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My Wife Gambled and We Lost

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My Wife Gambled and Lost

By Red Tempest


Before I start this story, let me tell you a little bit about my family. My name is Kevin Jones and Krystal is my wife's name. Krystal has a very nice body (34B-25-35). She keeps herself in shape by working out at our local gym. She does a good job taking care of the house and raising our two twin eighteen year old girls. Katie is the oldest by ten minutes. She has an athletic body and her breasts are small. Kathy is a very bubbly type of girl. Her body has developed much faster than her sister's did, and her curves match her mother's, except she is bigger in the breasts. How do I know this, well girls talk and I listen. You might say that I have big ears. Both girls have auburn hair and brown eyes. They take after their mother in looks. She has auburn hair and brown eyes. I stand five feet, nine inches tall, weigh 175 pounds and I have brown hair and eyes.

Chapter One

How Krystal's Troubles Begin


I knew about the Indian casino, but not the after hour's casino, that is run by a casino boss (similar to ones in the mob, but this is more of a local mob). The Indians would sell the debt markers to the racketeers and they would encourage the person in debt to come to their casino to win back their money. I discovered this at a later date.

This took place over a period of twelve months. It is odd as hell that I never suspected a thing. I guess that I was just too busy; also I was out of town a lot for work. I guess that I was just too damn trusting. Boy was I ever wrong.


It started about a year ago when I went to the Indian casino with my girlfriends. I got in way over my head gambling. It appeared that the Indians encourage this so they could sell the marker to the racketeers, who would then have that person deep into their pockets.

The racketeers convinced me to come to their after hours casino to win my money back. But that would never happen and over six month's time, I was forty thousand in debt to them. I went through all of our savings, and checking accounts. I also gambled away the girls college fund. I thought I might remortgage our house; but it would take Kevin's signature along with mine to do that. I was afraid to try and forge Kevin's signature. Kevin is good friends with the bank officials, and I am sure they would notice that Kevin's signature was wrong.

One night when I got to the casino, a couple of the girls took me upstairs to a room, which had some clothes laid out on the bed.

"What is going on," I asked.

"The boss wants you to help us work a private party," they said.

"I don't think so, there is no way that I am going to that party," I responded.

At that moment the door opens and the casino boss walks in with his two big black enforcers.

"This is what is going to happen, you owe us a lot of money and you are going to work this party and will do whatever any of the guests ask you to do. Further, if you don't cooperate I will have my two enforcers here inflict some punishment not only to you, but to both of your daughters and your husband," he said.

The two big black men cracked their knuckles and one grabbed his crotch as they smiled wickedly at me. I could just guess what was going through their minds. I just stood there in shock.

"Do you understand?" He asked.

I just nodded my head yes and started to softly cry.

"OK girls get her ready for the party," he instructed them.

They took me into the bathroom and cleaned my pussy with a douche. They shaved my pussy, leaving just a nice landing strip above my slit. Then they gave me an enema.

"What is that for?" I asked.

"Some of the guys will want to fuck your ass and you need to be cleaned out so that they don't hurt you up there," one of the girls replied.

"I have never had sex in my butt before."

They both said together, "You will now."

"So just what do I have to do?"

"You will bring a client up to this room and have sex with him or her and do anything in a sexual act that they ask you to perform. They are not allowed to hurt you in any physical manner. If that should happen just scream. There will be a guard outside of your door and he will come in and help you out."

"A trick costs the client two hundred and fifty dollars for a half-hour. You get to keep any tips. We try and turn four tricks a night. That helps to pay for the interest that we owe on the debt," they said.

"Do you ever catch up?" I asked them hopefully.

They both shook their heads no.

I turned three tricks that night, all were men and it was just a blow job and a fuck to each guy. There was no wild or crazy sex and thankfully I did not know anybody at the party. I got home around 1:30 a.m. dead tired. I took a bath trying to scrub my body clean. I then climbed into bed, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. The alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., I had to get the girls up and get them ready for school and myself ready for work.

At the next party, I was in the bathroom getting ready. The casino boss walked in and sat down on the bed. I walked out of the bathroom naked and I was startled when I saw him sitting there on the bed. I stood there embarrassed by my nakedness.

"I need to see just how good of a fuck you are, so I know what clients to send your way," he said.

"Now take my pants down and suck my cock," he instructed.

I walked up to him and got down on my knees and pulled his pants and underwear down to his feet. His cock is not that large, maybe six inches, but it is very fat. I looked up at him straight in the eyes, as I lowered my head down and started to suck on his cock. I licked and sucked the head of his cock, and put my tongue into his eruption eye, then licked down the shaft to his sack. I gently sucked on one ball and then the other one and then back up the shaft to the head.

I start to deep throat his cock, until it is all in my mouth and throat. He started to groan as I pick up the pace and I began to suck him harder. He lets out a deep grunt and unloads his cum deep down into my throat. I gagged a couple times, but swallowed all of his cum.

"Was that ok," I asked.

The casino boss just grunted, and hollered at the door. It opened and one of the big black guys walked in. "Fuck her while I watch you," he told him.

He dropped his pants and his huge black piece of meat swung between his legs. My eyes got as big as saucers when I saw the size of his cock. The thought of that huge cock invading my pussy had me scared. He grabbed me and tossed me up on the bed.

"Relax baby, I sure do love sweet white meat and that their pussy will stretch wide open to let my cock inside of you," he laughed.

He proceeded to spread my legs wide apart and stuck the head of his cock into my pussy, and he started to push his cock into my scared sex. I grunted and groaned in pain, as that huge monster invaded my pussy. Slowly he fed that black snake into me until he hit bottom. He started to fuck me and I could not believe just how good it started to feel. My pussy began to get really wet and I could feel my climax start to build.

"Ah boss I think this sweet white meat likes this black cock, her pussy is getting slippery for me," he said.

I just could not believe just how my body began to betray me. I started to have a massive orgasm. It caused me to grunt and groan in pleasure. Sweat ran down my face, as my juices began to leak out of my pussy. Just then the black guy gave a big groan and filled my pussy full of his hot seed. He filled me so full that it flowed out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass. Both of our juices made a big puddle on the bed sheet.

"She sure is a good fuck," he told his boss.

I have a verbal agreement with the casino boss to work in at least three parties a week, when Kevin is not home. My interest is six percent a week or twenty-four hundred dollars, plus one hundred dollars in expenses.

I will need to turn ten tricks a week to break even. Now you can see how I will never get out of this mess. The odds are stacked up against me right from the beginning.

Kevin was home for a while, so I missed a few parties. I missed making my interest payments. By missing those parties, I am getting behind and need to catch up, before they start to threaten my daughters.

At one party our neighbor (Ed) saw me working. I was standing at the bar having a drink, when Ed walked up to the bar to order a drink and he noticed right away it's me standing just a short distance from him.

"Krystal what are you doing here dressed up like that? My God they have you working this party, don=t they? He pointedly asked me.

'Oh God I thought what is Ed doing here'

I just stared at him with a shocked look on my face.

"What happened did they get you for non payment on your gambling debt?" He asked.

