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My Vacation with Daddy Ch. 03

*DISCLAIMER: This story contains incestuous content between father and daughter, rough sex scenes, anal sex, lesbianism, deepthroating, face-fucking, cum swallowing and four-way orgies. If any or all of this offends you, please read no more. Also, this story is told both from the father's point of view as well as the daughter's. All characters and scenarios are completely fictional, all characters are of legal age, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Walking up to our room, Daddy by my side and Faye and Lexi in tow, was racking my nerves and making me sick. Each step sent a seismic pulse through my body. I didn't know what was going to happen, and that was so frightening. I couldn't hold Daddy's hand because of the girls behind us and not having that support was scary. What was I going to tell them? I couldn't think of any plausible reason for Daddy and me to be sharing a romantic suite at a hotel with only one bed.

Daddy opened the room and we all walked in. As the last one in, I turned to close the door. Doing so felt like I was trapping myself inside a jail cell, all sense of freedom being locked on the other side. Gulping did not help the lump in my throat. If my heart was beating any faster, it would've burst right out of my chest like the creatures in Alien. My breath was starting to make me hyperventilate, with a heavy exhale and sharp inhale. Walking inside, Daddy was wandering and fidgeting nervously around the room while Faye and Lexi were sitting at the table waiting impatiently for an explanation.

"What are you two doing here?" I asked nonchalantly, hoping in vain to side-step the elephant in the room.

"'What the fuck are you doing here?' is the better question, wouldn't you say?" Faye was never this direct so I knew I had to explain myself. The girls knew me too well and would be able to tell if I was lying. I looked at Daddy apologetically and he nodded in defeat; the gig was up, we had to come clean.

I took a deep breath, shuddering at what was about to happen. "Umm... Err... I, uhh... I don't know what to say." Maintaining eye contact was proving more difficult that I originally expected. "Daddy and I are, sorta, kinda... a couple now."

The girls' jaws dropped, eyes bulging out of their heads. Stuttering a series of unintelligible words, Lexi in particular was trying to say something, whereas Faye was a silent ghost, pale and motionless. "But, but..." began Lexi, "You said you weren't going to seduce him."

"Hold up," interrupted Daddy. "You knew?" he asked Lexi. "You knew how she felt about me before today?" Lexi nodded. All eyes were on me.

"Yeah, I kinda lied about that," I said to Lexi. "As close as we are, I didn't know if I could entrust the two of you with my plan to seduce Daddy. I didn't even know what I was going to do, or if I even had the guts to do it to begin with."

"Not even after that night?" asked Faye, tilting her head in question. "What night?" asked Daddy. Faye averted her eyes, knowing it would've been better to keep that detail hidden at least for a little while. We decided to tell him about what happened the night he dreamed about Faye, how we snuck into his room and sucked him off as he slept, how Lexi and I played with ourselves while sucking on Faye's tits as she made him blow his load in her mouth, and how we made out afterwards sharing his cum between us all.

His expression was blank. I couldn't tell what he was feeling. Was he shocked? Angry? Aroused? "So all three of you have had my cock in your mouth?"

"I haven't," said Lexi, putting her hand up.

"Would you like to?" Daddy winked at Lexi. "If it's okay with Jenny." I nodded. I could hardly object to Lexi orally taking his cock if Faye and I had already. Daddy stood up and walked slowly up to Lexi. The bulge in his pants was right in front of her face, begging to be played with and sucked.

She looked at me for permission, to which I said yes. She unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his button and unzipped his zip, dropping his jeans to the floor. Pulling his boxers down, his stiff cock sprung up from its confines, almost hitting her in the jaw.

She inhaled his amazing scent, her eyes intoxicated after one breath. She grabbed his rod with both hands at the base, keeping it at its maximum size and guiding it towards her wet and eager opening. Faye and I saw it disappear inside her mouth, inch after inch. She was taking a lot of him inside her, deeper than either of us could the first time we sucked his cock. Daddy's eyes were closed, fully enjoying the immense pleasure my friend was giving him.

Faye got up from her chair and slowly walked over to them. She knelt down behind Lexi and began fondling her yummy globes through her top and kissing her neck. Seeing my father and two best friends engaging in lewd sexual acts together such as this was definitely turning me on. I immediately gained access to my wet pussy and began enjoying the show, watching a live sex show while pleasuring myself with my fingers.

Faye took off Lexi's top and undid her bra, tossing it over to me. With Lexi's tits hanging freely for all to see, Daddy leaned down, his cock still buried deep in her mouth, and grabbed one of her juicy jugs to play with. Squeezing it and caressing her hard nipple between his fingers, Lexi moaned as her head bobbed back and forth with greater vim and eagerness. Faye took her top and bra off too and let her hands wander over her best friend's body, eventually finding their way under Lexi's pants to her sodden slit.

Daddy looked down to enjoy the show, a pleasurable performance in which he felt more prop than player. Two hot half-naked teens kneeling before him, one with a mouthful of cock and the other thoroughly enjoying playing with her friend's pussy. He looked at me and stealthily mouthed something: 'Can I fuck them?'

