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Okay, a couple of things: (1) Everyone is over 21, (2) this is fantasy and only fantasy, (3) No one real is portrayed in this work, (4) It contains; non-consent, oral, vaginal, anal, bdsm, mmf, gangbang, and bukkake (just thought I'd put that right out there), and (5) its an early draft of a story I thought some might enjoy - if its not your cup of tea that's cool - but remember it's not polished nor is it finished.


Some mistakes you see coming and some you don't. Some you simply should have known to avoid. The situation she found herself in right now was one of them. She'd tried to get her friends to go out with her, tried to get a group together - there was safety in numbers after all, but no one wanted to go. Even her best friend had begged off and warned her not to go alone. She should have stayed in, but she had a stubborn streak. She hated being told what to do, and even her best friend's warning rankled. So, she poured herself a drink and then she'd gotten herself dolled up; mini-skirt, sexy, nearly see-through blouse, black bra and panties for underneath. Another drink disappeared as she did her make-up and fixed her hair. All the while frustrated by the fact that her friends wouldn't come out to play. Well, to hell with them, she decided as she grabbed her jacket and headed for the door. Checking herself in the mirror before she left her apartment confirmed what she already knew - she looked fucking hot!

On the street she hailed a cab, she might have shown a bit of leg when the cabby arrived. Why the hell not, she thought, she had great legs, might as well be appreciated for them. Climbing in, she did her best not to flash, but was pretty certain she'd failed. Screw it, that's why she wore pretty underwear. She giggled to herself.

"Looking for a party?"

"Maybe," she replied with a teasing smile. "Can you take me somewhere fun?"

The driver's eyes drifted covetously over her body and she couldn't resist the urge to tease him a little bit, parting her legs ever so slightly. She loved watching him lean in to see better, knowing all the time he wouldn't get the view he was hoping for. She snapped her legs together startling him. "So, do you know someplace a girl can have a good time?"

"Well, I could take you to the usual dance clubs you little girls seem to like. You know the kind of place; loud music, pretty boys," he explained. "Or," he added as though the thought just occurred to him. "I could take you someplace a little more dangerous. Some place you'd be appreciated fully." She knew he was watching her in the mirror as she shifted uncomfortably, a little voice in her head warning her that she should just go to the clubs.

"I'll take you to the clubs," the driver announced putting the car in drive. "I can see you're not ready for anything more exciting."

"Wait," she announced, her temper up at the implication. "Take me to the other place. I'm sure I can handle it."

The driver cocked an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

"Yep, definitely. Just take me there."

"As you wish."

The taxi twisted and turned as it wound its way through the city and by the time it came to a stop she was hopelessly lost. Looking around, she saw nothing that resembled a bar and she looked questioningly at the driver.


He smiled back at her before pointing towards a heavy door.

"It's a private members-only club," he explained. "Knock on the door and give them the password 'present'."

"Oh," she replied as she stepped from the car. "Wait, what about the fare? How much do I owe you?"

"Don't worry about it, it's on the house."

She watched the cab pull away before finally turning toward the door. This is a bad idea, she realized as she looked around. There was nothing near. "Come on girl," she whispered to herself. "You wanted adventure."

The cabby was right. The password got her through the door and the large well dressed bouncer that manned it. She was ushered down a flight of stairs and eventually found herself in a well appointed bar. The music playing was lively and a couple of pool tables owned the floor. Though not crowded the bar was far from empty, a few men and women played pool, drank and chatted. The bouncer spoke a few words to the bartender, a good looking guy with great hair, before returning to his post and the bartender in turn gave her a reassuring wink before returning his attention to the room.

"The entertainment has arrived!" he announced loudly and a feeling of dread came over her.

"Um," she tried to get his attention but he wasn't paying her any mind.

She felt a hand on her ass as she leaned on the bar.

"Hey!" she cried as she whirled around in outrage, slapping the man that groped her. The sound of that slap echoed through the suddenly quiet room, while the man she'd just slapped across the face rubbed his jaw. His eyes never leaving her as she ranted and raged at him. How dare he touch her! Fuck him!

The backhand caught her across the cheek and nearly knocked her on her ass. Wait, the voice in her head cried. That's not right. He's not supposed to hit her back.

