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Merciless Hospital Ch. 02

The darkness had fallen, descending on my favorite place in the world, Mercy Mental Hospital. Where the orderlies specialized in pain and pleasure, so sweet, that it would make women want to say they were crazy merely to enter. My name is Monica Gerald, the widowed wife of, Dr. Henry Gerald. It is sad to report, that after my illness, he died tied to a tree, naked, and beside a baby calf. I call it my version of mad cow disease. He shouldn't have tried to be a clever man. Gerald had me committed to the Mercy Mental Hospital just because I wanted to divorce him. The man was insufferable. I couldn't for the life of me decide where to go or what to do next. So, I returned to Mercy Mental Hospital for my pleasure treatments and pain management, so to speak.

Upon my return, my new man, Dr. Leroy Simmons, was furious with me because I took the liberty of drugging him. Oh! Then there was the matter about stealing his Chevrolet Tahoe which also had him mildly upset. Anyways, I was to be punished excruciatingly. I will admit I am deserving of it.

I was taken to F - Ward by the good Dr. Simmons. He placed me on a spreader rack with my arms and legs, through the same board clamped in. My legs were placed into two holes outside with my arms through the two inner holes. I was spread out wide and folded in the middle. I was then dangled on a series of pulleys and cable, which never touched me, but pulled me upwards suspended by the hooks in the 2 x8 boards, lifting me, to about four feet off of the floor. The Dr. Simmons was well pleased with the height when he could just walk up in between my spread open legs and bury his cock inside either of my holes he wished too. If I leaned back, I could even have a cock easily slide down my throat.

Dr. Simmons left me dangling like that for what seemed like a half an hour without, so much as, speaking to me or commanding anything of me. He simply walked out of the room. Helen a female patient came out and stood beside me. It was weird how she felt a sick sort of camaraderie with me. My arms began burning and my back hurting from being almost doubled in half.

Helen then said, "Try not to move or think about the pain. I know how bad it is going to hurt when he gets back again. He's a little angry at you. I heard Ronnie and Jeffrey talking while they were having fun with me. They said you took off stealing the doctor's car? Wow, you got some guts, I tell you. That Doctor Simmons scares me. He likes putting women through their paces, as he calls it."

I asked, "When he gets back what will he use?"

Helen giggled like a silly youth, "Oh, it will probably be the flogger, the violet wand, and definitely the vibrator. It will feel delicious at first but by in the morning you're not going to want to see a vibrator and you'll be raw."

I looked over at her and noticed no lying in her eyes. This scared the shit out of me. I knew that she had been through it as well so I asked, "How did you get through it?"

Helen giggled grabbing her teddy extra tight then said, "I don't know baby. I just did. You'll be sore though for real, for at least two or three days."

"Oh well, I deserve it I believe. I drugged the doctor and he's pissed. I think he's angrier about the drugging than me stealing his Tahoe though," I giggled knowing I wouldn't be able to humor myself soon enough.

"Damn it girl! So, you really did take his ride too. Oh My God! I am surprised he didn't kill you yet." Helen rocked side to side laughing hysterically and the entire thing seemed so surreal to me. Like telling a story about a miracle of some kind because you were actually there and saw it take place but still be unbelieving of it. That is how I felt weird like that.

The entire conversation with Helen was about twenty minutes long with her giggling and rocking her body from side to side almost child-like with her teddy bear in her arms. I heard the keys in the door as I looked to see my Master Dr. Simmons and Jeffrey walk in side by side with purpose, I looked to talk one last time with Helen and she eerily disappeared. It was as if she was a ghost like apparition but I could see, hear, and speak, with her. I was then approached, looked at solemnly by Doctor Simmons. Jeffrey stood idly by while the good Doctor used his fingers to spread my pussy lips wide open then he giggled in amusement.

He looked over at Jeffrey then said, "Bring the rolling table over and hand me the Violet Wand, please sir."

Jeffrey smiled big and rolled the table over only a few feet away from both Dr. Simmons and I. He handed the doctor this long wand that looked like something you'd light a grill fire with except, there was no flames when you pulled the trigger but small tiny series of electric lightning bolts instead. I watched as Dr. Simmons approached me then asked, "Do you think you were funny little lady? Do you believe it was wise to drug me, your Master?"

