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My Mother's Lover(s) Ch. 02

Part 1 recap -- My mother Stella had taken a female lover (Valeri) who eventually wanted a fling with me. That led to a threesome where my mother and I had mutual sexual contact -- just kisses and hands though. After Val went home, we had a talk.

Mom drove Val home and I took care of a few chores. When she returned home we tried to act like normal but obviously the atmosphere was strained and artificial. After dinner my mother said "We'd better talk about this morning. Pour us some wine and let's sit down in the living room."

We sipped our wine and she looked into my face. "So?"

"It was wonderful mom."

"I'm so relieved. I've been fretting that I behaved like no mother should. That my own wantonness took advantage of you."

"Mom, I was a fully willing participant. I loved being naked with you and touching you in the shower."

"And I loved seeing your cock and touching it. And I saw you come, twice."

"Mom, I think I'm falling in love. And you can see and touch my cock anytime."

"Can I give it blowjobs too? I'd love to put my lips around it."

I had a raging erection by now. "Anytime Mom. But only if I can return the favor."

"You'd lick my pussy Brian? You'd stick your tongue up my cunt?"

"Not only that, I'd lick your ass too."

"Ooohh, so I won't have to give that up if I break up with Val."

"Break up? I thought you were crazy about her."

"I was, but I've met someone new and I want to devote myself to that relationship."

I moved over and we embraced. She broke the clinch.

"Now let's continue this conversation in the bedroom. Naked."

We made our way to the bedroom and my mother paused and asked "Are you sure of this?"

"Yes. Are you?"

She nodded. "Are you sure you're sure?"

"I'm..." and then, worried about getting tripped up by the multiplying "sures", I nodded.

"Well, we're going to have this relationship, a full one, but I'd rather not rush into it right away."

I must have looked baffled.

"Get undressed. For now I'd like to just lie naked in the bed with you, like we did this morning."

Sounded good to me, though I wasn't sure how this would play out. We stripped and got on the bed. My mother was on the far side, lying on her side propped up on her right elbow, a couple of feet from me. I really liked the look of her trim body and didn't mind if her breasts drooped a bit. I'm not sure how to put it but it seemed to make her more human to me. Too much perfection would have been intimidating. I can't say that's exactly how I thought at the time but it's the best articulation of those unformed notions that I can now muster.

For some reason I was fascinated by her public hair. I'd mentioned before she resembled Helen Hunt. Trim, 5'9" (175 cm for non-Americans; ironically, the last bastion of the British Imperial system of measurements), blonde, and with those high cheekbones that everybody loves. Her pubic hair was untrimmed but sparse and wispy. I now imagined how, without having thought of it before, it was always tucked away inside her panties as she made me breakfast, hurried me along to school, coaxed me into finishing my homework, scolded me when I was acting up.

All those roles a mother plays -- guardian, protector, teacher, disciplinarian, nag. You get used to them that way and don't think of them quite as an independent human being with goals, aims, wants, desires, needs and foibles of their own. And all this time there was a woman, an attractive woman, with that sparse, wispy, blonde pubic hair covered up resting above that font of femininity. And here it was unashamedly on display for me.

Maybe she was thinking something like this because we didn't speak for a while.

"Brian, I want you to know that I love being naked here with you. You know, I put my sex life on the back burner for so many years until Val reawakened it. I hadn't thought of you sexually, well, not very often, until Val brought you into the mix. Then it came over me that you were an adult, a sexual being with the same desires and wants as me. It's not that I thought you wanted me. But when I knew you were about to start a sexual relationship with Val, I couldn't help imagining how each of us would be naked and doing sexual things with the same person. That meant thinking of you naked, naked with an erect cock. Like you have now. And, well, I couldn't help imagining that whatever you were doing with Val, you could be doing with me."

I was enjoying the talk, and especially the sight of my naked mother, but part of me worried that this was headed for a letdown. Not the part that, in the moment, counted, but still...

"I still can't quite absorb how we've reached this state but, I don't know, I don't want to analyse this to death." "Good thing" I was thinking. This was plenty enough of analysis for my tastes.

"So Brian, love..." Oh oh, "love", that set of an alarm. Not klaxon-sized but enough to wilt my erection. Not that we guys have anything against love. We often say it and often mean it. But coming from the other side it triggers the commitment warning. It's over-sensitive and sends out messages like "Careful, are you pledging to have sex only with this woman and with this woman only for the rest of your life?" In this case I shifted to the Scarlett O'Hara position and decided to think about that tomorrow.

"So Brian, love, you're really OK with our having a physical, sexual, relationship?"

Yikes. By this time I'd reckoned she would have gone down on me as the opening act of glorious sex. Instead I had to divert resources to the big head.

"Mom, a few weeks ago I could never have imagined being in this situation and having this conversation. But here we are. I've loved how we've grown closer, all of that physical contact, and, well, being naked with you. And I'm really hoping we'll do the sorts of things that naked people do."

She smiled. "Brian, I do love you, and not just maternally. But it looks like someone was getting bored with it."

