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Konomama Pt. 03

Note: I got the idea for this story from a Hentai comic written by Akiha. All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.


John walked into the school at a side entrance. The main office wasn't clearly marked so he'd figure he would just wonder around. The halls were lined with lockers, and there were flyers on the wall for various clubs. John came upon a door with a rather large window, peering into a classroom. He could see a male teacher, somewhat portly and middle aged leaning on his desk teaching a class. He was a 4th class citizen. It looked like a normal classroom, except for the fact that there was a girl in-between his legs giving him a blowjob. Everything seemed fairly normal except for the teacher's fellatio. John smiled, thinking about the wonders of his new life. John watched for thirty more seconds then continued on his quest to find the Principal. As John rounded the corner he saw two girls walking away from him.

"Hey," John called out. Instantly both girls yipped in surprise and started to run. Unsure, John stood in place for a second, trying to parse what had just happened, and then John followed them. The two girls turned down a hallway and John jogged to try and catch them. As he came to the hallway he saw one of them go into a door. John walked to the door, revealing it to be a classroom. There was a teacher in her late twenties, dressed in formal attire at the front of the classroom teaching. He could see rows of desks on the other half of the room with students. Under normal civilized society no one would enter the classroom with no pants on, but John wasn't in normal society, he was in Konomama. Konomama was ruled by a strict hierarchy. John won a high level citizenship into this country and had been relocated to this small town of Powter, where he was the highest ranking citizen. John entered the classroom with nothing but his shirt and armband. The women teaching the class turned to John, her face flashing anger and confusion until she noticed his rank. Her scowl quickly turned into a smile and she said,

"Hello Sir, how can we help you?"

"Ya, I'm looking for two girls that ran in here, a blond haired girl with short hair and a brunette. I thought I saw them come in here." John said scanning the room for the two girls. Instantly the teacher responded,

"Ah, you must mean Tiffany and Rebecca. Tiffany, Rebecca come up here." The teacher motioned from the back of the class. The two girls stood up from their desks and slinked to the front. "Forgive me for presuming, Sir, but guessing by your attire you would like to play with these two girls?"

"Well. . . initially ya, but when I called out to them in the hall they ran." As John finished his sentence the teacher's face instantly turned to rage as she turned towards the two girls.

"YOU RAN FROM A HIGHER RANKING CITIZEN!" The women yelled, grabbing ahold of both girls. The short blond haired girl tried to say something in her defense,

"But Ms. Hollands we di-" The teacher cut her off mid-sentence with a slap.

"I cannot believe what I'm hearing." Ms. Hollands seemed more upset about it that John. Ms. Hollands grabbed the blond girl and force her to bend over on the desk. She kept one hand on the back of the blonde girl's head, forcing her to remain bent over, and then flipped the girl's skirt up, revealing the girls rather curvy behind. By law she was wearing no panties, only the black stocking that were a part of her uniform. The teacher raised her hand back and slapped the girl's ass. "You will not talk back to me Tiffany," Ms. Hollands said, raising her hand again and giving the girl's rump another smack. Tiffany let out a whimper as Ms. Hollands hand connected for a third time.

"As for you Rebecca," The teacher said pointing to the taller, more slender brunette. "I expect more from you. Get over here and start licking," Ms. Hollands spread Tiffany's cheeks apart revealing a perfectly pink asshole. Obediently Rebecca got on her knees and started to lick her friend's rose bud. Tiffany let out a stifled moan as she felt her friend's wet tongue circle around and around her ass. Ms. Hollands turned back to John, all smiled again after punishing her students.

"I'm dearly sorry Sir. If you would like to press formal charges you'll have to talk to the Principal."

"Oh.. uh, no I don't think so. I think you're doing a fine job." John said.

"As you wish, normally I fuck Tiffany's ass with a strap-on when she gets in trouble. But maybe you can do the honors? She's very tight." The teacher said. John's cock started to fill with blood thinking about fucking Tiffany's ass.

