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Lethal Weapon Pt. 02

This is part 2 of a three part story, the story is complete and I am posting addition parts as time allows. Voting and comments will be turned on after part 3. Please read Lethal Weapon part 1 for this to make sense.


"Yes. . . If'n you're sellin' somthin'. . . we don't want none," the woman said, as she stared at him.

He remembered that Amanda had always spoke with a very southern drawl, sometimes she was hard to understand. She was born in Kentucky and had moved to Ohio when she was a teenager. But surely not this woman. . .

"A. . . I'm looking for a woman by the name of Amanda Hunsaker, used to be Amanda Swanson," he said, as he tried to smile.

"What are ya wantin' her far, she don't owe nobody nothin. . ." She stared intently at him for a moment, "Wait a minute, ya look kinda familiar. . . is yer name Martin?"

"Y-Y-Yes, I'm Martin Riggs, a. . ."

She smiled, and that's when he noticed that she had several several teeth missing, "Oh, hell no," he thought. Surely, this wasn't the Amanda he'd known, and actually had sex with a few times, it couldn't be. That Amanda had been kind of hot, this woman was. . . Oh my God!

"Well I'll be dipped. . . Dayummm!! Martin, ya still lookin' damn good. Why don'tcha' come on in."

"Well, I do need to speak with you about something. . . yes I would like to come in for just a little while."

Martin followed Amanda inside of the house to the living room, where she sat down on the couch, "Have a seat Martin an' tell me what's on yer mind," she said.

The first thing that ran through Martin's mind was that something might reach out, grab her, and try to pull her down inside of that nasty looking couch. He looked around for a wooden chair or something to sit on that hopefully wasn't flea infested. He remembered seeing a plastic lawn chair out on the porch, as he turned to go retrieve it, Amanda cocked her head and started scratching like a dog digging for a bone.

"Be right back," he said, as he opened the door and grabbed the chair.

Martin brought the chair in and sat down across from Amanda. Looking her over good, he wondered what had happened to this once beautiful woman.

"How have you been, Amanda? It's been a really long time."

"Oh, I git along, I guess. . . ya look like yer doin' pretty good thar' Martin, yer as handsome-'s ever, I'd jump yer bones-'n a heartbeat!"

Martin shifted around in his seat uncomfortably, "Not on your life," he thought, wondering what diseases she might be carrying.

"Aren't you married now? I thought I heard that you got married, is your husband at work?" Martin asked.

Amanda put her hands in the air and shrugged her shoulders. She wondered why Martin was there and exactly what it was that he wanted.

"I really don't know, haven't seen 'im in about a month. . . he shows up-'n stays for a while every now-'n then, wantin' ta fuck some. . ." she looked away for a moment, "Then he disappears agin. . . he HAS stayed around a lot more here lately though. . . hmmmm," her voice trailed off as she looked off to her right.

"I think you might try the county lockup," Martin thought to himself.

"Ya wantin' sompthin' 't drink, Marty, is-'n-'t alright-'t still call ya that? " she said, as she rose from the couch and headed for the kitchen, "I've got Old Milwaukee, or I can fix ya up-'th a Pepsi. . . What'll ya' have?"

"Pepsi will be fine, and so is Marty," Martin smiled.

He'd already had quite enough beer a couple days before, and he sure didn't want any more.

Amanda returned to the living room and handed Martin a cold Pepsi and a glass. Martin opted to drink out of the can, the glass had dried food particles stuck around the top edge and a dull film all over.

Amanda popped the tab on her beer and took a drink,

"So, Marty, are ya still seein' that thar' Trish chick?" Amanda asked.

Martin hadn't been sure where he was going to start, but she had just opened a door for him,

"Yeah, we've been married for almost twenty five years now. . ." Martin started.

Amanda looked shocked, "Married! Hell, I never knew ye guys-'s married though, ya say twenty five years. .? Damn that's a long time. Ya know, me'n her used to run around some, we did some wild an' crazy things tagether."

"Good," he thought, "Then she remembers,"

"Well, that's what I came to talk to you about, Amanda. . . Those wild and crazy things you're talking about. Do you remember Roger Murtaugh?"

Amanda sat up straight and looked more attentive, actually she looked kind of excited.

"Ya mean Big Snake Roger. .? Hell yeah, I 'member 'im, haven't seen-'im for a while though, bin o'er a year at least," she said, with enthusiasm.

"Roger's dead Amanda, he died a little over a year ago. . ."

Her mood darkened and she had a look of shock on her face, "What happened?" her voice troubled.

"He had a heart attack. Too much cocaine I guess. He died pretty quickly, that's what I heard, anyway."

Amanda got a wry smile on her face and she looked down at the floor, "Michael'll be glad-'t hear that, Roger-'s the main source a ma marriage troubles. . . I just couldn't stay away from that big ol' cock a his!" Amanda chuckled.

"You mean you and he were sleeping together?"

"We weren't sleepin, if ya catch my drift. Yeah, he use-'t come around-'n fuck me every once-'n a while. . . Well, 't least he used-'t. I wondered what-'n hell happened-'t 'im." Amanda proclaimed.

Not sure how to go further, Martin just blurted out,

"How did you happen to hook up with him to begin with?"

Amanda put her finger on her chin and focused her vision to the left, up towards the ceiling, like she was lost in thought,

"Oh God, it-'s back when Trish used-'t come over-'t my place. . . nine'y, nine'y one maybe. I know me'n Roger been fuckin' a long time. . . Well, 'fore, ya know. . . Damn, I can't believe he's dead, I'm gonna miss that cock, it-'s a real woman pleaser, that's fer sure."

Martin wished she'd shut up about the size of Roger's cock already, she had no idea just how inferior it was making him feel,

"How did you meet him? Did you know him from school. .?" he asked.

"I sorta did-'n I'd seen him around town, sure didn't know what he was packin' in his britches though," she laughed. "Trish. . . she used-'t fuck 'im. . . no, wait, she-s married-'t 'im, or she used-'t be-'r sompthin.' When we ran around thar' for a spell, she. . . na na, I 'member now, she-'s with y'all. .! I don't 'member ya two bein' married though. Didn't ya used-'t work durin' the evenins' 'r sompthin'?"

"Yes, up until June of 1990, then I went to the midnight shift. Trish and I got married in 1986."

"Yeah yeah, I 'member now, while y'all-'s at work, Trish-'n me used-'t go out-'n get some beer-'n wine coolers. . . Sometimes Michael-'d get me a bag o weed-'n me-'n 'er-'d smoke some. Trish liked the wine coolers cause'n she couldn't stand the taste of beer. Hey, we-'S responsible though. . . we wadn't out drivin' around or nothin' , we always went back-'t my place-'n drank thar'," Amanda explained.

This really caught Martin by surprise, he didn't have any idea that Trish was getting drunk and high while he had been at work, then he became concerned, "Where was Jeffery while you guys were getting drunk and high?"


"Her son, the little boy. . ."

"Oh oh oh, her sister or somebody. . . Oh, her name-'s Ja. . . Jane. .? Na. . ." Amanda wondered.

"Jackie?" Martin asked.

"YES, yeah, that-'s it, wadn't that-'er sister. .?"

"Sister in law, Trish's brother's wife."

"That's right, that's right, she'd come over-'t Trish's house, 'n stay til she got home," said Amanda.

This revelation was shocking, Jackie had not said anything at all about babysitting so that Trish could go out and get drunk and high. He never thought that she would ever even approve of Trish doing anything like that.

"I didn't know that Trish drank. . . Then again, she was almost always in bed asleep when I got home," Martin said, "Why did she start drinking? I don't understand."

"If'n I remember right, she-'s missin' y'all, way she talked."

"Did she drive home drunk?" he asked.

"Na. . ." Amanda laughed, "She WALKED home drunk, my apartment-'s only about five blocks from yer house."

Martin was flabbergasted, apparently he didn't know his wife as well as he thought he had, then again, look what she'd done with Roger. He felt like a total fool.

"OK, but how did Roger play into all of this?"

"Well, when we was drinkin,' me'n Trish started talkin' 'bout-'r sex lives. We's talkin' one night-'n she's tellin' me how good ya was in the sack. . . 'n I said hell, I already knowed that, cause me and y'all used to go out-'n fuck a bit. . . Y'all 'member those times Marty? I sure does! Before ya ask, I told her, that-'t-'s before y'all-'n her got tagether. Ya know Marty, if'n ya wanted-'t take me-'t bed right now, I wouldn't be do'in no complainin," she teased.

Martin's face flushed a little and he gave her an awkward look, "I appreciate the offer, Amanda, but I'm a married man, and you're married too."

"Hell Marty, we's both married. . . that makes it legal," she laughed.

"I'll have to decline Amanda, thanks anyway, but you can go on with your story, please," he said.

"Where-'s I. .? Oh yeah, me-'n her-'s always talkin' 'bout sex-'n stuff, I told her that Michael-'s alright, but y'all-'s much better. I told her that y'all had a bigger cock than Michael did,-'n I asked her if'n she'd ever been-'th anyone bigger-'n y'all. . ."

Amanda looked up at the ceiling and laughed,

"Trish's face," she chuckled, "Turned about three different colors of red-'n she din't say nothin'. . . hell I knowed right then she-'s hidin' sumpthin.' That thar's when she told me that ol' Roger-'s so big that he made-'er hurt. I din't know nothin' 'bout-'er bein' married-'t Roger Murtaugh, hell I always thought-'t he-'s some kinda freak or somptin' 'th-'em tattoos-'n that long ass hair-'n all," she grinned.

Martin had to laugh at her last statement too. He'd also wondered how Trish had ever come to be with Roger, it definitely didn't have anything to do with the size of his cock back then.

"I asked her if'n she could hook me up with 'im, 'n she said that-'t be a waste a time, cause-'n he din't know the first thin' 'bout pleasin' a woman. . . She-'s tellin' me he couldn't even make her wet," said Amanda.

"So, just how did you end up having sex with him then?" Martin asked.

"Oh boy. . . do I ever 'member-'em times, WOW! One evenin' me-'n Trish-'s comin' outta the Tri-State Liquor's, ya know, used-'t be o're thar' 'n fourth street. . . 'n thar-'s Roger, gettin' ready-'t head on in. . . Trish din't say nothin,' but I invited-'im-'t come back-'t my place fer a spell. He looked purdy happy-'t come along-'th us-'n all."

"So, YOU invited him back, not Trish?"

"Hell yeah, I wanted-'t get tagether with-'im. If he-'s packin' a monster-'n his britches, I wanted some a it! Once we got back-'t my place-'n started drinkin,' I asked Roger if'n I could have a gander-'is cock, 'n he pulled-'t out. . ." Amanda looked as though she was lost in thought for a moment, "I-I ain't n'er saw nothin' that big 'fore. . . an-an-anyway it wadn't no time after that, me-'n him had our clothes off."

"And what did Trish do?"

"At first she-'s just sittin' thar' watchin,' ya know. I told Roger I-'s gonna teach-'im how-'t fuck a woman proper. Me-'n Roger was nekid-'n makin' out on my couch. . . 'n Trish was sittin' thar'-'n her eyes-'s big-'s half dollars," she chuckled.

"So, what happened then?"

"I-'s tellin' 'im-'t eat ma pussy," she laughed, "N would ya believe. .? He ne'r knowed how."

They just looked at each other for a few moments, while Martin was trying to process this all in his head.

"So, I looked over at Trish, 'n asked her fer some help," said Amanda.

"Help?" Martin wondered.

"I asked Trish if-'n I could use her pussy-'t show Roger how-'t do it. I's not a lesbian or nothin,' I mean I like men, but I have done some drunken pussy lickin," Amanda giggled.

"And Trish went along with it?"

"Yep. .! Well, she was purdy drunk, 'n we'd shared a joint. After seeing me-'n Roger's nekid bodies writhin' around. . . she 's breathin' purdy heavy, 'n she seemed kinda horny too."

"So what did she do?" Martin asked.

"We, me-'n Roger undressed her. . . I had-'er lie back-'n spreadin' her legs, 'n me-'n Roger got our faces down by-'er snatch. Ha, she-'s already soakin' wet. Then, I spread her lips-'n showed Roger what-'t do with his tongue, showed him where-'er clitty was-'n all."

"So you ate her pussy?"

"I did a little, well we both did for a spell, then Roger kinda took over. . . He took-'t it like a fish-'t water, he really had her goin' good."

Martin felt like he'd just had the air all sucked right out of him, he already knew, but hearing the details just hurt so bad. He could barely talk now,

"S-s-so, Roger made her come?" he said very quietly.

"Na na, she pushed 'im back-'n. . ."

That made Martin feel a little better, although he didn't know why, "So she stopped him?!" he cut in.

"Yeah, then she stood-'im up in front a her-'n sucked his cock. . . God I ain't never seen somebody cum so much 'fore in my life, he shot a bunch in her mouth, 'n after he pulled-'t out, he kept on shootin' all over her face. Then, she opened her mouth-'n let it all run out-'n drip all over her boobies," Amanda smiled, remembering.

