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Nev and Max (A Love Story)

The blaring alarm woke Max out of a dead sleep. He was yet again in a hotel room alone while they were on the road filming Catfish. Nev had chosen to stay in a separate room tonight. Sometimes MTV gave them options of the two of them sharing a room which left Max at the mercy of Nev's whirlwind moods. For one reason or another Max was shut out once again and forced to room with one of the camera guys. They had been friends long before this series had taken off and now he felt as if he were being dragged around by the U.S. by some bi-polar girlfriend. But even if Nev were crazy and hard to put up with a lot of the time, Max would follow him anywhere. Max knew that being too close, especially while they were filming and on the road was a bad idea, but the best mornings by far were the ones where he got to wake up next to Nev.

On the nights when Nev shut him out, Max had nothing but the memories of the few precious moments they had together. One memory in particular always surfaced, mainly because to Max it was the best. It was the night things had really gotten started between the two of them.

The music in the frat house was booming so loud the walls were vibrating and the place was packed. No doubt the cops would be called at some point tonight. Nev stood by the doorway that separated the kitchen from the living room and to his left was a hallway and a staircase that ascended to the rooms where the sorority sluts were banging anyone who would give them the time of day.

This was Nev's favorite place to be during parties like this. He had a good central view of all the things that were going on. Plus it was a good place to lean when you had too much hunch punch as he usually did. It's not that he didn't like to party. He could keg stand and grind on a slut like the rest of the people in the place but he had other things on his mind. Here he had also had a central view of Max.

His silver grey hair was easy to pick out in a crowd. He was slightly swaying to the music and talking to some girl. They both had bottles of Bud Light and by the stupid smiles on their faces they were apparently having a good time.

Nev shook it off and took a swig from his red plastic cup.

Why did that bother him so much? He tried to focus on other things like how ridiculous the clusterfuck in the middle of the living room looked grinding on each other. At least the two of them weren't doing that, but oh wait. She was pulling Max toward the crowd. This was Max's style. Max hated dancing like this, yet he put those hands, that Nev knew were exceptionally soft for a guy, onto her pelvic bones that were showing between her low rise jeans and her midriff. But instead of trying to pelvic thrust her through a wall like the other cave men on the floor he continued to sway with the music as he held her in those, big, muscular, arms..

Nev took another long swig and walked towards the kitchen. His cup was empty and he needed something stronger anyway. Appropriately Shots! By LMFAO came on and people were crowded around the island in the middle of the kitchen. Perfect. As Nev was handed a shot of what appeared to be whiskey, he saw a flash of silver grey and that girl shoot up the stairs. Nev threw his head back with the shot.

For a few moments he was lost in the same wonderland as the fools he had been surveying on the dance floor. By the end of the song he had taken 4 shots and the alcohol from earlier was finally hitting his bladder. The thing about having to pee when you are drunk is you go from not having a need to pee at all to an all-out emergency at the drop of a hat.

Nev pushed his way through the crowd of people to find that there was a line for the bathroom and it was backed up to the doorway of the kitchen. There was no way he could wait that long. He lunged for the banister and luckily caught it.

Somehow he managed to pull himself up the stairs by the rail to hopefully find an open room. All the bathrooms on this floor were in bedrooms. At the top of the stairs he sent up a silent prayer there would be an open room and sure enough when he looked up there it was. A door to a bedroom on the left was open and he went for it.

Though he was sure he lacked the ability to even walk, if it meant he was about to get to pee, he could run. After all he did just climb a mountain.

Somehow Nev managed to close the door behind him before bolting for the bathroom. The door wasn't locked but the light was on, which he didn't notice before the opened the door. Instead of seeing the vacant toilet he was so very much hoping to see, he saw Max, buck naked, struggling to pee with a full blown erection. As shocked as he was, this was no time to be polite. Nev hurriedly undid his pants and peed into the sink. The relief was so grand that he had to prop a hand up on the glass to keep himself standing and let out an audible sigh.

