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Merna's Story Pt. 07

This is a continuation of the story about Merna.

Merna catches up with Rose

I barely beat Rose home after leaving Tommie's.

"So good to see you again Rose," I exclaimed with glee.

"You too," Rose said. "Help me get the computer." We went to the car and carried in a computer. It was a Mac Mini, with a monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. We set it up in the office that used to be Jake's. It did not take long. She showed me that a complete Adobe suite was installed.

"This is mine but I don't use it any more so it is legal for you," she explained. "What about lunch before I start the lesson."

"Rose I am so sorry but all I have is fixing for sandwiches," I whined. "I just got back and I am so excited to update you on what has happened this week. But I need to hear how it is going with Jeff."

"A sandwich is fine and let's start with you," Rose said with some sadness. "I think it will cheer me up to hear what you have to say."

We had lunch while I filled Rose in on my news. "That is so great," Rose exclaimed. "You deserve this, please take advantage of this opportunity. Can't wait to meet Tommie, he sounds great."

Rose spent a couple hours showing me how to use the computer and the Adobe software. I decided it was time to stop being selfish and find out what was going on with Rose, "Ok Rose, time to tell me what is going on."

Rose then spent the remainder of the afternoon telling me about her life. She entered Georgia Tech at 17 and received her a PHD in Computer Sciences at 23. She was on the gymnastics team for 3 years. She dropped out of gymnastics when she entered the graduate program, receiving her doctorate specializing in data mining and analysis. She went to work at a software company located in Atlanta, met Jeff when he was doing electrically work in the computer complex of her company. Much to her surprise he asked her out on a date. This was the first date she had with a male. Until Jeff she only had relationships with other females. She thought before Jeff she was gay. They had sex soon after the first date. That is when she knew she was bi but mostly liked sex with men.

Jeff quickly took advantage of the situation and asked her to marry him. Rose was afraid this was her only chance and married Jeff on a trip to Las Vegas. She was 26 while he was 36. Rose was doing really well at her job. She was getting a name for some of the algorithms she developed for the software firm. Jeff was working for an electrical contractor that focused on computer hosting facilities at the time.

Jeff's parents died and left him their home place in Helena. Rose admitted it was a beautiful old place along the Cahaba River. Jeff insisted that Rose quit her job so they could move into his parent's house. Rose did. Jeff took a job with an electrical contractor in Birmingham. Rose decided to start a consulting firm over the objections of Jeff.

She had made some good contacts in the 3 years while at the firm in Atlanta. She quickly got a couple of contracts that were still in effect. She applied the data mining algorithms to an automatic trading complex located at Jeff's house. Between the high rates she charged as a consultant and the automatic trading platform, she had made a lot of money while working out of her home. Jeff did not know how much and did not have access to any of the accounts. She had been smart, having a lawyer create a company with her as the sole proprietor. She had never really trusted Jeff nor did she think she ever loved him.

Rose confided, "The first couple of days that we got back from Talladega Jeff tried to be the husband I wanted. He asked about my work. Encouraged me. But as soon as I told him about the business trip, being gone on the weekend, Jeff turned mean. He demeaned me. Told me I was a boy and I needed to go back to 'servicing' women. He wanted me to cancel my contracts and become a stay at home wife doing his bidding."

"Rose that is horrible," I lamented. "What are you going to do?"

"It is over; I am just trying to figure out how to leave." Rose answered with conviction. "I think I want to talk to a lawyer to make sure he cannot get any intellectual property from my work as a consultant. I think the company protects my assets from him but that is my biggest concern. I am also a little afraid he will be violent."

"I probably should not give an opinion but I am so glad you have decided to get away from him," I commented. "How can I help."

"Actually just listening to me helps," Rose said. "You know he blames you for everything. He says I changed by palling around with you. He may be right. The night and day I spent with you, LaTonia, and Jerome made me realize Jeff was trying to turn me into something I wasn't. I am better than that."