I looked him in the eyes then said, "No Master, it was not wise. Master, I beg for mercy please sir. I returned to you. I will do what you say, please have mercy."

Dr. Leroy Simmons merely giggled as he looked down upon me while I dangled in full exposure. The man delighted in attempting to tease, as well as, punish. It was maddening I should explain. The anticipation, the wanting for it to be put behind me, but the doctor understood just how to prolong such intense moments. He took the violet wand in his hand grinning as if he were an orchestra maestro he waved it about, placing the tip onto my tender feet. He pulled the trigger causing the pain to almost make me urinate. My toes curled. I yelled out begging and pleading for mercy. Yet known came. It was exquisite and yet, I understood his mastery. The violet wand was used again and again, on my inner thighs, my buttocks, my tender underarm flesh, my feet, my nipples, my breasts under the tender side, and of course my outer labia.

The pain was divine, as far as marksmanship, the good doctor shall receive an A plus. He was precise, understanding perfectly, how to make me hurt. He had my body contorting to his delightful pleasure. I felt the severe sweet pain, again and again, crying with real tears. My Master enjoyed taking me beyond the levels of pain, I was accustomed to receiving. I was a bad girl and now it was time to be punished. I watched him walk over to the table to retrieve what appeared to me to be a ping pong paddle of sorts but it had little suction cup holes throughout the rubber face of it.

I began begging before the first strike of the paddle but it went on deaf ears as my Master, was now in a zone. He was hard and his eleven mighty inches showed thoroughly through his trousers. I was no longer his beautiful princess because I was his subject right now. Jeffrey saw what the doctor grabbed. He cringed at the sight of it. I felt the first hard solid swat then the suction cups took over, sucking my flesh into each individual hole. Oh the pain was increased, as he pulled back slowly each bored rubber hole released, making the flesh tender. I screamed as the second through the tenth swat from that paddle struck my tender ass and high thigh area. Suddenly, it stopped with that tenth swat.

My Master looked at me in my eyes the tears falling randomly as he pulled the pulleys and I was raised a few more inches. I no longer felt the muscle pain but my ass cheeks were on fire the vibrations of each swat had vibrated to my clitoris. I hadn't realized how wet and ready I was. Not until, the doctor sat on a stool using his two fingers to easily slide into my sex deep. Oh the deliciousness of it all. I cried out as he did this, because it felt divine. I closed my eyes and sucked in air rapidly because it was so exquisite. My Master knew how to make the most of these situations. I mean he continued to slide in and out of my sex then he would purposely crook his finger beyond the thick padding on my inside to delicately prod into my g-spot.

Jeffrey began laughing as he said, "Damn Doc! You have converted this one into a believer already. She's going to explode any minute look how her bodies convulsing. She is so damned sexy, thrashing and moaning like that, I want so bad to bury my cock in her."

Before he allowed Jeffrey to take me, Dr. Simmons took the vibrator off of the table and turned it on, the low setting so it was a dull constant hum. He spit on my exposed asshole continuing to finger my pussy deliciously. Dr. Simmons slid the vibrator into my asshole deep as he continued to stroke into and out of my pussy with his delightful fingers. The vibrations sent electric jolts of pleasure at the same rate of speed towards the back side of my g-spot through the thin membrane between my asshole and pussy. I couldn't help but begin moaning louder and sounded almost inhuman. The heat and the constant pleasure which now exceeded any pain had me sounding like a banshee as I screamed and writhed.

Dr. Simmons said, "I agree. So, take her mouth and use her. This girl was bad drugging me. I tonight will use her for my bidding. You sir, will assist in teaching her a lesson with me. This blonde little minx will never disobey or misbehave again."

Before I could say anything, I felt the pulley's adjusted, raising my ass and lowering my head. I was leaning backwards almost. I felt the uncircumcised penis of Jeffrey brush my lips. I without resistance opened wide. In mere seconds I began sucking and moaning around his sweet delicious cock. It turns out my Master knew what I needed after all. I squirted my delicious juices everywhere on my Master. He laughed as I was sucking and squirting, being thoroughly fucked by his fingers, as well as, the vibrator.