"There's nothing quite like peeing when you're drunk" said Max who had finally won his battle to pee and was turning to walk out. But on the way out Max slapped Nev's ass, which he was not expecting in the slightest. It made him jump and sprinkle piss on the mirror in front of the sink. Luckily avoiding whoever's toothbrush was just far enough out of reach. Luck was just all on Nev's side tonight wasn't it?

Nev grabbed some TP and wiped up what he could while still peeing. It was at the point he couldn't even feel it anymore and only knew it was happening by seeing it. While wiping down the mirror he looked to the right and saw that Max was slipping back into his boxers. He still had a massive erection which he was trying to hide by pulling the guy move of tucking it between his stomach and the waistband of his boxers. Even still there was at least two inches of head and about an inch of shaft peeking out. Nev was about average, or so he had been told, but there was no way he could compare to the Italian Stallion in there, which should have been a swift kick in the ego but somehow wasn't. Actually he found he had stopped peeing and his own dick was trying come out to play.

Nope nope nope. He tossed the TP and washed his hands and piss down the sink and tucked himself away before heading back out. He figured Max had went back downstairs and had just shut the door behind him. Very gentleman like. As he thought this and a smile broke across his face he was pushed/ tackled onto the bed by a very strong, yet gentle man. Had to be a man. No woman could hit like that.

Of course he knew it was Max. This is exactly how he tackled him when they play football out in front of the house. Except now Nev's arms were pinned down and Max had his weight holding him to the bed. His face was where it landed on the mattress which in its position was not good for screaming. He had a feeling that if he did either 1) no one would hear him or 2) Max would force his head down to drown it out.

Nev realized then that Max was still in nothing but his boxers and his member was not satisfied that playtime was over. Nev had never thought of anal before and he certainly never thought that it would be happening to him, especially by his best friend. But then again assault usually happens from people you know. With that thought he began to squirm. Which of course only made Max put more weight on him, pressing his hard length into the small of his back.

He also put a hand over Nev's mouth as if expecting a screaming and whispered, "You know I'm not going to hurt you, but I knew pinning you down like this was the only way you would listen to my proposition. Now I'm gonna let you roll over if you will hear me out."

Nev quieted down and Max released enough pressure for him to roll over onto his back. Nev had never wanted to hit Max in their entire friend ship but right at this moment he wanted to pop him right in the nose. But he was much too drunk to fight. At least he couldn't be anally assaulted from this position, he thought. But instead of looking at Max he stared at the ceiling. What was happening, and more importantly, what was going to happen?

Max put a finger to Nev chin and tried to turn it towards him but he was being stubborn.

"Nev, come on. Haven't you been dreaming about this?" he inched closer nuzzling his neck up to his ear, "I've seen you watching me, even just a few minutes ago."

Max nibbled on his ear and Nev couldn't stop a small gasp of pleasure from escaping him.

"See, I'm not the big bad wolf preying on the little sheep."

Nev finally looked at Max who in all respect was correct but Max was no longer trying to catch his gaze. His sights were set on the erection that was straining to get of Nev's pants. Max more than happy to oblige slid a hand down and cupped the bulge which sent another involuntary gasp of pleasure up to Nev's throat.

Nev had a passing thought about whether or not the door was locked but it was gone as quickly as it came as Max moved up to his mouth and they finally shared the kiss they had been secretly thinking about for who knows how long. Max pulled back though it was only to finally meet Nev's eyes. How many times he had fantasized about this very scene. Even if it went no further than this he could die happy now. Nev however looked hurt that he had retreated from their kiss so he gave him a reassuring smile and claimed his mouth again.

God, Max's eyes were the most beautiful color. Blue grey to match his silver grey hair. And those lips, the bottom much fuller than the top. He could suck and bite that pouty bottom lip for hours. And seeing him now, how happy and handsome and vibrant he was, he didn't care if the entire university knew, he loved Max.

Max's mouth moved lower, from his mouth to his jawline, to his throat. His hand started up under his shirt but Nev leaned up and they both tore it off to reveal a lofty amount of chest hair. Max kissed his way down Nev's chest as he lay back down.

Max had no hair on his chest and so many times he had wondered what it would feel like to run his hands and his face over Nev's chest.