"You absolutely are," I cried. "Rose your story is one of the more amazing I have heard. This is going to be hard but you are barely 31, a PhD, and a terrific person. You will come out of this better."

"Thank you so much for being my friend," Rose said earnestly. We both were crying and hugging. We composed ourselves as Rose asked, "Can you come over tomorrow afternoon? I am thinking of moving out of the house while this is being worked out. I don't want to give Jeff a chance of being violent. We argued as soon as I walked in the house and he pushed me. I was afraid he was going to hit me as I got up. I was quick enough to run from the house until he cooled down. I stayed in the back yard for about an hour and let him cool off. But it scared me."

"Here's what we do," I started. "I will come over after your conference call and help you pack. I will call Jerome and Tommie to see if they can help move your stuff. You said Jeff would be late, right?"

"Jeff won't be home until very late," Rose stated. "He is going out with the guys and told me to be ready to fuck him when he got home. I think he is going to Sammy's again to see those girls."

"Good, I will see if Jerome can loan us a panel truck for you computer systems and create you an office in my basement. Let's take a look and see if that works."

The basement was unfinished but was a large open area that looked out on the backyard and lake. It was a great view.

"This will work great, if you are OK with me being here?" Rose asked. "I am going to pay you and we will have to upgrade the electrical, phone, and Internet connection but I will pay for that and pay you rent."

"I don't want rent and would love for you to stay here as long as you want."

We hugged again and Rose left.

I called Tommie and Jerome. Jerome would send out a truck and two guys, Sherman and Tiny to help us over the weekend. He also said he would join LaTonia Saturday afternoon to help us finish up.

Merna goes to Rose's house to help move her out

I spent the morning trying to repeat the lesson in Adobe software that Rose had shown me the day before. I began looking through a book Rose had given me called 'Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design and Web Premium for Dummies'. I got to Rose's at 10am.

Their house and grounds were beautiful. I could see why Jeff wanted to come back here. It was a few acres that had the Cahaba River in the back yard. It was an old home that had been maintained very well. Rose indicated that the only large items she wanted to move was her small office and the computer complex. The computer was in two racks and looked professionally done. She said the electrical work had been done by Jeff and would have to be repeated in my basement.

So we packed clothes, toiletries and essentials in a suitcase. Rose then took some boxes from the attic to pack her office. Tommie arrived with 2 black men about 2pm.

I explained the situation to Tommie and the guys. Tommie introduced Sherman and a very large man named Tiny. They were in a panel truck that had the name of Jerome's business on it.

Sherman said, "Tiny and I work for Mister Jerome and he instructed us to do whatever you need. I am a PhD student in the Computer Sciences department at UAB so I can help with the computers. Mister Jerome said he was contacting the meanest divorce lawyer he knew."

Sherman was a small black man, not more that 5 feet 4 inches and maybe 140 pounds. He wore his hair short on the side with a 2-inch topknot. He had what look like a gang tattoo on his neck. He had an infectious smile but seemed really shy.

The lawyer called Rose that afternoon and instructed her to move out, if possible taking everything she wanted and have no more contact with Jeff except with him present.

As we were working on the computer racks, really I just watched, Rose asked Sherman how he came to computers.

"I had personal problems before Mister Jerome got me on the right track. He helped me get away from a criminal element and into a computer program. I owe a lot to Mister Jerome."

It seemed obvious that was all Sherman wanted to say so Rose did not ask any further personal questions.

We all worked very hard getting Rose stuff in the truck about 8pm and headed to my house. Rose let a note on the refrigerator that simply said, "I am leaving you. My lawyer will contact you. Don't try finding me."

It was almost 9pm when we got to my house. Tommie said he had to work Saturday so he left. As he was leaving, Rose gave him a big Rose hug and thanked him for this help.

The pizza I ordered arrived just in time for us to eat and settled Tiny and Sherman into my spare bedroom. Rose slept with me.

