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Katie's Story Ch. 04

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Author note: You need to read the other chapters in the series before reading this one. My apologies for not numbering the others. The order is:

Katie Explores Her Sexuality

Katie at College

Katie's Mom Finds Out

Katie continues, ch. 4

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"Katie, we need to talk about our future. I need to know what you want."

"What do you mean dad?"

"Well, I've been thinking about a few things. Do you want to continue to live together until you're done school? If so, I would like to buy or rent something bigger. This apartment was never meant for two people. I'm also worried that I'm holding you back socially and that our situation might hurt you in the future. You seem to have a grudge against your mother but we definitely wronged her big time. You have to try to see this from her viewpoint."

Katie thought, oh I've definitely seen things from her viewpoint, about twenty times watching her little video!

"You've already lost your mother because of me and I don't want our relationship to damage you in the future. What if someone else finds out. What if you start going out and the person finds out about us. I'm just worried about you."

"Dad, nothing happened because of you! I initiated everything that happened! Remember?"

"Yes, but I didn't stop it and I should have known better, I'm your father."

"Dad, stop beating yourself up! I have no regrets on what we did and are still doing. I'm sorry about what happened with mom but I've gotten closer to you than probably any daughter ever has and I love it! As far as the others go, we just have to be careful. No one will find out."

"To answer your first question, I would like to continue together until I'm done school and if you can afford a bigger place that would be great."

"Money is not really a problem, especially since your mom said I don't need to send her money anymore."

Hearing that made Katie completely forget about the weeks it took to get over the bruises and cuts from her fight with her mom.

"I'm still worried that you hardly ever date though."

"First of all, I'm really busy with school. Secondly, guys have asked me out and I always go out at least once but I'm not going to go out again if I don't like them."

"Okay, well promise me you'll keep looking. I don't want to side-track your life. Someday you're going to want to meet a nice guy and have kids."

"I promise dad."


We decided to move out of Katie's apartment into a bigger place and we were going to continue to live together until Katie was done school. I wanted to buy a place instead of wasting money renting for several years plus I was used to living in a bigger place of my own and missed it.

The problem was, I was super busy at work, in the middle of a couple of huge projects and could not take the time off to go house hunting. Katie on the other hand had just finished her fall exams and had almost a month off before she had to be back in the new year. Plus, I hated shopping and definitely hated looking for houses.

So I made her a proposal.

"Katie I'm really busy and would like you to look into buying our new place."

"You want me to buy the new place?"

"Well, I want you to do all the work of looking for a new place and ending our existing apartment lease and I'll do the buying part. I have a few requirements such as a separate room for my office but in general you can pick the place and I get final approval of course."

I showed her the upper limit on what I wanted to spend and told her I preferred a house in an older neighbourhood. I also wanted one that we could immediately move into and not have to spend a fortune on changing everything.

"We can spend that much?"

"Yes, but keep in mind we need to live in it and will need to buy some furniture to get started."

"Wow, you want me to do all that?"

"Honey, think of this as a very practical, very large, school project. Most of what you to take in school you won't use but buying our new place is as useful as it can get and a wonderful learning experience. I'll try to answer any questions you have but basically it's your show. To be honest, your mother used to do this kind of thing. I'm not very detail oriented and don't notice household or neighbourhood issues, so trust me, we're both better off with you doing this plus I have absolute faith in your abilities."

Katie was terrified and excited and emotionally overwhelmed all at once, terrified of such a big responsibility, excited at such an opportunity and emotionally overwhelmed that her dad had such confidence in her. She jumped up and hugged her dad so hard that it almost broke his ribs!

"I'll do it."

"Katie woke up the next morning nervous but primed for action. She had signed a two term lease and only used the first term so they might be on the hook for the second term. The first step was to visit her landlord.

Mr. Klimowicz was an old Polish man, a bit grumpy at times but usually friendly towards her. She explained their situation (leaving out the incest details) about her mom and dad getting separated and her dad coming to live with her and the need to get a larger place.

In broken English he said, "You stick up for your dad, ya? You let him live with you?"

"My dad and I are really close. I wouldn't have him anywhere else."

"I married 25 years, make one mistake and then everyone turn on me, even my daughters! You good girl taking care of your dad! I look at your place today and if it okay I have no problem getting new student for January, it still early December. Lots of time."

