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Mother Knows Best Pt. 02

Cheryl looked over at Rick lying back with a satisfied smile and felt a slight twinge of guilt. "We probably shouldn't have done this." She said softly. "I'm sure you'll be needing therapy in twenty years."

"I would have needed therapy sooner than that had we not done this. I've been fantasizing about you for years and jerking off 4 to 5 times a day thinking about you...pretty sure that's not exactly healthy. Plus, it never seemed to scratch that itch I've had, but now I feel like I finally reached it." Rick said with a grin.

"What kinds of fantasies? Different from the purple bikini and your friends?" Cheryl asked reaching out and stroking his firm cock.

"I have so many, I wouldn't know where to start. I want to hear how you got into the porn business." Rick replied reaching over and rubbing his finger across her wet slit. "How you decided to let them film men filling you up."

"I was wondering when you'd ask me that. It is such a cliché, I actually didn't like sex, I had just turned eighteen and lost my virginity to the quarterback in the back of his car and didn't really like it. It hurt and then was over really fast," Cheryl laughed, "and I was ready give up on the whole sex thing when I hooked up with a boy I knew at a school beach party. We hit it off and when he asked me to walk down the beach with him I agreed and I was so naïve it seemed logical that he grabbed a beach towel. I remember everyone smirking and whispering to each other when we walked away in the dark. Anyhow we walked about a mile down the beach and he spread out the towel and sat down. He indicated I should join him, so I did. Soon we were lying there looking at the stars and he leaned over and kissed me. It was so tender and slow. He seemed to just enjoy the feel of my lips, unlike the quarterback who seemed to like the feel of my lips, but not against his lips, but somewhere else." Cheryl laughed seeing her son's look.

"Anyhow, he started kissing my neck and chest. He removed my top and when he sucked on my nipples I almost lost it. He must have spent 20 minutes licking and sucking both breasts and I actually came humping against his stomach. He then worked his way down to my navel and then pulled my bottoms off and drove me crazy licking my pussy. He didn't stop until I'd cum 3 or 4 times. I pulled him off my super sensitive twat and kissed him, tasting myself for the first time. Then I leaned down, pulled off his shorts and that is when I fell in love with the taste of cock. I found I could take his cock deep down my throat and boy, was he happy about that. He came twice in my mouth and then after resting for half an hour, he showed me how great it is to get fucked by someone who cares. We spent the entire summer doing just about everything and I learned to deep throat him."

"So, that wasn't dad?" Rick asked.

"No, I didn't meet your dad until college. We ended up going our separate ways after the summer and the following spring break, some girls and I decided to do it right, so we headed for Daytona Beach. That was where I got the butterfly tattoo, we all decided to get one. I should dig up the pictures they took of me there, what a slut I was...still am, I guess. Anyhow we were enjoying all the horny guys ogling us when a man shoved a card in my hand and asked me if I'd like to make great money. I asked him what I had to do and he said just let me take a few pictures of you and I'd get $100 up front. If they liked the pictures I could make a lot more, maybe $5,000. I responded, so you want to take some nude pictures of me and perhaps get me to fuck some guy on camera. He grinned and said, 'Yep. Can't get any easier than that.' My friends all laughed and said do it, you only live once. I shook my head no, but later I called the guy and set up an appointment."

"I got there and it was a real studio, not a sleazy motel room. He made me feel really relaxed and took many pictures of me in varying state of undress. Eventually he had me with my legs spread and playing with myself. He stopped and said, 'Babe, you've definitely earned $100, but I'm giving you $200 since you are the best model I've had in a while. What would you say to earning more, perhaps $1,000?' I said, 'So, for another $1,000 I just need to fuck you?' He shook his head, 'Not me, I have a guy I use for these shoots, I want you to fuck him.' When I nodded ok, he went over and called the guy and after hanging up said 'He'll be here in 30 minutes, perhaps a blow job while we wait?' I knew this was going to happen, so when he walked over to where I was sitting, unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor, I immediately leaned over and took a total stranger's cock in my mouth. You probably don't think much of me right now." Cheryl said looking at Rick. "On the other hand, your penis sure has recovered."

"No mom. I expected something like this. I'm sure someone didn't walk up to you and say 'We've got a starring part for you in a bunch of skin flicks.' But don't stop, I want to hear."

"So I started blowing him and did what I always did and soon had my face buried in his pubes and his cock down my throat and he was loving it. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth and throat like it was my pussy and it was not long before he shot his cum down my throat. He collapsed back on the chair and said 'Fuck, babe, where did you learn to do that? I want you to do that to Billy when he gets here and I know exactly which studio to send it to. You want to make real money?' So Billy shows up and he has a cock like yours, really fat and long. I performed really well and the studio called me a month later and we made a bunch of, that's basically it." Cheryl finished.

"Why did you quit? Got tired of it?" Rick asked.

