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My Greek God Ch. 02

"Yes! A in the class! I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't met you."

"Just failed philosophy miserably," I chuckle at Sterling.

"You are definitely right. Thanks to you not only did I pass but I got an A which I never could have done without you tutoring me and refusing to kiss me if I didn't get an answer right."

"All good things come to those who study," I chuckle once again.

"So how do you want to celebrate now that the semester is over? Half of your freshmen year is officially done."

"I know. It's exciting but scary too. I feel like you bumped into me just yesterday and sent my heart breaking into a million pieces with your gorgeous smile."

"Oh did I really?" Sterling smirks.

"Oh shush," I push Sterling with my shoulder a little while we were walking towards my dorm.

It literally takes all my strength to move this guy. Having sex is a real challenge sometimes. I can't ever dominate him and push him on the bed. No wonder he is an amazing football player.

"Hey Adrian!"

Cody leaps on me when I enter my room.

"Hey Cod. What's up?"

Without even turning my head, I knew Sterling was behind giving me the, "get a different roommate, he just wants your dick and I won't allow that ever," look. Sure Cody has always been clingy with me whether it's because we became good friends or if he has a crush on me, but I just find him innocent. He knew Sterling and I were seeing each other so he would never do anything. Sterling didn't believe me though. He said that taken men are always more appealing to single. It's like the forbidden fruit they can't have. I would just roll my eyes and change the topic every time.

"So how did all your exams go? I didn't do as well as I wanted. Two C's but the rest A's and B's."

"Oh that's unfortunate, I can help you study sometime if you want."

Cody jumps up and down with joy like a school girl. Only then does he notice Sterling. He isn't a big fan of Sterling just like Sterling doesn't like him. He said that football players are all, well players. They only have one thing on their minds. He told me to be careful otherwise he would kick some ass which always made me smile. Truth be told, he is sort of right. Since we started dating, Sterling and I never really went out. We hung out on campus getting food and watching movies while we had sex but we never went out to eat at a restaurant. I was wondering if we would ever do anything but I don't really blame him, the semester did fly by. I had to get adjusted to my new life. I studied extra hard because I wanted to start off my new journey right, and he was busy with practice and looking at colleges. Sterling had a grimace this time for sure hearing me say that I would help Cody but hey, I live with the guy. Helping him study surely can't be worse that living together.

"So what do you have planned for the holidays Adrian?" Cody asks beginning to pack his stuff for winter break.

Shoot. I keep forgetting about break. It's so easy to get caught up with the excitement of a new school, friends, and boyfriend, that I nearly forgot I had to pack and go home. My parents have been dying to know about everything. My mom was so happy to hear that school was going great. She even got a little emotional on the phone one time saying how she constantly worries about me and that she is proud of me. I really do miss them both. One thing is going to be difficult though; how do I tell them that I am gay?

"Just going home Cod."

"Are you sure you can't stay behind? I'll be here all month. You know my parents are away on business and it would be useless for me to go home. The dorm will close, but you can stay at my apartment. Brady and Derrick will be gone too so I'll be alone. It'll be nice to have company."

"Plus the two of us can have lots of fun," he whispers in my ear and then backs away casually.

"Cod can you give us a second."

"Ugh. Sure. I have to go talk to the RA anyways."

"So that's why you want me to stay? So you can fuck me?"

"What?! No Ad, of course not. I mean yeah sex would be great for the one month we are together by ourselves but that's not what I meant."

"Really I would have guessed differently."

"What do you mean? Are you upset with me about something?"

"Yes, I am. We haven't gone on a single date Sterling. It's been three weeks since we have started dating. I know it hasn't been a long time but it's been long enough to have sex almost every day. Why can't a restaurant fit in there somewhere?"

"Oh shit. Ad, I am so sorry. I was just worried that we were both a little stressed with school, finals coming up, and my last game. I wanted to go too but I guess the timing didn't work out. Sorry for making you feel this way. That's why I asked how you wanted to celebrate. I didn't necessarily mean sex which I guess you assumed, but I don't blame you for assuming. I'll make it up to you. Promise. Stay here please. We can really have lots of fun and make wonderful memories."

"Sterling my parents are waiting. They are so excited about having me home and hearing about everything."

Sterling looks down depressed at his shoes and starts kicking his foot like a little kid, "I know you are right. I didn't mean to make you choose between your parents and me. I just know I won't see you for three months during the summer and I wanted to make up for all that time. And we just started dating, I feel like I haven't gotten enough time with you yet. There are so many things I want us to do together. I'm sorry. You should go be with your family."

