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Lethal Weapon Pt. 01

Thanks for the feedback on Maria's Misconception's Parts 1 and 2 (2014). For those of you wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, this story is over a year in the making, I started back in August of last year, but circumstances out of my control prevented me from finishing. A distressing set of events came about in the last few months of 2014.

In September, there was the explosive breakup of our next door neighbors, who just so happened to be my nephew, his girlfriend of five years and their children. This put an emotional strain on my wife and I, because we were very close to him and his young boys, looking upon them as if they were our own. Watching the little guys being yanked away from their father, seeing all of the fighting and turmoil my wife and I were unfortunate enough to witness, and having to deal with the police on several occasions. . . It just left me pissed off and emotionally drained.

Then, a short time later in December, after being ill for some time, my father-in-law, his health having taken a sudden turn for the worse, passed away. This put an additional emotional toll on the wife and myself.

To top it off, the day of his funeral, my computer's hard drive crashed. I took the time while it was down to just be lazy and started watching television again, something I've done very little of over the last several years. I became quite interested in the 'Investigation Discovery' channel, got my fill of 'The World's Dumbest' on TRU TV, and got involved in 'The Curse of Oak Island' on the History channel.

In February, I finally pressured my youngest son into taking a look at my computer, and his prognosis was that it was pretty much fucked. He gave me one of his older laptops so that I could still get online. I told him not to worry about getting into any hurry fixing it, I just wanted my photos and documents from the hard drive (if that was possible). Because of all that had happened in the last few months, I was in no mood to finish the story at the time anyway.

After my father-in-law's illness and death, there were a lot of repairs needed on he and my mother-in-law's home. I spent the spring and summer making those repairs and also built a large deck onto the house in the process, something they had planned before his illness. So I've been pretty much pre-occupied, not to mention what seems like the endless trouble still going on with my nephew (who stayed with us for a while after the break up) and his ex. When I felt like I wanted to write again, I was going to use their situation as the basis of a story, but I decided that I wanted to finish this story first.

I coaxed my son into trying to retrieve the photos and documents off of the old computer, then transfer them all onto the laptop I've been using, and he was able to do that for me. After all of this time, I'd almost forgotten the character's names and the direction in which I wanted to take this story. I reread it (the half that was finished) twice and decided to change up what the original ending was going to be, or at least what I could remember of it. A little mixup on my arthritis meds recently pretty much turned me into a zombie for a while and I'm still finding it hard to stay focused. I dedicated a few hours on this over about a two week period and became distracted by some more projects at my MIL's house again, plus some things needed here at my own home, so it's been slow going.

The story ended up quite a bit longer than what was originally intended, so I divided it up into 3 parts. I will turn on the comments and voting after the last chapter. There are some elements of real occurrences in this, as there are in most stories, but the story itself is fiction, as are some of the businesses and their locations. There are no sexual situations involving anyone under the age of 18 in this story.


In all high schools, there always seems to be one of those girls. Cute face, nothing to stand out in a crowd, but still pretty enough to garner a second look occasionally. Trish Smith was one of those girls, at five seven, and only eighty pounds, she was built like a boy. She looked more like someone that had made a wrong turn in the hallway at the jr high and had wandered over into the wrong building.

If she would have been a little more outgoing, she may have been a more popular. She had all kinds of friends, problem was. . . they were all girls. Very shy and feeling extremely awkward because of her weight, or lack of it, to be more specific, she avoided almost all contact with anyone of the opposite sex. She'd also become an easy target for other teenage students, girls and boys alike, who constantly teased and tormented her for being so thin. A day didn't go by, that someone wouldn't call her, 'Stringbean, beanpole or jolly green giant'.

Although there had been crushes on a few boys, one in particular all through high school, she never dated at all.

During her freshman and sophomore years, Trish's blonde hair was short, a 'Pixie' cut, but by the time she graduated in 1981, her hair had grown to be just below her shoulders. Closer to ninety pounds now, her weight compared to her height still made her look a little gangly.

Not wanting to interrupt her studies, Trish waited until after graduation to look for employment, then a few days upon receiving her diploma, she started behind the counter at the local Dairy Queen. After working her first week, she realized that the same scraggly looking young man had been coming in and incessantly flirting with her everyday at lunch time. He was kind of rough looking, long, stringy black hair, a goatee and a tattoo of a skull on his upper right arm, he reminded her of a biker. Trish wasn't really attracted to him at all, but he was perssistant and that in itself made her curious to find out who he was and more about him.

Trish spoke to her friends, asked if they knew anything about him. They told her that he had been a year ahead of them all in high school, but she didn't remember him. They tried to warn her that he'd been hanging with some pretty unsavory characters over the last few years. The word from some pretty reliable sources was that Roger Murtaugh and his older brother, Joshua were druggies and had been seen hanging with several known prostitutes from Cincinnati. Trish's friends also told her that Roger was a high school drop out, and he didn't even have a driver's license or a car. They all thought he was trouble and advised her to steer clear of him.

Friday, after Trish finished up her first work week, she walked outside towards her car and found Roger there waiting. He introduced himself and asked if maybe she would like to see a movie with him. After going all through school without any male attention whatsoever, she was actually excited that there was a man that seemed to be interested in her. The warnings her friends had given her about him crossed her mind, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt anyway. She told him yes, that she would like to go out with him, and they set a time for their first date.

Roger didn't drive, Trish had to pick him up for their night out. This was much better for her anyway, because she knew for sure that her mother would never approve of the way Roger looked. After picking him up, they went to the Dairy Queen for a bite to eat before heading over to the theater to see Cheech and Chong starring in Nice Dreams. Roger worked part time, three nights a week setting pins at the local bowling alley, but his parents had given him the money for his date with Trish. They thought maybe if he had a girlfriend he might finally get his act together.

Roger all but cut his brother and friends off while he pursued Trish. This was all new to him, because in the past he'd always had to pay for any female contact. About two months after they first started dating, Trish asked him about the rumors that she'd heard about the prostitutes. Roger told her that the rumors were just that. . . all rumors. At this point in their relationship, she believed him. Then, even though they had hardly ever kissed, a month later Trish gave her virginity to him in the back seat of HER car. It was Roger's twentieth birthday, and she was just seven weeks shy of turning nineteen herself.

Truth be told, the rumors about Roger and the prostitutes were true. On his eighteenth birthday, his older brother Joshua and three friends had thrown a party for him, and hired a stripper. They all tried to get him to have sex with the girl right there in the living room, but he was too shy. So after a while, he took the woman into a bedroom with the intention of getting her to go along with faking it to appease their torments. But having never been with a virgin before, she had other ideas and started rubbing his cock, finally coaxing him into letting her 'see' it. After getting his pants down, she was absolutely amazed, not only was he a virgin, his cock was every bit of nine inches and very thick. . . and he wasn't even fully hard yet!!

The woman started stroking and massaging his manhood until he was fully erect, then convinced him to put on a condom and fuck her. Roger lasted all of about ten strokes before he gasped and came. She moaned and carried on loudly during those ten strokes, he assumed that she'd done that just to amuse the others, but. . . When he pulled out of her, she looked down at his cock, and couldn't believe the amount of cum that was in the end of the rubber, there must have been a quarter cup (we're talking Peter North). The moaning hadn't all been an act either, this was the biggest cock she'd ever seen, and she really had enjoyed it being inside of her. She had even given him her number and told him to call later, so they could hook up again. She definitely wanted to spend some quality time with his big cock.

The two came out of the bedroom to cheers from everyone, then Joshua and crew took turns fucking the woman right there in the living room. A few weeks later, Roger called the woman up, but she was doing a party. So she hooked him up with one of several prostitutes. Over the next year, Roger, Joshua and the other three losers ended up partying with these hookers quite a bit

None of these guys were the type to find their own women, Roger had been the first of the group to actually get a steady girlfriend (Trish). He had fucked the stripper a couple of times, and although she enjoyed the size of his cock, she became increasingly frustrated with his inexperience and started being busy when he called. When he spotted Trish in the local Dairy Queen, she sort of resembled her. . . blonde, a lot thinner, but their facial features were very similar. With the little bit of confidence that had gotten from being with the stripper and the prostitutes, he summoned up the courage to talk to Trish, he now had a girlfriend.

Talk about bum luck, after the awkwardness of their first sexual encounter, Roger and Trish didn't have sex again for another month, so her pregnancy had to have been the result of their very first time together.