Martin was shocked, she had only let him come in her face one time, and after that, no more. . . until recently, after his accident. Sadly, he asked, "So, was that all for that night?"

"Na, Gawd no, I wanted some of that big cock too, ya know. Ol' Trish was really a fireball after that, that cum in the face really got-'er fired up."

"So, then what did the two of you do?"

"Me-'n her both started suckin' on-'im til we had-'im standin' at attention again. . ." she giggled, "An' then he fucked us both. . . Gawd I never felt nothin' like that before, an' Trish. . ." she laughed again, "I'm thinkin' she came as soon as he stuck that monster in 'er. She-'s tellin' me afterwards that that was the first time he'd ever gotten that giant all the way up inside a-'er bafore."

Martin was speechless, as he pictured this all in his head, he almost got up and walked out, but, he had to know the rest.

Amanda could see the distress on Martin's face, "Marty, what. .? I mean why y'all wantin' to know all of this fer. .? Oh shit, she-'s married to ya then wadn't she? I swear I didn't know ya guys was married, I thought ya guys-'s just fuck buddies. Kinda like me-'n y'all were there for a while."

Martin composed himself the best that he could, then asked, "Did the three of you get together any other times?"

"Yeah, I'm thinkin' maybe it-'s three more times maybe, Trish. . . yer wife. . . Ha, I can sure see why y'all hung onto her all a these years, she's a sexual dynamo."

Now Martin was really disturbed. He knew that once Trish's affair with Martin started, she had become almost non-responsive to sex with him, "What makes you say that?" he asked.

"Well, after that first time, when we got together agin, she sorta took over, 'n wow! She liked-'t fucked poor ol' Roger-'t death."

"I'm wondering if that's what killed him," Martin thought.

"She even sucked his dick right af'er he fucked me. . . I got her-'t eat-n' ma pussy once too, but she didn't much care fer that. But she sure loved suckin' ol' Roger's dick-n' gettin' it shoved up-'n in-'er ass, that made her go kinda crazy. Hell, I kinda felt cheated," she explained.

"Why did you feel cheated?

"Cause-'n I-'s the one that invited 'im over. . . 'n it seemed like most of the fuckin' 'n suckin' 's bein' done betwixt the two a 'em."

Martin felt like his head was going to explode. . . "Why didn't she just leave me and go back to him?" he thought.

"What happened after that last time? The last time the three of you were together?" asked Martin.

"Trish quit comin' 'round, I figured she just didn't like bein' 'round Roger, 'n she just kept away. She really liked fuckin' 'n suckin' with-'im, but she couldn't stand-'im as a person. . . I don't think I seen her since. . ." Amanda lamented, "Oh, I seen her out-'n about, but never talked-'t her no more."

"So Roger continued to come over to see you after that?"

"Yeah, he started comin' 'n comin' 'n comin' all over. . . 'n fuckin' me a lot," Amanda giggled.

"How much is a lot. . . Aaaa, I don't mean cum, I mean how often did he come over to see you?" Martin asked.

"Oh, I don't know, he-'s here at least a couple a times a week. . . we-'s watchin' them thar' tapes we made, then we'd get down-'n dirty. I told ya, that-'s why me an' Michael-'s. . ."

"Tapes?!!" What tapes are to talking about Amanda?" Martin cut in.

"Havin' so much troubles," she finished her sentence.

Amanda gave him a puzzled look, "The tapes-'a me, Trish n' Roger," she said nonchalntly.

"There's tapes of the three of you having sex?! You never told me about any tapes! I can't believe that Trish would let you make a video!"

"I just 'membered 'em, been a while since I saw any of 'em," Amanda said.

Martin was starting to get agitated, "I don't get it Amannda, who video taped you guys? Was there someone else there too?" he asked.

"Michael traded somebody sompthin,' I don't 'member what-'t was, but he ended up with a old video camera, me n' Trish used-'t play around with it some. . . we made some pretty goofy videos. . ." she said.

"You didn't answer me Amanda, was there someone else there to tape you. .? I still don't believe that Trish would let anyone do that."

"Na, na there wadn't na one else there. . . Roger seen it settin' on the counter one night when he-'s over here to fu. . . well y'all know. That's a couple a nights after the three of us got tagether that first time, an' he asked me if n' it worked. I told him yeah, that me Trish had been doin' some stupid stuff an' tapin' it."

"The stupid and goofy stuff you did in the videos that you made with Trish, were you doing any nasty stuff on tape? I mean before Roger saw the video camera sitting on the counter," Martin asked.

"No, we-'s just clownin' around-'n stuff, you know makin' goofy faces-'n tellin' jokes-'n such. . . y'all know what I mean," she smiled.

"OK. . . how did you get around to taping the three of you having sex then?" he asked.

"Well. . . me-'n Roger kinda set Trish up the second time we-'s all tagether. . . I mean she didn't know 'bout-'im coming over that night. When he got here, he asked me-'t set the camera up where she wouldn't see it."

"Do you still have the tape?" Martin asked.

"Na, I haven't seen them thar' tapes in years, they disappeared not long after Trish quit comin' over."

"Tapes-s-s. . . as in there was more than one?!"

"The last three times we-'s all together," she said.

"And you're sure that you don't know where they went?"

"Michael probably found 'em an' throwed 'em out, I told ya he was jealous a ol' Roger," she said.

Martin was beside himself, he suspected that Roger had been the one who took the tapes, and he wondered what had ever become of them. He figured that he would deal with that later, and he changed the subject,

"Amanda, when did you and Michael get married?" he asked.

"That-'s in 2001, he thought that by marryin' me, he'd keep me away from ol' Roger."

"And I take it, that didn't work did it, you kept seeing Roger?"

"A woman just cain't give a cock like that up, ya know."

Boy! Did he ever know, God, that's why his life had turned to shit so quickly! It was bad enough that he had been injured to where he couldn't work anymore, but now he has to deal with this bullshit!

"But you didn't know that he was dead?" Martin asked.
"Sure didn't, I thought. . . hell I don't know what I thought, n' I-'s kinda yearnin' fer him ta come around-n' fuck me, ya know. . . Damn it that sucks!!" Amanda replied.

"Did you know, that as soon as I started working the night shift, way back in 1990, that Roger started coming over to my house and and fucking Trish while I was at work? I'm talking several times a week, at least. That's probably why Trish quit coming around, she didn't want to share him, he was most likely coming over here to see you on the nights I wasn't working."

"Na, I didn't know that either. . . why'd ya put up with it fer? I can't picture y'all lettin' that happen."

"I didn't find out about it until a couple of days ago, I just came over here to get your side of the story, and to find out why they started seeing each other again," Martin explained.

"Wow, I'm sorry Marty. Ya' know ya could get back at her. . . A little revenge fuck, ya' know. I'd be willin' ta. . ."

"No, I can't," said Martin, he'd heard enough, "I'd better get going."

He finished off his Pepsi and got up to leave, taking the chair with, to put back on the porch.

"Here, Marty we save them there cans, I'll take yer empty can," she said, as she reached out her hand. "It 's nice ta see ya' agin. . . thanks for lettin' me know about ol' Roger. Maybe I can tell Michael an' he'll stick around a little more now."

"You think he knows that Roger's dead?"

"I don't know if he does-'r not, but it does seem like he's been stayin' around a little more here lately. . ." She scratched her head and put her finger on her chin, "But I ain't seen-'im in a couple a weeks, wonder what that's all about. .? Oh, an' the offer's still on. . . anytime ya' want'n a little sompthin' on the side, y'all know where I'm at. . . see ya' later Marty," Amanda cooed.

"Take care, Amanda," Martin said, as he walked down off of the porch and out to his car. He wanted to get out of this neighborhood as quickly as possible.

Martin started the car, put in gear and drove out to the fishing hole, he wanted to at least try and take a few casts, and to kill some time and think. After about ten casts, he stopped, that was all his back could take. He put his rods in the trunk and sat down in the car to think about what he had just discussed with Amanda. He decided that he wasn't going to make love with Trish anymore, it would only keep him attached to her and he was wanting to distance himself.

There had been a lot of good times with Trish, even during the twenty years, while she was sleeping with Roger. . . Did Trish love Roger? Or was she just a size queen, who became addicted to having his big cock all of the time? Had Trish's parents convinced her that she should be with him?

Martin drove home, Trish had been back from shopping for a while and wondered how he had done. He told her that about ten casts was all he could handle, and he just sat and relaxed some more. Seeing her after having the conversation with Amanda, made his heart ache all the more.

Trish tried to initiate sex later that evening, but Martin told her he didn't feel like it. He had too many visuals in his head of what Trish had done with Roger. Over the next several weeks, Martin made excuse after excuse to get out of having sex with Trish.

Martin needed to get samples from his children for DNA testing, and he wondered just exactly how he was going to go about it. Nicholas, who was now twenty, lived across town in an apartment he shared with his girlfriend. While Damon, now nineteen, had just started his second year as a student at Ohio State University, and was living in an off campus apartment with two other students.

One Saturday, Martin went over to Nicholas's (Nick's) apartment. As he sat and visited with his son, he wondered how he was going to get what he actually came for, A DNA sample. His first thought was to get a hair from the brush in the bathroom, but he couldn't distinguish Nick's hair from his girlfriend's, so that wouldn't work.

"Would you like something to drink, Dad?" asked Nick, "Got a fresh pitcher of sweet tea in the kitchen."

"Yeah, that sounds great," said Martin.

While Nick was in getting the tea, Martin looked around the room for anything he could use, then he heard a loud 'thud' and glass breaking in the kitchen.

"Damn it to hell, anyway!!" Nick said, after the noise.

Martin went to investigate,

"What happened?" he asked.

"Oh, I bumped another glass as I was taking one out of the cabinet and it fell," replied Nick, "Ouch!! I need to be more careful!!"

"Now what?"

"I cut my finger on the broken glass. . . let me go to the bathroom and get a bandaid, and then I'll fix our tea," Nick responded, as he left the room.

An idea came to Martin, not that he wanted to see Nick hurt, but this was perfect timing. Martin grabbed a paper towel and wiped up the spots of blood from the counter, folded the towel and placed it inside of the zip lock baggie that he had brought along just for that purpose. After sticking the bag in his pocket and cleaning up the broken glass, he quickly returned to the living room.

After drinking their tea and having a nice visit, Martin left for home, saddened by what he'd just done. The same as Jeffery, Nick was HIS son regardless of who the sperm donor was, but it still ripped his guts out that he might not be his children's biological father. And the thought that Trish had betrayed him for so long.

Jeff was now 29, married, and had two small children of his own. He lived a few miles outside of town on a small ranch. Martin was really proud of Jeff, he had gone through college and had become an electrical engineer. His salary was quite a bit more than what Martin had made when he was still working, and Martin's job was one of the higher paid in the area.

Martin made a trip out to see Jeff and to have a talk with him. Jeff was well aware of who his father was, because his grandma and grandpa Murtaugh had always been a big part of his life.

Martin and Jeff visited for a while and caught up a little, then Martin asked Jeff how his job was going, and how were the kids? The usual banter between father and son. Finally, Martin got around to asking Jeff a few questions,

"Jeff, when you were younger and still lived at home, did you ever notice any odd behavior from your mother?"

"What exactly do you mean by odd behavior?" he replied.

Not wanting to let the 'cat out of the bag' so to speak, Martin was careful what he asked Jeff,

"Oh, I don't know, did she act secretive, or like she was trying to keep things from you?" aksed Martin.

"Well. . . come to think of it, I was under the impression that there was someone there a couple of times when you should have been at work."

"Did you ever see anyone?"

"No, but her bedroom door was always locked at night. . . now that I think about it, it did seem kind of odd. A few times I thought I heard someone talking, but I assumed that I either dreamed it or was imagining things. And I know that a few times when I got up needing her for some reason, she. . . I had to knock on the door, and it always took her a few moments to open it, and she always shut the door rather quickly behind her like she was hiding something."

"Someone maybe?" Martin asked.

"As I got older, and started understanding. . . well, my friends talked a lot. . . you know, hearing, or walking in on their parents when they were having sex. I assumed that I was just confused on the nights that you should have been there, or that you had just stayed home. . . but you were never there in the morning when I got out of bed. . . Was mom having an affair?" Jeff replied.

Martin let out a sigh,

"Yes, I think she was. As much as I don't want to believe it, everything is pointing in that direction."

"Oh God dad, I'm so sorry, do you have any idea who it was?"

"Yes. . . I've had three people now that have told me."

"Who was the no good bastard!!" Jeff asked.

Martin hesitated, he hadn't even planned on bringing up this subject, but it was too late now.

"It. . . It was your father, Roger Murtaugh."

Jeff was stunned, and hurt. His grandparents (Roger's parents) had explained to him about his father and they had even told him, in no uncertain terms, that his father wasn't a very nice person.