Rose gets set up at Merna's house and they entertain the boys

After breakfast, we started moving Rose's stuff into the basement mainly. Tiny was incredible. He could pick up almost anything. That afternoon we were in the process and getting the computer complex set up. Again, I was watching and getting people water. Rose seemed to be very interested in Sherman.

"Can you tell me about yourself?" Rose asked to Sherman.

Sherman frowned and said, "I was raised by my mother in the projects never knowing my father or even who he was. I got into a gang when I was 12. I was small and did that out of desperation. I served time as a juvenile not completing the 7th grade until Mister Jerome took an interest in me. Actually, he caught me trying to robe his business and gave me the option of staying with him or going back to jail. This time as an adult. He has helped several juveniles from our community. After a lot of effort on his and Miss LaTonia part, I changed my attitude. Miss Rose, Mister Jerome saved my life."

"Sherman, he changed our lives also."

"Please continue, Sherman," Rose said with great interest.

"They encouraged me to go back to school, first I had to finish high school. Miss Rose, I had to learn to read. It was with the help of a church that I learned in a reading program. More than that I observed how other people lived, learning how to be something other than a hoodlum. Long story short, I worked for Mister Jerome and with a lot of help from them I am now a PhD candidate in Computer Science here at UAB."

"How old are you now?" Rose asked.

"I am 30," Sherman said. "All I lack is one class and finalizing my dissertation. My specific area of interest is artificial intelligence. Miss Rose, what about you?" Tiny was now standing by me listening to this dialogue. I think they did not even know that we were there. "Tell me about yourself."

"I have a PhD from Georgia Tech," Rose answered. "My primary area was and is data mining and analysis. Howard is my maiden name, so my clients call me Doctor Howard. But you can call me Miss Rose. I am in the process of getting a divorce."

"When I was shutting down your computer system, I thought you were probably mining data in order to automatically trade stocks. Is that true?"

"That is exactly right," Rose answered. "I have taken the work I did in college, evolved it and applied it for that purpose and for other applications for two other clients. I have my own company that I intend to put more effort into now. Are you interested to data mining and analysis?"

"I think there is a lot of overlap between artificial intelligence and data mining," Sherman indicated. "I would very much like to learn from you. There are several companies interested in discussing opportunities. Mister Jerome has kept me doing some work for him just to help me afford school. He pays me for 10 hours a week at $20 per hour and helps with some of the school costs. I have promised to pay him back but I honestly don't think he will ever accept my money. Mister Jerome wants me to be successful but I think he would also like to see me stay in Birmingham. What would you think of me helping you with your business?"

"I will absolutely pay you $200 per week until you finish your dissertation and help pay some of your school expenses if you promise to work for me awhile at a reasonable rate after you get your Doctorate," Rose said enthusiastically. "We can ask Mister Jerome when he gets here. We need to get my systems up and running next week. I am more optimistic about my business now than before. I have been successful with so much going against me and with some help it may really take off."

"Ok you guys let's get this done," I said hating to break this up.

I heard someone at the door. It was LaTonia and Jerome. LaTonia and Jerome hugged me and asked, "How is it going? How is Rose doing?"

"We are doing good," I answered. "Most of the stuff is placed with Sherman and Rose doing I don't know what but there is equipment all over my basement. Rose looks relieved and glad to be moving on with her life. I don't think she ever really loved Jeff."

"I really don't think so either," LaTonia stated.

"Tiny called me earlier," Jerome started, "and said he has seen someone drive by a few times in a pickup. He thought it was Jeff. He saw a gun in a gun rake. So if you are finished with Tiny, he and I are going to talk to Jeff."

"Honey, don't do anything bad," LaTonia said.

"Oh no, we are just going to reason with Jeff."

"I know you know best," LaTonia stated. "But be careful, he may be very angry."

"He will listen to reason," Jerome said. They went down to see what Rose and Sherman were doing. Tiny was still helping them position stuff. I was still amazed at the weight Tiny could lift.

Rose jumped up on Jerome, wrapping her legs around him and kissed his neck saying, "Thank you so much Mister Jerome."