I just nodded my head yes, as tears leaked from my eyes.

"I will be right back; don't go away and don't take any clients, until I get back."

Again I just nodded my head yes.

Ed was gone for about twenty minutes talking with the casino boss. He came back and grabbed my hand and leads me over to a table where we had another drink.

"OK I talked with him and he told me you owed them forty thousand and are two weeks behind on your interest payments. Is that correct as far as you know?" He asked.

I just shook my head yes, as tears started to trickle down my cheeks.

"Alright I cut a deal with him, I gave him twelve hundred and fifty to cover last weeks interest, and he agreed to wave the remaining interest fee for last week. You still have this week to pay yet."

"There is no way that I can fuck you five times in one night to get my money back, so I will do you tonight and I got four in reserve that I will take over the course of the next few weeks back at either of our houses. That way I won't be interfering with you making money to cover your payments," he said.

"Thanks Ed I appreciate your help and your money and I agree to your terms," I said with the tears still flowing down my cheeks.

We went up the stairs to the bedroom I use to service my clients. Ed went to the bathroom to take a piss. When he returned to the bedroom, I was laying on the bed naked. My fingers are massaging my pussy lips.

"Stroke that pussy baby; I want to see you cum," Ed softly cooed at me, as he stripped his clothes off.

Slowly I started to play with my pussy and with my clit; the moisture started to collect on my fingers and pussy lips. My other hand was tweaking my nipples. I began to pick up the speed with my fingers, and Ed could hear a slurping sound coming from my wet sex.

My eyes were riveted at Ed's cock. My mouth is opened, and I am starting to gasp for air. I am sure that Ed could tell by the look on my face I am getting close to an orgasm.

Ed grabbed his seven inch rock hard cock and started to stroke it in rhythm with my fingers.

My eyes flicked back and forth, to watching Ed, to watching his cock, and I worked my fingers even fast and deeper into my wet sex.

"OH shiiiitt... I'm going to cum soon," I cried.

"Hold on I am almost there," Ed gasped, as he stroked his cock faster

"Hurry so am I."

Ed moved up and gave a groan. He shot his load all over my face, just as I gave a sharp cry as my orgasm released. We both sat there panting for a while, until we calmed down. Then I wiped Ed's cum off my face with my fingers and then licked them clean.

"Finger licking good," I said with a smile.

I pushed Ed back on the bed and started to suck his cock back to life. I got his cock hard again and mounted him, planting Ed's cock deep into my pussy. I pounded his cock hard into my pussy and in a short time squeezed his cock tight with my pussy muscles, as another orgasm racked my body.

Ed pushed me off and turned me around, and started to fuck me doggy style. Ed pounded my pussy as hard as he could. The slapping of their bodies was the only sound to be heard.

I felt like a bitch in heat. I'm grunting with each thrust and moaning on each withdrawal. My pussy is soaking wet and my juices are flowing down his cock and balls.

Ed reached over and grabbed some lube while he is still fucking me. He coats my anal hole with KY jelly, and pulled his cock out and started to rub my anal hole.

"Oh GOD YESSSSSS Ed, fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard," I loudly moaned.

Ed lined his cock head up with my anal hole and pushed in, I relax my sphincter and his cock slides all the way in right up to his nuts.

Ed started to thrust in my ass hole, as I pushed back. Ed is fucking my ass as hard as he could and then he started to spank my ass cheeks, leaving red hand imprints on them.

"Oh YESSSSS keep fucking my ass hard, spank me, I have been a bad girl, harder," I cried at him in pleasure.

"Get ready I'm about ready to cum," Ed said.

Ed started to cum into my ass, as I started to howl in pleasure as my climax reached its high point. We both collapsed on the bed panting and gasping for air from all our sexual exertion.

"Come on baby, let's go take a shower," I said.

It is Thursday night and I am at the casino, in the bathroom preparing for the evening. I heard the bedroom door bang open. I put on a robe and went to see who is there. It is the casino boss and he is sitting in a chair.

"Krystal my dear we have a problem," he said.

He nodded to the doorway and the two big black enforcers walked into the bedroom, pushing two people in front of them with hoods over their head.

"We caught these two persons of interest snooping around here," he said to me, as he nodded to the enforcers.

They took the hoods off of the two persons, and I gasped in shock, as both of my daughters stood there.

Chapter Two

My Daughters Involvement

The girls broke free of the two men and ran to me. We all held each other, looking fearfully at the casino boss.

"Well Krystal what are going to do about this problem?" he asked me.

"Don't hurt them, they are still young and did not mean any harm by this," I pleaded with him.

"You are so far behind in your interest payments, maybe what you need is some help in making those payments up," he said.

"No, I won't let you do it. I will quit. I will go to the police if you hurt my two girls," I said.

"Maybe what Krystal needs is a little persuasion," he said to the two black guys.

"I get her this time, you had her last time, and you get dem girls," the biggest black guy said to the other one, as he reached for me. He slapped me a couple of times and pulled the robe off me.

The other guy grabbed the two girls. The two girls started to scream and the casino boss told them, "You two better shut up or he will hurt your mother really bad."

The big enforcer grabbed me by my hair and hauled me over to the bed. I fought him with all my strength, until he had enough and lifted me by my hair and slammed the heel of his hand into my stomach.

I saw stars as the pain shot through my body. He tossed me on the bed and I curled up into a fetal position. I couldn't think; it's like I was in a fog. My stomach hurts, and so did my face and head.

"I gonna fuck both of dem holes so hard you won't be able to walk for a week," he boasts while he stripped off his pants.

Katie and Kathy had seen enough and just screamed at the casino boss. "Please stop him, we will do anything that you want us to do, just don't hurt our mother anymore,' they cried together.

I could hardly speak as I was in a lot of pain.

"No girls don't do it, don't let them get their claws into you, you will never get free of them," I croaked, but neither girl seems to hear me.

"That is what I want to hear; cooperation from everyone. Alright big guy pull up your pants, maybe at a later time you can fuck her," the casino boss said.

"Bring Krystal over here."

He picked me up like I was a doll and brought me next to my daughters. He stood me up and gave my ass a nice hard spank, which almost knocked me down.

"Alright I have a very special client downstairs and his two sons are with him," the boss said.

"Are either of you two girls virgins?" he asked them.

They both shook their heads no.

"Are both of you on some form of birth control?" he asked again.

They both nodded their heads yes.

"Well I could have gotten a whole lot more if you were virgins, but oh well this will work out ok anyway."

He looked at me.

"You know the drill; get yourself and the girls ready. You have one hour and I want you down by the bar by then. Do you understand?" He said softly but with a firm tone.

I nodded my head yes that I understood.

"OK ladies go get ready and look your prettiest, let's go boys," he said as they left.

An hour later, the girls and I were at the bar. I knew that we looked ravishing all dressed up.

"Alright here is the plan; you and the girls get some wine and go mingle with those three guys over there. Get them loosened up and take them up to your bedroom upstairs. I had the couch taken out and two more beds installed. You three fuck their brains out. You got that?" He stated.

We all nodded yes.