"I think I would like that very much," John said, watching Rebecca's tongue play with Tiffany's tight bud. John watched as Tiffany moaned softly and squirmed slightly under her friend's writhing tongue. The teacher motioned moved her desk chair around so she could watch the action, then she grabbed a student and plopped her in between her legs, sat down in her chain, and finally shoved the students face under the teacher's skirt. John glanced at the rest of the students in the classroom. The class had broken down into girls masturbating and sixty-nining each other. The class had turned into a full on orgy. John turned back to Tiffany, now fully ready to explore the young woman's ass. He moved Rebecca's head, which caused Tiffany to whimper in need. John placed his throbbing head at the entrance to her now well lubed rear end. John began to slowly advance his glans against her rosy bud. John could feel her ass finally give way as the head of his penis was squeezed from every angle under the girl's tight sphincter. John could feel her tight muscles constrict around his entire length as he slowly moved into her. Finally she had taken his entire manhood as he groin met her flesh. John stopped for a moment, enjoying the overwhelming warmth that was flowing into his cock from Tiffany's insides. After a few seconds of stillness John began to slowly pump into the girl, sending pleasure through his body.

"Don't be afraid to abuse her. She is being punished," The Ms. Hollands told John as she stroked the young student's hair that was lapping at her pussy. At the teacher's suggestion John could feel a carnal, sadistic desire emerge from deep down inside of him. He did want to discipline this young woman. How dare she run from him, a 2nd class citizen. It was the duty of the lower class to obey the higher class! John slapped the girl on the ass, which caused Tiffany to whimper and produce a large red hand print on her ass. John began to slam into the poor girl's ass harder and harder, as his wanton lust surged. John grabbed the girl by the back of her head and pulled her up towards him. John's hand pulled her hair, causing her head to cock back.

"You're a naughty little girl that needs to be punished," John whispered into her ear. Tiffany let out a soft whimper.

"Yes sir, please punish me," Tiffany said as John pounded her thick ass and pulled her hair. John could feel her tight muscles wrap around his cock as he thrust into her again and again. John slapped her large rump again, sending a loud smack sound throughout the room. The blond girl let out a slight moan.

"I bet you get in trouble so someone punishes you, isn't that right you dirty bitch?" John said, pulling her hair. Tiffany bit her lip and nodded.

"Please punish me, I've been naughty. Fuck my tight, little ass, abuse me like a personal sex toy." Tiffany said. John slapped her across the face, causing the blond to pant like a bitch in heat. John pulled out of her and issued commands,

"Take your top off, I want to see your tits. And you," John pointed to Rebecca, who was still on her knees watching and fingering herself like a maniac. "I'm going to fuck your friends ass, and you better lick my balls." Rebecca nodded and inched closer on her hands and knees, ready to service John. John turned back to a now naked Tiffany, a short, thick blonde haired girl with b-sized tits but an ass the size of Texas. "Lay face up on the desk," John ordered. Tiffany laid down, with her legs in the air, displaying her dripping cunt and lubed ass-hole. John moved the head of his cock to the entrance to her bud, and began to slip himself in again. His cock was greeted by her vice like compression, forcing John to emit a sigh of bliss. He felt Rebecca's hand placed on the back of his thighs as her mouth was placed on his balls, as she began to suck and lick causing his nerves to send waves of satisfaction through his body. As John thrust into Tiffany's tight rear he could see her dripping pussy lips shift slightly. Despite the fact Tiffany was being used like a cheap toy she let out a sigh of pleasure. John grabbed onto her tits roughly as he began to slowly pick up the pace of his pumping.

"Ohhhh, yes, I'm nothing but a cheap whore," The blond girl said, as her back arched slightly as John ravaged her chest. "Use me for your lust," Tiffany grabbed one of John's hands and started to suckle on his fingers. John continued to thrust faster and faster, as his primal urge started to build. He could feel Tiffany's tight hole encompass him, almost begging him to cum deep inside of her, while she sucked submissively on his fingers. John could hear Rebecca take big breaths of air every so often and then continue to service his jewels with her soft tongue. John felt Tiffany's hand guide his from her chest to her neck, pulling his arm into her throat. She whispered softly, "choke me." Her voice was filled with desperate need to be abused. John's hand began to slowly squeeze around her neck. Tiffany moaned, sending pleasant vibrations up through John's fingers. John pulled his fingers from her mouth, and lightly slapped her across the face.