Dazed and confused she was pulled roughly to her feet and held before her assailant. His eyes moved up and down her body clearly assessing what he saw. She'd never felt so much like a piece of meat and her cheek still throbbed.

"Let go of me," she demanded as she struggled against the two men holding her. "Let me out of here. I'm leaving."

His hand caught her jaw, holding it painfully and making her look at him.

"Shut. Up." His tone brooked no argument and in that moment she knew how over her head she was... she was in trouble and she wasn't going to be able to bluff or bully her way out of it.

Releasing her jaw, his hands moved to her collar - a quick jerk ripped her blouse from top to bottom leaving it hanging open.

"Hey," she began but stopped as he raised his finger in warning. He pulled a knife as he moved towards her and she found herself unconsciously cringing back against the hands that held her. Her eyes were wide with fear as the cold metal of the back of the blade touched her skin. The chill raised goose bumps on her skin and her heart beat furiously. The knife followed her cleavage and shredded her bra, leaving her exposed to the room - her nipples rising at the sudden chill.

"Nice tits," someone commented and she blushed furiously as her skirt and panties soon followed the destroyed upper garments. As her shaved pussy made an appearance the cat-calls began and a tear slipped down the corner of her eye.

"Please," she begged. "I'm sorry. There's been a misunderstanding. Please let me go."

He laughed at that, actually laughed in her face. She was outraged and terrified at the same time. And she had no time to do anything about either emotion as she was roughly dragged to the nearest pool table and bent lewdly over it.

SMACK! She screamed out in surprise as the first spank rocked her bottom and, she was sure, left a stinging imprint behind.

SMACK! Again she screamed.

"Alright," a voice announced. "Who's first?"

What, her mind freaked? First? She felt her legs kicked apart and knew that everyone had a great view of her pussy. She was embarrassed and yet, something about the sensation of being so exposed... what the fuck was wrong with her?

She felt hands spread her cheeks further then fingers exploring into the lips of her pussy. They were far from gentle, pulling and pinching as they groped her before finding their way into her vagina.

"Fuck," came an exclamation of surprise. "Little slut is soaking wet."

Her cheeks burned with shame at the announcement, but the fingers continued to grope her. She was roughly finger fucked for several minutes before she finally felt the head of a cock against her slit. She swallowed hard. Oh my god, her brain screamed at her as the hard wide member stretched her tight slit and she was slowly fucked. She couldn't see who it was, had no idea who was burying his cock in her cunt but damn, she didn't care. It felt so fucking good as is stretched her open that she found herself moaning in excitement and pushing back against whoever it was.

Hands clawed into the tender flesh of her ass and the thrusting became harder and faster. Each thrust buried him all the way inside her. Each push made her grunt in response. He pounded harder and faster into her. She was so hot and horny she knew she was gushing wet, could feel it on her legs. His pounding reached a fevered pitch and she could tell he was close. She knew he'd go any moment, then suddenly nothing. He pulled out of her completely. What the hell, she thought moments before cold cum splashed across her ass and back. He pumped his load all over her covering her in his cum. One particularly good shot landed heavily in her hair to the applause of the group.


The second cock pounded into her already abused pussy and its length made her gasp as it hit her cervix. Her breathing came short and fast as he brutally pumped in and out of her, the apex of each thrust slamming into her tender organs. Oh god, she thought, he can't last long, not like this. Please let him finish. Thankfully, she was correct. He set an incredible pace and he was near climax. Pulling out suddenly he added his come to her already coated ass and back.

The third to take her was wide, incredibly wide. She groaned in surprise as her battered and brutalized pussy lips stretched painfully to accommodate. He entered her well-lubed cunt slowly and she felt every painful inch as he took her. She was nearly hyperventilating when she finally felt his hips against her ass. He paused there, giving her a moment to adjust and she caught her breath as he began pulling back till the wide head was almost free. The second thrust was nearly as slow as the first and she was able to savour the width as it filled her. She moaned in ecstasy as he again bottomed out in her and again pulled back. The third thrust came hard and fast -- driving deep and catching her by surprise. She screamed as his hips slammed into her and the room exploded in applause and cheers. He fucked her hard from that point on and she struggled to breath as he rode her. To her shame, her own climax was mounting and she clawed at the pool table felt as he took her. He clearly didn't care if she enjoyed herself or not, but he was at least taking his time enjoying the feeling of her tight hole; he was wide enough to hit all the right places inside her and after the previous two cocks, she was nearing her orgasm. A few more thrusts the filled her to bursting brought her over the edge and she screamed out her climax as his shaft buried deep inside her. Her pussy clamped tightly around his cock and she nearly tore free from the hands holding her as her orgasm flooded through her.