He finally looks up with a strained smile. Seeing him like that broke me and made me want to hold him. Can I really stay? Would I be doing the right thing? The next day I call up my parents and ask them if I could stay on campus for the break. They ask why of course. All I could come up with was, my friends are here and I want to hang with them and I decided to volunteer knowing that would get my mom's attention. They were disappointed but they were glad to know I was getting along with people. I promise them that I would visit them during spring break and encouraged them to look forward to those three months. I was upset about not going home and being able to see my parents but imagining the next month in Sterling's arms soon made me forget everything.


"You are shitting me?!"

I laughed sweetly, "why would I be? I would hate you if you played a joke like that on me."

Sterling wrapped his warm loving arms around me and leaned in to kiss me.

"Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I can't wait to spend this month with you."

Cody left for his house and I moved some important items into Sterling's apartment: clothes for a month, toiletries, books, shoes, laptop, perishable food, and me of course. I'm the most important part after all. Sterling couldn't be more excited. He chewed Derrick and Brady's ears off repeating over and over again that I was coming to stay for the entire break and if they came back even a day early, there would be hell to pay.

"Well that's everything."

"Are you sure you didn't forget anything? They'll lock the building up for break so you won't be able to go back."

"That's okay; I'll just use your stuff. We are both guys, I can just use all your stuff and it wouldn't be weird."

"You have great observational powers," Sterling sarcastically smiles.

"Hey! Just saying if I was a girl, it wouldn't have been as easy to be able to share the same stuff. I would have lavender smelling body lotion, a loofah hanging in the shower, and makeup scattered across the entire bathroom counter. Your closet would be full of skirts and dresses."



"Imaging you in a skirt."

"Well that's...weird."

"No not a hideous long grandma dress but a mini school girl skirt with a pink thong underneath. Whenever you bend, you skirt lifts up so the pink lace of your thong can be seen disappearing in your ass crack."

Holy God! I don't think I was this hard even the first time we fucked. This guy really knows how to paint a picture. My entire body goes numb and my face probably looks like I just ran a 10K, which I have never run in my life.

"Looks like someone is turned on," Sterling raises the side of his lip and eyebrow.

"Y-you want to see me like that," I blush even harder asking.

"Well I was joking but now that you seriously ask me. Perhaps I might. We can wait for that. Don't worry. I want to take my time with you."

In a quick motion he lifts me up and dangles me over his shoulder.

"Right now, I have a different plan for us."


He gently sets my feet down on the floor of the bathroom.

"Strip," he orders.

I obey immediately thinking staying on campus was definitely the right choice. I remove my shoes, pants, shirt, and underwear with lightening speed.

"Good boy, now come here and strip me."

I rush over to Sterling looking incredibly sexy in his jeans and button down shirt. I start undressing him with the same urgency I did with my clothes.

"Slowly Adrian. Take your time. We have an entire month to do this."

Realizing he's right, I unbutton his shirt slower. I drop to my knees and begin fidgeting with his jeans. Having him stare down high above truly made me feel as if he were a God looking at us puny Earthlings. Somehow that idea sent a shiver down my spine. How submissive am I. I finish undressing him and grab the base of his cock. Right when I am about to put it in, he backs up.

"Turn the shower on."

I scurry over to the shower mostly from my nerves, excitement, and the small chill beginning to set in my bones from the heat being too low.

"Get in and wash yourself."

"Aren't you going to come in?"

"I will. But first I want to watch you."

Oh God! This is intimidating. How am I supposed to wash myself? Like a regular shower or do I go sexy porn star style where I squeeze the sponge over my chest and move my hips back and forth. I would have taken the porn star approach but there was no sponge. Middle road it is. I pump some body wash in my hands and lather them up. I fix my lustful eyes on my God and rub my hands down the front of my neck slowly. I absolutely love looking at his defined body. The defined 6 pack abs, the broad muscular chest, thick sturdy neck, and the v line forming right above his perfectly shaped cock. This man is seriously dangerous. I would honestly do just about anything for him. His hungry eyes were devouring my body. I thought he was going to jump on me any second but he restrained himself. Either he was doing everything in his power to keep it going slow and all night or I wasn't being sexy enough. Either way I decided to turn it up a notch. I turned around and put my hands on my ass soaping it up. My middle finger slipped between my crack and began moving up and down. It felt heavenly. The warm water cascading down onto my back while I massaged between my ass cheeks knowing the hottest man on this planet was watching me and was turned on. I bent at the waist opening up my ass wider for Sterling to see. I found my little hole and began playing with it. My finger moving in a circle around the outside my hole then climbing back up my crack and then back down to the hole. My cock throbbed, wanting the same attention my hole was getting. I kept playing with my hole with one hand and the other reached for my cock. I was swept up in the moment and nearly forgot Sterling watching me until I felt a warm touch to my back side. Sterling was playing with my hole now with his finger rubbing around first followed by his tongue.

