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My GrandDad's Best Friend

The allure of an older man is undeniable for some young women. The realization that this attraction even exists may not be apparent until you meet that special person, and the time and circumstances are right. It's not always lusting at first sight, but eventually, you reach the point when at the sight of him, you become wet with desire, and all you think about is having him.

Maybe it's a primal thing, the young inexperienced female seeking out the much older, knowledgeable and experienced male who offers protection, adventure, safety, sexual education and if she is one of the fortunate ones perhaps impregnation.


This story contains interracial coupling, older man/younger woman, male dominance and some anal sex.


I am a young woman, who is barely twenty, naive and perpetually horny.

I did something that was unexpected but exciting, and I did it with a person I have casually known for years. His name is Mr. Powers, Rufus Powers. What's so strange about the whole thing is that of all people, I would never have thought it would be with him, my Grandpa's best friend.

I've been mulling this over in my mind for a while now, and I feel as if I have to tell someone how it happened between us and I think now is a good time to do that.


Rufus was just over 6'3", a physically attractive man even now into his fifties. I can only imagine what he must have been like in his youth. I knew Rufus had been in the Marines for many years, his health and active lifestyle attested to that military influence. He had a strong fit body with only a hint of middle-aged spread just beginning to work its way around his still slim, tight waist. Rufus reminded me of that gorgeous black British actor Idris Elba only with a shaved head and a few more pounds. Now divorced, Rufus had two grown children and three grandchildren (older than me), who lived in different states.

Rufus was a neighbor of my Grandparents. He and his wife Margaret had lived a couple of houses down the street from Grandpa and Nanna for as long as I can remember. When I was just a kid, I would visit during the summer, and the Powers' grandkids would often be visiting at the same time. Though I knew the kids pretty well, I didn't like Mr. Powers then. It seemed he was always staring at me, making me feel uncomfortable. I even remember him cornering me a few times, and trying to sneak a feel or brush his hand against my budding breasts. It never occurred to me back then, when the thought of an old man's "mickey dog" only produced an exaggerated "ewwwwwwww!" that a few years later the very same thought would get me hot, aroused and very, very wet.

When Rufus' wife Margaret left him a few years ago, he and Grandpa became closer friends. I later found out that while he and Margaret were together, Rufus had strayed and seriously lusted after other women. Unbeknownst to Grandpa, those women included Janet Billingsley, my Nanna, and his wife. Rufus was at their house all of the time, visiting with Grandpa, and when Grandpa wasn't there, visiting with Nanna. Nanna would often take dinner to Rufus at his house and stay for hours visiting, sometimes late into the evening.

After I had gotten to know Rufus better, he began guardedly talking with me about his relationship with Nanna. I had for a while had a sneaking suspicion that Rufus was fucking my Nanna regularly after his wife left, and I had been right. Their affair had apparently gone on for a couple of years.


It was the untimely illness and eventual death of my Nanna that brought Rufus and me together again.

When Nanna had become ill, Grandpa and Rufus were constantly at her bedside. I remember one evening when Grandpa couldn't make it to the hospital I went in his place. Into the dimly lit hospital room I walked only to find Rufus sitting next to Nanna's bed with his hand under the covers surreptitiously masturbating her. She lay there softly moaning with pleasure, and weakly smiling up at him with a look of love and affection on her face. I admit I was shocked at first, but the shock and surprise were quickly replaced with a feeling of happiness for her. I was happy because she had someone eager and willing to give her the emotional and sexual release that she wanted and needed during this difficult time. Rufus looked up and seeing me, held my gaze for a moment before he resumed ministering to Nanna. After a few minutes more, Nanna's body began to tremble, and she quietly came as Rufus continued to stroke her. Nanna's orgasm began to dissipate, and she gave a deep, satisfied sigh, before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. It was actually, sort of beautiful to watch.

Rufus adjusted the covers about her, and Rufus and I walked out to our cars and that's when he told me about his affair with Nanna and what I had seen him doing for her earlier had given him as much pleasure as it did her. He said for as long as he had known her she had been a very sexual person and even now appreciated his attention and the pleasure he gave her. He said if he could wish for anything in the world it would be to crawl under the covers with her and make love to her, to slip his hard, hot cock into her and fuck her the way she deserved.

I looked away in embarrassment, surprised by his bluntness. Undeterred by my reaction, almost as if he wanted to shock me, he continued, saying this wasn't the first time he had tended to her this way.

"Your Grandma Janet always enjoyed it when I stroked her to orgasm; she loved how my long, slender, black fingers could make her feel." Watching my reaction, he said he had occasionally taken care of her when Grandpa was there, asleep in a chair. I think he wanted to see how much he could shock me. He continued, saying that sometimes if she were feeling particularly frisky, she would slip her hand into his pants and slowly, but firmly stroke him until she made his ooze cum into her warm palm. The fact that Grandpa was asleep in the same room and might awaken at any time only added to the excitement and forbidden nature of what they were doing.

"Oh, fucking damn, she could make me feel so good," he said in a faint, distant voice. "Your Grandma was very special to me, Avery."

We stood next to my car, and he gave me a fatherly hug. He had loved his wife Margaret, and he had been hurt and lonely when she left him. When Nanna came into his life, she was his lifeline. I don't think she at first intended their friendship to become sexual, but it happened. Despite her efforts to end the affair, the relationship offered not only sex but also a very different and exceptional closeness that she needed, and I guess no longer had with Grandpa.