He came to my place and looked around. I wasn't worried. Both my dad and I are very neat and the place was spotless with no damage.

"Look okay, good. You be out be end of December, ya?"

"Yes sir."

"Good girl, we have a deal, no extra charge. You take good care of your papa." and we shook hands and left.

One down, but the hard part was ahead. I only had a month to find a new place and December was not prime real estate turnover time in most cities although the university that I went to was huge and had a lot of students so the turnover was higher than normal.

She told her dad to go the bank the next day and get pre-approved for a loan because they had to be ready to sign at the drop of a hat. Then she went to REMAX with her dad to pick a broker. She wanted her dad present the first day to let the agent know they would be dealing with her which was unusual given her age. It was important though because she needed the agent to work hard for her which they might not if they thought she was a university student with no money. She did not want a newbie and did not want a person with a zillion clients. She wanted someone with experience who had the time to work for her. She also wanted a woman to bounce ideas off on house features because most guys would be clueless about that.

I had my first meeting with Katie and her dad. It's a good thing he came in with her as I likely wouldn't have given her the time of day. She was dressed sharp but she still looked young. Her dad showed me the bank pre-approval though and was emphatic that he had absolute confidence in her and didn't have the time himself so I said okay. She also made a good first impression. Confident and friendly and knew what she wanted but not cocky or condescending. Plus their price range was quite high which would make for a very nice commission.

Time was the problem though. We needed to get going right away to seal a December deal. Fortunately there was quite a bit of turnover due to the University and all the students coming and going. A lot of the students were loaded and their parents actually bought places for them to stay and then sold when they left.

I called Jean once after a few days to make sure that things were going okay. I did trust Katie but this was new and huge and I just wanted to have piece of mind before I dived back into my deadline project.

Jean the real estate agent showed Katie quite a few places over the next two weeks. Most were in the price range but were not big enough or too big or in bad shape or bad neighbourhoods or the layout was bad. Jean got to know Katie quite well and really started to like her. The girl had a good head on her shoulders and was not some spoiled university brat. She was punctual and never wasted Jean's time. She was ready at the drop of a hat if an opportunity came up. After a few house visits Jean could tell Katie knew exactly what to look for and didn't waste Jean's time. Katie was definitely a quick study. Sometimes she didn't even bother with a house visit based on the spec sheets. Jean appreciated that.

Katie was starting to get really nervous. Jean had been everything she could have hoped for but they were running out of time. She needed to talk to her dad.

"Dad, I'm starting to really worry. I have not found a place yet. Jean has been really good but nothing acceptable has come up."

"Have you learned a lot?"

"Of course, but we need a place to live!"

"What's the worst that will happen?"

"Well, Mr. Klimowicz has already rented our place out and we'll have to leave by January. I guess we could find a spot to stay around the university for the short term but it wouldn't be very nice."

"If that's the worst, I can live with it. All I need is an internet connection to do my work and a cot to sleep on. So stop your worrying and get looking!"

He gave me a big hug and a kiss and walked away. I was really glad I talked to him. I felt so relieved and his confidence in me made my confidence come back which energized me to keep looking.

The next day everything fell into place. Jean called me and said she thought she had just what I was looking for. It was a house owned by a man from China that he had bought for his son who was attending the university. The son was not handling being on his own very well which translated into he was partying all the time and failing badly. The dad was outraged at his son's first term marks and pulled the plug and took his son back to China. He wanted to get rid of the house as quickly as possible and didn't want to haggle over price. Fortunately, Jean was in the right place at the right time and got to him first.

The house was everything dad and I were looking for. It was in a nice old neighbourhood and well kept up. It was close to the university and was not too big but had lots of space for what we needed.

Katie and Jean met the man's real estate agent and made an offer right on the spot as the price was way below what Katie's dad had been pre-approved for and the deal was done.

"Is it really done? Do I really own the house?"

"Yes, you do. It has to go to the lawyers but there should be no problem with that. The man definitely wants to leave. Your dad has to sign but that's not a problem."

Katie's reserve evaporated and she shrieked in happiness and gave Jean a huge hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was getting so worried and now I'm so relieved. My dad is going to be so happy with me. I'm thrilled!"

It was always nice to make a sale but it was especially nice when the customer was happy and appreciated your effort. She really liked Katie and was glad to see her happy. She seemed to really care about her dad and I guess her dad was right to trust her to handle things. She only hoped her own daughters would be so responsible when they got to be Katie's age.