"No, I never got tired of it, but I was starting to see my grades slip and I needed to get my life back together and graduate...and right after that I met your dad. Ok, you tell me something, what other fantasies have you had about me?"

"A few months ago I came home from school early and apparently you didn't hear me. You must have just gotten out of the shower and when I saw your door open I peaked in to say hello and you were standing naked with your back to the door brushing your hair...God you were hot looking. Mom, you have the best ass I've ever seen and your breasts bounced as you brushed your hair. That was the first time I saw your tattoo, I denied it was you in the video, but deep down I hoped it was you. Anyhow, I rushed back to my room and fantasized sneaking up on you and disguising my voice ordering you face down, then pushing you on the bed and taking you as if you thought I were a stranger. That one has played out in my head a lot lately." Rick said while stroking his cock.

"Ohhh, that's hot. It's late, I probably should go and let you get some sleep. I'm going back and shower and then go to bed, and you need to go to bed also." Cheryl got up and went back to her bedroom and leaving the door open got into the shower.

Rick crept down the hall still naked after hearing the shower shut off and peeked into his mom's bedroom. Amazingly his cock got harder seeing her standing with her back to him in front of the bed brushing her hair. She had her silk nightgown laid out on the pillow right in front of her thighs. He tried to memorize every bit of her, her shapely legs from biking, her bubble butt with the tattoo framed by two dimples above, her broad shoulders and swaying tits. Tiptoeing in he put one hand over her mouth and another over her breast and in a hoarse voice said, "If you don't want to get hurt, don't turn around, don't look at me and bend the fuck over. You do everything I say and you'll be fine." He pushed her roughly and felt his cock press against her ass as she flattened her chest and face into the bed covers.

"Please, please don't hurt me." She whimpered, "I have money, jewelry, please. Leave me alone and take whatever you want."

Rick kicked her legs apart while pressing his erection against her fully exposed crotch. "Shut up, bitch. Of course I'm going to take what I want." Spanking her smooth ass as he said this. "You just keep your face buried and maybe I'll go easy on you." Hearing her moan, he continued. "I guess we understand each other. Who else is in the house? Where is your husband?"

Muffled, Cheryl responded, "No one, but my husband should be home any minute."

Smack! "Don't lie to me. I checked the garage and both your cars are there, so he must be out of town. Amazing that any man would leave such a fine piece of ass alone. But I know you want this, you didn't even lock your front door." Rick dropped down to his knees and put his face inches away from his mother's aroused pussy and her tight pink asshole. "Are you going to be a good girl?" He asked.

"Yes, I'll be good. He's not coming home for two weeks, I'll be alone the whole time. Please don't fuck me, please. I've never been with anyone but my husband and he always wears a condom. Let me give you a blow job, I can't have you...there. Oooohhhh, stop...noooo...noooo...don't...don't...stop." She groaned when she felt Rick's tongue sweep from her tender clit to her asshole and then separate her labia and penetrate deep into her.

Rick savored the taste of his mother's juices as he grabbed her ass cheeks and attacked her hard button and wet hole. He had to hold her ass down as she began humping against his mouth the more he probed, licked and sucked between her wide open legs. With the pillow under her stomach her hot cunt was laid out in front of him and he eagerly devoured it. He drove his tongue deep as he could and pressed his chin into her clit and ground his face hard as she writhed against him.

"Oooohhhh fuck! I'm cumming, ooohhh God! Ssssssstop, please stop." She cried into the bed writhing and panting.

When Rick stood up, Cheryl started to get up and Rick again slapped her ass. "I told you bitch, don't look at me, keep your fucking face down." Rick lined up his cock and slammed it into her cunt in one hard thrust.

"Oh Christ, you are huge. Please take it out, take it out. Ow! Sorry, I'm sorry, but please, at least wear a condom." Cheryl cried as Rick spanked he ass again.

"I don't wear rubbers, I like to feel the bitch's cunt as I rip it up, and yours feels incredible." He said as he began pounding her tight hole rapidly. "My friends are going to love this. And you are going to like my friends. Tomorrow, you be ready for them, ok?" Spanking her again, he said angrily, "You are going to open your legs and let them do what they want, you understand?"

"Yes, yes, I understand, I'll be ready and I'll be nice to your friends."

"Do you want them to wear rubbers?" Rick demanded.

"No, I want to feel them too, I want them to feel me, I want their cum inside me, I want your cum inside me." Cheryl moaned as she began humping hard against her son's huge driving piece of meat. "Oh fuck, fuck me, please cum inside me...just don't put it in my ass. You can cum in my pussy, just not in my ass."

Rick spanked her again and pulled out of her cunt and eased his dripping cock into her tight butt feeling her push back against him. "I'll put my cock where I want it, so shut up and take it." He said huskily as he buried his cock deep into her. He felt her hand come back and start rubbing her twat furiously as he pounded her. He leaned on top of her back and wedged his hands under her and grabbed her huge tits.

