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Lucky Alan Ch. 09

Alan had been lying in bed all Sunday afternoon trying to recuperate from the wild and raunchy fuck fest he had last night until the wee hours of the morning with the high school varsity cheerleading squad. By the end of the exclusive party, he had given his last load to the bustiest and most untouchable girl in school right in the face. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to burst her cherry as she had to return to work following her tremendous facial and he was quite exhausted and drained from fucking seven hot cheerleaders.

The hung nerd was all alone in his house as his mom was away at work. He got up out of bed and headed upstairs to grab a bite to eat. Before he could take a bite out of his sandwich, the doorbell rang. Wearing only a large yellow Pikachu t-shirt and matching blue shorts, Alan walked over to the door and answered it. Sobbing at the first door was his former childhood friend, Elizabeth. Besides the torrent of tears running down her beautiful, snowy-white face, she looked absolute jaw-dropping in a pair of tight, denim blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

"Hey Lizzy, what's wrong?" Alan asked.

"Jake... The son of a bitch cheated on me," she sobbed. "Again."

"Please, come in," Alan invited.

Alan stepped aside and allowed Elizabeth to enter. His eyes couldn't help but to zero in on the very large pair of tits she had jutting from under the flimsy t-shirt. Before she grew those huge boobs, Alan knew Elizabeth as a tomboy since grade school. They were very close, like brother and sister. They used to live on the same street, played at the park everyday during the summer time and had sleepovers every weekend. By the time they entered high school, Elizabeth's mosquitoes bites turned into swollen grapefruits and she went from a tomboy to a full fledged woman, attracting a lot of guys whom would had never spoken to her while she was a flat-chested. Slowly but surely, Alan's and Elizabeth's close friendship drifted apart with the occasional; hi, how are you when they crossed paths. Elizabeth became hot and popular while he more or less stayed the same puny nerd, but little did anyone know at the time that Alan would go through his own growth spurt of 9 ½ solid thick inches between his legs.

"Can I get you anything to drink, something to eat, perhaps?" Alan politely asked.

"No, no thank you," she replied.

"At least have a seat and tell me what's wrong?" he said.

Alan escorted Elizabeth over to the sofa and they sat down.

"Listen, Alan, I know things haven't been the same between us but you were always there for me when I needed someone to just listen or when I needed to vent and when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I know I haven't exactly been a good friend to you over the last few years and I am truly sorry for that. I guess that's what happens when you fall into the wrong crowd," Elizabeth sadly explained.

"And that hasn't changed Lizzy. I'm still here to listen and I still have shoulders if you need to cry," Alan encouraged.

Elizabeth wiped her tears away and gave Alan a warm smile.

"Why can't I ever meet guys that are as nice and charming as you Alan? Jake is the complete opposite. I gave him the best two years of his life and he still can't keep his penis out of other girls. He says he loves me and this is twice I've caught him fucking some 2-bit slut. My friends insist that there are other times he has cheated on me not just the two that I know about. I'm sick and tired of being the helpless, defenseless, weak girlfriend. It's time for me to strike back and play his stupid little game. I've been faithful to that man for far too long. It's time I find a guy that I know can satisfy me in ways he could possibly never dream of," Elizabeth solemnly pledged. "And I know I came the right guy."

Alan was startled by Elizabeth's hand moving up his bare thigh and into his shorts. She gasped the second she felt his large cock beginning to bulge.

"I can't believe you've been hiding this huge penis from me Alan," Elizabeth said lovingly, as she fondled his growing erection.

"Liz, we shouldn't..." before Alan could finish, his words trailed off as his former childhood friend stroked his increasingly rising meat stick.

"Girls talk, you know, especially that loud mouth Missy. Bragging about fucking a puny nerd with the biggest cock she had ever seen. She was wondering how come since you and I were so close that I never knew you had just such a big dick. How you never laid me across your bed and fucked my pussy until it hurt?" said Elizabeth, becoming fully aware that a single hand couldn't firmly clutch his erected swollen cock. "Hmmmm. Better late than never."

