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Mom's Helping Hand

"Pete wake up!! Yeah you up there in the pit of a room. PETE GET UP!!...NOOOW. Damm k** never does what I tell him these days, I don't care if he' officially a teenager now but that k** needs wake the fuck up and get his ass outside to mow the lawn. I will tell you now, teenagers think they are adults but trust me he ain't.

I caught him yesterday and he didn't see me. I got to admit I could of embarrassed him but hey he's young, full of hormones and needed a release. We all gotta get some in our a day to day lives. My life as a 46 year old is dull - I need to get some.

Anyhow back to Pete and Angie, my two k**s I raise in this lovely house, paid for of course by the now dead ex husband. He introduced his girlfriend to his other girlfriend who frankly decided to introduce a shotgun to his face. She didn't load it but he managed to show her in his own way and then unloaded two rounds into her chest. He pleaded out but never made it to trial. He slipped in the prison bathroom and hit his head on the toilet - apparently died instantly, but hey the cheating bastard needed to meet his maker.

I would consider myself, as a little dumpy on the edges but overall in good shape. I was blessed with huge tits and a nice round ass. I never really knew what I preferred but certainly hated my legs - Tree trunks, that had a vice like grip on anything. My stripper days are over as I consider myself a modern boring housewife living the fruits of my ex husbands paycheck. It was long legs that I hate about myself and my long brown curly medusa like hair - of Greek descent which I admit.

So I have a teenage son, who is at the age where he doesn't know how to hide the fact his hormones are raging along with his erection. It's understandable I guess, Angie is however a different story. She is a few years younger and living with my mother as she's lost any ability to cope with her mother. Sex is on the cards, I can tell as I know she's finding objects in the house for dildos and stealing bottles of baby oil from the bathroom cupboards. She is certainly what you call a minx in the making.

Now back to my son. He's a nice boy, tall athletic and strong as a ox these days. I think the college football does that to him. He's not a complete runaway with the girls but he's got a good heart if a little shy at times. I have serious trouble with Pete when it comes to the simple things in life.

"Pete if you don't get up, I ain't making anymore food for you, replied Bella shouting to her son. I guess I need to go up and find the little shit. As Bella went up the stairs she pushed open the door and stumbled upon her son masturbating. There was no where to look for them both.


In total panic the young lad shouted "GETTTT OUTTT MUMMMMMM...GOOOOOOOO" to his mother as he attempted to cover up frantically. Bella turned round and shut the door speaking to him through the door "Sorry Petey, you urrmm finished yet??" Pete had no time to think and blurted out in a sexed up blur "Yeah well..almost mum!" At that very moment he ejaculated into the boxer shorts. He groaned as he spoke through to the door.

Annabelle listened but left her son to his own devices for the meantime and carried on with the dull but much needed doing chores. In her little shorts and a tight t-shirt, Anna thought to herself and she mopped the floor "Damm he's in there jerking off and I'm just some middle age women who hasn't orgasmed in months mopping the floor - that's some shameful shit right there". It took a few more hours before mother and son were in the same room again after today's episode.

Later in the evening, Pete was sat on the sofa as his mother walked in wearing her short above the knee/thigh nightgown. It was quite strappy as well so her tits weren't particularly covered up, actually they weren't covered that much at all - lots of side boob and her nipples were on show. Pete was ok with this, as it was mid summer and it was too hot to be wearing thick PJs.

Annabelle signed and huffed as sat next to her son and cuddled up to him a little and lifted her leg onto the sofa. "Right think we need to talk about you and masturbating Petey" She awkwardly motioned to him.

As they sat there Anna continued "Right I don't need to say much, I respect your privacy and all that stuff but It's getting a little embarrassing - you seem to doing it a lot recently son.

Pete jumped out his skin "Urm...mum yeah well you know, I need to relieve myself" Pete's face as he spoke flushed red but he was smirking. Anna picked up on this and looked at him oddly. "why are you smirking? This is not meant be funny, it's not like Pamela walked in on you and you could laugh it off. Pete chuckled up his breath as he imagined the shock and horror on the ex cleaners face.

Feeling the urge to leave the room Pete spoke as he got out of the seat "Well yeah that's true...anyhow, I am off to bed...MUM.goodnight!!!.

He had never moved so quick his life. Within two seconds he was off and out of there. Anna was bewildered - she couldn't see why had run off so quick. "Typical boy, can't handle his hormones...Il teach him one day as she pulled her top up.

She left him to go to his room for a few minutes and then followed him up his bedroom. "Little fucker thinks this is funny, just wait until i Invite my christian friends over for lunch. They'll tell him he'll go blind in hell. That would be funny indeed if a little cruel.

