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Neighbour, MIL and then My Wife Pt. 03

NOTE: This is the concluded part of this story. I thank for the comments posted by the readers. Definitely yours comments will boost me to improve my writing. Somebody asked me to find some editors. I tried this story and send it to a voluntary editor with his permission. But even after two months I didn't get any reply from him. May be he shouldn't find time. So I did the editing on my own and get my story approved. Some body commented that I didn't differentiate between 'Mangal Sutra' and 'Sacred thread'. I feel Mangal sutra and thali are sanskrit and tamil words which could be replaced by 'sacred thread' which is an English word.


This part of the story will be narrated by Rupa.

It was 4 in the evening, when we get down at our place. It was raining heavily. Since it was a nonstop bus running long distance, destining to other faraway place they dropped us at the bye pass junction which is 2km away from the town. We didn't expect the sudden down pour. There is no shelter or hide outs for us in the bye pass. So we completely drenched in the rain water. The sari we wear became skimpy and sticked with our body curves exposing our hidden beauties. After sometime we found an auto and drove to the lodge where we already booked a room for us.

We become exhibitionist for all the males in the lobby and reception. I have seen somebody got an erection under their pants which they couldn't hide. The room boy guided us to our room enjoying our drenched body. He didn't left the room soon even after getting the tips. He prolonged his presence asking us if we require anything and speaking this and that. At last I drove him away.

I unrobed my sari and removed all my inner wears and stood nude in front of Gayathri. She was sighed to see me in that condition and felt uncomforted. I took the bag out to change the dress. The zipper of the bag was not fastened properly. The bag was filled with rain water and the cloths inside were soaked completely. I took out all the cloths and pour out the excess water from the bag. We don't have any cloths to change. I saw Gayathri, who was shivering in her wet cloths. I took all the cloths to the bath room, squeezed and put them to dry in the fan with full speed. It made Gayathri more shivering.

I reached her back and hugged her tightly to stop her shivering. I surrounded her beautiful tits with my hand and shoved my face in between her shoulder and neck to comfort her. Sensing the warm feeling of my breath she was relieved a little from her shivering. I tightened my grip and tightly hugged along with me. I felt that she was nervous.

I asked her to remove her cloths and dry them. She hesitated for some time. I gave her the towel provided by the lodge and asked to change her cloths. She went to the bath room to change her cloth. She came out tying the towel above her tits. The towel was too short and it was covering her just below the crotch. Her beautiful white thighs stirred me. She was very shy and bent forward frequently pulling the towel below to cover her crotch.

I lay in the bed full naked. Gayathri asked me, "Akka (calling of elder sister in tamil) don't you ashamed of being fully naked in front of me?"

I told her, "I will not even ashamed to be like this in front of your husband. "

She was so annoyed by my answer. It seems she didn't liked it By the time the room bell was ringing. I reached the door to open it still naked.

"Akka what are you doing?" Gayathri shouted against me.

I didn't bother her and open the door a little and looked outside; found the room boy standing there asking me if we want anything. He was very eager to push the door and come inside the room. I blocked the door with my body to avoid him to come inside. I ordered two coffees and asked him to bring a towel.

"Akka you are so courageous," Gayathri told me.

I asked what for.

"How dare you are opening the door in such condition," she wondered.

I smiled in reply. The door bell was ringing again. I asked Gayathri to get the coffees from the room boy and I will be hiding in the bath room. Gayathri hesitated and told she will not open the door in this condition. Without uttering a word I pulled the towel she wore and made her nude.

"Akka what are you doing," she screamed and covered her face with her hands in sigh.

This is the first time I am seeing her fully nude. Her entire body was shiny and silky.The boobs were stood erect without any sagginess. The areolas were big round and light pink in colour. Thedarted nipples stood proudly in the center of it. Her unshaved crotch was covered with tiny tender hairs. I admired her beauty for some time. She flushed that I am watching her. She covered her boobs and crotch with her hands and rushed to the bath room. I watched her undulated butts which are exactly like two semi spheres.

The room boy hit the calling bell two more times. I breathed heavily in jealous and opened the door. The room boy rushed inside with coffees pushing the door and me aside. He kept the coffees on the table and starred at me from the top to toe and then concentrated on my boobs. Since the towel is too short I tied it tightly just above the nipples to cover my crotch to a maximum. It was exposing a small part of my areola and upper part of my tits bulging out from the ridges of the towel made me more sexy appeal.