Each of the girls sucked and fucked each guy at least once. The two girls fucked the man's two boys a couple more times. I was on the bed with their dad sucking on his cock. After the men got dressed and left, we laid back on the beds exhausted, with spunk leaking from our overworked sex. The casino boss came in a short while later with a big grin on his face.

"The old man is so happy with the way the evening went and with your services; he left me a large tip. He told me he would be back in a few weeks and would call in advance to set up another session with you and the girls," the casino boss told us, as he gave each of us two hundred dollars.

I worked my usual three parties a week while Kevin was gone and the girls worked a couple parties a week with me, for the next couple of months. One night while the three of us were in the bathroom getting ready for the nights work, the casino boss came into the bedroom.

"Ladies get your pretty asses in here," he shouts. We walked into the bedroom with our robes on to see what he wants.

"Do you know what tonight is?" He asked.

We all shook their heads no.

"It's employer/employee appreciation night," he said.

"Hey get in here," he hollers at the door.

The door opened and the two black enforcers come in; each carried a bucket, with a bottle of champagne on ice.

The boss pops the cork on one bottles of champagne and poured out six glasses. He passed the glasses around to my daughters and me, the two black guys and one for himself.

By the time we were on the second bottle of champagne the girls and I were starting to feel the effects. We were getting very relaxed with some blurry vision. The men just sipped their glasses and kept our glasses full.

The casino boss nodded over to his two enforcers and then at me and then over to the bed. They both caught the drift and got up and helped me over to the bed. They took off my robe.

The bigger of the two got between my legs and started to play with my pussy. Damn my pussy was starting to get wet. He got my juices flowing with his fat fingers rubbing my clit. The other guy had his cock out and is slowly fed it into my mouth. Back and forth he went, each time shoving it deeper down my throat. You could see my throat bulge from his size. He would pull it back when he heard me start to gag.
The big guy, having gotten my pussy soaking wet, spread my lips and invaded my pussy with his monster cock. I began to wiggle and squirm as it hurt going in. He seemed to spread me almost as wide as when I gave birth to the girls. I tried to scream out in pain, but couldn't due to the big black cock buried deep into my throat.

The casino boss moved to the couch next to Katie and Kathy. They removed their robes. Both girls drop to their knees and take his pants and underwear off him. They start to suck on his cock. Katie worked on the head and sensitive underside of the head, while Kathy is licking his shaft and balls. With two hot hard bodies working on his cock, the boss knew that he wouldn't last long. He pulled Katie up to him and she impaled herself on his hard six inch cock. The thickness his cock filled her young pussy. She rode his cock, while Kathy sucked on his balls and licked her sister's pussy and star hole.

The boss gave a big grunt and blasted his load of hot cum into Katie's young pussy. Katie raised herself off his cock and Kathy sucked his cock clean. Then she licked the cum out of Katie's pussy. The girls sucked his cock back to life and Kathy rode it, while Katie did the licking.

Something has happened to the three girls, as they all seemed to snap and accept the fact that they were now the casino's fuck toys. They were broken and would do anything that was asked of them by the casino boss. With most women that the casino gets their hands on, they seemed to lose that will to fight for their freedom.

Over on the bed they change position. They had me riding the big guys cock; the other guy is behind me, with some lube rubbing it over my anal hole and his huge pecker.

Slowly he pushes his cock into my anal hole. I was almost sure my star hole wouldn't open wide enough to accept him. I started to wail in both pain and pleasure. Finally he is fully inside of my ass, and he is starting to fuck me hard. He began to slap my ass a few times. They both fucked me hard and were doing some ball slapping.

"Fuck my ass you bastard, fuck me hard. Spank my ass. I have been a bad girl. You big son of a fucking bitch, just keep fucking my pussy make me cum in buckets," I howled at him.

I could feel both of their cocks as they pounding away at my two holes. The sensation of feeling both of their cocks rubbed against the wall of skin that separates my pussy from my ass, is adding fuel toward the build up of a major orgasm.

I screamed loudly as getting fucked in both of my holes caused me to begin having a massive orgasm. My love juices would have poured out of my pussy, if his massive black cock didn't fill-up my hole. Both guys were grunting. They began calling me names, and were talking vulgar to me. They both blew their nuts at almost the same time, filling both of my holes full of steaming hot cum. When they both pulled their cocks out of me, it seemed like their white cum flowed out my two holes just like hot lava from a volcano. I licked and sucked both of their cocks clean.

"Hey over here," the boss hollered as he pointed at both Katie and Kathy.

The two enforcers came over and grabbed the two girls and took them over to the bed. Where they sat down and made Katie and Kathy suck their cocks hard again. When they got their cocks hard, they got up and turned the girls over the bed and mounted them doggy style. Both girls gave a gasp when they felt those monster cocks enter their tender young pussies. But they quickly got into the rhythm of pushing back when they felt the big cock thrust in.

I got off the bed and walked over to the casino boss. I got down on my knees and started to lick and suck on his cock. Under the actions of my talented tongue, it's not long until his cock gets stiff as a steel pole. I stood up and mounted him, feeling his cock invade my tender abused cunt. I rode his cock cowgirl, so I could watch my two daughters get ravished by those two monster black cocks. The black guys fucked each of my daughters twice and once in the ass and then made them suck their cocks clean.

By the time the men left, our holes were tender and sore from being fucked so many times. The room reeked of the smell of sex and we just lay on the bed with cum dripping out of our holes.

Chapter Three

The Shocking Discovery

Over the past three months it has been a little tense in our household. Our sex life has been poor. Krystal seems distant and disinterested in sex. I have this feeling that something is not quite right. It seemed that our communication with each other is very lacking. The more I try to bring things out in the open, the less successful I am in communicating with Krystal. We seem to be strangers in our own home.

I have been extremely busy with work over the past year. I have been on the road a lot making sales call, and offering service to solve any problems they might have with our products.. Our company sells technology products, including computers. We offer all the related hardware and software that goes with the computer products. We also offer service for all the products that we sell. I am the main salesman and trouble shooter for the Midwest region. I have very good computer skills.

I have become suspicious about our deteriorating home life conditions; I decided to take some action. I appropriated some of our company's state of the art wireless nanny cameras, and voice recorders.

Before I left on my business trip to Chicago, I put a couple of the cameras in the bedroom. I also set up the cameras in various other rooms, as well as over both the front and back doors.

I set up my computer to store all the data it receives from the cameras and recorders to my new Seagate 5TB external hard drive. The hard drive has plenty of memory to store everything that goes on during the week that I am gone. I had them set to start recording at 6:00 p.m. Sunday night, and record continuously when activated till I got home. Every camera is setup with infrared and motion detection sensor. They will only run when activated.

"I should be home sometime Friday afternoon," I said to Krystal and the girls as I left the house.

I finished up my customer calls, and the Thursday night dinner meeting was cancelled. It was about 6:00 p.m. when I finally packed my suitcase and left the hotel to go home. It takes about four hours to drive home from Chicago. I made a few calls home. Each time I phoned home, it just rang until the answering machine picked the call up. When I called the girls cell phone, my calls just went to voice mail. It is very odd that none of the three could answer their cell phone.

