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My Memories of David Ch. 03

Sometime after that first weekend where David and I discovered our desires for each other, things carried on getting better and better. We slept together frequently, we stopped going out on weekends looking to get laid and instead we started to enjoy each other's company more as lovers, rather than just friends. Although we kept things largely behind closed doors, we were, for all intents and purposes, in a relationship with each other.

Things were going great. I was happy, David was happy, we were in such a good place together everything seemed wonderful. I couldn't have been happier.

One day, near the end of November, I was having a run along the bank of the Thames. I was enjoying the cold, crisp air as I shot by groups of tourists, bundled up lovers enjoying the sights and the odd drunk businessman clearly in the wrong place. It was a dark evening and the lights from the south bank were beautiful, reflecting up from the calm and still waters of the river.

About an hour into my run, my phone started to ring, interrupting the pulsing electronica and inevitably, pulling me out of The Zone and back to reality. I pulled my phone from my arm holster (something David would frequently mock me mercilessly for) and looked at the screen. An unknown number. I remember thinking that it must be one of those automated marketing calls, but I still answered anyway

"MAAAAARRRRKKKKYYYY!" a booming northern voice yelled down the line, giving me a stark reminder at how loud I had my headphones.

"FUCK!" I yelled.

All I heard down the line was a roaring laugh and instantly it twigged to me who was calling,

"Adam? Is that you?"

"YOU'RE FUCKING RIGHT IT IS MARKY!" Adam thundered back down the phone.

Adam had been one of my good friends at University. We'd been friends for years, though not as long as David and I had been friends. He came from Manchester and he had a personality as loud as his voice. Adam was singularly responsible for nearly every hangover I suffered at University, the man could drink for England. He was also a strapping, built solid Rugby playing bloke, which is why he was the only person in the world who I allowed to call me Marky. He dwarfed me and I was not going to argue with 250lbs of walking muscle and beard. After University had ended, he'd moved back north and we'd both kind of lost touch with each other.

"Holy shit! Adam!" I beamed, "How the fuck are you?"

"I'm fucking top, mate," he replied in his thick Mancunian accent, "how long has it been?"

"Too long, far too long. What's up, man?"

"Well, Marky. I'm sorry to call you out the blue like this, but I'm getting married in a couple of weeks and that sackless bellend I got to be my best man forgot to send you an invite."

"Oh my God! That's wonderful! Congratulations!" I didn't even realise I was yelling down the phone at this point. It would have explained why the people around me were staring, "Who is the lucky lady?"

"Ha, well you know her," he postured while laughing.

"I do?"

"Yeah, remember Christine McCarrick?"

I remembered Christine McCarrick. She was in our class at University and she was probably the most beautiful woman I'd ever encountered. Tall, slender, incredibly athletic despite her fairly large breasts, locks of auburn hair and blue eyes that would melt even the coldest of hearts. I adored her and she never paid me any attention.

"No. Fucking. Way!" I said, not even bothering to hide my incredulity.

More laughter erupted from down the phone, "Yes fucking way, bonny lad," Adam chuckled, "and in case you were still wondering from University, yes she is that good in bed!"

I laughed harder than I would have expected at that, "Even after all these years, you're still a dick, Adam."

"Yeah, but this dick is inviting you to his wedding in two weeks' time and the bachelor party this weekend. Up for it?" The question had left me slightly lost for words. Me and David had no plans but it was still a shock to be asked so out of the blue.

"Erm, yeah, I think I can come."

"Excellent, we've got a penthouse down in London rented out. It cost a small fortune but it would be great to have you down."

"Well that's easy, me and David are flat sharing in London, so it's not an issue for us."

"You're still living with him?" Adam and David were always big rivals, "You might as well get married yourself at this point. I've met couples who spend less time together than you two!"

If only he knew...

"Yeah, well we're mates and it's a nightmare to meet people you get on with down here," I said, trying to deflect the conversation away from me and David.

"Ha! Well he's welcome to come too. The more the merrier."

Giving me all the details as I frantically typed them down on my phone, I got the address, what time to get there and what to bring. Including David and I there would be 6 of us there. Adam had asked if I'd mind bunking with David as there were only three double beds in the place and everyone would have to share. I assured him that it wasn't an issue, slightly giggling to myself. Adam had also specified that it was a party weekend, so any drink and drugs were welcome and actively encouraged.