She hopped down and hugged LaTonia with her small head placed firmly between LaTonia's massive tits and said in a muffled, "Thank you so much."

"Sweetie, what are friends for," LaTonia said. They looked around in amazement.

"I can not believe this," Jerome mused. "This is the most computer equipment I have ever seen in one place. What on earth are you doing?"

Sherman spoke up saying, "Miss Rose is a genius at information technology. She has asked me to help her if you would give your blessing."

"If Rose wants you to work for her, I would be really happy with that. Rose is that what you want?"

"I believe with Sherman's help we can build up this business to be sometime significant," Rose stated with more confidence than I had heard. "Sherman specialty is exactly what I need to go with what I have built already. I really believe it will work. The worse case for Sherman is he gets good experience."

"Then, I am happy," said Jerome. "I want the best for you both. Can y'all let me borrow Tiny for a little while, he and I have an errand to run."

"Sure, we have things about where we want them," Rose answered. "And I can't tell how much I appreciate Tiny's help. He does not say much but boy can he work."

Tiny smiled and said in one of deepest voices I have ever heard, "Miss Rose, I know nothing about computers but ask me about Alabama football and I am your man."

"You boys come back soon," LaTonia said. "We are going to have a good surprise for you tonight." LaTonia looked at me, smiled and winked.

"Remember, Alabama football is on tonight, Tiny and I will want to watch it," Jerome said.

"And you will," LaTonia said. I knew she was up to no good.

After Tiny and Jerome left, LaTonia and I left Sherman and Rose to continue working with the computer and office setup and plan.

"Ok, what are you up to?" I asked.

"Let's show the boys a good time tonight," LaTonia said. "We will set out snack foods, serve them drinks, while they watch the football game. Of course we will wear uniforms. I knew how you and Rose would like to thank the boys so I took it upon myself to work on uniforms they would like. I think you will like it. And from the looks of it, Rose may have a new conquest in Sherman."

"They hit it off from the first sight of Rose computer setup," I laughed. "Sherman was hooked on her rack. Almost the way Jerome was on your rack."

"Yep it was love at first sight," LaTonia laughed. "Is Rose up to it tonight?"

"I think so but I will make certain." And I was right. Rose was ready to jump Sherman.

We sat up the TV room with trays so they could eat while watching the game. LaTonia had brought steaks, vegetables, snacks, and a lot of beer. LaTonia, Rose and I showered before we put the steaks on. LaTonia showed us our uniforms and I was not disappointed. It was a small white skirt that had a pearl string across the crotch and up the crease of the ass. The skirt did not cover our ass checks for LaTonia and I. It did for Rose. The material barely covered our pussy. With is was a crimson red tank top with spaghetti straps that was very low cut and a big cut out for the arms. The outfit showed all our stomachs and to about 4 inches below our navels. It was clearly meant to reveal a lot of titty and tummy. It had a big Alabama A on the back.

"We need to reveal our outfits starting the second quarter," LaTonia explained. "Otherwise they won't make it to half time. So let's wear a long Alabama tee shirt over the outfit and time the reveal." The tee shirt did cover to about mid thigh on Rose and I. LaTonia barely covered 4 inches of leg.

Tiny and Jerome came back about 6 with the game starting at 7. They went to shower while we started the steaks. LaTonia pulled Jerome aside to find out what happened with Jeff. Sherman stayed in the kitchen talking to Rose. I had no idea what they were talking about but they seemed to enjoy it.

While Rose and Sherman talked I asked LaTonia, "How did it go with Jeff?"

"Jerome said that Rose had nothing to worry about," LaTonia started, "Jeff saw the downside to making trouble for Rose and assured us he would stay away from her except when the lawyers were there. Not sure what Jerome said but there is no doubt Jerome can be very persuasive."

As soon as Tiny and Jerome came out of the bath, they watched the pregame. LaTonia served them beers. She made a show of adjusting the TV unnecessarily showing a lot of her ample legs and butt. I am sure Jerome knew something was up but Tiny and Sherman probably did not.

