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New Escorts: Mom & Auntie

My cousin, Willy, and I were supposedly best friends. We were born within two hours of each other (Willy was the oldest as he kept reminding me) and had remained close all of our childhoods. We were now just turning eighteen and were both excited at being on the formal cusp of manhood.

On this morning we were planning our week ahead which would follow our birthdays at the weekend, although as usual our discussion drifted on to our moms.

Mom and Auntie had always been friends as well as sisters, though they were very different. My Auntie Mary took after my grandmother. She was a beautiful blonde bombshell. Being just over five feet she was small, but with her cute ass and mouthwateringly big tits no schoolboy could see her without drooling.

Mom was physically very different. She took after my tall grandfather with his Italian heritage. She had inherited his height and was just under six foot, only an inch smaller than me. With her long black hair, large bust and a big strong round firm bubble butt she looked like a woman warrior. The boys in our school year had voted her the "most beautiful butt in the neighborhood" for the last three years in a row.

Willy and I had been jacking off for years dreaming of both women. We would spend hours imagining how we would fuck them in different positions. However, we would always finish in agreement that Auntie Mary would have to be on top, whereas mom would have to be taken from behind.

"Just imagine mom's melons wobbling above you!" Willy would breathe enthusiastically.

"Just imagine spearing mom's ass!" I'd sigh dreamily.

It was in fact our fixation with the women that had caused the deterioration in our relationships with our moms.

Mom had always been irritated by me. Until I reached my current height I was dwarfed when she stood next to me. As she towered above me, she would look down on me in all senses of the term. I always seemed to annoy her and she had always bullied me. On the other hand she always looked proudly at her nephew, Willy, who unlike me was an arrogant and assertive boy. I loved my mom but at times I hated her. However, my relationship with my mom truly went down the pan when she caught me looking at a picture of her ass. I had a number of pictures of my mom I used to jack off to and I was showing Willy a picture on my computer of mom in a swimsuit. The picture was taken from behind and as Willy was out of the room I zoomed in on mom's greatest asset. The next thing was mom screaming at the site of my computer screen filled with her butt. It was unfortunate that she recognized the color stripes of the material; otherwise I might have got away with it.

"You are a dirty little pervert!" she screamed and slapped me hard on the face with one hand then the other.

I now knew what they meant by stars swimming in front of your eyes as I tried to clear my vision. As her face came into focus again I saw her eyes gleaming as she said, "I hope that hurt you, because it gave me a lot of pleasure."

It was ridiculous that I felt intimidated by mom as I was certainly physically now stronger than her.

As Willy had become more assertive Auntie Mary seemed to become nervous of her son. He had quickly grown quite tall and she seemed to find his size intimidating when he was near her. He had a habit of appearing to swagger in front of her. She also seemed to sense that he lusted after her breasts. I was always staring at them as well, but she never seemed to suspect that I, Nicky, was anything but a traditional loving nephew. It all came to a head when Auntie Mary found Willy and me in her bedroom with Willy fondling one of her brassieres. He was holding it to his face and licking the inside of the cups. She screamed in disgust, snatched the bra away from him and shouted to us both to get out.

Willy and I were in a strange position then with our moms, love and hate all mixed up. However, we both had a more straightforward relationship with our fathers.

Mom and Auntie Mary had married two brothers, Nigel and Larry. The brothers were quite well off, owning a local company which had branches in two other states. Our two families were comfortable financially although the two moms complained that their allowances were insufficient for their requirements, particularly their luncheon dates.

Willy and I were both quite fond of our dads, who acted more like well-meaning uncles rather than imposing any paternal authority. For our birthday presents Willy and I now had a pleasant surprise. The brothers had to go on an unplanned trip to one of their other branches the following week. This meant that visiting business associates who had been booked in at a local hotel and spa the following week would no longer need the rooms. As the rooms had already been paid for, our dads said Willy and I could have a room each and enjoy the facilities, making the most of our new eighteen status. The week following our hotel stay Uncle Larry was taking Willy to a Dads and Lads camp. After that Willy was off to University in Pennsylvania, whereas I was attending a local University and would continue to stay at home.

Willy and I were feeling great. We would be staying as male adult guests in a proper hotel. It had a pool, games room, everything, but what Willy and I intended it for was to lose our virginity.

It was a chance in a lifetime for two schoolboys to have two hookers visit them and boy were we going to grab it! We planned our initiation to be on the Thursday.

Willy and I scoured the internet for escorts. We thought of having two girls together but found that the price of such entertainment was prohibitive for the money we had. We only had two hundred dollars between us, which was either a hundred dollar session each or a two hundred dollar deluxe session for one of us with the other watching by computer.

We both had a lust for mature well-built women, rather than someone younger, but the sites seemed so expensive. We were going to give up when, on the Sunday evening of our birthday, a new site appeared.

It wasn't the most professional site. There was no link to reviews. There were no photographs and it was home visits only. What caught our eyes was the description of the escorts as beautiful mature voluptuous women and the suggestion that the prices were low. The site, Angel Escorts, did not give details of what the women could provide; that could only be obtained from telephoning. The telephone number was clearly a mobile, presumably untraceable. We decided to wait until we were in the hotel before we made contact.