Alan moaned deeply as the 5'4, long brunette-haired splendor softly stroked his rock-hard cock out of his shorts, getting her first look.

"Oh Goodness!" Elizabeth panted, continuing to gently stroke his beast from the wide base to the large bulbous crimson-red head. She felt pre-cum oozing from his fat dickhead and rubbed the salty fluid into the hard skin of his tool. "It's just as magnificent as the stories said it would be." She leaned over and tenderly kissed him. Her absurdly large breasts pushed softly into his chest which caused his cock to throb harder in her hand.

"Shall we take this to your room?" Elizabeth asked, breaking the gentle kiss.

Alan lustfully nodded yes and the two got up off the sofa. Elizabeth kept her hand on his enormous cock and led him to his own room. Alan got a nice view of her enormous breasts swelling out even while he was behind her and her petite round ass being perfectly molded in her denim jeans. The second they reached the bottom of the basement stairs, Elizabeth released his hard cock, wrapped her arms around his neck, and resumed tenderly kissing him. She felt his ragging hard member pressing up against her crotch and abdomen.

As they continued kissing, Alan reached behind her and slid his clammy hands up her t-shirt. He felt the thick strap to her brassiere and started to unfasten the three snaps. He held her close as he undid the final snap and felt the bra strap go loose at the back. He moaned from the weight of her ponderous melons being supported by his scrawny chest. Elizabeth reached under her shirt and to Alan's amazement, managed to remove her massive beige-colored bra completely and it fell at their feet. He moved away from her slowly and he felt her huge bulbous knockers slide down his chest in such a pleasantly stimulating manner. Alan watched with lust in his horny eyes as his former childhood friend peel off her t-shirt and revealed her whopping FF cup breasts. Each snowy-white globe was the size of her head and hung naturally from her chest before swelling outwards, grapefruit-sized with large copper-colored areolas and nipples that were indistinguishable.

"What can I say? Once that growth spur hit, it just kept going and I swear, my breasts are still growing every day," his female friend stated, adding emphasis by feebly cupping her very large breasts in her small hands.

Alan was completely entranced by her beautiful naked breasts and how they overflowed her little palms. Elizabeth relinquished her massive hooters, took off her shoes and escaped out of her tight jeans. She stood partially naked in front of Alan in a pair of black lacy panties and tube socks. She was enamored by the enormously hard cock jutting towards her.

Alan finally woke up from his trance and was naked in mere seconds. Elizabeth took Alan by the hand over to his foldout bed and pushed him back onto it. She climbed up onto his bed and teasingly dragged her soft heavy tits across his naked feet and ankles then further up his skinny and short hairy legs and thighs until she was kneeled between his legs and her beautiful, hazel-eyed face hovered above his jutting bloated erection.

Elizabeth spat a few times on his cock and used both hands to massage her saliva onto his pulsing shaft and fat dickhead. Alan leaned forward and watched her enormous tits rocked and sway from side to side from her actions.

"God, you're so fucking big. How the hell did you get so big? Have you always been this big?" stated Elizabeth, as she gently pumped her fists up and down his spit-slicked cock. "Jake has a good sized penis but he uses it to fuck other girls more than me. And he's not much of a boob guy as he makes me keep my bras on when we fuck. I haven't had anybody paid close attention to my breasts since in over 2 years. I hope they're not too big."

"Ohhh god, no! They're perfect," he moaned. "I want to cum on them so bad."

"And you will once I've had my fun," Elizabeth replied with a warm smile.

She spat on his rock-hard cock a few more times and then she swooped her head down and sucked half of his large cock between her pliable lips. She bobbed her head energetically up and down his dick. She had to use muscles in her jaw she never knew existed before closing her mouth over his extremely bulbous cock. She could taste his cum and her saliva saturated on the thick skin of his swollen hard meat as she milked him with her mouth.

"OH LIZ! OH LIZ! OH LIZ! OHHHH!" moaned Alan repeatedly, as he felt more of his cock meat disappear down her throat. He looked down and saw Elizabeth's snowy-white face was now beet red while she slurped and sucked his huge veiny cock without taking a breather.