It was close to 10:00 p.m. Thursday evening when I got to my house. I noticed a strange car in my driveway. So I circle the block before stopping just before my house. I went around the house to the back door entrance. To my surprise, I found the dog is chained outside. That is something she never does, unless it's someone who the dog does not like and he barks at them. Things were starting to smell funny to me; even the dog didn't bark at me. I petted his head and gave his ears a quick rub to calm him down. I didn't want him to start barking. He just laid there whimpering.

I opened the back door and let myself in as quietly as possible. I carefully made my way up the stairs and I could hear sounds coming from my bedroom. I slowly opened the door to see what was going on. I got the shock of my life. There were two big black guys fucking my two daughters, while my naked wife watched them. I watched for a few minutes and then I slinked back down the hallway to the stairs and down the stairs to my office. I went through my drawers till I found my pistol. I loaded the gun, and went charging back up the stairs to end this torture to my two baby girls.

I slammed the bedroom door open and I pointed the gun at the two black guys.

"Get the fuck off my daughters, or I will kill you both on the spot," I shouted.

"Whoa man put that gun down we don't want nobody gettin' hurt here," the biggest one said to me, as they both got off my two daughters.

"Kevin what are you doing?" Krystal yells as she started to fight with me over the gun.

The next thing I know I wake up naked tied to a chair. My two girls are on the floor tie to the bed posts.

The black guys are having their way with Krystal. I could not believe just how big their dicks were, at least ten inches long and big around as my fist. They were taking turns pounding Krystal's pussy. I couldn't see her face, because she had a pillow over it.

Finally they double team her, with one fucking her pussy and the other was fucking her ass. I thought for sure that they were going to split her in two. I didn't think that her two holes could stretch that far to accommodate those huge pricks. They must have cum, as they both had their cocks out and up to her mouth and she is licking them both clean.

They both got dressed and calling my wife a slut and whore. The big guy said to Krystal, "There is only one way to pay off your debt. If you don't, we will be back to fuck you and the girls again."

"Did you enjoy the show? Get used to it, for it is going to happen once a week until the debt is paid. Next time maybe we will shove our cock's up your white ass," the big guy said to me.

They both laugh as they slapped me a few more times.

After they left, my wife untied both me and the girls. I was just livid.

"Just what the fuck is going on here," I screamed at her.

Everybody is crying and I'm getting nothing out of them. I figured to let things calm down for the moment.

I went down to my office to see just what my cameras have captured for me. Sunday night and Monday it was quiet, I did not see her around, so I assume she was gone somewhere. She got home around 11:00 p.m. each night. Tuesday afternoon she came home from work early and there is a guy with her. Fuck I could not believe my eyes, it was our neighbor, a fucking guy neither of us liked. She took him to our bed and he is plowing her pussy, like a farmer does to his fields, and she seems to be enjoying fuck out of it.

Later on that night, two men and a woman show up. I have no idea who they are. After a short chat, my wife takes them up to our bedroom, where they proceed to have an orgy on my bed. She is sucking and fucking both men and the woman.

I just can not believe it but I am starting to get a big hard on. She is doing stuff with them that she would never try with me. That fucking bitch!

Wednesday is quiet until later in the evening, when the girls come into her room and they all get together on our bed and hold each other and it looks like they are sobbing. She goes to work the next morning, but comes home at noon, with a couple of her male co-workers for a nooner. For an hour they spend time in bed sucking and fucking her. I can not believe what a slut she has become all of a sudden.

Thursday night the two black guys show up at dusk and they start to slap my wife around. I could hear them swearing and screaming at her.

"Our boss is pissed because you did not show up with your two girls. He had a client set up for you to service Wednesday night," the biggest black guy said.

My two daughters arrived home and they were quickly subdued and tied up and gag to stop their screaming and struggling.

The biggest black guy starts to talk. "Now you three listen really good, cause I only going to say this once and then we start hurting someone. Do you understand?" He asked.

The three of them nod their heads yes.

"Good now here is the problem, your mother done missed an appointment she was supposed to bring you girls to and we are here to enforce the punishment," he said.

I watch as they took the three women upstairs to our bedroom and proceed to strip them and fuck them silly. I left the computer and walk back upstairs to the bedroom, but not before I stopped at the bathroom to run some cold water on my cock. The girls have seemed to calm down some what and I begin to find out just what is going on.

Krystal started to talk through sobs. "I got myself deep in debt from gambling and the casino people were really nice to me. They tried to help me out, but in the end they had me turning tricks to pay down my debt. Our neighbor Ed, who lives behind us, helped by paying off some of the debt in exchange for sex," she said.

"You don't even like the fucking guy, why would you fuck him?" I asked still pissed.

"I needed the money," Krystal said.

"What about the orgy with your co-workers?"

She just hung her head. "They were blackmailing me into it, they knew about the trouble I had gotten into," she said through her tears.

"What about those two big black guys."

"They both work for the casino boss and are his debt collectors."

I sat down on the chair and try to think this mess through. I could take the video to the cops and have them arrest the two black guys for raping my daughters, but they would just send some different enforcers and my family could get hurt. Man did my head hurt from all this stress and the knockout punch that I never saw.

I look at my two daughters and my wife sitting on the bed, all three of them naked, holding on to each other and sobbing softly.

"How much money do you owe the casino?"

"I owe them forty thousand dollars."

"You think turning tricks is going to pay this off? Then you go and get our daughters involved in this fucking mess. I just can't fucking believe it. They prey on women just like you; they will suck the life right out of you and discard your worn out body when they are done with you," I shouted at her.

"You not only have ruin your life, but your daughters and mine also," I said bitterly.

Now I have all three of them crying like babies.

"How long have you had this gambling problem?"

"Just a little over a year."

"How long have you been working for them?"

"Around six months."

"What about the girls, how long have they been involved?"

"I think about a couple of months."

"Well I guess we will have to buy ourselves out of this mess. In the morning, I will go to the bank and cash in our saving and the girls college fund and remortgage our house," I said angrily.

Nobody said a word, as I look at each one of them. Finally Krystal broke down, and said through sobs,

"I have gambled the savings, checking and college funds away."

I was stunned, how all this could happen right under my nose and I did not suspect anything was wrong. I got up grabbed my robe and walked out. I went downstairs, before I did something that I might regret later. I went out back and let the dog into the house. We both went into the kitchen to get some food. I made myself a sandwich, which I shared with the dog.

A short time later, Katie came into the kitchen wearing a robe and put her arms around my neck.

"Daddy, I am so sorry about what has happened," she said as she sobs on my shoulder.

"It's ok honey, I don't blame you or your sister for this mess. I am just sorry that your mother got you both into it. It is not right for teenage girls to be use as sex toys to pay off a gambling debt. In some aspect I blame myself for not understanding what was going on sooner," I as I held her and tried to reassure her everything will be alright.

"Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower and go to bed and I will try and figure what to do tomorrow?" I said.

"Thanks daddy, I love you," she said as she kiss me on the cheek.