Oh, it was pure satisfaction being punished by this man. He loved his pain but when the pleasure part took over none could rival it. Dr. Simmons with his eleven inch cock was a master at the arts of both pain and pleasure. The entire contrasts of both extremes were always introduced with such subtlety that your mind would be expecting one thing but receiving the other conversely. I was in heaven and hell with the required drippings of orgasmic bliss.

I was feeling much more vulnerable as I was almost upside down swallowing Jeffrey's cock as he held the back of my neck while fucking my sweet mouth. I would gag and choke with spit running down my cheeks, as well as, his mixed semen. I was becoming so used to the sensations of the vibrator inside my asshole, the fingers sliding in and out slowly with delicate grace, and the cock sliding over my hot wet succulent mouth, that I almost forgot this was torture because I was moaning in delight.

The scene changed when my mouth fucking bandit decided he would cum. Jeffrey pulled his veined rigid cock splashing my face, lips, and open mouth with his semen deluge. I began moaning, groaning, and gasping for the air, I had been lacking. Dr. Simmons now was rigid. He stood quickly, removing his fingers from my sex, and he replaced it with his hard cock, slamming it home inside of me. I jolted to life because his eleven inches buried inside my tight slippery love canal with such force that I cried out.

Dr. Simmons was not gentle as he began pounding without mercy inside of me deliciously. I was in awe and my mouth was gasping like a fish out of water on a riverbank. Mouth opening and closing in a sort of shock before realizing the predicament I was in. I felt elation, joy, peace, satisfaction, a willingness to surrender these were all running through my mind, as the wealth spread divinely throughout my body. I began to moan louder and louder as the thrusting continued into my body. I felt helpless and yet, worshiped by these men. I was they're object of pleasure and desire. All attention was mine as I became they're centered universe.

The thing is that Jeffrey watched and even cheered the good doctor with fucking into me as the metronome continued. Building inside of my body was the monster of an orgasm desiring to be released once again. I felt the thrusting become urgently sweet with the heat building from deep inside of my soul. I could hear the laughter in the far distance of Jeffrey like a tunneled echo. I overheard him saying, "That's it Doc, fuck that little slut with your fuck stick harder. Make her cunt feel it. Rip that sassy cunt apart Doc. Yeah, you like it don't you my little blonde whore? Yeah, you love Doc's huge eleven inch cock, you fucking slave bitch!"

I had understood every word but my eyes closed because my body betrayed me once more. I screamed with such force and began discharging my pussy juices everywhere squirting again and again. I tightened up so that the vibrator popped out of my asshole and rolled halfway across the linoleum floor to almost the double doored entrance. My pussy was throbbing and sucking on the massive cock squeezing so tight that Dr. Simmons cried out as well. He could no longer stop himself from ejaculating. He began shooting his load deep within my pussy again and again. I felt delicious floating and not really feeling the pain no longer in my doubled over body. I no longer felt the pain in my inner thighs stretched buttock muscles or the burning of my biceps and triceps.

Dr. Simmons sat back on his stool then he said, "Monica, my slave is your lesson learned yet?"

I looked at him then smiled with still Jeffrey's semen on my face, chest, and neck area. I said, "Yes Master, I have Master."

Dr. Simmons laughed but said, "You do know I am going to only release you from the spreader for a little while. I am deciding if the four point bed or the bench is next. You are deserving of such punishment because of what you done."

I smiled again licking some semen, I said, "Yes Master." I continued looking at him as he made me feel so happy. I wanted to shout out how much I loved the way he treated me. Yet, I doubted anyone in the world could understand my fullness of pleasure. I mean my sexual experiences right now at this moment were so liberating that I needed nothing else. I was truly satisfied to the nth degree of being satisfied. Dr. Simmons was by all terms and purposes Dr. Feel-good. I enjoyed the orgasms, the helplessness; the being treated so much like an object to be used, and the fact that I was strong enough to take all what they dished out, yet still walk away with my head held high.