As she feverishly engulfed his dick between her lips, Elizabeth felt Alan's massive cock-head probing her cheeks and throat. She ran one hand over his flat abdomen while the other seized his enormous cum-filled balls. Elizabeth grunted when she felt how big, full and fat his hairless balls felt in her hand. She groped and rolled his swollen testicles around like Chinese stress balls.

Alan's toes curled while he had his eyes closed and mouth hung wide open with deep moans and heavy breathing coming out. He was never expecting the flat chested tomboy he knew from a long time ago to have such a skilled mouth and tongue. Elizabeth released his dick and applied her mouth and tongue skills to his big balls. She sucked one in her mouth and ran her tongue in circles over it. After she thoroughly licked and sucked one testicle, it wetly popped out of her mouth and she scooped up the other one and repeated her oral assault sending Alan into a loud howling frenzy. He was sure glad his mom wasn't home for the afternoon as his ridiculous loudness could had been heard all the way upstairs.

Elizabeth alternated between intensely sucking his hard cock and balls for quite a while, pushing her nerdy childhood friend to the point of nearly cumming and passing out but before that could happen, she removed her mouth off his dick, sat back on the bed with her massive knockers spreading off her sides. She pulled down her soaked lacy panties and kicked them right in his face. Alan gladly took her wet panties in his hands and inhaled their cunt-juice scent. Elizabeth's pussy was surrounded by a patch of light-brown fuzz as she spread her cunt lips apart and gave Alan a seductive wink.

Alan took his cue and sat up. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. His chest smashed up against her big tits and he moaned in her mouth. Alan tasted a little sample of his own salty spunk as he lodged his tongue in her mouth. Elizabeth suckled on his tongue for a few seconds and then stuck her tongue into his mouth. They wildly French kissed for a few brief moments before Alan surprisingly pulled back and stared down with lust at her two hanging bulbous jugs.

"You have no idea how much better my life had become once I grew tits. Being a late bloomer wasn't so bad," stated Elizabeth, as she gave her torso a little shake, bouncing her glorious pendulous breasts on either side of her ribcage. "Men of all ages flocked to me as soon as I grew these big juicy breasts. They wanted to get their hands on them. They wanted to lick and suck them. They wanted me to wrap my fun bags around their hard cocks and whack them until they unload between my boobs. I love my girls and judging by the look on your face, I would say you love them too."

Alan planted his face in the middle of her chest and cupped her large FF melons with his unrivaled hands and squeezed them around his head. Alan motor-boated between her enormous tits and bounced them around his head while his tongue zealously lapped the inside of her cleavage and along the inner sides of her great big warm breasts.

"OH ALAN! OHHHH!" moaned Elizabeth, running her hands up and down his boney back.

Alan pulled his head from her cleavage and held her overflowing breasts in his palms. He squeezed them and watched their soft resilience flesh sunk between his skinny fingers. He mercilessly alternated between licking and sucking her copper areolas and diminutive nipples. They grew into rock-hard pebbles in his mouth. He nibbled and sucked Elizabeth's nipples causing her to moan louder and louder.

"Oh god YEEEESSSS! OHHHH GOD! OHHH ALAN! Suck my titties! Oh baby, suck em!"

She cradled his head against her chest, running her fingers through his hair as he sucked as much soft flesh between his ravenous lips as her tits would generously allow. His hands stayed squeezing and groping both breasts as he feasted on them. Alan squashed her giant tits together to form one mammoth areola and ran his tongue over it.

"Ohhhhhhhh daaaaaaaaaaaum! Ohhhhh yeeesssss!" Elizabeth cried, as cum gushed from her pussy and onto the bed.

Alan felt his throbbing hard on discharging large amounts of pre-cum while his face was buried in the one gigantic boob, licking and sucking every inch. He even licked beneath where her boobs formed. He was delighted and pleased to have given Elizabeth's stupendous boobs the oral attention they rightfully deserved and then some.