"Your Grandma let me share things with her that I hadn't felt safe doing since Margaret left. If it's possible, I think I miss Janet more than your Grandpa," Rufus said. I smiled up at him, and to my surprise, he bent and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue slipped between my soft, pink lips gently explored the warm interior of my mouth. I didn't pull away.

I felt lightheaded when I slid into the driver's seat of my car. "You remind me of Janet," Rufus said as he closed the door and stepped away from the car.

Still feeling the warm softness of his tongue caressing the inside of my mouth, I drove away wondering, what had happened to the man whom I had felt so sorry for earlier? Rufus had transformed into a hot, horny stud, obviously working hard to get inside my panties. My female instincts no matter how inexperienced told me this was the real Rufus. He was using my empathy for him to make it easier for him to get that large, black dick between my legs.

I thought about Rufus a lot over the next week.


Friends and family gathered at the house after Nanna's burial, including Rufus Powers, and my heart went out to him. I found myself stealing quick glances at him from across the room, and occasionally I would look up and catch him watching me. With the expensive suit he wore, he was quite handsome, and as I watched him, I felt myself flush with embarrassment when I realized I could make out what appeared to be the outline of a nice sized package between his legs.

Oh, shit! What was wrong with me?

My eyes lingered on his crotch as all kinds of thoughts flooded through my mind. Here I was fantasizing about all the ways I could make this man feel better. I wondered if I could make him whine and groan with pleasure and forget his pain at having been deserted by his wife and now the death of his lover, my Nanna.

Everyone had loved Nanna and the house quickly filled with relatives, friends and neighbors following her funeral. As the afternoon wore on and the guests began to leave, I walked with Rufus down the street to his house. When we got to his front door, I was about to turn and head back home when Rufus caught my hand, "why don't you come inside for a glass of wine, Avery?"

I looked up at him and thought I saw something different in his eyes.

"I'd like that, Rufus," I said and walked into the house.

He had a lovely home, and we sat in his living room sipping a lovely white wine and talking. Rufus was a very handsome man. As we talked, he placed his hand on mine and squeezed it.

"I just wanted to say thank you, Avery, for being a caring friend. Lately, there had been days when I felt as if I didn't know which way to turn. Your smiling face always made me think of Janet and made me feel better," he said. He lightly ran his hand up and down my arm, caressing it softly, sensually, sending chills through me. Tilting my face upward to look at him, he smiled, leaned in toward me and hesitantly kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you, Avery," he said and kissed me again, but on my mouth. This time, his kiss was more insistent, and I returned his kiss.

Rufus moved closer to me, and I could feel the pressure of his erection against my hip. Putting his arm around my shoulder, with the other hand he slipped his fingers between my thighs. I don't know quite how to explain what I felt or why I reacted the way I did. Wanting only his touch, I instinctively opened my legs wider giving his strong, black fingers more access as they probed and sought my tight, wet pussy. I felt my heart beating faster and harder.

I remember how quiet and stuffy the room seemed as I closed my eyes and let my head list forward onto Rufus's chest. I felt my body tremble when Rufus slowly but deliberately slipped his fingers into my pussy, pushing them deep inside me. Gently stroking in and out, I moaned when the warmth started to build at my center, I knew what the sensation was, and I didn't want it to stop. Rufus was about to make me cum and then without warning, my orgasm exploded and surged through me, my breathing became fast and shallow, my eyes fluttered and Rufus held me tightly in his arms as my body spasmed.

"Oh yes little girl, just let it happen, don't hold back. Rufus knows what you need. Rufus knows how to take care of you."

I snuggled into his arms, and when my legs stopped trembling, and I was finally able to walk, I got up and walked over to wide living room window.

I heard him get up and turned around to see him slowly walk toward me. Towering over me, he reached out, touched my face and kissed me. I felt his slow, deep kiss down to my toes. His large hands cupped and fondled my breast before he allowed them to slide down my back to caress my ass, pulling my crotch tight against his growing bulge and grinding hard against me.

"Take off your clothes, Avery," he said in a low, throaty voice.

Pulling away from him and stepping back, "What did you say?" I asked, thinking I had misunderstood him.

"Take your clothes off," he repeated and waited for me to follow his request.

"No, I can't do that. I think there's been some misunderstanding," I said, knowing I must have sounded like a complete idiot considering what had just happened between us.

"I'm sorry, I think I'd better leave," I said half stammering.

There was the briefest flicker of amusement on his face. "Avery," he said placing his large black hand on my cheek, "you're a young girl, and I didn't mean to frighten you. What happened must be very confusing. Just remember, when you're with me, you never have to do anything you don't want to do."

"Hopefully, we'll talk more very soon," he said as he opened the front door and I hurried out.

I was embarrassed by my actions that night. How could I have let him touch me like that, how could I have enjoyed the feel of his hands as much as I had? Of course, I had let a couple of boys that I liked at school finger me, but I rarely had cum and certainly had never felt anything like I had with Rufus. I felt disgusted with the way my body had surrendered so quickly and easily to his fondling. It had been different with Rufus. He was a grown man who knew what he was doing, knew how to make my young, hungry body wet and eager for him, and I had to admit that I wanted more.