He didn't show any sign to move from there. His mouth was fully opened. I looked on him questioningly. He asked for money for the coffees provided. The money was inside the bag which was under the cot. First I thought to ask him to drag the bag out. But later I decided to tease him a little. I bend below the cot showing him a glimpse of my ass cheeks. I noted his jaws dropped down and his pants spotted with his pre cum.

I gave him the money and asked for the towel. He said he forget it and brought it as soon as possible. I smiled at his intention to visit our room frequently. Minutes later he brought the towel. I unrobed my towel and enter the bath room in nude and locked it.

Gayathri wasshocked and asked me, "Akka where is the towel."

"Let us take a bath now" I replied politely and opened the shower.

Since she was standing exactly below the shower head, the water spilled on her body and drooled down along her gorgeous curves. Due to the sudden falling of cold water she started shiver. I hugged her tightly with me, colliding my huge boobs with hers. She was shocked by my sudden action. Anyhow the feeling of my warm body gave her some comfort which she liked much. She slowly surrounded her hands around my back. Now she recovered partly from her shyness. It reflected in her reaction. I slowly brought down my hands and cupped her butts. She moaned in a hissed tone. I kissed her fore head and dropped down my lips slowly to hers. I stopped there and bit her lower lips and chewed it. Her grip on my back was tightened.

I darted my tongue into her mouth. The water and her saliva gave a different taste. I sucked her juice and spitted mine into her. I took one of my hands from her butt and cupped her breast and tweaked the nipple in between my fingers. Her breast was felt soft and firm in my hand. I massaged it with circular movements. She now got some courage;brought down her hands down to my ass cheeks and kneaded it slowly. I brought down my mouth licking her face and chest and stopped it on her tit. I darted my tongue and licked the nipple gently. Then I licked the areola in a circular motion. Her eyes were closed and her grips on my butts were tightened. I understood that she was seduced by my action and she liked it.

Suddenly I relieved her from me and soaped myself all over my body especially taking much care at my boobs and crotch. I saw Gayathri breathing heavily and admiring me with lust on her eyes. I want to tease her further. So I inserted my right index finger into my pussy and stroked it lightly. With my left hand I massaged my breasts and tweaked the nipple in between my fingers.

Gayathri took the soap in her hand. She pushed away my hand which were on my boobs and started soaping them gently feeling the softness of them in her hand. She soaped my front up to my tummy. Then she brought her hand either side of me and soaped my back. In this process she collide her boobs with mine and enjoyed the feeling. She wontedly moved her breasts in a circular motion and fought with mine. She hugged me tightly with her and brushed her body against mine spreading the soap all over her body too.

I took the soap from her and soaped her butts with my hand. My finger slid in between her buts crack and reached to her pussy. I clawed the clit slightly.

"AAAHHHHH!" A deep moan came from her.

I spread her thighs little apart and enter my finger into her tight virgin pussy which is sloppy with her precum. I slightly stroked her pussy with the soap in my hand. She suddenly exploded with her cum which came out with the lather of the soap.

We came out of the bath room. I gave her the towel to cover her. She dried her body and to my surprise she threw the towel to a corner and lay on the bed in nude. I dried myself and lay near her facing each other.

I asked her "How do you feel?"

She said, "mmmmmm". Her heads were down in shy.

We were in the same position for quite some time starring at each other. She slowly brought her hand and felt one of my boobs. She rounded the areola with her finger nails. My nipples become harder and erect. She lifted the boob and measured it weight. I was quite watching her action. She slowly fondled the breast and pulled me towards her.

She hugged me tightly with her and showered kisses all over my face.Our tits pressed together and the globes were bulged out. I put my leg in between hers and rubbed her pussy with my thighs. She was aroused by my action,darted her tongue into my mouth and fought with mine. We exchanged our juicy saliva with each others.

I slowly came down and shoved her tit into my mouth and sucked it. Her hand pressed my head tightly against her, constantly kissing my shoulder and occasionally biting with her teeth. I fondled her boobs for some time. I made her lay on her back and I slid my face over her flat tummy and occasionally swirled my tongue over the periphery of her tits. I felt the smoothness of her flat tummy and slid my tongue all over it. I lowered my head towards her crotch. She tightly crossed her legs and hides her pussy with them. I put my mouth in the triangle and tugged her tiny hair with my lips.