As screwed up as Roger and his brother's lives were, their parents, Mitchell and Sally Murtaugh were very upstanding people in this small community, as were Trish's parents. When Roger told his parents about Trish being pregnant, they suggested that he and Trish get married before she started showing. . . and before Tom and Louise Smith (Trish's parents) had a chance to figure it out.

Roger stayed away from his brother and friends and the lifestyle he'd been living before, trying to 'straighten up' as his parents called it. So, he liked the idea of being married to Trish, it made him feel like he was on the right track. They were married in November, 1981, just six months after meeting, and they moved into Roger's parents finished basement, which was the same as an apartment in itself. The kitchen was upstairs in the main part of the house, but downstairs there were two bedrooms, a full bath and a large open area they used as a living room.

Jeffery Allen Murtaugh was born in May of 1982. Trish didn't know if her parents had figured out that she had been pregnant when Roger and her had married or not, but they never mentioned it. What could they have done anyway? There was no way that they would have ever condoned an abortion.

Trish continued to work at Dairy Queen and Roger stayed with his part time job at the bowling alley. . . At least he did until Jeff was about six months old. Joshua had been making fun of him for being 'pussy whipped' and not hanging and partying with them anymore. Roger started hanging out with his brother and friends again while Trish was at work, then ended up quitting his job. His mother had the baby most of the time and Trish's mom other times.

After giving birth to Jeffery, Trish kept some of her pregnancy weight. Now about one fifteen and breasts that had filled out to about a 34C, she was a very pretty and shapely young woman. For the first time in her life, men were smiling and giving her compliments.

Trish wasn't sure if having the baby had caused her body to change, or like her mother suggested, she just bloomed late. Her mother explained that she had an aunt that had not filled out until her early twenties, so maybe that was it. Either way, she liked it. . . and also all of the male attention she was getting.

Roger loved (?) Trish, but he hadn't really wanted children, and he didn't want to work either. He never cheated on her, but then again, women avoided him for the most part, so there were no real opportunities. That probably would have changed if they would have known about the monster hanging between his legs.

Roger and Trish's sex life was literally non-existent, the inexperience of them both made things very uncomfortable. The only other girls Roger had ever been with were the stripper and a few prostitutes. There was no love or foreplay, or oral sex for that matter. The prostitutes were only interested in getting fucked and getting high, and the stripper had ran out of patience with him. Roger clearly didn't know anything at all about foreplay or how to seduce or please a woman, and Trish didn't know what to tell him to do to please her, either. . . She simply didn't know anything at all about sex or orgasms and the like, no one had ever taught her. His large size and her lack of being aroused enough, was painful for her. She wondered what people even saw in the act, she sure didn't get any enjoyment out of it.

Sex with the stripper and the prostitutes had been a little exciting for Roger, because they had had more experience, plus they were so loose that he fucked them without difficulty. Each time with Trish was extremely uncomfortable, almost like she was still a virgin, he could only get his cock in her part of the way and she laid there and didn't really participate at all. Plus his cock was usually sore for a couple of days afterward.

After a while, Roger started spending more and more time doing his own thing, even when Trish was home from work. As a result, they drifted further and further apart. Without a job, he and his friends couldn't afford the prostitutes, but they always seemed to find a way to get some alcohol, or score some pot. Any interest he'd had in sex turned to drinking, partying and hanging out down along bluegrass Creek.

Mr and Mrs Murtaugh purchased a VCR for Roger and Trish, hoping to coax him into staying home with his wife more. Being able to watch an uncut movie at will, in your own home, pause, fast forward and rewind at will, was a relatively new technology in the early 1980's.

Roger occasionally stayed home to watch a movie, but when he did, his brother was there watching too, and all they wanted to watch were violent action flicks. Their parents wouldn't allow any of Roger or Joshua's friends inside of their home, and Trish was really glad of that. Trish liked watching romantic films and love stories and wanted Roger to watch with her, but he refused to watch that 'lovey dovey' crap, as he called it.

By the beginning of 1984, Trish had just about had her fill of Roger. She was very unhappy with the direction that their marriage had taken, and told him that things had to change or she was leaving. They still lived in his mother's basement, he still wasn't working, and he was rarely, if ever home. Yet Trish was still working at Dairy Queen, their only source of income. She still drove the 1971 Chevy Impala that her parents had given her when she was a senior in high school. It had been a fairly nice car, but now, it barely ran, and only got a bath when it rained.

Trish told Roger that he had some choices to make; get a full time job, his driver's license, a place of their own, and start paying more attention to his family, or she was moving back to her mother's. She gave him three months to get his act together.

By the time April rolled around, Roger had not put in a single application anywhere, and was spending less and less time at home. They hadn't had sex since before Thanksgiving of the year before, he showed her no form of affection, and slept on their couch most nights.

Trish filed for a divorce, and her and Jeffery moved back home with her parents. At first Roger hadn't taken her seriously, and told her that he didn't want her to leave. Then after weighing his options; Having to get a full time job; Moving away from home and having to take care of his own place (possibly even having to do yard work); No more drinking and running around with his friends. . . He didn't fight the divorce, and it was final in August of '84.

Mr and Mrs Murtaugh were saddened by the divorce, they had thought an awful lot of Trish, but they didn't blame her. They even gave her the VCR when she moved out. And though it didn't phase him one bit, they reamed Roger a new asshole after she left, told him what a loser he was and what he had just given up.

It was a late Friday afternoon one month later in mid September, Trish was leaving work for the day, when she noticed Martin Riggs eating an ice cream cone at one of the tables out in the lobby. He'd come in while she was in the back preparing to clock out. Martin and Trish had gone to high school together too, but because her birthday was late in the year, he was a year ahead in his studies, and had graduated a year before her. They both knew each other's names, but had never met personally.

He looked right at her at the same time she spotted him, and he smiled, "Whoa, is that that girl I went to school with, that real skinny one? What's her name. . . damn it, I don't remember. . . She filled out really nice though!" he was thinking as he smiled.

"That's Martin. . . from school. . . God, I haven't seen him since I was a junior. . . Wow, he's a lot better looking now that he's older!" she thought, as her heart rate picked up, and she smiled back.

Martin Riggs was the exact opposite of Roger, he was handsome, fairly muscular, he had his license and his own vehicle (a 1980 Chevy pickup), he didn't smoke, didn't do drugs, only drank a few beers now and then, and he had a steady full time job.

Martin worked 8am to 5pm for a local lumber yard, loading trucks and making deliveries. How he managed to be inside of the Dairy Queen a little before five that day, in time for he and Trish to happen upon each other, was in itself nothing more than an odd coincidence. Martin had made a delivery to a house about ten miles outside of town, the address was easier to find than expected, and he managed to get the truck unloaded rather quickly. So he was on the road, headed back to town about twenty minutes sooner than he initially planned.

As he came through town, an automobile accident had blocked the street heading back to the lumber yard. Martin turned right and took a detour around several blocks. The alternate route took him right past Dairy Queen on his way. All at once, ice cream popped into his head, it had been a long time since he had an ice cream cone last, and he made up his mind to come back by as soon as he was off from work.
Because of his early return, Martin's boss was very pleased and told him he could take off early if he wished, that he would still pay him until five. If not for that, Martin would have never been sitting inside the Dairy Queen when Trish was leaving work that day.

Thinking about the way Martin smiled at her, Trish was a little flushed as she walked out to her car. She climbed in, put the key in the ignition and turned it to the on position, pumped the gas once and turned the key. The Chevy fired up and ran for about five seconds, then died. She turned the key again, with the same results. On the third try, she looked to her right and there stood Martin, just so happened, he was parked right beside her. Another try. . . and once again. . .

Martin walked around to her side of the car, "Need some help?" he asked.

"It does this all of the time, it'll go here in a minute," she replied.

"I went to school with you, didn't I, aren't you. . . Taa. .?"

"Trish," she said, "And you're Martin."

"Yes, yes. . . Martin Riggs, I was close to getting your name. . . I knew that it began with T," he chuckled.

"Trish Murtaugh. . . err, I mean. . . Ah, it was Trish Smith when I was in high school," her voice stumbled.

"Oh, you're married now. . ." he said, with obvious disappointment in his voice.

"Yeah. . . ah, ah. . . no no. . . I. . . I'm divorced!"

"Oh," he said, his mood picking back up, "Can I help you with your car?"