David didn't take much convincing about going to the party. At University he and Adam were always trying to one up each other. Who could drink the most, who could snort the most lines of coke before passing out, who could get the most phone numbers on a night out and one particularly random challenge which consisted of who could pull a girl, go back to her place then get back to the club and do it all again. In reality I always doubted there were every any winners in their challenges, but by David's count they were level pegging with each other.

The weekend arrived surprisingly quickly and before I knew it, David and I were in the elevator up to the penthouse of a rather swanky hotel building overlooking Tower Bridge. I was quite nervous about the weekend, though.

"David..." I said, rather sheepishly as we passed the 3rd floor.

"Yes?" he replied, staring down at me,

"I don't want to be the kind of guy who tells his boyfriend what to do, but please don't get ridiculous with Adam."

"Don't worry, Mark, I don't plan on it," he opened his messenger bag and directed me to look "see, no hard drugs or anything."

I smiled up at him, "Good, I just don't want either of us to get too wasted and blurt out something about us to them."

He held my hand and gave me a kiss on the forehead "Don't worry, it'll be fine. Just enjoy the party."

We shared a kiss and as the lift reached the penthouse we pulled apart and collected ourselves. The doors opened and we were already in the penthouse. The place was stunning. We walked out straight into an enormous sitting room that overlooked the Bridge with a stunning view. A corner group sofa was arranged so everyone had a spectacular view. The windows stretched up high above and I could see that there was a mezzanine balcony which shared the same views.

I heard Adam before I saw him. His bellowing laughter was coming from the balcony out in front of the sitting room windows. We walked outside into the cool night air and there was Adam, still enormous and muscular as ever, though with a shaved head and no beard, laughing like a drain. He was stood next to the barbecue as one of the others was busy grilling sausages. From the empty bottles of beer I could see that they'd been drinking pretty hard all day.

"ADAM!" I yelled as I spread my arms to hug him.

"MARKY! DAVID!" he bellowed as he grabbed us both up in an enormous hug. I felt like he was going to break my ribs, such was the force that he hugged us. When he eventually let us go, I handed two carrier bags to him.

"The supplies you requested," I said with a hint of irony.

"Hmmm, scotch, vodka, rum, tequila," he counted off as he rifled through, before stopping, staring up at us "Rosé wine? Which one of you faggots is drinking that?"

David raised his hand "This faggot," he said with grit.

A wicked smile came across Adam's face,

"Well then" he said, "we'll have to get you on some manly drinks, get some hairs on that bald chest of yours."

"You could," David replied, "but then I'd be less inclined to share this," and from his messenger bag he pulled the biggest bag of weed I'd ever seen. That explains what the smell was in the car.

Adam's eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas. He reached forward for the bag but David snatched it away,

"Ah-ah-ah," David teased, "be nice about my starter drink or baby doesn't get any smokey smokey."

Adam burst into more laughter "I've missed you two fuckers. Come on, drop those bags. Let me introduce you to the guys."

One by one we met Adam's other friends. Behind the barbecue was his best man, Tom, a tall, kinda lanky guy with long dark hair who was quiet and soft spoken. Adam assured us that when he was drinking he came out of his shell. Inside, in the hidden rumpus room (hidden behind a fake bookcase, no less), Dan and Mike were playing pool. Dan was a serving soldier with the Royal Marines. He didn't even have to tell you, his perfect posture, chiselled good looks and disarmingly powerful glare could tell you that. Mike, was the odd one out. A bit geeky, with a short beard and long floppy hair, he stood about as tall as David and seemed to carry himself well. It was after all the introductions I realised something was amiss and asked the blatantly obvious question,

"Adam, why are you all wearing dressing gowns?"

"Well, Marky," he started, "this place is expensive and robes come included with the price, so we're getting our money's worth," cue more laughter, "Plus, we're going to get the hot tub going once the entertainment gets here," he said, nudging my ribs with his elbow. I hadn't even spotted the hot tub.

So, as per the host's instructions, we headed to our well-appointed bedroom and changed into our underwear and robes.

"Well, this should be fun," David joked.

"Be nice, he's an old friend. And lord knows you'll enjoy drinking against him" I replied.

David laughed, wandered over to me and gave me a kiss, then walked back out to go downstairs to the party. When I followed, I instantly froze, forgetting that we were 30 floors up in November and all I was wearing was silk boxers and a thick dressing gown.

For the next few hours we joked on, shared stories and drank. David went through his rosé and moved to competing tequila slammers with Adam, while I was content sharing my scotch with Tom and Mike. We all started feeling the effects pretty quickly and it didn't help when David started rolling up joints for everyone.