Feeling her ass being stretched as much as it has ever been, her clit being stroked and her nipples being pinched, Cheryl screamed and exploded into a writhing release. "Aaaaaahhhhh...aaaahhhhhh...aaaahhhh, fuck me! Yessssssssss."

Rick couldn't take any more and pulled almost all the way out of her ass and driving it forcefully in, began shooting his cum into his mother's ass. "Oh God your fucking ass is tight, oh Christ!" He moaned as he collapsed beside her on the bed.

Panting hard and seeing his mother's back rapidly rise and fall and seeing the sheen of sweat on her, thought what a great workout this is. He looked over and his mother was still face down. "Are you alright? I didn't hurt you did I?" He asked.

"You told me you'd hurt me if I looked." Cheryl said into the mattress. Turning her head and looking at him with a grin, "I'd hate to see what hurting me would have involved. Man, my ass stings."

"I'm sorry, I guess I got into it too much." Rick said sheepishly.

"No, it intensified things. We'll have to explore all your other fantasies, however we do have to get sleep now. I really hope Tracy didn't get home and hear us. Your father's flight comes in around 9 - that's just 9 hours from now." Cheryl moaned.

Rick woke the next morning with an achingly hard woody and immediately replayed the events from the night before. Stroking his cock, he thought of his mother stripping and fucking all his friends and then coming into his room naked and fucking him and, oh God, that incredible blow job. He saw her ass sticking up on her bed with the pillow under her, so exposed...her taste, smell, tight and vulnerable. All his. His mother eagerly offering him any hole he wanted. Pounding his dick faster he saw her in the videos getting every hole filled, cum dripping down her face, her tits, oh yeah, those tits. Big tear-drop tits, so firm, so soft with huge brown nipples. 'I have to fuck those tits.' He thought, 'I'll bet she'd let me do that, fuck she'd let me do anything she is such a slut, God I'm lucky to have a slut mother.' He came thinking of this shooting all over his chest and stomach. 'Fuck, that felt good, but I shouldn't waste a good erection on jerking off when I have a porn star down the hall.' He thought getting out of bed to clean up.

Cheryl woke feeling better than she had in years, such a sound, deep sleep. She thought about all those cocks, hands, lips worshiping her the day before and wondered how she deprived herself for 22 years, then with a pang of guilt she realized she had gone 22 years without cheating on her husband and it was like a slow leak had burst the dam. Even feeling the guilt, she thought how things were going to change with 4 young boys all knowing they would have full access to any hole, 'Oh Christ, I am a true slut,' she thought as her hand slid down and felt her slick cunt, 'I cannot see going back now, I loved all those cocks urgently stabbing me.' Her fingers rubbed her wet lips and clit harder as her other hand pulled her nipples. 'Rick better have that pool party after Larry leaves again next Saturday, I'll suggest he has his friends over Sunday...I have to get Tracy to go to the mall or something...what will Rick do, would he join in? You know his friends would want to see that, watch a boy fuck his mother in front of them. I hope they don't ruin the purple bikini, Larry loves that.' The thought of his friends urging him on, urging him inside her brought her closer and closer to an explosive release, but when she thought about all three of them in all her holes yesterday she couldn't hold back and thrashing and writhing on the bed ground her finders into her engorged clit.

'Holy crap!' she thought, 'I really need to get hold of myself or our marriage is in trouble.'

She got up, showered and went down to make coffee and start breakfast for whenever her remaining children roused themselves. Chuckling she remembered last Saturday thinking her kids must have been up late the night before having sex with their boy/girlfriends, but with an ache in her stomach she knew what kept Rick up late last night and hoped Tracy had as much fun. She jerked her hand away from her pussy and began getting the dishes put away and getting breakfast staged.

At 11 Cheryl heard the front door open and ran downstairs and threw herself into Larry's arms. "Honey, I am so glad you are home, you must be exhausted." She planted her lips on his and welcomed Larry's tongue and feel of his hands on her ass. "Mmmmmm, it's been too long." She moaned as she ground against his hard on. "I was going to ask if you needed anything to eat, coffee? But your thumb on my nipple makes me think you want something else. The kids are out, so we have the house to ourselves." Cheryl said as she slid down to her knees.

Larry groaned as he watched his wife pull his pants to the floor and drop his underwear knowing what was coming next. "Oh God, I missed that mouth of yours." He moaned as she bathed his balls and cock with her slithering tongue, "Shit, sometimes I think I deprived mankind marrying you and keeping this to myself. Aaaahhhh." He watched as she opened her mouth and began taking more and more down her throat. He reached down and pulled her breasts out of her tube top and renewed his memory of how they felt, the massive weight, the huge puffy areolae, the eraser size nipples, so sensitive. He recalled sucking on them and only them once and Cheryl came without any genital contact. "Yeeesssss, suck that cock, Baby, you are the fucking best cocksucker." He squeezed her breast and gently put his hand on her luxurious hair guided her bobbing head onto his cock and groaned every time his sensitive head hit the back of her throat, her lips mashed into his pubes.