I hadn't heard from Rufus in over a week, and I felt a bit angry with myself for wanting to be with him again.

Then late one Friday night "brinnnngggg, brinnnngggg," the phone rang. It was Rufus. My heart was pounding in my chest at the appearance of his name on the Caller ID screen; my clit began to ache and throb.


"Hey Baby, I gotta hard-on right now, hearing your voice. I missed you," he said.

"Why haven't you called?" I asked, sounding like a whiny, teenage girl.

He didn't respond.

"I want you to come over here," he said.

"It's late . . . I don't think I can see you tonight," I lied before he interrupted.

"I want you over here, Avery," he said in a commanding tone that I hadn't heard before, and that surprised me. After a pause, I relented and told him, "Alright, I'll be there."

It was almost eleven o'clock at night, and my Grandpa was dozing in the TV room when I stealthily crept down the stairs and out of the house. As I hurried down the street to Rufus' house, I could feel the excitement and the moisture building between my legs.

I stood there ringing the doorbell for what seemed like a long time before Rufus answered the door. He stood there tall and handsome, smiling at me before stepping aside allowing me to enter.

Closing the door behind him, without missing a beat he asked, "Are you ready to take your clothes off now?"

I looked at him in speechless surprise. The surprise quickly faded, and I stood there clearly understanding that things between us were about to change.

With a sensual, knowing look on his face, he said simply, "take them off now, little girl."

I'm sure some of you will call me a slut or a whore, because of what happened. Being forever the obedient, submissive girl, when in the presence of dominant male authority, I did as told. I removed my skirt and then my blouse, letting them drop carelessly onto the floor.

"Come over here," he ordered, the ex-marine in control of the situation.

I walked to him, my lingerie clad body eager for his touch. As I drew closer to him, he slipped his hand between my thighs, cupped my clit and pussy, and began to rub against them with his open palm. I gasped and closed my eyes shaken by the suddenness of the pleasurable sensations. He rubbed me harder, teasing and taunting. He pulled my hips closer and pushed one, then two fingers inside my pussy. He began to stroke in and out, and I soon felt if I didn't cum soon I'd start to scream like a mad woman.

He stood over me, and I looked up at him, speechless. I stood there on quivering legs and whimpered, "Please Rufus, keep doing that, yes, just like that so I can cum, please don't stop." I begged him not to stop, and he did exactly that. He chuckled to himself and unzipped his trousers freeing his cock. I reached down and took it in my hand. It was huge; my small hand barely encircled its girth.

"You remember what I told you before? You don't have to do anything you don't want to do Avery."

"I know," I said.

"You're gonna suck me now, Avery," he said. "Your pretty little white mouth is gonna make me cum hard, and when I do, I expect you to swallow it all, do you understand Baby?"

"Yes, Rufus," I softly said as he put his hands on my shoulders and pressed me to my knees until I knelt in front of him.

I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cockhead where a large bead of pre-cum was forming. I kissed it, sticking the tip of my tongue into his pee hole, tasting the saltiness that oozed out. I let the softness of my tongue slip into the warm wrinkly pocket under the foreskin of his uncut cock, and he moaned as I orally caressed the circumference of his engorged cockhead. His legs began to shake, and his body stiffened ever so slightly.

Playtime was over.

He was swollen and throbbing when he forcefully pressed his black cockhead deeper into my mouth. His hands slipped behind my head and held it in place as he unhurriedly began to stroke his cock in and out. He pushed his pelvis forward making his cockhead rub across the roof of my mouth, the soft mushiness of the crown touching the back of my throat and then withdrawing. He slowly stroked until I was able to take his full length and girth.

He brushed my damp hair away from my face as he gradually increased the force and depth of his swaying hips.

"Oh, little girl, that's it . . . yes, take it all," he said encouragingly in a hoarse, dry voice.

"What a wonderful fucking mouth; you make an old black man very happy," he said, his thigh trembling against my cheek.

"Yes, yes, suck my balls . . . yes! Hold them in your mouth and play with them. Yes, Baby like that, oh fuck! Just like that."

His sex moans excited me, and I could feel the cool circle of wetness between my legs expanding.


"Look at me. Look at me Avery," he almost shouted when he gripped my hair and yanked my head back, pulling my mouth off his dick.

I looked up at his handsome, dark face, now covered in a light sheen of sweat; his eyes glazed over with outright lust.

"I want to feel my cock down your throat when I cum," he said in a halting voice as he wrapped his hands in my hair to keeping my mouth positioned for his use. His black ball sac hung heavily between his thighs, and I teased it with my tongue, sucking his balls in and out of my mouth. He groaned, and I licked him from his ass bud, around his balls, and up his hot, rigid cock shaft. Taking my time, I ran my tongue along the swollen, pulsing vein that traversed the underside of his cock. I enjoyed gently nipping it with my teeth making him flinch in surprise, but he couldn't make himself pull away from the pleasure-pain.

I licked and sucked until I worked my way to his crown where I ran my tongue along its bumpy ridge. He groaned and pulled my face closer enjoying the feel of the warmth and moisture of my breath between his legs.