Too aroused to care, I nodded at him, getting prepared for the next scene in the performance. I leaned back and spread my legs even further apart, giving my fingers even deeper access to my dark places.

Daddy pulled Lexi to her feet and bent her over the table. Pulling her skirt and underpanties down, he got down on his knees and spread her cheeks apart, breathing in her intoxicating aroma and seeing her pussy dripping drops of her juices over the carpet. He stuck his tongue out and caught a drop. "Mmm!" he moaned, now hooked on her taste.

He dove right in, ferociously eating her tight pussy and savouring every moment and flavour between her legs. He licked up her slit, catching every drop of delicious ooze she dispensed. Faye was feeling left out so she got under the table as close to Daddy's cock as possible and grabbed it firmly, jackhammering it and licking her lips as she did so.

When he was as big and as hard as he could be, Faye laid down on her back and took his thick dick in her mouth. She couldn't move much so Daddy did the work, shoving his cock in and out of her mouth while his tongue was deep in Lexi's pussy, slowly at first and getting faster and harder with each thrust.

Lexi reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them further for Daddy. With his hands now free, he reached forward and grabbed her tits, one in each hand, and massaged them. All three of them were moaning very loudly, which in turn made my fingers move faster. I was salivating so much, so absorbed with what was happening, some of my saliva escaped my mouth and dripped onto my top, making me look like a comatose patient.

Daddy's cock was hard and wet, and Lexi's pussy was tight and wet. 'Time to put the two together', thought Daddy. He pulled his cock out of Faye's mouth, much to her disappointment, and stood up, placing his head at her entrance. He eased his big knob in slowly and when that was clear, he slid the rest of his area inside. She was really wet, a mixture of her juices and his and Faye's saliva, so wet that he could go hard and fast straight away.

Shooting his cock inside her like a bullet, she gasped and clawed at the table. He pumped in and out of her like a piston, seemingly infinite and endlessly moving. Faye hopped up onto the table and positioned her spread legs under Lexi's mouth. As if having her best friend's father's cock buried deep inside her wasn't enough, also being presented with her other best friend's pink pussy for her to engorge herself on was an added bonus.

Lexi dropped her head between her friend's legs and drank up every drop of cream that was made available to her; when Faye's pussy leaked a little more, Lexi was there to clean it up. Being jolted every second or so with a cock pounding into her made being steady tricky. Lexi wrapped her arms around Faye's legs in an effort to stabilize their movement in relation to her insatiable tongue. "Oh! My! God! Oh! Fuck!" Lexi yelled with sharp choppy utterances in-between pleasing Faye.

Soon, that familiar look appeared on Daddy's face; he was about to cum. Daddy pulled out of Lexi and began vigorously pumping his cock, aiming for the small of her back. A moment later, the big moment arrived, wads of white ejaculatory ropes flew into the air and crash landed onto Lexi's back, with a few rogue globules hitting her ass and dripping between her cheeks over her shithole.

Faye leaned up and over Lexi, bringing her face closer to her back and lapping at the white cream like a kitty over its milk bowl. I was so into what was happening that I didn't even realise that I had cum myself. I pulled my fingers out from my cum-soaked pussy and whistled at Daddy. "Want a taste?"

He stumbled over to me and licked my fingers clean, finally collapsing onto my lap, licking my pussy where he could without moving his head. Everyone was exhausted and we all decided to crash on the bed, naked and huddled together in a giant knot of post-orgasmic satisfaction.


When I awoke from last night's events, I was alone in the bed. I heard the girls in the other room and already my cock was semi-erect, remembering all the things that had happened with them. I had only ever fantasised about fucking Jenny's best friends, but last night, all of my dreams came true. I got up, naked and aroused, and walked into the next room.

The sight I beheld was a most arousing one. All three girls were standing in the kitchen making breakfast, butt-naked. Seeing a trio of hot nude teenagers was something I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined would come to fruition. But here I am, drooling over their naked bodies, my cock getting harder by the second. At first they didn't notice me, they were too busy eating food and touching each other. They were getting quite erotic too, spreading different spreads over one another and licking it off. Faye, I saw, put chocolate syrup on Jenny's nipples and licked it off, which caused more blood and testosterone to be spurt into my already hard dick.

Lexi noticed me standing in the doorway first, as Faye and Jenny were enjoying each other at the time. She simply walked up to me and without a word, got down on her knees and took my stiffie deep into her mouth. This was going to be a great day!

Feeling her throat relax and contract around my thick cock as she tried to breathe felt so good, I almost came instantly. I could hear her struggle to inhale through her nose but being respirationally restricted didn't seem to faze her; she was enjoying sucking me too much.

Faye and Jenny finally noticed that they weren't alone in the room and came over, kneeling on either side of their friend and putting their heads on Lexi's shoulders. Faye reached up and began massaging my balls while Jenny cupped Lexi's tits in her hands and played with them. The sudden sensation of her tits being touched made Lexi gasp, her throat releasing my cock from its hold. She breathed deep and fast for a few seconds, making up for the oxygen depletion she experienced whilst almost gagging on my rock-hard rod.