"You're nothing but a low-ranking citizen," John said, again tightening his grip around her throat. As he tightened more and more her breathing became more and more labored. Her whole body started to tighten up, her back starting to arch ever so slightly. Her face started to redden, and a smile started to grow on her face. Her eyes were half open, but her pupils weren't visible.

"Ahhh, Yesss," Tiffany said, her speech hampered by the pressure around her larynx. John reached behind him and grabbed Rebecca by the hair and pulled her into his ass. Immediately her tongue started to lick and rim his asshole, causing his ball to tighten.

"I'm going to use you as my cum bucket," John said, again tightening his grip. Tiffany's smirk grew to one of ecstasy as her face started to turn purple. Tiffany's whole body grew rigid as she violently arched her back. He could feel her sphincter spasm around his cock. Tiffany tried to breath, but couldn't get enough. She tried to speak, but it only came out garbed. At the sight of this abused girl cumming his balls exploded deep into her. As the bliss bounced through his body his released him grip and let out a primal yell. He could feel Tiffany's ass milking his cock as her body was ravaged by orgasm. John pulled out of the girl's ass as her body finished its convulsions. John turned around to see the class in caught up in a full blown orgy, with Ms. Hollands in the middle.

"Why don't you join them," John motioned to Rebecca, who eagerly got up and joined the mass of bodies. John left Tiffany to relish in her post-orgasmic bliss, and decided to once again try and find the Principal. John exited the classroom, and headed back to what looked like the main hallway, still with no pants or underwear. John saw what looked like the main office and headed in that direction. As he walked he saw a bathroom and realized he hasn't relieved himself yet. John took a few minutes to piss and clean himself up, and then headed towards the main office.

As John walked into the main office he was greeted by and old women as the receptionist, 5th class. She greeted him upon his entrance,

"How may I help you?" The old lady said kindly.

"I'm looking for the Principal," John said, eager to finally meet the busty, serious looking women he saw at the farmer's market this morning.

"She's busy at the moment, can I take a message?" The old lady said. John saw a door behind the receptionist labeled 'Principal'.

"I'll just wait in her office," John said, walking past the receptionist. The nice old lady started to tell him he couldn't do that, which John ignored as he walked into the Principal's office. John saw the Principal sitting behind her desk, talking on the Phone. Immediately she yelled,

"Flourine, can't you see I'm o-," She stopped as she realized it wasn't Fluorine. She glanced as John, and then at his 2nd class armband, and her face changed from anger to caution. The Principal had an odd attraction about her, not conventionally sexy, aside from her enormous tits. She had dark hair that was pulled back into a very serious looking bun, and wore glasses that accentuated her serious demeanor. She had an olive colored skin with dark eyes. She wore a tan business jacket, with a white blouse underneath. John was glad she was only a 3rd class citizen, or else he was sure he would be in for some serious punishment. John sat down in the chair in front of her desk, probably reserved for parents or other important guests. "I'll call you back," The Principal said as she hung up the phone.

"Hi I'm John Smith," John said, extending his hand out for a shake.

"Yes, I'm aware of who you are. You've derailed an entire classroom into chaos," The Principal said as she twirled a computer monitor for John to see video footage of the class still caught up in their lust.

"That wasn't entirely my intention, but those poor young women seem so wound up." John said, only somewhat apologetically.

"We both know there's nothing stopping you from disrupting every class, but I would ask you to restrain yourself." The Principal replied, John could hear the malice and anger in her voice.

"Hmmm," John said, taking a minute to think about the whole thing. John did have a vested interest in Konomama, and more specifically, Powter's success. Disrupting class when his lust could be satiated in different ways didn't seem prudent. John came up with an idea. "Very well, I'll make a deal with you then." The Principal looked at him with caution,

"What deal?"

