... I'd love to give you all a big sloppy kiss!"

"Mmm, I think we'd all like that Mike!" We both laugh, as the music and our dance ends I give Janet a little peck on the cheek.

We all tuned in the TV to see the ball drop in Times Square, and cheer in the New Year, as I take my girl in my arms and kiss her passionately to strains of Auld Lang Syne. I even sing it to her looking into her eyes, and she cries with the emotion of being so loved.

Although that guy did not penetrated Amy, she was quite shaken but recovered quickly. She insists on taking a shower as soon as we return home. I just hold her all night, and in the morning, make love to her slowly and affectionately. As we lay cuddling with her in my arms, she wiggles her little butt against my groin and quietly says,

"I love you so much, Michael. I am so happy to have you and all of my nice friends to watch out for me. I know that I am smart, but men are always getting the wrong signals from me Michael ... why is that?"

"Well, men have this thing in their pants that they allow to do their thinking for them sometimes. You know, the little head doing the thinking for the big head!"

"Oh, Michael, I know that, but it is just hard to smile at a man without his getting the wrong idea that I want to um, be with him. Y'know?"

"Go to sleep, sweetheart!"

"Okay darling, mmm ... this feels so good ... so safe ... (yawn!) in your arms!"

She closes her eyes, and is snoring softly within seconds. Amy is an absolute tornado during the day, so funny to see her sleeping peacefully with the activities and cares of the day completely drained from her pretty face. I watch her sleep for a while, just thinking. Thinking about what logic she uses to think that letting a boy fondle her breasts and kiss her in a back room is innocent.

I am thinking about whether her imperative for exhibitionism, and allowing men to touch her might morph into more disturbing behavior. Perhaps she might think it is innocent to let someone touch, not only her breasts, but also her sex. I am not worried about whatever she has going on with Judy Hodgkins. Judy is not a threat to me over Amy. She may be bi, but Amy is not ... she is just responding to an affectionate friend who loves her.

So, I am lying here looking down at an absolutely angelic face snoring softly, and wondering what is in her heart to do—what she will allow other men to do with her. I decide to watch over her and to protect her without becoming co-dependent with her behavior.

I love her deeply and truly.

I know from my own experience that when something — particularly something sexual— feels good, it becomes desirable with increasing intensity. It simply does not matter to Amy if someone sees her tits or even her sweet pussy; they are only body parts to her, like an arm or a leg. If it feels good to her, what's to keep her from seeking more intensity; allowing men to go further with her?

Right now, I have exclusive access to intimacy with her, so just for right now ... I am happy.

I reach down and kiss Amy on the cheek as she sleeps, she interrupts her breathing long enough to wet her lips briefly, and then return to her quiet snores. Lying behind her, I fall asleep with the sweetly perfumed aroma of her hair in my nostrils.

~ ~ ~

Law school is demanding for both of us, so we limit our attendance at parties, and thus, temptation for Amy, for a while.

There is a lot of individual and group study with long nights in the library, Amy and I quiz each other on points of law, even when we are have breakfast at the campus café. As before with our undergrad papers, Amy and I work closely together like a pair of gloves on all of our work. Our hard work is liberally peppered with little kisses and hugs in public and hard fucking in private.

I gained an interest in litigation from my great success during my moot court case. I do most of the questioning of witnesses, while Amy and some others on the team provide the research, and search for presidents, etc. Amy has a fine legal mind, and develops a particular genius for research, and for contract law. She prepares the brief for that class in our study group. With her bent for the intellectual background work of the law, I am thinking that she might make a superb law professor someday.

~ ~ ~

(To be continued)

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