Max was now undoing Nev's pants. Tantalizing slow as if asking for his permission. When Nev met his eyes he expected that Max would rip his pants off like they did the shirt but he maintained his pace, trailing kisses down both pelvic bones as he slowly unzipped. He lifted his hips to assist Max taking his pants and boxers off, which Max took as an opportunity to grab a handful of his ass.

Then, without removing the hand from his ass, Max wrapped his hand around the shaft and his mouth around the head covering all of Nev's length. Nev's hand thrust into his silver grey hair, so soft. Then Max swiveled his tongue around the head and dipped his head and hand. Max's left hand was still gripping his ass and his right hand was now rolling his balls in his fingers. His mouth at the moment was all the way down to the base, and though he would tease him with coming up and flicking his head with his tongue, that is where he kept going. Once Max had a nice bobbing rhythm going Nev noticed something new. He made a slight effort to see but the added intensity made him lay his head back.

Nev was moaning. No one had ever made him moan before, especially not from just a blow job. Then, pop, slide. Nev's eyes flared. He knew exactly what Max had been doing now. He had been playing with his asshole which he had now slipped a finger inside. Oddly enough, it wasn't as uncomfortable as he imagined it would be.

Max's right hand that hand been assisting his mouth with the bobbing had now disappeared from Nev's balls and he couldn't imagine what trick he was about to pull out next. When nothing new seemed to be happening he peeked down and Max, while still bobbing his head rhythmically, had the same looked on his face Nev did. One of pure pleasure. Nev couldn't see what Max was doing because he was on his knees in front of him, but could only imagine he was handling himself with the same precise hands that were just on him.

A moan left Max and traveled right down Nev's shaft and back up as Max came up for air.

"Don't stop, so close." Was all Nev could manage of a complete sentence.

Max smiled and looked up at Nev's pleading face, "I know." And with he began to move the finger in Nev's bum in a small whirlwind. In and out would have been too much for him at this point. Didn't want to break the poor boy before they even got a chance to get started.

Once Nev's head arched back and he saw that he was into it, he reclaimed Nev's length and quickly got back into his rhythmic bobbing. While sliding his hand up and down the length of his own, he thought about that pleading face and those words he had fantasized about and finally achieved and celebrated a little victory. They had almost been enough to send him over the edge but then the hand in his hair clenched and he knew Nev was coming, which is what tipped the scale. Spasms of orgasm and gasping overtook Nev's body and he exploded.

Max dipped his head low when Nev clenched his hair in anticipation of this. He had every intention of swallowing, not that his position gave him much of a choice in the matter. Nev came with such force that the initial shot went directly down his throat. This wouldn't do. He wanted to taste Nev. So with a little adjustment of sliding his mouth up he caught the rest on his tongue. What was the point of giving a blow job if you didn't get this little personal celebration? Making someone come and receiving a personal finale of fireworks was so rewarding. Then how could you not swallow? In that context, spitting was just downright rude.

Max bobbed down once more and came up slow making sure he sucked Nev clean before he let him go. He hadn't, however been concentrating on where he had shot his own load and realized the mattress in front of him was sporting some new abstract art. He made a mental note to clean that up. But at the moment he laid his head to the side on Nev's thigh and breathed for what seemed like the first time in hours.

Nev's hand that had never left his hair was now stroking it tenderly. He sent up a silent thank you to whoever was listening that he had chosen the Axe hair product that held up his fauxhawk without making it hard and then thought of the commercial with the guy and all the girls attacking him to rub his hair.

The marketing was certainly overly exaggerated but as far as he was concerned, if Nev was the only person to do that for the rest of time, he would be ok with that. Especially if they got to stay in their current position. He would stay on his knees in front of Nev for as long as it took for him to see that this was how it was supposed to be. This is how they were supposed to be.