Anna sauntered up the stairs and into Petes bedroom. Pete spoke before his mother had a chance to get a word in "Yeaah mum I know alright I get you know ok". Anna continued - "I just want to know why you find it so funny??

Pete wanted her out of the room so needed to be a little more expressive than normal. He looked directly into her eyes and said " I have finally managed to myself so I cum mom - good enough answer?!!!!!

Anna's mouth was wide open but had to continue with he line of questioning as Pete clearly was jerking off a lot and it wasn't good to be so obsessed - "So you have found it hard in the past?" Pete carried on reluctantly "Yeah ok, it's only the forth time..that I have orgasmed.

Anna stunned but inquisitive pushed on the with conversation. "Forth!!.... is that it?? should I be worried???

Pete could tell he was messing with his mother's head "Urmm no just that I haven't found the right stimulation...MUM!! couple of porn mag would be good??"

Pete's mother felt she was being teased so carried on interrogating him, now more as a quirky joke. She teased him a little. It was probably the only way to defuse the odd conversation they were having.

"You know that if you a real man you would cum everytime right?

As the pair smirked and giggled over Anna's outlandish comments, Anna continued her little tale of exploits "I could make a guy orgasm every time without fail - must the hands....and the massage oil haha!

Pete's skin crawled as he laughed "Urrrrghhh MUM!!!! that's totally weird you know. I don't want to know.

Anna turned away from her son and headed towards the bedroom door. Pete accidentally got a glimpse of his mother's wobbly ass as she giggled and walked out of the room. Pete shouted at her quickly in a jibe....

"Cum every..Everytime?"

Annabelle didn't answer straightaway but instead waited to consider her answer. She decided to be vulgar "Well Pete I could be really efficient especially in situations like this where I have a young man who couldn't....sleep!!

Pete with hormones rushing round his body couldn't help himself. "Look mum, if you are that good, why don't you demonstrate with me, I want to finish the job..if you know what I mean. I even have baby oil under my bed.

His mother giggled to herself with the audacity of the smutty remark and replied in kind. "So.... you have baby oil?...well trust me with the baby oil, any man's balls would be drained... but no jerking off tonight, you take too long" said Anna as shut his door smirking to herself.


Later in the night, Pete was trying his best to jerk off thinking about his mother's little joke but it was one of those days - not happening. He was getting increasingly annoyed with himself and was about to turn over when there was a knock on the door. Anna stood there topless in her panties with her hands on hips and said

"Pete you want some help in there?

Annabelle looked at her son, who seemingly was asl**p facing the other way curled up under the bed covers. "Pete!! wake up!! Pete!!" she said - no response.

Feeling slightly dejected, she turned around and went back to bed. It was a VERY stupid idea in the first place she thought, and "Why I was ever thinking about giving my son a handjob! Urrgh I need to get laid before I end up in some padded room tied to a chair"

It was only a passing thought, but something was brewing inside of Anna. The idea was too good to be true and too messed up do - the perfect safe fantasy. When Pete said those few words about 'help' she laughed it off, struck it down even, as a joke but deep down, in the most darkest and depraved area of her mind, she wanted to say yes and ravage him with her body - to have her only son cum inside her and give herself to him in the wicked ways imaginable.

The forty something had gone to bed, it was late, too late and she needed to sl**p this thing off. She drifted off to sl**p, with a slight twinge in her pussy. It too good to resist, too good not to enjoy as a sexual trill. Her hand found it's way under her panties.


The next day was fine for Anna, it was just a normal day. The next week was fine, it was just a normal week. She home schooled Pete who had got over his little thing about masturbating..all the goddamm time, but something was amiss, just not right.

As Pete and Anna were sat the kitchen table doing his biology essay, he started asking the oddest question in the context Anna assumed was to do with the essay.

"Hey mum, you know how I said I was having problems...down there trying to complete the task..Well do you think it will be easier as I get older? I mean it just seems like I can't focus anymore on stuff like this when all I am seeing in everywhere, on the TV, on film, even why I daydream"

Anna almost choked on her coffee "Urmm Well Yeah it does Petey, It's just part of you growing up and becoming a man, look you are already handsome, tall and now quite muscular so clearly you growing up quick. Too quick for you sad old mum but I am just a soppy mother. Basically don't worry!"

"Well mum, it's getting in the way and can't seem to shake the know..those kind of urges!" Anna found the whole thing funny but carried on - "Pete we all get urges, I certainly do and I am a grown women, it's perfectly normal to feel like this. Hey why don't I get you..some special magazines, I don't mind that as long as I get to check them first. Porn can distort the reality of a women's body some but I don't mind if it helps Pete...really!

Pete was totally shocked but pleased - it was a chance for him to get the proper visual stimulation he needed without taking too long. He wanted porn, he was obsessed and with this opportunity he could take advantage of the situation. It felt wrong but he carried on regardless "Urrmm mum can I choose...the "genre"?