I know the women's advocacy groups would never understand my psyche in this. I felt like my surrender, was my control and domination, over the men who felt like they controlled me. I with my twitching, moaning, and slightest of movements, was able to control the men who thought they were high and mighty to use me. However, truth be told, I won because the little one hundred nine pound, blonde with deep blue eyes, was able to break two and sometimes, three men down. They worshipped me with their cocks as human sacrifice wands of pleasure to be seized by me, the queen herself. I was trapped in a paradox of sexual worship from these men. They who attempted to become dominant but I outlasted them draining their livelihood squirt by delicious squirt of semen from their wands. See how the shoe is now on the other foot?

Carla Wiggins, the 911 dispatcher, was sick of not knowing, it took her three nights of restlessness. Carla knew that there was more to the calls from the Mercy Mental Hospital so she took it upon herself to investigate. Carla decided that on her day off she would ride over to the hospital to see if any of the patience were bruised or appeared to be hurt.

There was a small article on a woman who escaped but had returned to the hospital in the local newspaper. Carla decided to act as if that woman was her aunt a, Monica Gerald. Carla decided to google Mrs. Gerald looking up her social media page finding out things about her. Like her age, where she attended college at, contact information. Yeah, she did nice research on her but failed to place two and two together, that her husband was the dead cardiologist found strangely in a wooded area near a cattle pasture.

Carla was going to act like Monica's niece to see if she could just talk with her to see why she escaped? Carla needed any clues on the happenings inside of Mercy Mental Hospital to assist her in sleeping. Carla should have minded her own business because in this case, curiosity would actually be her trapped demise.

Carla was cocky and confident stating to the guard at the main entrance she was here to visit her aunt, Monica Gerald. The guard a big man with sandy brown hair, a barrel chest, and huge arms, stood up and he towered over Carla's five foot two frame. Carla was a cute brunette with big tits and a nice well rounded ass. Carla was always considered a little dumpy at her one hundred forty two pounds but she was muscled and well- toned, just thick. Carla's boobs were a forty double D- size with quarter sized nipples, the size of your first thumb digit, in length. Most men treated them rough during her sexual encounters and truthfully she loved that best.

The guard considered her for several moments then said, "Where are you from? Today isn't Monica's visitation day." The guard was stalling and decided to call the doctor up as he told Carla to sit in the lobby for a minute.

Carla's mind kept wandering then she remembered that Monica was originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Carla walked over to the lobby seats but observed a water fountain to her immediate left. The Hospital itself seemed empty, eerily quiet, with grey painted walls, and the tile floors, were even a lighter grey with small golden flecks into each square to complete the ensemble. Carla drank the water which was cool to her lips and parched throat. The water was almost sweet tasting as she drank for more than seven or eight swallows not realizing just how thirsty she had been.

The huge man appeared in the hall with a clip board in hand and he said, "I need your identification please. A driver's license and on the form, I need your tag number too please, If you want to see your aunt Monica?" The guard hadn't said he didn't believe her but indicated she was full of it.

Carla went on the attack saying, "What? Listen here, buster, I don't care if you do not believe me. I am from Minnesota and been traveling a long ways to come here. Do you understand me?" Carla felt like being aggressive would back the guard off but it didn't when she handed him her driver's license and it had a local address with an issue date from two years ago. The tag number she put down was from the local DMV because he recognized the letters and numbers.

The guard knowingly smiled, then said, "Yes Ma'am, sorry please do not tell my boss the doctor. This will be my third complaint and I will be gone, fired. Please Mrs. Wiggins don't get me fired. I am so sorry."

Carla straightened out her purse strap then said, "That's more like it. Now take me to my aunt Monica Gerald or I'll definitely tell the doctor what you put me through." Carla felt empowered until she went through the double doors at F-ward.

Carla was happy she had become tough making the guard obey her simply by throwing her weight around and raising her voice. Carla almost laughed to herself as they were walking for what seemed like a long time. They came to a double set of doors which said F-Ward on a little placard made of bronze. An outside button was pushed and the double doors opened. It was immaculately clean, the floors shined but Carla had entered inside a little too fast and much too far. The words of Hotel California ominous to her now as the guard said the famous words.