The throbbing of her muscles around his shaft took him over the edge and he pulled out with a pop and shot his massive load across her back. She felt much of the heavy spunk land in her hair but she really didn't care at that moment.

A fourth man replaced him and she screamed as he slammed his dick into her over stimulated pussy. Her own climax was so recent that she needed recovery time, but didn't get it. Each thrust left her crying out as her tender slit absorbed more abuse.

"Please," she begged. "Enough."

The men holding her laughed and the one fucking her grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her head up as he continued to pleasure himself. Tears streamed down her cheeks as he rode her hard, pulling her hair whenever she seemed to relax. She begged for mercy again and again, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Finally, after what felt like an eternity he released her hair and she collapsed on the table as came across her body.

"No more," she begged, barely able to raise her head from the felt.

"The slut's pussy needs some time," a voice announced and she felt a wave of relief pass through her. A feeling quickly replaced by fear as she felt the next man line his cock up with her ass.

"No, No, No," she cried. "Please..."

SMACK! The brutal slap across her ass silenced her for a moment, her cheek stinging from the blow. The scream that tore from her throat as the hard cock violated her ass echoed through the bar as she tried to curl into a foetal position. Strong hands held her as he buried himself balls deep in her anus.

"Fuck, she's tight," he grunted as he pulled back and pushed in again as she cried out. "Don't think," he commented as he pulled back again. "I'm going to..." He thrust back in again harder her sobs shaking her body. "Laaahhhhhhhst!" the last was yelled as he lost control and climaxed in her anus. His cock pumped its load deep into her bowels and she felt every spurt and jerk. He filled her up and as he pulled out of her now lubed ass she felt his cum leaking out as her tight hole snapped shut. She sobbed on the table waiting for whatever new horror awaited her.

"At least she's lubed now," she heard as she felt her sphincter being parted again. "Fuck, look at it dribble out of her ass. Fuck that's hot."

This time the thrust didn't hurt like it had, the cock slid in with relative ease and she gasped as he began thrusting and fucking her spoilt rosebud. The previous violation faded away as the pleasure from this new intruder grew. Long slow, hard strokes had her gasping with something close to pleasure as he took his time. The feel of his balls slapping against her on each full thrust was almost as sexy as they sound they made. He rode her ass for what felt like a glorious eternity and she was soon groaning and writhing across his member.

"That's it you little fuck slut," he taunted and the words made her blush but also turned her on. "I've been watching. You've been loving this - being treated like a little whore." He slapped the ass he was fucking and she groaned in pleasure. "We're going to ruin you for anything else," he teased as he thrust deep. "No sex will ever get you off as much as what we're going to do to you." She moaned in pleasure and he slapped her ass again before reaching for her hair. He pulled her head up and she moaned and writhed, skewered on his cock as she was. "That's it you stupid bitch. Ride my cock you slutty cunt!" He thrust again and again, taunting and tormenting as he rode her. She had never been so humiliated, never been so brutally used, in her life. Oh fuck, she thought. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Why was she so fucking turned on?

She moaned and bucked as he owned her ass.

"Come for me, you horny slut!" he demanded and she had no choice - the command, the sensations, the arousal - she came in a howling heap as he rode her arching, stiffening body. Her muscles clamped and he groaned in pleasure. "That's it whore, fuck ya!"

She felt him climaxing, felt him pumping semen into her anal canal.

She might've blacked out for a moment, things got hazy. One moment she was having the most mind-blowing orgasm and the next she was lifting her head from the table's felt, a trickle of drool leaving a wet spot on the field of green. Her ass and pussy felt wide and ravaged, but empty, something cool and wet ran down her thighs and she didn't have to wonder long as to what it was.

"The slut's awake," someone exclaimed and she was roughly pulled up off the table and put on her knees. The men holding her pulled their cocks free from their pants and wrapped her hands around their stiffening shafts.