Nev had been trying for so long, especially since they had joined the frat, to prove to himself and whoever else that he was straight. Max, in response to that, had done the same. He slept with the girls who would give him half a chance to, which in the Greek system was just about any of them. He covered up never feeling anything for any of them by pretending to be an unattached playboy but the truth was, sex with them didn't even feel good anymore. They couldn't give him what he needed, and what he so desperately craved. Not that he would have asked any of them. He didn't even want to imagine the horrified look on some sorority girl when he asked her and then her running out and telling everyone in the house. Nev, however, was perfect. It had to be Nev.

"That was quite the proposition"

Max looked up to see Nev was now looking down at him and smiling. Max had half expected Nev to bolt as soon as he was done but he was shockingly wrapping his hand around the back of his head and urging him up onto the bed.

Max slowly made his way up as if Nev were a timid animal and any sudden movement would send him running. He laid on his side with his head at an even level with Nev. They were looking in each other's eyes. Max was now the timid animal. How would he word this so Nev wouldn't freak out? He had gone through this scenario a hundred times in his head but now that the time had come he was at a loss for words. It was such an intimidating question to ask, even to someone you whole heartedly trust.

"Um.." Great. Great way to start. "Um" is the best you can do? Max thought to himself and shook his own condescending thoughts before they got the best of him and he lost his nerve. "That.. wasn't... the proposition."

Nev could see that Max was scared to death which only made him more nervous as to what it was that he was about to ask him. His mind was racing through all the terrifying things it could be, like telling the brothers or coming out as a couple, or maybe it was more short term than that?

What if he wanted Nev to blow him now? His heartbeat kicked up the pace and as many times as he might have thought or dreamt about it, he had never imagined it actually happening. He could probably handle that though. Max was obviously racking his brain for a way to ask him to reciprocate. Then the thought hit him that maybe he wants something else. What if he asked for anal? That he was absolutely sure he couldn't handle. That had never been part of his fantasies. He had a dream once where he was dominating Max but even though Max was bigger than him, in the pants and in general body size, he never thought of it the other way around.

Nev wasn't going to give him time to ask for whatever it was. He would blow him and that would be that. Also, poor Max who was breaking a sweat trying to work up the courage to ask him could take a break.

Nev put his hand on Max's chest and felt the smoothness. He wished his chest was smooth like this. He hated all his chest hair. Max didn't seem to mind it though because he slid a hand up his chest. Nev slid down in the bed. He didn't even know how to begin to go down on a guy. He kissed Max's peck and moved his hand from his chest, down his side and to his waistband. He kissed right above his navel and looked up at Max.

Max was smiling and Nev was sure it was caused by his inexperience and timidness. Nev was about to dip his head to kiss lower but Max caught his chin with a finger and urged him up. Nev obliged and started to move up but Max met him halfway with a kiss and pull his full weight down on top of him. To keep from kneeing him in the groin, Nev had to open his legs and straddle him. Max's fingers were intertwined in Nev's hair and their kiss deepened. Nev tried to move off to the side but Max held him in place with his hand on the small of his back.

It was now or never. If Max didn't ask now, it wasn't going to happen.

"I want..."

Nev looked him in the eyes. Oh God. He doesn't want a blow job. Please don't say it.

His words were the jump and the time it took for Nev to answer was the free fall. Just like a literal jump he closed his eyes and just went for it.

"I want anal." He said in a rush and winced as if it was painful for him to ask.

Goddammit! Nev had the same expression on his face but he felt his was justified. This was only truly going to be painful for him.

"From you."

Nev's thoughts were cut off by this interjection and his eyes popped open. He let out a very obvious sigh of relief. He hadn't even considered that Max might want to be the receiver.

Nev covered his face with his hands to try and stifle some hysterical giggles. He had been so in his head and stressing and Max had thrown a complete curve ball. How had he expected any less from the ever surprising Max?

Max wasn't sure how to take the giggling. He sat up rubbing his own face with his hands. He began to stand but was pulled back down by Nev who had wrapped one arm around his middle and draped the other arm over his right shoulder. That hand was on his opposite shoulder and a light kiss caressed the nape of his neck.