The brothers went off on the Monday morning and Willy and I left in the afternoon to go to our hotel. Our two moms had no idea where we were going. The brothers thought it would be fun to keep it a secret and so did we. Anyway both moms seemed to have other things on their minds when they distractedly waved us goodbye, then walked off together, no doubt discussing their next luncheon date.

When we got to the hotel and booked in our rooms, our plan was to immediately phone the Escort Agency but we were both very nervous. In the end we tossed a coin and I lost. I dialed the number intending to make a booking for Thursday afternoon. I held the phone between our ears so we could both hear. A very husky southern voice answered "Angel Escorts, how can we help you?"

I was so nervous my voice sounded strangled as I croaked out that I would like an escort for the Thursday afternoon. The husky voice sounded very matter of fact when she said that they provided hand relief only and that it would cost a hundred dollars, money to be paid in cash on arrival. She added that she had Nurses available and French Maids and which would I require? I babbled hoarsely that a Nurse would be great. I then gave the hotel details and my room number with the name of Mr. Clinton. The woman confirmed that Nurse Gloria would be arriving at two.

The fact that I would be purchasing a handjob instead of a complete loss of my virginity was a bitter blow for Willy and me. However, the more we thought about having our cocks stroked by a woman, the more excited we became. Now it was Willy's turn to call, his voice was croaking with the tension.

Telephoning the number, he asked for the visit to be for the Thursday evening. Our husky lady went through the same explanations as she had a few minutes before and he ended up giving his name as Mr. Bush and also asking for a Nurse. The woman confirmed that Nurse Brittany would be arriving at seven.

"You idiot," I said, "why didn't you ask for a French Maid to give us variety?"

Willy leant over me, stuck out his lower lip in a determined way and said, "Because I want a Nurse."

We were a bit tetchy with each other after that but perked up as we planned how we would record the experience. Willy was quite a tech nerd. He would do a lot of skyping at home with one of our other cousins where they would have multiple cameras in each room, showing each other a particular object. Therefore, although our rooms were at opposite ends of the hotel, we would each be able to record and see everything that was going on in the other's room.

That Monday evening and all of the following two days, although we used all the facilities, including our first sauna, we were unable to think about anything else, We tried to play a computer game that Willy had illegally downloaded but failed to keep our minds on it. All we could think of and discuss was what we would be doing on the Thursday.

Come the Thursday morning we were both a bag of nerves. At half past one we both went to our respective rooms. The hidden cameras were on in my room and I knew that Willy would be watching the scene on his computer, switching as he wanted between camera angles. I guessed he would be naked, ready with a tube of gel to jack off as he watched his cousin get his first handjob from what I hoped would be a very busty hooker. I just had a bathrobe on.

At two, right on time, there was a knock on my door. Feeling terrified, I rose off the bed and, not wanting to expose myself to the corridor, pulled the door open towards me. I could not see who stepped into my room and who said in that same husky southern voice we'd heard on the phone, "Hello Mr. Clinton, I'm Nurse Gloria."

As she pushed the door to behind her, we stared in horror at each other. Mom stood there, tall as ever, dressed in a long coat, gazing uncomprehendingly at me. After a few seconds of deafening silence, she said in an attempted matter-of-fact tone, "I heard from your father that you were in this hotel and decided to call in to check you were OK."

This was my opportunity to acquiesce in her suggestion for her visit and thank her for calling, but in a moment of madness, which I instantly regretted, I quietly answered, "I think you came for a different reason Nurse Gloria."

Mom's eyes glared like laser beams as she gritted her teeth and hissed, "I should have known you would ruin anything I try. You are a good-for-nothing little pustule. You are very lucky that I don't intend to tell your father of this. I am leaving now and I never want to discuss this visit again. Do I make myself clear?"

With that she turned to leave but what I said next stopped her in her tracks. When she had mentioned my father I had winced at the thought of causing him pain and embarrassment, but I put it to the back of my mind as I said, "Dad would be shocked at Nurse Gloria. What about giving me hand relief?"

Mom screamed in her anger then stood there in burning silence for what seemed like many minutes before she hissed, "Right you little shit. I'll give you your hand relief but in my way."

The way she said it sounded like a threat and I watched uneasily as she opened a bag she had with her and took out a long cord. Turning back to me, she suddenly gripped both my wrists and tied them together above my head and then tied the loose cord to the bedrail. After checking the cord was secure she put two hands under me and rolled me over onto my front.

I couldn't imagine how she was going to administer the hand relief with my cock trapped underneath me and I started to panic. I thought of her in a state of fury committing murder, slipping a knife between my shoulder blades. I was about to shout that she was being recorded, when I felt my bathrobe being lifted exposing my ass, followed by a vicious slap on my buttock. Another hard spank fell on my other buttock and a steady stream of smacks then ensued.

I was groaning in pain as mom was breathing heavily from the exertion. She gasped, "I've been dying to punish you like this for as long as I remember, but I knew your father would not agree."

I continued to groan from the pain but also from the fact that my penis had elongated into a hard erection underneath me. As she hit me, I gripped my buttocks in response and the head of my cock rubbed harshly against the sheet.

After a few minutes of her disciplining slapping hands, she paused and rolled me over onto my back, causing my previously trapped erection to spring upright. I groaned in embarrassment and shame. My cock was sticking up like a beacon. The mushroom head was red raw from being rubbed against the sheet.

Mom gasped and exclaimed in a horrified tone, "That's disgusting! You little pervert!" the tone in her voice sounding as if she felt it was deformed.