After several minutes of coating her heavy tits profoundly with his saliva, Alan slid his mouth down her gorgeous body until it was planted on her extremely wet cunt. He lapped and drank at her womanly cum. Elizabeth began breathing hard and heavy and fell back on the bed. She draped one leg over his shoulder while the other spread across the bed. Her huge wet knockers fell away to her sides but each thick fleshy globe still bulged upward towards the ceiling. She moved her hands down and held Alan's head in place as he ravenous ate her pussy. His devouring mouth found her clitoris and he began nibbling on the little swollen bud.

"OHHH YES! ALAN! ALAN! OHHH ALAN!" she cried madly.

Alan wedged a finger inside her gushing cunt, thrusting it in and out as he nibbled and licked her clitoris with gusto. He looked up wanting to see her breathless flushed face but it was hidden by the blockade of boobage. He loved the view either way and kept up his oral assault.

While his finger continued to probe her open snatch, Alan moved his mouth down a bit further, wetly licking the space between her cunt and asshole. Alan remembered briefly having his asshole licked and how it drove him insane. He hooked both of Elizabeth's toned legs behind her knees and bent them towards her chest lifting up her round petite ass off the bed. He planted kisses on her cute little butt cheeks, then used his tongue to lick between her butt crack and against her pink little hole with long repeated swipes. Alan had obviously never done this before but he was consumed with overpowering lust for his childhood friend and wanted this night, if it's their last together, to be one of their most cherish memories.

For several minutes, Alan's tongue licked and lapped intensely against and inside her pink butt hole causing her body to thrash on top of the bed in an orgasmic state. Elizabeth cried and howled as she came. Her cum leaked from her cunt and trailed down to her pink anus where Alan drank and lap it up. Even after she came seriously hard, Elizabeth took over the duties of holding her legs and pressing them against her big boobs while Alan used his free hands to spread her ass cheeks further apart and fasten his mouth against her tiny asshole. He sucked and slurped her anus while wiggling his tongue inside. He could still taste remnants of her pussy juices on her pink butt hole.

"I need you inside me, Alan! Fuck me!" Elizabeth pleaded.

She let her legs fall onto the bed as Alan lifted his head up and stroked the throbbing deep-purple head of his cock against her swollen wet vagina lips. He slowly filled her cunt up with his hard tool and began steadily thrusting in and out.

"OHHHHH MY!" Elizabeth cried, as Alan thrust more of his slobbery meat between the folds of her pussy.

The moment Alan opened the door Sunday afternoon and saw the new Elizabeth, he knew their relationship would never be the same. He was taken aback by how beautiful she had gotten and especially surprised by how massive her boobs had grown that were barely covered by her little, thin shirt. Although she had transformed into a big-breasted goddess, there was still a little bit of tomboy Liz left inside her. She wanted to wrestle Alan for the very last chocolate chip cookie like the good old days and things got awkward with their hands roaming all over each other's well-endows. Now Alan was sliding his thick veiny member into the depths of her womanhood.

"OHHHH! AHHHHH GOD! OHHHH! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Elizabeth screeched loudly with her pussy being power-fucked by the biggest cock she had ever seen.

Alan held onto the back of her knees, keeping her legs spread apart and enjoyed the sight of his monster cock drilling in and out of his busty childhood friend. His giant balls slapped violently against her ass, shoving more of him inside her tight cunt until his pelvic slammed against hers. He rested her ankles on his shoulders and fucked her harder and faster. Her toes curled in her tube socks and the stank smell of her feet made him hornier.


"OHHH LIZ! OHHH GOD!" Alan moaned right back.

He released her legs and crashed his sweaty body on top of her equally perspiring body. Her extremely large breasts squashed between the two as they locked lips in a heated kiss. The old springs to his foldout mattress squealed loudly and felt as if they were ready to give way from his hard, furious fucking. Elizabeth moaned in Alan's mouth and warned of her cumming. Her hot pussy had completely consumed his drilling cock as she came.