He held my head there motionless for several seconds. Then Rufus began to move his hips. In and out, with slow, long strokes so that he could feel the changing contours of my mouth along the length of his demanding cock. He pulled back and withdrew until only his cock head remained between my lips. After a pause, he began pressing himself back into my mouth and with each stroke, further breaching the tightness of my throat, making me gag and push back against him trying to control the depth of his thrust.

As my throat began to relax and open for him, Rufus continued increasing his rhythm. He stiffened, his cock becoming rock hard, and his balls a hard tight sac pulled up tightly to this body. He was almost ready to cum and looking up at him, I could see the strain etched on his face and knew that he was struggling to keep himself under control.

He couldn't hold it any longer and with a groan of resignation, his cock erupted, spewing his warm cum down my throat as he stroked through his orgasm. Finally, he stopped moving, and I gently milked his sensitive cock until he emptied himself and reluctantly pulled out of my mouth.
He helped me up, and we moved into the bedroom, collapsing onto the bed. We cuddled under the covers, on the same bed that he had made marital love to his wife and then adulterous love to my Nanna, Janet. I lay in his arms as my breathing returned to normal and marveled at the way our skins contrasted and how for me that contrast heightened the sexual attraction between us. I thought back to the last hour with him; Rufus' black mouth sucking my white breast, his big, black cock ejaculating into my small, moist, white mouth, his long black legs entwined with my, slender white ones. I released a sigh of contentment and snuggled against the length of his hard, black, muscular body. Comforted by the sound of his light snoring I drifted off to sleep wondering if this was how it had been for Nanna if it was the sex with Rufus that kept drawing her back to his bed.


"Why don't you move in here with me?" My Grandpa asked one morning at breakfast. "I mean, lately, you seem to be here every weekend and several times during the week, hell you're practically living here now," he said with a broad expectant grin. "Why don't you give up your apartment and save a little money by moving in here, that way I won't have to stumble around this big, empty house alone?"

Though my first impulse was to decline his offer, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it.

"Well, if you don't think it would be an imposition, it would certainly help me out in a lot of ways," I replied enthusiastically, welcoming the thought of no more commuting, and saving a little money, to say nothing of being closer to Rufus.

"Great! It's settled then," Grandpa shouted excitedly. "You take your pick; there are two empty rooms upstairs and that in-law apartment down here." As an aside he added, "That in-law would probably give you a lot more privacy. I'll leave the room choice up to you."

"Welcome, Avery," he said, with a happy grin spreading across his face.

I moved in the following weekend.


Now that I was staying with him, Grandpa didn't have to worry about the house being empty and unattended. He obviously felt more comfortable being away on his weekend excursions and going away for a few days at a time to visit friends. Perhaps a month after I moved in, Grandpa left on a weekend fishing trip, and Rufus showed up within hours of him leaving. Rufus let himself in through the unlocked kitchen door and quietly made his way to my bedroom.

I had already showered and dried myself before applying my favorite scent, a spicy fragrance that I dabbed at my erotic pulse points. I lightly touched the fragrance between my legs, behind my knees, small of my back and in the cleavage between my breasts. Carefully placing it wherever I thought he might want to explore.

My lingerie was a gorgeous bra and thong set I had purchased especially for him. It was a beautiful black lace trimmed with the palest, buttery yellow satin ribbon. The front was a small barely there piece of black lace that revealed more than it concealed. The thong was literally a string that ran between my butt cheeks and tied in a bow at the small of my back, seductively showing off and emphasizing my firm, tight twenty-year-old behind. The top was a striking black lace semi-bra that cradled my full, soft breasts so that they were on stunning display, allowing my nipples to remain visibly erect and not pressed flat.

"Oh Baby, fuck you look good!" he said as he came through my bedroom door. I was glad I had paid attention to my appearance and did a model's turn to show off my lingerie. He walked across the room toward me and opened his arms embracing me.

"Hmmmm, you smell good too," he said deeply inhaling.

"Sit in that chair over there on the side of the bed and open your legs for me," he instructed.

I removed my thong and tossed it to him. Then turning, I walked to my dressing table where I obediently sat down in the chair in front of him with my legs slightly open. My clit was already becoming engorged and protruding from its sheltering hood. My full, swollen pussy lips distended like soft, smooth petals between my legs.

"Pleasure yourself for me, Avery, but don't cum."

"Why can't I cum, Rufus?" I asked a little confused.

He looked at me with piercing eyes, "don't question me, Avery," he said in a stern, uncompromising voice. "Now do as I told you."

I looked at him, surprised by his tone with me and realized for the first time how turned on I was by his dictatorial and controlling attitude toward me. He clearly had strong attitudes when it came to sex and his expectations of how I was to behave when with him.

I sat in my dressing table chair across from the bed and opened my legs wider. With my legs spread wide, I leaned back and put one leg on each arm of the chair. I let my hand inch downward to my smooth, hairless mound and began to rub my clit lightly, up and down, up and down gradually increasing the pressure.

"Beautiful, beautiful," he said watching as my pussy became wetter. I reached up with one hand and fondled my breasts until the nipples were hard, erect and inviting. I masturbated for him as he watched. Rufus eventually pulled his dick out and began edging, his breathing becoming fast and shallow before he would ease off to keep himself from cumming. He did this for a few minutes, all the while urging me to keep my legs open and cautioning me not to let myself cum.