Jenny took her momentary break as an opportunity to take over. Leaning in, her wet mouth engulfed my entire cock, my balls hitting her chin as she took in every millimetre. I was so far inside her, the girls could see the outline of my cock in her throat. I grabbed a handful of her hair in each hand and begun thrusting slowly and deeply into her eager hole. She was salivating profusely, allowing me to easily glide in and out of her mouth, despite how deep I was going.

I was getting dangerously close to cumming, and I didn't want this to end too soon, so I pulled out of my daughter's mouth and turned towards Faye. She was the only girl here who I hadn't eaten or fucked. All three girls had had my cock in their mouths, which was great, but I wanted to taste Faye's delicious pussy and feel my cock deep inside her.

I laid her back on the floor and spread her legs. She was keen and excited to have her best friend's father's tongue teasing her clit. Her pink pussy was glistening, completely drenched with her secretions. Not wanting to be left out, Lexi knelt over Faye's face facing me, gently biting her lip in fervent anticipation to be eaten out as well. She ran her fingers through her hair and let it softly drape over her luscious boobs.

Faye grabbed Lexi's ass cheeks and brought her sweet slit down onto her thirsty tongue. Jenny took her position next to Faye and got to work pleasing her titties and nipples. I could see how much Faye was being turned on with all this attention; having Lexi sitting on her face and Jenny sucking on her breasts was having an increased effect on her pussy juice production. She was dripping like a leaky faucet! "Mmm!" Faye moaned. "Lexi, you taste so fucking good!"

"Oh God, mmm!" Lexi was moaning so loud, it was turning everyone on even more. "Fuck Faye, stick your tongue deep in my pussy." Even though she wasn't talking to me, I decided to take her advice and lowered my head between Faye's legs.

My tongue was drawn to her tasty oasis like a magnet. I felt the shudder of pleasure pulsate through her body when I made first contact. Her mouth-watering flavour excited every tastebud on my tongue. I stretched my tongue out as far as I could and pierced her hole, exploring every facet of her insides. Faye kept one hand on Lexi's ass and used her other hand to grab my head and suffocate me against her pussy. I was happy to be used as her own personal fuck toy.

Lexi dropped down and 69ed Faye, pushing me down to taste her ass while she took over my job of pleasing her slit. With Faye's tits now no longer easily accessible, Jenny knelt behind Lexi and did the same as me, lick and probe her ass with her tongue.

I was still so close to cumming, even though my cock hadn't received much attention in the last few minutes. I shifted my weight onto my knees and shoved my cock into Lexi's mouth to get it hard and wet again. She graciously obliged, pausing from eating out her friend and took my cock deep into her mouth, lubricating it as it went in. When it was wet enough, I withdrew it from her dark orifice and touched Faye's engorged clit with the tip of my dick.

Faye, knowing what was about to happen, stopped everything and flipped over, face down and ass up doggy style, giving me a perfect view of her overflowing pussy and tight asshole, just the way I like it. 'Don't worry little asshole," I thought to myself, 'I'll have you soon.' I gave her pussy one final lick before I shoved my eight-incher deep inside this teenage hottie.

"Oh FUCK!" she screamed. "You're so big! Shove it all inside me, I want your big cock deep inside my tight little pussy!" Hearing her talk like that was making it very difficult not to cum. I wanted to keep my thoughts where they were, thinking about fucking my daughter and her two friends, but the more I thought about it, the harder it was to hold back my testicular flood gates.

Jenny laid on her back, legs spread in front of Faye's face waiting for her turn. Lexi, in turn, sat on Jenny's face as she did to Faye earlier on. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, a line of three teen sluts and myself, all pleasing each other in a massive chain of sexual ecstasy. I was on the absolute brink of ejaculating.

Sensing how close I was, Lexi and Jenny abandoned their posts and moved away. I was about to pull out and cum on Faye's back when Jenny grabbed my butt and pushed me deeper into Faye's tight fuckhole. "Cum inside her Daddy!" I thought, of the three of them, I was going to cum inside Jenny first, but shooting my seed deep inside Faye was the next best thing. I held her hips tight and thrusted hard and sharp until every drop was scattered in her womb.

When I was done, I fell back onto the floor, completely spent and happy with what I had achieved in the short time since I woke up. Faye stood up and told Jenny to lay down under her. She then squatted over Jenny's face and worked her pussy, enticing my deposit to be released. Globs of cum slowly dripped out of her and into Jenny's mouth, and when it had all come out, Faye dropped her pussy onto Jenny's face, rubbing her juices and the remainder of my excretions all over.

About ten minutes went by and we decided that we couldn't just stay in the hotel all day. Faye and Lexi got cleaned up, dressed and went to the bottom floor and paid for their own room adjacent to our own so they could stay and enjoy our vacation with us. We considered all moving into one big room but we didn't want to blow our cover so an adjacent room was the best we could do. Jenny and I stayed on the floor, holding and kissing each other.