She pushed my head away from her and said, "Akka don't put your mouth there. It is my piss hole. It is too ugly."

I didn't mind her words; used some force to separate her legs and came between her thighs and licked the bulged labia of her pussy. Her hand pressed my head towards her crotch and she slightly parted her legs allowing my face to her pussy. I rubbed her clit with my nose and smelled her feminist.

I darted my tongue to tweak her clit. I split the pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue into her pink petals. I swirled my tongue and sucked the juices. She entangled her body with soft moans. I split open her pussy lips and viewed the pinky cum soaked inner lips which contract and expand softly. The pre cum pulsed out of it.

Once again I shoved my tongue into it and swirled around. Her body shuttered and she came with a big flow of her cum. She held my head tightly and her nails clawed into my hair in excitement. I sucked all of her juice into my mouth.

I came up and cupped her tits alternatively with my cum filled mouth and spread it all along her boobs with my tongue. I tweaked and pulled the hard erect nipples of her with my teeth.

She suddenly pushed me down and came over me and kissed all over my face and dropped down her face to my enormous boobs and shoved it tightly along it. Her hand came down to my crotch and rubbed the fully shaved labia of pussy.

I lifted her face up and kissed her mouth and tried open her lips with my tongue. She smelled her cum which is remaining in my mouth and nodded her head hesitantly and tightened her lips to avoid me kissing with her cum. I forcibly opened her mouth with mine and spilled my saliva which is with little of her cum into her mouth.

She immediately reacted and said, "Uvvvaeee" and spitted the entire thing onto my face. She pushed me aside and rushed to the bath room to wash her mouth. I smiled on her reaction.

She returned from the bathroom and said, "Akka you are so naughty. You take my urine in your mouth and also tried to feed me that ugly one."

I explained her it is not the urine and it is her love juice secrete only when she sexually attains her peak.

She laid her side near me with one hand supporting her head and said, "Akka you are a genius! How do you know all these?"

I replied her with a smile. By the time the door bell rang once again. I got down to open the door. This time she didn't rushed to bathroom to hide her. She laid in the same pose; exhibiting her full naked body towards the door. I opened the door slightly interestingly watching her naked beauty which diverted my attention to hold the door properly. The roomboy made a sudden entry into the room and watched both of us in naked. Gayathri suddenly jumped from the bed and rolled herself in the sheet. I was stunned by this and exposing my enormous boobs and cleanly shove pussy to the room boy. She swallowed my voluptuous body by his look.

He also stunned to saw us in this position. He expected that we may at least cover with the tiny towel and he may enjoy the exposed part of our body. For his pleasant surprise we exposed our entire nudity to him. Immediately I got into sense and wrapped a towel urgently around me and shouted against him. He said sorry and disappeared from there.

After sometime our cloths were dried. We put on our robe and came down for dinner. I saw all the faces in the reception made a peculiar smile at us. The roomboy hide him behind the pillar. I understood he shared his experience with his colleagues.

We finished our dinner in the restaurant attached with the lodge and went a walk inside the town and purchased something and returned to our room. We spoke some time about sex. Gayathri hardly accept having sex with male. She was adamant in her views that sex with a man is a sin and we will go to hell if we do it, quoting her mother. I didn't want to force her further in this regard and I stopped talking. I thought that, bringing her for lesbian is a great goal achieved by me today and I had hope to bring her to normal sexual intercourse with her husband as promised to him.

That night we had a sound sleep. The next day the work seemed to be finish in the evening only. So I phoned Raghul about our position and informed him that we will depart in the next day only. But unexpectedly our work completed by afternoon itself. We vacated the room and proceeded to Chennai around 4pm. Our cell phones charges were down. Due to that we couldn't inform them about our arrival.

This part of the story will be narrated by Gayathri.

When I reached my home it was 11 in the night. I put my hand on the calling bell and stopped by hearing some moaning sound of my mother.

She whispered "oohhh! Slowly! Ooohhh! Slowly! Dad, don't be in hurry."

She screamed ,"Noo noo no! oooppphhh " in louder as if in pain.

I opened the window and looked into the living room seeing nobody else there. Our bed room door was open and the sound is coming from there. The bed room was lighted and I couldn't see anything from there.

I heard my grandpa voice saying, "wait for some time baby, I will come with oil and it will ease your pain."