"Welcome to F-ward Mrs. Wiggins, you can check in but never, ever, leave. Thanks so much for your visit doll. Oh and by the way, your aunt is inside here, somewhere." There was a sexy blonde strapped naked to a torture bench. The huge guard began to laugh as Carla tried to turn and run but two orderlies grabbed her suddenly. Carla Wiggins felt a pinch to her thigh. About a minute later, she felt dizzy and nauseous. The remaining time she felt almost sleepy then Carla Wiggins drifted into perfect blackness.
When Carla woke up she was naked except for a gown inside a room with wire over the lights. She looked at the bed with a thin cloth mattress on a metal frame which was bolted through the floor. Panic struck Carla as she was certain she had been abducted but she told not one soul she was traveling to Mercy Mental Hospital. How long had she been out? Carla began wondering seriously what she had stumbled upon. Who would believe her? Carla was mesmerized in awe and confusion. Could this be really happening to her?

Carla heard someone coming to the room or so she believed but she laid back down closing her eyes feinting sleep. However, Carla didn't realize like Monica had that the room was monitored by a camera system. Carla believed she had fooled the security in that hospital but now found herself a guest. The keys rattled in the doorway and Ronnie stood in the door. He waited a few minutes in silence but knew that Carla was playing Possum so he said, "Hey Sleeping Beauty you may as well get with the program here or you're going to be so sorry. Get up the Doc wants to see you."

Carla tried to pretend to lay still with her eyes still closed. Ronnie yanked the thin sheet off of her then yelled, "Hey, you hear me good little cunt! The Doc wants to see you and if you think you're fooling anyone you were already observed on camera being awake. Now I am warning you do not make me ask you again."

Carla was frightened at Ronnie's tone and use of language so she got up walking towards the door. Then she asked, "Who's the Doctor? You do know you cannot hold me here against my will right?"

Ronnie laughed then said, "Listen you are inside a Mental Hospital with a licensed Psychiatrist who can do mental evaluations on people. In particular a delusional cunt who says she's looking for her aunt but has her driver's license issued from this state showing she's been here for at least six years. The tag on your vehicle is from this state yet you told the security guard you were from Minnesota. How sad that you're mad but I'm glad so we can shag."

Carla became scared then said, "Wait a minute what are you saying? You people cannot keep me here. I have a family, a job, and bills I have to pay. I am responsible for a whole lot of things outside of here."

Carla and Ronnie had walked into the F-ward where the doctor waited with Jeffrey. He overheard Carla's plea to Ronnie but waited quietly sitting on the stool. Both Jeffrey and the Doctor were sitting beside Monica who was strapped to the bench in offset doggy style fashion with her forearms tied to the two front legs with rope. Monica was naked with her ass fully exposed and both her holes were gaping wide as if they had been used by both men. Truth of the matter Carla would have been correct in her assumption.

Dr. Simmons smiled as Carla still objecting stood at the edge of the lighting witnessing the spectacle before her. The Doctor then spoke, "I understand your fears and your apprehensions my dear. Do you still desire to see your aunt? I believe her name is Monica Gerald correct?"

Carla was emphatic as she said, "Yes, I came here to see my aunt and I will stop at nothing until I see her." It was then that Carla looked over seeing that the lady had a ball gag in her mouth and several red welts on her flesh from what appeared to be a flogger or whip.

Dr. Simmons said, "Very well, go and get her aunt Monica for her would you please?"

Jeffrey nodded his approval. He came back with Helen carrying her teddy bear in tow with grey hair and a wan look about her. Carla ran over to her and hugged Helen tight around her then said, "Oh Auntie, I missed you so much. How have you been?"

Dr. Simmons stood up then asked, "How close were you two when you were growing up?"

Carla decided to lie saying, "This is my Aunt Monica Gerald. She raised me since I was two years old."

The Doctor began laughing and clapping wildly along with the two orderlies. Carla was in wonderment when the Doctor Simmons removed the ball gag from Monica's mouth then said, "Hello, my sweet slave doll. Tell this lying cunt here your name sweetheart."

I then said, "I am Monica Gerald. The woman you are speaking with is named Helen Pratt. The one you called your Aunt who raised you is Helen Pratt baby, I am so sorry for you."