"I'll do as you ask and stay out of the classrooms, on one condition." John said, smirking. The Principal raised her eyebrows waiting for him to finish. "So long as you never beg me to fuck you."

"Ha!" The Principal laughed, her demeanor instantly changing. "Very well, you have a deal," Mrs. Rickter said extending out her hand over the desk, thinking she clearly got the better end of the deal.

"Excellent," John said, shaking her hand.

"Very well. Anything else?" The Principal said jovially. John smiled and said,

"We can seal the deal with a blowjob,"

"Mr. Smith, that was not a part of our deal," The Principal said, her smile quickly diminishing.

"Oh sure it was. I have no intention of fucking you, until you beg me like a rutting animal. We never said no blowjobs. Besides, I'm still a 2nd class citizen." John said with a smirk. The Principal's scowl had returned in full force.

"Very well. . ." She said standing up.

"Right here is fine," John said, spreading his knees apart to allow the Principal to kneel down. The Principal kneeled down hesitantly.

"You smell awful," The Principal complained as she wrinkled her nose and tried to turn her head away. John grabbed her by her perfectly wrapped bun on the back of her head and forced the tip of his cock at her lips.

"Ah yes, I've fucked a few girls this morning. I did, however, clean if off before I came here," John said as he slowly started to push her head onto his shaft. He could feel her resist slightly; however she opened her lips and began taking his erection. John could feel every millimeter of himself slip down her throat. The Principal was still scowling up at him with her eyes. John continued to push the back of her head down, further on his length all the while maintaining eye contact with her defiant stare. Finally she had swallowed his entire length without so much as blinking. As if in an act of rebellion she started to bob up and down, thrusting his entire length down her throat. John broke his eye contact and tiled his head back, enjoying her soft lips and warm throat. Suddenly she stopped and said,

"That's what I thought, not man enough to make me gag." John shifted his weight and pushed the principal's face in front of his balls, she immediately started to suck and lick on them while using her hand to stroke his cock now slick with her salvia.

"More like you're a dirty slut with lots of practice. Look at how eagerly you're sucking my balls, I didn't even tell you to do that." John said with a smirk.

"You're disgusting," The Principal said, now going back to bobbing up and down on his cock. John could feel her tongue writhing around on his underside, moving in a rotation motion that made John go cross-eyed. Mrs. Rickter thrust his cock into her mouth while her hands moved to play with his balls. The Principal's skilled tongue was too much for John as he climaxed, arching his back. John began shooting his load deep into the Principal's mouth, trying desperately to swallow it all, but it was too much. She pulled his erupting cock from her mouth as several more ropes of cum shot out, landing all over her face. Her mouth was coated in his cum, which tasted rather sweet. The Principal returned to her cold-professional manner as she said,

"Well now that that's fini-"She was cut-off by John.

"Take your shirt off," John ordered, his cock still rock hard from his new supplement given to him by the mayor. The Principal's scowl returned as she realized he wasn't done.

"Boy, you really are a pervert," The Principal said with a face full of cum, but complying as she started to take her blouse off. She didn't stop scowling for a second, but as she took off her blouse John could see her very lacy, black bra containing her massive tits.

"And the bra," John said, eager to see her naked bust. The Principal slipped the shoulder straps off and slide her bra down; revealing her olive color mounds with dark aureoles and nipples the size of thimbles. John reached down and grabbed a handful of her soft flesh. He could feel her hard nipple pressing into his palm. His other hand moved to pinch and pull her other nipple. John pushed her massive globes together and slide his slick cock in-between them. He could feel the warmth of her chest radiating onto his cock. Her large tits fully enclosed his dick as he began to thrust in and out. John felt her hands suddenly move his hands out of the way, taking over, moving her makeshift fuck-hole over his hard shaft.

"What kind of weird sicko would think of this," The Principal said insulting John again. John leaned back in the chair and enjoyed the ecstasy of her flesh moving up and down. "You're such a degenerate, cumming in my mouth, and then forcing me to pleasure you with my huge tits." The Principal said her chest and face shiny with a combination of spit, saliva, and cum.