He pulled her off, and pulled her to her feet, "Baby, I need to fuck that twat of yours." And led her into the living room. He stripped off her shorts and pushed her over the arm of the sofa and knelt down inhaling the rich scent of her arousal. He loved hearing her loudly pant and groan as he licked every part of her, outside and inside. Knowing she liked to wait on direct clitoral stimulation, he ignored her hard button and bathed everywhere else with his tongue, including her puckered asshole. Feeling she was ready, and being urged on by her humping, he drove the tip of his tongue against her clit and furiously attacked it with rapid flicking of his stiffened tongue.

"Jesus...oh God, yeeeessss...eeeesssssss...eesssssss" Cheryl gasped as she rammed her crotch back into his face as waves of pleasure shot through her. "Oh, stud, you sure know how to kiss a girl hello when you get home. Perhaps I'm the one depriving women everywhere...Christ you're good, Yes, yes Lance, put you big dick in me, pound me, empty your balls in me, I'll bet they are really full...aaaahhhhhh yeeeessss." She moaned as her husband drove into her open twat with 2 weeks of pent up desire. "You just come inside me, don't worry about me. Come on Lance, splash your cream all over my womb."

Larry felt his balls begin to ache and looked at his wife's unbelievably firm ass, her puckered asshole and imagined the men in the videos using her...her holes, however they wanted. He thought about how hot it would be if Rick were to be right where he was, but as a teenager, he probably wouldn't last 20 seconds. As sweat formed on his forehead and chest, he imagined Rick and his friends taking turns, Cheryl opening up for them, letting them put her in whatever position they wanted...Tracy on his lap, on his cock, watching, his hands stroking those eighteen year-old perky tits, "Oh ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuccckk, ffffuuucckk...ffffuck me!" He groaned as he came hard inside her pounding into her tight hole as hard as he could.

Pulling out of her, he leaned forward and kissing Cheryl, said, "God I needed that, I spent every night in Hong Kong fantasizing about you and yet the reality is always so much better." He stood up and grabbed tissues and gave them to his spent looking wife. "Honey, I need to go take a shower, join me?"

After showering, Cheryl asked if he wanted anything to eat, but yawning, Larry waved his hand in a stopping motion. "Sorry babe, I don't think I can keep my eyes open any longer." He held her naked body against his and whispered in her ear, "No man in the world has anything better waiting at home for me. I have to be the luckiest guy in the world...and you can cook!" He finished grinning at her.
Cheryl slapped him gently feeling guilty about the last 24 hours, but decided to say nothing as she watched him climb into bed and fall asleep immediately. Grabbing her shorts and tube top, she picked up the latest Jack Reacher and went down to the pool to read.

Cheryl must have dozed off since it was a couple of hours later and she heard voices. Looking up, she saw Mark and Ryan standing there. "Hi boys. Rick went to the football game with Bryan. Did you come over to swim?"

"Hi Mrs. Matthews," Ryan said, "we forgot they were going. You look like you want to be alone, so we'll take off."

Sitting up, Cheryl said, "Nonsense, no one is using the pool, you might as well, but Larry got in a few hours ago on the red eye and he's sleeping." She said indicating the bedroom windows in the upper right of the back of the house, "So, don't make noise and I'm sure it's fine."

Cheryl went back to reading, ingoring the laughter and splashing but then saw the two dripping boys walk up to her. "What is it? You need something to eat, drink?" he asked.

"Actually, we want you to join us, come on in. The water feels great." Mark said.

"I don't have my suit on, but..." Looking at the boys' crotches and realizing what they hoped, "I could go in the bathhouse and put one on..." Seeing the expected flash of disappointment, she continued, "No, I'm not stripping down, Larry is right up there and if he wakes up..." She stood up and went into the bathhouse.

Ryan elbowed Mark and whispered, "Just be cool, she'll be naked in no time." They watched her ass as she strode to the door. Adjusting his hardening cock, he turned and dove into the pool.

'Too bad the purple bikini is upstairs, but this one seems pretty nice.' She thought holding up her red two piece. She stripped down and put on the suit. Looking in the mirror she realized this one wasn't much smaller than the purple one as her breasts leaked out around the top and the back of the bottom was no more than a 4" strip. 'Easy now, Larry is 50 yards away with full view of the pool area, though we do have the chaise lounges by the back of the pool behind the bathhouse...Fuck! Stop thinking like that, it is one thing to cheat on Larry when he's out of town, but this is ridiculous.' She thought as she opened the door.