"I love you to baby," I replied as I gave her another hug.

I figure tomorrow I would go and talk with my lawyer and see if he had any ideas on just what we should do. I locked the house up and went over to the couch to sleep. There is no way that I am sleeping in the soiled bed with that whore of a wife in it.

A short time later I heard Krystal come halfway down the stairs and call out to me.

"Kevin I clean the room up and change the sheets on the bed, are you coming up to bed?" She asked.

When I did not respond, she called again, and again I made no response. I could hear her give a soft sob and go back to the bedroom.

Friday morning I heard the girls in the kitchen getting breakfast.

Krystal calls out to me, "Kevin would you like anything for breakfast?"

"No, I will get my own."

It got really quiet in the kitchen after that. A short time later the girls left for school and Krystal left for work. I got up and went to the kitchen to fix my breakfast.

I am off today after being gone for the week in Chicago. I went to see my lawyer, but he was out of town and would be back Monday. I made an appointment and left.

Next I went to the bank to see what I could do about raising the forty thousand dollars. I knew the bank president and we conversed about my problem and some of the possible solutions.

"I will look into what we can do for you Kevin, and get back to you first part of next week," he said.

I got home around noon and had lunch. Afterward I got on my computer and typed up a report of what has happened to Krystal and the girls. I explained the gambling problem and all the sex they were forced to do. I attached the report to the video of the sex acts and then made some copies. I returned to the bank and placed a couple of the copies in my safety-deposit box that I have there.

I went to the office, to check messages, and see if anything was up. I spoke with my boss and told him how things went in Chicago and that Monday I would file my report with him. I wished him a good weekend and left to go home.

When I got home, Krystal had dinner done and on the table. Boy it sure smells good. The four of us sat down and ate our dinner. I told them of my day and how things went at the bank. Krystal gave me a grateful look.

After dinner I went back to my computer and watched the video over again. The more I watched, the harder my cock was getting. Soon I had my cock out and I was slowly stroking it as I continued to watch the video. This was better than a lot of porn that I watch.

I was so intent on watching the screen, that I did not hear my two daughters sneak in on me.

"Oh My God," I heard a gasp behind me.

I quickly put my cock back into my pants, and spun around to stare right into the wide-open eyes of my two daughters.

"MOTHER come here and see this," Kathy yells.

Fuck I was busted. Fuck fuck fuck I thought to myself.

Chapter Four

My Little Head Betrays Me

'Fuck I am busted. Fuck fuck fuck I thought to myself. Goddamn what do I do now?' I thought to myself again, as I heard my wife enter the room. Here I sit with a raging hard inside my pants making a big tent, and I am trying to will it to shrink back to normal size. Which sometimes is impossible to do.

"Well what do we have going on here?" Krystal asked as she laughs at my predicament.

She spots what I am watching, and her face goes from amusement to shock in a split second

"Where did you get that videos from?" She asked.

"I paid a kings ransom for them," I lied to her with a straight face.

"You didn't, did you? Just who did you pay for these videos?" She kept asking me questions.

She then looks down at my rock hard cock tent in my pants, and reaches down and strokes my cock through my pants a few times.

"Just what do we have here? Girls I think I'm going to help your father relieve some tension he has in his pants," she giggles.

It seems that my hard cock has made her temporary forget about the video playing on my computer.

The next thing I know, she hustles me up to our bedroom. She strips me naked and pushes me onto the bed. Next thing that I know, I'm attacked by my naked wife. My brain screams that this is sooo wrong. She is a cheater; she is nothing more than a two bit whore. But my cock screams for more. I am betrayed by my little head.

Krystal gets on top of me and started to kiss her way down my body, until she gets to my engorged cock. She slips my cock head into her warm wet mouth and sucked on it a couple of times. She then kissed and licked my shaft up and down stopping at my sack. She tried to inhale my whole sack into her mouth, and then worked on one nut sack, than then the other one.
She is licking up and down my shaft right on my eruption tube and then back to head of my cock. Then she started to lick and suck on the sensitive under side of the head of my cock. She took half of my cock into her mouth and keeps working on it until she has all of me inside of her mouth and throat. She started to slowly deep throat my cock, with her throat muscles squeezing my cock.

We flip around into a 69 position. I'm licking Krystal's sex hole as fast as I can. Her juices are starting to flow into my mouth. Soon she exploded in a massive sexual climax and falls off of my face and onto the bed, still shaking. My face, neck and chest are wet from her love juices.

She maneuvers around and inserted my cock into her dripping wet sex and mounted me. My cock slides right into her hot sex hole. She started to fuck me like she is on fire; she bounces up and down on my cock, using the bed for more spring to her bounce.

I pulled out of Krystal and got off the bed. I spun her around and started to fuck her doggy style. I pounded her so hard you can hear my balls slapping against her. My sexual hormones are in full control of my body and I'm going to fuck this woman in each of her holes.

I pull out of Krystal's pussy and enter her anal hole. My cock is slippery with her pussy juice and with a little bit of a push by me my cock slides right into her anal hole. I pumped away at her back door, while she is moaning and groaning in pleasure.

"Oh God honey I'm going to cum," Krystal screamed out in pleasure.

I gave a big grunt and dumped a load of my hot white cream deep into her ass. I pulled my cock out of Krystal's sexy ass.

"Come here and suck my cock clean," I said to her vigorously.

She looked at me with wide eyes and crawled over to me with her mouth open. She took my cock into her mouth. She then licked and sucked my cock clean of both out juices. She took me fully into her mouth and throat. She was lightly stroking my balls, when her finger found my ass hole, which she gently rubs. It's not long and she has me hard again.

I pulled my cock out of my wife's mouth. She moved around, and I started to rub the head of my cock against the entrance of her sex. She reached back and opened up her lips for me and I plunged my cock all the way into her tight wet sex hole. We fucked back and forth like two dogs in heat.

"Oh My God Kevin, I'm going to cum again," she passionately cried out.

I could feel my nuts start to tighten up and I filled her pussy full of my white liquid. I have shot two loads of cum; it has been a real long time since I have done that.

I didn't realize just how much of an effort it would take to fuck all three of her holes, and I am exhausted. I climbed up into the bed next to my naked wife and lay down and went to sleep. Little did I know that both of our daughters were spying on our love making.

The next morning I woke with a strange sensation happening to my cock, and I look down to the end of the bed. There is my wife sucking on my cock. She looked up at me.

"I Hope you have recharged your batteries?" she asked, as she went back to sucking my cock.

When she got my pecker good and hard, she stopped and mounted me, impaling herself on my cock. I reach up and start to tweak her nipples. She started bouncing up and down on my cock. I could tell by the look on Krystal's face that she is getting close to having an orgasm. I could feel my climax fast approaching also.

"Oh baby cum with me," Krystal cooed at me with passion in her voice.

We both came at the same time and Krystal collapses on top of me.