And she grabbed my cock. It had slipped into "at ease" mode but was soon at attention. Then she kissed me, tentatively as though she was still gauging my intentions. I responded fast, kissing her passionately and within seconds our tongues were lashing back and forth. I caressed her pussy and felt the first bit of wetness. We quickly settled into a rhythm of stroking and kissing. She had her left leg over my right and was bucking her hips while tugging my head into her face.

I had expected we'd do more but the kissing and stroking was blissful. In some ways it felt more intimate than full-on sex. Deep kissing is plenty intimate on its own. And the stroking and fingering seemed so deliberate. Whereas actual fucking has that instinctual aspect, touching seemed to say "I desire you as a sexual being; I want to touch your sex and give it, you, sexual pleasure." I can't say that such articulated thoughts were present at the time but in retrospect it's the best construction I can make.

Our bodies were closer now and Mom was very wet. I could hear a sloshing sound and I stoked her pussy lips and played with her clit. Our tongue-play was more urgent than frenzied. She'd probe hers around mine and sometimes suck it or one of my lips into her mouth. I followed her lead as her kissing was at a far higher level than the girls I'd been with. Her stroking was more forceful now and I could feel myself getting close. The knowledge that it was my mother's hand just amped up the excitement. She started making strained sounds and thrusting her hips harder. Then she broke of the kiss with a series of "Oh, oh, oh's". I was at the point and when she gave out with a big thrust and a big "Ohhh", I exploded. Having come twice that morning it wasn't exactly a Texas-sized gusher but it shot up to our chests.

"God Brian, that was one of my best orgasms ever."

I may have muttered "Me too" but a deep body relaxation was coming over me. I thought I'd just take a short rest but, well, the rest part I got right.

I started remembering how intense it felt. My cock got hard and I idly thought how pleasurable that warm and wet pressure felt. WARM and WET? I looked up and it was my mom sucking my cock. And from the light coming through the window, it was morning. I had half a mind to try to do something in return but I guess it was just a shade less than half so I laid back and enjoyed it. She had this technique of tightening her lips around my shaft as she moved up and down; alternating with a looser, faster motion. It was way better than any blowjobs I'd had and soon enough I was coming. My mother swallowed it down and gave me a kiss.

"Mom, that was great, no, fantastic, no.." but that was all the adjectives I could muster.

"My pleasure too Brian. You looked so sweet just sleeping there and I was sorry we didn't do more last night. Plus, I wanted to start your day right."

"Start my day right? Right doesn't do it justice. Nor does day. Make my life right is closer."

Aside here ladies. If your intimate relationship ever needs buffing up, do try this to your man. And gents, I hear tell that it works in reverse. Who in the world wouldn't just love being awakened by some oral action? They really ought to teach it in school. I'll see if I can get someone to raise the issue at my next PTA meeting. Please do the same. Now back to the story.

"Aw Brian, I'm sure you'll do the same for me some day. How about tomorrow?"

I relished the prospect but since I was maybe three the last time I awoke before her, tomorrow seemed long odds.

"I have breakfast ready but you need to shower."

That I did and went to the kitchen dressed in a robe. Mom was naked.

"Brian, I don't think you need that." and she proceeded to loosen its belt. "I've already called in sick and I don't think you'll flunk if you miss today's classes."

Having come with her four times in the past 24 hours, it wasn't like I was unaware of my mother's sexual side. But this was vastly more than I expected. A whole day of sex? I'd had one four hour session with a previous girlfriend and thought that nothing would top that. Now I was about to learn otherwise. Except I wasn't at my rational best in the moment. So I handed the mike to Mr. Blurt.

"So I should skip school?" While I did that, I'll also skip the description of my mother's look. It would be too painful to recollect even after all these years. "I mean, OK, great!" It wasn't much of a rally but a rally nonetheless. "So.." not knowing how to start.

"First, breakfast. You'll need your energy. Clothes, you won't need. Are you OK with that?"

I searched for a sly and seductive comeback. Something clever yet enticing. Something that would show off my man-of-the-world adroitness -- the sort of line James Bond wished he'd thought of.

"Ah, yes." With a subtle emphasis on the "yes".

"Here's what I had in mind, if you're sure about this." I nodded and hoped the repartée would soon show up. "Today we'll explore oral love. This morning was just a sampler. By bedtime tonight I want you thinking that you've had enough mouth on your cock to last a lifetime. And your tongue better give me lots of orgasms. Are you sure you're OK with this?"

"Sounds great." Fine. Words sometimes fail me. Not always. Only when they're most needed.

"Now let's have breakfast."

Although I should have been famished, there were competing appetites. I was highly eager to eat my mother's pussy and it sounded like there were at least two, maybe three, blowjobs n it for me. Now I ask you guys, could even the tastiest bacon and eggs grab your attention?

I'm sure it was delicious but I wolfed it down without bothering to let those taste buds take their time. "Finished!"