Ryan and Mark sucked in air seeing their jack-off fantasy jiggle towards the pool. Her ass was fully exposed and her large mounds bounced and fought to stay confined by the flimsy material. Ryan whispered to Mark, "Holy fuck, she looks so fucking hot. How does Rick contain himself? If this were my mom, I'd be doing that every day."

"Yeah, I'd never jerk off again, I'd just go find mom." Mark whispered back.

"You boys plotting something? I feel like I'm on the catwalk and being ogled by a bunch of perverts...not that there's anything wrong with a good pervert." Cheryl laughed looking at the wide-eyed boys as she walked to the diving board.

Diving in she swam underwater to the shallow end and seeing their legs continued until she felt them with her hands. Arching her back she slid up one of the boy's legs, crotch, chest and surfaced pressing herself against him. "Mark! I was wondering who was whom."

"Crap, that felt good, Mrs. Matthews. Do that again." Mark sighed.

"You probably should call me Cheryl...I mean, it does seem a bit formal seeing as how I've had you boys inside me." She grinned and dove underwater and repeated the contact, but this time against Ryan. Feeling a definite boner, she turned and thrust her ass out of the water and swam around and crawled up Mark's legs and felt his hard cock against her face. She opened her mouth and nibbled on the head before coming up and planting a kiss on the young boy. Turning around again and holding her ass out of the water a bit longer she did the same thing with Ryan, loving how hard and stiff the boys were. Kissing Ryan, she felt his hands one her ass pulling her against that rigid rod.

Giggling, she spun out of his arms and dove under again and crawling up Mark's legs was rewarded by his exposed cock in her face. She immediately started sucking on it, cupping his balls. She didn't stop them when she felt their hands untying and pulling off her bikini. She focused on sucking the warm fleshy rod as long as she could hold her breath. Pulling off and coming up for air she gasped, "Aren't you two presumptuous? My husband is right up there and what exactly is it you expect?" She giggled while stroking both cocks under the water. Without waiting for an answer she leaned back and swam exposing her tits and kicked her legs out wide before diving under and returned to the legs on the left. She swam up and grabbed Ryan's now freed dick and took it into her mouth. She heard him groan, muffled by the water and attacked his meat with her mouth and tongue and sucked him all the way into her throat. She lifted her hips when Mark came up behind and grabbed her ass. She pulled off Ryan's hard cock and gasping said, "It might be better if you sat on the edge of the pool, nodding behind him. Ryan waded over and sat on the edge with his boner pointing at the sky. Cheryl followed and leaning over, drove her face down on the beautiful, throbbing piece of meat and pressed her face into his stomach. "Mmmmmmmm" She moaned as Mark drove his cock into her cunt and with his hands grabbing her ass, began pounding her.

"God I love this cunt," Mark groaned looking down at Cheryl's perfect ass with the tale-tell butterfly, "You really have to try it, Ryan." How was her ass last night?"

"Oh God, so fucking tight. I've never felt such a vice-like grip on my dick. After cumming my balls ached for hours afterwards." Ryan sighed, "But I cannot believe how great her throat feels, ooohhhh, yessss, she...aaaaa...she clenched her throat and, Oh God! Christ, you need to feel this." Ryan said as he humped into Cheryl's mouth. "I looked up Amber Evans last night and found dozens on videos on line, but...ooohhhhhhh yesss," Ryan moaned as Cheryl drove her middle finger up his ass, "God you're good at this," Ryan groaned. "Anyhow, I found a site rating best porn stars of and our bitch here was rated number one for best blow-job queen of all time."

Cheryl listened to the boys discuss her body as if she weren't even there. Were they aware how insulting it was to be discussed like a fuck doll, a piece of meat, how arousing it was, how her nipples ached hearing them? How she loved being called a bitch, but she didn't want Ryan to know that.

Ryan sputtered, "Oh, ok...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have called you a bitch, oh God, not three fingers...Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...aaaahhh...aaaahhhh, fuck" Ryan groaned as he shot his load down her gulping throat.

Mark pulled out of her tight cunt and pressed the head against her ass and when she pushed back, he reached around and jammed his fingers into the cunt and pulled her back against his cock. He let out a moan when he popped past her sphincter and slid into her rectum. Soon he was rewarded when Cheryl let out a low moan and with her pelvis grinding on Mark's fingers climaxed in a series of spasms. This pelvic action drove Mark over the edge and he too came in a rush, jetting his cum as deeply as he could with each stroke. "Oh God, Cheryl, you have to be the best fuck ever. Poor Rick has no idea what he's missing." He pulled out watching his sperm flow out her ass into the water.

Ryan jumped into the pool and dove under as he had gotten very hot exposed to the sun and Mark dove backwards onto his back and floated on top of the water looking exhausted. Cheryl admired his circumcised cock lying on his stomach and dove under herself.