He would have helped her either way, it was just in his nature. Trish smiled and climbed out of the car and Martin sat down in the driver's seat. He put his foot on the accelerator and turned the key, it started and he kept his foot on the gas to keep it running. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his keys and tossed them to Trish,

"Ever driven a truck before?" he asked.

"I drove my uncle's truck when I moved back home, so yeah I guess."

"Hop in my truck right there, don't worry it's just like your car, it's got an automatic transmission. . . I'll follow you to your house, so I know where you live, then I'll take your car over to my house and see if I can make it run better. I'll leave my truck at your house while I've got your car, that way you'll have it as collateral to make sure I bring your car back. . . Sound OK?" he grinned.

"I can't afford to pay you much. . . I," she started.

"I'm not going to charge you anything, I just think your choke needs adjusted, and I'll check the timing and dwell while I'm at it. I'm pretty sure the starting problem is the choke sticking, maybe sometime later on, I can throw in some plugs, wires and a new fuel filter for you and you should be good to go then," he explained.

"Thank you," she replied.

Trish turned the key and started Martin's truck, which ran beautifully, "Wow, this is a nice truck," she said to herself quietly. Backing out of the parking space, she pulled out of the DQ parking lot, and headed towards her house with Martin close behind in her Impala. He kept one foot on the gas and one on the brake to make sure it stayed running. After arriving home she pulled up in front, he honked and waved, driving on past and heading towards home, where he still lived with his parents also.

Mr and Mrs Smith were sitting in the front porch swing when Trish pulled up, they were a little taken aback when they saw Martin honk and wave, then drive on past in her car,

"Who was that, and where's he going with your car?" Trish's father asked, "And why are you driving that truck?"

"That's Martin Riggs, we went to school together, and. . ." Trish tried to reply.

Her mother stood up, "Why did he take your car!!" she demanded.

"He going to work on it, it was acting up when I was leaving work, and he said he thought that he could fix it, so he's taking it over to his house to work on it, mother!" Trish said in a stern voice.

"And just how much is that going to cost you?"

"Nothing, he said he thought some things just needed to be adjusted," Trish said, as she walked up the steps onto the porch.

"Like what? Is he going to adjust your panties down, is that why he's going to work on your car for free?"

"NO!. . . mother, he's just a really nice guy trying to help me out," Trish replied.

"Are you planning on going out with him?"

"Mother, I doubt if he'll even ask. . . but, if by chance he would. . . yes, I would definitely go out with him!"

"Young lady, let me explain something to you. . . I. . . we. . . your father and I, never cared for Roger one bit, but we stood back, and let you marry him, and now you have a child with him. Your obligation is to your child and to your husband, we will not allow you to break your vows by seeing another man. . ."

"Roger and I are divorced mother! I can see whoever I want!"

Patricia Louise Sm. . . Murtaugh!! Listen to me! You may have a paper saying you're divorced, but in God's eyes, you are STILL MARRIED to Roger Murtaugh!! You are NOT allowed to lie with another man, do you understand me! I am sorry that you chose Roger to be your husband. . . But you did, YOU. . . No one else did it. It's either him, or no one."

Trish turned and opened the door to go inside, "Did you know that I was already pregnant with Jeffery when me and Roger got married? Did you know that, mother?!"

Louise Smith stood there in shock, then she mumbled to herself and started counting on her fingers. Then looking back at Trish, she said,

"So, you got yourself knocked up, and you HAD to marry him! How many other men did you screw before Roger? That's it, isn't it? Did you get tired of him, and decided you wanted to go back to whoring around?"

"I have never been with another man except for Roger, mother. He was my first. . . There's just that little tidbit that it was before we were married, and you KNOW why I left him. . . What about HIS obligation to take care of his wife and family? Huh? What about that? He was more interested in booze and hanging with his friends than he was me. . . so I left."

Louise sat back down, turned her head and said that she wasn't talking about it anymore, Trish could do whatever she wanted, but to remember that lying down with any other man besides Roger was adultery, and she WOULD NOT let an adulterous little floosy stay in her home!

Trish stormed into the house, went into her and Jeffery's room, closing the door behind her.

Once Martin arrived at home, he hooked up his small engine analyzer to Trish's car, set the points (dwell), then hooked up his timing light and set the timing. "Ah ha!" he said, when he found that the vacuum hose leading to the vacuum advance on the distributor was cracked on the end, causing a slight vacuum leak. The hose was long enough that he was able to cut the hardened and cracked end off and just reattach it.

Martin started the car and found that it ran noticeably better. Then he took a spray can of Gumout, cleaned the linkage on the carburetor good and adjusted the choke to the spec on the under hood sticker. It only took about thirty minutes to complete those tasks, so he washed her car and pulled the shop vac outside and swept the car out good too.

By the time he pulled up in front of Trish's house, her mom had gone inside to start supper, and her dad had followed. Trish was now sitting outside on the front porch alone when Martin pulled up, she ran down the steps to greet him. After seeing her car, then hearing it run, she almost started crying.

"Oh my God, it looks so nice. . . thank you, thank you, thank you. . . Oh! And listen to it run. . . Wow! I don't know how I can ever repay you. . . Oh! Thank you!"

"Have you eaten yet?" asked Martin.

"No, my mom is cooking supper right now."

"Would you like to go out for supper?"

"I would love to. . . Right now?"

"I'll go home and get cleaned up and be back in a hour, will that work?" asked Martin.

As luck would have it, Jeffery was away at Roger's parents for the weekend, they had picked him up earlier in the afternoon. She was relieved, because she knew that her parents would have never watched Jeff so that she could go out.

And so their relationship began. . .

Martin wasn't a virgin, there were several different women before Trish, but he never saw any potential in any of them as being wife material. Most of the women in this little town had been around the block and back many times, most would go to bed with a guy on the first date. And if the guy didn't try and get into their pants by the third, they wondered whether or not he was gay.

Martin saw something different in Trish, and the fact that she had a child didn't matter, she HAD been married at the time, the baby wasn't the product of a hit and run.

Unlike with Roger, Trish and Martin had done a lot of kissing and necking, but Martin waited until he was sure that she was ready before making love with her. They waited two months, then one Saturday night while Martin's parents were out of town for the weekend. . . it happened. Martin took Trish into his room, and as they necked, he slowly undressed her. Before they went any further, Trish explained that her sexual experiences with Roger were far from pleasant, so she wasn't sure what to expect with him. She told Martin how Roger had hurt her, so now he was well aware that Roger was very big. He also felt a little intimidated, because Martin was only about five and a half inches, hard. It never occurred to Trish that maybe she shouldn't have told him how big Roger was, she really wasn't aware that there was that much difference in men's penis sizes. Coming from a very religious family, sex was never discussed in her parents home.

Martin assured Trish that he would be gentle, he went slow, licking and sucking her erect nipples and stroking her breasts as he moved down towards her now soaking wet pussy. She was frozen, but so excited at the same time, she had no idea what he was doing, having never seen or been told anything at all about oral sex. Trish was more aroused and wetter than she had ever been in her life. He licked up and down her labia, parted her lips and fucked her with his tongue. She exploded into her very first orgasm shortly after Martin moved up and touched her clitoris.

Martin put on a condom and Trish braced herself, anticipating the pain that was about to come. . . There was one big difference she felt with Martin though, Trish had never really been sure that she was in love with Roger, now she positively knew that she hadn't been. She was, however, absolutely positive that she was in love with Martin, and with the emotions that she was feeling right at that moment. . . the pain wouldn't matter.

Martin put a condum on, then slid up between her legs and pressed his cock head against her opening, then slowly pushed inside. Trish was pleasantly surprised. . . It felt good and she experienced pleasure, not pain. He brought her to two more orgasms, before letting himself go. When he pulled out, Trish glimpsed at his manhood and noticed that it was quite a bit smaller than what Roger's had been. Was that why it didn't hurt? After the way Martin had made her feel though, she looked forward to doing it again.

Much to the chagrin of her parents, Trish and Martin rented a house and moved in together, then eighteen months after their chance meeting at Dairy Queen, in March of 1986, they were married. Trish continued to work at Dairy Queen and Martin at the lumber yard, until June of 1987. Martin then took a job at ZMA for a substantial raise in pay, plus benefits, and Trish quit her job, becoming a stay at home mom for Jeffery.