She smiled. I was ready to go but Mom had to be Mom. "And what do you do after eating?"

Bafflement. "The dishes?"

"Well that too. But shouldn't you brush your teeth?"

Right. She wanted a clean mouth. Way way promising. And it took only all of 15 seconds. She was waiting outside the bathroom, grabbed me by the cock and led me to her bedroom.

"Brian, I said this day would be about oral sex. You've had yours. Are you game to reciprocate?"

One of those questions where there's only one answer. Even my youthful self couldn't botch it.

"Love to."

She let go of my now erect cock and lay down on the bed. Missionary position with her knees raised. So inviting. Her pussy lips were thin and thanks to that sparse pubic hair, fully visible.

I approached them slowly, kissing up her legs and inner thighs. It wasn't that I was trying to delay getting my tongue on her pussy. Actually, it was. I was enjoying the view so much that I hated to rush it out of sight. But I knew I'd be seeing it again so moved up and gave her lips a big lick. Deep sigh from her.

Bewitchment for me. I loved her taste but it was the thought that here was this fantastically desirable, sexual being living under the same roof. That life's greatest pleasure was now a continuing presence in my life. I kept licking and plunging my tongue as far as I could in her vaginal canal. She was very wet and my face was getting drenched. Loved it.

"Brian dear, suck on my clit."

Done. And done and done again. One of my exes was too sensitive to have direct contact on her clit but sucking it in and licking it were my mom's favorite. Hmmm, maybe all women weren't quite the same.

I was licking heavily now and fingered her asshole. A series of "Ohhs" were coming from her and soon enough she bucked and twisted and gave out with a great "Ohhhh!"

She collapsed and I moved up beside her. "Just give me a minute." I put my arm around her and let her rest. She turned and started kissing my face, sucking up her juices. Very sexy.

"That was wonderful Brian. I hope you're ready for more."

"Ready? I thought you'd never ask." I lay back, expecting another blowjob. Instead, mom turned around and swung her crotch over my face. 69. I felt my cock slide into her mouth while I licked her pussy again. I loved the position as it gave me a close-up view of her anus. It looked tight and was light brown with small ridges. I really wanted to tongue it but concentrated on her clit. That got her bucking and a couple of times my cock slipped from her mouth. Not so bad really as I was very close to cumming.

One of these times she leaned back a bit and her asshole was touching my nose. I moved my head up and started licking that light brown rose. "Ohhhh." She let me do this for a minute or so and then went back to my cock. I sucked her clit into my mouth and slid one finger into her asshole. That got her body shaking and we both came. It felt like quite the blast but I couldn't tell because she swallowed it all.

Mom collapsed on me and we lay there for several minutes. Then she righted herself and snuggled up beside me.

"Oh Brian, I thought that last orgasm was great but this one was even better. My body is super-relaxed with a tingly undertone. And I loved feeling you shoot in my mouth."

"It was so great Mom that I can barely believe it happened."

She rolled over and kissed me while laying her hand on my cock. It felt sweet but Brian Jr. needed his rest. I caressed her side and hips, gave her nipples the occasional lick and played with her pubic hair.

"I know what you mean. A few weeks ago I never ever would have imagined having sex with you. I might have fantasized about how you'd look naked but sex -- nope. And now, just think of all the orgasms we can give each other. What could be better than that?" And she squeezed my cock more firmly. Brian Jr. was waking up but wasn't quite ready for more.

"Better?" My analytic side searched for an answer but quickly concluded the question was rhetorical. "Nothing, nothing at all. I love giving you orgasms."

"Me too. And we'll have more before the day is done." My cock was now stirring as she continued to finger it.

"Looks like he'll be ready for more pretty soon. By the way, how often do you masturbate?"

I wasn't expecting the question and stammered. It seemed too personal. What guy ever talks to his mother about his masturbatory habits? Then I remembered. Guys who recently had their tongues up their mothers' ass probably do.

"Oh, once or twice a day, almost every day."

"Well that has to stop."

I looked, quizzically.

"I don't want you having orgasms when I'm not there. I don't want that lovely cum to be spilled anywhere except on me or in me. Got it?"

"Deal!" Finally, a question that required zero thought.

"Now I'm almost ready for more and you seem to be getting there. But I need a coffee first. Let's get one and watch TV."

We got up and I went to put on my bathrobe. "No. We're naked today." OK, I could work with that.

Mom prepared the coffee while I flipped around the channels. I settled on one of those talk shows about dysfunctional relationships. Soon Mom was beside me with our coffees.

"What are we watching?"

"Seems as though this girl's boyfriend had sex with her mother. Now everyone's mad with one another."

"The things people get up to" she said with a smile while she played with my cock. "What if we were on that show?"

"Wouldn't work. No conflict."

"What if I told the host I was conflicted because I loved sucking my son's cock and I knew it wasn't normal behavior for a mother?"

"That might get them interested. And then I'd have to say I was conflicted because I loved sucking my mother's clit, loved the taste of her pussy juices and loved tonguing her ass."