"Stick it in me Sterling!"

This time Sterling obeys my order and probes his tongue into my wet asshole.

"Yess! GOD YES STERLING! Faster and harder!"

He begins picking up the pace. Diving his tongue in and out of my stretching asshole. I feel a small pressure realizing his finger was in there. One then two then three. He is getting impatient I could tell.

"Watching you was torture Adrian you know that. I was just about ready to come but I wanted to do it inside you. I'm going to fuck you so hard now for teasing me and looking so damn sexy. You dare not let any other man see you naked, do you understand me."

"Anything Sterling. Anything for you but please just fuck me now."

Without any notice Sterling slams into me with all his might.


"I do hope you are screaming because it feels good," Sterling mocks me knowing that it must have been pure bliss for me.

"It feels beyond incredible," I moan out.

"That's it babe. Keep moaning for me."

He reaches around me and begins pumping on my cock while tugging my nipple with his other hand.

"You have an incredible body you know that. Small and tight, fits perfectly into me, perky nipples, flat stomach, and a beautiful cock."

"Mmm Sterling."

"I love fucking you so much. I could do it all night long. I want to fuck you in every single way and all over the world. I want to use all sorts of dirty things on you and tease you all the time."

He continues to pound his cock into my opening without any sign of stopping.

"Sterling, my legs."

He takes his cock out and spins me around. Grabs my legs and picks me up, making me wrap them around his waist. My body gets pinned between the shower wall and Sterling's broad chest. He slips his big cock back into me and begins thrusting up. My ass feels so full. Both our balls bounce to Sterling's rhythm. I claw at his back waiting for him to burst inside me. I feel my own cock getting ready to release.

"Come with me Sterling. I want us to do it together."

"Fuck yes Adrian! Rub your own cock for me."

I grab a hold of my cock and begin rubbing it. My body heats up and the pressure starts building in me.

"I'm about to come Sterling!"

"Let it go Adrian. I'm about to come too."

I feel Sterling give one final thrust up with all his energy, at the same time I cry out and shoot out my cum all over both of our stomachs.

We melt into each other from exhaustion and happiness. The water washes away my cum while Sterling slips out of me. My feet touch the ground but my legs feel too weak to be able to support my body. I cling onto Sterling knowing he always be here lifting me up.

"I love you Sterling."


"Sterling wake up!"

"Huh, what?! Ad are you okay?"

Sterling rushes into the living from his bedroom where he was sleeping peacefully only two seconds ago.

"Merry Christmas hun," I said with the biggest smile on my face.

Sterling just stood there chuckling after a breath of relief, "Merry Christmas babe."

"Let's hurry up and open presents!"

"You sound like you are 10."

"So! Christmas is a magical time, no matter what age you are. Besides I don't remember you opposing anything when I kissed you under the mistletoe last night and we ended up having sex on Brady's couch."

"Okay okay, you win. I'm already staring at my present though so you go ahead and open yours."

I couldn't help but get a little teary at his cheesy but beautiful line.

"I still got you something. I think you'll really enjoy it."

Sterling gives me a confused look but sits down next to me by the presents. He reaches out the small blue box but puts it behind him instead of giving it to me. I give him a questionable look.

"I'll give you yours after I get mine."

I pick up another smallish package and hold it out to him.

"Merry Christmas Sterling," I lean in and kiss him on the cheek.

Sterling looks completely pleased and rips up his package. Who is the kid now I think in my head. His eyes were widened at the contents of the box.

"This. This. This."

"You weren't all THAT naughty so Santa decided to be generous."

He lifts up a small plaid skirt and a pink lacy thong bundled with it. He still looks completely lost and seems like he was trying to figure out what he just got. All of a sudden my body hits the carpet and Sterling is on top of me kissing my neck and opening up robe revealing my naked chest. If he had gone down any further, he would have found my exposed alert cock.

"This is fucking amazing! How did you even do this?"