Anna chuckled loudly "Haha so you have a type you like? why am I surprised"

Pete really didn't want to admit it. "Like older women Mum, you know, MILFs and Lesbians - Maybe both at same time!!!" His little comment kept a very strange conversation light hearted.

Anna joked with Pete "So MILF like our ex cleaner Pamela? I would say she is MILF. But I will tell you a stories - she' actually a GILF!!

"What do mean, Gilf, What's that???" said Pete. Anna had say, although she probably shouldn't of "It's Granny I would to fuck" Pete burst out laughing. "Damm Granny, not sure about that one.

"Bahhh you can't she's only 15 years older then me. I would do her but anyhow if it's MILFs I will get you MILF Mags" Anna joked

"Alright Ok mum, yeah sure but can you pick up the magazines soon..I could do with some encouragement!"

Anna chuckled to herself and moved away from the table and let Pete head upstairs. She knew exactly what he was doing up there - it was obvious, but luckily he was quiet about. Before he get up the stair Anna shouted at him with some advice. "Pete I would do I what I think you about to do...The magazines won't be so much fun if you have already orgasmed!!!


A few hours passed and Anna shut door and threw her car keys on the table and emptied the magazines on the table. There were four so plenty of choice. She sat down on the sofa and started to go through the page. It was shocking - so much filth, so much sex....She read the little articles as she stared at the opened legged women fucking themselves with the various toys. For Anna is was positively exciting and her heart raced.

After dinner, Anna knocked on her son's door and walked in, she was wearing her jogging bottoms and a tight pink tank top. She emptied the magazines onto the end of the bed. Pete was ecstatic and so happy to read them. "You urmm enjoy them Pete" as she walked out door not before trying to embarrass him "You need some tissues?"

Pete was too engrossed in the magazines to answer back. Anna could see the bulge in his shorts growing. Some k**s will never change she thought.


The next day, Pete was relaxed and so happy with the magazines. "Hey mum those..mags were good, so I am here to do the make up for you having to buy them!" Anna happily took up his offer and let him do as many chores as possible. Later in that day, Anna went into her son's room and went to tidy up, the magazines were s**ttered over the bed and typically the pages were a little crusty. "Hmm not unexpected" she thought. She was again in her tank top and a little skirt. She was getting a little too into the pictures and didn't notice that her hand had moved up to her left tit as she rubbed and squeezed it.

At that instant Pete walked on his mum looking through the pages. He was only wearing his underwear with a raging erection. He almost walked into her but from where he standing he couldn't move, he was just standing there with his huge erection and staring at his mother.

"OOOOOH Mom urrrrm I need to go..quick!!!" He blurted

Anna recoiled back - it was a terrible situation to be in. She went to move but couldn't move with feet of concrete. "Petey don't worry, seriously don't worry, this was bound to happen one day!! - I will just...go now.

She got up and passed him like a ghost drifting passed his erection. She tried to break down the awkwardness by pinching his bottom and giggled, "By the's a nice big one there - obviously not got your father's genes!" She shut the door and left. Pete couldn't cope and it took him a while to work out the little walk in had send him back to square one. Yes the four magazines had got dull but his mother had ruined the moment eternally.


The moment

The two of them were sat on Anna's bed. The awkwardness was clear. Pete had been caught going through his mothers draws and had found her stash of sex toys and porn. The subsequent conversation had arisen, as Anna wanted an explanation. Pete had no choice but be honest. He had no option but to give his mother a good reason why he was there.

He confessed to her "Mum I just can't cope - I need more than just Magazines, I need far more.. I am..horny mum..yes I said it..straight up horny. Sorry for going through the draws in your room!"

Anna looked at her sad and angry son in a mix shock and pity. There needed to be answer that could solve this is impasse he had currently with sex. "I don't know Pete, I really don't know, unless you want me help you, I really don't know"

Pete said to his mom "I don't care mom, it just needs to go away but I would appreciate if you wanted help me.

Anna had one option - "Pete If it's truley that bad why don't you let me give you a handjob, trust me with these hands, I can seriously make you cum hard!"

Pete was too shocked, stunned even to answer but he knew where this could lead somewhere - an opportunity of sorts "So mum, you are saying that will you will give me a handjob?? I'm your son - ain't that kinda wrong?

His mother answered the only way could - with complete honestly "Yes it will be strange, but look at it from another angle - if you get horny, you see me and and I can provide you with relief and hey it means I have give a handjob....or more I don't mind. It serves us both well. You get to orgasm, I get a nice calm son.

Pete said nervously "or more? what you mean mum? Anna carried on "Well you know i'm open to all options...blowjobs titwanks. I don't mind. "Mum are you saying that if I wanted to, we could have sex?