"Do you think they'd let you say that on TV?"

"They'd have to bleep a lot. But I'd be more worried about being discovered by your sisters, your office colleagues, my friends, shit, everyone who knows us."

Well the, I guess we'd better not put in that application." Then seriously, "Brian, you do know we can't tell anyone about this, don't you?" I nodded.

"Not your friends, not anyone. Valeri probably knows, or strongly suspects, but she doesn't have close friends and I'm sure she wouldn't compromise us. Now where were we? Something about blowjobs wasn't it?"

With that, she leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. That sucking action had me rock hard and that pressure of her gums up and down my cock was bringing me close to DEFCON 1. Thanks to the two orgasms I'd had this morning, I lasted all of ten minutes. Man did that feel great, and I loved how she swallowed everything.

I was leaning back, luxuriating in the afterglow and trying to make out what some TV lowlife had done.

"Alright mister, you said you liked giving me orgasms. Well here's your chance."

She stood up on the sofa and shoved her crotch into my face. Just as delicious as I'd remembered. I held her ass cheeks as the position wasn't the steadiest. She was doing as much work as I -- basically face-fucking me while I kept licking every chance I would. She slowed her movements and I was able to suck her clit into my mouth. I remember how her pubic hair felt on my upper lip and nose and relished the intimacy.

After a couple of minutes of sucking and fingering her pussy from behind, then her asshole, she began shuddering. Then a few more thrusts and "Ohhhh Brian." And a LOT of pussy juice. I could actually feel it drip down my chin.

"Thanks love, I needed that." And she sat down and kissed me, again sucking up her juices on my face while cradling my cock.

Not much happened the rest of the day. We watched TV, drank more coffee and did some general tidying up. Whenever we passed one another she'd stop and kiss me and give my cock a squeeze. I'd finger her pussy in return. Whenever we went into a room together she'd hold my cock. Dinner was something micro-waved. Then dish-washing and teeth brushing.

I was in the living room and my mother entered and stood there. I went to her and we embraced. We French-kissed and we fondled one another's genitals.
"Brian..." and didn't say anything more. She led me by the cock towards the bedroom. There she got on her hands and knees and then relaxed her shoulders down so her butt was in the air. I moved in behind her and licked up and down her pussy. Her smell was intoxicating and I was getting hard. She was purring and put her hand on my head. I took the hint and moved up to tongue her anus. Her butt cheeks were smallish and firm which gave me easy access.

Her anal wrinkles were thin and uniform and I was licking hard. I knew that Val had stuck her tongue was up but I felt squeamish. Maybe the tip of my tongue but I mostly stuck to vigorous licking.

"Oh Brian, I can't tell you how good this feels."

I kept licking until she got up. "Brian, you lie down."

I did and she straddled my face. She was moving her pussy back and forth over my mouth while giving my face a good soaking. Then she leaned forward so I could suck on her clit. She was going through fucking motions with her clit in my mouth and then thrust hard. Lots more juice flooded my face and she moved down to kiss me.

I had my arms around her and she flattened out her body for maximum skin contact. Slowly she moved down and I could feel her pussy on my cock. She moved a bit more and now I could feel myself entering her. I looked in her eyes but they were closed. Now I was in her. NOW I WAS IN HER!

"Oh Mom."

She put a finger to my lips and slowly began to rock. I was plenty hard but having come three times that day, I wasn't about to shoot off anytime soon. She was still lying on top of me with her head cheek-to-cheek with mine. It was a slow, sensual fuck and I was enjoying every moment and every movement. The knowledge that my cock was inside Mom's vagina was something wonderful. I was gently caressing her back and butt and she started with low-pitched "ooo-ing" sounds.

We kept this up for around 15 minutes when her moans became more pronounced, she raised up her upper torso and her rocking became harder and faster. Harder and faster and then a big "Ooohhhh!" THE Big O. Then she collapsed on me.

I was still hard and still in her but let her have a minute.

"Oh Brian. I could lie here like this forever."

"Same here. I've never been happier. I feel like I belong here."

"Well you'll be happier in a few minutes when you come inside me." And she commenced a less gentle rocking. I started thrusting more seriously now and fingered her asshole. We tongue-kissed and I inched my finger deeper in her ass.

When we broke the kiss I said "Mom, I was in you three ways."

"I know. And I loved it. I love being yours and I love feeling your cock in my cunt." I always shied away from that word but Mom had fewer compunctions.

"And I love feeling my cock...there. And I'm going to come soon if you keep that up."

"Me too honey. Let me know when you're close."

"I'm close now Mom."

With that she kind of twisted and bucked. That set me off and I started coming hard. So did she. "Brian, oh Brian."

Again she collapsed on me and I held her close. We rested there a few minutes and then she slid off to my side. I turned and kissed her softly. Damn, I felt like I was falling in love. And why not? Someone I'd always loved in a mom sort of way, someone attractive, and someone with whom I was having great sex and who loved to have sex with me. Sounds great but I couldn't help thinking that longer term...Well, I didn't want to think that far.