"It. . . I . . . I don't know what to say, how could she? How long did it go on?"

"Well, I was told that it started back in 1990, when you were about eight, and it. . . well, it lasted up until he died last year."

"This is so hard to believe, are you absolutely sure?"

"About 99.9%," said Martin, "I have a favor to ask, is there any way possible that I could get somtehing from you to have a DNA test ran."

"What, you don't think that Nick and Damon are his, do you?"

"I have to know for sure."

Martin took the zip lock bag from his pocket and Jeff pulled a few hairs from his head and clipped off a fingernail, putting them both in the bag.

"Just a minute," said Jeff, as he turned and went into the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later with a Q tip and placed it inside of the bag too,

"Just in case, I swabbed as far back into my mouth that the Q tip would reach."

"Thank you Jeff, you know, no matter what happens, all three of you boys are my sons and I love you. Please don't tell anyone that I was here or I told you what I know, especially your mother, can you keep that secret for me?"

"Sure dad," said Jeff, as he hugged Martin, "I'm really sorry."

Martin waited for Damon to come home from school for thanksgiving to get a sample from him. Martin had purchased a thanksgiving greeting card for his parents, and he made sure that Damon was the last to sign, then handing him the envelope, told him to go ahead and lick it to seal it up, because his mouth was too dry. Later he switched envelopes, keeping the one Damon had licked, and giving the card to his parents in the new envelope when everyone gathered for the holiday.

The weekend following Thanksgiving , Trish, her mother, and Jackie made their annual Christmas shopping trip to Columbus. This was usually an all day trip, so Martin used the opportunity to run the DNA samples he had over to Boyette Labs in Cincinnati. He had made an appointment as soon as he was sure the three women were taking their trip. Martin requested that the results of the DNA test be sent to Jeff's house, so that there was no chance of Trish seeing the correspondence.

Earlier in the week, Martin had gone to his doctor and been tested for any stds, since he knew that Roger was a drug user and had been with Amanda, and God only knew who she'd had sex with.

When it came to sex, Martin had given Trish the cold shoulder for months, he hadn't touched her since a few days after she came back from her trip with her mother to see her brother in Indiana. The same week he had talked to Joshua. Trish couldn't understand why, and he had told her that it hurt his back too much. She tried to just give him a blow job, but he told her, "No, I wouldn't feel right if I can't go all the way."

He wondered if she might try to find someone else to fill her needs, but she never did, he kept a close eye on her. Then, he wondered what would of happened if Roger had never died. What would they have done with Martin at home all of the time now, unable to work. Would she still be sneaking around to fuck him?

Two weeks after his trip to Cincinnati, Martin received a call from Jeff, letting him know that a large envelope from Boyette Labs had arrived, and he assumed that it was the results of the tests. Martin told him that he would be by later on to get them.

That afternoon, Martin told Trish that he was going out for a drive to look around his old hunting spots, knowing once again, that she wouldn't be interested in tagging along.

"But you can't hunt anymore with your back, can you?" Trish asked.

"No, but I enjoy being outdoors, it's relaxing," he said.

"Make sure you wear enough clothes that you don't get cold. . . Martin, I love you and I worry about you."

"You sure had a funny way of showing it for twenty years," he thought, as he headed out the front door.

Martin almost dreaded going to see the results of the test, these boys were his, they belonged to him. He didn't want to find out that they weren't his own flesh and blood.

About twenty minutes later, Martin was standing on Jeff's front porch with a big lump in his throat. Jeff opened the door and and invited his dad in, he could tell by the look on Martin's face that he wasn't faring very well,

"How are you doing dad, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I. . . I'm just not sure I want to know the results or not Jeff. . . It's going to destroy me," he said, as a tear slipped down his cheek.

"You don't have to open it dad, I can just throw it away."

"No. . . No, I need to know the truth," Martin said, with a sad look on his face.

Jeff handed him the envelope, Martin pulled out his pocket knife and slipped it inside of the envelope flap, running it along the edge to open it. He folded the knife back up and stuck it back inside of his pocket. The moment of truth was here, he reached inside and pulled out the papers.

Martin's doctor had sent the samples for Martin's std test to this facility and the top sheet was the results of his tests for any stds, Martin held his breath as he read, then with a forced smile, he said,

"Well, I'm cleared of having any venereal diseases."

Then he put the top sheet to the back, took a deep breath and looked down at the paper on top now, and began to read outloud,

"In the case of Jeffery Allen Riggs, samples given DO NOT match said DNA of one Martin Wayne Riggs. No samples given for further paternal comparison. Well, we knew that already, didn't we?" Martin tried to joke.

He put the second sheet on bottom, looked down with his eyes closed, and drew in another deep breath. Opening his eyes and focusing on the beginning of the sentence, Martin started reading outloud again,

"In the case of Nicholas Joseph Riggs, samples given DO NOT . . ." his voice broke, "M-m-m-match said DNA of one Martin. . . Wayne Riggs. No samples given for further. . ."

"Oh no, dad. . . Oh God!" said Jeff.

Martin was openly crying now, Jeff put his arms around him and held him tight to comfort him, "I'm so sorry dad, this is horrible, I can't believe this is happening."

Martin looked up and moved the third sheet to the bottom, and in a broken voice started reading again,

"In the case of Damon Cole Riggs, samples given. . . DO NOT match said DNA of one Martin. . . "

Martin started to fall, Jeff caught him and led him over to the couch. He burst into sobs, this couldn't be, was this all a bad dream? How could someone as sweet and innocent as Trish do this to him. He thought back twenty seven years earlier, he remembered getting finished up early at the lumber yard that day, and how his boss let him leave early.

"Damn it. .! If I would have just stayed at work until five that day!"

"Huh, wh. . . what are you talking about dad?"

"I was just thi. . . thinking outloud. . . it was nothing."

Jeff took the papers from Martin and read the last page to himself, then looked over at Martin and asked in a very somber tone,

"Do you want to hear the rest?"

After a few moments, Martin composed himself and told Jeff to go ahead and read it, he was ready.

"in the combined cases of Jeffery Allen Riggs, Nicholas Joseph Riggs, and Damon Cole Riggs, all three share one common paternal link. No samples were given to determine any maternal links. . . Looks like that bastard Roger is the father of all three of us. . . That no good son of a bitch!!"

"I guess that proves that. . . everything I heard was true," said Martin.

"What are you going to do now dad?"

"I honestly don't know. . . I don't know if I can stay with her. She cheated on me for twenty years for God's sake. . . and if the SOB was still alive, she probably still be fucking him!"

"Do you really think that, Dad?"

"Yes I do, when this is all over, I'll explain it to you. It's too close to Christmas to do anything now, I'll probably wait until after the first of the year, I don't want to spoil the holidays."

"Are you going to be alright dad?"

"Yeah, I kind of expected this since I found out about them several months ago, so it's really not a shock."

"Do you think that mom knew that Nick and Damon were his?"

"I can't answer that, I really don't know. . . I suppose she had to have known that there was a good probability. Since she was carrying on more with him than she ever did me. . ." said Martin, as he looked down at the floor. "There I go thinking outloud again."

"No dad, I don't think she was with him more than you. . . I'm sure that she loved you, she still does, I can see it, but. . ."

"I've got to get home, Jeff," said Martin, as he turned and headed for the door, "Remember, don't let anyone else know about this, not your brothers. . . not even your wife. Things have a way of spiraling out of control. . . I don't want to hurt your mother, I still love her, and I've got a feeling that your grandma Smith had a lot to do with this too. No one else in town needs to know anything about this. I want this to stay inside of the family, OK?"

Jeff gave him another hug before Martin headed for home. Even though it was only a few miles, it was a long, torturous drive for Martin. He'd been pretty sure of the results of the tests, but now that it was confirmed. . . It hurt terribly.

Upon Martin's arrival, Trish could sense that something was wrong,

"You sure weren't gone very long, are you alright?" she said.

He just played it off as being depressed over not being able to deer hunt anymore.


Christmas and New Year's came and went. It was mid January of 2012, Damon's twentieth birthday had passed. Martin was struggling to bring the subject of Roger up once and for all. Everytime he looked at Trish, he felt nothing but love for her. For the life of him, he couldn't see how she had pulled off fucking Roger for all of those years. She had never shown any signs at all that she didn't love him. He had read up extensively on the mental block about sex that Trish had claimed to have suffered from, and he knew that it was a real condition. He had often wondered whether or not she may have been abused as a child.

Finally, in the third week of January, Martin came to the conclusion that it was time to confront Trish about Roger. He called and made an appointment with Jace Ballard, a local divorce attorney, for the next afternoon.

Martin explained everything to the attorney. Mr Ballard told him that he would end up losing half of what he owned, and if Trish decided to fight the divorce, she could tie it up indefinitely and a judge would most likely order marriage counseling. He said that from the way Martin talked, he still loved Trish and urged him to work things out. Martin told him that he would get back with him after he thought more about his options.

That evening, Martin caught Trish totally by surprise when he took her by the hand and led her over to the couch, then started slowly undressing her. He had decided that, he was going to have her one last time. Trish was ecstatic, she couldn't believe that Martin was going to make love to her,

"Let's go into the bedroom, Martin," she whispered.

"I want you right here," he said.

There was no way that he was going to have sex with her in the bed that her and Roger had cuckolded him in for twenty years.

And make love they did, it was like when they were first married, no inhibitions, nothing held back. Only now, Trish swallowed his cum and sucked until he was hard again, then Martin pounded her ass doggie style while she screamed in pleasure. . . They were up very late, and slept on the couch in each other's arms until noon the next day.
When they awoke, they took a shower together and ended up in Jeff's old room making love again. Afterwards, Trish went into the kitchen, and was singing as she made lunch, still naked. Martin absolutely hated what he was about to do, but he had to do it. After they'd eaten lunch, he started the conversation.

"Trish. .? Why?" asked Martin.

"Why what?" she smiled.

"Why. . . after all of these years. . . all of a sudden, after I got hurt. . . has our sex has life started being like it was when we were first married, how could your phobia about sex, just disappear overnight?"

The look on Trish's face was hard to describe, there was concern, a little nervousness and fear.

"Aaaa. . . I-I don't know, I guess I. . . I became scared that I might lose you. When you got hurt, it really scared me," she speculated, "Martin, I don't know what I'd do without you."

He didn't want her to know that he knew about Roger just yet, he wanted some answers first. So he told her that he just wanted her to answer some questions he had about some things that had been bothering him for a while, "Are you satisfied with our sex life?"

"Why would you ask that? You know that I am!" she said.

"Am I big enough. .? Or should I say, do you wish I had a bigger cock?"

"NO. .! Martin, now you're being ridiculous!"

"Do you love me. .? I mean really really, truly love and desire me?"

"YES! Martin, where are you going with this?"

"Have you felt that way our entire marriage?" he asked.

"Of course. . . Martin!"

"OK. . . I want to ask you about your marriage to Roger."

Trish's face almost turned white when Martin mentioned Roger's name, and she looked away for a moment.

"I just want to know how you happened to end up with someone like him to begin with. I mean, you two were never what anyone would call a compatible couple. Your personalities were opposite, you were all about personable responsibility, and all he ever wanted to do was party and get high. . . he just wasn't your type."

"Martin, I. . . he. . . I thought I told you about this before," she replied.

"I just want to hear it again, maybe with more details. . . so I can maybe understand it better."

"I don't understand why you want to know this stuff. . . I've told you before, what does it have to do with anything?"

"Just that it's perplexed me for a long time, I just want to know what attracted you to him to begin with, was it because he had that big cock?"

"Martin. . . Stop it! No, I told you . . . He hurt me with it. Look Martin, you know that I wasn't that pretty in high school. Aft. . ."

"I always thought you were," he interrupted.

"Then why didn't you ask me out sooner. .? Huh. .? Like before he had a chance to."

Martin never answered, and she continued,

"Look, When I got out of high school. . ." Trish elucidated the whole story of how she met Roger and why she'd gone out with him because he was the only guy that had ever asked.

"I settled on Roger, I figured that he was my only chance of ever having a boyfriend or a husband. I gave him my virginity on his twentieth birthday. . . I thought that I loved him, but I never knew what love really was until I met you. I never got turned on, he didn't know what to do, and neither did I. And wouldn't you know it, I got pregnant the very first time we ever had sex. There you have it. . . Satisfied now?! Oh, and then we got married so that my mom wouldn't know that I was pregnant beforehand."

"So you're telling me that you never enjoyed sex with Roger at all, right?"

Trish's face turned bright red and she looked away again,

"We hardly ever had sex when we were married," she said, realizing afterwards that had not come out the way she intended.

Martin was starting to see how uncomfortable she was becoming at his questions, but he pressed on.

"Did you and Roger ever smoke pot, or get drunk together?" he asked.

"We lived at his parents house, you know them, so you should know how they feel about that kind of stuff," Trish stated.

He could tell that Trish was trying to skirt around the things that he was bringing up by not giving him direct answers, he knew that she didn't like to lie.