At about 10pm, the lift chimed and Adam jumped up,

"OH YES!" he yelled, "The entertainment has arrived!" he ran into the penthouse and out of view.

Even Tom was a bit confused by what was going on, so clearly this wasn't a surprise from the best man, but from the groom. Adam then returned with two blonde ladies on his arms. Ah, the classic strippers, I thought at the time. The girls were beautiful, wrapped up in large duffel coats.

"Ladies?" Adam postured while looking directly at us. They looked at each other and then opened their coats. All they were wearing was their high heels, they were already naked underneath the coats. We were all taken a back. These weren't your average strippers, their bodies were perfection, they had to be porn stars.

The girls giggled, beckoned us to come with them and walked away into the house. Instinctively, the others moved to get up, I had to tap David on the arm to remind him that we had to go too. We filed into the living room and the girls motioned us to sit on the sofa.

"But before you sit down," one of the girls said, "you might want to take off your robes."

Tom questioned why, but Adam just said to do what the ladies asked. I undid the belt of my dressing gown and took it off. When I looked up, I realised it was only me and David who were wearing underwear, the other guys had been naked under their robes.

"Come on lads," Adam said, "we're all friends here, lose the boxers."

I turned to David but he had already taken his off, so with a shrug I obliged. It felt weird to be in a room with 5 other naked guys, it reminded me of playing football in high school and heading to the showers.

As we all took our places, with Tom on the far end, then Dan, then Mike, then Adam then me and finally David, the girls moved the expensive looking table from in front of the sofa, then then stood perfectly in front of us, turned to face each other and started to kiss each other. It then hit me that this wasn't a strip show, it was a live sex show.

I have to admit, it was very hot to watch these two women kissing each other, fingering then going down on one another. Within a few minutes I could see that all the others were rock hard and were stroking their cocks. Even I was hard and I hadn't thought about women in weeks since I'd started sleeping with David. Maybe it was the sight of the other guys stroking their cocks, I wasn't sure, but I was enjoying the sight regardless.

Before long, the girls seemed to have their fill of pleasuring each other and stood up. The one who had talked before looked around us

"Mmmm, such big boys, did you enjoy watching us?"

Everyone nodded.

"Would you like to play with us?"

Everyone but me and David nodded again.

"Well that's a shame, because we're only allowed to play with Mr Adam," she said with a sly grin,

"You'll just have to enjoy watching," the second one piped up.

They then both got on their knees in front of Adam and started taking turns to suck his considerable cock. I was so turned on by this, but not the sight of the girls, I wanted to be the one sucking Adam's dick, it was long, thick and straight. It wasn't as big as David's but it looked so good.

At was at this point, while I was fixated on Adam's cock I felt David's hand on mine, stroking gently. I turned to scold him but before I could say anything he nodded in the direction of Tom and Dan. The hard as nails Royal Marine was doing the same to Tom. He was staring at the girls but had his hand on Tom's erection. Adam had spotted this as well, then looked over at me

"As I said on the phone, Marky. Anything goes, everything stays here," and with that singular blessing I leaned over and kissed Adam passionately on the mouth. The girls saw this and moaned in appreciation. I broke the kiss and Adam turned to look at Mike,

"Come on, have some fun," and he pulled the slightly shocked Mike over for a kiss. I had no idea what to think of all this. Was Adam gay? Or bisexual? It didn't matter at this point because without much of a prior warning Adam bucked and unleashed globs of thick, white cum all over the girls. They made a show of cleaning each other up and swallowing Adam's seed.

Adam, looking rather flushed and satisfied gestured to the girls to leave,

"Thank you ladies, you've well and truly gotten this party started, your money is by the lift, and have a wonderful night." The girls smiled at him, put their coats on and trotted off to the elevator. That was the last I saw of them.

I looked around at the group again. Adam and Mike had resumed kissing each other, Tom and Dan were watching them while jerking each other off and David was still jerking me off.

"Shall we?" I said to David. He leaned in and kissed me, then nodded. I got up from my seat, kneeled down in front of him and without using my hands, took his throbbing cock into my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried my best to deep throat him. I still wasn't able to take the whole of him in my mouth, but I could still fit a fair amount down my throat.

I could hear mutterings of "Holy shit" and "wow" from the other guys but I didn't greatly pay attention to them, I was focused on pleasuring David. I dragged my teeth along his shaft like he loved me to do. I brought my hand in and worked the length as I slid my head up and down which made David moan quite intensely. Tom got up from his chair and kneeled down next to me, kissing at my ear. I knew what he wanted.