Anna was in an utter daze but that particular thought had crossed her mind. She had no option but see her son's reaction "Well...alright yes! I mean look, I have needs too, so if I am going to give you a handjob, I can't see time we might be able to go further. Slow steps but an arrangement.

"WOW do you want that mum - to go the whole way? said Pete. Anna clarified answer her from her perspective

"Well If we went the whole way, It would be a massive thing but between these four walls, in this house, I am sure we could come to an agreement

Anna smirked and tapped her son on the shoulder gleefully "think about it Pete. now if we went the whole way...You get to fuck my brains out, and I as your mother get the opportunity to have some great sex with a hormone filled wild young Stallion. Name a women this world who wouldn't say no to that. Now as its between the two of us you can't tell a soul about this agreement you hear?

Pete looked at this mother. His heart was pounding. Anna peered over his body and grinned as she watched him undress her with his eyes "You want to do this don't know? I can tell...."

"Yeah mum, I do, this is going be mad, but I love for you to make me cum. Anna replied happily

"Haha that sweet petey. Right if you can wait, come back in an hour and I will be ready for you and trust me I will make you cum. Anna signed as Pete left the room.

A minute passed, then ten, then the hour finally passed and Pete ran across the hall to his mums bedroom. He opened and she was lying on the bed topless with some lime green panties. Her legs where slightly open. and her arms rested against the headboard.

"Come in Pete, now remember this our little secret so get undressed and give me your cock. I want you lay down next to me whilst I get the baby oil." Pete walked over and jumped onto the bed. He slowly got naked and his cock was throbbing. "I am about to get jerked off by my own mother - goddamm this is beyond beyond crazy.

As Pete lay there Anna very slowly and gently moved her oily hand up his leg, along his balls and finally to his huge bl**d filled cock. She stopped momentarily to marvel over it and began to rub in a nice measured motion. The pumping action was calm and nothing too heavy for Pete, but he could tell she knew what she was doing.

Anna's hand's squelched in a rhythm as she rotated her wrist and hand. She looked deeply her sons eyes as she picked up the pace. She had been jerking off for five minutes or so but now was going for gold.

"As I do this Pete, I want you to think about what we can do, all the filthy things, I can do for horny muscle bound teenage son. As Anna talking quietly Pete's eyes rolled back. He was close and he knew but somehow had more control than he thought he would. Anna could see and feel he was close so started get more vulgur and seductive in her tone"I want your thick sperm over my my my ass, Yes Pete I want to feel it erupt from your..huge throbbing cock..pouring over your mom's hand.
For a few minutes this carried on and Anna kept her son writhing in total ecstasy. Her motion increased a little and Pete was able to peak at her tits as they rippled "Come on Pete time to cum for mommy...mommy wants you to cum all over her hand, just let it happen..all for mummy,

Pete willed himself to orgasm "Urrrrrrghhh Mum I am going to cummm, here we go.

"Oh yes here we go son" Anna smirked as she pumped his cock hard as the cum flowed over her hand.

Pete's body collapsed into the bed, and semen flowed like a fountain out of his cock. Anna said "Ahh what a good boy" as she licked her fingers and let the sticky mess form over her teeth.

As the weeks passed it, the sexual tension was immense. Anna had been servicing her son for long enough for it to feel, oddly normal, but it was time things started to develop. Pete and his mother had been remarkably restrained, for the only thing holding the barrier in place between the two of the them was the sense that things could get too carried away. It would either ruin the entire relationship or allow it be swallowed up in a twisted gaping hole to depths of depravity, filth and absolute sexual ruin. Pete had gone over it all in his head but still didn't make sense. Or it did but was too terrible to imagine.

But things were changing either way. As the time passed both Anna and Pete had gotten used to the idea of the regular mother son hand jobs and it was becoming a nice quirky little thing they did together - a foul and perverted hobby. Not unexpectedly Anna allowed herself over time to become objectified by her own son and willingly enabled him to enjoy her body. It started with just a little grope of her ass or a boob for a few seconds, which for Anna thought was quite fun and cheeky.

Today was a little different, As Anna was leaning over the sink in her grey panties, Pete came into the kitchen and went straight the fridge - Normal behaviour for a teenage boy. As he shifted things around, he grumbled to himself and carried on not really pay attention to his barely dressed mother across the room over the sink. Anna smirked and pulled her panties tight around her ass and stuck it out intentionally to attract her son.

Pete continued to move things around fridge and eventually found some watermelon, yet he did notice his mother's ass as it jiggled as she moved around. Pete crossed the room and walked behind his mother and gently placed his on her ass cheek. Neither spoke a word but Anna gave Pete a sign to carry on. Pete squeezed and rubbed gently as Anna looked through the window enjoying the experience.