Surfacing, she heard the back door open so she dove under and found her suit. She was able to get it on her and tied before running out of air and when she surfaced she saw Mark and Ryan had put their suits on and were running off the diving board and splashing into the water as if nothing had happened. Cheryl turned to see Larry in his suit walking down.

"Can I join you? I heard splashing and it sounded really appealing. Where's Rick?" Larry asked.

"He and Bryan went to the State game, no idea how they got tickets. Come on in, it feels great. I was trying to read, but these two forced me to get in with them. You know boys." Cheryl grinned. "Are you sure you got enough sleep?"

Larry felt a jolt go through his balls thinking about Cheryl and the boys, but just dove into the refreshingly cool water. "Sure, I could use more, but I haven't seen you in weeks."

After swimming around and splashing each other, Larry swam between his wife's lesg and stood up with her on his shoulders. Throwing her off with a laugh, he went and did it again, but this time said, "Sorry honey, I couldn't resist." He walked down to into the deep end and continued underwater to the far side before ducking out from between her legs and surfacing. "I didn't think I was going to make it," He gasped. "good thing you weigh the same as the day I met you, or I might have drowned." He grinned at her. Swimming back to the other side, he again got her on his shoulders and when they turned around, Ryan was on Mark's shoulders.

"Ready to eat water?" Ryan challenged, "Doesn't quite have the same ring as saying 'ready to eat dirt,' but anyhow, ready to get dumped?"

Mark waded over to Rick's parents and Ryan shoved Cheryl backwards and into the water.

Sputtering, Cheryl yelled, "I wasn't ready, Larry get me back up and let's show these little boys who's boss."

Larry got under her and standing up faced the two grinning boys. "Ok, you heard her, prepare to get dumped." He waded rapidly toward them and felt his wife lean forward and her pussy grind against his neck as Ryan and Cheryl pushed and pulled each other trying to unseat the other. Larry swept his leg out behind Mark's and saw the two boys fall backwards, Ryan holding a piece of bright red cloth.

Ryan jumped up with his trophy held high over his head, yelling, "I win, at least if this were flag football." He said grinning.

Larry looked up and saw his wife's under boobs and she was reaching for the top and making no effort to cover up. The two boys' eyes were glued to her flopping breasts. He threw his wife back into the water and demanded that Ryan give Cheryl back her top. Seeing the eager looks on the boys' faces made his cock swell and shaking his head, he grabbed the top and handed it to his wife. "Cheryl, you didn't even try to cover up, what's wrong with you?" He demanded.

"Oh relax, I'm sure these boys have seen a woman's boobs before and it won't be their last." She spat back. She threw the top over to the side of the pool and swam back over to her husband, hugging him whispered, "I see your woody, don't tell me this isn't fun for you too." She flattened her breasts against him and ground her pussy against his growing erection and kissed him." Pulling away, "Ok boys, we'll show you how to play this game without someone," Eying Ryan, "cheating by pulling off my top. Come on Larry, get under me."

This time Mark got on top of Ryan's shoulders and wading in his hands reached out and grabbed Cheryl's breasts, shoulders, stomach with Cheryl fought back by pushing and slapping at his persistent grabbing.

Larry was getting hotter and hotter seeing Mark grab his wife's tits and knew that the grinding of her crotch against his neck was more that incidental writhing. Finally, seeing Cheryl had both Mark's wrists, Larry waded backwards quickly bringing Mark flying forward splashing face down in the water.

Cheryl let out a victory scream with her arms over her head, her huge breasts flopping as she waved her arms around. With one more victory scream she flopped back off Larry's shoulders into the pool. "We sure showed those young boys who's boss," Cheryl said surfacing and hugging her husband, "I'm thinking you should take me upstairs for a victory celebration." She said loudly. "Or, are you not in any shape to get out of the pool?" She whispered into his ear while reaching down and gripping his hard rod.

Larry thought about turning around and pulling the strings holding Cheryl's bottoms, inviting the two young boys over and watch as she got attacked by their hard, adolescent cocks, filling her with their cum, but shaking his head he couldn't do that to her. Pulling away he dove under and swam the length of the pool, touched the wall and came back feeling like he was going have to inhale a lungful of water, but forced himself to go farther. Finally, when he reached the other end, he came up with a huge gasp and was relieved knowing he could safely get out.

Mark climbed out of the pool, "Thanks for letting us swim Mrs. Matthews, it was fun, and let me speak for Ryan, you really shouldn't be hiding those." He said staring directly at Cheryl's tits floating on the surface. "Thanks Mr. Matthews, we'll see you later."

Ryan waved as he and Mark walked out through the gate and headed home.