We brought the steaks and food out just before the game started. LaTonia announced, "Ok guys this is your night. Us girls are going to serve you what ever you want while the game is on and give you a half time show you won't see on TV. Mostly this is our way of saying, 'Thanks for helping Rose'. So enjoy and nothing is off limits."

This really got Tiny and Sherman's attention.

During the first quarter the game was tense but the girls were even tenser anxious to start our show. The tension was making me very horny. I worried if Tiny was a reference to his member and not a reference to how large he was. Sherman was still nursing his first beer but LaTonia and I had made two trips for beers for Jerome and Tiny. We took the opportunity to show off by bending over more than was necessary to show off our butts.

Then at the start of the second quarter during a time out we decided it was time to start the show. The three girls went to the kitchen to get more snacks and took off our tee shirts. I looked at LaTonia and Rose and decided they could not be more different but both looked ready to be fucked. We came back into the room during a commercial and stood in front of the TV and did our first cheer.
We yelled in unison, "One, two, three, four, who do we appreciate."

Rose yelled, "Sherman." She then did a jump split landing on the floor in a full split. It hurt me to watch but she gave Sherman a good view of her pearls.

I yelled, "Tiny." I bent way over and did a shimmy. Tiny seemed to appreciate this.

LaTonia yelled, "Jerome." She did a twirl sort of, making her thin skirt flair up showing the fullness of her massive butt and pearls.

We finished just as the game started back, so we stood to the side and acted like cheerleaders. We each had pompoms we would raise above our heads which showed off at least the bottom of our tits. We did this each time Alabama did something good and yelled, "Go... Bama." At the commercial we would do a cheer. The guys really could not concentrate on the game and kept glancing over to see what we were doing. We got reactive about ways to flash and the cheers got more and more raunchy and revealing.

As the half time came, we all were ready for action. We stood in front of them and made a show of taking off the pearls from our crotch. LaTonia had engineered a catch that allowed the string to be easily removed. We each took a guy, Rose with Sherman, LaTonia with Jerome and me Tiny and removed their clothes.

As I got off Tiny's pants, he was wearing a jock strap. "I get into the game mode by wearing this," Tiny explained. His voice rumbled.

I looked down and even with the strap on it was clear there was nothing tiny about Tiny. He was already hard and the jock strap stood out at least 10 inches. Tiny actually made Jerome less large. He had at least an inch and his chest and arms were larger than Jerome's. I pulled the strap down and gasped. This was the largest penis I could have imagined.

"I can't believe you are called Tiny."

"Are you afraid?" Tiny said. "Give it a try. You may find you like it."

"Of we are going to try," I said. "Let me see if I can get some of that in my mouth." I knelt in front of him, wrapped both hands around the shaft and barely could get my hands around this monster. I first licked up and down the shaft and if anything it got larger. I managed to fit the tip in my mouth stretching as much as I could. With some effort I got my mouth to the foreskin and slide my hands up and down.

Tiny reached down, pick me up with no effort and placed me in a chair. He knelt and went to my pussy. It was amazing how delicate he was working on my pussy. His tongue was huge and very flexible. His tongue was as large as Jake's, my ex, penis but felt much better. He could literally encircle my inflamed clit with his tongue and gentle masturbate me. He could make me have orgasm at will. He must have worked on me for 5 minutes, until I was about ready to pass out. He knew it was time.

He moved to enter me. If I was ever going to be able to take him in it was now. Everything was totally relaxed and my pussy was sopping wet. I wanted to take him in. He put the tip at the entrance to my pussy and gently pushed. It must have taken him several minutes to get the tip in. My pussy was stretched like never before. I was surprised it did not hurt.

"How is that," Tiny said in that rumbled masculine voice.

"It is wonderful," I cooed.