"Hmm someone's horny today don't ya think?" muttered Anna under her breath. Pete continued and dropped his hand lower between her legs. Anna moved her legs apart and allowed her son feel the edges on her pussy. She breathed deeply and was getting slowly aroused.

"Pete do you realize I'm going be horny as fuck now.

Pete took his hand away and then pressed his erect cock against his mother's ass and started to grind pushing her down into the sink. Anna grunted as giggled "Ohh Petey that cock of yours in hard as steel - push deeper against me my boy"

Pete looked down and whispered to his mother "Mom make me cum again" Anna still being held over the sink instead offered her son another option. "Yes Pete don't worry will make you cum but instead....why don't we get off together whilst we are both wet and horny"

He looked down at his mother and thought about she could possibly mean asking "What do you want to do Mom?"

Anna under her breath muttered "Let's start do a few more things together - I've got some porn we can watch together - Why don't just we just cum together. It would fun and I think this is perfect time to progress our little arrangement because I see us enjoying our bodies as a pair now.

Pete pulled away and turned his mother around "It would stupid to say no you realize but if you let me near you I will ruin your body - do terrible things.

Anna giggled like a little girl "Haha so you want to dominate your mother and fuck her stupid? - That's the sort of thing I want to hear and by the way who's to say you will be able to handle me when I give up to you???? - I will drain your ball into me! - Yes you heard me - I want you to squirt your cum deep into my pussy.

Pete and smirked as his heart pounded hearing how close he was to having his prized mother give herself up to him a sex slave. Anna replied thinking ahead "I need to check we have the house to ourselves for a few more weeks - I want to utterly scream the house down, but I can't doing that with your bratty s****r around. Right why don't you go into my room and pick a porn DVD out my stash and we'll get off together. I need to phone your s****r.


Pete took himself upstairs and found the stash of DVDs - There was everything from BDSM, Lesbians, Matures, Gangbangs. Anna was downstairs examining her cum soaked panties. She thought to herself "We were building up to this for a while I could do with a serious pounding - But hey this is everything I could ever ask for - it's just very depraved sex but if it's already depraved and vile we may as well revel in the disgust of it all - I will do things to him I could never do with another man. Only my son could understand my deepest dirtiest desires.


As DVD came on, mother and son watched as they cuddled on the sofa. Anna tapped him on the crotch "Right Petey - get hard for mommy- I want to see how long you can last with me next to you rubbing my clit and the porn on the TV. Anna tapped the mound of her pussy as the scenes continued. In one particular scene a girl was screaming and she squirted being fucked in the ass. Anna turned and looked at Pete and said " I want you to do that to me - and I'm lucky you might get me to squirt for you.

Pete was uncontrollable with a super hard cock cuddled against his mother as she asked him to fuck her in the ass. "Goddamm we really are going be doing this, I am going to cum so hard in you mom - God not in my wildest dreams would ever of imagined we be talking about fucking ourselves stupid like it's nothing.

Anna moved forward slightly and stripped off her panties "Right these soaked through with my pussy juices - time to get fully naked. She pulled the panties off and threw them playfully at Pete as he gently rubbed his cock. She looked deeply her son and opened her legs fully in front of him and allowed him to see deep into her pussy. Pete's heart jumped out of body. He was utterly transfixed by the engorged pussy lips, the smell and oozing creamy mess dripping onto the sofa.

Anna turned away and started to rub her clit and finger herself making deep gushing and squishing sounds as she moved her fingers back and forth.

Pete sat there thinking over what his mother saying to him and what she was doing. He knew things were going to move to a completely new level and was now a frightfully close prospect that excited him so much that he all need to was reach out to his whore of a mother and let her pervert him, just to sit back and watch as his entire body be taken by his mother. As Anna was masturbating heavily he could see she was close to climaxing. At the same time, Anna couldn't help but notice that her son was utter transfixed his mother's wet pussy.

Anna chuckled and said to her Son "Pete...why don't you finger bang me - You can then feel how wet I am. Pete stopped what he was doing and simply nodded in utter shock. He crawled over and placed his hand just over his mother's engorged clit. Anna from no-where opened a bottle of baby oil/gel and let it drip into her pussy. She giggled at her son and said "extra wetness needed if you are going make me cum.

Anna looked at him playfully and he slipped his long fingers deep into her pussy quickly locating her g-spot. It was something else for the young lad. His mother leaned back and let her son do all the hard work. As Pete build up the pressure and speed he could feel his mother's sloppy pussy contract and expand as she started to Orgasm.

"That's it my boy........just keep going.....Ohhhh that's it...OHHH THAT'S IT. As Pete continued finger fuck his mother in amazement as HE watched as the groans became shrieks and then deep guttural barks "ARGHHHHHH I'MMM GOING TO CUMMM. keeeeep going my boy.....ARHHHHHHHH MAKE ME SQUIRT ARGGGGHH.