"Brian, I meant to save this for tomorrow but you've been so good to me; so good FOR me, that when I felt your cock against my pussy, I just had to have you. I hope you don't mind." A smile accompanied the last sentence.

"Mind!?! No, it was just what I wanted and better, far better than I imagined."

"For me as well. But now I need my beauty sleep. Will you spend the night with me?"

I hadn't thought that was even a question but was glad it implied I had the freedom to say no. Though in writing this it was probably an illusory freedom. "Of course, and with great, very great pleasure."

"Now give me a goodnight kiss."

I obliged and it was a creamy wet one. We stopped and she gave me a big smack on the lips. Then she bent over and gave a goodnight kiss to my cock. I felt a lovely twinge but Brian Jr. needed his rest too. So I moved down and kissed her pussy, also giving a quick tongue swipe of her clit.

"That's wonderful Brian but I'm not sure it helps me falling asleep. We should always give each other that kind of goodnight kiss but next time don't get my clit going."

Next morning we awoke to her clock-radio. I was hoping it would be I Got You Babe but no such luck. Mom got up first and gave my cock a nice little suck. Not long enough for me to come but nice anyway. "That's a down payment for tonight. Plus, I want you to think about me today. Now I've got to rush. Can't be late after missing Monday."

As if I'd be thinking of anything else. And I was right. Tuesday was my boring day. Sociology, Accounting and History. OK, the History class was good. I took lecture notes haphazardly but kept replaying yesterday's events. Mom was as into the sex as much as I was and was a much better lover than either of my two previous girlfriends. Accounting in the morning was especially tough. I daydreamed about the 69 for practically the whole class. Whenever I started to get too noticeable a hard-on, I'd tune into something about balance sheet provisions.

I got home in the late aft and waited eagerly for Mom. She called around 6 and said she'd bring some take-out. An hour later she finally arrived.

I met her at the door and we threw our arms around one another. She set down the food bags (Chinese), tossed her coat on the chair and grabbed my cock through my jeans. She unzipped me, then just pulled them down and started to suck.

"Mom.." but decided that if there was ever a time when words would get in the way, this was it. She was on her knees and I was standing. I'd been semi-aroused all day and I knew it wouldn't take long. A few minutes into it and I exploded. Mom swallowed everything, smiled, and got up to kiss me. This time I tasted a bit of cum still in her mouth. Definitely different than anything I'd ever tried but at least it wasn't foul. I imagine that would put off most women.

"I've been thinking about your cock all day. That's just for starters. And just like Chinese food, an hour later you'll be horny again."

We ate our dinner and talked about our days. Both of us had relived yesterday's sexual romps non-stop. Suddenly it occurred to me.

"What about Val?"

"Val? Oh my god Brian. Of course she pumped me for details. I couldn't exactly talk in the office so we arranged to leave a half hour early and went for a drink. And my, she was direct."

Here she paused, knowing I was going to egg her on.

"Direct? How direct?"

"Here's what she opened with."

"Stella, when I last saw you, you and Brian were naked and had just made each other come. I don't know what happed the rest of the day but when you couldn't make it in yesterday, I suspected that Brian had missed his classes too. Am I close?"

"Brian, I didn't know what to say. I couldn't bring myself to lie and she wouldn't have believed me anyway. So I just said 'Close enough'".

"She wan ted more details but after ducking around, I admitted we'd become lovers."

"You were going to break up with her too."

"Brian, I couldn't. She seemed very happy for us."

"Yes, but..." I knew something should have followed but for the life of me, I wasn't sure what. So I hoped that by implication it would come off as meaningful.

"Brian, I want to be with you, mostly. But as Val pointed out, it was she who brought us together."

"Well, that doesn't give her claiming rights, or a stake, or..." I was getting close but couldn't quite articulate it.

"It's not that Brian. I love you but I'm fond of her. She understands that. I'd still like to see her every week or two. The rest of the time I'm yours. And I insisted that when I see her at our place, you had to be welcome to join us."

I looked doubtful. It had only been a day or so but for now I wanted my mother exclusively. Still, I could sort of see her position. And after all, Val was sexy. She'd rimmed me and let me fuck her and fuck her in the ass. Damn, life was just full of compromises. Somehow I'd make do I guess. The occasional dalliance with Val and my mom couldn't be that bad.

"OK, we can try it out."

"Great. How about this Friday? That gives us the rest of the weekend. And she said she'd love to see us making love. Or "fucking" as she put it."

"OK for Friday. But she wants to watch us? That's pretty kinky."

"Waching a mother and son fuck or being a mother and son fucking. I wonder which is kinkier?"

I began formulating an authoritative response, but soon got distracted. Mom started stripping. First her blouse, then her skirt, then her pantyhose, then her bra, then her panties. My exposition the relativity of kinkiness got brushed aside. I should mention that after the "Honey I'm home" blowjob, I hadn't dressed and was naked below the waist. She approached me, naked everywhere.