Cheryl reached down, pulled off her bottoms and swam over to her husband, still panting at the edge of the pool. "You loved that, didn't you, you were going to offer your wife's pussy to them, weren't you? You wondered whether I'd slap you or lie on my back with my legs spread welcoming those young cocks, didn't you?" She said as she slid off his shorts and stroked his now fully erect cock. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she lowered herself onto his rigid penis and welcomed him into her wet hole. Bouncing up and down she whispered in his ear, "Your hands are on my ass, you know how those boys were looking at like it was theirs for the taking, my nipples, hard and sticking out, ready for their lips, tight pussy milking their stiff cocks, sliding up and down, urging them to saturate my womb with their fertile sperm." Feeling Larry drive into her harder and push a finger in her ass, she continued, "Yes, that is exactly what you wanted to see, Mark fucking my pussy and Ryan working his cock deep into my ass, you regret not telling them to stay? You want me to stop and get my cell over there and have them come back?" Cheryl softly said into his ear as her tongue periodically flicked his ear lobe and rimmed his ear.

Larry groaned, thinking how easy it would be for him to say yes, but he knew that she was just teasing and would never go along with it. He wanted to watch her with those boys, watch them attack her tits with their hands and mouths, seeing how they couldn't take their eyes off her. He would have loved to have this memory while jerking off in Hong Kong, or Sidney or any of the other far away cities keeping him from her. "No, honey, I couldn't do that to you, but you may have been pissed at me if I let them fuck you, but you would have loved it. I'll bet you would have cum over and over feeling both their cocks pounding you...pounding your ass and tight cunt." He slid his finger in and out of her anus as he told her this and held her writhing ass as she moaned and came hard against him, wrenching her pelvis so hard he thought his cock was going to break off.

When Cheryl's orgasm subsided, she slid off Larry's cock and turned around offering him her ass, "You'd better be as good a Ryan when you fuck my ass, you up to that?" She purred as she felt his large head pop into her.

Larry reached around and grabbing her breasts started driving into her with a steady rhythm and felt his wife's hand reach under and start stroking his balls. "This good enough for you, or should I call them back? Do you want all three of us to dump out loads in you?" Larry came almost instantly thinking about those two, and many other of Rick's friends using his wife's holes. "Oh God, your ass is so fucking tight, oooohhhhh." He groaned as he collapsed onto her back.

As Larry's penis slid out of her ass, Cheryl nudged her husband, "You might get your wish. I'm sure the game is over and Bryan and Rick should be back soon." She said quietly. "I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be pissed," She said with a grin, "Bryan is hot and looks pretty well hung."

Larry got off her back and slapping her ass, said "Do you miss your porn days with easy access to all those cocks? I hadn't thought how being married has limited your abilities to express yourself sexually. I know you love me..."

"I do love you and there is part of me that loved the variety, the sex, the attention and the multiple dicks inside me at the same time, but I love you and the kids even more, so I could never go back to that, though seeing those two boys...I don't know." She sighed.

"Perhaps we should find out, but I do need to clean up inside. Should I start the grill?" Larry asked as he pulled on his shorts and climbed out.

Cheryl fished around for her bathing suit and climbed out carrying them to the bathhouse where she dried off and put her shorts and top back on.

Cheryl was in the kitchen feeling refreshed from her shower, how many had that been in the last 24 hours? With a jolt realized she lost count. Shaking her head, she also realized she had no idea how many times she had a man cum inside her...10 times in the last 24 hours? Even when she was doing porn, she always knew how many times she had been penetrated. 'Crap, I cannot be that big a slut, but I guess I am.' She thought sadly. She turned when she heard her son and Bryan come in.

"Hey honey, how was the game?" She said cheerfully. "Hey Bryan, we are grilling steaks, are you staying for dinner?"

"We won, I mean, State won." Rick said, "It was a total blowout and fun! Bryan, you want to call your mom and ask her if you can stay?" Turning to his mom as Bryan went to call home, "Where's dad? I haven't seen him, is he out back?"

"Hey dad. Welcome home. I can't believe you're awake after, what was that, an 18 hour flight?" Rick said shaking his dad's hand. "Steaks? Sounds great, I'm starving. By the way, you have an extra one, Bryan is probably staying."

"I assumed that, so yes, I have plenty." Larry replied, "I got a few hours sleep but I feel great after an invigorating swim." He continued deciding not to mention his friends ogling his mother's breasts. "How's school going?"

"School's ok, I cannot wait to graduate. Man, the time drags. Hey Bryan, what did your mom say?" Rick asked when he saw Bryan come outside.

"She said ok. How are you doing, Mr. Matthews? Glad to be home?"

"Really good to be home. I hate being away from the kids and Cheryl, but you gotta do what you gotta do." Larry said sadly. "Tough to leave the wife alone, but at least this year she has Rick, Tracy and their friends. I'm worried how lonely she'll be when Rick and Tracy are at college next year."

Rick thought about that. "I will make a point of getting home weekends at least, I will only be an hour away. Tracy will be just 3 hours away so I think we can keep mom company."

Bryan added, "I'm sure Mark, Ryan and I can drop in on her from time to time when we are back in town. She's been good to us and we feel really at home here." He said without any sign of innuendo.