He sits back down and continues examining the clothing. As if there is any clothing there in the first place.

"Don't even ask, it was embarrassing. I had to take two buses then walk a mile in disguise to the adult store and inside was even more awkward. I love you but I am never doing that again."

"What if I come with you next time."

I get tingling in my groin again. How hot would it be seeing Sterling walk around the naughty store with a shopping cart buying dildos, cock rings, lingerie, and God knows what else to use on me. Another shiver goes down my spine. I really need to turn up the heat in this place or Sterling needs to stop saying this stuff.

"Okay, my present!"

"Alright but it probably isn't as special as yours."

I carefully unpack the box hoping to preserve the gift wrapping paper. I hate how ugly it looks just being ripped apart to shreds.

"Sterling, this is a confirmation for reservations at La Belle and front row tickets for The Phantom of the Opera," I barely choke out.

"Yeah," Sterling smiles and scratches the back of his head.

"That restaurant is crazy expensive and front row. This must have cost a fortune! I can't let you pay for all of this."

"Think of it as my way of making up for the past month of not taking you anywhere and for willing to stay with me this break. This has been one the best Christmas already. Please let me do this. It would make me happy."

I knew he is dead serious. He always gets much quieter when he says something important to him.

"Okay, if it will really make you happy but nothing like this again."

"Not even when I propose to you?"

I almost choke on my own saliva or air or whatever it is. He could sense the intense confusion on my face along with panic.

"Never mind, forget I said that. Merry Christmas again Adrian. Thank you for the present. I love it. We are going to have to use it real soon or you might grow out of it."

Oh please. That was so not funny. It already looks like it belongs on a Barbie doll. Hopefully puberty won't hit me again or that thing won't even get up my legs.


"I'm so glad I brought my suit. My mom was like you might win the smartest student of the year award and you have to look nice for that."

"Smartest student of the year award huh, I didn't know our school had such a thing," Sterling mocks me.

"Hey not me, my mom."

"Well even if you don't win smartest student, you already won sexiest student who makes me come all the time."

"You would actually win that every year because all the girls would nominate you for sure. The guys probably would too even if they aren't gay."

Saying that made jealousy built up inside me. I really hate how everyone looks at Sterling everywhere we go. Makes me want to put a note on his chest that says property of Adrian Taylor. I guess that's what happens when your boyfriend looks like a flawless creature, can't really blame him.

"Let me help you with that."

"Thanks, I hardly wear a tie so I always forget how to put it on. How are you so good at it?"

"Football banquets and team meetings. Have to dress up every time for that."

"That's cool."

"Nah, gets annoying after a while. I always look forward to coming home and chilling in my underwear. They get really stuffy after a few hours."

"Sorry you have to wear one tonight because of me."

"Nonsense, I love wearing it for you. We'll have to at our wedding right."

There it was again. Another reference to our future, possibly getting married. Is he just joking around or is he subliminally saying something to me. Maybe I should keep my guard up. We head out the door and got into Sterling's car. This was the first time ever. We had never gone off campus before so this was totally new. I felt extremely nervous for some reason. It was an actual date after all. My first actual date ever and my first actual date with Sterling. Fooling around with guys from my past never counted as dating. I never went out with them anywhere. We just simply hit up a couple of times and moved on.
"What's wrong? You look nervous?"

"Yeah I am a little. It's our first date."

"I know. It's my fault. I got us into bed before I even took you out. I wish I could have taken you out on a couple of dates before we had sex but I was so attracted to you. If I could go back and do this all over again I would but I'll probably end up fucking you again instead."

"It's okay Sterling. I wanted it too. I would have never let anything happen if I wasn't ready though."

"Well good, I'm glad you know yourself that well. Lots of people would get so caught up in the moment that they regret it afterwards."

For a second I think I saw a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"So you hungry? I'm starving. You really brought my appetite up ever since I met you," Sterling winks at me.

And there he is again, back to himself. Maybe I'll ask him more about that sad feeling later. I want to know what happened to him. We pulls up to the restaurant and gets valet parking. It was such a classy restaurant. I had never been to anything like this before. My nerves became even worse.

"It's okay babe. Just relax. We are only having dinner. You are with me. Just think about us and no one else."

Looking at his love filled green eyes made me forget everything. We sit at a booth in the back away from the crowd. Most of the people look high ended. Businessmen having dinner meetings, lawyers, doctors, and probably the mayor in there too. Sterling orders a glass of wine and I order a non-alcoholic cocktail. He appeared so sophisticated in his black suit and blue tie leaning back swirling wine around in his glass.