"Come here, baby," he said, holding out his strong, dark hand, in which I placed my small white one. I wanted desperately to cum, but forced myself to go to Rufus, my clit feeling as if it could burst. Rufus pressed me down onto the bed and positioning me under him, effortlessly lifted my hips up and lowered his mouth to my pussy, his tongue knowledgeable and exciting, expertly showing me who was in control.

"Please, Rufus . . . please put your cock inside me and make me cum," I said to him in a soft, whispery voice.

"I wanted you to be sure you wanted to do this with me. I want you to be hot and ready when I finally fuck you," he said. "Is this what you want, baby?"

"Yes . . . Oh yes, Rufus. Please fuck me, now."

He bent my knees up and spread my legs open, my pussy pink and glistening. He was older and more experienced, but even I could see that he wanted to fuck me very badly. He slowly pressed his swollen black cockhead into my pussy and then pulled it all of the way out. He did it again, this time thrusting into me and changing from a hard thrust to a slow stroking motion. He fucked into me slow and gentle and suddenly with a hard deep thrust, he tore into me so deeply I cried out in pain when he brushed my cervix. I screamed and dug my nails into his back, "You're hurting me, Rufus," I cried out, even as my body embraced the pleasurable sensations that followed the pain.

Buried deep inside me, at my cry Rufus stopped moving, allowing my body to adjust. "Oh, Baby . . . I'm sorry, I'm sorry" he said in an agonized voice. My body relaxed and softened for him, and he resumed his stroking. I lay there pliable and submissive to his mesmerizing black cock, as he awakened exquisite sensations and succeeded in filling me with his entire length. Igniting the beginning wave of a powerful orgasm, my first vaginal orgasm with Rufus raged through me, and I thought, "Is this what it's supposed to be like?" and I felt tears of completeness run down my cheeks.

I looked up into Rufus' dark, rugged face and seeing my tears he smiled, "It was good, wasn't it baby?" I nodded my head yes.

He bent forward and took one of my wrists in each hand and held them over my head. He began to pump into me, and as I lie there legs open, my pussy full of black cock another orgasm gripped me. My small pale body convulsed under my black, demanding lover. I had never felt like this.

"That's my little girl; you came good and hard for your black daddy, didn't you?"

"You came . . . all over my black . . . dick . . ." he began but was left stammering as his orgasm erupted and he ejaculated in hard, violent bursts, spewing thick cum deep inside my grasping, greedy pussy.


Grandpa and Rufus started spending a lot of their spare time together. Rufus actually got Grandpa to go with him to a men's club over in the next town a few times. I remember one night when they got home very late, and Rufus had to help Grandpa inside. Grandpa smelled of liquor, cigarette smoke, and cheap perfume. It had been a while since he had been with a woman, and I could only smile to myself imagining what all he had been up to that evening. I was happy and pleased that Rufus was encouraging him find the physical release that all men needed, regardless of their age.

Because we didn't want Grandpa to know what was going on between Rufus and me, very seldom if Grandpa was home did Rufus come to the house specifically to be with me. Sometimes if he came to visit Grandpa, under one pretext or another we might sneak away, and I would give him a quickie blow job, sometimes to orgasm, sometimes just enough to get him worked up and anxious for full out, hot, nasty sex later on.

My Grandpa was gradually returning to his old self and Rufus was making it his mission to fuck this horny little white girl to the point of exquisite soreness and exhaustion on a regular basis. I remember one such night, after teasing him during the afternoon, he casually mentioned to Grandpa that he was heading out to one of his favorite social clubs. Rufus asked Grandpa if he would like to go with him, but Grandpa, as expected, declined and innocently suggested to Rufus that I go with him.

"Now that's a great idea," Rufus said to Grandpa. Turning to me, he added, "Avery, do you think you'd like to go out with me and listen to a little old man music?"

"I'd love to Rufus if Grandpa thinks it would be ok," I said.

"Sure, you two go and have a good time," Grandpa said smiling broadly. "I think I'll read a bit and turn in early he said as he headed upstairs."


The Blue Note Club was loud, smoky and full of a lively mixture of people when we arrived. Rufus found an empty table in the far corner of the club and deftly navigated us to it before anyone else could claim it. After ordering our drinks, we sat and talked as he waved and called to people he knew. We got up to dance. Once on the dance floor, Rufus pulled me to him and almost immediately, I could feel his erection pressing against me. The way he was grinding and rubbing against me, and the way his male friends were stealing glances in our direction, I felt like I was on display. He was showing off his little white girl. He wanted his buddies to see what he had, what he was fucking and they weren't.

When the music ended, we made our way back to our table, ordered more drinks and joined by his friend James Hopewell. As we sat around the table talking, Rufus put his arm casually around my shoulders pulling me closer to him. I sat there looking about the room while Rufus and his friend James talked. I soon realized Rufus had slipped his hand inside my blouse and was actively fondling my breast as he talked. His friend obviously impressed and aroused, ogled Rufus' blatant familiarity and ownership. I tensed in anger and then relaxed when Rufus playfully nipped my earlobe and whispered softly against my ear . . . "Is something wrong?"

"No," I answered, and looking down at me, he gave me his broad, beautiful toothy smile. He resumed his conversation with James, and I relaxed against him. To my chagrin and the horny delight of his friend, Rufus now openly teased my nipples beneath my blouse until they were erect, hard and swollen protrusions.