The Dr. Simmons was angry at me because I never acknowledged "Yes Master" and I told Carla unnecessary information. I received three swats with the flogger on my ass which had been fucked by all three men leaving it wide open. I was in such an afterglow that I could not believe I still felt the sweet sting.

I watched as Carla's confidence was crushed and she actually crumpled to the floor in tears. It was well known what was going to happen because she saw the likes of me. Carla was sobbing hard, when they strapped her into the spreader hoisting her upwards to about three feet above level ground. I heard her begging then I heard the electric jolt from the violet wand on her feet. The scream was wild and excruciating. I felt differently almost like a child hearing for the first time distress from some other place. I was for now out of harm's way, no longer tied; however, not free to move about. No, today's abject lesson was to hear the screams of my disobedient equal and understand that every action we choose has a consequence in punishment.

I was told to sit and watch while the torture was taking place. I felt the sting of the wand every time it struck the tender flesh as Carla Wiggins cried out. I heard her begging for mercy and for what seemed like an hour none came. It was the paddle with the holes bored in the rubber face that I found most disturbing. It was hard and loud as it struck her ass. I wondered was it just as loud for me. It had to have been. Just like me, the Master only struck her ten times, very loud. Methodical is how you could describe the doctor and his actions as he went about his trade. Carla was whimpering, wining, and sobbing when I heard her first moan and decided I knew that special tingling feeling as the pain turned into amazing sweet pleasure.

I heard her voice become so deeply sexual on a level of change from a begging little tragic girl to a begging whore who needed sexual satisfaction. I heard it in her voice to my amazement; as the doctor manipulated her gently with first one then two fingers, then the vibrator, and then he told Ronnie to mouth fuck her. Almost every detail was the same, done to perfection, except it was Ronnie and not Jeffrey. I watched as he stood up sliding his huge eleven inch cock into Carla and I felt a pang of jealousy. I wanted him, the good doctor, to be only mine. I decided at that very moment that it would be so, from this day forward.

Carla was yelling and screaming out after Ronnie came in her mouth, over her lips, and chin. The doctor was pounding Carla so hard, I seen her grimace and her tits bounced with every hard stroke the good doctor put to her. I was in awe and wondered if I looked as lovely taking his wonderful fat cock. I watched as her tits were slapped, twisted, sucked, and the violet wand used upon them while he and Ronnie took turns fucking her cunt.

I watched as I guess she came because she was not a "squirting orgasm" type. I could only tell because she had muscle spasms which were visible twitches from her thighs and around her asshole. I thought that was an easy way to tell with her and the fact that she went limp as if dead after words. I watched as Carla giggled and became a blubbering idiot because she had her orgasm. I didn't find out, until much later, that she had never enjoyed sex with her boyfriend she intended on marrying. Carla told me she only came once with him, ever. Carla explained the reason she kept him around was because he liked her son. He wasn't his real dad but seemed to be a good father type.

I then began to understand that many women seem to just settle rather than find and enjoy a man who knows how to make her feel. I think it was sad but not overall tragic. Many women settle looking back on my own situation my hubby was merely using me for only pleasure much like a whore. Well, I was in all honesty a whore for him and his friends. I never was considered his equal and thinking back now neither was the lady he left me for. Thinking back I am glad he's dead because he was a very hurtful bad man.

I remember waiting for them to finish Carla off before deciding if my Master and I could have a conversation. Dr. Simmons acted like he was receptive to me in all honesty. I needed him to hear me because I wanted to be his lady for permanence. I needed him to understand it in just this way too.

We were escorted to the shower room it was a vastly open room with shower heads which looked more or less like nozzles protruding from behind the ceramic white tiled wall. The water came out in a hot spraying fashion and not much like mist which would have been more suitable for us women. I decided to make mention that not all things in this dreadful place should be harsh. When I did say that the conditions were rather hideous, I got a golf clap from the pragmatic, Ronnie who seemed always fun. Helen, Carla, and I were then escorted to the open television room after we were given gowns.

It was then that Dr. Simmons walked over close to where I was sitting. I turned slightly making sure, to make eye contact, directly with him. Ronnie being a complete ass kicked the back of my seat saying, "Hey Blondie, eyes front and center. Watch the television bitch or I will tie you up and give you the violet wand. Do you understand?"