Katie could barely contain herself on the ride home. The son had already left and the house was empty so they could start moving in as soon as her dad signed. She ran into the apartment and located her dad in his computer chair and jumped up on his lap and gave him a huge hug and a very naughty kiss.

"Can I take it that your day went well?"

"Dad, I finally found our house! As soon as you sign tomorrow it's ours and we can move in right away! Come on, get up, I'll take you over to see it!"

Katie's dad was very impressed with the house and the neighbourhood and very impressed with Katie. The price was way less than what he had been pre-approved for and was about $30,000 less than what he thought he would have to spend. Wow! He didn't tell her yet, but he was planning on giving her a quarter of the saving between the price and what he thought he would have to pay. She hadn't even spent all of the $5000 he gave her from his bonus so he would wait.

He had one more request.

"Katie I'm totally impressed with what you've done honey!"

Katie beamed and said, "Thanks dad! I learned a lot and it turned out really well."

"Have you got time for one more job?"

Katie was so pumped that she said sure right away.

"What's up?"

"I budgeted $20,000 to buy some furniture for the new house. It won't fill all the rooms but it should get us going. We can spend an extra $10,000 because the house came in cheaper than I thought thanks to you.

Katie's heart got all pumped up even further!

So I would like you, 'Katie the Magnificent', to get all the things we will need for our new house, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, furniture, etc. You can pick the furniture for all the rooms except my office which I'll buy for. I do want to see what you're thinking of buying for the big ticket items but as long as I don't hate it, the choice is yours."

"Really? I get to spend $30,000? Yes, yes, yes! This is so exciting! First I get to pick the house then I get to decorate it! Wow!"

She hugged and kissed her dad again.

"Daddy, I'm on top of the world! I'm just bursting with excitement and it seems to be pooling in my pussy. You know what that means don't you daddy?"

For the first time ever, Katie rode her dad on his work chair. Then she fucked him on his work floor. Finally they made it to their bed and fucked until daddy couldn't get it up anymore and drifted off. Katie was still wide awake, gently rubbing her pussy, staring at her dad sleeping, wondering if life could get any better.

Jean thought the next day that both Katie and her dad looked very happy and content and relaxed when they came in to sign the remaining papers. If she didn't know better she would say that Katie had that freshly fucked look on her face! Maybe some boyfriend got really lucky last night!


I love waking up in a warm bed surrounded by soft sheets after a good nights sleep. Your body is rested and relaxed and you still have the warm fuzzy feeling from your sleep before your mind starts to intrude with irritating thoughts.

Normally I like my sex hard and fast. Perhaps I inherited it from my slutty mom or perhaps I'm a new Terminator model with a bionic pussy (hey Arnold, wanna fuck!), but normally I can't seem to get enough of hard and fast!

But in the brief moment after I wake up, I'm in a low-key state of non thinking physical bliss and that's when I love to prolong the moment by having some gentle sweet love with my roomie, aka Daddy!

I'm more of a morning person than he is so usually I have to gently draw him up out of whatever dream state he may be in to consciousness. Fortunately, he often seems to be in a dream state conducive to my desires based on the morning wood that he is almost always sporting.

So I just reach over and gently start to caress his body and his cock and in no time he is usually awake. He has never complained once about me waking him up like this so I have no guilt whatsoever in doing it. He knows by now what I want, that I like it soft and sweet in the morning so we usually just kiss for a while, gentle, luscious, juicy warm tongues swirling back and forth ever so softly.

Then I'll roll over on my side and lift my leg up and he'll gently mount me from behind. He does it with such gentleness and care. I love it. He slowly pushes in until he bottoms out in me and then I just sit there for a few minutes savouring the warmth and thickness and silky smooth feeling of his cock deep inside me.

Sometimes I use this as an opportunity to practise my vaginal muscles on him. It's not the kind of thing you can do when someone is fucking you like a jackhammer. When the pace is slow though, I can gently squeeze his cock and make him feel better without expending a huge amount of energy on my part.

After a bit, we start with tiny little thrusts and get into synch with each other. Then the thrusts gradually get deeper and a little faster but never any fast hard slamming like I normally like. The orgasm builds slowly and it is quite predictable because you can almost 'see it' building in slow motion toward the ultimate peak. It may not be earth shattering like some of my others but the pleasure still ripples out soothingly from my groin to my whole body, prolonging that beautiful moment of morning bliss. Very nice!