"No," she protested as she tried to release them but a hard slap to her face shocked her awake. The man from earlier crouched before her, his eyes meeting hers. She dropped her eyes away and he grabbed her hair, wrenching her back up. "Slut," he snapped and she hated that she liked it. "You'll do what you're told. Do you understand?" She stared at him dumbly for a moment and he gave her head a shake. "Do you?"

"Yes," she whispered. A second slap made her gasp, tears in her eyes.

"Yes, what?" he demanded and her mind whirled as it searched for the answer.

"Yes, sir," she said tentatively. His smile filled her with relief.

"Good girl," he praised and she was surprised at how good that praise made her feel. "Now then," he announced as he stood up. "Where were we?"

Her hands were once again wrapped around the two hard cocks and this time she didn't let go. They had to prompt her a bit, but eventually she got the idea and began stroking both men. She closed her eyes as she concentrated on her task and was taken by surprise when she felt the stiff head of a cock against her lips.

"Wha..." she began but was cut off as the hard cock was pushed roughly between her lips. Whoever it was went deep and she tried to pull back to stop from gagging on the thick flesh, but he wrapped his hands into her hair and roughly held her still while he tried to fuck the back of her throat.

When he released she gasped for air, her face red from the exertion. She wanted to push the man away but her hands were held tight around the throbbing shafts as the other two men used her hands as portable pussies. The cock was roughly shoved back into her throat, her hair being used to pull her forward as he brutally fucked her mouth. This time she did gag when he pulled back and saliva gushed across her lips. He didn't seem to care and slammed into her again. Again and again he used her this way. All the while her hands were used to jerk the other two men off. She lost track of time and place. All she knew and felt was cock, pain, and amazingly enough arousal. The cock in her right hand came first and she was showered in cum. It splattered against her cheek and eyelids as she hurriedly closed her eyes. The man on her left followed closely after and his spunk coated her hair and forehead. Still the man abusing her mouth pounded away at her until finally, after what felt like an eternity he pulled out and jerked his cum all over her open mouth and face. His semen was salty and hot as it hit her tongue and she found herself swallowing, even as long lines of the goop slowly ran across her closed eyes and nose.

"Fuck, what a hot mess! Let me!"

Hands in her hair were all the warning she received to open her mouth again as a second cock began thrusting against her tongue and teeth. With her hands free she was able reach up and help jerk this one off... and yet she couldn't believe she was doing it. She was helping this bastard abuse her.

"Good girl!" he purred and she felt warm and tingly inside. "Good little fuck toy, help me paint your pretty little slut face." The words seemed to help both of them. She was aroused and humiliated as she jerked him faster, her teeth scraping across the thick head of his cock. He moaned in excitement and a shiver of anticipation passed through her.

"Fuck!" was all the warning she got and she opened her eyes to watch the cock in her hands begin to spew its white, creamy fluid. Fuck that's hot, she thought as she reflexively closed her eyes against the mess questing for her face. The hot cum coated her and she felt it heavy on her lashes when she tried to open them.

When she managed to open her eyes she found herself surrounded by men jerking their dicks in her direction. Initially she was shocked, but as the first man ejaculated all over her she couldn't help but smile. Some part of her was spectacularly turned on as the men began to rain semen down on her. There was nowhere to turn as cum spewed from every direction coating her hair and face. Some aimed at her pretty tits and neck and soon she was covered in a layer of the gooey spunk.

That must be it, she thought. They must be done. What else could they possibly do to her?

That question was answered quickly when a bench was laid out in front of her and one of the men laid down on it. His cock was stiff, hard and glistening with pre-cum. She blinked confused, unsure what they expected of her, but before she could formulate the words to ask she was roughly lifted. Two men held her in the air while two of the women present spread her legs wide. One slid her fingers into her pussy and frowned in disgust at the wetness she left on it.
"You should be fucking ashamed of yourself," she chided. "What kind of whore gets turned on being used like a fucking toy? How many times have you come yourself you horny little cunt?" The brutal slap across her erect nipple caught her by surprise and she cried out. "Did that hurt? Or did it just make you hornier?" A second slap then a third and soon tears were streaming down her face. The woman turned away from her. "Let's get on with this," she snapped and the men lifted her over the bench.

The brutal woman guided her down onto the waiting shaft. "That's it slut, slide his cock right up inside you. What a good little whore you are."