After tying me up she had taken off her coat to free her arms for the spanking and now stood there in a white tunic which I assumed was supposed to be a nurse's uniform. My boner looked huge as it swayed about and she gazed at it in abhorrence.

She clearly now intended to bring things swiftly to an end as she gripped my balls in her left hand and grasped my hot throbbing boner in her right hand. It felt as if a shock of electricity coursed from her fingers through my rigid organ. Mom jacked me hard and swiftly. It seemed only a few seconds before my cock exploded with spurts of cum, the ropes of jizz shooting in the air.

I thought for a moment that she was going to leave me tied to the bedrail, but after a brief hesitation she leant forward and undid the cord. I felt the blood rushing back up my arms as I started to move them at the same moment as Mom slammed the door behind her.

A few moments later I let Willy into my room. "What a wimp!" he sneered.

"You let her spank you and at the end you only got a handjob. You should have been more assertive and insisted on more. Mind you, with that recorded evidence I'm going to have a lot of fun with your mom."

I felt he was undergoing three emotions; disgust at my wimpiness, excitement at how he could use the recording of what she did to me and a distinct jealousy that my mom's hands had been around my cock.


Just before seven in the evening I was watching my computer screen which was showing Willy's bedroom. Willy was lying naked on his bed. His cock was already showing signs of thickening as he thought about the hooker who would be walking into his room. However I felt pleased to see that his boner was smaller than my own.

All of a sudden there was a knock on Willy's door. Looking more confident than I had, Willy rose off the bed and, like me not wanting to expose himself to the corridor, pulled the door open towards him. He could not see who stepped into his room and who said in a new voice, "Hello Mr. Bush, I'm Nurse Brtittany."

She was a small woman carrying a black handbag and I couldn't see her properly until Willy pushed the door to behind her. THERE WAS AUNTIE MARY!

I lay on the bed staring at the screen. She stood there frozen. Her big blue eyes wide with astonishment and horror, staring at Willy who looked equally astonished in front of her. His thickened penis had disappeared to a more normal size.

"What the fuck!" he said, still staring at his mom.

Auntie Mary, whose shoulders had slumped as she'd seen her client, pushed herself erect and said in a small voice, "There's been a terrible mistake. I've made a terrible mistake."

Willy was now looking curiously at her waiting for her to continue.

"Willy, I'm not a hooker," she said earnestly. "My.." She hesitated then continued. "My friend and I were short of funds and we thought we might earn some extra money by..." Her voice fell away again.

"This is my first visit and," she breathed heavily, "clearly this will be my last. I was stupid to think I could do such a thing."

She seemed to see for the first time that Willy was naked. "Willy, I'm so sorry for this. Clearly lately there's been a certain awkwardness between us, but for your understanding now and silence I shall always be grateful."

She sniffed, as if she was trying not to cry, and said as she turned to the door, "I'm so glad that you're my son,"

When I thought of my mom and Auntie Mary as hookers I was horrified. Then, putting two and two together, I thought of how the website had only just been created and how amateurish it was. Today clearly was to have been their first time and now would also be their last. It was fortunate that it was Willy and me who were to have been their first clients.

I suddenly felt tremendously sorry for Auntie Mary, who was looking very upset, and I was glad that she could now return home thanking her lucky stars that she had been prevented from making a horrendously stupid mistake. Then Willy made his move.

"Just a minute Mom, what about my handjob?"

She stared at him uncomprehendingly.

Willy continued, looking at her smugly, "You came here to provide a service and I expect you to fulfil your side of the bargain."

Compared with the way I had nervously suggested a handjob, Willy was sounding very confident. She gasped, "Willy, you cannot be serious. I am your mother."

Willy lowered his voice. "I am deadly serious. You want me to keep quiet and of course I will, providing you give your son a birthday present."

He started slowly unbuttoning her coat, exposing the nurse's uniform underneath. "After all it would be horrible for Dad to find out what you intended."

She stood frozen not believing that it was happening. I felt angry at what Willy was doing to his sweet mom. I was willing her to just push his hands away, tell him to stop and then march out of the door, but she didn't.

Willy now had all the buttons of her coat undone and, taking her bag from her, pushed her coat off her shoulders so that she was just standing there in her nurse's uniform. My mom had filled her uniform tightly but Auntie Mary's bosom bulged the material out.

Willy licked his lips and said, "You make a great nurse Mom, but I think the French Maid outfit would have been even better."

Willy peered inside her bag. He took out a large bottle of lotion and said, "Now that looks useful."

As Willy had been looking inside her bag, his mom's face had been getting redder and redder in embarrassment until she cried out. "Willy, this isn't funny, just let me go."

"Yes Willy," I said to the screen, "Just let her go."

Willy was now lying back on the bed, having handed his mom the bottle of lotion. He had spread his legs obscenely to expose his genitals which were now showing signs of expectation.

"C'mon Mom," he said with a leer. "I've decided that I now want a blowjob. You can start with massaging my balls and cock. Use plenty of lotion. You never know I might cum from your fingers, then you can go."

She hesitated for a moment and I felt an instant of hope as I thought she would turn to the door, but then she picked up the bottle and deliberately splashed a ludicrous amount of oil all over Willy's groin and privates. The oil splashed on the sheets and she had a sneer in her voice as she said, "I hope you can explain that to the room maid!"