Our relationship was in large part about control; you know, Rufus testing how far he could get me to cross my self-imposed line of what was sexually comfortable for me. From some of the things he had said and suggested, I suspected he and Nanna may have had what I learned was some kind of dominant and submissive relationship. There were times when in bed he would talk, teach, and explain to me, his perspective on how things should be between men and women.

I think at first Rufus saw me as a replacement for Nanna. During lovemaking, if he sensed my reluctance, he would whisper, "Women are sexual beings, Avery," as he rubbed with his fingers or stroked with his cock between my legs. "You have so much to give and to enjoy, Baby, don't be embarrassed or ashamed, just let your sexual needs and desires bloom and grow."

He would minimize my concerns and reassure me that I would enjoy our intimacies even more if I simply allowed myself to follow my natural female instinct to be submissive and obedient to a man's sexual leadership and guidance. To his way of thinking, though I was barely out of my teens, as with most young women, trusting and learning from an older man's experience would nurture and enhance my own awakening sexuality. As time would show, Rufus was right.

I would balk at some of his requests but would eventually give in to his persistence. My acquiescence was clearly demonstrated that night we went to the Blue Note club and his friend James had sauntered over and joined our table. I didn't know James, but he seemed like a nice person, a well-known entrepreneur in the area, as well as the owner of the Blue Note club. Through much of the evening, I had watched the two of them talking to each other in low voices, often smiling and eyeing me as they talked. At one point during the evening, at Rufus' urging, we had gotten up and gone to the rear of the club, to James' office.

The three of us went into his office and settled on the sofa where he produced a joint that we all shared. I could feel myself becoming lightheaded from the weed and sexually excited by Rufus's kissing and less than discrete fondling. Looking conspiratorially at James, Rufus pulled me into his arms and in a low voice said, "My friend James there would enjoy it if you sucked his cock a little." I looked at him, taken aback by his request. Embarrassingly, I must admit that at the same time, I was aroused by Rufus asking (telling?) me to do this with his friend, and undeniably excited by the thought of Rufus watching me as I pleasured James. I looked at James, who already had a huge bulge in his pants and then back at Rufus, who simply smiled at me and nodded his head in James' direction.

"Go ahead baby; it would really make me happy if you were nice to my friend."

With one last glance at Rufus, I walked over to where James sat and knelt between his knees. His cock was literally jerking in his pants, and when I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, his dick sprang free, thick, black and hard. Not taking my eyes from James' face, I licked away the beading pre-cum and then slowly swallowed the head of his cock, letting my tongue circle it, savoring its taste and feel. I worked his cock in and out of my mouth until it was wet, slippery and pulsing. He began to moan and hump into my mouth all the while cursing, "Fucking white bitch, take it! This black cock's been waiting for you all night."

Soon, my jaws began to ache, as he thrust harder, hitting the back of my throat. I involuntarily tried to pull away from him. . . "Oh, no you don't bitch, you're not going anywhere," he grunted, grasping my face tighter. James started rhythmically thrusting into my mouth, "Oh, god damn it . . . I got a sweet, little white girl here on her knees sucking my dick," he moaned. His body stiffened and his cock became, even more engorged and hard. Holding tight handfuls of my hair to control the position of my mouth, James pressed my face into his groin so hard I could barely breathe. With a finally animal-like grunt, James proudly spewed hot cum down my throat. When he finished, he took a deep breath and leaned back, drained and satisfied.

James brushed my damp hair back from my face and with lust filling his eyes, and loud enough for Rufus to hear he said, "I'll keep my bed warm for when you get tired of that old black bastard over there," pointing in Rufus' direction and laughing loudly. Rufus laughing along with him pulled me to my feet and kissed me hard, obviously not caring that James had just cum in my mouth.


After a brief, quiet conversation between the two of them, they finally said their "catch you laters", and Rufus and I got into the car and drove in a mellow weed induced silence to his house. I thought Rufus would want to talk about what had happened in James' office, but instead, whenever I would look over at him and attempt to talk, he would just stare at me with a strange, unreadable expression on his face. Pulling into the driveway, he lit up another joint, and we sat in the car smoking it. In the quiet darkness of the car, he freed his cock and pulling my upper body over his lap, slipped his warm pulsing member into my mouth and gave a deep sigh of pleasure as I obediently serviced him and brought him to a wet, prolonged orgasm.

We eventually made our way into the house. Rufus was already in bed naked, watching a porn video when I came out of the bathroom. He threw back the covers, welcoming me into his bed and I could see his cock was huge and fully erect. I crawled into bed and gazed expectantly into his eyes as he positioned me under him. Rufus lowered my black lace panties down to my ankles, pulling them off and tossing them onto the floor. He knelt between my legs and kissed my warm, smooth mound, teasingly flicking the tip of his tongue over my clit and between my pussy lips. I lay naked and unashamed under him as he opened my thighs wider and pressed his tongue inside my wet pussy. Despite my quivering legs, I thrust my hips hard against his mouth loving the feel of his tongue making small tight circles on my burgeoning pink nub.