"I'm surprised you wanted me to cum inside Faye's pussy first. I thought you would've wanted that honour." She leaned up and kissed me, biting down on my lower lip and dragging it out just a little before letting it go. "I did, but how hot was it, cumming inside of her and her dripping your cum out into my mouth?" She was so proud with what she'd done.

"So hot, I loved it!" She smiled, joyful in the knowledge that she'd made her old man happy. "Do you mind them staying, though? This vacation was supposed to be just us, acting like a couple."

"I do and don't at the same time, if that makes sense. I want it to just be us but at the same time, what we did last night and just then was hot as fuck, and I want to do more of it!"

I thought about that for a minute. "Maybe we could be a couple on dates and shit, like dinner and movies, but during the day we all hang out outside or stay in here and fuck some more. How does that sound?"

She pressed her lips against mine and her naked tits against my chest. Keeping our lips touching, she whispered, "It's so fucking hot hearing you talk like that." We pashed once more and hopped in the shower together, getting cleaned up for the day ahead.

After we had a shower and got dressed, I had a bite to eat and we headed downstairs to meet with the girls. We met in the lobby and left the hotel.

The remainder of the day was exciting and eventful. To the rest of the world I just looked like a typical father taking his daughter and her friends on a day trip; little did the world know what I did with these girls behind closed doors. Knowing the distinct difference made me so horny all day. Watching the girls do normal things like shopping and whatever but knowing that when we get back to the hotel the things we'll be doing is anything but normal turned me on so much. I had to conceal my boner at various stages of our outing.

"Daddy, do you mind if we go out alone, just the three of us?" Jenny asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Sure," I replied. Having some alone time would give me the opportunity to think about the girls and what naughty things we'll be getting up to later on. The trio walked away, swaying their hips as they walked. I needed to get back to the hotel; my cock was throbbing and in desperate need of attention. I wonder what the girls were going to be doing without me. Nothing too naughty, I hope...

As the three of us walked away from Dad and he was finally out of view, he started hatching out the details of our plan. Before he woke up this morning, we all decided that we wanted to surprise him with a kinky display of teenage sexuality.

We went to several shops nearby, including a lingerie store, a costume store and a porn store. We wanted to make Daddy cum harder than he ever has without even touching us.

After a few hours of erotic shopping, we grabbed a coffee at the café down the road from the hotel and planned out our attack. We had everything planned out but we couldn't figure out one specific detail: our entry. What we wanted was to be in the room before Daddy saw us but that would be very difficult without knowing what he was doing. We came up with the idea of calling him and telling him we want to go out at dusk and insinuating that he needs to have a shower. When we hear the water running, we sneak in and prepare the show.

We finished our coffees and went to the hotel lobby. Calling from my mobile, I called him. "Daddy, we want to go out and see the town tonight. Have a shower and get ready, okay?" He argued the fact that he already had a shower with me this morning, but I was very persuasive. He reluctantly acquiesced to quickly shower so we didn't have much time.

We went up to our floor and stood outside our room. As soon as we heard the water running, we snuck in, quickly got undressed and changed into our new clothes. Faye was wearing white bridal lingerie which included a pushup bra, g-string, suspenders and stockings; Lexi was wearing something a lot darker, lots of leather with a dog collar, chain and high heel knee-high boots; and I was wearing a sexy cosplay outfit of Ariel from The Little Mermaid complete with seashell bra and green panties, stockings and high heels. Each of us was wearing something different, and hopefully this smorgasbord of sexy seductresses would make Daddy feel so horny and special.

The water stopped and we knew, it was showtime. Daddy came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and another drying his hair. Every time I see his body, I'm both amazed and aroused. He's so hot and it was making me wet just thinking that in a few minutes I, along with my two sexy best friends, were going to be fucking his hottie of a man.

He walked out of the bathroom as froze as soon as he saw us, his erection immediately coming to attention. His eyes bulged out of their sockets seeing the three of us dressed as we were. He dropped the towel in his hand and loosened the towel around his waist, springing his cock out.

"Sit over there," ordered Lexi, pointing to the couch. He walked over and sat down, his cock excitedly twitching in anticipation of what was to come. The three of us walked over to the couch and stood in front of him, me in the middle and the girls on either side of me.

"You have been a very bad boy, Daddy." As I spoke, Faye and Lexi turned around and bent over, displaying their carefully concealed pussies behind their underwear for his viewing pleasure. "As punishment, we have decided to make you watch us fuck each other, but if you behave while we please one another, we'll let you fuck us." The girls stayed still as I got on my knees and played with them both, still facing Daddy to see his reaction to his little girl playing with her best friends' clits.

His jaw dropped, some slight drool escaping the corner of his mouth. His hand wrapped around his cock but I slapped it away. We weren't fucking in front of him for his cock, only for his eyes. This was going to be hell for him, I could tell, and that was the point. We all longed to be in control and this was the best way to accomplish that.

I knelt behind Faye and pulled her g-string to the side, exposing her wet slit just waiting for me to lap it up. I got as close as I could without actually touching it, exhaling slowly and sending shivers up Faye's body. She knew that teasing Daddy was our primary goal but it was going to hell for us too if we had to go slowly but I decided to speed things up.