Mitchell and Sally Murtaugh attended Martin and Trish's wedding, they actually seemed happier for Trish than what her own parents had been. In fact, while Trish and Martin were dating, the Murtaugh's had even offered to babysit so that the couple could be alone. Trish's parents absolutely refused, professing that she was cheating on her husband and they would have no part in it. They made an appearance at the wedding, but the scowls on their faces were telling.

The Murtaugh's knew that their son was pretty much worthless and were relieved that their grandson would now be raised in a stable and loving, two parent environment. They even showed their support the following year, when Martin adopted Jeffery and changed his last name to Riggs.

Roger was happy too, it absolved him from ever having to pay child support. Martin and Trish made it clear from the beginning, Jeff would know who his grandma and grandpa Murtaugh were and that they would be included in his life just as much as they had always been. Now Jeffery had three sets of grandparents, besides the Murtaugh's, he had Mr and Mrs Smith and Martin's parents had accepted him as their own too.

Ironically, Jeffery resembled Martin enough that he could easily pass for his child. As it turned out, Martin and Roger were third cousins on Martin's mom's side.

The Smith's weren't very happy about the whole situation, they thought Martin was a decent guy and all, and would provide a good living for their daughter and grandson, but. . . Their strong Catholic beliefs said that Roger was Trish's husband, and they thought that he and Trish should have worked through their problems, instead of divorcing. They were not at all pleased about Martin adopting Jeffery either.

For the first several years of Martin and Trish's relationship, the Smith's were civil to Martin, but very indifferent with him. Trish's mom constantly reminded her that she was committing adultery and that she should leave Martin and return to Roger. Martin was well aware of his mother in law's accusations to his wife, but kept his mouth shut. He didn't want his in laws to dislike him more than they already did.

In 1990, Tom Smith had a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. At first it looked as though he was going to recover, but it wasn't to be, he passed away in his sleep ten days after being hospitalized. The news of her father's passing hit Trish hard and her mother seemed to back off of her pursuit of getting her back with Roger for the time being.

Life went on. . .


Fast forward. . . July, 2010.

In the ensuing years since their wedding, Trish had given birth to two more children. Nicholas born in 1991, and Damon born in 1992. They had also done quite well for themselves financially, they had purchased a house and it was paid off. Martin had accumulated quite a few tools and man toys, Trish had furnished the house with mostly new furniture and wanted for nothing, they were living a nice middle class life. Their twenty fourth wedding anniversary had just passed a few months earlier, and Martin had been employed at ZMA for twenty three years now. Life was good.

Back in 1990, a few months after Trish's father passed away, Martin noticed that her mother seemed to warm up to him for some odd reason and she'd been. . . Well, not actually friendly, but had acted a lot more tolerable of him ever since.

Meanwhile. . .

The July temperatures and the humidity rolling up from the Gulf, were proving to be exceedingly uncomfortable for the workers inside the plant at ZMA. In the warehouse, the temperature was well over 90 degrees as large industrial fans hummed, circulating air around inside of the concrete and steel structure, making it at least bearable for those working back in this area.

The production floor was another story though. The heat from the production ovens, along with that generated from the electronic machinery used in the process, made the temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees. Small fans were all that could be used in this area, because the larger fans kicked up dust that contaminated the manufacturing process. With high humidity and the small amount of air circulating around, work was stunningly distressing.

Despite the heat, the talk at the plant didn't have anything to do with how hot or uncomfortable it was inside the building, the main source of chatter was about the discovery of a dead body down behind the old paper mill, along Bluegrass Creek a few weeks before. It was an area that was frequented by crack heads and druggies of all sorts. It seemed some poor soul had partied just a little too hardy. The preliminary investigation showed that they had suffered a heart attack, after what looked like an all night cocaine binge, autopsy results were pending. No one was really surprised though, because Roger Murtaugh and his brother Joshua had dabbled around with drugs and alcohol for almost all of their adult lives. Just another unfortunate result of the drug culture that seemed to permeate this small town.

Martin was working day shift, it was extremely hot and had been an especially busy morning, and he'd about had his fill of hearing about Roger. Rumors that he'd been murdered, who had done it and all different kinds of explanations for his untimely death were making their way around the plant. Martin was glad that only a handful of people at ZMA knew that his wife had once been married to Roger. Martin decided he needed a break and told his co workers that he was heading outside for a few minutes.

Just outside of the warehouse, a thicket of trees had grown and kept the sun blocked from a large area for most of the day. The company had constructed a small rest area on this shaded spot, complete with a soda machine and a picnic table. This area, at the back of the building, was also covered by a large metal roof to protect it from the elements. Frequently, those working the floor, would take short breaks and step outside of the plant to cool off and for a breath of fresh air.

Martin made his way through the shipping and receiving area, stepping outside into the rest area, and purchased a can of Pepsi, then sat down at the picnic table. The outside air was hot, but the slight breeze that was blowing felt good drifting across his face and arms, which were covered in sweat. During his break, Martin had a short conversation about the hot weather with the driver of a tractor/ trailer, who was waiting in the rest area for his truck of cardboard to be unloaded. After sitting, talking and relaxing for about ten minutes, Martin finished the Pepsi, and headed back inside towards his work area.

Coming inside the building from the rest area, tall stacks of wooden pallets lined both sides of the walkway. As Martin walked through, he could hear the reverse alarm of an approaching fork truck. Danny glover was unloading the truck belonging to the driver Martin had just spoken to a few moments before. Danny had just picked up a load of perforated cardboard, used for making boxes from the trailer parked in the receiving area.

Martin peered out from around the stack to see where the forklift was located and waited. Danny stopped about fifteen feet away and positioned the pallet of cardboard across the aisle from where Martin was, then placed the fork truck in reverse. As Danny backed up, several beads of sweat ran down his forehead and dripped into his eyes. Briefly unable to see, he slammed on the brakes, but was too late, the fork truck clipped the end stack of pallets, pushing it into the stack behind just enough to make it wobble.

To no one's knowledge, the bottom pallet on the wobbling stack had been damaged by a previous encounter with a fork truck, and had several nails pulled loose and boards that were cracked. The wobble caused the cracked wood to fracture, and the pallet collapsed, the stack tipped and started to fall in Martin's direction. The forklift was blocking the path to his right, so he had to run to his left, into the same path as the stack of pallets was falling. The stack toppled very slowly, like a big tree that had just been felled, the aisle was about twenty feet wide and went on for over a hundred feet. So Martin had plenty of time and room to get clear before it hit the floor.
Martin easily got past where he pallets would have fallen, but as luck would have it, the top pallet of the falling stack clipped a small protrusion on an I beam. It veered off to the right, hitting one of the large fans and some other items stored in the area on the way down. The pallet, landing on it's edge, bounced once and cartwheeled along, cutting Martin down like a bowling ball taking down the ten pin.

The corner of the pallet struck Martin directly in the middle of his lower back and he ended up flat on the floor with the heavy wooden pallet on top of him. To add insult to injury (literally), he watched as the heavy industrial sized fan wobbled around on it's base, until it tipped and fell on top of the pallet and him. . . still running.

Danny quickly killed the motor on the fork truck and ran to find help. The paramedics arrived and stabilized Martin, putting him on a backboard, he was then taken by ambulance to the local hospital. Four cracked vertebrae and two ruptured discs kept him there for most of the rest of summer, and it looked as though he would probably be out of work for the rest of his life.

Martin had always tried to make the very best of every situation, he looked at the upside to every scenario. Here, he saw the opportunity to spend more time with Trish. The twenty years of midnight to eight shifts had literally kept him away from home at night for roughly half of his married life. His schedule was four nights on, four off, so Trish had spent an awful lot of nights sleeping alone. Two of his nights off were day shifts (8 to 4).

For the first three years of his career at ZMA, Martin worked the evening shift (4 to 12). He found it hard to go to sleep after coming home at midnight, and was usually awake until three or four am. He usually slept until at least noon, leaving only a few hours free before having to return to work. He pondered going to the midnight shift, but Trish wanted him home at night, she didn't want to sleep alone.

Then, in 1990 an opening became available, and it was Trish that had urged him to transfer to the night shift. She told him that she was almost always in bed asleep before midnight anyway, and on the evenings he worked, they only had a few hours during the afternoon together. She said that it was their evenings together that she cherished the most anyway.

Trish Told Martin that she'd done some thinking about it, and if he went to the night shift, they would have more time together. She explained that they could spend most of the day together after he came home in the morning and he could then sleep in the evening. Or they could spend the morning together, giving him time to unwind from work, and he could go to bed about noon and getting up about 8 pm. They would still have a few more hours together after he awoke, before heading back to work. She said that she was OK with him being gone at night, as long as she got to make up the lost time together by being with him during the day.