Immediately I saw him come out of the room. My hand shut my mouth on seeing him. There was not a single piece of cloth on him. He was fully naked. His dick was fully erect and hard like a flag post. I had never seen such a penis standing erect. I used to see somebody penis during pissing on road side. It will be small, hanging and swinging around their balls. I never imagined it will be upright 120* in angle unless otherwise held by hand. He searched for something in the dressing table and found the coconut oil bottle and rushed to our bedroom with that in his hand.

A curiosity rushed in my mind and I want to watch what did he was going to do with that one. I moved to the backside of the house where the bedroom window is located. The window was not bolted inside. I opened it slightly and peeped through the slit. My breath was stopped for a minute. There my husband lay on his back and my mother facing towards me, lay on his top putting her legs on either side of him.

His hands were hugged her tightly along with his chest. She lifted her upward and sat firmly on his crotch. I saw the dick of my hubby was hidden inside her pussy. Now she lifted her hips upward and the dick slowly came out of it. I really surprised to see the thickness of it which is much more thicker than my grandpa. She now pushed her downward and his entire dick disappeared into her hole. She repeated this slowly holding her hands on his chest. The pussy lips rolling in and out while she doing this.

There I saw my grandpa bathing his dick with the coconut oil. Then she came behind my mom and pushed her down towards my husband's chest. Her soft tits poking my husband's chest and the globes bulged out. She put her mouth on my husband's and sucked his tongue inside her mouth. Now my grandpa positioned himself on her back and poured the oil into her butts crack. He inserted her finger into her puckered hole and spread the oil all over. Then he lifted the bums of my mom, positioned his dick and gently pierced it into her ass hole. She lifted her head and clenched her teeth in pain. Her one hand reached to his dick and stopped moving further. Now my grandpa paused a while and then again pushed it slowly into her. My mom was nodding her head in pain. My husband held her head tightly towards him and clutched his mouth with her. My grandpa pop head slowly disappeared into her puckered hole. Now she breathed heavily and all of them paused for a while.

Then my grandpa pushed his dick further deep into her ass hole, still it disappeared entirely into her. He started straddling her from the back while my husband was idle. Then my grandpa become idle and my husband straddled her front. Now they get a rhythm while my husband was inside her, my grandpa was out and when he was in, my husband was out. They straddled her from both sides for five minutes. I saw my mom's face which expressed lot of pain. Even then she didn't give up. She sometimes stopped them for a while and later continued.

Now my grandpa body was shuttered and he cooed, "Ooohhhhbabyyy! I ammm cummmmming!

His body became dense and he clutched mom's bud tightly and said, "Iiiiissssshhh" showing lot of expressions on his face.

He pulled her rod from her and landed it on her back. He held it foreskin tightly and pulled back towards him. A series of strands of white liquid forcibly came out of it and landed on my mom's back, on to her head and some near the window. Unknowingly I lifted my sari up and inserted my hand inside my panties and fingering my pussy which was wet with my cum. He slipped down from her and searching for his breath. Now his dick had looking like an inflated balloon. Still the cum is oozing out from it and drooling down on his thighs. There I saw some relief on his face, as if he completed an incredible task.

My husband pushed my mom beside him and he came up on her. He inserted his dick into my mom's cleanly shove pussy and started stroking her heavily. My mom nodded her head here and there. His fingers clawed the bed. She drenched fully with her sweat. Her moaning increases according to his speed of banging her. At last my husband's body was shuttered and he pushed his dick deep into her pussy and kept it idle inside her. They were in the same position for some more time. My husband rested his head on my mom's boobs and teasing her nipples with his tongue. My mom's fingers brushed his hair in affection. Later he slid down to her next keeping her in between my grandpa and him. Both of them sandwiched her by hugging on either side.
I came to the front door and was in a dilemma to press the calling bell or not. Then I pressed the bell. I heard some panic sound inside the house. After ten minutes my grandpa opened the door. I saw my mother sleeping in the floor of the living room covering her with a sheet. My husband was sleeping inside the bedroom. My grandpa took his position in the couch as if he is continuing his sleep.