The veneer of motherly love had now gone completely as her fingers started massaging Willy's thighs. She snarled, "you are a first rate shit son Willy."
But now I realized that although I was hoping she would stop the massage and escape, I also had a wish that her fingers would carry on. Willy's cock had thickened as her hands had stroked his thighs, but now her fingertips were tracing up and down his groin, his boner was fully erect and so was mine.

As she moved her fingers, they were touching the sides of his ball sack. Willy had started wriggling, trying to get her fingers to be more intimate, until at last she grasped his balls with both oily hands and squeezed and teased the tender testicles.

Willy was groaning, "Ooh Mom, your fingers are fantastic. Dad is a lucky man."

I'd been thinking the same and wondering how Willy's dad could ever spend a night away. As Willy's mom's fingers massaged his balls, my fingers were doing the same to my balls. I was mirroring her every move so that in my mind it was me she was massaging.

While keeping one hand active as a testicle tease, she was slowly sliding her other hand towards the base of Willy's phallus. Her fingers eventually reached around the thick throbbing boner. His mom's expression was bitter now as she whispered to Willy, "you've always fantasized about my fingers around your cock haven't you, you little shit!"

With those words she slid her fingers to the pulsing purple mushroom head, jacking the tender rim.

Willy was groaning with his mouth open as he felt the waves of sexual pleasure flow through his privates.

I was jacking my cock in time with her hand movements, when she and I were startled by Willy suddenly shouting, "BLOWJOB NOW!"

This was far enough. I saw his mom hesitate and thought, "Good, she's not going to do it."

Willy also noticed the hesitation and whispered, "Dad would never forgive you."

That did it. She whispered, "You fucking bastard!" and leant forward sliding her rich ruby lips over Willy's crown.

As the top of his boner disappeared into her mouth, Willy was wriggling in raptures. "Ooh you filthy mommy slut, you suck sooo good!"

Her head was bobbing steadily up and down as Willy was groaning and thrusting his hips trying to push more boner between her hot red lips. Her teasing fingers had taken Willy a fair way on his journey to orgasm and now his climax was close.

Willy started issuing breathless instructions. "Mom when I cum you've got to swallow the lot."

She didn't pause her head bobbing but I assumed that she'd taken in his command.

Willy's groans were now getting louder and louder until he was on the brink. My jacking was getting faster as I could sense the countdown. Willy gasped and his words began with an urgency which then turned into a scream. "Here it cums, here it cums, here it cums, HERE IT CUMS!"

As he screamed, he grabbed her hair viciously and held her head still and I knew that he was shooting great wads of cum into his mom's mouth which she was valiantly trying to swallow. I could see his neck muscles tensing as his loins emptied their young sperm.

As Willy had cum into her mouth, I had climaxed shooting jizz through my fingers.

Auntie Mary stood back from Willy, but Willy got off the bed following her. As he stood up he turned her around to face the full length mirror opposite the bed. He stood behind looking over her head and pressed his body into her.

Up to that point I had the satisfaction of knowing that, like myself, Willy hadn't removed any of his mom's clothes, but now I felt he might try. Willy started slowly unbuttoning the back of her nursing tunic. When he had undone the last button, he pushed the tunic forwards off his mom's shoulders. She put her hands up holding the material against her breasts, not wanting to release it and expose herself in her underwear, but Willy was insistent.

"Dad would never forgive you," he whispered in her ear.

He pulled her hands to her sides and the tunic fell to the floor leaving her exposed in her bra and panties, holdup stockings and stiletto heels. Her bra was fastened at the front and Willy reached his hands round and unclipped it, Auntie Mary gasped "Oh no!"

Willy removed his mom's bra with agonizing deliberateness. With his two hands round her front, he slowly tugged it forward exposing her large full breasts inch by inch. Willy had a smile on his face, knowing I was watching. Jealous of what he was doing, I couldn't help but jack my cock vigorously as his slow exposure of her tits tortuously teased me. With a last push her entire full beautiful breasts were displayed. I knew that Willy would have a huge boner pressing into his mom's butt cheeks as he lovingly cupped both breasts, lifting them so that they pointed at the mirror.

Willy waggled them at the glass laughing saying, "Yummy, yummy Mommy, your juggs are fucking huge!"

She closed her eyes in embarrassment at her position and bit her lip as Willy's fingers started teasing her darker areolae, pulling her nipples and causing them to blossom and expand. Willy had his eyes closed in pleasure as he fondled his mom's bounteous fruits.

She was breathing heavily as Willy let go her right breast and started sliding his right hand down her stomach. As he reached the top of her panties and hooked a finger under the elastic, she cried out pleadingly, "No Willy, please no!"

Willy just laughed and slid his hand in one movement in between her legs. His mom groaned, "Oh no!"

Willy smiled in triumph as he whispered to her, "Well Mom, I can feel you're a little moist just from me playing with your tits."

She groaned again and I could discern that, unwillingly, she was slightly opening her legs as Willy's fingers began moving within her panties, stroking her clitoris and probably slipping a finger into her opening.

Soon Willy had lowered his left hand as well, slipping it inside her panties. Both sets of fingers were now really working his mom's sexual organs and she was moaning in shame and a sexual excitement that she couldn't conceal.

I thought that Willy would bring her to a climax in front of the mirror, but he clearly had a more selfish objective. Pulling her back towards the bed, Willy peeled her panties down her legs and placed his boner at her entrance.