"I'm going to cum on your face again, and you're going to wear it all day, to show everyone that you're my personal tit-fuck machine." John said, thrusting into her chest. John loved the idea of this authoritative woman ordering people around all day with his cum on her face. John moved his hands to her large nipples and began pinching and playing with them as Cindy Rickter moved her tits up and down on his meat. He could see her scowl twitch as he played with her breasts, as if she were fighting back a moan. "What's a matter Mrs Rickter, am I corrupting you with my perversion?" She didn't reply as she was obviously fighting back. "If I can make you squirm with my hands, what would happen if I sucked on them?" John said, letting go over her nipples as the Principals face flashed anguish for a split second, before she regained her composure. After a couple of deep breaths she said,
"You're nothing but a dirty, nasty, little boy," She continued her tit-jerk. John moved her hands away from her duteous breast fuck and leaned down, grabbing her mound and bringing her nipple close to his mouth. Mrs. Rickter's breath became shallower, and her scowl subsided as she watched John. She could feel his breath move across her nipples. He could see waves of goosebumps travel along her chest.

"A little boy who wants to suck on his Principal's nipples," He said as he popped her enormous tit into his mouth, it was the size of a water bottle cap, and almost just as hard. Mrs. Rickter's back arched immediately as she let out a gasp, her menacing exterior fading entirely. Her hand moved to the back of John's head, holding him there. John's tongue rotated around her hard nipples, sending pleasure through her body. John moved his hand to his cock, pleasuring himself while suckling the Principal's breast.

"Yyeesssss,"She said clearly in euphoria. "Suck on Momma's nipples, yes, be a good little boy." Mrs. Rickter had completely switch, her face now one of joy and warmth, as she looked at John suckling her. "That's it, good little boys get their cock stroked while nursing on momma." John moved to her other nipple and began to suck, provoking more moans from Mrs. Rickter. Her moans of pleasure caused John to stroke his cock harder. John could feel her whole body starting to tense up, preparing itself for an orgasmic explosion. John continued to switch back and forth between her large udders. Every time he switched Mrs. Rickter beckoned John to suck harder and drink deeper. She had completely given in to her lustful, primal instincts. While John played with one nipple with his mouth, his tongue rotating endlessly around her large areolas, his other free hand was playing with her other nipple, pinching, pulling, and twisting. The pleasure she got from being suckled almost pushed John over the edge as he played with himself. Never in his wildest dreams did he think it would be possible to make a woman cum through her nipples.

Abruptly John could feel a sweet sensation run across his tongue just as Mrs. Rickter's body began to convulse in orgasm. He continued to suck, causing his mouth to fill with sweetness . . .milk! He could see milk running down his hand that was playing with her other breast. Mrs. Rickter let out a long moan as bliss ran from her head to her toes. Her throes of passion led to John erupting all over her Stomach, sending happiness all throughout his body.

After the pleasure had run its course through both their bodies Mrs. Rickter pulled her nipple out of John's mouth, and seemed to gather her demeanor.

"What a pathetic attempt. It will take more than that Mr. Smith," The Principal said, looking almost guilty for letting lose, her professional, cold character slowly coming back. She ran a hand across her belly, now realizing John had cum again. Mrs. Rickter was truly a beautiful sight. A beautiful top-less woman wearing a slim tan skirt and dark stocking covered in cum while her large nipples bore the slightest leak of breast milk. John's erotic thoughts were interrupted by his rumbling stomach; glancing at his watch he realized it was almost lunch time. He had spent the entire morning fucking and was quiet famished. Mrs. Rickter had stood up and walked to her desk and said,

"I have a meeting to attend to; I will have to take my leave." Mrs. Rickter started to put her bra and blouse back on. She touched her face, where there was still some of John's cum. She wrinkled her nose as she looked at his seed on her finger.

"Remember, you have to wear it all day." John said, trying to cut off any thoughts she might have had about cleaning herself. She frowned, picked up a brief case and walked out the door. Before leaving she said,

"We have a deal Mr. Smith. Please uphold it." At that she left her office. John sat in the office, thinking what next? Lunch for certain.


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