Poking my tongue out ever so slightly, I took a single drop of her juices onto my tongue, savouring the taste and making sure Daddy had the best view to see what I was doing. All the while Lexi was still bent over, her hand between her legs keeping herself wet for when I moved on to her. I made sure I was staying wet too, not that I needed to, my own fingers exploring the dark crevasses of my loins.

Not wanting Lexi to feel left out at all, I shifted position and knelt behind her, pulling down her panties and spreading her butt cheeks apart as I dived in more rigorously than I did with Faye. A miniature lake of her pussy cream was on the floor between her feet, absolute proof that Lexi was incredibly turned on and ready to be eaten.

Lexi let out a loud moan as my tongue probed her nether regions, reaching behind her and pulling my head closer between her cheeks. I was moaning loudly as well, muffled and encouraged by her pussy. Faye stood up and walked around Lexi. Standing next to her ass, her cheeks already spread for my access, she leaned down and teased her asshole with her tongue, assisting me with doubly pleasuring both of Lexi's holes.

Not being able to contain it for much longer, Lexi pushed into our faces, eager to heighten the experience to push her over the orgasmic edge. Her breathing got faster, her moaning got louder and her spasming got bigger, all indicators that we were close to making her cum. We really wanted Lexi to cum on our tongues and faces so we engulfed her holes, ensuring a tight seal with our mouths to trap her escaping secretions inside.

I couldn't see Daddy but Faye could from where she was and he must be behaving himself, otherwise she would've taken action. I wish I could see his eyes, see the mind-blowing lust brewing inside him unable to be released. Within a minute, Lexi collapsed under the weight of her own orgasm, falling to the floor on her back and spreading her legs for Daddy to see, still managing to stay in character even amidst the flood-like influx of good feelings originating from her pussy.

Looking at Daddy, my face shining and shimmering with Lexi's cum, I could see how hard it was for him to remain motionless, and how hard his cock was, standing straighter than the Empire State Building. I underestimated how difficult it would be for all of us to keep Daddy out of our orgy. All three of us wanted his cock deep inside us, me most of all. I wanted to feel his thick cock spread my pussy lips apart and tunnel its way deeper and deeper into my body, finally releasing his seed into his little girl's thirsty womb.

I laid down on top of Lexi, putting my ass in the air for Daddy to look at. Pressing our tits together, I breathed seductively into her ear. While there, I asked her if it was too early to allow Daddy to join in. She shook her head, her eyes closed and still moaning quietly in contentment.

I stood up, walked over to him and straddled him, allowing his cock to touch my pussy but not allowing it to spread my lips even a little. "Have you behaved yourself, Daddy?" I asked, placing my arms on his shoulders and edging myself closer to his lips, letting him breathe in Lexi's scent. He nodded energetically. I took a moment to look at him, then kissed him, sharing Lexi's taste and massaging his tongue with my own.

I shifted my weight onto my knees and took a hold of his cock, guiding it to my moist entrance. I've never seen him so relieved and excited. His cock head slipped easily inside and I just fell onto his member, a quick drop to have all of him inside me at once.

I was afraid he was going to cum straight away because of all the teasing, and my fears were correct. Within seconds of being inside me, I felt his cock pulsate and all of his seed shot deep into my womb. I was happy because I wanted Daddy's cum inside me, especially with the possibility of getting pregnant by him, but I was sad because I didn't want to stop fucking him. But I was wrong.

Not only did he keep going, he even fucked me harder and faster than before. He ripped my bra off and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it harder than ever before.

"Does Ariel like having her daddy's cum in her perfect pussy?" I nodded profusely, grinding against his cock and biting my lip. I looked over my shoulder to see what the girls were doing and they were on the floor, 69ing each other, not paying attention to Daddy or me at all, just enjoying each other's pussies.

Bouncing up and down on Daddy's cock was getting me so excited, I didn't want to stop. His hands on my ass, my tit in his mouth, his cum in my pussy, it was all so yummy! It was probably because we seduced him and fucked in front of him first that his cock was still hard post-ejaculation. I leaned in and whispered into his ear, "Do you want to fuck Faye's or Lexi's ass?" He whispered into my ear, "Fuck yes!" and then sucked on my ear lobe while continuing to shove his rock hard cock deep into me. "Whose?"

"Lexi's. I've already cum inside Faye, now I want Lexi."

I reluctantly slipped off Daddy's cock and went down to take it into my mouth, tasting my pussy and his cum in a cocktail of yummy bodily fluids. He stood up and went over to the girls, kneeling behind Lexi and bending over to lube up her asshole with his tongue. I did the same with Faye and both of them were very happy with being doubly pleased.

Once Lexi's tight backdoor was lubricated enough, Daddy knelt onto his knees and guided his hard boy toy towards her taboo entrance. Her moans heightened in pitch and volume and Faye spread her cheeks apart while continuing to explore her pussy hole with her tongue.