The man's cock filled her sending tingly sensations through her body. He slowly began to thrust into her and she found herself matching his pace as she rocked her hips with his.

"Mmmmm," she purred.

"Oh no, slut. This is not some romantic one-on-one time," the woman from before announced before grabbing her by the hair and bending her forward.

SMACK! The sudden sting across her ass startled her but after all that had happened it would have too much harder to really hurt. She almost smiled at the realization, but quickly thought better of it. She dare not antagonize them any further.

Her mind was still thinking of spankings when she felt the pressure against her ass. Startled she wrenched her head up to look back but was brutally pushed forward for her efforts. The pressure increased and she realized that someone was shoving their cock up her ass. She gasped and cried as she was filled. Two thick wide shafts pushed into her tender holes.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," she repeated as the second cock filled her anus. She could feel both of them inside of her. Feel them both move independently as they slowly figured out the rhythm necessary to fuck her.

"Agggghhhh," she managed as they pumped in and out of her. So much sensation, her brain screamed at her -- too much sensation. They picked up the pace and soon both men were fucking her with a vengeance. She groaned and mewled with each stroke. She didn't know if she could form words if she wanted to.

"God damn filthy cunt," the woman berated in her ear as she pulled her head back by her hair. "You're a filthy cunt, aren't you? Say it?" she demanded.

"I'm... I'm... I'm a filthy cunt," she finally managed to get out.

"Yes you are," the woman agreed. "And a filthy cunt doesn't need words, does she? Not when there are better things she could do with her mouth."

This was the cue for one of the men to step forward, his cock was the widest and longest she'd ever seen and it was far to big for her little mouth. She clamped her mouth shut, knowing what was about to happen. The slap across her cheek stung and she cried out, only to be muffled by the long thick shaft passing her lips.

"God help you if you bite," he warned and she cringed in fear, terrified to imagine the consequences as her lips and jaw stretched wide.

The men increased their rhythms clearly only concerned with their own pleasure as they pounded away at all her holes. She grunted and groaned, mewled and drooled as she did her best to weather the onslaught of abuse. Her ass felt torn up and tender from the amount of attention it had received in the last hours. Her pussy lips were swollen and ached from similar treatment. And right now she was certain the monster cock that stretched her lips and jaw painfully was going to leave her black and blue as it was thrust in and out of her exhausted mouth. And all the while, the bitch was right there, pulling her hair when she threatened to lag. Slapping her cheeks when her eyes began to roll back in her head.

Fuck, she thought, it's too much. Her vision started to tunnel as she threatened to black out, the slaps to her cheeks were barely felt.

"Oh no you don't," the bitch said with contempt. "You don't get away that easily."

She screamed around the cock in her mouth, as her nipple was visciously pinched and twisted.

"Thought that might wake you up."

Oh god, oh god, she thought. I can't take more. Please cum. Please cum.

Her prayers were finally answered when she found herself gagging on spunk. His ejaculation caught her off guard and she choked on his semen, desperately trying to swallow the hot fluid before it drowned her.

"Good girl," the bitch purred. "Drink him all down. Swallow all that yummy cum."

The words made her heart race. My god, what the hell is wrong with me, she wondered. But before she could consider it too much, the boys in her other holes had reached the bursting point. The both thrust into her together and she felt their cocks separated by such a little amount of flesh try to gut her. She felt them explode their orgasms into her holes and she felt them fill her up. The climax she hadn't realized was approaching hit her like a tonne of bricks when she felt them unloading buckets of cum in her tiny body. She groaned in passion as she pushed back onto the two hard shafts.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuck!" she cried.

He pulled out of her ass first, faster than she expected and she had a horrific moment where she thought she messed herself and realized it was likely just his cum finding its way out of her anus. The two men were back to lift her off the shrivelling cock in her pussy and it slid free with a pop. Long stringing lines of cum trailed from her holes as the men laid her on her back.

She looked up in wonder, blinded by the lights around her and the people watching her. A shadow fell across her and she saw the bitch looking down at her.

"My turn cunt," she hissed as she knelt down to straddle her face. The scent of arousal and sex nearly overwhelmed her as the woman's neatly trimmed pussy covered her mouth. "Make me cum, slut!"

To be continued...


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