Ya Ya Ya I know, just where is that guy who said no fucking way was I sleeping with that fucking whore in our soiled bed. Well (ya I know deep subject) sometimes a man thinks with the wrong head, especially if that head is filled with blood and full of lust. After seeing my wife and daughters naked, and watching all the recorded sex that went on in this house. I guess I just finally broke. I was so fucking aroused, and my hormones were on fire, and lust just roared through my blood. I did what any red blooded man would do. I fucked my wife to relieve the pressure on my sex glands.

Chapter Five

This Takes Place After Our Love Making Session in Chapter Two


A few days after Krystal nearly fuck me to death; I told Krystal and the girls that I did not want them ever to go back to the casino. I would figure out some way to get the debt paid off. I had plenty of evidence against them for the rape of my two daughters.

Over the weekend Krystal got a call from the casino boss.

"I have big things set up for both you and your daughters for this Wednesday night, with a big time client that you serviced the first time the girls joined you. He will pay top dollar for the three of you and I want you there. Do you understand or do I need to send you a reminder?" He asked.

Wednesday came and went and she and the girls were a no show at the casino. The casino boss was pissed.

"This weekend you make sure they are home and you go pay them a visit and teach them all a lesson. They don=t fuck with me," he ranted at his two enforcers.

"Don't worry boss we will take of this for you," his number one enforcer said.

"Boys hurt them but don't damage the merchandise or break bones I need them back here to service client. Also drop this DVD off to them, so they can watch it and understand," he said.

It is around 9:00 p.m. Saturday night, when the door bell rang.

"I will get it," I hollered up the stairs.

I opened the door and POW, a black fist connected against my jaw and I crashed to the floor out cold. I woke in my bedroom naked, tied to a chair and gagged. My jaw hurt like hell. My wife is on the floor at the end of the bed tied to leg. She is crying and looks like she had been slapped a few times, as she is red all over her body.

On my bed those two black bastards were fucking my two daughters. I struggled against my bonds. I want to scream at them but the gag stopped me and my jaw hurt. I think they may have broken it. Finally I kicked the dresser. One of them looked over at me.

"Hey it looks like fuck head is awake now," he said to the other guy. They stopped fucking my girls and came over to me with those monster cock's swinging between their legs. They slapped me in the face a couple of times, sending waves of pain crashing through my face.

"You notice what is playing on your TV?" They asked me.

On our TV a porn DVD is playing. I looked at it and then looked again. Oh shit, it's my wife and daughters having sex with three guys in a large bedroom.

"We have filmed every sex act your wife and daughters have performed in the casino. If you don't cooperate, we will make a good porn film out these shots and distribute it around town. By the way your wife and daughters are very good fucks, as you can see on this DVD. We both have fucked them many times and it is on film," he laughed.

They untied me from the chair and tossed me on the bed. I thought what the fuck are they doing to me. When it dawned on me they were going to rape me. I started to struggle, when they began to lube up my asshole.

Next thing I knew one smacked my jaw hard and I am in a great deal of pain. I did not know what pain was like, until he violated my asshole with his monster cock. I screamed into my gag from the pain of his cock pushing deep into my ass. I was seeing stars, and it felt like I might pass out. He kept fucking my ass till he dumped a full load of his cum deep into my bowel. He pulled out of me with a suction pop and had my Katie lick and suck his cock clean and then made her lick my anal hole clean.

The big guy followed him up on the bed. He lifted my ass up and planted his giant cock into my violated anal hole. The pain of his invasion caused me to black out momentarily. By now I was numb from the pain. He is slamming that monster into me and I am sure that he is packing my shit back into my intestines. The cum from the other guy did help lube my star hole a little bit. He fucked me hard till he dumped a hot load of cum deep inside of me. He made Kathy lick and suck his cock clean and then made her lick my star hole clean.

They both film me with each other fucking my ass. They got dressed, and the big guy came over to the bed. He grabbed me and threw me into the dresser. He came over and kicked my gut; I think he broke some ribs. The other guy started to stomp me on my back and kicked my legs. He bent down and snapped both of my little fingers. I passed out from the pain.

They grabbed me and tied me back to the chair and got some water and doused my face. I woke to the pain ripping through my body.

"Now you listen to me. Dem bitches belong to the casino boss, he will use dem bitches anyway he wants to. When he wants dem bitches at the casino to work a party, they better be there. Do you understand me?" He snarled.

I just stared at him blankly in pain, not sure if I heard him or not.

He shook me a couple of times and lightly slapped my face sending pain shooting back through my jaw.

"If you don't understand, I can come back here and remind you," he said with an evil laugh.

They both left the house laughing at our misfortune. The girls rushed over to untie me; all three of them were crying their eyes out over what those two thugs did to me.

"I am so sorry that this happened to you because of me. I won=t let them hurt you or the girls again because of me," she cried.

I am not sure if I even heard her I was in so much pain. They took me to the hospital, to get treatment for my injuries. The hospital called the police to report my injuries. A patrolman came to the hospital to take our statements, but we refuse to cooperate. I spent the next few days in the hospital. The girls came and got me on a Thursday, to take me home.

The next day Krystal came into the bedroom to check on me and see if I need anything.

"Honey we have to go work a party tonight, if we don't show they will damage you worse than they already have," she said to me with tears in her eyes.

The girls worked both Friday and Saturday night for the casino. The girls got home around 1:30 in the morning the next day. They all slept until noon.

By Sunday I was able to get around by myself. Monday came and I went to work. Everyone at the office was sympathetic to me and wanted to know just what had happen. I gave the standard answer.

"This is a police matter and I could not say anything so I wouldn't jeopardize their case."

Krystal seemed to become very distant during the week. Something was bothering her. We didn't talk much and the girls kept to their rooms most of the time. It was like a ghost house, with Krystal in the bedroom with the door closed and the girls in their bedrooms with the door closed. There was me just sitting in the living room watching TV by myself. If the phone rang they all seemed to jump out of their skins.

Krystal worked the following Friday and Saturday nights without the girls. Ed was at the party on Saturday night. He paid five hundred to be with Krystal.


We lay there for a while just kissing. Our tongues were dancing together in our mouths. He was gently playing with my boobs and nipples. I was sure he could feel the bumps on my areolas; I was getting more excited when he increased the pressure on my nipples. My breathing became a little more laborious, as the warmth between my legs increased.

He worked his head down my neck with kisses and soft bites, till he got to my boobs. He started to lick on my nipples and then continued to lick the little bumps on my areolas. He then took one of my nipples in his mouth and softly bit them.

"Ed would you please bite them harder," I purred at him in delight.

Ed took his teeth and lightly raked my nipples. He gave each of them some nice love bites, as he sucked on them harder. I massaged my breasts gently, pushing my nipples deeper into Ed's mouth. He continued to inhale on my nipples, trying to deep throat them.

"Oh Ed you are really turning me on with the way you suck my nipples," I said panting for air.

Ed continued to suck on my nipples and his hand moved down and began to play with my slippery sex. He rubbed my sex back and forth, getting his fingers well coated with my love juice. He then rubbed my star hole coating it with my juices and then stuck his finger into my anal hole, which sent me into orbit.

He had one finger in my pussy, rubbing my clitoris and one finger in my anal hole, finger fucking my ass. It felt so good as I could feel an orgasm start to build.