I turned quickly around staring back at the television watching old reruns of I LOVE LUCY in black and white. I watched intently as Lucille Ball burned the turkey inside the oven and Ricky just got home to the fire department being inside his house. I began laughing because the entire episode was so surreal much likes our own circumstance. I needed to speak with Dr. Simmons and Ronnie shouldn't be able to stop me if I truly wanted Dr. Simmons to be my man.

I got brave standing up, turning, and walking over towards Dr. Simmons who had a strange smirk of amusement on his face. I felt Ronnie reach out for my arm but I slithered out of his grasp before running up to Dr. Simmons. I said quickly not stuttering, "Master please, May I speak with you?"

Dr. Leroy Simmons had an almost lizard like look to him amused and unaffected with his eyebrows raised. He too had a smug little smile which curled at the corners of his mouth. He held his hand up as if to direct Ronnie to stand down then waved it dismissively at his orderly. He looking at me taking me in acknowledged my presence, "Give me one reason why I should entertain an audience with you. After all, are you not the one female in this entire building who drugged me, committed grand theft of my automobile, and then returned as if empowered to do so. Explain to me; why I should entertain your request?"

I looked at him straight faced, with little flair for the dramatic, I said, "I think I am in love with you. I know it sounds stupid but I cannot help it. Master, I feel as if I am, desperately in love with you." I began to shake as I said this but I truly meant every word.

Dr. Leroy Simmons laughed making light of what I just said then responded, "My sweet lady Monica Gerald truth be told you are very sick and by all means need to stay here now. I do believe you suffer from Stockholm's Syndrome."

I was flabbergasted, angry, and felt scorn. My mouth opened up because I knew just how I felt for this man. I have never told anyone, I love them before. I couldn't speak because I was just before exploding. How could this smug, evil, vile, bastard treat me this way? I was holding up my pointer finger with words on my lips and could only muster one word, "Really!"

Dr. Simmons smiled then said, "Yes, my dear I do believe so. You have an acute disorder called Stockholm's Syndrome where you fall in love with your captors. It will pass."

My eyes narrowed because he treated me as if I were an idiot so I said, "I am perfectly aware of what you said, the very first time you said it. I cannot believe that you're so ignorant that you would say it again. I am perfectly in control with my emotions. I said "really" because for the very first time in my life, I tell a man I love him for certain and he throws it back up in my face with a mental disorder. Well if that were so Dr. Leroy Simmons Psychiatrist extraordinaire, why am I not in love with the orderlies too? All of you men have me captured here. Tell me genius; why do I not love them as well?"

Dr. Simmons looked at me with his mouth agape for two fold reasons, first, he had never been out witted in a banter or argument of any kind and secondly, he had never been talked down to like that ever in his life by a lady, man, and especially not a patient. Dr. Simmons understood perfectly my argument. I was exactly right in my assumptions it wasn't one specific man that, Patty Hearst was supposedly in love with, but all of them in the famed SLA case. So, it stands to reason, that my claim of love for him being the sole recipient of said affection may be the most valid argument and not a sickness.

Dr. Simmons closed his mouth then said, "Monica you're exactly correct in your assumption and interpretation. I am amazed that you could argue that point with me." Leroy was no longer smug or above reproach now his lizard type appearance of keenness left him. He seemed demoralized in seconds from this little blonde with sharp beautiful blue eyes and a pure sexiness about her. Dr. Simmons wanted so bad to kiss her. Instead, he said, "Come with me Monica, right now."

Jeffrey was walking in from his apparent lunch break and Dr. Simmons with me in tow was passing him. He had my hand while they walked but he never even said a word to Jeffrey. My heart began pounding as I felt a sudden rush of joy because his grip on my hand was not hard or harsh but much like an escorting lover. When we reached the corridor to the outside walk way and no cameras in view, Dr. Simmons turned facing me quickly kissing me full on the mouth like a lover. It was a deep, passionate, steaming kiss that lasted about three to four minutes. I was melting inside. I felt so warm.