"Brian, remember when you make me come when we were watching TV?" I nodded. "Let's do that again. I was thinking about that a lot today." As was I.

I went to the sofa and got rid of my shirt. Now we were both naked. I sat back and again she stood up on the cushions and thrust her pussy into my mouth.

"Oh Brian, this one was so special yesterday. Standing here in the living room, naked, and giving you my pussy. So exposed."

I'm sure I had a reply but it's hard when you're munching. Like yesterday, I held on to her ass cheeks, licked between her pussy lips and sucked on her clit. It wasn't long before she came, giving me another dousing of that tasty pussy juice.

She stepped down to the floor and started jerking my cock. I sucked on one of her nipples and played with her pubic hair. It was pretty arousing and I soon sported a full-fledged erection. I got up, thinking it was bedroom time but she pushed me back.

"Just sit there Bri" and she lowered herself on to me. She was very wet and I slid in easily. This time we were face to face. She put her arms around my and kissed me. And started moving her hips up and down on my cock. I can't fully describe the feeling on intimacy that came over me. I had one arm around her shoulders and caressed her face. The other was holding up her ass with one finger, wet from her pussy, playing with her asshole.

:Brian, have I told you how much I love feeling your cock inside me? That cock I saw when you were a little boy, that's now a man's cock, filling me up? And how much I love what you're doing to my ass? Did you ever imagine that one day you'd have your cock inside my cunt and be fingering your mother's asshole?"

God, this sexy talk was driving me wild. One of my previous gf's liked to talk dirty but it was simple stuff like "Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me. Harder." My mother's talk was so much more erotic.

"Do you feel my juices on your cock? Do you feel my cunt squeezing your cock? Is there any place your cock would rather be?"

She kept this us for a few more minutes. It was really turning me on and if I hadn't come just an hour or two earlier, I'd have shot off by now.

"And did you like it when I gave you a blowjob as soon as I came home? Did you like having your mother's lips wrapped around your cock? Did you like coming in my mouth? Did you like how I swallowed ever drop? And ooh Brian, I love how you play with my ass. I loved when you had your tongue there. Will you put your tongue there some more Brian? Will you lick my asshole again? Will you put your tongue right inside my asshole?"

Maybe I should have been replying in kind but I felt like I'd come off as some kind of dim pornstar. And she seemed to be into the sexy monologue. It was really turning me on and I knew the end was nigh. So I gave it a shot.

"Yes Mom, and your son wants to come in his mother's pussy. He wants his sperm to mix with his mother's pussy juices. He wants to fill her up. He wants to...Oh!"

And I came. It, er, came on in a rush. Mom pumped even harder and a few second later she came too. She fell against my shoulders and we collapsed.

"God Brian, I don't think I'm ever going to get enough of you. I love having your cock in me and I love how it feels when you spurt inside me. And I love being naked with you."

I just held her, caressed her back and her ass, and told her I loved her. We kissed slowly and deeply. Something about that "love" business nagged but I decided to think about that another day.

Eventually we got us, cleaned up dinner and watched the news, still naked. It wasn't that late but we were both tired.

"Let's make an early night of it Brian. It's not that late but my body says it's bedtime."

We took our turns in the bathroom and got into her bed.

"Brian, this sex has been so intense. But I can't begin to tell you how happy it's making me."

"It's better than anything I dreamed of Mom. I'm very happy too."

She turned towards me and we kissed. Necked a while and I stroked her breasts. I was super relaxed but enjoying her tongue twisting with mine. She ended it. "Well that was a delicious goodnight kiss. Oh wait, I almost forgot. And she put her head under the covers and gave my cock a goodnight kiss. A couple of kisses. Then some light licking. More kisses. Then she took my cock into her mouth. It was flaccid but from what I was feeling, it wasn't going to stay that way.

I shifted my position so I could bring her hips around to my face. And as it was a double bed, I angled us corner to corner. She ready opened her legs for easier access. Man, a beautiful woman spreads her legs wide so my mouth could have easy access to her lovely, thin-lipped pussy. This while she had my cock in her mouth and was now sucking hard. Does life get any better than this? After having lived quite a few years since then, I can confidently say, "No it doesn't."

I had some catching up to do so started licking hard and fast. I focused on her clit and shoved two fingers into her pussy. I wasn't about to come too soon but Mom was bringing her A-game. I kept working her pussy and clit and slipped another finger into her ass. She bucked a lot and while her mouth never left my cock, I sensed that from her muffled groans she was close. As was I.

From this point I don't remember much. I came and I think she did too. I conked out fast and sometime in the night awoke groggily to pussy hair on my face. Instinctively I gave those lips a few licks, maybe a whole lot of licks, but I fell back asleep. Sometime later I was wakened by lips around my cock. It felt like the best dream ever but again I fell asleep. This cycle continued a few times and when the radio came on, my mother's pussy was only inches from my face.

We got up slowly. Neither of us had enjoyed a full night's sleep, though we'd enjoyed plenty else.