"OH God Ed I going to cum," I gave a sharp gasp and grabbed the pillow and put it over my face, as I screamed loudly into it.

He started to rub my G-spot. It felt so good. I began to feel like I was in seventh heaven.

"Keep your finger right there and rub that spot harder," I said to him as I exhale deeply.

Ed kept rubbing that G-spot hard as he could, then he moved over and attacked my clitoris. He was switching back and forth from my clit to my G-spot.

"Oh Godddddd I am cumming again," I cried out in a voice full of sexual pleasure as I filled his hand with a load of my liquid love juice.

As soon as I calmed down, I moved down the bed and took his cock into my mouth. I started to suck away on his head and then licked my way down his shaft of his cum tube, right down to his sack. I gave each nut sack a nice bath with my tongue and mouth.

I then licked back up his cum tube to his mushroom head, licking the sensitive underside of it and then I lightly raked my teeth over it.

I licked the head of Ed's cock and his eruption tube exit hole with the tip of my tongue. I started to take him fully in my mouth. I deep throated him a few times with a swallowing action.

I knew he loved that from previous encounters that we had.

He flipped me off him and turned me around and jammed his cock into my pussy doggy style. He fucked me as hard and deep as he could. It did not take Ed long to get me going.

"I was almost there, fuck me harder, and make me cum." I moaned in ecstasy.

My whole body shook, as I exploded into a major orgasm. I could feel his cock start to throb as he filled my pussy with his hot white cream, squirt after squirt went deep into my pussy.

After we rested for a few minutes, we went back at it. We fucked and sucked the whole hour away. Ed is a great lover and I am a little bit sore when were finished the hour.


It has been just over a couple of months, since the two thugs raped my family and me. I am starting to heal up. The ribs feel better and the two fingers have almost healed. On the family side it couldn't be worse. We never spoke a word to each other over the past few weeks. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. My sex life with Krystal is a big zero.

I have been back working full time for the past few weeks. I have a sales trip coming up. I left Monday morning for a three day sales trip going to a couple of different cities.

I came home Wednesday afternoon and could see flashing lights down our street. As I got closer, I could see the action is at my house. I got as close as I could and I jumped out of my car and ran toward my house. I was stopped by a policeman.

"You can't go in there," he said as he held my arm.

"But that's my house," I screamed at him, as I broke free of him and ran to the front door.

I was met at the door by a detective that I knew. He stopped me as the gurney approached us. He stopped the gurney and pulled the white sheet down.

"Is this your wife Krystal?" He asked.

I was numb and just nodded my head yes. He gives a quick nod to the two ambulance attendants to proceed.

"Your daughters came home from school early and found her in the garage, hanging from a rope. They are very shaken up and I could not get much out of them. Is there anything that you can add right now?" He asked.

I just shook my head no.

"Alright if you can think of anything, here is my card; give me a call please," he told me as he handed me the card.

"We will ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone saw anything suspicious or anything out of place. I'm sorry Kevin," he said as he left.

I closed the door and walked into the living room. The girls were sitting on the couch crying. I sat down next to them and we all had ourselves a good cry.

Later toward evening I went out to get my car; it was still on the street. Sarah the next door neighbor came out and put her arms around me.

"I am so sorry to hear what happened, is there anything I can do for you?" She asked with tears in her eyes.

"No but thanks for asking," I said to her as I got into my car and pulled it into the driveway.

It was very hectic the next few days as neighbors stopped by to drop off food. Flowers and cards started to come in. The girls took the rest of the week off from school, and the following week also.

"Kevin please take as much time as you need to get your affairs straightened out," my boss said.

After a couple of days the police released the body to us. We decided to have her cremated and only showed her one day at the funeral home. We had the funeral on Monday and that day was just a blur, with lots of people and flowers, including one that is huge. It must have cost a few hundred dollars. No name or card with it.

A couple days after the funeral, the girls and I had a chance to sit down and just go whoosh to blow out all the pressure and tension that was in us. We talked about the situation and what had happen to Krystal.

"You both know it appears that your mother took the easy way out of this mess. There is always an answer for every problem. Some answers just take a lot longer to find. Even though your mother got us into a terrible mess, I still loved her with all of my heart. After all she gave me two of the best daughters a dad could ask for," I told them.

"Thanks dad," they both said, as they gave me a big hug.

"I know deep in my heart that she did not kill herself. I will bet the farm that those two black enforcers from the casino had something to do with this," I said to the girls.

"I don't know Dad, mom was pretty depressed since they beat you up a couple months ago," Katie said.

"I just wish the police could find something out," Kathy chips in.

Suddenly the front door just opened up and in walked the casino boss and his two enforcers.

Chapter Six

The Final Showdown

"What the fuck do you want?" I asked with venom dripping from my voice.

"That is no way to treat an old friend," he replied back, as they closed the door behind them.

"GET the fuck out of my house or I will call the cops," I shouted at them

The two enforcers each step to a different side of the boss and show us the guns in their hands. That got my attention real quickly and I sat back down next to my girls.

"I am sorry about Krystal, but there is still the debt that she owes the casino," he said in an even tone.

"She is dead, and we owe you nothing," I fired right back.

"Wrong, the debt is a family debt and needs to be paid off," he said.

"Now hear me out. The debt is at thirty-five thousand, including interest owed. Now if the girls work for me for the next six months on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I will consider the debt paid in full," he laid the information out there for the three of us to digest.

"Now you listen to me you fucking parasite. I will not pay you a fucking dime and the girls will never work for you again. Now get the fuck out of my house," I screamed at him.

"I will give you the rest of the week to finish grieving and think about my offer. If the girls are not at the casino by the following Friday night, then I will send my boys over to give you some friendly persuasion," he said to me in a threatening manor, as they left.
I thought, 'There is no way they are going to take my two little girls away from me.'

I went down to the basement to check on my guns. I have a couple of Glock pistols with more than a hundred rounds for them and four clips. I also have a Remington 12 ga. over/under shotgun, a 223 semi-auto assault rifle, and 30-06 rifle. I have plenty of ammo for each. I went out to the gun range to make sure that they all worked ok. After I determined that they were in fine working condition. I went home and cleaned all the guns, and then put them away. I stopped at a couple different gun stores. I got some more ammo and ammo clips for each gun.

I went online and bought night vision goggles and personal body armor. I paid the extra money to have them ship overnight.

The weekend came and I got a call from the casino boss.

"You fucking leech just fuck off. My two girls will never work for you again," I told him.

The following week went fast and I got home from work on Friday. The house was empty, and my girls were gone. There is a note on the kitchen table that said we made the decision for you; beware of the consequences. I snapped. I went stone cold with revenge flowing through my veins.

I went down the stairs to the basement and put on my camouflage hunting clothes, body armor, and hunting boots. I painted my face black. I put a couple of hunting knives on my belt and a couple knives in my pockets. I then hooked my Leatherman Multi-tool on my belt. I grabbed my guns, extra ammo, and backpack, and put them into my car. I had some dinner and waited for it to get dark outside before driving to the casino.