"Rufus, I'm going to cum," I stammered. "Oh my God . . . . Rufus," I screamed as I held his face to my pussy and came in his mouth. My grip loosened, but Rufus continued to lick my juices as my orgasm pulsed through me and began to calm. Rufus pressed my legs open and moved his dark, muscular body between them. He was on his knees lightly stroking his enormous shaft, and I looked up into his sheen covered dark face.

He slipped his hands under my ass cheeks and brought my hips up to meet his thick veiny cock. His hard cockhead teased my pussy lips, and my hips swayed and pushed against him trying to grasp the tip and swallow his bloated crown. I opened my legs wider encouraging him to give me his entire long, thick length. Watching me, he partially pushed himself inside me making me moan for him. He stopped, looked at me and smiled as he drove home the rest of his dick deep into my warm sheath.

Rufus began to ride me, his long, black cock relentlessly pounding into me. Then with one hard, deep thrust, he filled me with his hot black seed, spraying my unprotected white pussy to overflowing. He ejaculated for what seemed to last a long time. When he pulled out of me, I lay contented on the bed filled with his copious, sticky milk as he slumped down on top of me.

After a few seconds, Rufus realized his weight was pressing me into the bed, and he reluctantly rolled off without removing his cock from my warm, snug pussy. He casually tossed his long, lean leg over my hip and I heard the bed creak under his movement and the comforting sound as he began to snore softly. I was happy and perfectly satisfied for now with our relationship, with him and most of all the fantastic sex he was giving me. I had learned a great deal from Rufus sexually and otherwise. Though he was generous with material things and even money when I needed it, I was not naive enough to think our relationship was about anything other than the great sex we were having. I had everything a young, sexually impressionable white girl could want . . . a big attractive black man with a big, black cock, who knew how to use it. Someone who took pleasure in climbing on top of his best friend's granddaughter, sticking his big, black dick into her hot young pussy, and fucking her until she was squirming and calling his name.

Our relationship lasted well over a year; a year filled with sexual exploration and experimentation, wherever his fantasies or my curiosities took us. It was an exciting time of testing my personal, sexual boundaries. For the most part, I felt safe with Rufus, and as long as he was with me, I would willing do just about whatever he wanted. Our fantastic year ended not because either of us wanted it to, but because of a wonderful job opportunity that was too good for me to refuse. Knowing that we would soon be saying goodbye to each other, we fucked whenever and wherever we could. Hell, it was as if we suddenly couldn't get enough of each other.

A few nights before I was scheduled to leave for my new job I let myself into Rufus' quiet, dark house and walked down the hall to his bedroom. He wasn't expecting me and had apparently fallen asleep with the television on. I quietly took off my clothes and stood next to the bed watching him sleep. Sensing that someone was in the room, he slowly opened his eyes and saw it was me standing there naked my breasts full and nipples hard, my mound smooth and soft, my pussy lips pink, swollen and visible through my parted thighs. He smiled and reaching out his hand, pulled me toward and onto the bed so that I was straddling his mouth. Parting my pussy lips, my black lover began to lick me, softly at first with the tip of his tongue and then harder from my ass to my clit. I swayed and closed my eyes as he deliciously swiped between my slit with the broad flat surface of his tongue.

I felt him devour my wet womanhood, the tip of his tongue wonderfully torturing my distended clit. The phrase "like a bitch in heat" never rang truer, my body was his toy, and he knew it. I moaned loudly and marveled as he released my mound, allowing my swollen, glistening nub to slip between his lips. He gently sucked my clit as a baby might a nipple causing that warm, familiar surge of desire to slowly build.

While he lay there leisurely sucking and nipping on my engorged clit, all I could do was whimper and groan with animalistic pleasure as I writhed on his face.

"Rufus . . . oh, baby, I'm going to miss this so much," I said in a soft whimper.

"Good, I want you to miss my fucking you. Every time you spread your legs for another man, I want you to think about my black dick fucking the shit out of that sweet pussy of yours," he said in a throaty voice. Sucking me harder and sticking his tongue up my pussy, he made me cum in a hard orgasm that brought muffled cries of satisfied need.

I rolled off him and taking his face in my hands, sensually licked and kissed his mouth. I could feel his cock rubbing against my thigh as I licked his face, tasting my juices and smelling the fragrance of my sex on him and momentarily feeling a sense of jealousy at the thought of another woman (and there would be another woman) being with him after I was gone.

I turned onto my side, and he spooned behind me, the hardness of his cock pressed lengthwise into the valley between my ass cheeks. I pushed my ass back against him enjoying the closeness and warmth of his body.


For the first time, I wanted his cock in my ass. I remember him lying behind me, and the feel of him running his strong, rough hands over my ass now and then slipping between my legs to tease my pussy. His fingers slowly inched toward my opening, and I gasped when he teased my puckered brown bud. He applied more pressure, and I groaned when he pressed his middle finger into my ass.

"Umph, umph," I uttered when he pressed the tip of his finger against my asshole. I resisted the urge to pull away and forced myself to relax.

Rufus knew how I felt about anal, but never tired of trying to convince me of its wonders and pleasures. "Baby, you don't know what you're missing, he said good-naturedly, but we don't have to do this you know?"

"I know," I said, "but I want to."