Grabbing a handful of Lexi's hair, he thrust into her, filling her with his thick man meat. She let out a loud gasp and went back to eating Faye's clit. I decided to bring out another purchase we made whilst shopping today, a strap-on dildo. I took it out of the bag it came in and put it on.

Squeezing some lube onto the artificial appendage, I went behind Faye and prepared her for the same treatment. Lexi knew what I was planning to do so she spread Faye's ass cheeks to allow me as much room to fuck her. Lexi was being so loud with Daddy's cock inside her.

"Oh FUCK, yes, fuck me! Fuck that tight asshole, you dirty old man!" She pushed back onto his dick, wanting his as deep as humanly possible.

"You like that, you fucking slut? You dirty bondage whore, taking your best friend's father's thick cock in your tight ass!" She nodded so hard, sticking her tongue out and licking desperately at Faye's pussy.

Trying to fuck Faye's ass was hard because she was on the floor, so close to the ground. I got behind her, did the splits and pressed my strap-on into her tiny brown opening. I slid in easily to Faye and she loved being fucked there. I started pumping into her, pistoning deeply into her ass. I really wish I could've felt being inside her.

Daddy was so excited participating in our current scenario, him and his daughter ass-fucking two teenage sluts 69ing each other. I was getting so wet, it was hard to keep the strap-on on and not get her to eat my pussy. Fuck it.

I took it off and pulled Faye out from under Lexi. Spreading her legs, I intertwined my legs with hers and rubbed my clit against hers, scissoring her and sharing our juices in a knot of lesbian promiscuity. Bringing her closer to me, we pressed our lips together, passionately kissing and running our hands through each other's hair.

Daddy looked at us, his daughter and her friend scissoring and kissing, and prepared for a second cumming. Her grabbed Lexi's cheeks for added leverage and thrusted as hard as he could into her tight hole. Each pump was harder than the last, stretching her ass to its limits and preparing her colon to accept his load.

She screamed, "FUCK ME YOU FUCKWAD! Give me your cum, cum in me, shoot your load deep in my ass!" That was enough, and Daddy arched his back in orgasmic release, jettisoning his seed into Lexi's anal region.

Faye jumped off me and ran to Lexi, positioning her face under her, so when Daddy pulled his cock out and a stray droplet of cum escaped and fell onto Faye's face, Lexi knelt up and sat down onto Faye's tongue. Lexi rode Faye's tongue, allowing all of Daddy's cum to escape her and into Faye's mouth.

Once it was all out of Lexi, Faye showed everyone how much cum she had in her mouth and then swallowed, content with her reward. I pulled her face towards me and licked her lips, eager to find any rogue globules of cum that she may have missed.

Daddy was completely spent after cumming twice, but we girls still wanted to play. I sat down and asked the girls to do the same. Spreading my legs, they did likewise and we entwined our limps to do a three-way scissor. Gliding all of our pussies over each other's was intense and incredibly intoxicating. We let our lips and hands explore one another's tits and skin and it didn't take us long before we brought each other to an amazing and powerful climax, our pulsating genitalia moving in sync with each other.

We fell into a heap on the floor, relaxed and satisfied from our latest fuck fest. Daddy joined us, enjoying the company of his three sex toys. We continued to play with each other, not wanting a single second to go by without some sexual misdeed.

"I don't want to go back to our normal lives when we get back home." Daddy was right; after everything we've done and been through, it's going to be nigh impossible to just be friends with Faye and Lexi and just be Daddy's daughter again.

We all hopped in the shower together. It was large so we all fit in there quite comfortably, but it was difficult getting clean when all we wanted to do was get dirty with one another. I had my fingers inside Faye, she had her fingers inside Lexi, she had her hand around Daddy's cock, and Daddy had his fingers in me. A beautiful circle of mutual masturbation. Once we finished and actually got clean, we left the shower and laid on the bed, wet and naked together.

Daddy got up and made himself a coffee. When we were alone, I suggested something to the girls, which they were really excited for. When Daddy got back, we proposed a game to him.

"What kind of game?" he rebutted.

"You've tasted all of our pussies so we want to blindfold you and let you eat us all and see if you can tell us who you're eating." I winked as I spoke and his cock twitched. He put his coffee down on the side table and laid down on the bed.

We got a sleep mask from the linin closet and put it on him. We were curious and intrigued. Could he guess whose pussy is whose?

"We'll try our best to not moan when you taste us and you get a minute each. You ready?"

"Fuck yeah!"

Faye got on top of him and sat on his face, facing his feet. He stuck out his tongue and began the taste test. Grinding against his face, she spread her cheeks apart and lathered his face with her cream. Not being able to keep her mouth to herself, she bent over and started sucking on his cock. Seeing her 69 my dad was so hot, I couldn't stay still. I licked my fingers and slid them deep inside Lexi, two in her pussy and one in her ass. She had to bite her lip hard to not make a sound so I pulled her lips to mine and gave them something to do.