Tiny started moving slowly in and out while massaging my tits. It all felt so good. Jerome had LaTonia bent over the couch back fucking her hard from behind. She was looking over and I know mesmerized by the size of Tiny's dick and wondering how I could take it in.

Tiny continued to patiently push in. I could feel my come running the crack of my ass. I was so wet. He was now half way in and picking up the pace. I think he knew this was as much as I could take without pain. He seemed to be enjoying it and I certainly was. He rocked back and forth. He held out for several minutes but I could feel the orgasm coming. When it did, he started to pull out but I grabbed his ass and pulled him back in as far as I could take.

"It is alright," I said. "We are protected."

Tiny filled me up. He collapsed on me and I hugged him tightly. We were the last to finish. The second half had started but no one seemed to care.

LaTonia said, "Ok girls let's go get cleaned up and let the guys enjoy the second half."

"Please come back," Sherman said to us but Rose specifically.

"We will," LaTonia said. "There will be a post game show also." All three guys smiled.

We went to the bathroom together. As we started cleaning up LaTonia asked, "How did you take that monster in? That would have been a choir for me but you seemed to like it."

"It was great," I said. "I would not want to take it regularly but once was great. I was really excited and wanted a release. Rose how was it for you."

"Unbelievable," Rose said. "I have to stay cool I know but Sherman may be exactly right for me, he is so smart. And the sex for the first time was unbelievable."

"Do you see it Merna?" LaTonia asked.

"Yes I do," I said.

"What are you talking about?" Rose said.

"The aura of someone falling in," I said.

"Oh stop it," Rose laughed. "What do we do after the game?"

"I want to fuck Tiny," LaTonia said. "In fact, I want to see if I can get that thing in my ass. Merna do you have some lube?"

"I sure do," I said. "In fact I would also like to see that."

"Rose, I assume you want another round with Sherman," I said. "Which leaves me Jerome. Good with everyone?"

"Let's make a show of putting Tiny's monster in LaTonia's ass?" Rose said. "Like Merna did with Officer Wilson."

"Ok good plan," I said. "We will stand to the side until the game ends but flash as we did in the 2nd quarter."

"Done," Rose said. LaTonia smiled.

"I think we should wear something else for the second half," I declared. "Maybe after game wear."

"Ok, but I did not bring any thing else."

"I think I can come up with something," I started. "Rose and I can wear my stuff but LaTonia will be a challenge."

I decided on a Baby Doll like I wore at Talladega with a micro thong that had a gauzy material that covered my pussy but did not hide it. Rose decided on a fish net tank top that extended to her knees but really hid nothing. For LaTonia we tried several option before deciding on this outfit. It turned me on to dress and undress her. I tied together two scarves to cover most of her massive tits. For the bottoms I took a long fake gold chain and hung some of my dangling ear rings so they would hang over her slit. It obscured her pussy but did not really hide it when she moved. I decided while not fashionable it was very sexy and the guys would love it. With me getting the lube, we were ready.

As we came into the room, the fourth quarter had started. The guys stood up cheered and whistled as we walked by and took our place to the side of the TV. They could not take their eyes off us. During the commercials, we again flash or make provocative moves.

Just as the game ended Rose knelt behind LaTonia and licked her ass in a very seductive way. She spread her ass checks and licked her butt hole directly.

As they finished I looked at Tiny and said, "Wouldn't that be great to fuck!"

Jerome looked at LaTonia and smiled giving her a small node saying, "I would like to see that."

"Really," Tiny said to Jerome.

"Really," Jerome said.

Alabama won and we all jumped up and cheered.

Tiny said, "I am ready for the post game show" He was clearly excited. His monster was already hard.

I undid the clasp on the chain around LaTonia's hips and let the jewelry drop to the floor. "Jerome do you want to get her ready?"