"That's my good girl," he said as he rolled me onto my stomach and lifted my hips so that he could indulge himself in a bit of oral ass play. Rufus licked, sucked and kissed my ass until I was sopping wet. "Ohhhhhh, that feels so good," I moaned. Rufus began sticking his tongue in and out of my ass bud and at the same time stroking into my pussy with his finger, rubbing my clit until I came, my pussy squeezing his fingers. When my body quivered in orgasmic pleasure, he pressed his index finger deeper in my ass.

"Oh my god, Rufus," I said in a barely audible voice, reaching back to stay his hand. "Wait, wait."

"Relax Baby . . . don't lose your nerve," he said barely concealing his smile.

In his splendid black maleness, Rufus got up from the bed and walked over to the dresser, where he removed a small silver tube from the drawer. He turned and looked at me, his long thick cock protruding out straight from his body and jerking in excitement.

Coming back to bed he climbed between my legs and liberally covered his cockhead and my ass, inside and out with lube. He pressed his finger into my ass again. It hurt, at first, and then it didn't. With a shallow in and out thrust, he began easing his finger into my ass. He paused and waited until I hesitantly rocked back against this finger gingerly coaxing it inside me.

"Are you ok Avery? Tell me if you want me to stop, and I will."

"No, I already told you that I want you to. I just need you to go slow, Rufus."

"Oh Baby, your Daddy wouldn't hurt you for anything in the world. I know this is your first assfuck, and I want it to be good for you . . . Ok?"

"Yes, yes." I felt better with his reassurance and safe with the warmth of his big strong body covering mine. His hard, throbbing cock was ready and eager to claim my virgin ass.

Rufus positioned his cock, lining it up with my opening and gently, slowly, slowly pressed. As he pressed his cock into my ass, he massaged the small of my back, and I moaned involuntarily, gripping the bed sheet and trying to muffle my cries.

"Too big . . . too big," I said in a barely audible voice.

"Relax Baby, just try and relax and push out," he said knowingly.

Rufus took his thumb and reaching under me brushed it across my very sensitive, achy clit making me gasp and hold my breath. I finally exhaled and felt myself relaxing as he continued to rub my clit, stroking his fingers deep into my pussy until I cried out with pleasure when a mind-blowing orgasm spasmed through me. Rufus felt my ass muscles relaxing and softening for him, and he steadily applied more pressure until suddenly his crown "popped" in. He continued to press against my tight ring, pushing his cockhead in, trapping me under him unable to escape his primal, animal dominance.

Through my sexual haze, I knew he was inside me and heard him gasp as my sphincter gripped his cock holding him tightly.

"Shit, shit, shitttttttt," he sighed.

"So tight . . . . your little white ass is so fucking tight and hot," he mumbled to himself, his enjoyment obvious.

Trapped against the bed, he stuffed another pillow under my hips to raise my ass higher and resumed pressing his fat cock into me. Insistent in his invasion of my ass, it still hurt, but gradually felt better as he stroked in and out of my tight virgin ass, slowly filling me with growing waves of pleasure. He withdrew and quickly plunged back into me, causing warm, sharp sensations to course through me. I pushed back against him, my pussy muscles instinctively gripping his cock trying to pull him deeper and like a black stallion, he shoved his stiff cock deep into my ass, fucking me harder.

"Rufus . . . Rufus," I cried as the mixture of pleasure and pain enveloped me, igniting a desperate urge to orgasm. I didn't want to cum, not yet.

"Rufus, wait . . . wait," I tried to say, but it came out sounding like incoherent babble.

It didn't matter. By now his ball sac was hard against the back of my ass, and I could easily imagine cum building up in his balls, rising up his cock shaft. I felt the forceful thrust of his hips and the hot wetness of cum spraying the inside of my warm, dark place with his black essence. At the moment of his ejaculation, he gave a deep animal groan of release, triggering my own orgasm that left me twitching and grinding against the cock that impaled me.


Rufus lay stretched out on top of me. My ass muscles slowly pushed his softening cock out and his cum seeped out of me onto the damp sheets. He took a deep breath and rolled off me, his nearest hand reaching over to caress my behind.

"That was the best cum I've had in a long time, baby girl, I want you to know that," he said almost in a whisper.

I turned my head and looked at him, taking in his dark, handsome face now covered with sweat, the rise and fall of his broad chest, and his thick cock laying long and flaccid on his stomach.

"I wanted to do this for you Rufus, I know you've wanted to for a while, and since I'm going to be leaving soon, I wanted tonight to be special," I said tears welling up in my eyes.

"Hey, hey, why are you crying?" He asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't know where that came from," I said feeling silly.

"Come on, let's get a shower and have a glass of wine," he said as he stood and pulled me out of the bed. As we walked to the bathroom, I realized my butt hurt, and when I told him, he said nothing just gave me a knowing smile.

The shower was just what I needed; it felt great letting the hot water cascade down over the small of my back and my abused behind. When Rufus joined me, I washed him all over and then in the steamy shower knelt before him and using my warm, moist mouth played with his cock.

After our shower, we lay in bed talking and sipping our wine until we fell asleep. The next morning before it was light I awoke to him probing between my legs for entry.

"Rufus, it's five o'clock in the morning," I said sleepily.

"And your point is," he replied. Grinning lecherously, Rufus rolled me onto my back, mounted me, and slid his monstrous morning wood deep inside my already wet pussy. Rufus loved me slow and long that morning, giving me one last memory that I would measure future lovers by.

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