"Let me re-phrase that. . . Did you and Roger ever go out and get drunk or high. .?" Trish was shaking her head no, as he was speaking, and was caught a little off guard by his next statement,

"Like say, over at Amanda Swanson's apartment?"

Trish looked to be in a state of panic, she stumbled around with her words, trying to come up with an answer,

"I. . . I. . . No. . . No, I used to. . . to be friends with her. . . but. . . w-w-we were in the fifth grade. . . A-a-a-a, I don't think we could get our hands on that kind of stuff when we were that young," she said with a nervous laugh.

Trish was visibly shaking now, and Martin could tell that she was more than likely terrified to go any further with this topic.

"Back when I worked evenings, you know, back in the eighties. . . Well, more specifically, 1990. You should remember. . . the year your dad died. Well, you know how you were always asleep every night when I came in from work a little after midnight. .?" Martin asked.

"Yeah?" Trish replied, nervously.

"How many of those nights were you drunk or high?"

Trish looked down and Martin noticed a tear fall to the floor.

"Well. .?" Martin querried.

"Th-th-there were only a few. . . we only did that for a couple of months. . . I just missed you so much, and. . ." her voice faded.

"By we, you mean you and Amanda, don't you?"

"Yes," she said, in a defeated tone.

"OK, now I'm going to ask you again. . . Why?"

"Martin, I. . . I just missed you in the evenings so much. Before you took the job at ZMA, we both worked during the day and we spent our evenings together. . . I ran into Amanda while I was out shopping, I hadn't seen her in years. She invited me over to her place, and while I was there, she offered me a drink, and I accepted. . . It just kind of escalated from there. It helped me cope with you being gone in the evening."

"Trish, I just want you to know, I forgive you for getting drunk all those times. I'm not happy about it, but I think I understand," he stated.

He saw relief in her face and her body seemed to relax. She came over and put her arms around him, sighed and said, "Martin, I'm sorry I did that, Amanda was a really bad influence on me."

"That ain't no shit," he thought.

"I quit going to her apartment, and haven't even seen her since you went to the night shift," said Trish.

"That's because you started bringing 'Big Snake' over here to fuck," ran through his mind, and he came very close to saying it.

"You know how you got kind of loud with me last night?" Martin asked.

"Yeah," she giggled.

"Weren't you scared that you would wake the kids up when Roger made you come like that?"

"Ha, I always had to bury my face in a pillow," she chuckled, nonchalantly.

After realizing what she just said, she got a look of shock on her face, she was caught completely off guard by the question, which is what Martin had intended.

"You told me that he never even made you wet, let alone made you come! And there was only one child, a baby, not plural. . . Children?" Martin replied.

"I didn't mean. . ." she started.

"One more question, Trish! You know I don't work anymore and I'm home all of the time now. So, what would you be doing if Roger was still alive? Would you be finding excuses to sneak away from me, so that he could still be fucking you in the ass with his big snake?"

Trish pulled back from Martin and wobbled back a few steps, sitting down in a kitchen chair. Her eyes focused straight ahead, staring towards the living room.

"Well, would you. .?! Would you still be acting like a slut with his giant cock. . . and still being pretending to have a phobia about sex with me, YOUR HUSBAND?!!"

Trish didn't answer, just stared straight ahead. She didn't deny anything, didn't cry, just stared straight ahead and never said a word. Martin went into the bedroom and retrieved the envelope with the DNA test results from the closet. When he came back, she hadn't moved.

"I know that your family all knew, I talked to Jackie, she told me everything. . . well almost, I got the rest of the story from Amanda, I went and talked to her a while back. . . She told me how you two brought Roger back to her apartment, so that she could get some of his big cock. . . She told me how she used you to show Roger how to eat pussy, then how once you got him inside of you, you went wild. . . Funny, she didn't know that Roger had started coming over to MY house and fucking MY WIFE almost every night that I was at work. Amanda thought you quit coming around because you were avoiding him. . . Did you know that on the nights that I was home, that Roger was going over to Amanda's and fucking her, betcha didn't know that, did you?"

Trish looked up at Martin for a moment, but then turned her attention back to the living room.

"You know, what gets me, is. . . I still love you, I can't just turn it off, but at the same time, I hate your fucking guts. I can't work anymore, I can't go out and start over. I don't want to lose my house, or half of everything I own. I just don't know what in the hell I'm supposed to do. And then there's this!" he said, as he put the envelope on her lap.

She slowly looked down at the envelope, but nothing more.

"That envelope is the part that hurts the most," his voice broke, "You had to have known. . . you led me to believe that. . . that Nicholas and Damon were my children. . ."

"NO! They ARE yours," Trish cried out.

"Look at the papers inside, Trish. No, I'm afraid not, Roger is the biological father of all three of your children."

Trish opened the envelope and pulled out the papers, after looking through them, she collapsed to the floor and started sobbing. Martin walked into the bedroom, dressed and pulled the small suitcase that he had packed the day before from the closet, then walked back into the living room. Trish could see him from her position on the floor in the kitchen, and rose to her feet, running to him,

"NO NO, Martin!! NO DON'T GO!! Please don't go, I love you. . . I never loved him. . . Please!"

Martin stepped back and stared her down, her sobs continued,

"You never answered my question," he said.

She looked up at him with questioning eyes.


Trish still didn't answer and sat down on the floor staring out into space.

I'm going to leave for a while, when you feel that you can tell me why you felt you had to have sex with Roger for over twenty years, while you would barely sleep with me. . . please let me know."

Martin turned and walked out of the front door, leaving Trish sobbing on the floor. As soon as he climbed into his car, the tears fell and it wasn't long before the almost uncontrollable sobs came. Trish was too immersed in her own grief to notice that he hadn't driven away yet.

After half an hour passed, Martin was finally in enough control of his emotions to drive over to his oldest son's home. This was absolutely the hardest thing he'd ever had to do in his life, no matter what she'd done, he couldn't stop loving her. He just needed to know why, and what her true intent was.

Martin stayed at Jeff's for over a week, Jeff's wife only knew that Martin was there because he and Trish were having problems, no details were disclosed. Trish hadn't called, or shown up, he had not told her where he was going, but Martin assumed that she would have at least called her son to talk to him about it or ask if he'd seen his dad.

Jeff decided that it was time to check up on his mother to make sure she was alright, so he drove over to the house that her and Martin had shared. He knocked, but got no answer. Worried that something was wrong or that she'd harmed herself, he took out his key to unlock the door, but was surprised to find it already unlocked. He called out for her as he walked through the house, but got no reply. He found her in bed asleep, and shook her to make sure she was alright,

"Mom, MOM!" he said loudly.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, but didn't speak,

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Trish still didn't answer and as Jeff reached down to get her up out of bed, he noticed that she was naked, so he looked around until he found a blanket and wrapped her up in it, before getting her onto her feet. Then he noticed the smell, she apparently hadn't bathed in a while. Jeff started walking her towards the living room and she finally spoke,

"W-w-where's your father. . . I've done something horrible. . . it was horrible, I'm telling you."

"When did you eat last, mom?"

"Don't know."

"Have you been drinking any water or anything at all?"

Trish turned and motioned back towards the bedroom, "I'm thirsty. . . I need my cup off of the bedside table."

"No no, mom we're going into the kitchen so that you can eat something."

"Eat. .? I ate lunch with your father."

"Dads been over at my house for over a week mom, was that the last time you ate something?"

She nodded her head yes, Jeff sat her down in a chair and filled a glass with water, handing it to her and telling her to drink. He called Martin, explaining what he had found and asking him to please come over and talk with her. Martin drove over to the house and went inside, not exactly sure what to expect. When Jeff told him that Trish didn't look very good, he assumed that she had just been depressed and let herself go a little. After going inside, he was not prepared for what he saw, her hair was greasy and matted, her eyes were sunk back into her head and she looked as though she'd lost a considerable amount of weight. He almost didn't recognize her. Trish looked as if she was in a daze, she was staring at the kitchen floor, and when Martin got closer, he could also smell her.

He noticed that everything was left exactly the way it was when he left the week before. The dishes from lunch the last day he was there were still sitting on the table and Trish's clothes were still on the floor next to the couch, where he had placed them when he undressed her.

"Trish!" Martin called out.

She looked up at him, and tears started forming in her eyes,

"Martin. . . Martin. . . I've done something bad. . . I. . . I. . . my husband left me. . . I love him so much. . . but. . . No no no, MOTHER! NO. .! I can't do that. . . I won't!!"

Trish was delusional, she'd gone a week without food and had only had a limited amount of water. After Martin came in, Jeff had gone into the bedroom so that his parents could have some privacy. A few moments later, he came out,

"Dad, the bed is wet, and she didn't spill anything, if you know what I mean. I don't think she's been out of that bed since you left."

"Jeff, get a clean blanket out of the closet, we're taking your mother to the hospital!"

Jeff carried his mother out to the car and he and Martin drove her to the emergency room. After seeing a doctor, she was admitted.

While Trish was away in the hospital, Martin and Jeff took the bed outside and burned it, having a new bed delivered to the house in it's place. The hospital gave her a mental evaluation and would not allow her to leave, unless someone was at home to care for her. Martin decided to move back home for the time being, the new bed would be for Trish's sake, however, as he took up residence in Jeff's old room.

After Trish had been home for about six weeks, Martin sat down with her one afternoon to discuss their marriage. He explained to her, how he planned to proceed in the foreseeable future. He told her that there would be no divorce at the current time, but that may come in the future. There were certain conditions and rules that were to be followed, or he would leave for good.

Martin explained to her that the first rule was; The house was his, it was him, not her that had worked to pay for it and everything in it. For twenty years she had cuckolded him with another man that had taken more husbandly privileges with her than he had. She was a guest in HIS house, and had no say so in the matter. He was going to stay in Jeff's old room and would not be returning to the marital bed. He knew that he really didn't have a legal leg to stand on, but it didn't hurt to make her worry a bit.

The next was; Since she seemed to like sex so much, she was free to fuck whoever she wanted, but it was not to take place in HIS house. She could find some place else for her dalliances. He had the same option, only if he decided to sleep with someone else, he WOULD bring them back here. But he would be courteous about it, he wouldn't do it right in front of her. He thought he might put a marker on the bedroom door of some sort, letting her know to not disturb him. Also, he wouldn't parade any of the women around in front of her and she was not to say anything at all to anyone he brought home.

The third condition was; There would likely be no sexual contact between them, that she was not to come on to him, or initiate any sexual contact or discussions with him in any way. However, if there were to be any sexual situations, they would be started by him, and they would be just that. . . sex, no love making, just fucking.

Number four; She was not to tell him that she loved him, if she had loved him, she wouldn't have fucked Roger for all of those years. She was free to love him if she wished, but keep it to herself.

And finally, she had to tell him within a reasonable amount of time, 'why' she had her affair with Roger, and would it still be going on if he had not died.

Trish made a trip to visit her mother, telling her that Martin had found out about Roger, and if it wasn't for her, her marriage would be alright. After the confrontation, she told her mother that she didn't know if she ever wanted to talk to her again or not.

Life went on and thanks to Trish's mom and brother, the word was now out that Trish and Martin were split up, several men contacted her or let it be known that they were interested in getting together. Although there were plenty of opportunities, Trish never went out with anyone.

Martin made an attempt to date, and he talked to a few women around town, but couldn't bring himself to actually go out with any of them either, his heart just wasn't into it.

His whole intent, had been to see if Trish, not getting any sex from him, would seek it out from someone else.


July 2012.

Three months had passed since Martin had laid down his conditions, he'd gone out to the strip pit again, trying to fish a little, but had ended up just sitting and relaxing again.

When he arrived at home, Trish was just leaving to go to the market, she told him she would be back in about an hour or so.

Going inside, Martin found a large manila envelope on the kitchen table with his name written on the front. His heart sank as he opened it up, certain that he would find divorce papers.

"I thought someone was supposed to deliver these to me and I was supposed to sign for them, what the fuck is this?" he said outloud.

He removed the papers from the envelope to find that instead of divorce papers, there was a long handwritten letter from Trish. Sitting down at the kitchen table, he started to read,

My dearest Martin,

This has taken me a long time to write, I've searched my soul and thought about how this all transpired, I've blocked it from my memory for so long. When you first asked me why I'd done what I had, I didn't answer you, because I honestly didn't know. After sitting down and thinking back and realizing just what had happened and what I had done, I was mortified. I got sucked into something that I couldn't, or should I say, didn't have the willpower to control. It didn't seem real, it still doesn't, it's as though I dreamed it all and I'm just now waking up.
I'll do my best to try and explain what happened, but first I have to let you know something. I know that one of your 'conditions' was to not tell you that I love you, but I guess I don't have anything to lose now, do I? I love you with all of my heart and soul.

Martin smiled as he read those words, he couldn't help but feel the same, but the words also felt like a knife had been stuck into his heart.