As Pete continued she buckled against the sofa. As Anna got her breath back she barked at him as she laughed. Anna leaned up and kissed her son on the lips and asked him "So do you want to FUCK tonight my boy???? Lets go upstairs.....

Pete was feeling the nerves. He was trusting his mother to seduce him but he was thinking about what else, she wanted to him - How far down the rabbit hole did he want fall?

"Ok Iguess mommy let's fuck!

Anna with a terrible look on her face said "Take my hand, my son let me take you my bedroom where we'll fuck ourselves RAW". Pete took his mother's hand and as he guided him up the stairs to her bedroom. The bed was in front him and Anna pushed him to the bed. The thin silk duvet cover was cold on his back but the prospect of his mother seducing him distracted him.

As he was staring, Anna grabbed a bottle of baby oil and started pouring it over body. Pete was tranfixed as he watched the oil, pour down her body, dripping off her tits, and converging between them as it dripped down her stomach and naval. The oil soaked into her panties. Anna then climbed over pete and rested her entire weight on his body and moved closer to him slowly kissing his chest, neck and jaw. She said in one final sentence "I have you now, my boy" and passionately kissed him, sticking her tongue down his throat. It was so intense. They kissed for a couple of seconds and Pete finally took the chance to caress and grope his mother, grabbing her ass, her tits and moving his hand between her panties. He felt the warmth coming from her pussy as the baby oil mixed with her own natural creamy lubrication.

Anna climbed over him and lowered herself down slowly onto her sons pelvis. Pete for a few seconds was utterly frozen, just watching his mother position herself. Anna grabbed her sons cock and pulled it towards her and dropped herself down on him. "Here we son, now fuck me stupid.

Pete had never felt anything like it. The warmth hit him first and then felt the slight motion of his mother's pelvic floor muscles as she locked down on his cock inside her pussy. He was stuck there and totally over powered by the sensation.

Anna took charge and began to grind in a nice slow rhythm, snaking her spine back and forth. Pete was floating off into another dimension trying to control his primal need to ejaculate. He kissed Anna's tits. Then the moaning started - Pete had never fucked a women to full vaginal orgasm.

The moaning was a just a little breathless flutter, but it then developed his deeper moan, then...a fully lunged scream. Anna was really baring down on pete and rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down on his cock. Anna's face was red and hot as she screamed into the air "I'MMM CUMMING.....OHHHHH MY GOD,,,OH MY GODDD...URRRRRGHHHHHHH IMMMMM CUMMMING" Pete had by this point caught onto the rhythm and was relentlessly pounding his mothers engorged pussy with every muscle.

As Anna was orgasming Pete felt within him, his cum flow like lava out towards the end of his penis. "Ahhhh IM GOING TO CUM MUMMY" Anna looked down and smirked with such a terrible look "CUM INSIDE OF MEEEE MY BOY - FILL ME WITH YOUR SPERM"

Pete let his body take over and felt the cum pour into his mother's pussy. Her pussy drew the cum deeper into her cervix. Once Pete stopped cumming she pulled herself off him and collapsed. It was over and they were both ruined.

Hours may have passed, it was timeless.

Pete lay on his bed and reveled in the sexual head trip that had now become his life. The night before he had slept with Anna and it was the most utterly hottest and vile point in his life. He had given into his primal need and allowed his mother to seduce him. The sex was crazy and their time together fucking seemed to last an lifetime. The teenager just couldn't believe his luck and it was constantly on his mind that he could ask for more. More? Yes More - Anna was a freak of nature and he would only need to ask and she would willingly give herself to him in some kind of sick fantasy.

Yet Pete couldn't bring himself to get up and talk to his mother. It was a strange feeling and the teenager didn't know how to deal with it. The idea that he could just walk downstairs and speak to his mother about what was breakfast was insane but he was hungry and needed to eat so plucked up his spirits and headed downstairs. Pete considered himself nicely toned and slim - which showed as he was only wearing his shorts. The stairs creaked and he finally reached the ground floor. His mother was lying down on the kitchen snug/sofa area gently smearing a thick oily body cream into her breasts and stomach which occasionally dribbled onto her navel. She looked so relaxed yet smoldering with a freaky sexual desire. Her curly hair was spread out over the edge of the couch and he could see the little bits of cellulite and stretchmarks on her thighs and butt. Anna had a nice curvy body with nice rolls on her hips and lower belly. As Pete admired his mother he could only think about the sound, smell and feel of her - he could almost feel the weight of her body on his cock as she pinned him down, let alone the rabid screams she made as they fucked. It was something else.