I took David's cock out of my mouth, grabbed it with my left hand and with my right hand on the back of his head and directed Tom's mouth to David's waiting dick. His lips slid over the tip and he started to suck. I reached down with my right hand and started to jerk Tom's nice, firm dick causing him to moan gently. Of course, this sent David wild as he loved to have someone moan while sucking him off, the vibrations were very pleasurable, after all. Tom came up for air and without missing a beat I leaned straight over and started sucking David off again.

I looked around the room, Adam and Dan were taking turns to suck Mike's surprisingly large cock. He seemed to be enjoying it immensely, as did Adam and Dan, they were hard as rocks. I left Tom to continue pleasuring David and I moved to underneath Adam. I grabbed his firm member and started to wank him as I took his balls into my mouth. I rolled each one in turn around in my mouth, sucking as hard as I possibly could. Adam's cock was still slick from his cum and the girls and it didn't take long for me to want it.

I climbed from underneath him and guided him back to sitting on the sofa. I leaned over and started to furiously jerk him off, spitting on his cock and covering him in my saliva. I climbed up and straddled him, making sure I was still facing him. I positioned myself over his cock and slowly lowered my ass. His thick member slid nicely between my cheeks and I shifted until I felt his helmet reach my hole,

"Do you want this?" I asked.

He nodded to me. At this point all the others were staring at me. I doubt they expected things to get this far. If I'm honest I didn't expect any of this in the first place so I was happy to take it all the way. I was feeling bold with all the drink and I simply pushed my pelvis down on him. It took a bit of force but my asshole gladly accepted his cock. I didn't feel much pain, probably due to the drink and drugs but I did feel intense pleasure almost instantly.

Adam looked like he was going to pass out with pleasure, his large dick being forced into such a tight hole. I started to slowly bounce up and down on him and I moaned with pleasure myself. Adam reached forward and started to play with my cock as he fucked me. It felt so damn good, it was how I did it with David when I let him fuck me.

From behind me I heard a pained groan followed by more moaning. I twisted around to see Tom on all fours, with David's huge cock deep inside of his ass while Mike and Dan kneeled at his head taking turns to fuck his face. I looked back at Adam, he was enjoying this but I realised that at this point he was holding my legs and guiding my speed. Mountain of muscle or not, I was going to be taking control of this.

I pushed his hands down and slowed my pace. I would lift myself up to the point where I was nearly off his dick, then slowly slide as far down as I could, I kept this deliberate and slow pace and I could feel that Adam was close to peaking. I started to go faster and faster, building up the speed until he let out the most almighty moan, as he grabbed my arms and held me in place. He released what felt like gallons of hot cum into my ass. The feeling was indescribable and caused me to cum at the same time, covering Adam's muscular chest in the process.

We slowed down, I didn't get off his cock because it just felt too good inside me. I leaned forward and kissed him again. I heard the unmistakeable sound of David cumming and I imagined Tom would be taken by surprise at just how heavy a cummer David was. I know I was the first time he fucked me.

I climbed off from Adam in time to see Dan unload into Tom's mouth. That only left Tom and Mike who hadn't cum yet and I wasn't ready to stop this fun. David had regained his composure so I told him to finish Tom off. We helped Tom and Mike back to the sofa, David kneeled in front of Tom, I in front of Mike. We both started sucking in unison. Mike's cock was fantastic, long and thick, it filled my mouth perfectly.
As I ran my tongue up his shaft he quivered in pleasure, I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. I looked over at David who was fully deep throating Tom and nearly gagging as Tom's length reached the back of his throat.

I turned my attention back to Mike and I started to deep throat him as well. His cock wasn't as long as David's or Adam's and this time I managed to get right to the stem. Suddenly Mike put both of his hands on the back of my head and held it there. His dick swelled and with an almighty jerk he came right down my throat. I was gagging for air, I thought I was going to choke but he wouldn't release me until he had finished. When he finally did I coughed and gasped for air. I hadn't even needed to swallow as his cock was that far down my throat.

I wiped the tears from my eyes at the right moment to see David lift his head off Tom's dick and catch several ropes of cum in his mouth as Tom finally finished. David swallowed, smiled and fell backwards onto the floor, completely and utterly exhausted.

We were all completely naked, spent and covered in each other, yet none of us had the energy to get up or even go to bed. I remember thinking that the rug I was lying on felt warm and comfortable and I just closed my eyes and slept where I was, as did the others.

That was probably the best bachelor party ever.

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