I fell in love with you after our first date, and I have NEVER, I repeat, never ever stopped loving you for one second. Other people had a big hand in this, but the burden is on me, I am the one at fault, the one who could have stopped it, the one to blame.

I'm sure you remember how my parents, especially my mother treated you when we were first together. You know how religious they were. Mother started telling me that I could not be with anyone except Roger, that it was a sin and I was committing adultery when I had sex with you. My mother did not recognize our marriage as being valid. My dad, although he didn't really say much, always liked you, he was just afraid to go against my mother, so he stayed out of it.

If you remember, for most of our marriage, I was at mom's almost daily. In the early years, she was constantly hassling me to get back with Roger, telling me that he had cut his hair and cleaned himself up, how he had another job. Then, he started showing up at mom's while I was there, she'd invited him.

"I had a feeling something like that was happening, I should have checked up on it. . . If only. . . " he thought.

I was NOT impressed by that gesture, and I told them so, but he continued to come, and my mother insisted that we should try and get back together. I told her that I was going to quit coming over if he kept coming around, but he continued to show up anyway. She constantly talked about me being an adulteress and how I was living in sin with you. She urged me to sleep with Roger, saying that I would come to my senses and see the err of my ways. I told her that was never going to happen!

I was grocery shopping one Friday evening while you were at work, and I ran into Amanda Swanson. At one time, we had been good friends, but we hadn't hung out since grade school, I can't remember why we had a falling out, but she got involved with, and ran with a rough crowd in junior high and high school. I avoided those people, a lot of them made fun of me and called me names because I was so shy and skinny.

I kind of consider not running with Amanda a blessing, look how she turned out. . . and most of those people she ran with either have been, or are in prison or dead.

She invited me over to her apartment to catch up. At first I thought maybe I shouldn't, but then I thought about how Roger was probably over at mom's, and I just didn't want to deal with him anymore. I decided it wouldn't hurt if I went to Amanda's for a while. I brought the groceries home and put them away first, then she picked me up and I rode with her over to her place. It was a Friday, and Jeffery was staying the night with his friend Tommy, so I didn't have to worry about him.

After we got to her apartment, she asked me if I wanted a beer, I told her that I didn't drink and didn't like beer. She went into the kitchen, and came back with a fruity drink (that turned out to be a wine cooler) and told me that I would like it. At the time, I didn't know that it was alcohol and drank three. I wasn't drunk, but I was feeling pretty good. She wouldn't drive after drinking, so she walked me home, then when I went to bed, I believe I passed out, because I didn't even hear you come in after work.

Because mom kept inviting Roger over, I started hanging out at Amanda's place while you were at work instead. I found that I kind of liked the wine coolers. I explained what had been happening with my mom and Roger to Jackie, and got her to start coming over to watch Jeffery, so that I could go over to Amanda's. Jackie and I had talked about how much I missed you during the evenings you had to work and she was OK with me going to Amanda's. After a while, she said that going over there seemed to cheer me up, she could tell. It did make me feel better, I didn't miss you nearly as much. She didn't know that I was drinking though, or at least she never let on if she did or not.

I had been going over to Amanda's for about a month, when she talked me into smoking some weed, then I really relaxed. While I was over there, we talked about all sorts of things, being a little high and drunk made me happy and things were funny. She knew that me and you were together and told me about how you two had already hooked up before you got with me. She said that you were really good in bed and that I was lucky to have you. I didn't really show it, or at least I don't think I did, but the fact that she had been with you made me insanely jealous. She told me that your dick was bigger than her boyfriend's and asked me if I'd ever had sex with anyone with a bigger cock than you.

God, how I wish now that I would have kept my mouth shut. Now that I think about it, I may have been trying to 'one up' her after she said that she'd been with you. I told her how big Roger was and how he had hurt me with his cock. Then she asked me to hook her up with him, and I told her no way, that he was totally worthless. I was able to avoid that topic for about two weeks, until she picked me up one evening and we stopped by the liquor store on the way to her apartment. As we were coming out, lo and behold, Roger was heading in. I guess he gave up going over to mom's.

I ignored him and walked right on past, but Amanda stopped and started talking to him, and to my horror, she invited him back to her apartment. I should have asked her to take me home, but I figured that he'd only stay for a few minutes and leave, that his brother and friends were probably waiting on him.

I've had a lot of reservations about telling you the details, I really feel awful describing what I did with Roger. I can't really explain why it happened, I know that I was in such denial that it was happening, that it was like I wasn't there. I felt really guilty, but couldn't even remember what all I had done until later the next afternoon. You asked why, I need for you to understand that what I am about to tell you is my theory as to why it all happened and the reasons for my behavior. Please forgive me.

Martin looked away for a moment, did he want to hear all of the sordid details of her exploits with Roger? NO he did not, and he started to put the letter back inside of the envelope. But he stopped, curiosity got the better of him, he needed closure, so he continued to read.

After we got back to Amanda's, the three of us sat in the living room, smoked a couple of joints, and drank. Roger didn't leave as soon as I'd hoped, so I had a couple more hits of weed than usual because it was irritating me to no end that he was still there. The longer he stayed, the more I drank too, I was really messed up. All at once, Amanda asked Roger if she could see his cock, I couldn't believe it. I got up to leave, but I was in no shape to walk anywhere, so I stumbled into the bathroom. While I was in there, I decided that I was going to go home, even if it meant calling a cab. Then I realized that my purse was at home locked away in the file cabinet in our bedroom.

I'm not sure how long I was in there, but when I came out of the bathroom, they were both naked and making out on the couch. I walked over and told her I wanted to go home. Amanda told me to sit down, finish my drink and watch her take this 'big snake,' she'd make sure I got home when they were done. I was too fucked up to try and walk home on my own, so I grabbed my drink and sat down in the chair. I was only a few feet from them, and looked away as I finished my drink. I was not wanting to see this, but with every moan or groan, I peeked, I couldn't help it, I'd never seen anyone else doing it before. I've never even watched any porn, and here I had a live action sex scene right in front of me.

After watching them for a while, I started thinking about you, and how badly I needed you right then, I became so turned on. . . I think that I might have even touched myself. I know that I'd made my mind up to attack you when you got home that night. Amanda asked me if she could have some help showing Roger how to lick pussy, I wasn't sure I understood what she was getting at, but the next thing I knew, they were undressing me and I didn't have enough willpower to even try and stop them. I wasn't even sure if it was real or not, was I dreaming?

I'm so sorry, I felt powerless, Amanda told me to just lie back, she was just going to show Martin how to do it, and she couldn't very well show him on herself, could she?

It must have been the alcohol and the pot, because for some reason, that somehow made sense to me. I know you don't want to hear this, but I have to tell you everything so you'll know what was going on in my head.

I let them undress me, just laid back, and let them spread my legs. Amanda and Roger got up close to me, Amanda started first, then Roger, then the both of them together. Amanda pulled back and let Roger do it by himself, while she went down and started licking around on his cock. When they first started, I was thinking that as soon as he got the hang of it, I'd stop him and get the hell out of there, but then something came over me, it felt so good and I was way past the point of stopping them. The mixture of the alcohol and weed, wanting YOU so bad, having my pussy licked and seeing a cock being sucked right there in front of me at the same time. . . Did I have to one up her? Was it lust? I don't know, but I pushed Roger up, I had to have his cock in my mouth.

I know it sounds crazy, but I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or I was even aware of what was happening. I even thought that I might have been with you at the time. I was so fucked up and so horny that I had to have someone. It had nothing to do with Roger, I never loved him, or even liked him for that matter. Could it have been another man standing there besides him? Would I have done the same? I don't think I would have, but there was a familiarity with him, something in the back of my mind said it was OK (maybe my mother's words).

If you were drunk and one of your buddies was messing with one of your ex-girlfriends right in front of you, and all at once that naked girl was licking you. . . What would you have done? Honestly think about that for a minute. What if your mother approved, even encouraged you?

"I never would have put myself in that position, I was in love with you DAMN IT!! I could have never touched another woman. . . God, I can't even do that now!" Martin cried out. But he wasn't sure if she wasn't right, he'd been drunk before, but never to the point that he was as far gone as Trish had been. He also knew that after he had been drinking, he was always horny.

During the times I spent with Amanda at her apartment talking, she had been going on and on about and describing some of the sexual things she'd done with different guys. Thinking about doing those things with you made me crazy with lust. All of those sexual feelings that I would push away when they surfaced (that I had never experienced before you), came forward with a vengeance and the alcohol and pot lowered my inhibitions enough, that I let go. I don't really want to tell you these things, but I feel like I've lost you anyway, and I want to be honest with you.

Martin stopped reading again, his heart was breaking. Reading it in her own words hurt so terribly bad, he couldn't get the images of Roger standing there while Trish took his cock into her mouth out of his head, and tears started flowing. Martin felt weak, so he got up from the table for a moment and walked around the house. Coming back into the kitchen, he went to the refrigerator and grabbed a cold Pepsi. He sat back down and then after a few tortured moments, he focused his eyes on the letter again.

Martin, being with you turned me into a nymphomaniac, you made me feel so hot and bothered. When Amanda started talking about all of the sexual exploits she'd had, I wanted to do nasty things with you, but I was afraid that you would think I was weird. Then, you were at work all of the time. I can honestly say, that if I would have smoked a joint, and drank several wine coolers before I had sex with you, you would have seen a porn star, I would have done ANYTHING sexual. I wanted to be that way with you so bad, but I chickened out.

That first night with Roger, I think there was a mixture of things that went through my mind, I was in such a haze. . . I wanted to get one over on Amanda, because she'd slept with you, and I wanted to rub it in Roger's face that this is what I do with my new husband. But something else happened too, I know I would never let you come in my face, and I never had any intention of letting Roger do it either, but all at once, without warning, that's exactly what he did. . .

Martin felt like he'd been punched in the gut, like his insides were being ripped from him, and nothing but a giant hole remained, an emptiness. . .

He took me totally by surprise. I wasn't expecting it, and I don't know why I got as turned on as I did either. I'm so sorry Martin, but at that point, I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I needed cock and I needed it bad. At that moment, I probably WOULD have done it with ANY man.

Me and Amanda used our mouths to get him hard again, then I watched as Roger fucked Amanda. After a few moments, I couldn't take it anymore and told Amanda to get out of the way, I needed that cock inside of me. By the time she moved and he stuck it in me, I was ready to go off. Amanda came over and straddled my face, and I actually started licking her pussy (I never did that again though), while Roger pushed his cock into me. That was the first time he had EVER got his whole cock inside of me, and I came really hard.

Roger kept fucking me and I kept coming, then he pulled out and shot his cum all over my boobs. . . and me and Amanda licked it all off. I was so turned on, that I couldn't help it.

Afterwards, I let Roger walk me home, and he tried to kiss me before I went inside. I told him no, that it was all a big mistake, that I loved you and it would never happen again. I think Jackie knew something was wrong, she looked at me awful funny, I just told her that I wasn't feeling well. I went in and took a shower and waited for you to come home, I was still wanting you really bad, but I fell asleep before you got there.

I don't know if you remember or not, but when your evenings off rolled around that week, I couldn't get enough of you, we made love every night you were off. I sucked your cock, and I let you come in my face, I pretended that I didn't know you were ready to come, but I let you on purpose. You don't know how that made me feel, I was on fire for you and I had at least five orgasms every night. You even asked me what was going on, why I was so horny, you teasingly asked me who had taught me those things. That scared me and made me feel guilty, I thought you would be able to tell what I'd done with Roger. I felt devastated after your evenings off were over, I wanted you to be there to make love to me every night. Sex with you was, and still is the best, he could never compare to you, it's true!

I tried and tried to stay up until you were home, but I always fell asleep. There were a few times that we made love after you got off, but not enough.

A few days after that evening at Amanda's, I stopped by to see my mother and she absolutely floored me. She told me that Roger had come to visit, and told her that he'd had sex with me. She was excited that we were 'getting back together,' as she put it. I told her that that was not the case, I had been drunk, it was a big mistake and it wasn't going to happen again. She lectured me for half an hour about what a sinner I was for being with you, and not my one 'true' husband. She said that Roger would be over shortly and she wanted to speak to us together about our reunion, so I left.

Amanda came over a couple of days later and wanted me to go to her apartment again. I was stressed from what I'd done the last time I was there and what my mom said to me. At first, I told her no, but she persisted and I finally told her that I would only go for a little while, and as long as Roger wouldn't be there. I just wanted to drink some wine coolers and forget about it all, so I called Jackie and she came over to watch Jeff while I ran with Amanda over to her place again.

I told Amanda that I felt horrible about what I'd done with Roger and that it had all been a mistake. She laughed at me and told me that she planned on having him over a lot, and what me and him had done was no big deal, it was only sex. She also told me that she couldn't understand why I would ever give up a big cock like Roger's. I told her that I divorced him because I realized that we were opposites, and I didn't love him, I didn't want anyone but you, Martin. I know you find that hard to believe, but it's true, it absolutely is!