The stairs did creak and Anna soon looked up to see her muscle bound son staring back. She chuckled under her breath and turned fully to face him. "Well well look who it is, my little charming son - You want some breakfast..perhaps some coffee? because you look like you need a good breakfast.after all I think your'll need the energy!"

Pete looking bemused carried on into the kitchen and made himself a coffee and started to prepare some pancakes. Anna looked over at him and gave Pete a look to come and sit down next to her. Her boobs were thoroughly covered in body cream and her chest glistened in the morning sun passing through the windows of the kitchen. Her little green panties and had dollops of body cream which stained then in various places. As Pete sat next to his mother, he was transfixed with the smell of the body cream and sexual tension in the room. It was stronger and far more vibrant since they had slept together. It was almost if the events of last night had had effectively made sex and fucking now very a open topic.

As Pete ate his breakfast in an awkward silence, Anna rubbed her hand along his chest and back. "Why don't I give you a little massage my boy" as she climbed behind him. It did feel nice and relaxing so Pete didn't want to say no. In his head he knew something was up.

Anna rubbed gently along his back as she spoke to him in a whisper in his ear "So did you like last night?" Pete heart raced "It was good mum but are you sure you wanted it to go that far -I wasn't sure that you wanted me to...fuck you in that way. His mouth was dry but he felt secure in an odd way.

His mother giggled a little "Well I loved it Petey and I think it's nothing to ashamed about now - We did it so we can't go back from it now. There was a little bit of emotional blackmail in her tone. Pete continued "Well that's true but I don't know mom, I mean we kinda have two options in that look as last night as a one time thing and we try to go back to little bit of sexual favors here and there because I don't mind the handjobs!

Anna in a teasing and suggestive manner asked what the second option could be and then answered it herself. "The second option would clearly be that we continue to..FUCK" whispering in deep seductive manner into her son's ear. Her large boobs rested on his back as she spoke

Pete turned to his mother and looked into her eyes. He stared intensely and muttered a few select words. "You mean you want to keeping having sex???" Anna smirked and kissed him on the cheek and then licked his cheek bone. "Yeah I want to keep having sex and want to us to get really into it - really explore the filth of it all because simply why not..???"

It dawned on Pete in a very basic way - in his cock. "Well I mean...urm I wouldn't be really against trying it one more time I suppose - but I feel a little bit dirty mom honestly - Should I feel like this?"

His mother comforted Pete a little and replied simply "Why don't you look at it in a different way - Embrace the dirtiness of it all and let your hormones decide not your head. We had some amazing sex last night, so why can't we just let our bodies decide when we should stop.

Pete looked at her and agreed "Well hey if just us two in the house why not". The two of them continued to talk about sex for a long while as Pete finished his breakfast. "So mom you are sure that you sterile and all that stuff? - I need to ask?

Anna laughed in a reassuring way "Yeah son I have been sterile for years now and anyhow you can fuck my ass if you want cum in a different place - It might be fun especially if we practice my squirting technique!" Pete was taken aback by the matter of fact way, his mother was talking about the sex they going to have. After a few minutes Anna looked to her son asked

"So now we have cleared the want to go upstairs and fuck for a few hours? - I can't see a reason why not!"

With bl**d racing to his cock he nodded as his legs turned to jelly.


Anna and Pete got to the bedroom and climbed onto the bed. It was still a bit awkward for the teenager, So Anna took the lead again and pushed her son to the bed. He peered down and felt the twinge of his cock as it rubbed against his shorts trying to break out. Anna climbed over him and kissed him on the cheek and then gently french kissed her son making out with him for a minute or two. For Pete it felt kind of nice and a torrid way. She was a good kisser and he liked taste of her lipstick and perfume. They were very much embraced in the heat of the moment and beads of sweat were appearing on Anna's back as she pinned her son to the bed. Anna looked into her sons eyes and then smirked as she looked down to his cock. "You gonna get hard for mommy??"

At that moment she went down to his shorts and pulled them over with ease as Pete's cock rose into fully action facing his mother with bl**d pumping through the veins of his member. Anna ever so gently licked the base of his cock to the top, stimulating Pete in so many primal ways. "I think you hard enough for mommy so let me demolish this cock for you. In an instance Anna gobbled the entire cock into her throat and worked her head back and forth as far she could. Pete's mind was crashing to the ground and he tried desperately not to cum too early.

Anna soon stopped and came back up to her son and kissed him again more intensely as he worked his way down her neck to her greasy oily tits. Pete let his mind wander and his cock to take over has he bit his mothers nipples. His hands progressively moved down his waist and to her ass where he it grabbed nicely and felt it wobble a little. The sexual desire was moving so fast and Pete finally understood. He could fuck his mother in any which he wanted - It was foul and perverted but damm it was going be worth it.