After a minute, Faye got off, upset that her sixty seconds had already passed, and I got on. Doing the same thing, I began 69ing Daddy and grinding my clit over his face. I saw that Lexi did to Faye what I was doing to her, and Faye loved it. I loved having Daddy's cock in my mouth, deep in my throat, his balls pressing firmly up against my nose.

My minute passed quickly as well and I felt as sad as Faye was. A minute really wasn't long enough, but for the purposes of the game, I guess we had to grin and bear it. I got off and it was Lexi's turn. We changed places and Faye immediately stuck her fingers inside me in the same configuration. Getting vaginally and anally probed whilst watching Lexi grind her pussy against Daddy's face and take his cock deep in her mouth was such a turn on, and even though we'd only just cum, I wanted to fuck again!

After another sixty seconds, Lexi got off and we sat on the couch, fingers in each other and sucking on one another's hard nipples. Daddy sat up, removed the sleep mask and looked at us. He was totally pussy-drunk and needed more.

"So Daddy, whose pussy was whose?" Seeing us play with each other after just 69ing all of us, I'm surprised he was paying attention at all. "If you get it right, we fuck right now any way you want. If you're wrong, we get dressed and don't fuck for the rest of the day. Please get it right!"

He thought for a moment, carefully deliberating with himself. He knew what was at stake, a final fuck with three teenage hotties who desperately want his cock. He needed to get this right, for all our sakes.

"Um... I think... F-Faye... was first?" She smiled and nodded. He sighed a huge sigh of relief; one down, two to go.

"Next was..." He took a deep breath. He was noticeably shaking, I felt bad for him. Please say me.


I leapt up and cuddled him, as did the girls. "And just for fun, who was last?"

"Lexi, duh." He was just so happy that he was right and could now fuck us all again. We bent over doggy position and spread our cheeks for him to see, me in the middle and the girls on either side of me. "So how would you like to fuck us?"

He walked closer, lubed his cock head with his spit and pushed it into my ass. I let out a huge moan, I loved having Daddy's cock in my ass. He licked his fingers and pushed his first two digits into Faye's and Lexi's asses too. This was so hot, Daddy fucking my ass and fingering my besties' asses at the same time. Each thrust sent a huge surge of electricity through me, and I'm sure his fingers were pleasing the girls the same way. I reached across and stuck my fingers in their pussies. They both arched their backs in ecstasy.

Without the support of my arms, I was laying on my chest, moving in sync with Daddy's thrusts. Faye and Lexi leaned over me and began kissing very passionately while using one hand each to play with my tits. How could this get any hotter!

"Oh my God, fuck! Daddy, cum in me again! Cum in my ass!"

"Oh fuck, you girls are such cum sluts! Do you all want my cum?"

"Yes!" yelled Faye.

"Fuck yeah!" screamed Lexi.

He pulled on all of our hair and got us on our knees. He frantically jerked on his cock in front of our faces. We got closer, our mouths open, our tongues out. We all wanted his cum in our mouths, and we massaged each other's tongue with our own while we waited for Daddy to reach his destination. Our hands fondled everyone's tits and slid between our legs.

It wasn't long before we had ropes of thick cum shooting over our faces, Daddy eagerly trying to spread the love, and cum, between the three of us equally.

When he had finished, Lexi leaned over and tried to suck more out of him. Faye and I went under and took his balls in our mouths, one each, and pleased him even more. We then began licking each other's faces, cleaning off the cum and swallowing what we had.

Sad that our vacation was coming to an end, we ordered room service and watched pay-per-view porn in our room. We only had until morning and we wanted to make it count. For the vast majority of our vacation, all we had been doing is fucking each other and we weren't planning on stopping. We decided to quickly pack our things so we were ready, got out to dinner and then fuck and sleep til we had to leave. We got dressed and headed out for something to eat. We found a nice Chinese restaurant and enjoyed the break from all the sex. After our meals we received our traditional fortune cookies. Three of them were complete duds, funny but boring, but Faye's was interesting. It read, "You will experience new things with new friends." We all looked at each other and knew it was talking about our vacation together. We laughed at the irony, finished dessert and went back to our room. After watching some TV to let our stomachs settle, Lexi spoke up.
"Anyone want to fuck again?" she asked. It was getting pretty late but none of us wanted to sleep; all we wanted to do was fuck each other before we had to return to our "normal" lives back home. The prospect of going back to our lives before was daunting and upsetting, but it also stoked the fires within us to make the most of the time we had remaining in this room. We had done lots of things together in this room, none of which we could share with anyone else, so we had to do everything we could to savour the memories and enjoy what time we had remaining.

Daddy stood up and without a word, took his pants off and grabbed Lexi on both side of her face, 0positioning her open mouth and shoving his cock inside. He pulled out and shoved it back in hard, repeating that sequence faster and faster til he was fucking her face like a cheap hooker.

He grabbed Faye's hand and pulled her down, sitting her next to Lexi. He then pulled out of her mouth and shoved it hard inside Faye's mouth, fucking her face the same way. Faye had a slightly more sensitive gag reflex but she still managed to take his entire girth deep in her mouth, almost into her throat.