By that point in our conversation, I had consumed enough alcohol that I was pretty tipsy again, and Amanda asked me if I was planning on seeing Roger again, and I said "NO," I didn't want him. Then she asked me to be honest, she asked whether or not I enjoyed his big cock, now that I knew more about sex and he got the whole thing in me. I couldn't lie, I admitted that I had enjoyed being filled up like that, but I still didn't want to be with him anymore, it was so much better with you, period. Once again, I was craving you and you were at work. I wanted to stay up so we could be together, then I remembered that I had been drinking and you would know it, and once again, fear swept through me that you would find out what I'd done.

The next evening was your last 4 to 12 shift for the week and I would have you home, thoughts about being with you on your first evening off overtook me, I was wet all day. Amanda showed up, wanting me to go over to her place again, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to. All I could think about was fucking you, and it was distracting me something terrible. I decided to go over to her place for just a little while, hoping to just have a few drinks, and get you off of my mind. Once we relaxed and had had a few, she started telling me that Roger had been over after I left the night before and had given her a 'royal fucking for the ages.'

I still smile when I think about her telling me about that with that backwoods accent she always had.

She kept talking about sex and what she had him do to her, said that he was a good student, he would do anything she asked. Amanda said that she told Roger to lick her asshole really good, and he went right to it. I have to admit, that put a tingle between my legs, because you know how much I enjoy ass play. I started thinking about being with you again, then about asking you to lick me there, and I got really wet.

Amanda started talking about what you and her did when you two were going out, she said that what you two had done was just raw fucking. She told me that you had fucked her in the ass a couple of times and how much she enjoyed it. I felt those pangs of jealousy again when she talked about that. When she asked me if I had given my ass to you, I blushed. She laughed and told me I couldn't hide it very well, then asked me if I liked getting my ass fucked. I just nodded. She said that after Roger had licked her ass, she wanted him to stick his cock in there, but was scared because he was so big, and decided against it. Amanda talked about the different positions that they had tried, and compared him to you, I was starting to get mad. . . and it hurt, thinking again, that she had had you before me.

"Was Amanda trying to make Trish jealous? It almost seems like she tried to push Trish into fucking Roger," Martin said outloud.

Then another thought occurred to him, "Was Amanda upset that Trish was with me? Did she want to push her out of the way, thinking I would go back to her?"

Years before, when Martin was messing around with Amanda, she had acted like she wanted something more serious with him, but he wasn't interested in that, because of her reputation of being a cum dump. He had fucked her four or five times, she was a good fuck, very enthusiastic and would do about anything, but she was definitely not wife material.

While we were drinking and talking about that stuff, Amanda kept checking her watch. All at once, she got up and went into the kitchen, telling me she'd be right back, there was something she needed to do. I heard the back door open and close, and I assumed that she had taken out the trash or something, then a few moments later, I heard it open and close again. She was in there for a little while longer, then she came out and went over to the counter that her TV was on and did something, then went back into the kitchen. She came out again and Roger was with her. They were both naked and Amanda had hold of his cock leading him into the living room, then they walked over and stopped right in front of me. She went to her knees and started sucking his cock.

I really, truly didn't want to see that. . . I was already hot and bothered from thinking about you, and this was making me more frustrated. I got up and went into the kitchen to get away from them. I had just sat down at the table, and while still naked, they came into the kitchen carrying our drinks and sat down at the table, said they were sorry that they made me feel so uncomfortable. I grabbed my drink and downed it, and told Amanda that her and Roger sitting there naked was really making me feel uncomfortable!! I got up and went back into the living room, hoping that they got the message and if they were going to fuck, they would stay in the kitchen.

I sat down on the couch and they stayed in the kitchen for a while, I assumed that they were fucking. Then they both came into the living room and sat down, Amanda on my left and Roger on my right. Amanda reached over and started rubbing my leg, I started to get up, but chugging that last drink had hit me pretty hard and I flopped back down. She moved her hand to my crotch and started rubbing my pussy. I froze, trying to fight the way I was feeling, and she moved her hand up and started to unbutton my pants. She asked me if I wanted Roger to lick my ass, and I felt that tingle go through my pussy again. She told me to relax and enjoy myself, they were going to make me come. Funny, now that I think about it, Roger never said a word, just did what she told him to do.

I'm ashamed to say that I stood up and stayed right there while Amanda pulled my pants down and turned me around, telling me to get onto my knees on the couch. It was like I was in a trance, I just did what she said. In my mind, I could hear my mother telling me that my body belonged to Roger. They pulled my pants the rest of the way off and Roger slid down onto his knees behind me and started to lick my ass. Amanda got up, came around the couch and pulled off my top and bra. . . I hardly noticed. After a while of this, I turned and pulled Roger down on the couch and mounted him.

I sat down and rubbed my pussy on his cock and had an orgasm almost right away, then I adjusted myself and eased his cock into my ass. You know how much I like that, and his size gave me sensations that I'd never felt before. The whole time I rode him, I was imagining that it was you, I really was. And I wanted to blame you for being at work when I was needing you so bad, I'm sorry, but my head was screwed up at the time and I was drinking. I know that's no excuse, but I never felt a single emotion, or any kind of love for him. I don't even know why I was doing it, I think I just used him Martin, he was just a big cock to get off on.

When he got ready, he pulled out of me and shot his cum all over my ass. The odd thing about Roger, when he comes he shoots an unbelievable amount of cum. Amanda licked up his cum off of my ass and proceeded to lick my pussy until I came again.

Roger walked me home again. . . and once more he tried to kiss me, and asked if he could fuck me again. He told me that he really liked doing it now that we both knew what we were doing. I told him NO, and that I didn't want to do this anymore, I was not leaving you and I was not getting back together with him. PERIOD! Martin, I never kissed him one single time in all of those years, I swear.

The next night, when you were off, I attacked you. I hope it was memorable for you, I sucked your cock and was wanting you to come in my mouth again, but decided that I wanted you to come in my ass instead. I wanted to ask you to lick my ass that night, and I panicked. First, the thought excited me, then the fears crept back into my mind that you would want to know where I got that idea. Then I worried that Roger had probably stretched me out a little and you would be able to tell. I climbed on and rode you cowgirl with you inside of my pussy instead. I rode until I had a huge orgasm, and I screamed. Just being with you made it feel so good, we were scared that we had woken Jeffery up, if you remember. I was in such a hurry to get you inside of me, that we didn't even take the time for you to put a condom on, and you came really hard up inside of me.

Martin smiled, yes he remembered that night, it was one of the last times that they had had wild sex before she came down with her urinary tract infection. It wasn't long after that night, that it seemed to dwindle down to the boring, straight missionary style sex from then on. Then he remembered that that was also the night she asked him about going to the midnight shift.

"She was setting things up, so that Roger could start coming over here, I think that she was jealous of the fact that he was fucking Amanda," he mumbled to himself.

I always believed that was the night I got pregnant with Nicholas. Roger never came inside of my pussy until after I was already pregnant. Martin, I honestly didn't know that our boys were his, I always believed that they were yours, that absolutely devastates me.

About that time, was when I asked you to transfer to midnights too. It was NOT so I could be with Roger, in fact I thought it was a way to stay away from him. I thought that if you were home in the evenings, I would be here with you and not over at Amanda's missing you. I always go to bed early anyway, so I would be asleep while you were at work. You have to believe me, it's the honest to God's truth.

Martin, you spoiled me and made me want sex all of the time, you remember how much we used to do it. When you started working evenings, that changed, and I was SO frustrated. After the night I thought YOU got me pregnant, I was so scared that you were going to figure me out. I felt so nasty, that I wanted to fuck all day long. I needed you to do dirty, nasty things to me and I couldn't express what I wanted for fear of you finding out what I had done. Roger didn't make me feel like that, YOU DID! You have to believe me!!

I had kept those feelings inside of me for so long. I don't know why, but with Roger I let those urges come out, not because I loved him, he was just a cock. I guess there was no embarrassment or guilt involved, at least not until morning when I realized what I had done. I didn't have to face him and worry that he might think I was fucking someone else, he knew that I was. . . YOU.

In a way, I kind of felt sorry for him, because he knew how much I loved you, and that I had never felt that way towards him when we were married. He knew I would never have those feelings for him, no matter what.

Martin knew how Trish was, her empathy for other people, that's why he loved her so. He was the same way, in fact that was how this had all come to light, trying to show someone he didn't really know all that well (Joshua) that he felt bad for him.

In the weeks before you started the night shift, I ended up being with Amanda and Roger two more times. I told them that I wouldn't be coming around anymore, because you would be home in the evenings now. It was right after that, I came down with that horrible urinary tract infection, so it was a few weeks before we could make love again. During that time, I was so scared that Roger had given me some kind of disease, I had a lot of time to think and was scared that you somehow knew about it. I was terrified that if we had sex, that I would let myself go and act in a way that would make you suspicious. THAT was the mental block that kept me from enjoying myself with you. I wanted to make it up to you so bad, I wanted to fuck your lights out, and if I hadn't had that infection, I would have. There wouldn't have been time for me to sit around thinking and talk myself out of it.

One day,when you were working one of your day shifts, my mother came over for a visit, she wanted to talk to me about Roger. Mother told me that she knew about the three other times I'd been with him, was happy that I had finally come to my senses, and when was I going to start the divorce proceedings against you? I told her that I was not divorcing you and I never wanted to see Roger again. She came back at me, saying that I was surely in love with him, because I wouldn't have had sex with him if I wasn't. Then I made her mad again (no, shocked would be a better word), when I told her that it wasn't love, it was lust, and that "Roger probably never told her that Amanda had been there having sex with us too, did he?"

Mother got real quiet, looked at me not knowing what to say. I was mad and decided to push the envelope a little further, I told her that, "Roger screwed Amanda good, and I had had my face in her pussy too, what do you think of that?" Mother stormed out of the door, but stuck her head back in for a moment to tell me, that if I didn't stop sleeping with you, and get back with my real husband (Roger), she would come to you with some video tapes that Roger had given her of the times we had been together and tell you all about what had been going on. I don't know if there were ever any tapes or not, but I remembered that Amanda had a video camera, because we used to mess around and make funny videos, so I knew it was possible.

Later, mother called me up to say that she understood about me doing that 'dirty thing' with Amanda. She said that after thinking about it for a while, she realized that God had used Amanda to get me back together with Roger where I belonged. She told me that if I would divorce you, I could get the house and her and my dad would make the payments until Roger got a better job. That way we would have our own place. . . I hung up on her. . . I was sooo mad.

Then, daddy died. That was another reason that I wasn't very interested in sex for a while. Mother practically blamed me for the loss of my father, she said that my dad always stood by my decision to marry you. She said that daddy's health was our weakest link and that we had to pay a penance for my actions. My feelings were, that if I did anything that was wrong, it was having sex with Roger, not being with you. But what she said also drove a thought into my head that scared me. . . Maybe it was the type of sex that I was having that had taken daddy. I know that's absolutely nuts, but when I was younger, I overheard my mom giving my older brother a lecture about how anything other than straight, man on top sex was absolutely wrong. If a girl did anything other than that, she was a harlot and for him to stay away from that type of girl or God would punish him. I still remembered that, and it also added to my mental block about sex.

It was about this time, that I found out I was pregnant with Nick, my mother was ecstatic, she was positive that I was carrying Roger's baby. It turns out she was right, but I honestly thought the baby was yours. I'm so sorry, Martin.

You went to the night shift, and my mother kept at me to divorce you and be with Roger, she said that since dad was gone we could live with her. I told her that I had a home with you and I wasn't leaving, she said that I would be with Roger again, she'd almost guarantee it. I told her that just in the six weeks or so that you had been working nights,I missed you so much that I had to drink that damn awful tasting herbal tea, just so I could get to sleep without you here, that's how much I loved you.

It was about two months after you went to nights, and we had just made love before you went to work. The whole time we were going at it, I was wanting to let loose and do so much more than what we did. I was starting to get frustrated again, I wanted to do nasty things with you, but my fears about you finding out kept me from acting out my fantasies.

I want you to know, It wasn't you or your performance, I knew that if I would let go with you, it would be the best loving of my life, because you always put me first and I love you so much. It was my fear of acting out and being discovered that stopped me.

The next night, before you left for work, I got interested in a movie on tv, so instead of going to bed right away, I stayed up to watch. I don't even remember what it was now. All I know, is that I was sexually frustrated and I was on the verge of rubbing myself, when I heard a knock at the front door. I thought maybe you had forgotten something and had to come back. When I opened the door, there stood Roger, he had a couple four packs of the wine coolers that he knew I liked in his hands.

He asked if he could come in and we could drink a few. I told him that I couldn't drink, because I was pregnant with your (you Martin) baby. I could see the hurt in his eyes after I told him about the baby, he looked down at my tummy, I was just starting to show by then. I felt a little bad for him, so I told him to come on in, it wouldn't hurt me to drink one or two with him. We sat on the couch and talked while having our drinks, he told me that he'd been going over to Amanda's a lot. I told him that I thought she had a boyfriend, to be careful he might get jealous. Then he said that he really missed me coming over to Amanda's apartment, he put his hand on my leg and said he would like to lick my ass again.