Auntie Mary was horrified, "NOOOOOOO!" she screamed as her son pushed his cock deep into her opening.

Willy immediately pulled back then thrust in again to the hilt, He lay on top of her momentarily before rolling her over so that she was pinioned on top of him. Grabbing her buttocks he began shoving her back and forth on his cock until she found it impossible not to respond and take up the motion.

She was now fucking Willy and clearly was unable to stop herself. She pushed herself upright to allow herself more easily to move her pelvis back and forth. Her eyes were shut as rode him hard, grinding her clitoris into him.

She was in a sexual trance making rhythmic whimpering noises. As his mom rode him, Willy reached up and squeezed her breasts, causing her to straighten her back, projecting her lush big breasts even more, proffering them to her teenage son who had his throbbing hard meat up his mom's hot juicy vagina.

She had her eyes closed all the time and didn't see Willy give a thumbs-up to the camera. Willy's mom was in the fantasy position he and I had always dreamed of, but he was the one with those huge melons swinging over him while his cock was being fucked in her gripping pussy.

Her moans were sounding louder as she approached her climax. She leaned her body forward, her action begging Willy to suck on her big red nipples. Willy obliged her, gorging himself as he suckled on her teats. Leaning forward she impaled herself with hard longer strokes and started to scream as she orgasmed. Willy grimaced and I knew he was shooting his hot fertile young sperm up into his mom.

A few minutes later, Willy's mom had finished dressing herself. She had been silent while she dressed but now turned to Willy, who was lying nonchalantly on the bed, and said, "I must have been crazy to let you get that far. You have no evidence to force me to do anything for you. This all finishes now."

Willy's mom's face was ashen as she stepped out of the room, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later I went into Willy's room. Willy was in a bathrobe with an open bottle of beer in one hand and an open bottle of vodka in the other. He took alternate swigs from each of them without offering me any.

He was gloating as he said, "Now you see how to treat women you wimp!"

He leant back, "With the evidence I now have I'm going to make mom sore in every hole and when I show your mom the film of her and you, she is going to have to let me fuck her however I want."

It clearly didn't occur to him to think that, as I had the film evidence of both women as well, I would attempt to use it. I didn't say anything to make him think otherwise.

Willy continued to tell me what he was going to do, but his words were becoming slurred as he continued to mix his alcoholic drinking. Eventually he closed his eyes snoring heavily.

After making sure he was not going to wake up, I went to his computer. Checking where the files were of Mom and Auntie Mary, I erased them. Thinking for a moment more, I decided to reformat the whole drive. Very early next morning I booked out of the hotel and made my way home.


After quietly letting myself in the front door, I crept upstairs and waited for the sound of mom getting into the shower. Quickly undressing I walked naked into her bathroom and then opened the shower door. Mom screamed at me. It must have seemed to her like the shower scene in the film Psycho, until she realized that rather than seeing a murderer, she was seeing a naked son with a huge boner.

Her body was as exciting in the flesh as I had imagined. She had just rinsed the soap away ready to exit the shower but now was trying to cover her nakedness with her hands. We both realized that for the first time in our relationship she was the vulnerable party.

"Get the fuck out of here!" she screamed.

I ignored her command and walked towards her. "That was a great handjob you did me yesterday," I said with a smile. "I have it all recorded. Dad won't be too happy to see it though."

I started darting my hands towards her, stroking her. My hands were everywhere. As she knocked them away from her tits, I grabbed her ass, then slid a hand between her legs. No sooner had she knocked a hand away from one delicious part of her anatomy than I moved it to another, increasingly concentrating between her legs, feeling her clitoris engorging with each new attack. She was in a difficult position as I was blocking her exit, but eventually she squeezed passed me, grabbed a towel around her and marched into the bedroom.

I followed close behind her and shoved her towards the bed. As she fell towards it I grabbed the edge of the towel, ripping it off her, and launched myself on top of her. She gasped, drawing in breath, as my weight bore down on her and she knew I was too strong for her. Spreading her legs I touched my boner to her entrance. I knew I had got her juicy by fingering her in the shower so I pushed my boner straight in.

She screamed as I speared her, but I intended to show no mercy. She had bullied me long enough and now I meant to get my revenge. I thrust again and again, long and deep. Pretty soon she was pushing her pelvis back to me.

As mom realized that she was joining me in the act of fucking, she moaned, "Oh you bastard!"

Now I was really getting into it, grabbing and squeezing her lush breasts as I was hammering her with my strokes. I was loving it. I was fucking my gorgeous bitch of a mom. Her juicy tight pussy felt delicious gripping my blood engorged teenage stalk. I grabbed her ankles imposing my authority and mom groaned as I forced her legs apart, slicing into her with even deeper strokes.

Although I was hating her and the way she had treated me for much of my childhood, her beauty was undeniable and my excitement at fucking her was intense. I let go of her legs and grasped her shoulders giving me strong pulling leverage to really slam into her. Mom was moaning with each thrust. I was delighted that her body was clearly on fire with my sexual attack. I could feel my orgasm building but she was slightly ahead of me, screaming in shame as her body orgasmed. The contracting of her pussy round my cock pushed me over the edge and my jizz streamed in sharp fiery spurts inside her.