I straight away entered our bedroom and changed into my night dress. I saw my panty was wet with my cum. I lay beside my husband who was acting like having deep sleep. I didn't have sleep. I was totally confused. My mother taught me from the childhood not to allow any male near us to touch or any kinky activities. It is sin and we will go to hell and punished by god. But today she was done all the filthy hugging both her father and son in law and doing all sort of ugly play. While doing this she was being there in the heaven. It also stirred me a lot and was so horny.

I slipped my finger into my panties and inserted it into my pussy. It was very tight to insert my finger into my slit. I stroked it slowly and got my orgasm in a few minutes. I take my cum soaked finger out of my pussy and measured it thickness with my eyes. 'Inserting the finger in my slit was so tight and how my mom take my husband's dick which is three to four time thicker than my finger' I wondered. By the time I heard a slight snoring sound from my husband. I understand he is in deep sleep. Ibrought the finger near my nose and smelled it. Its musky smell stirred me a lot and I inserted into my mouth and tasted my cum. I liked the aroma and taste of it very much. I saw my husband who had a sound sleep and noticed his lungi was untied and was loosely on his hips. I slowly slide it down and found his flaccid dick which shrunk more than one third of its size, while he was fucking my mom. The dick loosely lay on his balls which was slightly thicker than my thump and almost the 3" length. The oozing out cum was drooling on his balls. I pulled his lungi to cover it up. I had a sleepless night.

I don't know when I had my sleep; I woke up eight in the morning. I saw my husband in the bathroom taking his bath. My mom was doing the breakfast in the kitchen. As usual she covered her entire body with her sari not exposing a single bit of it. I wondered how shameless she was yesterday night, lying in front of two males not even a bit of cloth on her. She enquired about my trip and I replied everything was nice. That morning we engaged in our cooking. Around 12 pm Rupa akka came to our house. She told her husband is out of station and asked to accompany her in the night. Afternoon I had a sound sleep and I went to Rupaakka house in the night after finishing my dinner.

When I reached there, Rupaakka was in kitchen cleaning the utensils. She asked me to wait in the bedroom or sleep there and she will join me soon after finishing her works in the kitchen. I went to their bedroom and switched on the light. I saw a dick on the bed. I was shocked to see that and went near it with fear. I watched it closely and observed that it was a toy which is exactly like a erect dick of my hubby which I had seen yesterday night. I took it in my hand and felt its softness. It was really look like a human dick.

This part will be narrated by Rupa.

In the morning my husband told me that he is going out to meet some clients in the neighboring city and will be returning on the next day. So I asked Gayathri to accompany me in the night. As expected she was willingly accepted my proposal. I had some plan in my mind to seduce her. I phoned to Raghul and asked him to be ready for tonight encounter and briefly narrated my plan. He was very happy to hear that and kissed me over the phone.

Once my husband and I discussed about double penetration, while watching a porno. At that time we didn't know Raghul. So he ordered for a dildo in an online store. Even though we didn't try for DP, I occasionally used it in my husband absent. Purposefully I left in the bed for Gayu's view and want to know her reaction.

I finished my work in the kitchen and went to the bedroom. Gayu was sitting on the bed watching the dildo.

On seeing me see asked, "Akka what is this?"

"Ohh! I forget this here itself. Sorry give it to me" I asked her.

"First you tell me what this is?"Gayu insisted.

I sat near her and told her," it is dildo. I will use it occasionally to fulfill my desire when my husband is out of station."

"Then, you are doing the sin with your husband".

"What do you mean by sin? Sexual Intercourse is divine. It is nature's gift," I replied.

She was silent for a while. I turned her face towards me and kissed in her lips. Her eyes were closed and her hand surrounded my shoulder. I unrobed her sari and put my hand on one of her boobs over the skimpy blouse. I caressed it gently. She started moaning and tightened her grip on me. Her tongue darted inside my mouth and she started sucking my juicy saliva. I unbuttoned her blouse and freed her tits from it. My other hand surrounded her tiny waist and clawed the navel. She was fully aroused my action and started undressing me. I also removed her blouse, petticoat and panties. Now we both are in full nude condition. We stood and hugged each other tightly and caressing our boobs by others.

"Akka I want to how to use this. Would you help me?" Gayu asked me showing the dildo.

I said," before that we can do some kinky play. I shall tie your eyes with this black cloth and you should not open it until I say."