"Thanks Bryan, I appreciate it. It's a huge house and I cannot imagine how lonely it will get for her, some company would be great." Larry said while turning to the grill to hide the surge in his shorts thinking what that might entail.

After dinner, Larry got up and said he was going to watch the latest movie on HBO - the one with Tom Cruise and Tracy and Rick both said they'd not seen it.

Rick said, "Bryan, let's go and watch this, perhaps dad will let us have a beer."

"No, I've seen it, it's really good, but I'll help your mom with the dishes." He said standing and carrying plates into the kitchen.

"Seriously? You'll make some man a great wife someday." Rick jeered.

Tracy slapped him, "I think it's hot. Bryan, you'll find women love that sort of stuff. But, I'm going to watch the movie, so have fun and don't get your skirt wet." She said chuckling.
After they left, Cheryl told Bryan, "Get out of here, I've got this. Even a movie you've seen is better than doing dishes."

"Depends on the company, I suppose." Bryan grinned, "I'll wash, you dry."

Bryan and Cheryl made short work of all the dishes and as Cheryl was putting away the last plate, Bryan came up behind her and slid his hands around her and cupped her breasts suspended in her tight tube top.

"Hey, stop that." She said without conviction, "My son, daughter and husband are right beneath our feet." She gently pulled his hands off her breasts.

"You said any time...remember, you said I can do you anytime." Bryan breathed in her ear pressing against her ass and moving his hands under the top.

"I said you could stick your dick in my mouth anytime, and I expected you not to take advantage of that when my husband is here." She said softly while leaning back against him savoring the electricity flowing from her nipples.

"Semantics. I assumed you meant I could stick my dick in you anytime and since last night, all I've thought of is how great Mark said your pussy felt and how Ryan said his cock was gripped by your tight asshole." He pulled her top up and off her heavy tits, gently bounced them in his hands marveling at the weight, then gently pinched and pulled on her hardened nipples. "I want you to tell me where you want my hard cock." Listening to the hot woman in his hands groan, he repeated while pinching her nipples harder. "Tell me, where do you want my cock? Your tight, wet cunt? Your sweet little asshole? Where?"

"Aaaah, stop, stop pinching so hard, my cunt, I want you to put that thing of yours in my cunt." Cheryl pushed her ass into him harder saying this. She reached back and pulled her shorts off and bent over the island with her legs spread apart.

Bryan grinned and releasing her giant tits, yanked his pants down and grabbing his throbbing cock, lined it up with her red, swollen lips and drove it in feeling waves of pleasure go through his midsection as his cock stretched her cunt lips.

"Ohhhh yesss, yesss." She hissed as he started thrusting into her rapidly. She grabbed his hands and pulled them up to her raw-feeling nipples, her bouncing breasts and felt him rub, pull, tweak the ultra-sensitive soft flesh while pushing her hips back into his cock and the heavy slapping balls. Those huge balls kept banging on her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her, slap, slap, slap...the steady rhythm continued as Bryan lasted far longer than he did last night. She put her head down and thrust her pubis back to increase contact. She wondered how many times a woman could come in a 24 hour period feeling the ache in her groin swell up and explode throughout her body. "Shhhhhiiiiiitttttt, harder, harder, pound me harderrrrrr." She hissed wanting those balls to slap her clit harder and harder. "Ohhhhh...yessss." She moaned as she rode the waves of agonizing pleasure rip through her before coming down and feeling tingling throughout her body. "Fill me with your cum, you know you want to." She panted thrusting back against his driving hips.

Bryan loved controlling the former porn star and focused on the butterfly wondering how many men had been right where he is now, and even though she could be acting, her aroused nipples, her pussy contracting around his cock told him this was no act. He responded to her gyrating hips by slowing down and pulling almost all the way out and slamming hard into her, over and over. He loved seeing her tits bounce, her flesh ripple across her ass with every impact. His best friend's mother giving herself totally to him. The thought that she would be alone and needing company next year made his balls throb thinking how many opportunities he'd have to fuck her tight cunt, her pussy, to bury his cock deep down her throat. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum, ahh..ahh.aaaaahhhhhhh." He pushed hard one last time and felt his knees turn to jelly as he flooded her womb with his cum. After his last spasm, he pulled out with a string of cum dripping off his cock and staggered back against the sink.

Cheryl spun around and scooped the goo into her mouth and engulfed his dick, milking the remaining cum from him with her tongue and sucking mouth. Pulling off his still throbbing penis she grinned at him, "You know me, I want my cock and eat it too." She giggled. She stood up and kissed him then whispered, "Thanks." In his ear before grabbing her top and shorts and pulling them on. "I need to get back to my book, seems that every time something exciting happens in it I get interrupted, so, if you'll excuse me..." She turned and left the boy panting against the sink.

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