With those things in mind, when a spot opened up, Martin transferred to the night shift.

For most of their entire marriage, Trish had visited her mother at least four or five times a week, usually during the day when he was working day shift, or in the evenings when he was working 4 to 12, then after he changed shifts, whenever he was in bed asleep.

After Martin's accident, Trish had all but stopped going to her mother's so that she could be with and take care of him. After his hospital stay, and a few months rehabilitation, he and Trish were able to resume their sex lives. As long as he didn't strain his back too much, or try anything out of the Kama Sutra. Which he didn't expect anyway, since their sex life had been almost non-existent for years.

Martin noticed that the extended time together after the accident, seemed to energize their sex life. Ever since his transfer to nights back in 1990, it had been only once or twice a month, if he was lucky. Since he'd been home injured, it had picked back up to two to three times a week, and Trish had become adventurous like she used to be when they were first married.

It had been a full year since his accident, summer 2011. Martin was still having trouble standing up straight without pain. ZMA had given him a nice settlement, he was collecting the same as what his salary had been at the time of the accident, plus a little extra. He would also get future increases to match his salary just as if he would have continued to work. He found it hard to accept that he may never be able to go out and ride his four wheeler, or go deer hunting again. Or even fishing, he had tried going out for a few casts, but his back just hurt too much when he tried to raise his arm above his shoulder.

Martin and Trish had found the magic that their marriage had lacked for so long though, they'd made love more in the last nine months than they had in the previous twenty years. Martin was very pleased with that development.

It was July, Trish had gone with her mother to visit her older brother and his family in Northern Indiana. They had left for the two hundred mile trip on the preceding Saturday. It was now Tuesday, and Trish and her mother were due home sometime Wednesday afternoon.

Martin decided that a quick trip to the market for a few groceries was in order. He made a list, got into his car and headed for the store. After he arrived, he grabbed a grocery cart from the parking lot and headed inside. When he first entered, he looked up to see Roger Murtaugh's older brother, Joshua walking towards him. Martin mused how Joshua had always told everyone to call him Mr Joshua.

They nodded at each other as they passed, then Martin, being polite and genuinely caring about everyone, did something that he now regretted. . . He turned to Joshua and told him that he had never had the chance to tell him how sorry he was to hear about his younger brother, Roger passing on the year before.

What Joshua responded with in return completely ruined Martin's day. . . and maybe even his life. His appetite now gone, there was a change of plans, Martin now intended on getting very drunk. Crumpling up his list and throwing into the shopping cart, he pushed it aside, walked over to the freezer section and just grabbed a frozen entree. . . Only because he thought that he probably shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

A quick trip to the market to stock up on a few groceries, had turned into a microwave meal and a quick detour to the local liquor store. Once he got there, he grabbed a twelve pack of Bud Lite and a bag of ice and walked up to the counter. After Martin paid, the clerk noticed that he was struggling to carry the two items,

"Here, as soon as were done here, let me carry those out to your car for you," said the clerk.

"Thanks," said Martin.

After the clerk put the beer and ice in the back floorboard of Martin's car, Martin thanked him, then got into the driver's seat and headed home. On the way, he was so pre-occupied, that he ran two stop signs. Luckily there were no cars coming or cops nearby.

His mind was racing and his heart was about to pound out of his chest, this couldn't be, could it? But he couldn't shake the feeling that it might actually true. he kept trying to recall instances when it could have taken place. Once he got home he could relax and get this sorted out in his head.

At home, Martin opened the garage and placed a cooler onto his small four wheel cart and headed back to the car. He managed to pour the ice inside and put the beer on the cart beside. Heading around to the back of the house and to the deck, he slid the cooler off of the cart, and placed the beer down beside it.

He walked back around front, put the cart back inside of the garage, then walked to the car and grabbed his frozen entree, heading inside. Martin put his dinner into the microwave, set the timer for four minutes, pushed start and went back out to the deck to put the beer inside the cooler.

By the time Martin had the cans arranged so that ice covered them all and got back inside, his meal was ready to come out of the microwave. He grabbed a hot pad, removed the meal from the microwave and placed it on the kitchen table. Then opened the silverware drawer and grabbed some utensils, and just as Martin sat down to eat. . . the telephone started ringing,

"Go figure!!" he said, irritated.

Getting up and grabbing the cordless phone out of it's base, he sat back down at the table, and placed the transceiver to his ear. . .


"Hi sweetheart, I just called to make sure you felt OK, hows your back today?" said Trish on the other end,

"It's fine, is that all you want?" he said coldly.

"What's wrong Martin? Are you alright?"

"I told you, I'm fine, just a little down is all," he replied.

"I knew something was up, what's going on?"

"What's NOT been going on."

"Martin! I know from the way you sound, that something's wrong, what is it honey?"

"We'll discuss it later, my supper is getting cold and I have a twelve pack of Bud Lite waiting for me out on the deck."

"You have beer? You know that you don't ever drink more than a couple at a time, Martin! Why do you have a whole twelve pack out on the deck. . .? What's going on?!" she asked in a worried tone.

"Just don't worry about it, I told you. . . I'll be fine!"

"OK, if you say so. . . I'll see you tomorrow sweetheart, I love you," said Trish.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow. . . Bye," and he hung up.

Trish knew that something was wrong with Martin, he was the eternal optimist, and he'd never skipped out on telling her that he loved her after talking on the phone, "What on earth is wrong with him?" she thought.

After finishing up his supper, and rinsing out the plastic tray that his nuclear meal had been in, he tossed it into the recycle bin. Grabbing the cordless phone, Martin went out onto the deck and slid the cooler of beer over next to his reclining deck chair, sat down, reclined back and adjusted the pillow behind his back. Grabbing a Beer out of the cooler, he popped the tab. . . His night of getting wasted had begun.

Trying to get the events of the last twenty five. . . Actually closer to twenty seven years straight in his head. . . Martin realized that he'd come to a crossroads in his life, and if accurate, what Joshua had told him at the market, would devastate him almost to the point of no return. His entire world would be turned upside down. What was he going to do now that he knew the truth? Or was it really the truth?

If it was, how could he have been so blind? Had it gone on right under his nose? Had the people that he had considered his family all of these years, known all along what was happening, but never let on, or said a word to the contrary.

There may have been some subtle hints. Yes, now that he searched his mind, there may have been some hints to what had been transpiring, and he'd had suspicions. But never. . . never in a million years would he have ever suspected that almost his whole married life had been a total fucking lie.

"How could I have been so fucking stupid?" Martin thought to himself.

His emotions went from anger and hate and back to extreme pain and sense of loss, then wanting to strangle someone to wanting to harm himself.

"I wish that damn accident would have killed me!" he said out loud, "Why!?"

Martin downed his first beer quickly and thought about his life with Trish. . . God, how he loved that woman. He reminisced about the day they saw each other in Dairy Queen and how her old car wouldn't stay running. . . He could picture in his mind how the restaurant looked inside and seeing her there by the counter for the first time. God, she looked so beautiful. . . and innocent.

Since that day, the building had been remodeled once and then torn down and a new one erected in it's place. The whole area didn't even look the same now, that saddened Martin, it was as though his memories of that special time and place had been stolen from him.

He thought about the years they'd had together before. . . Except for the birth of his children, the years before 1990 had been the happiest times of his life. Then, he couldn't explain it, but Trish seemed aloof all of the time. He wanted to say that it was because of her mom, he remembered how badly his inlaws treated him at first, they had pushed really hard for Trish to work it out with Roger. Martin felt like the enemy for the first several years, then, after Trish's dad died, her mom started treating him better all at once. It was after all of that, that Trish's demeanor changed.

From the time they first slept together, up until the time his in laws started playing nice, Martin and Trish had had a very active sex life. He taught her all about the ins and outs of sex and she would almost do anything to please him, and he would do the same for her. She became very proficient at giving head and after some reluctance (and a lot of KY Jelly), she tried anal and found that it was quite pleasurable. It then become a regular part of their love making. They had sex at least five or six times a week or more, sometimes twice a day. Martin had routinely joked with Trish that they were going to go broke because he keep having to buy so many condoms,

"We go through a big box a week," he told her.

Since birth control pills messed with her hormones, she couldn't take them, so they used condoms to prevent pregnancy.