"I learned this from my father growing up. He said once I take over the company, I'll have to go on many business meetings. He thought it was only right if I knew the proper way to drink wine."

We eat our dinner making small talk and leave the restaurant. I was excited about seeing the opera. I had never seen it before and watching it with Sterling will be even more amazing. The opera house is a white building with a dome on top and lights illuminating all around it. It truly is a spectacular sight. The inside however is even more mesmerizing. Wide open ceilings with chandeliers and bright lights. Marble pillars and statues of different fictional characters. Men dressed up in their most expensive suits and women with smooth flowing gowns dragging behind them clutching on to their men's arms.

"Have you ever seen the opera before?"

"No, I haven't. I always wanted to though and you made it come true, so thank you," I quickly kiss his cheek when no one was looking.

The usher shows us to our seats and we sit down with anticipation. I could see the pit with instrumentalists preparing themselves and the conductor taking his stance. The lights dim and the curtain opens.


"That was so amazing!! Christine is an exceptional singer and the set was beautiful! Raoul was beyond charming and the phantom was sooooo cool!" I blurts out without a single breath.

Sterling laughs, "Yes Adrian, I was there with you I saw it too."

I chuckl at myself, "right sorry. I really want to thank you again Sterling for such an amazing night. I couldn't be happier."

"I'm glad. I always want you to smile like that. Thank you for an amazing evening as well."

We get to the apartment pleased with how our evening turned out.

"I'm in the mood for some more wine. You want something."

"No, I'm good, thanks."

Sterling walks into the kitchen while I watch his ass swaying side to side. He takes out a bottle of red wine and opens it up with a corkscrew. Picks up a wine glass which was next to the bottle and pours it about one third full. Who knew football players in college would keep fancy stuff like wine in their house. He had beer too but wine just goes better with fancy dinner parties or girls.

"So what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know you pick. It is your evening after all."

"You already gave me everything I wanted tonight."

"That answer makes me happy," Sterling swallowed a sip of his red liquid.

Man he looks so gorgeous. His hair was slightly messy from the wind outside and the hair spray losing its volume.

"Actually I take that back, there is still one more thing I want."

He looks genuinely confused, probably wondering if he messed up or there was more left to do for the night. I get up from the bar stool I was sitting on at the counter and stroll over to him. I start rubbing my hands up and down his arms.

"Oh so that's what you meant," he smirks.

He puts down his wine glass and picks me up making me wrap my legs around his waist for support all while kissing me with passion. He walks towards the counter and sets me down on top without breaking our mouth to mouth connection. I don't know if it was the wine or the magical night be there was an intense heat. We begin clawing at each other's buttons but making sure nothing got pulled off. Ripping a five dollar t-shirt isn't a big deal but his $40 shirt, no thank you. His mouth slides down my neck and his hands begin working on my pants. I throw my head back in ecstasy and allowing him more area to kiss while I was fidgeting with his pants. Our coat, shirt, and pants came off and were thrown all across the kitchen floor.


"What? What's wrong?"

"Take off my tie but keep yours on."

"You want me to tie you up with it or something?"

"No, just keep it around your neck. I- I've seen it in porn where the guy has sex with the tie around his neck. I just thought it was kind of hot and always wanted to try it."

"Fuck. That is hot. As my little opera boy demands."

He goes back to lavishing my neck with kisses and sucking. I couldn't hold myself up and laid my body down on the counter. Sterling stretches his body over mine, begins to kiss down my chest and stomach. I finger aggressively through his hair pulling on it every time he hits an erogenous spot. He circles his tongue around my belly button and uses one hand to grab my nipple and gently pull it.


"Does it feel good Adrian?"

"Yes Sterling. It feels incredible. I want more," I moan out.

I close my eyes feeling all the sensations and touches until I feel a small tickling. I tilt my head up to look and see Sterling holding his wine glass, pouring some wine over my stomach over-filling my belly button. Some of it drips down the side of my stomach while some rolls right towards my waiting member. He dips his head down and slurps up my belly button causing my body to explode in shivers. He traces his tongue on the wine line which headed towards my pubic hair and stops right when he reaches my bush. He grabs the base of my cock in an instant and begins pouring the liquid onto my hard manhood. My cock jumps up at the sudden sensation but relaxes as soon as Sterling wraps his hot mouth around the head. I throw my head back again moaning and wiggling under his touches.