Jerome took a chair and placed it in the middle of the room so we could all see. I gave Jerome the lube. Sherman and Rose sat together in a chair and I sat next to Tiny. We played with the guy's penis while Jerome worked on LaTonia. She was resting her torso and tits on a chair kneeling on the floor. Her tits were mashed all over the chair bottom. Jerome was knelling behind her, spreading her ass cheeks, licking her ass hole with his tongue while kneading her cheeks. He started sliding his tongue in and out of her ass hole. You could see they were both getting excited. Jerome was hard as a rock. And so was Tiny. I had been playing with this dick with my hand. I looked over and saw that Sherman was mesmerized by the sight of Jerome working on LaTonia's big beautiful ass and Rose playing with his dick.

"Ok, lube her up Jerome and I will deliver Tiny," I said. Jerome took a large quantity of lube and slides three fingers into LaTonia ass hole. He took more lube and slide in four fingers up to his knuckles. Next time more lube and he managed all fingers plus his thump to his knuckles in and left it there to allowing her sphincter to relax.

"Ok, let's see if that will do it," Jerome said to me as I led Tiny over to LaTonia bent over ass. I had him kneel down taking his massive dick in both hands. I directed his dick to the entrance of her ass hole. I reached and stuck one finger into her ass to make sure I hit it the first time. I replaced my finger with the tip of Tiny's dick. I grabbed his ass and gently moved him forward. Jerome was standing over us with a massive hard on. The tip squarely centered the ass hole, separated the sphincter and entered his ass more easily than I thought it would. When the foreskin was encircled by LaTonia sphincter, I asked LaTonia, "How is it?"

"Only a little pain but if he slides in and out I can have an orgasm," LaTonia said. I took hold of Tiny's hips and moved him in a little more and pull back a little and back in. I could see LaTonia shutter, knowing that was an orgasm and she would be OK. Jerome saw it too and I knew he needed some release. I took some more lube and rubbed it around Tiny's dick and LaTonia hole.

"She is all yours big boy," I said to Tiny. "Take it easy at first."

I grabbed Jerome and sat him on the couch. I straggled him with my butt against his stomach so we could both watch this spectacle of Tiny taking LaTonia's ass. I was so wet Jerome slipped all the way in first pass. I had an immediate orgasm. Tiny was moving a little faster now and LaTonia was taken as much of his dick into her ass as I had in my pussy. She was moaning with her hand working on her clit.

I started bouncing up and down on Jerome's dick. Rose had Sherman in a reverse cowgirl position but with her feet on his knees instead of on the floor like me. They were also watching Tiny take LaTonia's ass.

I moved back and forth as well as up and down. Watching Tiny's huge dick slide in and out of LaTonia anus was an amazing sight. She now had a good 8 inches in her ass, about the length of Jerome but Tiny was bigger around. I thought that was all she could take. It looked to me that Tiny would not last any longer even for a second time around. He started making a primal sound and his orgasm started. So had LaTonia's. I pumped faster and Jerome was coming at about the same time.

I was spent. Rose was she sitting in Sherman's lap and hugging his neck and kissing him whispering something. I got off Jerome saying, "You need to take care of LaTonia."

I sat on the couch watching him go over and help LaTonia up. He took her in his arms and kissed her for a long time, holding her up. She was so limp, almost like a noodle. He kissed her and told her how much he loved her. I was weepy with the emotion of this scene. Jerome and LaTonia had one of the most giving relationships I had seen.

Tiny came and sat by me saying, "That is the most tender, generous, loving thing I have ever seen."

I looked at this gentle giant and kissed his neck whispering, "Yes it is, let's hope we both get that lucky enough to find someone like that."

It was 15 minutes before anyone spoke. "Well guys, I think it is time to go," Jerome said. Jerome, LaTonia, Sherman and Tiny dressed and were ready to go.

Rose hugged each of them all but Sherman and thanked them again. She took Sherman in her arms and gave him a sensuous kiss and said, "You start to work for Doctor Howard Monday."

"I have class in the morning but will be here by 1," Sherman said and kissed her back.

"Ok guys," I said. "Love you all."

Rose and I had so much adrenaline flowing we sat up and talked till after one in the morning. We both thought this was the start of great times for both of us.

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