"I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing about how nervous I was that you were going ask for anal. But I thought I was going to be on the receiving end."
Nev rested his mouth in the middle of Max's back and waited for an answer. Max slid out of his arms and off the bed and Nev sank into the fetal position with his head on the fluffy comforter. Ironically, as comfortable as it was it wasn't offering him much comfort. Then Nev felt Max's hands and forearms on his and felt Max's face in his hair. Max had sank to his knees in front of him once again.

He lifted his head a few inches to see those pretty blue grey eyes staring at him. He felt compelled to say he was sorry. Max kissed his forehead and brought his hand to Nev's hair.

"You don't have to do it. I don't want to..." He was going to say make you do anything you don't want to do but that kind of went out the window when he tackled him to the bed and pinned him there.

Nev sensed where that sentence was going and knew exactly what was going through Max's head. So instead of saying anything he wrapped his hand around the back of Max's head and pulled him into a kiss. He had no idea how to tell him how much he wanted it so he figured he would show him. He pulled Max on top of him like Max had done to him earlier except he let him go to one side rather than straddling him.

Max's member was back at full attention and Nev wrapped his hand around it and stroked. Max broke their kiss to gasp with pleasure and Nev moved down to kiss his neck. All the shyness and passiveness from before melted away and surprise even Nev himself. He wanted to give Max... the world. He wanted to give Max anything he could ever possibly want.

"I'll do it."

Max's eyes lit up and he grabbed Nev and kissed him hard. He was so excited by this prospect that he forgot his dick was in Nev's hand and he slid to the edge of the bed.

Luckily with Nev's inexperience he wasn't holding him that tight. What the fuck was he doing? Fumbling through this person's nightstand drawer. This was a pledge's room so he didn't even know the guy. Was he looking for a condom? Did he not trust him? The cliché of better safe than sorry flashed in his head but was quickly overtaken by some other feeling. Was that sadness? Was he sad that Max was going to make him wear a condom? No. He rationalized in his head. That is such a 16 year old thought of you. You are both adults so act like one. If that's what he wants you'll do it.

Max apparently found what he was looking for because he said "Ha!" and pulled out a tiny bottle of something. K-Y lube.

"I didn't think to get any and I was worried for a second there might not be any in here but," he shook the bottle for emphasis, "the pledge pulled through. He will definitely be getting a bid from me." With a smile, he sat on the bed and tucked the small bottle into Nev's hand. Then he gave him a hopeful look and asked if he was ready.

This time Nev opted for an internal sigh of relief then smiled and nodded to Max who then crawled a foot or so forward and laid down with an arch in his back that left his ass very much exposed. Nev noticed Max was shaved and wondered when that had happened.

Nev was less at a loss for where to start with this. He had done anal with a few girls so at least he had some experience with this. He popped the lid open and squirted a generous drop onto his middle finger. Max was very lucky he had found some lube. He had, completely by accident wink wink, wrung the wrong hole with some sorority girl and she yowled like she had been stabbed. So he could only imagine how painful it actually was.

He had barely touched Max with his lubed finger before Max shot up as if he had changed his mind. He looked a little embarrassed when he saw that it was just Nev's finger but said, "Um, so, this... is my first time. I just wanted you to know." Then he met Nev's eyes, "I wanted you to be the first."

Nev snapped the cap of the lube back on and made sure to keep his lubed hand out to the side while he pulled Max in for a kiss. Nev smiled and repeated Max's earlier dominating words of "you know I' m not going to hurt you." Even though that was a promise he didn't think he was going to be able to keep it seemed to calm Max down enough to lay back down.

"Relax," he said as he eased his hand back down. "It's a lot more enjoyable if you relax."

This time the lube was warmer and Nev massaged the outer rim before dipping a finger inside. Max let out a little gasp and Nev wondered what kind of sounds he was going to make when it was more than just a finger. Nev pulled out and applied a little more lube. He massaged deeper this time trying to get Max as wet as possible. God, he didn't want this to hurt him.

Satisfied that he had applied enough lube he went to put some on himself and realized he wasn't hard. All this worrying about not hurting him and talking Max down had talked himself down in the process. He silently cursed and in doing so finally took a good look at the bottle of lube. Strawberry flavored. A smile crept across his face. He had never given a rim job before but he did love strawberries. Pun very much intended.