I almost choked on my drink and had to get up to go into the kitchen for a minute. When I came back into the living room, I told him that he would have to leave, I wasn't doing that again, but he'd already opened a second drink for me. He said he was sorry, if I would sit and drink just one more with him, he would leave, so I sat down and drank another wine cooler since he had already opened it.

The next thing I knew, he was picking me up and asking me where the bedroom was. It was like I was in a trance again, I just pointed in the direction of the bedroom and he carried me in, and laid me on the bed. He undressed me, spread me out and started licking my ass. The next thing I remember was sitting on the edge of the bed with his cock in my mouth. I sucked him until he shot his giant load into my mouth, and I swallowed every bit of it. I kept sucking on him until he was hard again, told him to lie back on the bed, and I mounted him. I'm not going to lie about it, I came and came and came, then he shot his second load up inside of my pussy. I could feel the warmth of his cum deep inside of me and it turned me into a wild woman again, I got him ready again, and he fucked me again, this time in the ass, depositing his third load in there.

Before he left, I told him that it was absolutely the last time. I decided that I was going to open up to you and have you start doing those nasty things to placate me. Mother called me again the next day, and she said, "Guess who I talked to this morning?" I honestly didn't know. Then she told me that it was Roger, he'd stopped by to tell her that he'd slept with me again. I was livid, I told her that it was not going to happen again and she laughed at me, told me that she was willing to make a wager that I was wrong, to remember, she had the tapes.Then it occurred to me, that it was probably HER idea for him to come over to begin with.

I looked forward to the next time me and you made love, so that I could let loose with you, I needed to so bad. What me and you did WAS lovemaking, it was tender, it was wonderful and I loved it. What Roger and I did was just fucking, nothing more, and I needed that. . . Terribly. I knew that if I asked, you would have done anything for me without hesitation, and I so wanted to have your tender loving mixed with the raw sex, but. . . when we made love again, I chickened out again. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that you would know that I learned those things from someone else.

Actually, it was Amanda that put all of those dirty thoughts into my head, then she had Roger do them to me. I thought about telling you that she had told me about some of those things, then we could do them. But then, you would have known that I had been running with Amanda, and I didn't want that either.

About two weeks later, on your first night back for the week, Roger showed up with wine coolers again after you'd left. I told him NO, I wasn't doing this again. He just said that we could just have a drink or two, he promised that he wouldn't try to fuck me, so I let him come in. Then after we'd had a drink. . . he asked me if he could lick my ass again. . . I won't go into detail, but once more I couldn't resist him, and ended up with his cum deep inside of me again. He came back the next night, and the next, and so it started. I couldn't resist him, I'm not going to lie to you. . . was his big cock a drug that I had to have? I don't know. There was also the fact that I was so scared that if I denied him, someone (mother) would tell you about us, or show you the tapes that she supposedly had.

Later on, when I talked to my mom, I told her that I was staying with you, but had convinced you that I had female trouble and we couldn't have sex anymore. I thought that was the only way I could get her off of my back, she seemed to accept that as being OK. I couldn't understand then, and still don't know now why I couldn't resist him. I convinced myself that he was just a cock that I used to get my jollies on. I fell into a routine and accepted the fact you were my love and my life, Roger was nothing more than a body that I masturbated with when you weren't here. I'm not blaming you, but if you would have been a little forceful with me, I would have been your whore, I would have done anything you asked. There were so many times when I was with him that I imagined it was you. Sounds crazy doesn't it, but it''s the honest to God's truth. I couldn't let you see the sex crazed little slut that I had become, and I never could understand why I couldn't resist him.

You asked me if I would have still been messing with him, since you're home all the time now? My mother has no problem with us now that Roger is dead, but it doesn't matter anyway, cause you know the truth now. For the last ten years or so, he was only coming around about once a month anyway, so he wasn't getting me more than you, and NO, even if he was still alive, I would not still be sleeping with him.

Hasn't our sex life been better since he's been gone? Take me to bed, Martin. Make me your whore, if you want to bring in other girls and have threesomes with her and me, I'll go along with it. Or if you stay and never want to touch me again, I can live with that too, it'll be OK, I'll understand. But I don't want that, I need you. Just stay!

I take full responsibility for all that has happened, I should have never gotten involved with Amanda, I knew she was trouble. My reluctance to stand up to my mother, or to tell, or show you what I needed, what my body craved has cost me the most important thing in my life. I now fantasize about how things would have been if we had gotten together in high school. I truly wish that I would have never met Roger, the ONLY good that ever came from him is Jeff.
I will sit down and talk with you, will answer any questions you have about me and Roger. I would do anything to take it all back, and I would do anything to have you back, I truly love you and can't picture what my life will be without you in it. Please let me know something soon, I can't go on in limbo much longer.

Love, Trish

Martin put the letter back inside of the envelope, a few minutes later Trish came in. She looked over, expecting him to say something, anything. But Martin wasn't ready to talk just yet. He had to do some thinking about what she had written, he just took the letter and walked into his room, closing the door behind him.

Trish almost felt slighted, she thought sure he would discuss their relationship now, but he had not said a word to her. Her thoughts returned to what had happened, or more importantly, whom she had seen at the market.

For Trish, it had been a very interesting day indeed. She had just bent down to get a bag of sugar from the bottom self at the market, when she heard a man speak her name. Turning to see who it was, she saw a tall, very handsome and distinguished looking gentleman with slightly graying hair. She thought he looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place him,

"You're Trish Smith, are you not?" he asked.

"Yes I am, can I help you with something?" she replied as she stood straight.

Pointing and shaking his finger provocatively and smiling, he asked, "I bet you don't remember me, do you .

"You do look familiar, but I can't place you. You called me Trish Smith, so I assume that you know me from school, because my last name changed not long after graduation," she replied.

"I'm Dan McAllister, we graduated in the same class. . . so I take it that you're married then?"

When Trish heard his name, she fell silent, her pulse quickened and she choked up a little, "Oh, a. . . a yes. . . my name is Trish Riggs now."

Trish remembered this man, or the boy he used to be very well. From the first time she ever laid eyes on him, back in her freshman english class, she'd had a huge crush on him. He was so good looking back then, and he looked very tantalizing right now. He had been her fantasy all through high school, but back then, he never gave her a second look.

"Martin. . . are you married to Martin Riggs?" he asked.

"Yes, we've been together since '84, we have three sons," she replied nervously.

"Oh, so he's your second husband then," he said, pausing, "You said that your name changed right after high school. . . 1984 was three years after graduation," he smiled again.

"OH! That smile," she thought, then she blurted out, "Yeah, the first marriage was a big mistake,"

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, would I know him?"

"I don't know if you would remember him or not, but I would rather not talk about him anyway, he was trouble from the start, but he's dead now," she said, as she looked down at the floor.

"You know, I wouldn't really have called myself friends with Martin, I mean we never hung out or anything, but I knew him through my friends pretty well. I figured that he was who you were referring to, Martin is the only Riggs close to our age that I ever knew to be around this area. I will say that he's a lucky man though, because you are strikingly beautiful, and I would very much like to take you out to dinner sometime to catch up on everyone."

"Oh, I-I. . . may. . . I-a-I"ll. . . I don't. . . know," she said, hardly able to breathe, she'd had a thing for this man for almost thirty five years, was she dreaming?

"I'll be in town for the next three weeks, I would really like to get together, you know. . . catch up on old times and get to know you a little better before I leave. . . just as friends, nothing more," he smiled once more. . .

As Trish stood there in a daze, Danny pulled his wallet out of his inner suit pocket and retrieved one of his business cards, then pulled out his pen and circled the bottom number.

"That's my cell number, just give me a call if you decide you would like to go. I would be truly honored to have you as my dinner guest for an evening, the Marriott here in town has an absolutely outstanding restaurant."

"Oh God, that smile!" she thought again.

Trish took his card and told him that she would give it some thought. He told her that it had been a pleasure seeing her again after so long and he was looking forward to hearing from her, she wouldn't regret it.

"Oh my God, he is still sooo good looking, but I've already messed up with Martin enough, I could never. . ." she thought.

She was lost in thought the entire drive home, remembering how she used to lie in bed at night and fantasize about Dan. Back then, she had played the same scenario over and over in her head. . . It was never anything sexual, just that her and Dan had fallen deeply in love and married. The new home with a white picket fence, the children. . . a boy and a girl, she knew the story in her heart so well, even though it had been so many years ago.

Once home, expecting Martin to at least speak to her a little. . . then he had ignored her instead, the thoughts of Dan McAllister pushed their way to the front of her mind.

Over the next couple of days, Martin noticed that Trish seemed different, not a lot, but something was definitely off. She seemed aloof, almost like she did when she'd first started seeing Roger again. He suspected that she may have met someone, but she hadn't really been out of his sight long enough to actually be carrying on with anyone. Could she have maybe met someone on the internet?

Martin made up his mind to find out if there might just be someone else Trish was interested in, and to see what she would do if given the opportunity to spend some time alone. He called Jeff and explained to him what he thought was going on and his plan to see if she would take a chance to see someone else. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, he told Trish that he and Jeff were planning an overnight fishing trip to see if they could catch some catfish, they would be taking off Friday afternoon, and be home Saturday after lunch. They were going up to a gravel pit ten miles to the North.

"What about your back, how are you going to sleep on the ground? Will you be alright?" Trish asked.

"One of the guys that Jeff works with is bringing his camper, and Jeff said that it's got a real nice and comfortable bed in it, so I'll be fine," he replied.

Martin couldn't tell if Trish had something on her mind after learning his plans or not, but he tried to watch her close for the remainder of the week. On Thursday afternoon, Trish asked Martin if he was still planning on the fishing trip. For Martin, that raised a red flag, was she making sure he was going to be gone so that she could meet someone?

On Friday, Martin noticed that Trish seemed a little nervous and ansy. He asked her if there was something wrong and she told him that she was just worried about him going out like he'd planned. Martin told her that he would be fine and asked her what she had planned for the evening.

"Oh, nothing special, just sitting around and probably watching tv," she said, but she wouldn't look at him while she was speaking.

Later on that afternoon, Jeff came by and picked Martin and his fishing gear up on his way home from work, then headed on out to his house. Jeff's friend Steve was there waiting with his truck,

"Dad, you go ahead and climb in the front seat of Steve's truck and I'll put your fishing stuff in the back for you," said Jeff, as he got out of his car and walked over to his friend, "Steve, this is my Dad, Martin Riggs. . . dad, this is Steve Kahan."

They exchanged pleasantries and Martin climbed into Steve's truck. Jeff took Martin's fishing supplies from his vehicle and loaded them into the back of Steve's. Then went to gather up his own gear and made a quick trip inside to visit his wife and kids for a few moments before leaving. He grabbed his Barska 20-140x80mm Gladiator Zoom Binoculars on the way out. After climbing into the rear of the cab, Jeff handed the binoculars to Martin,

"Here Dad, when we get close to the house, these should help you get a better look," he said.

"Oh yeah, thanks. Damn Jeff, these are some nice binoculars," Martin replied.

Everything loaded, they headed back towards Martin and Trish's home, where they parked down the street a little ways and waited. For the most part, they sat in silence, with a few words spoken about whether the fish would be biting or not. Not much was mentioned about the reason they were sitting down the street from Martin's house.

An hour passed, and no one had shown up, the three were just about ready to give up, when a black Escalade drove by rather slowly. The driver appeared to be looking for an address. So the three men waited a moment and then pulled away from the curb, falling in behind the SUV. It pulled up and stopped in front of Martin and Trish's house and a tall, very well dressed man exited the vehicle and strolled up to the front door. They drove past slowly, checking the man out, who was now knocking on the door of Martin's home,

"I knew I was right!" exclaimed Martin.

"You recognize him, dad?" asked Jeff.

"He looks familiar, kinda like a guy I went to school with. . . his name was Dan. . . or Don. . . I think. I can't remember what his last name was though. . . Hell, it's been over thirty years ago, If that's even the same guy."

After Martin hadn't responded to her letter, Trish started thinking about Dan again. She gave it a week to see if Martin would come around, when he didn't, Trish made her mind up to go ahead and go to dinner with Dan McAllister, it would be innocent, she had no intentions. After all, Martin had been the one to tell her to go out with whoever she wanted. The revelation of the fishing trip played no part in her decision to go out with Dan, she had already decided that she was going whether Martin was home or not. Her mind was made up after he had all but ignored her the past week, Martin would have to find out when Dan showed up.

The three parked down the street and waited a little while longer, Martin looking through the binoculars. Trish came out and was dressed in a short, silky blue dress.

"Damn, she's wearing that sexy blue dress that she wore on our anniversary last year," Martin said in a sad tone.