Martin opened another beer and thought about how that had all changed, "I know it was in '90. . . could it be. .? Joshua said twenty five years, that would have been '86. . . I think maybe Joshua just had his years screwed up, after all he is a drunk and a druggie."

Martin also remembered that during that year, a short time before transferring to the night shift, Trish had come down with a very bad urinary tract infection, and that they had gone several weeks without sex. Once she was over the infection, they resumed their love life, but something had changed, she just didn't seem as enthusiastic as she had been before. At first, he thought that it was because of the death of her father, or maybe she was having some issues because of the infection, but their sex life never recovered.

After a few months of once a week, or every other week and only straight intercourse, no oral or anal, he asked her if there was a problem. She told him that since she'd had the infection, she didn't feel the same 'down there' and she had a hard time becoming aroused.

When he pressed further, Trish told him that she'd watched a documentary about venereal diseases and AIDS on tv while he was at work one evening. It had brought back bad memories of her time with Roger, since he was a drug user and the piece on AIDS really scared her, creating a mental block, and keeping her from enjoying sex like she had before.

Martin and Trish's sex life, from then on, was never the same, once a week (maybe), bland, straight sex. It had resulted in two more children though, even though they were using condoms. Nicholas was born in March of 1991, and Damon in January of 1992.

As Martin popped the tab on his third beer, he thought about his earlier conversation with Joshua at the grocery store.

Martin had seen both Joshua and Roger Murtaugh around town and knew who they were, but had never actually met either one of them. He had no hard feelings towards them either, after all, Roger was the biological father of the son Martin called his own. Just trying to be nice, Martin told Joshua that he was sorry to hear about his brother. Then Joshua smiled at him and said the words that brought Martin's whole world to a screeching halt,

"You never had a clue did you?"

"About what?" Martin replied.

"About your wife and my little brother, man."

Joshua had been heavily involved in drugs for most of his life, and was also a recovering alcoholic, had he forgotten? Wondering what on earth he was talking about, Martin said,

"Oh, I knew they were married, and they had a child together."

"Maybe I shouldn't have said anything," Martin thought to himself as he turned to leave, now just wanting to get away from Joshua, ,

"They were fuckin' man. . . they been fuckin' for about the last twenty five years or so. . . ha, they were fuckin' all the way up until when he died, man. . . You didn't know?"

Martin walked on, but Joshua got in one more dig in as he walked away, "Check around man, I'm not lyin.' Hell, go ask her family, they all knew about it. . . God, what a dumbass!" Joshua laughed.

The words rang over and over in his head. . . "They were fuckin' man. . ."

"What am I going to do. .? DAMN IT!!" Martin said, as he reached for beer number four.

Was there something in the water? It seemed like this small in southern Ohio town was nothing but a haven for cheaters. There were more infidelity stories floating around than he could keep up with, especially at the factory where he had been employed. It seemed as though all of his acquaintances at work had either cheated on their wives, or their wives had cheated on them.

Except for the head bosses, the office employee's at ZMA were exclusively women, of course out on the floor, men out numbered the women working at the plant ten to one.

There were plenty of stories about the endeavours of a few of the bosses in the front office and their secretaries, but since the time Martin had started working there in 1987, every single female that had worked on the floor at this company, had slept with one or more of their co-workers. Most of these women had already been married at the time, and almost all of the men they had cheated with had been married too. Some of these 'cheaters' were married to each other now, amazing that they trusted each other after what they'd done, but to each his own. . .

Martin always prided himself that he wasn't one of those people, he would never cheat on Trish, and he was confident that she wouldn't run around on him either. Martin was one of the lucky few that had a solid marriage. . . Had that all been a pipe dream?

Martin polished off nine beers before falling asleep in the chair, he awoke at three AM, needing to piss really bad and headed inside. After using the bathroom, he collapsed onto the bed. It was one the next afternoon, before he crawled back out with a horrible headache.

At first, he thought that running into Joshua Murtaugh the day before had all been a dream, but then, reality set in. Martin looked at the clock and wondered what time Trish would be home from her trip. His first thought was to confront her when she came in, but he realized it was the words of a drugged out drunk that put these fears into his head. Had he lied? Something in Martin's subconscious told him that what Joshua had told him was the truth, or at least it somewhat was.

"I'll have to play it cool, and not let on until I can find out more," he thought.

Who on Trish's side of the family could he trust? Then again, did they really know anything? Or was 'Mr Joshua' just blowing smoke up his ass?

"Jackie! I'll talk to Jackie, she seems to be a little nicer than the others. . . Hell, there all devout Catholics, why would they ever condone her cheating on me to begin with! Bunch of damn hypocrites!"

Jackie was the wife of Trish's oldest brother, Melvin. She had always been nice to him, even back when Trish's parents were trying to get Trish to go back to Roger, Jackie had always taken Martin's side.

Martin picked up the phone and dialed Jackie's number. Jackie picked up, and he asked if they could meet for lunch the next day, there was something important that he needed to discuss with her,

"Sure Martin, where do you want to meet?"

"Just meet me at the Dairy Queen at about half past noon."

"See you tomorrow then," she replied.
What else was he going to do? Then a terrible thought struck him, "My kids. . . oh no, they were born in '91 and '92. . . Oh God, are they even mine? We were using condoms. . . did that bastard fuck her bareback?"

Trish had had a tubal ligation after the two children were born, and the condom use stopped.

He decided there would have to be DNA tests ran on both of his younger boys, but he couldn't let them know. . . at least not the reason. He needed to get one from Jeff too, so that, if he wasn't either one of the younger boy's father, he would know for sure it had been Roger. This whole thing was making him sick, he went back into the bedroom and laid down again.

He tried to remember and put things together in his head, Joshua must have been mistaken about how many years it had gone on, 1990 is when she changed. . . And Trish had been the one to coax Martin into transferring to the midnight shift, she told him that she was always horny in the morning and it would improve their sex life. Come to think of it, they hadn't made love in the morning, not one single time since he went to the night shift.

"Did she just talk me into that, so that I would be gone at night? Was she bringing him here. .? IN MY BED!" he said outloud.

Then, there was that look that Trish and her mother shared, it was hard to explain, it was a smirk / smile like that they shared occasionally. He hadn't seen that for a while. . . Come to think of it, not since Roger died! Then, last year, not long before his accident, he had come home from work to find that Trish had been crying. She claimed that it was nothing, but. . . he remembered then, it was about same the time that Roger died. "Was she crying over Roger?" he wondered.

Then, another memory came to him. . . Trish had started keeping her pussy shaven. . . for about ten years now. WHY? She had told him at the time that she read that it would improve their sex life, because it would make her feel cleaner down there. Only problem was, nothing changed. In fact, she seemed to become more reluctant to having sex with him. She was still keeping it shaven, had she kept it 'bald' for Roger?

Martin realized that their sex life had picked up again after he was released from the hospital. She was performing oral on him again, and he had had her ass a couple of times, actually quite a bit. She had even let him come in her mouth a few times. He thought he saw her swallow it once, at least he couldn't figure out where it went. Was that because Roger died and she wasn't getting sex from him anymore?

"Maybe she feels that she's free to love me now because her first husband is dead, I know some Catholics think that way," he said, out loud again.

He drifted off to sleep again, and at 4:30, Trish woke him up,

"Get up sleepyhead," she said, "I saw all of the beer cans out on the deck. . . you've only got three left in the cooler. What the hell happened that you felt like you had to get drunk? You left the telephone lying out there too!"

"Huh?" he said groggily, "What. .? What time is it?

"It's 4:30, have you been in bed all day? I tried to call before we left, but I didn't get an answer, you must have been asleep. . . or maybe the phone was out on the deck?!!"

"I've been in here most of the day."

"Why, what's wrong?" she asked.

"I don't know," he lied, "I've just been down the last day or two, I want to go out and do things and I can't, I'm not able."

"Like what?"

"Maybe go fishing, but I tried here a while back, you know that, and it just plain hurt too much," said Martin.

"Well big boy, I'm kinda horny, I haven't seen you since Saturday. . . maybe we can play around tonight," Trish said, as she reached down and stroked his cock through his underwear.

He wasn't sure if he wanted to ever touch her again. "We'll see what I feel like later."

This was going to be harder than he thought, he craved her touch, and she looked so beautiful standing there. She would be forty nine years old in a few months, she was only about twenty five pounds heavier now than when they married 25 years before, and her boobs had filled out to a nice 36C. No other woman could get his attention like she could. Were those things that Joshua told him true? Right now he didn't want to believe that they were.