She lay there quietly as I stood up and switched my computer on, playing the damning evidence of her jacking me off. "I've taken a number of copies," I informed her, just to stop her smashing all of my equipment.

I returned to the bed and we lay there for some time until mom started talking in a quiet voice. She said that she'd suspected that dad was fucking his young secretary on his business trips. He had been buying expensive aftershave and certainly hadn't used it at home. She also thought that Uncle Larry was being unfaithful but thought that Auntie Mary had no suspicions. That did not surprise me as Auntie Mary could not have been first in the queue when brains were handed out.

Mom explained that she and a friend both needed more money for their lunches and had thought they could supplement their income with a few handjobs for some elderly clients. She'd realized how stupid she'd been as soon as she saw her first client was me, but by then it was too late. Her friend, who I knew was Auntie Mary, apparently also had a bad experience, although mom didn't know any details. Certainly, mom explained, neither she nor her friend would be continuing with it.

I gave her some reassurance that as long as she behaved, I wouldn't show dad the film. Mom seemed slightly relieved by that and went off to make some lunch. Just then Willy rang my phone.

"Where are you?" Willy sounded worried.

"I'm at home," I said, "I didn't feel well."

He ignored my reply and said, "I need you to send me copies of your mom and my mom from yesterday. Somehow my files have all been deleted."

"So have mine," I said, "it must have been a virus from that pirated game you downloaded."

His silence was deafening until he shouted down the phone, "Fucking hell, that was all my evidence. Now I have nothing."

I was glad that he couldn't see my smile as he slammed the phone down.

As mom and I finished our lunch I said, "Of course you know you still have to be punished for the beating you gave me."

Mom looked at me warily as I continued. "I didn't think much to your nurse's outfit, I'd like to meet the French Maid this afternoon."

Half an hour later, mom was standing in front of me in a boner inducing French Maid costume. The black stockings and white garter straps had me salivating. Pushing her on to the bed so that she was facing the bedhead, I tied her hands to the bedrail, the same way as she had tied me. I peeled down her panties over her delicious buttocks and planted a resounding smack on her ass.

Mom screamed with pain and although I'd intended to give her the same hiding she had given me I knew I couldn't wait long to fuck her in the ass. I splashed lotion down the crack of her ass and started working a juicy finger in her asshole. Mom was now realizing my intention and was becoming fretful. She sounded almost desperate as she gasped, "Nicky, your father never has..."

If she thought that would stop me she was to be disappointed. I was delighted to learn that I would be fucking an anal virgin and pushed my hard salami determinedly into her asshole.

The scream was mom's loudest yet as I gripped her buttocks and rammed my hard cock deep into her anal sheath. My thighs were slapping against her buttocks and I felt exhilarated in knowing that I was fucking the "most beautiful butt in the neighborhood."

I grasped her hair, extracting a yelp from mom. She clearly never realized I could be so animalistic. I pulled her head back, forcing her buttocks out at an even more fuckable angle and continued shafting her with vigor. By now, mom was feeling the effects of having her asshole screwed and was starting to push back towards me.

I grinned as I felt her pushing against me and leered. "You love having your ass fucked don't you mom."

Mom moaned loudly, knowing that she was at my mercy. Her pushing back against me was an unspoken plea to fuck her even harder. I played with her garter straps, slipped my fingers under her nylon stocking tops and slapped her buttocks. She was sobbing in pleasure as she orgasmed around my hard hot meat and I shot my cum juice deep into her anal sheath. My greatest fantasy had now been fulfilled.

Mom was calm as I untied her and we both slowly got dressed. After that, mom carefully tidied up the house before dad came home. When he arrived we all had dinner together as we had always done, except perhaps that mom was a little quieter than usual.


The next evening mom, dad and I went over to Auntie Mary's and Uncle Larry's. Their house was only a short distance from our own. It had a pool at the end of a very long garden where Uncle Larry liked to cook his famous beef kabobs while telling the rest of us about his sporting prowess. He had just completed telling us about one of his amazing feats when I dropped my plate. It smashed on the poolside marble and everyone waited with bated breath for mom to start shouting at me, but she didn't. To everyone's amazement she asked me if I was OK in a voice conveying concern. Nobody knew what had caused mom's transformation except me.

After a while Auntie Mary had to go up to the house to collect some desserts. Willy quickly followed her and I grabbed some dirty plates as an excuse to follow Willy. Halfway back to the house I saw Willy grab his mom from behind and squeeze her tits. However, Auntie Mary was obviously expecting something and stamped back hard on her son's foot. Willy howled in pain and turned back roughly pushing past me as he made his way back to the pool.

I smiled to myself and carried on following Auntie Mary to the house, admiring the way she had dealt with Willy. I liked Auntie Mary and wouldn't have done anything to hurt her, but my lust for her lush body and pretty face hardened my feelings towards her.

As I entered the kitchen, which looked out onto the garden, I could just see the figures of the rest of the family talking round the barbeque. Auntie Mary was looking in a cupboard and any thoughts of not taking advantage of her evaporated at the sight of her tight bubble butt and her big juggs pushing her apron out at the front. When she turned round, I think she was relieved to see me rather than her son. I didn't say anything but just handed her a photo print of her with Willy's boner in her mouth.

She stared at it with wide horrified eyes as I said in a gentle voice, "This is a screen shot from a film I found on Willy's computer when he was asleep drunk. It is a film of you and Willy and is dated and timed for when Willy and I were in the hotel last Thursday. I can see that Willy forced you into it but I think Uncle Larry will still be very upset."