I parked in the far back parking lot at the casino. I did a quick recon to figure out what I wanted to do. There was no way to cut off power; I was sure they had a back up generator, same with phones. I am sure they had cell phones. I located some of the cameras, but as soon as I would take one out they would be tipped off that I was out there.

I thought about ramming the rear door, but they had a guard post there to protect the door. The front door was almost the same way. I figured the best way was a frontal assault. I had the body armor on, but more than likely this was a suicide mission. I was going to try and take out at least the boss and those two black bastards and free my little girls, if at all possible. That was the plan anyway.

I went over my gear. The 223 is my main gun and I have six ten round clips for it plus an extra fifty rounds in a box in my pack, for reloading if time permits. I have a belt around my waist that held twenty-five #00 buckshot shells for my shot gun, plus I have a box in my pack. I took one Glock and holster it to my right hip. I stuck the other in the back of my pants, just in case. I have four full clips and a box of bullets in my pack. I have slings for both the shotgun and 223. I left the 30-06 in the car. I figured it would be useless in this fight.

I waited until the guests were gone. I looked at my watch, and it was 2:00 a.m. They were starting to close the place down. I came flying up the circular drive and jumped from the car. I promptly charged right toward the casino's front door. A couple blasts from the shotgun shattered the big glass door for me. I reloaded the gun and charge in.

Two the mob guards stood there with open mouths, but quickly went for their guns. I took them both out with a couple blast from the shot gun. Again I reloaded and change guns to the 223. Another guard came around the corner full speed and I drilled him with the butt of the 223, knocking him out cold.

A bullet hit the wall just above my head; a guard is charging me with his gun firing. I kneel down and put a three shots burst from the 223 into his mid section, taking him out of the fire fight. It was still for a moment, giving me a chance to look around. The hired help were running for their lives or hiding under the tables. Most were fleeing to the back of the casino.

Wham! A bullet hit me in the chest, knocking me back into the wall. Damn did that hurt; I put a three round burst in the guard who just shot me, taking him down. I wish I knew just how many guards they had in this place.

I moved toward the bar, when a couple guards came at me from the back of the casino firing their guns. I emptied the rest of the clip in the 223 at them, taking them out of the fight.

I was concentrating on the guards that I just shot and trying to change clips for the 223. A casino employee jumped me taking the 223 out of my hands and throwing it away from me.

We struggled, until I pulled my hunting knife and stabbed him in the stomach. He is down for the count. I looked around for my 223, when a couple more shots were fired at me. A couple of guards are charging me. I swung the shotgun off my shoulder and pumped two rounds into them, putting them both down. I slapped a couple of shells back into the shotgun.

I then saw the stairs by the bar; I remember Krystal telling about the stairs going up to the bedrooms on the second floor. I gave up on the 223 and made my way over to the stairs. I stopped by the bar and looked behind it and saw the bartender hiding there. I dropped my pack by the bar.

I told him, "Get everyone out of here, because when I come back down the stairs, I will start shooting everyone that I see."

I went up the stairs and there are five doors and one at the end of the hallway. I open the first door and there are two naked gals, hiding by the bed.

"Where are my two daughters?" I barked.

They just shrieked and fled to the bathroom.

I went to the next room and opened the door and it was empty inside the room. As I closed the door a bullet struck the door frame next to me. There was a guard coming up the stairs. I level the shotgun at him and fired one shot taking him down.

I quickly reloaded my gun and went to the next door. Just as I opened the door, wham! I am tackled by one of the enforcers. My shotgun went flying over the rail and hit the casino floor below me. The big guy was on top of me with his hands around my throat squeezing my throat shut. I managed to get my Glock free of the holster and raised it up to his ear. I pulled the trigger.

Man what a fucking mess, I had blood and brain parts all over my face. I pushed him off me and got up. I searched the room, but it was empty. They had to be in the next room, because I figured the last room was the boss' office.

I slowly opened the door and bang! I was struck by a bullet in the middle of my chest. He fires twice more hitting me in the leg and upper arm. I was hurting bad. I managed to roll out of the doorway and out of the line of fire.

"I got your two girls in here and if you don't want dem hurt, you better drop your gun and come in here," he hollered.

'Now what the fuck do I do?' Goddamn I hurt. I unbuckled the shotgun shell belt and toss it through the door, along with my Glock and one knife. I put my other hunting knife behind my back. I walked in with my hands up, hoping that my vest would protect me when I make my move.

He was holding Katie by her neck in front of him and Kathy was on the bed in front of him. Both girls were naked. He motions me to come toward him. I walked with my hands up and limping from the wound on my leg.

"Now take off your cute vest that you are wearing," he ordered.

I stripped my shirt and vest off, as I limped toward him.

"You stupid fuck did you really think that you could come in here and kill everyone to get dem two bitches back?" He laughed at me, as he pushed Katie on the bed next to Kathy.

He walked around the bed speaking into his phone. As he gets closer to me, Katie leaped off the bed and slammed into his back, knocking him off balance. That was the opening I needed, as I lunged at him with the hunting knife in my hand.

He fired at me twice, the first misses and the second grazes my arm holding the knife, but with the intense rage that is running through me right now, it would take a fucking cannon to stop me. I drove my hunting knife up through his chin into his brain, killing him instantly.

Bang..Bang..Bang barks the gun in the casino boss's hand. The three bullets slam into my back knocking me to the floor right in front of Katie. I could feel my life starting to leak out of me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the Glock and pushed it over to Katie. Thank God I taught both of my girls how to use a pistol, and they were both very good shots.

She grabbed the gun and raised up and let four shots go, hitting the casino boss with all four in his chest, with one shot going through his heart. He was dead by the time he hit the floor.

I laid there with the light fading from my eyes. Both girls ran to me crying, "Daddy don't die."

"Take care of your sister for me;" I coughed as I held Katie's hand. My eyes glaze over. I looked up and there was Krystal standing there with her hands reaching down to help me up. I got up and gave her a hug and a kiss.


I guess someone called 911. The police led by the SWAT team; rushed into the casino, with the FBI right behind them. After the police finished searching the place, and rounded up all the workers, the FBI went to work in the Boss's office. It turns out FBI experts were able to get a lot of information from the computer and backup hard drives.

There were arrests made at the Indian casino, for their involvement with the racketeers. There were some politicians also arrested. It turned out that Krystal did not kill herself, but the two enforcers, following orders, had done the job.

After all the excitement died down, the girls started to get their lives back together. They got a good payout from both mine and Krystal's insurance companies. They used the money to go to college. Both graduated with honors, and got good jobs. They met their future husbands in college, and they both got married within a year of each other. Katie has a boy and girl, and Kathy has a boy and twin girls.

There are times when the cloud that Krystal and I were riding on, happened to go over one of the girl's home. We then can look down and watch our grandchildren playing out in the yard, and that brings a big smile to our faces.

The End


I would like to thank my two editors. Barney R who did the initial editing and Wicked Inside who did the final editing. With the help of these two it made the story flow a lot better. I hope that you enjoyed the story.

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