He let out a devious chuckle which caught Max's attention. He turned his head to ask what but before he could get the word out he was shocked by 1) Nev not being beside him like he was a second ago and 2) something amazing that was happening to his rectum. His eyes rolled back and he moaned. Nev was tonguing his asshole and he was insanely happy that he had shaved earlier. He gripped the plush comforter with both hands and buried his face in it. He was so not expecting this. So much for Nev being shy.

This did exactly what Nev had hoped it would do. He was now standing at attention and very much ready for action. Plus, Max looked amazingly appealing face first in the bed gripping the sheets.

"Ok, are you ready?" Nev grabbed the bottle and applied a generous amount to himself making sure his hand was saturated as well.

Max turned his head towards Nev and watched him ready himself. This was finally going to happen. It is rare when losing your virginity goes exactly as you had planned, and though he wasn't a virgin by the dictionary definition, Nev was definitely about to be heading into undiscovered territory. Max nodded him on and Nev readied himself behind him.

Once again Nev's heartbeat kicked up in pace. Max's face was dead ahead again and Nev wished he could see his face. Then again, no he didn't. Though the pain wouldn't last long, he didn't want to see that look on his face.

There was no looking back now. This is what Max wanted. So that's what Nev thought of in that first thirty seconds or so.

Max was prepared, or so he thought. Nev wasn't nearly as big as him so he didn't imagine taking him was going to be that painful. Everything he had read on the internet about how to make it the least painful for your first time and the best position to be in couldn't prepare him for the real life experience. The explosion of pain was like nothing he had experienced before. He wanted to scream but the only noise he could get out was a choked cry. Good God, how manly was that? But there was time to worry about recovering his manhood later. Nev said he wasn't going to hurt him and he was very obviously failing. But then Max felt a hand clutching his and Nev's body lowering to his. He immediately felt bad for thinking that. Nev was trying his best to make it less painful.

Nev was clutching Max's hands now and trying his best to settle into a steady stride. That was easier said than done consider he was clenching and didn't realize it which made it very hard to move. He was already tight so when he did clench Nev had to really work. Nev dipped his head and kissed the base of his neck. The close proximity seemed to make him relax a little and with this tiny relief Nev quickly found a steady stroke. Max turned his head to the side and moaned and Nev let out a moan of pleasure and relief of his own.

Max had been just about to tap out. He didn't want to think about what that would mean for them, he just wanted the pain to stop. But when Nev lowered himself and got into a steady stride the moan of pleasure that escaped him was shocking even to himself. Holy shit. All of a sudden it felt... really... really... He couldn't even finish that thought. His eyes had rolled so far back that he was seeing fireworks. Waves of pleasure were rolling through his abdomen like he had never experienced before.

Nev had lifted back up and that hand that was on his was now lifting his hips back up that had dipped. Max arched his back and rose to meet Nev's next thrust.

There was only one thing that could make this perfect and as soon as he thought it Nev was there like he had read his mind. His hand still had lube on it and it was being wrapped around the base. Max whimpered. Nev hadn't even gotten in one stroke and Max knew he wouldn't last much longer.

Nev lowered himself again and gripped Max's hand. Max loosened his grip on the blanket and intertwined his fingers with Nev's. Nev's other hand was swiveling up and down his shaft and after a few strokes Max was reaching orgasm. He had heard stories that men don't orgasm the way women do but he was quite sure if it was more intense than this then they could keep it. He let out a long high pitch moan and his legs shook as he came on the comforter. If Nev hadn't still been holding him up he would have fell in it.

Hearing the sound Max made when he came and feeling him shake sent Nev over the edge. He shuddered and gripped Max's hips. His own waves of orgasm flowed like electricity down his body and each throb expelled the last bits of Nev's energy into Max.

Nev pulled out and fell over onto his side taking Max with him. Nev rolled over to lay on his back and to give Max more room. Max rolled towards Nev and rested his head on his chest. Nev instinctively wrapped his arm around Max and cuddled him close.

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