They made love that night, Trish gave him a blow job to remember, and then climbed on top and guided his cock into her ass. It almost felt like the times they'd had back when they were first married. Maybe he could overlook her indiscretions, but her affair had lasted at least over twenty years, he didn't think he could handle that. Then again, he had to find out if it was all true or not.

The next day, Martin told Trish that he was going out to check out a couple of new fishing spots that someone had told him about. He knew that she wouldn't want to tag along, because it bored her so much just riding around looking at water, she didn't see the point in it.

"They all have fish in them don't they?" she would always ask.

Martin climbed into his car and drove over to meet with Jackie at Dairy Queen to discuss what Joshua told him. Martin arrived at about 12:25 and Jackie was already there, sitting in the corner. Martin waved as he walked over, then took a seat across from her at the table.

Jackie smiled as she looked over at him, and asked, "So, what's this big thing that you have to talk to me about, Martin?"

"Why don't we go up to the counter and order something for lunch first," he said.

"Oh, funny I never even thought about that, I was thinking about what was so important that you had to meet with me like this," she responded.

They rose from the table and headed up to the counter to order. Martin got the bacon cheeseburger five dollar lunch, and Jackie the same, only with chicken strips. The lunchtime crowd was starting to die down by the time they received their food, and they headed back to the table in the corner.

Taking a quick sip of her soda, Jackie spoke first, "So, what's up Martin, you been doing alright, how's your back?"

Martin looked around at the restaurant, the newer version of the store resembled the old one a little. It was situated where the doors and the counter were close to being in the same location as the old building, so the lighting was almost the same. He thought about the day he first saw Trish as she came out from behind the counter, and a tear ran down his cheek.

"Martin. .? Martin. . . what's wrong? Are you alright!?"

He looked at her as he snapped out of his daze, he had a very sad look on his face, he wasn't sure where to start. . . Maybe he shouldn't, after all this was all over the ramblings of some drunk.

"I. . . well, I don't. . . I'm not really sure how. . . uh, where to start."

"What is it Martin. .? What's going on? Are you going to be alright. . .? Should I call Trish?"

"NO! Oh God, no no, don't call her. . . I . . . I just need to know if some things I heard are true or not."

Still not sure what Martin was getting at, Jackie put her hand on his and asked in a very understanding voice, "What things, what do you need to know about, Martin, did Mel do something?"

"No no, it wasn't Mel, it involves Trish. . ." he paused, " I ran into Joshua Murtaugh the other day at the store, and he told me some things, and I need to know if they're true. . . He told me to ask Trish's family, because they all knew about it."

The look on Jackie's face was very telling, now she was almost certain she knew what he was asking about now.

"Don't lie to me Jackie, I want to know the truth. . . and don't spare me the details, I want to know it all," said Martin.

"Martin. . . Trish loves you more than life itself. . ." she started.

"So I've heard, now tell me about her and Roger. . . were they 'fuckin' as Joshua so bluntly put it? If so, how often and how long have they been going at it? Is that why he had a heart attack. . .? Did she fuck him into his grave!!"

"Martin. . . I'm sorry. . . I know this looks bad, but. . ."

"How long ago, when did it start?"

There was a long pause from Jackie as she looked around the restaurant, looking at anything to avoid eye contact with Martin. Finally, she let out a sigh and spoke, "Saddam Hussein had just invaded Kuwait and that was all over the radio and tv when I found out. What year was that, '90, '91?"

"It was 1990," said Martin, "So it's true then?"

"Me and Mel got into a big fight about it, I wanted to tell you, I really did. . . I had to go into work one morning at five AM, it was still pretty dark outside. I was at the stop sign there by your house and I saw the front door open. . . an-and Roger came out, I saw him leaving your house. . . Trish was standing in the doorway . . . all she had on was a Tee shirt and panties. . . I'm so sorry, Martin," Jackie said, as tears started to flow from her eyes too.

"Why didn't you tell me back then?"

"I wanted to Marty. . ." She tried to calm him by calling him by the name most of his close friends did.

"But, but Mel talked me out of it. . . said it was none of your business, that. . . that Roger was her husband, he was the one she was supposed to be with and that there was nothing wrong with him being there. . ." she paused, "He already knew about it, and he said, so what if they were having sex. But. . ."

"But what?"

She looked at Martin and hesitated,


"They said that Trish was committing adultry when she had sex with you."

"They said, I should have figured that much. . . by they, you mean Trish's mom and Mel, don't you?"

"Yes. . . I've already told you more than I should have, Martin. She. . . Trish was lying to them too, I know that the two of you continued to have sex. For God's sake, I'm not stupid. You wouldn't have stayed with her if she had cut you off, plus she told me that you two still did."

"What do you mean? She told them that we didn't have sex anymore?" Martin asked.

"Yes, she told her mom that she had convinced you that she had female problems and couldn't have sex anymore," Jackie responded.

"That's why Trish's mom started treating me better, wasn't it. . . Wait a minute, if she convinced her that we weren't having sex anymore. . . how could we have two children. . . both born after that year. .? She thinks that Nicholas and Damon are Roger's kids, doesn't she. She. . . Trish did all but cut me off from sex," Martin said, "Up until after my accident. . . or Roger's death, I should say."

"You're not going to divorce her are you Martin?"

"I don't know what I'm going to do yet."

"Martin, I'm so sorry, I know that she's always loved you. And I know that she didn't love Roger, she could barely stand him."

"What? How can you say that? I was a cuckold for twenty years. . . And she didn't love him? Come on!"

"Martin. . . Well, Roger was very well endowed. . . Trish told me that he. . ." she started.

"I knew that, she told me that when we first got together, Trish said that he hurt her. . . Just how did it all start anyway, what happened that she went back to him?"

"Trish's. . . Marty, promise me that you won't tell anyone about what I've told you here today. . . Please, I don't want any trouble from them," Jackie said, "Trish's mom. . . and Mel, they told her that they had seen Roger, this was after you two had been married for a couple of years, and that he'd cut his hair, and was now working. They begged her to give him a second chance."

"And that's all it took?" he asked.

"No. . . no, there's more to it than that. One of Trish's friends, Amanda. . . oh, I can't think of her last name right now. . . she's the one who talked her into seeing Roger again," Jackie responded.

"Amanda Swanson?"

"Yes, that's her, but I think she got married and I don't know what her name is now."

Martin was taken aback, he never had any idea that Trish had been friends with Amanda. Amanda was kind of wild, she was a party girl and a walking cum dumpster. He never thought that Trish would ever associate with someone like her.

"I know what her married name is, I just can't think of it right now," he said.

"So you know her then?" asked Jackie.

"Yes, I dated. . . err. . . What do they say now? Hooked up with her a few times before me and Trish got together."

"Find her. . . If you want more details about why they got together in the first place, you're going to have to find her," said Jackie, "And Martin, I really am sorry. . . me and Trish talked a lot, what she did with Roger. . . it was only sex, she loves you."

"Just a few more questions, Jackie."


"How often were they getting together, I know that it was over a period of twenty years, but. . . was it once or twice a year? Once a month? How often was it?" Martin asked.

Jackie looked down at the table, "Are you sure that you want to know, I mean. . . Does it really matter?"

"Yes and yes," he replied.

"Remember, her mother and brother had a lot to do with it, I think they brainwashed her. They didn't get together every night you worked, but most of them. . . at least a couple nights a week," Jackie paused and looked away again, "Most of the time, he was there all four of the nights you were at work."

Martin looked down and it took a few moments to compose himself, "How many people knew about this? Have I been a laughingstock for the whole fucking town for the last twenty one years?" he asked.

"Only the immediate family and Gary Busey, they covered their tracks pretty good. Roger didn't have a car, he rode his bicycle over to your house and hid it in the bushes. There was never a car there for anyone to see."

"You mean Gary Busey, my supervisor at ZMA?"

"Yes, he's Trish's second cousin, her mom's cousin. . . and I know what you're thinking. . . He only knew so that he could call and warn them if you left work early for any reason."

"Nice to know that my own boss helped to destroy my marriage. How many people did Roger tell though? I know he at least told his brother Joshua."

"Martin, you know as well as I do, Roger wasn't the crispiest cracker in the box, If he would have told anybody else, don't you think that you would have found out before now?"