A few moments later, Trish and her date drove past, Martin and Jeff ducked down, then after waiting a few moments so that it wasn't obvious, they fell in behind and followed at a distance. The Escalade drove down Main street past most of the restaurants, then turned right, onto Parker street. The three were shocked to say the least when the couple turned into the Marriott Hotel parking lot and stopped.

"Damn, she's getting right down to business isn't she?" said Martin.

"They DO have a restaurant here too, dad. . . and I've heard it's pretty good," Jeff replied.

"I just remembered that guys name, it's Mcallister, it's either Don or Dan. . . I remember him, he was a big pussy hound," said an irritated Martin.

After parking about two hundred feet away from the Escalade, they waited a few moments after Trish and Dan went inside, then, Jeff's friend Steve went inside to check if the couple were in the restaurant, or had gone up to a room. He spotted them just as the hostess was leading them to a table inside of the restaurant.

Assuming it would be forty five minutes at the very least for them to eat, he returned outside to the truck and reported what he had witnessed.

"They went inside of the restaurant, looks like it might just be a dinner date. You said that you all went to highschool together, maybe they were friends and they're just catching up," Steve told Martin.

"I don't know, if he's anything like he was back in high school, he's planning on fucking her tonight," Martin replied.

"Maybe he's changed," said Jeff.

"Oh I doubt that, did you see the way he was dressed, he just looks looks a playboy. He's in this for a piece of ass," Martin quipped.

After about a half hour went by, Steve headed back inside. Finding a seat in the lobby just outside of the dining room, he picked up a newspaper and pretended to read as he watched their table. They looked to be having a fairly good time, Trish reached across the table and touched Dan's hand, then leaned closer, looking into his eyes.

"It's gonna end up in this guy's room," he thought. He could just tell by their body language.

After finishing their dinner and settling the check, they rose and left the restaurant holding hands.

"Oh oh," Steve mumbled to himself after noticing.

Dan and Trish walked past Steve towards the front desk and the exit doors, Steve rose and followed a short ways, "Maybe this is innocent," he thought.

But then, they turned and headed towards the elevators. He headed for the exit to slip outside and give Martin and Jeff the bad news. Looking back as he was going through the main entrance, Steve saw Trish and Dan engaged in a very passionate kiss as they waited for the ride up to Dan's rented love nest.

He scurried across the parking lot to his truck and climbed in,

"I've got some bad news Bub, they're headed up to his room right now, I looked back as I was leaving and they were in a lip lock in front of the elevators."

Martin's emotions were all over the place, he knew that he told her to go fuck whoever she wanted, but when faced with the knowledge that she was actually going to do it, he was beside himself. Then he thought about Trish's letter and how she had explained about wanting to let go and be very sexual.

"New guy, horny woman, I'll bet she's going to be a porn star with him tonight," he thought to himself.

"What are we gonna do, wait around and see how long they're in there?" asked Jeff.

"Oh, she'll be in there all night, I guarantee it," said Martin, "She thinks I'll be gone till tomorrow afternoon."

"Are you gonna be alright?" asked Jeff.

Martin didn't answer right away, he was lost in thought, then he spoke up, "I guess I will be. . . I didn't realize just how much I still loved her, I guess this will be the end. Of course she'll probably be starting a relationship with ol' Dan now, hell. . . she might even end up married to him."

"This really sucks, you know it dad?" Jeff replied.

"Why don't we go get some beer and head on out to the lake anyway," said Steve, "I think puttin' on a good drunk tonight might be just what the doctor ordered, don't you?"

"Let's go!" said Martin.

Steve started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. As they pulled out onto the street, Martin stared at the black Escalade as they drove past.

"How fitting," he thought, "A car just like the cars the funeral home uses. . . the death of my marriage."

After driving a little ways, Martin spoke up,

"Pull into a gas station, I've got to piss and I want something to munch on," he said.

Steve pulled into the Cash and Dash and Martin got out and went inside, heading to the restroom. After coming out, he spent well over thirty minutes deciding what snacks he wanted to take along to the lake. The thoughts of what was happening back at the Marriott were really starting to distract him. He came to the realization that, Trish had never loved Roger, it was all just sex. This was different, she may fall in love with this guy, then she would be gone forever. . . and he had been the one to push her out of the door!

After leaving the station, Martin, Jeff and Steve headed over to the liquor store and went inside.

"What's your poison. .? I'll buy, " said Steve.

"Bud Lite sounds good, if that's OK with you. . . but anything is alright," replied Martin.

"Sounds good to me too, how 'bout you Jeff, sound OK?"

"Yeah, that's fine," he said.

After a few minutes conversing with the clerk, they headed out with two cases of Bud Lite.

On the way back through town, Steve drove past the Marriott again, Martin quickly glanced over to the space where the black Escalade was sitting. . . It wasn't there!!

"Go back around and go through the parking lot at the hotel!!" exclaimed Martin, "The Escalade is gone!"

"Are you sure? Maybe you just looked in the wrong spot," replied Steve.

"Just go back, I know it's not there now!"

Steve turned around, headed back and turning into the parking lot of the Marriott. As they reached the spot where the Escalade had been, sure enough, it was gone.

"What the fuck is this all about!" said Jeff, "Did he go after some booze or something. .? I don't know dad."

"Let's drive back by the house before we go out to the lake," Martin said.

"Why, do you think she might have changed her mind?" Jeff asked.

"I don't know, I. . . I. . . Just don't know. I hope so. I doubt it though, he probably just went out after something. . . But go by the house anyway, just to be sure."

Steve headed over towards Martin's for a look. Just as they drove by, Martin noticed the light in the bedroom where Trish slept come on,

"Stop!! The bedroom light just came on on! Either she's back, or someone else is inside my house!" he exclaimed.

"Are you sure it wasn't on already?" Steve asked.

"NO! I just saw it come on, we need to find out what's going on and who's in there."

Steve turned the car around and headed back, parking across the street, he looked up and down the street for the Escalade, but didn't see it anywhere.

"What are you looking for?" asked Jeff.

"Oh, I thought maybe they came back here for their little rendezvous and he parked down the street somewhere so no one would notice."

"Why in the fuck would they do that, when they were already at a hotel? It doesn't make sense," quipped Martin.

"Jeff, go on in and tell your mom you came back for something out of the garage. . . There's that old Zebco rod and reel on the right hand side at the back. Just tell her I forgot it and you came into town for some snacks or something and that you decided to swing on by and get it for me," said Martin. "But be careful, in case it's not her and someone has broken in."

"Alright dad, be back in a minute."

Jeff walked across the street and rang the doorbell. He had a key, but he wasn't going to risk going in and catching his mother having sex with someone. He heard footsteps coming through the house as someone approached, then the door swung open and there stood Trish. She had a troubled look on her face, and acted as though she was getting ready to say something, but stopped herself.

"Oh, I thought you were at the lake with dad and your friend," she said.

"Yeah. . . yeah, I was. . . we are. I just came into town for some more chips and stuff and came by to get the fishing rod that dad forgot."

"Do you know where it's at, is it the one back over in the corner?"

"I'll know it when I see it, it's his old Zebco," he said, "Is there something wrong, mom? You looked kind of agitated and ready to really let someone have it when you opened the door, were you expecting someone else?"

Trish's shoulders drooped and she looked down at the floor.

"Jeff. . . I-I almost did something stupid tonight that I would have regretted for the rest of my life."

"Oh?" he replied.

"Well. . . You know your father and I have been on the outs for a while. . . I wrote your father a letter, hoping that he would talk to me about. . . well. . . you know. On the day I gave it to him. . . right after, I left and went to the market. While I was there, I ran into a man that I haven't seen in years, a very good looking man, I might add. I had a huge crush on him in high school, you have no idea how much I dreamed about he and I being together. "

Trish looked down at the floor again, before raising her head and continuing,

"We talked for a while and then out of the blue, he asked me out to dinner. . . I told him that I was married, but he said it would only be as friends, that's all. When I got home from the store, your dad never approached me at all. . . and. . . I don't know. . . I love your dad so much, but I need some companionship, someone to talk to, to laugh with, you understand, don't you?"
Jeff never replied, just gave her a sympathetic look.

"After your father brushed me off, I decided it wouldn't hurt to go out and socialize a little. . . I never had any intention of it going as far as it almost did. I made arrangments to go out to dinner with Dan, he picked me up tonight. . . I don't know why, but. . . even though I had no intention of any romance. . . I wore that silky little blue dress that showed off my body. . . I feel so bad."

Jeff still never gave a response, and Trish looked away for a moment, feeling a little embarrassed. After a few seconds, she looked back in Jeff's direction and continued with her tale,

"We. . . Dan and I went to the restaurant in the Marriott, oh my God Jeff, it was fantastic. . . Anyway, we sat and talked, and I drank some wine. . . it loosened me up enough that. . . I don't know if I should have or not, but I told him that your father and I were having troubles. That's when he really turned on the charm, started trying to seduce me. . . he kept telling me how beautiful I was and kept complimenting me. Jeff, you don't know how much I liked him back when I was in high school, I used to lie in bed at night and dream about having a family with him. . . Back then, he wouldn't give me a second look, and here we were on a date of sorts. . . and he was telling me how much he wanted me," her last sentence coming out very quietly.

"Did you sleep with him?" asked Jeff, knowing that she really hadn't had time to.

"I-I-don't know why I let him, but-he-he-kissed me. . . and I went with him up to his room. . . I-I almost slept with him Jeff. . . I'm so ashamed. But I couldn't do it, I made him bring me home. I was living in the past for a short time tonight, in a fantasy. . . and I came back to reality thank God. He was a little upset with me, I guess I did lead him on enough that he thought I was a sure thing. . . When you came to the door, I thought he'd come back to try again, that's why I looked so mad. After my past, I don't know if you believe me or not, but I'm telling the truth. Ple-please don't tell your father. . . I'm ashamed enough as it is."

"I believe you mom, are you going to be alright? Should I tell dad to come home?" Jeff asked in return.

"No no, I don't want to spoil you guys' fun, I'll see him tomorrow."

"Alright then, I'll grab dad's fishing rod and get back out there. . . Are you sure you're going to be alright?"

"I'll be fine, just tell your dad that I love him."

"Alright, I'll go out through the garage so I can grab the rod, can you come push the button and shut the garage door behind me?" said Jeff.

"OK hon, see you guys tomorrow, love you. . . have fun," Trish smiled.

"Love you too, mom, bye."

Back in the truck, Martin asked Jeff what was going on,

"Well dad, she admitted that she went to dinner with him, she said that you wouldn't talk to her about a letter she wrote to you or something. She was just lonely and in need of some socializing."

"I'd say she needed something. . . she went up to his room after she kissed him didn't she?!" Martin replied.

"She admitted that too, she said that she felt like she was reliving her high school days and that she had always had a crush on the guy. She said that she almost ended up fucking him, well not those words exactly, but. . . she came to her senses and made him bring her home. . . I believe her dad, they never had time to do anything, we got here about forty five minutes after we left the hotel the first time, so I think she's telling the truth. Oh, and she said to tell you that she loves you."

"What should I do Jeff. .? Should I go in and talk to her, or go fishing. .? I just don't know. . . we-we really need to talk," Martin wondered.

"Let's go fishing, I asked mom if she wanted you to come home tonight, and she said that she would be alright, she didn't want to spoil your fun. . . Let's go drink some beer and catch some fish! Besides, you don't want her to know we were spying on her do you?"

"Alright, I need to think a while before I talk with her anyway."

"Can you trust her. . . the guy won't be coming back later will he?" asked Steve.

"I don't think so, she made it clear that she wasn't happy with him, she didn't have to tell me about him you know," said Jeff.

"Did you want the camper, or will some of the folding lounge chairs be OK?" asked Steve.

"The chairs will be fine, I fall asleep in mine all of the time anyway," Martin said.

"Are you sure? It would only take a few minutes to hook it up to the back of the truck," Steve replied.

The three headed over to Steve's house and gathered up his fishing gear and the chairs, then headed for the lake.

During the night, they caught a total of nine catfish between them, Martin with the biggest, a flathead weighing in at seven pounds. Martin only drank three beers, then about 2:30 am he fell asleep staring at the fire that they'd built. He didn't drink near the amount of alcohol he had originally intended to. If the scenario would have played out the way it looked like it was going to at first, he was going to get wasted.

Saturday morning, they made sure that the fire was extinguished completely, loaded up their gear and headed for town, arriving at Steve's about 10 am. After the fish were all cleaned, Jeff and Steve decided that Martin could keep the meat,

"We figure that you and mom can have some nice catfish dinners out of this," Jeff remarked, "By the way, mom did mention that she enjoyed the meal at the Marriott last night, maybe you and her can go there to eat sometime."

"You know your mother loves catfish, thanks you guys. . . and thank you for the night, I really had a good time. We'll have to do it again," Martin responded, "I'll take your advice on the Marriott, I've been wanting to eat there anyway, then maybe me and your mom can head upstairs to a room for the night. . ." he smiled.

To be continued. . .

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