"Oh Brian, that was so sexy. But other nights we do need to sleep properly."

"I know, but that was one hell of an improper night's sleep."

She smiled, kissed me, and got up.

The next couple of days were more of the same. Lots of sex and lots of positions in different rooms. Friday finally rolled around. Val's visit.

They arrived around 7 with some takeout schnitzels. Val had sussed out one of our city's few Hungarian restaurants. We ate and made inconsequential small talk. Once finished Val couldn't wait for the large talk.

"So Brian, Stella tells me you two have become lovers."

My mother jumped in before I could gather my thoughts. "Val, you know we are. There's no point in grilling Brian about it."

"Pffft. That wasn't grilling. Grilling is when I ask him everywhere he's had his cock this week."

"Well you're not asking him that. What happens between us is between us. Got it?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean I'd actually ask him that. After all, I'm going to see for myself."

"Val, I thought I'd made this clear. We're not all here for Brian and me to put on a show for you. What's got into you?"

Val visibly softened. "I'm so sorry Stella. I'm very happy for you two and happy that I helped you find this relationship. And maybe I'm just too excited to be a part of it, to share your love."

Mom smiled and caressed Val's cheek. "Much better, and apology accepted."

Val gave her a quick kiss. "Well what are we waiting for?" and gave a nod in the general direction of mom's bedroom. When we got there we looked around, unsure of what to do next. Val started stripping.

"I guess I'll have to do it myself if no one wants to help."

Mom and I both moved in and had Val naked fast. Then Val and I started on my mother. That didn't take long either. Then they started in on me. Val started on my jeans but my mother intervened.

"You take care above the waist; I'll take care below."

Val smirked and unbuttoned my shirt. My mother got my pants down and gave my already hard cock a kiss. We sat on the bed. My mother with her legs tucked under her. I was leaning on my arm with my legs aside, fully erect. And Val was cross-legged, Indian style. That gave me a great view of her thick pussy lips. Hey, this wasn't going to be so bad.

No one moved or said anything. Val broke the silence. "I don't know how you two could manage without me." And she kissed my mother and started fingering her pussy. I reckoned I should take part so fingered Val's. My mother groped around and started jerking me.

Val broke off the kiss and pushed my mother on her back. Then she straddled her face. I scooted down and started licking my mother's pussy and sucking her clit. It felt longer and harder than ever. Val was bucking on my mother's face with occasional "Oooh's" and "Yesss's". We kept this up until Val really starting shaking and my mother thrusted up her hips hard. I guessed they'd both come.

After some decompression, Val spoke up. "Delicious starter. It's whetted my appetite for the main course. But in fine establishments they serve an "amuse-bouche" between courses. And this is a fine establishment, no?"

My mother and I looked at one another and laughed. At Val's direction we formed a daisy chain with my face in Val's crotch, Val eating my mother and my mother sucking my cock. The position was physically less comfortable than how it looks in porn. That was the only downside. The very considerable upside was that I was enjoying Val's tasty pussy and getting another great blowjob from my mom. While I loved cunnilingus with my mother, there was a very erotic smell and taste to Val's pussy. Something slightly musky that made me want more.

It was Val who broke it off. "And now for the main course. Brian, now you're going to fuck your mother. Stella, want more of my pussy?"

My mother got into the missionary position and I got up to enter her. Val reached over and grabbed my cock. "Allow me" as she guided it into my mother's pussy. When it was in she fingered my ass and then moved up to squat over my mother's head. At first I was sorry that I couldn't see my mother's face as I fucked her but Val's breasts weren't a bad consolation prize. They were nicely formed and I was getting hooked on those dark nipples. Kissing them wouldn't work in this position but I squeezed them a bit.

My mother was making some muffled sounds that I knew by now meant she was close to coming. I couldn't last much longer either and soon enough I blew a big load. While I was easing back Val moved forward and gave me a big kiss with lots of tongue. I tongued her back and played with her breasts. But when I slipped out of my mother, I rolled over and lay by her side; Val now on the other.

Mo mother spoke first. "So Val, is this what you came for?"

"Oh, I came alright. I don't think I've seen anything sexier -- a son's cock entering his mother's pussy. And such a delicious pussy too. Brian, if I were ever going to suck a cock, this would be the time; just to see how Stella tasted on you."
I looked at my mother and she kind of shrugged. "Be my guest."

Val leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. Brian Jr. was tired but as I'd only come once that day, perhaps not irredeemingly so. I thought that Val had meant to only give me a quick suck, for my mother's taste. But she kept at it and for someone who had little or no experience, she was surprisingly good. I started to get hard, not rock hard, but enough that it looked and felt like an erection.

"Stella, I think your boy has more in him. Do you mind if I try him on?"

"As I said, be my guest."

"Is it OK if I take him in my ass?"

Mom's eyes widened. "If that's what you want."

I piped up "Shall I get the olive oil?" Mom gave me a surprised look.

"No, saliva should do the trick. Just get my ass ready. And I guess you can consider this the salad course. As in tossing."