I then said, "Please tell me you want me Dr. Simmons. I am telling you, I do love you, for real."

Dr. Simmons smiled then said, "You just want me for my body."

We began laughing then I said, "I can mention one particular part I am completely mad about."

Dr. Simmons laughed, "I knew you were crazy about me but you're in the right place for it."

I said, "See how my luck is always with me. I couldn't have cum at a better place. Much pun intended."

"Clever girl," Dr. Simmons said as he began kissing me once more.

I went home with Dr. Simmons that night for my punishment for speaking to him like he was an idiot. I had to be tied to a spreading rack from ancient Rome. It had a large phallus which my Master slid into my asshole while he fucked my sweetness from in front. He fucked me double penetration style into a massive pleasurable orgasm where I cried out and squirted.

I was into the sensation of his delicious massive eleven inch monster sliding in and out so forcefully with the constant pressure from the other side as well. I felt fullness and so much pleasure; I was amazed at how tremendous a lover Leroy is. Leroy was fucking in and out, sliding deeply to the hilt hitting my cervix his huge cock bending inside me completely filling my cavity. I felt the heat, the sweet pressure, the sweats, and the release of my heavenly orgasm. I cried out, "Master, God yes, yes, yes, fuck me silly. Your cock is perfect Master, my God, I love it!"

I remember Leroy came but instead of pulling out he ensconced deeply inside of me. Later he would explain that he loved the feel of the release deep within a woman sometimes because it offered a completely different feeling to a man. I was so satisfied I didn't care where he wanted to put it. It is funny, how I feel afterwards not wanting to move. It is as if, getting a simple glass of water is excruciating to my tired weary legs.

The next twenty four hours were a blur however I remember the Doctor calling in telling the security to just hold everything there until the morning he had to make some important phone calls. He was sounding weak because I was sucking his fat juicy cock while he talked. My mouth was so soft and wet as my saliva covered hand slid up and down his huge veined monster while I sucked the head swirling my tongue around and around. He almost forgot how to say he wasn't coming in today. I was giddy as a school girl while I felt his cock throbbing inside my hot wet sexy mouth.

I remember the good doctor pulling me off saying he didn't want to cum yet because I had an effect on him. He then spread my legs out wide and began sucking my clitoris with his lips. He added two dimensions when he slid two fingers inside my sex and used his magical velvet soft tongue. I began moaning as he was an expert at this pussy eating business. I was dripping, sopping, and moaning loudly, rotating my hips into his sexy face. Dr. Feel Good never skipped a beat he began swirling his hot sexy tongue around the clitoral hood while he stroked inside of my pussy until he decided to stroke into my g-spot using a come hither technique gently pulling his fingers expertly towards him. I began instantly squirting again and again all over the doctor while he laughed.

A little while later I was being righteously fucked like a superstar into oblivion with my arms holding around the back of his neck, my head thrown back, and his cock jack hammering away deeper and deeper into my sex making sloshing noises because every tenth stroke I felt as though I would squirt. Again and again to the heavens I felt wonderful and complete finally. I found the perfect lover with giving me the perfection of pain and the joy of orgasmic bliss. I smiled up at Dr. Leroy Simmons and he came inside me once again with extreme perfection.

Carla stayed for two more days and was released only after Dr. Leroy Simmons, my new boyfriend, called her boss confirming that she had a short stay at our facility due to a psychological breakdown of nerves. Carla was being regularly treated and could not be terminated due to her condition being curable. Carla it turns out became involved with Ronnie of all people because he did it for her. The Merciless Hospital is still operating as a torture chamber every day and most nights. I sometimes go to be played with from time to time. Dr. Simmons washes regularly now and is actually very handsome. The women in town do not have any idea what they are missing, because the orgasms are so wonderful, and the screams delicious. Even Carla returns regularly and sometimes calls me to see if we can go together.

I love the contrast of the pain and the pleasure. There's no place like it on this whole planet where it can be so liberating. I have heard of a club though called AAA Inc. It's supposed to be fascinating as well. I may look them up some time. For now the most orgasmic place in the world is Merciless Hospital. I am Monica Gerald and I approve this message. Bye sweeties until we meet again.

The End

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