"Sterling that feels amazing! Don't stop please," I beg.

Sterling continues sucking my head and then begins bopping his mouth up and down the entire length. He sure has a big mouth. He could take my entire cock in there. I feel his nose bury in my hair and then retreat over and over again.

"I'm going to come Sterling!"

"It's okay, come for me babe. I want to see how hot I make you feel."

As soon as Sterling spits those words out, my cum flys and hit my chest. Panting I look towards Sterling who seemes hypnotized by what he just witnessed.

"Let me return the favor now captain."

Sterling's cock suddenly jerks up. I turn my body around on the counter get on my hands and knees. I catch his twitching cock in my hand and immediately put it in my mouth. My hand goes back to holding my body up while my mouth working back and forth on his thick rod.

"Yes that's it. Keep sucking hard just like that. Make me come right in that pretty little mouth," Sterling begs with gritted teeth as if trying to hold back a moan.

I was starting to get hard again seeing Sterling in front of me crumbling under my sucking. His tie following the same back and forth rhythm of his cock.

"I want a taste too," I demand.

"You are tasting it," Sterling replies without a thought as to what I was asking.

"No, the wine on your cock. Not fair that you got to do it."

"You are underage Adrian and it's better you don't start drinking."

"Just one sip. It won't hurt. Plus one glass a day is good for you actually. I want to see how your cum tastes mixed with wine."


Sterling picks up his glass again and empties some of its contents onto his cock. I dive back down grabbing his length with my mouth. The bitter taste of the wine hit my palate first making me cringe but hearing Sterling's moans over and over again makes me want to pour more on. I keep sucking while grabbing the glass and pouring more onto his cock. The liquid drips down towards my chin and onto the counter. I begin picking up my pace wanting Sterling desperately. I suck my cheeks in a little to create more friction between his cock and my mouth. It surly works because Sterling erupts right at that moment.

"Shit! Adrian!"

I suck and swallow every drop of cum until nothing is left. Sterling pulls out with a limp cock and gives me a satisfied look.

"I really love you."

He picks me up off the counter princess style, heads toward his bedroom, and lays me down on his bed.

"What a night. You must be exhausted babe. Why don't we get some sleep now."

"I want to thank you again for such an awesome night Sterling. I got dinner, entertainment, and dessert," I say with a small smile and sleepy eyes.

Just as Sterling was about to remove his tie I catch it and pull him closer to me.

"No, keep it on. I want to fall asleep like this."

"Holding my tie?"

"Mhmm, I'll know you won't leave me then."

Sterling moves even closer to me wrapping his arms around my waist. My hand still holding his tie, I let my body drift off.


The rest of the break flew by with New Year's Eve being even better than Christmas. Sterling and I watched movies all day cuddled on the couch. Later at night we headed to a bar close by to celebrate the upcoming of the new year. We counted down with everyone at the bar and even got to kiss each other right at midnight. It really was going to be great year. Even better than the past year because Sterling would be with me the entire time. Brady and Derrick came right on time so luckily they didn't get any ass whooping from Sterling. I moved back to my dorm welcoming Cody back who came with crazy amount of new clothes he got as Christmas presents. It was a little depressing to move back. Sterling felt the same way because he asked if I wanted to stay longer. No one would know and his roommates wouldn't mind. I was tempted but I knew we needed some separation too. It wasn't smart to be together 24/7. I wanted a steady pace where we died to see each other at the end of the day and couldn't wait to catch up, not a boring hey I already told you everything in the morning so now I'm just going to bed. I didn't want to turn into a boring married couple. I wanted the thrill of having him over to my dorm and having sex under the covers five feet away from Cody. I wanted to surprise him by having rose petals feathered over his bed and me laying naked right in the middle of it when he got home from a late practice. I knew it was the hardest on Sterling. He got so accustomed to seeing my stuff all over his room and then it was gone. One month is not enough for two lovers. I don't think a year and half was even long enough. After that Sterling would leave. I scolded myself for thinking about this now. I should be happy in the moment.

Sterling and I get back into our daily schedule. It was tough not being able to see him during the morning. Philosophy should have been a year long class. Now I could only see him in the evening after his practice was done, but we always try to make the most of it.

"So I'm thinking about either picking up a job or joining a club or two."

"That's great. You missed the Org Fest though. It usually happens in the beginning of October."

"Shoot, I guess I was too preoccupied staring at you," I smile innocently.