Pete rhythmically pushed his body to his mother and began to pull her wet panties off. The sweet smell of his mothers wet pussy was in the air. Anna caught her breath and asked Pete "Finger fuck my pussy, my son - I am so damm wet for you." Pete let his hand follow the curve of Anna's hips and her navel. He felt the deep warmth of her pussy on his finger and his palm and his f***ed his forefingers deep into the back of her pussy searching for her g-spot. In doing so he took Anna's breath away and grunted as he rubbed her g-spot. Anna looked down "You are right on my g-spot son...Il cum soon, I can feellll it. Pete turned his mother over and began to finger fuck her hard. Anna's face was flushed and he feel her left leg shake so chaotically sucked on her clit as he went to town on her. Anna eyes started to roll as she said "AHH THATS IT....KEEP IT UP". Within less than a minute she screamed into the air "OHHHH MYYY GOD I AM GOING TO SQUIRT" Pete furiously continued as shrieked as she squirted over the bed.
Anna was a mess, a sexy mess nonetheless and was at this point she took control and she f***ed Pete down to the bed and placed herself over him and lowered onto his cock. The sensation hit Pete again, it was still so new. Once she found her rhythm she went for it, riding and slamming into the bed. It was vicious and all the while she was heavily grunting and moaning into the air as wave upon wave of squirting orgasm hit her - the bed was soaked in pussy juice. Anna let loose and was so fucking loud and so filthy. She started to bounce on Pete cock and the bed spring creaked. Pete arched his back and pounded his cock deep into her pussy as rode his from on top. The screams were incredible and the sensation of Anna's pussy was insane. It was all too much for Pete "Mom I am going to cumm..I am going cum in you" Anna grunted at him "DOOO ITTTT. Pete let go and allowed the semen to flow deep into his mother's pussy.

After a few minutes rest. Anna looked to her to son "Pass the baby oil, Petey" He asked why and she said "I want to you fuck my ass raw" Pete righted himself and slowly got hard again placing his mother's body in front of him and let her asshole stick up in front of him. The oil dripped everywhere and Anna went on "Squirt a load down my asshole" Pete pulled her ass cheeks apart and squirted a massive amount in the subsequent gaping hole. He let the oil glide his cock in her asshole. The sensation was incredible - So tight and deep, He could feel the baby oil ooze as her rectal muscle tighten around his cock as he went deep letting his long cock f***e space in her back passage. Anna then under her breath said "Destroy my ass Pete". She said it with such hate and vitriol that he knew what he had to do.

In the corridor, terrible, violent grunts and shrieks could be heard. There no turning back now.

Angelina's taxi pulled up the at the door of the house. It had been maybe 18 months since Gina had seen her mother or her b*****r Pete. Her mother Anna and her Grandmother Jennifer had decided to send Gina upstate to live with her Grandmother as the girl was becoming difficult, violent and unkempt. She was basically any other young teenage girl and loved bitching, make-up, sexy underwear and getting her rocks off at any given moment. Her Hormones were so bad that she was placed a permanent contraceptive to control her urges and her temper. A strange cocktail of hormone d**gs had addled her brain and her body. Gina was feisty and knew she a sex appeal at young age - something she exploited to her advantage when trying to purchase sex toys and porn from a backstreet shop in the town. She screwed with the old women's head by flashing her her panties and generally being a slut in her presence.

So you get an impression of Gina Yeah? She was hormone filled teenage girl who was certainly exploring her body. Sex was a strange obsession for the young girl and Gina knew what she liked. Gina to look at, was thin, approx 6 foot with long curly hair and importantly becoming all tits, ass and leg. She had the legs but the tits weren't as big as she mother or Grandmothers.

Pete was smashing his mother's ass into the bed. Nothing could really describe how comfortable they had becoming having sex over the last few weeks. Pete had shown real confidence and Anna had explored some of her most terrible fantasies in the bedroom. Echos of screams and shrieks from either were normal and The house was becoming something of a brothel. It stunk of baby oil, perfume and pussy.

As the pair lay in bed sweating and breathless, Pete turned to his mother and mentioned about his s****r. "Mom Gina is coming back soon - How are we going to keep this up if she is around. I can't imagine we'll get much time to fuck?"

Anna facing her son did indeed seem puzzled "We think of it this way, We'll do it when we can but don't you worry, I have a little plan for the little princess once she is settled!" replying with a terrible laugh. Pete now was fully engaged in the conversation "What do you mean Mom, what plan?"

Anna giggled a little and then started to explain looking at Pete suggestively "Well I think at her age, we'll find common ground if you get my drift......but anyhow now that you are rested do you want go again??"

Pete started to get hard again and then leaned over his mother "deep and hard? Anna smirked - make me scream" The bed spring started creak and Anna's moans filled the room.

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