I got the hint and sat down next to Faye and opened my mouth, ready for my turn. Daddy, in return for my initiative, with his cock still in Faye's mouth, tilted my mouth up and spat in me, adding extra lubrication for my throat-fucking. He pulled out of her mouth and put his head on my lips. I sucked it a little, enjoying the flavour of his cock and my besties' saliva. Without a moment's hesitation, he shoved it hard inside my mouth, as deep as he could possibly go.

I took in every centimetre of his tasty rod, allowing complete access to the deepest part of my throat. The girls were impressed how much I could take him in. He was thrusting into me harder than he did with Faye and Lexi, probably because he knew I could deep-throat his amazing cock. He pushed in as deep as he could, resting his balls on my chin, and I grabbed his ass and pulled him even deeper. I love having my father's cock deep in me, and I didn't care which hole he was in. If there were three of him, I'd gladly be gangbanged by him, I love his cock so much!

He pulled out, pushed Faye against the wall, lifted her leg and shoved his cock inside her. She almost screamed with pleasure, her pussy once again being used and abused by this tree trunk of a dick. He put all of his fingers in her mouth and made her suck them. Once they were wet enough, he reached behind her and stuck four fingers in her ass, two from each hand, and spread them enough to almost rip her asshole apart.

I grabbed them and moved them away from the wall so Lexi and I could participate. Watching Faye's hole being torn apart, seeing deep in the darkness of her colon, was so incredibly arousing. Lexi and I both leaned in and began licking at her hole, our saliva adding to the juices secreting from her anal canal. Lexi reached up and took one of Faye's nipples in her hand, pinching it and twisting it hard. She let out a noise of total satisfaction, every erogenous zone of her body being teased and tantalized. Daddy bent Faye over doggy-style and lifted me up so I was straddling his face whilst standing. Doing a reverse shoulder ride, he stuck his tongue out and pierced my slit, entering my taboo area and drinking up every drop I gave him.

Lexi went in front of Faye and bent over. Faye, distracted by the pussy-fucking she was receiving, almost didn't notice, but when she did, she grabbed Lexi's ass and pulled her onto her tongue, salivating as she explored her friend's dirty hole. The aroma of our combined scent filled the room, her tongue disappearing deeper and deeper into Lexi's backdoor.

"Oh my God! FUCK!" screamed Faye, arching back in response to Daddy's expert pussy pounding. She stuck her nose between Lexi's ass cheeks and breathed in her addictively pungent smell. She wrapped her arms around her legs and started rubbing her clit as she returned her tongue inside her ass.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Lexi was definitely enjoying what Faye was doing to her, just as I was enjoying what Daddy was doing to me. Holding my ass for stability, he pulled my pussy closer onto his tongue. I could feel his oral appendage flicking at my insides. I grabbed his hair with one hand, keeping my other hand on the ceiling for support, and closed any gaps between his mouth and my pussy.

Daddy had cum so much today he was taking longer to reach his climactic end, but we girls were so close, it wouldn't take too much more to push us over the edge. Seconds later, Lexi was getting weak at the knees and fell on the floor, Faye still attempting to suck at her asshole. Faye, in turn, almost crumbled onto the ground when she'd cum on Daddy's cock, and I almost fell off his shoulders when I came. Thankfully he landed me safely, letting me collapse in a heap, my head in the clouds still amazed that all of my sexual experiences have been with the man who helped make me.

He turned me over and rose my hips in the air. He still hadn't cum and I'm guessing he wanted to shoot his seed in my ass. It was still wet from Faye's pussy and I eagerly spread my cheeks for his cock. He filled my hole and gyrated back and forth, faster and harder until he couldn't contain himself any longer and deposited his load of hot steamy cum deep in my ass. Pulling out slowly, a few globs of white goo escaped and dripped down between my pussy lips.

Faye wanted to have some so she came in, licked up from the tip of my pussy to my ass, capturing every escapee and swallowing it all. She continued to rim my ass, drawing little circles around my hole with her tongue, and it felt incredible. Lexi came around us, wrapped her arm around my leg and stuck her fingers in my pussy while pushing Faye's tongue deeper into my ass. She almost couldn't breathe but she loved it.

When all was said and done and we were all finished, the four of us sat on the couch together, arms around each other and laying on each other's chests. No words were spoken but I'm quite sure we were all thinking about the same thing, and that is, how could we possibly go back to the life we had before? I was reminded of a famous quote I'd read in a book at school: "How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart, you begin to understand, there is no going back?" Ah Frodo, you knew what it's like in this situation.

We got dressed into our pajamas and went to bed, all curling up on the same mattress, knowing that when the dawn arrives, that was it, at least for Faye and Lexi for the time being. When they visited us we could all fuck some more, but for the outside world, no one must know about us. Daddy and I could feign a different life outside our house and keep our relationship secret, but we wanted to figure out something to keep them in our lives. When we got back home, Daddy eventually found a different job as a writer that allowed him to work from home. After high school, we girls moved in together and Daddy just happened to live with us as well. From that day on, every day was the best day it could be, especially behind closed doors.

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