"Damn, don't get me started right now. You know I have an exam tomorrow. All I'll think about is our steamy night."

"That's okay, you'll fail and then we can take the class together. I'll be more than happy to tutor you again."

"What a great boyfriend I have, he wants me to fail."

"I'm joking of course. You know how important studies are to me, I would never let you fail now that I am here," I proudly declare.

"Yes professor."

"So tell me what I should do."

"Well it's hard to find a job on campus. Lots of people don't have cars or don't want to pay for gas every week so they find work at school. You along with most freshmen also don't have a car so you obviously can't go off campus."

"I could take the bus."

"I'd rather you not. It's not always safe and who knows if you ever have to work late at night. I won't allow it."

Seeing Sterling being so protective brought a smile to my lips. Always being a sweetheart.

"Okay so no job. Then club. Which one?"

"Well there is choir, hip-hop, university band and orchestra, ethnic diversity club, and lots of other shit. Oh and sports of course."

"Ha, please sports. You already know how exceptional I am at that. I don't want to make you all look weak," I say sarcastically.

"Fine, we need a waterboy."

"Are you kidding! That's even worse! You want me to get beat up?"

"It's college, no one does that here. We've had other waterboys in the past, none of them got beat up."

"Still I'll pass. Think of something else."

"I don't know Adrian! Just figure something out. You are in fucking college not elementary school that I need to tell you how to do every little thing!"

I look at Sterling with wide eyes not knowing where all of this came from. His concentration was still directed towards his textbook and notes. He finally looks up at me after what seemed like an eternity. Seeing my reaction he froze, probably realizing what he just did.

"Oh shit! I'm- I'm so sorry babe. I didn't mean to explode like that. I didn't even realize my voice got so loud. I'm just stressed for tomorrow's exam."

"I understand that Sterling but you could have told me that. I would have shut up. I want you to do well. We are a team. You getting a bad grade hurts me as well and you getting a good grade makes me insanely proud."

He combs his hand through his hair, "you are right. I honestly didn't mean it. I'll just be open next time and tell you okay. I promise."

Seeing the hesitation in my face Sterling continues to speak even though it looked like he was done.

"It's just you are so brilliant. I feel really dumb sometimes. I want to be better for you. I think I'm not good enough for you."

"Sterling. I had no idea," I say trying to comfort him. "You are smart and I know that. I wouldn't be with you if you were a dumb jock. I chose you because not only are you smart, but you are kind and the only person who saw me for me. I could never think you are less than me."


"Absolutely hun. How about I help you study."

"No. I want to do it on my own. I want to work hard for you. At least until we get married, then you can take care of me all you want," he smiles at me and gets back to his text.

Shit. There it is again. I've lost count at how many times he's said this kind of stuff to me. I wonder if I should ask him.

"Hey, um, Sterling."


"I um was wondering if," say it, "if you want," say it already, "if you wanted a snack."

You chicken I yell at myself inside my head.

"Sure babe, that would be great."

I spend the rest of my night tossing and turning in my bed thinking about all the clues Sterling has dropped so far. Was there any meaning behind them or is he just saying them casually. I haven't even told my parents I'm gay yet and I can't legally drink. Marriage is so far ahead. Maybe Sterling is in a hurry, he's not getting any younger after all, but he is only 21. Why is he in such a rush? I wonder if it's some sort of inheritance thing. After he graduates he has to get married and settle down to show his parents he is mature enough to run the business. Then they'll give him 10 million dollars. He'll take the money and run off leaving me after. Wait, what??! What am I think? This isn't some crazy soap opera and how could I possibly think Sterling would do something so terrible. I am a horrible person for even thinking that. He would hate my guts if he thought I didn't believe in his love. Just need to stop getting so worked about this little thing. We haven't even celebrated our six month anniversary yet. I was finally able to drift off some time around 1 or 2.

Next day I wake up groggy and not in the mood for any kind of bullshit from anyone. I head towards my class when I see Sterling standing by a door talking to some fake girl. She had huge silicone boobs, leggings that showed off her gigantic ass, bitch clearly wasn't wearing any underwear, and a dark tan. He seemed like he was enjoying himself though. His smile looked liked it was permanently stuck to his face. And I don't even want to start on her body, leaning into him and hand inches away from his dick. What a hoe. Just then Sterling's eyes catch mine.

"Hey Ad," he waves ferociously stepping back from the slut.

"Hey Sterling, who is your friend?"

"I'm Brittany and you are?"