She giggled and kissed me. She accepted and blind fold her with the black cloth anticipating something new. I made lay on her back hanging the legs from the edge of the cot. I went down between her thighs and licked the labia slightly. She moaned in a slow voice. I spread open the pussy lips and darted my tongue over her clits. Her moans increased. I pierced my tongue deep into her and swirled inside. She lifted up her hips and moaned louder.

"Gayu I am going to insert the dildo into you. This may give little pain initially. Later it will subside," I told her and sucked the dildo with my mouth.

She said, "Mmmm"

I went outside the room and called Raghul, who was already hiding there as per my plan.

I came near her with the dildo and brushed her pussy lips with that and asked ," How is it?"

She said, "ohhh nice," in a mumbled voice.

By the time Raghul removed his dress; came behind me hugged and cupped my breasts. His fully erect dick searching its way in my ass crack. I felt his precum wetting my ass cheeks.

I inserted the dildo partially into her pussy. Raghul turned my face towards him and kissed on my mouthand trying to dart his tongue into it. I pushed his head away from me and continued stroking the dildo in her pussy partially going in and out. Now she aroused fully and pleaded me to push it further in. I took out the dildo and signaled Raghul to put his dick on her hole. Raghul positioned himself near Gayu. I take his dick in my hand and placed it on her pussy hole and mildly inserted it. He made a gentle push.

Gayu suddenly told me, "Akka it is something different and feel better than the previous one."

"Okay Gayu, I am going to push the entire thing into you. It may cause pain to you. You must bear the Pain. Later you may enjoy it. Okay?" I warned her and signaled Raghul to push his entire dick into her in a slow pace.

I reached near her head and keep my mouth clutched with hers. Raghul darted her vagina with the bulb head of his dick and stopped a while. Then he suddenly pushed into her; tearing the membrane in one thrust. She screamed in pain and her hand reached to his dick to stop further movement of it. He felt the real dick with her hand and also the public hair of him. This made her panic and suddenly she removed the cloth blind folded her and saw Raghul screwing her. Her eyes were filled with tears and some rolled down on her cheeks. She was so surprised and looked at me questioningly. I smiled at her and signaled Raghul to continue.

He continued to bang her in slow speed. I affectionately brushed her hair with my hand and fondled one of her breasts. I kissed in her eyes and licked the tear drops rolling from it. Now she was accustomed to Raghul's thrusts. Her hands went down to hold Raghul's hips and aligned it with his thrusts. Her eyes were rolled up and she moaned in a muffled voice. I was fully aroused now and got my orgasm. I went back to Raghul and held him tightly jamming my boobs against his back. He turned back his head and passionately kissed in my mouth. Our tongues quarreled each other.

Now Gayu take his hands out of him and clutching the bedspread and clawing it. She bit her lower lips and arched her back to ease his entrance to the maximum possible to reach her womb. Raghul dick was playing hide and seek in her cunt, coated with the mixer of her blood and white thick precum of her's. Her body was shuttered and she pinched the bed with her hands. She released her orgasm and pulled Raghul towards her and hugged him. In this process I lost my balance and fell over him sandwiching him in between us. She kissed him all over his face. Raghul increased his speed now and thrusting his entire weight over her along with me on his top. His teeth were clenched and he thrust his dick deep into her and released his load in her womb. He pushed me to his side and rested his body on her. Gayu became silent after that. It seems that she was faint, may be due to the pain.

Raghul released her and rolled over me to reach the far end of the cot beside me. Gayu turned to her side facing the bedroom door showing her back against me. Her limbs folded and her hand on her crotch hiding her pussy. She was so tired and slept or anesthetic in the same position.

I turned towards Raghul, who was with closed eyes lying in entire satisfaction breathing heavily. His exhausted dick was totally inflated and resting on his balls oozing out the remaining cum, drooling down over his balls to his ass cracks. The dick is coated with pale pink colour cum and blood mixture. I kneeled down near him and took his inflated dick into my mouth and cleaned it with my saliva.

Raghul opened his eyes and saw me blowing him. He pushed my head downwards and pushed his dick with his upward thrust. The dick was growing inside my mouth and reached its fully tempered condition within few minutes. Now Raghul sat on the bed. I Sat on his lap and encircled my legs around his hips. He put his dick in the gateway of my pussy. I pushed slightly and it went inside my already lubricated pussy easily. He held my waist by his hands and started straddling me. I hugged him tightly and gave forward thrusts. We heard the sound of his balls hitting my crotch.