I continued, "I deleted it all from Willy's computer which is why he hasn't got it to blackmail you."

She looked relieved until I continued with, "Of course I have a number of copies of the film. Now I can either show this photo to Uncle Larry now or you can start showing your gratitude to me by giving me a blowjob."

She hesitated until I made a move for the door, when she stopped me by grabbing my shirt then knelt down before me undoing my zipper.

My big boner leapt out into her hands and she looked up at me pleadingly, but I kept a stony hard face as I looked back. Slowly, reluctantly, she lowered her head and wrapped her luscious lips over my helmet. Oh boy it felt great.

I grasped the back of her head with both hands and started forcing my thick hard man meat towards the back of her throat. She opened her jaws wider to accommodate me and, gripping her hair, I moved her head backwards and forwards so that my cock was sliding with long strokes out to the tip of her tongue then back over her tongue past the back of her mouth and down her throat. Just then my phone rang. Keeping my right hand on the back of her head, I took my phone out with my left hand. It was Uncle Larry.
"Hi Nicky, It's Uncle Larry."

I looked out the window and saw Uncle Larry in the distance waving his right arm above his head, with a phone held to his left ear.

"Is your Auntie Mary there?"

I looked down at Auntie Mary who was looking up at me with fearful eyes, frightened about what I was going to say. "I'm sorry Uncle, she has her mouth full at the moment and can't speak."

I loved being able to joke as she was sucking my cock and I pressed her head forcefully with my right hand, easing my cock even further down her throat as I was talking.

"That's OK Nicky. In that case I'll ask you. Can you bring me a bottle of Jack Daniel's? It's in the cupboard by my desk."

"It's a pleasure uncle," I said, then put the phone back into my pocket.

The risky nature of the situation had excited me and I now returned my left hand to join my right in holding her head steady so I could really fuck her skull. Tears were streaming from her eyes as I shot my scalding cum deep into her throat.

As I walked out of the kitchen I said to a distraught looking Auntie Mary, "I'll be around on Monday afternoon. Wear the French Maid outfit that I heard Willy mention as he was undressing you."

As I got the whiskey from the cupboard I noticed a gift tag on it saying "To Tiger from Kitten". I pocketed the tag. Later, as I gave the whiskey to Uncle Larry, I passed him the tag and said in conspiratorial whisper, "Didn't think you'd want Auntie Mary to see this."

Uncle Larry went white when he realized what I'd passed to him, but he just nodded in acknowledgement and looked away.

Sunday was mostly taken up with dad and I doing some odd jobs around the house. Quite a few times dad had to prompt me to pass him a tool as my mind was already on Monday and fucking Auntie Mary.

On Monday morning, as always on a work day, dad left the house very early. I heard mom's shower but rather than go to her as I had on the previous Friday morning, I lay in bed thinking of Auntie Mary. A few minutes later mom walked into my room naked. Pulling back my sheets she lay on top of me and started kissing me. Her mouth tasted of toothpaste, but I couldn't help responding and wrestling her tongue with my own.

My hands automatically grasped her buttocks and my boner engorged quickly as our bodies rubbed together. Eventually pulling back for air, mom started trailing her tongue down my chest towards my teenage rocket. "Mommy's going to start with a blowjob, Honey," mom whispered as she continued over my stomach.

The way she said "start with" made me realize that I now had a mom who was looking forward to having multiple sex sessions with her son. Although wanting to save my sexual energy for my afternoon appointment with Auntie Mary, mom was now sucking my mushroom head as if it was a very tasty lollipop. There was no way I could stop her, especially as her fingers were now getting into the act. I opened my legs as wide as possible to give her full access to my tender testicles. She squeezed and teased them in her left hand as the fingers of her right hand slid down the crack of my ass. Her middle finger slipped into my sphincter and she began moving it in my anal passage as her lips sucked my crown. My orgasm was an explosion of jetting cum as mom continued to suck me, swallowing every drop of my hot sperm.

After I'd showered, mom was cast down when I said I had to study in my room. She was acting like a bitch on heat and there was a look of disappointment in her face as I left in the afternoon, saying I needed to go to the library.

When I arrived at Auntie Mary's she had a coat on but her black stockings and high heels told me that she was wearing her French Maid costume underneath.

I followed her into the lounge and she seemed dazed as I immediately unbuttoned her coat, exposing her saucy costume.

Her face was glaring at me as I was thinking that the costume made her look fucking hot. Her breasts were spilling out the top and, as with mom, the white garter straps were a sexy contrast to the black stockings.

I was carrying my laptop and I opened it up on a table, talking to her as I tapped the keys. "This was it. Auntie Mary how could you?"

As I said those last words, I opened the file with the film. I played it faster than normal speed. This meant that her words of pleading to Willy could not be heard and that her actions looked more deliberate and even worse than they were.

Auntie Mary was quiet as she watched the film but seemed quite composed as she said, "Look Nicky, I made a bad mistake, but I intend to limit what I'm prepared to do. I owe that to Larry. So, I'm willing to give you oral sex again, but no further."

This was a negotiation and I knew I would be much better at it than Auntie Mary. "That's fair enough Auntie," I said, "but it will have to include me giving you oral sex. You will have to take some clothes off but you can keep some on, like your bra."