"I guess so, but what about Amanda, didn't she know?"

"She knew about the first couple of times, because those happened at her apartment," said Jackie.

"What! This just keeps getting better as we go along. . . Why did they meet there?" he asked.

"I don't know the exact details, it was when you were still working evenings. . . All I know is that. . . or what Trish has told me, Amanda wanted. . . or, I don't remember the details, it's been so long ago that she told me about it. All I know is, Trish, Roger and Amanda had a couple of threesomes at Amanda's apartment. It happened maybe three or four times, then after you went to the midnight shift, Roger started spending the night at your house. But, like I said, it wasn't necessarily every night."

"Which is it? First you say that it's every night, now it's not that often," Martin thought, "I think that maybe she's not telling me the whole truth."

Then Martin asked, "He's the father of my two boys, isn't he?"

"I don't know, Martin. I really don't. Trish has never said anything other than that they belong to you, but her mom believes that they belong to Roger, I just don't know," Jackie responded.

"I understand. . . I don't, but I guess I do. You mentioned that you knew that Roger was very well endowed, I take it that Trish talked with you about what she'd done with him. .? Sexually, that is."

"Well. . . We did talk a lot. . . about sex I mean, I know how much she likes sex, she couldn't get enough, she talked about how much she liked sucking cock and. . . I don't know how she could have possibly done anal, if he was as big as she said he was, but she said that she really liked taking it in the ass."

"Oh," Martin said very quietly.

"Didn't she do those things with you?" Jackie asked.

"We used to. . . listen Jackie, when Trish and I first got together, she knew nothing about sex. . . Apparently. . . no, it's a fact that Louise never told her a single thing, I think her mom and dad kept her home for religious reasons. . . kept her from taking sex ed at school."

"You're kidding!"

"No, I'm not. Trish and Roger hardly ever had sex because it made them both uncomfortable. . . neither one of them really knew how. I taught her everything. I'm the one who taught her how to please me orally. I'm the one who showed her how to have anal sex. . . Either someone taught him, or Trish taught him what I taught her. . ." he paused for a moment, "She used me to teach her how to have sex with her ex. . . If that don't fucking beat all. I'll tell you how much Trish knew about sex, the first time WE made love, she was expecting pain. . . she thought that all men's cocks were the same size!"

"Really?" Jackie chuckled.

"Yes, really. . . and well. . . well now I know why she wouldn't hardly have sex with me anymore, don't I.

"So it's true then? She DID cut you off?"

"Just about, we went from. . . Oh, I don't know, five, six, seven times a week, to once a week, if I was lucky. . . It was more like once a month. And we went from doing everything, you know, oral, anal. . . to boring straight sex, and she would only do it lying on her back. . . God!! I can't believe I didn't see what was going on," he looked down again, "But I loved her. . . and I believed her when she said she was having problems."

"I'm so sorry Martin, I wish now. . . I wish that I would have told you. I honestly thought that she was having sex and doing all of those things with you too. . . She said that she couldn't get enough, I just assumed. . ."

"Yeah, she couldn't get enough of him, and she had more than she wanted of me. . . I just wish I would have known."

But it is true, Martin, I've talked to her, it's true, she didn't love him. . . it's just. . . oh, it's a woman thing. . . once you've had a big cock like that. . ." her voice faded.

"You just have to keep getting it, right?"

"Well, I. . . Marty. . . yes, I suppose it is. . . Once you've had that feeling of being filled up completely. . . others just won't do."

"So, I take it that Mel is hung like a bull, right?"

Jackie's face turned a bright red, she hunched her shoulders and gritted her teeth, all while giving him a half smile,

"You could say that. . . nothing close to what Roger was supposed to have had, but. . . let's just say. . . he's on the one yard line, ready to score."

"Knowing that Roger was hung like he was, If you would have had the chance to fuck him, would you have taken it?"

"NO! I would never cheat on Mel."

"Then why did she cheat on me?"

"Oh, Martin. . . she'd already had him before. . . and I know, he hurt her. . . but. . . listen, if she would have never gotten the opportunity to be with him again. . . After she knew how sex was supposed to be. . . then, all of the pressure from her mother. If not for that, you guys would have been fine. . . I think you need to look up Amanda Swanson or whatever her name is now, and ask her how it all came about."

"Yeah, I'll have to do that. . . Listen, Jackie, thanks for being honest with me, I don't know what's happening yet, but I've got to go right now, I'll catch you later," he said, as he got up to leave.

"OK Martin, take care. . . and don't do anything stupid, she loves you. . . Please don't divorce her, Martin. Roger's gone, she's ALL yours now, you know."

Neither one of them had even touched their food, and as Martin walked away, he turned back towards Jackie, and told her to take the meal he had purchased on home with her and give it to Mel.

As soon as Martin was inside of his car, the reality hit him, and hit him hard, the tears flowed heavily down his face. How was he supposed to deal with this?
After leaving the restaurant, he drove out to one of the old stripper pits that he always fished before his accident. Once there, he reclined the seat back and relaxed.

He couldn't understand, Trish had never denied him affection. She was always telling him how much she loved him, kissing him and holding his hand. Except for the lack of sexual contact, which he believed was from her phobia and was sure that that long ago infection had changed something inside of her. She acted like a normal, everyday housewife.

"How could she keep this hidden. . . for twenty years?" he said out loud, "I just don't understand how she could have pulled it off, wouldn't my kids have seen or heard something? Or someone else. .? Didn't Roger's parents wonder where the hell he was at night, I know he still lived at home. . . Shit! they probably just figured he was out getting high."

Over the next three hours or so, Martin tried to form a plan as to what he was going to do. He realized that he was going to have to control his emotions around Trish, he couldn't let her know what he'd found out. He was also going to have to find Amanda (Swanson) Hunsaker, and find out how this all got started. Then he was going to have to find out the paternity of his sons, and finally, plan an escape, he couldn't possibly stay with a woman that had cheated on him for twenty years. . . could he?

Martin arrived home around five PM, and Trish was beside herself with worry, he'd been gone for five hours. She wrapped her arms around him and told him to never do that to her again.

"I'm sorry, it was so peaceful out there, and I leaned the seat back to just relax for a while. . . and I just fell asleep," said Martin.

"You had me worried sick, I was so scared that something had happened to you. . . I don't ever want to lose you Martin," Trish cried.

"I think maybe you already have," he thought.

They made slow, passionate love again that night, Martin was struggling to control his emotions. He loved this woman so much, how was he ever going to leave her, but every time he thought about her being with Roger, it enraged him.

The next morning, Martin was up early, he was going to try and contact Amanda. He remembered now that she had married Michael Hunsaker, her on again, off again boyfriend from high school. He tried the phone book with no luck, so he turned to the computer. Martin remembered that he had heard on the radio a while back that Michael had been arrested for a DUI.

Martin sat down at the computer and booted it up, then after the internet loaded, he called up the website for the Radio station that he'd heard the report on. He searched through the local news stories for the last couple of weeks, and there on the third page was a photo of who he was pretty sure was Michael, he had to look at the name under the picture to make sure though.

"Jesus Christ, what in the hell happened to him, he looks like he's eighty years old!" Martin said outloud.

Michael Hunsaker, 49 of 204 W 9th street, was arrested Tuesday Morning at the intersection of 4th and Clover streets on an outstanding warrant and a preliminary count of driving under the influence of alcohol. He was booked into the. . .

There it was. . . Martin jotted the address down on a scrap of paper, putting it in his pocket, and decided that he was going to pay Amanda a visit sometime in the near future. That was, if she was still living with Michael.

The opportunity came sooner than he expected, at about 10 AM, Trish's mom called and wanted her to go grocery shopping after lunch. As Trish was preparing to leave to go pick up her mother, Martin told her that he was going to take his fishing rods out to the lake he was at the day before and give it a shot.

"I thought you said it made your back hurt," said Trish.

"Yeah, but it won't hurt to try, I've got to do something, this sitting around is getting on my nerves."

Martin loaded his fishing gear into the car, and as soon as Trish was gone, headed for W 9th street. Ten minutes later, he was at the address that he'd found on the internet. The house had definitely seen better days, it was located in a neighborhood that was known for trouble, a lot of crackheads and drug dealers lived close by this. He couldn't help but wonder if Martin and Joshua used to hang out around here a lot.

He walked up onto the porch and knocked. A very thin and scraggly looking woman with long, stringy grey hair answered the door.

To be continued. . .

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