I heard the sound opening the main door. I guessed my husband returned from his tour and opened the door with the duplicate key he is having with him. As I assumed it was Ramesh entered into the living room and then to bedroom seeing us straddling each other. His eyes were fixed on Gayu who is sleeping her sideways facing the bedroom door. I saw he got his erection under his pants.

This part will be narrated by Ramesh

Since one of our clients was out of station I finished my work earlier than I expected. So I returned to my house that day itself. I entered the house with the duplicate key with me and saw my wife and Raghul fucking. I was most excited by seeing Gayathri who was sleeping naked on her sideways exposing her front to the entrance. She was sleeping with one arm under her head and resting another on her crotch hiding the triangle. The curve of her body was delicious. Her boobs were rigid and no slack anywhere. Her nipples were erect and inviting me to suck. I wet my upper lips with my saliva. She folded her legs like Z and tightly together. Her silky smooth thighs were glow in the lights.

By the time she moved her hand covering her crotch to the upper side of her body. Her tiny tender haired triangle came visible to me. Her pussy slit was invisible hide inside her thighs. My cock twitched inside my pants.

I saw Raghul who is busy, fucking my wife was not caring my presence. I unzipped my pants and took out my hard member in my hand and shook it slowly. I wet my lips with my tongue and looked Raghul with a pleading look. Now he understood what I am looking for. He immediately nodded his head for his acceptance. I was very happy to saw his acceptance and immediately I undressed myself.

I kneeled down on the floor near Gayathri and sensed her breast with one of my fingers. I ran my fingers through the ribs of her breasts and pinned her hard nipple into it. It came out suddenly with the same force I sent in. I clutched her nipple with my lips and then circled the areola with my tongue. I felt her nipple became harder and the areola bulging out.I shoved the entire tit into my mouth and chewed it. Gayu now held my head with her left hand and pressed it towards her tits. She was still in her sleeping mood. I moved down my mouth towards her crotch licking her smooth silky body. My hand took the charge of fondling her tits. I licked the hairy triangle of her crotch.

She turned herself and lay on her back opening her legs wide open. I saw her blood and Raghul,s spurt mixture oozing out of her pussy. I spread open the lips and saw the pulsing petals. My mouth accessed the slit of her pussy and poked in sucking the juice mixture of her cum and Raghul's sperm. She crossed her legs surrounding my head and tightened it with her pussy. I licked from her ass hole to the labia. I released from her and spread over her top guiding my dick into the entrance of her love hole. I saw her still asleep. I kissed her on the lips while my hand caressed her breasts. I enter the bulb head of my dick into her pussy. Her pussy lips were so tight and resist my dick from enter. I push it with a hard thrust. It should be pained her.

She shouted "Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!" in a louder voice and opened her eyes. She saw my face in close-up.

She panicked and shouted, "Ooohhhhh what the hell you are doing with me?"

She tried to push me out from her saying, "Leave...mmmmeeee." Her voice slowed down on seeing her husband and my wife banging each other like devils.

The cot was shuttering and making strange noises on their pace. Her mouth was widely opened and interestingly watching them fucking. Now Raghul and Rupa entirely drenched in their sweat.

Rupa arched her back and straddling him up and down with her pussy on his crotch. Raghul holding her waist with his hands pulling them closer to him and hammering her pussy with hard thrusts. His balls hitting her crotch made 'slap slap slap' noise.

"Yaaahhhyaahhhyaaaahhhh faaaast fassst," Rupa screamed in loud voice.

Now Raghul fucked her like a wild dog.

"Ooooohhhhhohhhhhh! I am cumming! yaaaahhh I am cumming!" Rupa squealed.

Her body shuttered and she hugged Raghul tightly with her jamming her huge boobs with his chest and rested her chin on his shoulders, breathing heavily. She was completely drained out.

Raghul pushed her on the bed and started banging her from the top. He incredibly increased his speed and hammered her pussy to tear it off into pieces. Rupa's hands were squeezing the bed; her head nodded here and there; her lower lips clenched by her teeth. Raghul body tempered and he stopped his strokes and thrust his dick deeply into her cunt. He burst his spurt into her womb. He emptied his balls and leaned over her. Rupa's breasts were heaved up and down. Raghul breathed heavily; resting his head on the heaving enormous boobs of Rupa.

Raghul saw Gayu is watching him. He moved his face towards her and kissed her affectionately.