She bit her lip thinking about it. I could see that small brain of hers thinking that, after all, it would not be the full sex act.

Twenty minutes later Auntie Mary was lying back on the bed. The costume was on the floor. She was wearing her stockings and garter belt and, most importantly for her, her bra. I had my head between her legs and I was licking her clitoris with vigor. I hadn't started with a direct approach, but had slowly trailed my tongue round her groin until I eventually slid it between her labia lips to her sexual organs.

When I started she had been breathing gently, but now she was breathing hard and moaning loudly. Her legs had widened and she couldn't help herself pushing back against me, mashing her clitoris against my mouth. I could tell she was approaching the brink of orgasm. I had surreptitiously undid my pants and pushed them off as I was licking her and now I quickly lifted myself up and pushed my big boner hard into her sopping opening.

She screamed in horror as I thrust my hard teenage salami deep inside her. Her eyes opened wide and I could see her bitterness at my deceit and her mortification in feeling how her juicy vagina was welcoming me in. I grinned and began to rhythmically fuck her with long hard strokes. My hands reached up to her bra and unclipped it at the front. Auntie Mary moaned loudly again as she realized how foolish she'd been in thinking she could deny me access to her huge melons. Her large champions leapt out and I gleefully mauled them and sucked on them as I continued to ravish her.

Her orgasm was dramatic. She screamed and I felt her contractions sucking my hot blood filled phallus. My teenage sperm jetted inside her. We lay quietly for about ten minutes until I said, "I want you on top now."

She thought for a moment but then said, "No Nicky, that's the end."

I understood and in that moment decided not to force her to take it any further, but just then my phone rang. It was Uncle Larry again and for some reason I decided to flick the speakerphone on. "Hi Uncle Larry," I said.

Uncle Larry sounded as if he was in a hurry when he said, "Hi Nicky, just wanted to thank you for removing that gift label from the whiskey. Kitten is my secretary. You're a man of the world. Mary would never understand these things. It's only a bit of fun when I'm away from home."

Before we could hear any more Uncle Larry switched off. Auntie Mary was still for a moment before she went to a bag in the cupboard and brought a bottle of lotion to the bed. Pouring the liquid over my cock she stroked it firmly until it was an erect cudgel. She then, with a determined look on her face, straddled me, impaling herself onto my glistening rod of teenage love muscle.

She began fucking me with a nice steady rhythm, ensuring she was squeezing my cock as she moved backwards and forwards. She didn't need me to tell her to push her tits out. She resolutely projected those great melons, straightening her back.

My hands automatically reached up and groped those magnificent juggs as they swung above me, concentrating on the nipples and areolae. She was moaning now, getting more into it and fucking me with intensity. I groaned, "Auntie, I'm cumming soon."

She knew what to do. Leaning forwards she offered her tits to my face. I let go her breasts, moving my hands down, sliding my fingers under her garter straps and cupping her buttocks. My mouth guzzled greedily on my Auntie's nipples and I suckled like a baby as she slowed her movements until she was languorously fucking me.

As I climaxed my fingers gripped her ass as I continued to suck hard on her succulent breasts. A moment later Auntie's vagina was contracting and milking me of my love jizz, vacuuming it inside her. My second greatest fantasy had now been fulfilled.

After that, the rest of the week I fucked mom in the morning as soon as dad had left the house and Auntie Mary in the evening. It was a very pleasant routine. On the Tuesday morning mom was determined to enjoy herself and rather than giving me a blowjob, climbed on top, mounting me. She had obviously been fingering herself prior to entering my room as she slid down my rod easily. I'd always thought that I only wanted Auntie Mary on top with her huge breasts, but mom had her own advantages. Mom's own breasts were pretty big and it was great clasping them as she rode me, but the other asset she used fully was her ass. She used her big round strong buttocks to grind away in a circular motion that had me groaning in ecstasy. Linking her hands behind her head, she concentrated on squeezing her gluteal muscles, gripping my tender boner in her vagina like a vice.

She knew she'd got me in heaven, "I'm gonna make my baby boy cum inside me!" she whispered.

I thought I wanted her to put her tits in my mouth, but her action in milking my cock in that upright position had me shooting cum crying, "Mom aaargh!"

On the other hand I found that taking Auntie Mary in the ass was also a pleasure. Although with her tight bubble butt it was not the size of mom's, I found that a great position was taking her in the ass with her kneeling upright. I was tight behind her pumping my boner in and out her asshole while, at the same time, folding my arms around her and gripping her huge luscious juggs. Shooting cum up her anal sheath as I squeezed those magnificent melons became one of my favorite positions.

After Willy got back from camp I didn't see Auntie Mary at all. However, I was quite happy as I would be staying at home for university and Willy was off to Pennsylvania. I knew I would be fucking mom each day when dad left for work and fucking Auntie Mary in the evenings whenever Uncle Larry was away on business, which was pretty frequent, so I was quite cheerful when I went down to the station to see Willy off on the train.

Willy looked at me disdainfully, "Well Wimp, I hope you don't get too bored living at home."

"Oh no," I replied with a smile, "I'll be much too busy fucking my mom and your mom."

Willy laughed at my joke, but then as he walked towards the train he looked back at me with a thoughtful, puzzled expression. He was still looking troubled, gazing at me out of the window as I smiled and waved him off.

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