She gives me the nastiest look for interrupting them.

"I'm Adrian."

"You play any sports? I haven't ever seen you around at games."

What a total hoe. Am I a nobody just because I don't play sports?

"Actually Adrian is a freshmen which is why you probably haven't seen him around. He does come to all the football games. Brittany is on the cheer team."

"Oh sorry, it's hard to notice anything when the game is so good. I guess I just look right past the pom pom queens."

She gives me an even nastier look and goes back to looking at Sterling with a smile and batting her fake eyelashes.

"I have to head to class, see ya Sterling."

I don't even bother addressing the tramp.

"Oh umm, okay. I can walk with you if you want."

"Don't bother."

I walk off with my head down. Rest of the day was pretty shitty. All I could think about was Brittany pushing her boobs against Sterling's chest and him getting tempted by her. Why am I this jealous? They were just talking and he loves me. I should trust him. Damn my insecurities. I wonder if I feel so worried about losing him because he's my first boyfriend. Would I feel this same way if he was my second boyfriend or third? I didn't talk to Sterling the entire night. I didn't want to get into some stupid argument. Better I cool my head and then talk to him.


"You didn't message me all day yesterday. Is everything okay?"

Sterling was waiting outside my first class the next day with a worried expression.

"Yeah I'm sorry, everything is fine. I was just busy."

"That's a relief. I was thinking that maybe you got jealous of Brittany."


"That's it? Oh?"

"The truth is I did but then realized there was no point because you love. Don't worry, I'm over it now."

"Well that was mature of you to think that way. You are completely right of course. Why would I want fake tits when I have a seductive boyfriend who is willing to covering his cock with a pink thong," he whispers in my ear.


He bursts into laughter seeing my expression.

"Love you, get to class. I'll see you later."

He kisses my cheek bye and I happily waltz into class forgetting all my worries. This man would never hurt me I know. As soon as I lift my head to sit in my usual spot my eyes freeze.
"Well hello Adrian, long time no see," Ken smiles mischievously.

This cannot be happening to me! I looked around to find another spot to sit in, preferably one furthest away from him. Sadly the class was packed and the only seat was next to him. I would rather sit on the floor than next to this psycho. I reluctantly sit down without a hello back or even looking.

"You won't even say hi back?" He tiltes his head in a cocky way

"Why are you even here? Not that I am interested. It's just my polite way of asking when you would leave."

"Oh Adrian don't be so harsh. It distorts your pretty face."

"Asshole," I mutter under my breath.

"Mmm, don't get me thinking about your asshole."

"You son of a bitch, you realize that you were molesting me. You are lucky I didn't turn you in," I rage.

"Okay you are right. Lets start over then. I messed up and I want to...apologize. Maybe we can get coffee after class and I can help you understand more about me then. After that you can make your decision about continuing to hate me or possibly becoming my friend."

"Ha, are you fucking kidding me. I would never be friends with you after that. Plus Sterling is going to kick your ass after he finds out about you being here which you still didn't tell me why."

"I was sort three credits somehow and my advisor said I should probably take a general biology course so here I am. Besides I don't think Sterling would mind too much seeing we talk in class."

"What? What the hell are you saying?"

"You forgot didn't you? We have the same major so we obviously will end up in a couple of classes together."

"You are in the same class as Sterling?"

"Yup. Oh looks like he didn't tell you. Don't tell him I told you or he will get upset with me again. I want him to continue liking me."

"So last class we ended taking about cell structure. I want to review that a little bit before we continue on with our lecture today," the professor begins.

"So coffee Adrian?"

"In your dreams and that's my spot you are sitting in. Next class I want you as far away from me as possible."

I leave with a bitter feeling in my mouth. I need to have a conversation with Sterling.


"How could you not tell me?" I scream without giving any fucks that we were on the football field with the rest of the players around.

Sterling looks back stunned and embarrassed.

"Ken. He's in your class."

Hesitantly Sterling starts talking, "Ad. I-"

"You know what save it. You are talking to the guy who molested your boyfriend. I thought I could trust you. You kept such a big secret from me. Well now, you aren't the only one with him in your class."

"Ad. Wh-What the fuck do you mean by that," he nervously asks.

"He joined my biology class today. He even asked me to go get coffee with him. I said no before but now I'm debating if I should or not. After all if you can hang out with the guy who hurt me then it shouldn't matter to you if I do or not. I'll go tell him that I'll be more than willing to."

I turn around and leave the field without even looking back once.

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