Gayu aroused and knowing that he has no objection she turned towards me and kissed my lips gently. She clutched my hips with her hands and pulled me towards her. I started stroking gently on her pussy. Her pussy lips clutched my dick so tightly which I never felt in my life. The pussy lips rolled up and down while I am stroking her which gave me an immense pleasure, I had never before. She got her orgasm so quickly. I handled her smoothly and unloaded my stuff into her pussy. She showered kisses all over my face.

Raghul pulled her face towards him and kissed her lips which prolonged for sometime. Raghul rested his back on the headrest of the cot. Gayu and Rupa rested their chin on his shoulders on either side. I was brushing my face on the smooth and silky back of Gayu; cupping her breasts with my hand.

"Thank youRupa," Raghul told and kissed on her fore head.

Rupa hugged him tightly from the side and replied, "I done my duty as promised you."

."Gayu how do you feel? Are you happy? He questioned Gayu

Her face turned red, she sighed and hugged him further tighter expressing her excitement.

"How did you change overnight?" Rupa asked Gayu.

Gayu was silent for a moment. Then she replied in sigh, "When we reached home yesterday night, I peeped to see my husband and my grandpa banging my mom. I understand, my mother is a liar. She thought me from my childhood that touching a man was bad and we girls should be careful. Yesterday incident changed me a lot to find a new heavenly world of fuck today."

Her hands were playing with the deflated dick of her husband making it grow slowly.

Gayu kneeled down pushing Gayu's hand away from raghul's dick and engulfed it with her mouth, cleaning the cum.

Gayu frustrated on seeing this and said "Ayyyaeee! Akka how did you take this ugly dick into your mouth? It is very nasty and stained with cum."

Gayu didn't reply her. She took out her mouth from his dick and poked out her tongue and licked her own lips playfully to frustrate her further.

"You concubine, leave my husband to me" saying this she playfully pushed Rupa's head away from the dick and came over him and positioned her pussy hole align with his dick.

She pushed it gently and swallowed entire length into her and gyrated her pussy on his dick. Raghul slipped forward to lay on his back, holding her hips, helped her to ease her movements. Gayu who was drained out already couldn't continue further. She rested on his chest without further movement. Rupa came to the side, pushing her tits with them kissed both of them in their cheeks. I ran my hand through the luscious back of Gayu , stopped at her butts, patted it gently and squeezed it. Further I ran my fingers into her ass crack and reached the adjoining place of her pussy and his dick and tweaked her pussy lips. She was sighed by my action. We all four hugged each other and sleep together the entire night.

This conclusion part will be narrated by Raghul

The next day morning we went to our house. My MIL was in the kitchen busy with her work. As usual she covered her body with her sari. I reached back, hugged on her midriff and lifted her up. She turned happily towards me and shocked seeing her daughter standing beside me. She became panic and pushed me away to release her from me. I tightened my grip on her and squeezed her ass cheeks hardly.

She fought to release herself from me and said, "Leave me. How dare you hug me?"

Gayu giggled from back and said, Okay! Okay! Put an end to your drama.I know everything."

I explained her that, Gayu came to know about her relationship with me and her father and I successfully opened her cherry yesterday along with Rupa and Ramesh. She was very happy and hugged her daughter and kissed on her forehead.

Now Gayu becomes the favorite for Ramesh and her Grandpa among the three ladies because of her tight slender cunt. So I often slept with Rupa and MIL when Ramesh and Grandpa engaged with Gayu.

After three months Rupa and my MIL became pregnant. My MIL became happy and wanted to give birth to her baby. Rupa also equally happy and they believed that I am the father of their child. Doctor advised them to take complete rest for three months and to avoid sexual activities.
Now Gayu became the only lady to satisfy the sexual needs of all the three males. She soon learned much about sex and how to satisfy all of us. She became our slut; withstood the assault of all three even in the same day; never given up in multiple fucking. She gave company and satisfied us whenever we need. We worshipped her like a sex goddess of us.

After six months grandpa disposed all their properties and purchased a form house about 50kms away from Chennai. My MIL and he moved there. Ramesh purchased an individual house with two bedroom in the sub urban of Chennai. On their compulsion we also shifted there and living together. Even though it is having two bedrooms we use only one to sleep and fuck together. Every weekend we will go to the farm house to enjoy group sex along with MIL and grandpa.


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