Val turned over and raised her ass in the air. My mother and I looked at one another. She grabbed my hand. "Shall we take turns?"

She spread Val's cheeks and leaned in. I caressed Mom's back and fingered her anus. Then we switched. Val's ass was already wet with my mother's saliva. I added a bunch of my own and slid my tongue in a bit. For good measure I slipped a finger in too. Meanwhile Mom was stroking my cock. We went back and forth until Val signalled she was ready. Then my mother and gave each other a deep French kiss. While we knew that Val kept her ass very clean, the kiss still felt nasty. The final prep was for Mom to suck my cock; getting it hard enough and leaving it coated with saliva.

I lay back and Val squatted over my cock; slowly easing it into her ass. My mother took a position over my face. From the corner of my eye I could see Val fondling her tits and my mother stroking Val's clit. I tried licking my mother's pussy but from this position, her ass was a more direct target. What the hell I thought. It's an all anal dessert course.

Val was slowly rocking up and down and from the tightness of her hole, I sensed I wouldn't last long. I'd begun licking my mother's asshole and then, so to speak, took the plunge. I pressed my tongue against her anus and gradually pushed it up inside. I knew she loved it when Val did this and in additional to its sexy nastiness, I didn't want her to think that Val gave her something I couldn't.

"Brian, I love what you're doing to me." Given that my tongue was up her ass, I couldn't reply. Just as well really with my knack for misstatement. But hearing her acknowledge what we were doing pushed me close to the edge. And a couple more slides from Val pushed me over. I felt my cum shooting up her asshole and from my mother's action on her clit, she started coming too.

Val dismounted and we all lay down beside one another. My mother took my cock and looked like she wanted to suck it, but she hesitated. I got it. Even though Val seemed clean, had my mother stuck her finger way up Val's ass, I probably wouldn't have wanted to take it in my mouth. Val read the situation.

"Brian, first off, thanks for that. I love it in my ass and flesh and blood always beats plastic. But it looks like your mother wants to suck your cock so why don't you rinse it off?"

I was pretty beat but went to the bathroom for a wash. When I got back Mom and Val had just begun 69ing. Where they got that energy was a mystery. I went round to where Val was licking my mother's pussy. Her ass cheeks were parted and I gave a few licks but there was too much movement to continue. So I lay back, enjoyed the show, and nodded off.

I was early morning when I awoke. While it had been a long sexy session, we'd gotten started fairly early and I probably dropped off well before midnight. So I went back to my routine of making the morning coffee. They were just waking up when I returned. Val threw off the covers and sat there with her legs apart. Looking at her dark, thick, slightly parted pussy lips gave me the beginnings of an erection. My mother was awake but still drowsy. I set the coffee down and said quietly to Val, "There's something that I promised my mother."

I got between Mom's legs and started softly licking. She moaned and spread them wider. I licked a little harder and Val got down beside me.

"I've never seen you lick you mother before. I hope you like her taste as much as I do."

I kept at it and my mother moaned a bit louder, then pushed my head away.

"Lovely Brian, just lovely. I think I could get used to that"

We had our coffees and Val was getting up to leave. "Before I go, I'd like to ask one favor."

Mom and I looked on. "Stella, I haven't seen you take Brian's cock in your mouth. Would you mind doing that just for me?"

Mom smiled. "And for him too? No, I don't mind. Is that OK with you Brian?"

Man, I really preferred these questions that could be answered with a nod.

Mom took my cock into her mouth with Val watching closely. We soon settled into a 69. Val came around to my end, fingered my mother's pussy and ass and slipped a finger up her butt. We soon came and Val thanked us.

As she was leaving, Val kissed my mother and then kissed me. She gave my cock a squeeze and said "Brian, yours is the first cock I've sucked in more than 10 years. And I'm happy to do it anytime, under one condition."

"And that would be...?"

"It has to be coated with Stella's pussy juices."

We all laughed and Val was on her way.

A couple of months later Val moved out of town. We got together with her three more times with antics similar to the above. On her last visit she persuaded my mother to take me up her ass. My mother and I had gotten into lots of anal play and this was something we would have graduated to on our own. But we were happy to please Val and it became a regular part of our sexual life.

My mother and I continued our relationship and I never got tired of her sexually. And we always gave one another the genital goodnight kiss. A couple of years later I went overseas for grad school. There I wound up in a serious relationship with a sweet British lass. I loved her and we eventually got married. Our sex life was fine but she thought the goodnight genital kisses were silly and a bit of a bother, especially as she liked to read in bed.

Mom too got a steady boyfriend and later moved in with him. For a couple of years she'd get Christmas cards from Val but after that we never heard from her. Mom and I never told anyone about our affair. I mean, who would? Several years later we got together for one more weekend but there's not much to tell about that. We both cherished the memories and marvelled at having the best sex of our lives with each other. And we always remembered Val fondly as we'd never have gotten together without her.

Everyone needs a Val in their life. Or a mom. Preferably both.

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