Alan relinquished the passionate kiss and looked down at Elizabeth's sweaty, beet-red face. He gave her drenched cunt a few long, hard thrusts while her orgasm subsided. He bent his head down and gave each of her sweaty large areolas and hard nips a thorough, slobbery sucking before rolling over on his back with his messy fuck stick still lodged inside her.

Elizabeth locked her sock-covered feet under his thighs and began bouncing up and down. Alan held onto her firm petite ass as she controlled the pace, working his massive cock at her own desire. His horny eyes stayed glued to her invitingly marvelous bouncing jugs, and he couldn't help but to reach up and squeeze them while she milked his rock-hard stiffness with her pussy. Tit flesh bulged between his skinny groping fingers as he heard Elizabeth squeal loudly. Her cunt squeezed around his big dick as she started cumming.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH, I'm cumming! AHHHHHH!" moaned Elizabeth, her body quivering as another powerful orgasm surge through her.

Alan felt his huge balls tighten up against her cum juice-flowing pussy signaling he was near his climax.

"Why don't you fuck me in the ass and finish off?" Elizabeth shockingly suggested to Alan.

He smiled with glee as she climbed off him and positioned herself on all fours. Alan kneeled between her legs and slowly pushed his bloated, deep-purple member into her asshole.

"Don't worry about me Alan. I've had anal sex before but not with a dick as big as yours," Elizabeth stated.
Alan was a bit shocked to hear that Liz had already experimented with anal sex, as he pushed his slick thick hardness further into her little asshole.

"OH shit!" Elizabeth gasped, feeling the sheer size and thickness of his dick as it expanded her pink hole.

Most of Alan's fat cock was still outside of her butt cheeks as he began slowly thrusting. With each thrust, he pushed deeper and deeper into her tight rectum until his pelvic was up against her petite ass cheeks. This was the first time Alan had ever fucked a girl in the ass with his immense tool and he was under an unbelievable high. He clutched her narrow waist and steadily increased the speed of his thrusting. Elizabeth's huge pendulous breasts bounced around like crazy beneath her as she endured one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen fucking her asshole.

She made a lot of anguish facial expressions and grunted and moaned uncontrollably as her pink asshole continued to be stretched to its absolute very limits, swallowing inch by inch of Alan's big pounding cock. He forcefully slammed his crotch against the jiggling globes of her petite ass and felt her anal walls suffocating his ever-swelling cock intermittently. Alan fell forward pressing his sweaty chest against her back and reached under to palm an undulating big tit in one hand while his other hand cupped her wet drippy mound and toyed with her clitoris. That sent Elizabeth over the edge into multiple orgasms. Her voice became high pitched like a banshee's while cumming hard on his hand.

Alan groped and pawed her pendulous breasts and kept his fingers invading her cum-squirting pussy while moaning uncontrollably in her ear. He felt the warm juices of her cunt soaking his wildly flapping balls as he fucked her ass with the most intensity. Both his huge cock and balls stiffen with impending release.

"Cum in my ass Alan! Ohhhhhh yeah! Cum in my ass!" Elizabeth moaned, feeling his cock swell into new heights deep inside her stretched butt hole.

Alan leaned back letting out a loud throaty moan as allowed himself go into pure satisfaction inside her asshole.

"Uhhhhhhhh fuck!" he cried, unloading torrents of hot thick spunk like crazy deep inside Elizabeth's tight rectum. His cum started to flood her asshole and progressively leak out from between her soft butt cheeks and trailed down her creamy thighs to the mattress.

Alan clutched Elizabeth's hips firmly while his skinny sweat-soaked body trembled through his enormous orgasm. He pulled his large dick out of his childhood friend's stinging anus and finished the last of his jism over her soft ass cheeks.

"Oh God! That was fantastic!" Elizabeth said amazed, falling forward onto the bed. "Now I won't be able to sit for weeks."

Alan fell back exhausted on the bed with enough energy to chuckle at her comment. The two naked childhood friends laughed up this moment and reminisced about old times before Alan gave Elizabeth a goodbye fucking the two could cherish forever.

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