It had been a long cold winter again, so much for global warming! In the eastern U.S. it was the third winter with below average temperatures and I was sick of it. The only thing that kept me going was a week long programmer conference coming up in March that the company had booked me for in a luxurious hotel in sunny warm Las Vegas!

It was now time to reward Katie. She had come through big time for me in December getting our new house and decorating the rooms we needed very nicely and under budget! I was so proud of her. She was so talented. I knew the cold was grinding on her as well and her March break was exactly the same week as my conference so I asked her if she wanted to go with me. The room was already paid for so it was just the flight and there were always deals on flights to Vegas.

"Really! I can go to Vegas with you for a whole week?"

"Yup, one whole week in Vegas with your dad, all expenses paid, sunny weather in the 80's everyday! I gather you're in?"

"Totally, I can't wait!"

I couldn't wait to spring the next surprise.

"Honey, when you found our house, the price was $30,000 less than what I had budgeted and I planned to give you twenty-five percent of any savings so here is a check for $7500 just in case you want to buy anything for the trip or in Vegas. I expect most of it to stay in your bank account though for your college tuition."

She shrieked and jumped up on me, wrapping her legs around me, hugging me tight.

"Oh my God dad, this is so exciting!"

After a few minutes of squeezing me she hopped down, grabbed the check and ran off.

It was wonderful stepping off the plane into the warm, dry, sunny air of Vegas! We both dressed lightly on the plane anticipating the warm weather.

Most of my work sessions for the conference only lasted several hours each day, usually in the morning, so Katie did her own thing then and we met up later.

On Tuesday, the session ended early and I was back at 10:30. I know, I know, work conferences are really rough! Katie was not there when I got back so I moved over to my favourite spot, the window facing the pool. Vegas is a pervert's paradise because all the females seem to wear less than what I'm used to seeing back home.

There was a hot looking women lying by the pool soaking up the sun. She had a body to die for. Long black hair, gorgeous ass and legs that went on forever. She was a bit pale but I guess that's why she was out there. She might as well have been naked because she was wearing a thong so all I saw was a thin bra strip across her back and a totally naked butt. Then she turned over and it was Katie!

There were postage stamp pieces of fabric covering her nipples and groin. She must have picked up a new bathing suit because I never saw it at home. We didn't have a pool and she wasn't much of a swimmer. Who knows though, it could have been in her 'private' drawer for a long time waiting for an opportunity to be worn.

I watched for a bit and then she got up and put a wrap around herself, covering her new suit and walked away. I assumed she was coming back to the room so I plunked myself down on the couch and waited for her to enter. A few minutes later she entered.
"Hi Honey."

I could tell she was surprised that I was home early but she acted like nothing was up.

"Hi dad, how was your conference?"

"It was good. How was your swim?"

"Good, got a bit of sun so I'm not so white and no one was there to bother me."

I couldn't resist, "Did you get a new bathing suit?"

"Ya, yesterday I checked out the girls to see what they were wearing and bought something similar."

"Can I see it?"

"Well, it's kind of brief."

"I've seen you naked Katie."

There was a bit of a pause. "Yes, I know, but that's at home. It's hard to explain but it's like I have different mental boxes. At home I'm sometimes in the 'daughter box' but other times I'm in the 'slutty daughter that would do anything' box. If someone mentioned having sex with their dad while I was in the regular 'daughter box' I would likely think, 'oh gross!' without even thinking about it but when I'm in the 'slutty daughter box' there is nothing that I won't do. In fact the debauched fantasies that I think of when I'm horny can be really embarrassing later. I mean who sleeps with their dad but when we're together back home it seems so natural and sometimes I wish we could just lie in bed and fuck all day."

"So what box are you in now?"

"I was in the 'daughter box' but you made me horny thinking about what we do at home!"

She dropped her wrap and revealed the ridiculous excuse for a bathing suite that she was wearing. All modesty seemed to have disappeared. She undid the string holding up her bottom and then undid the string holding up her top and stood in front of me and lifted her arms up and said, "Up daddy, Up" like she used to when she was a baby and wanted to be picked up. I moved close to her and she jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back.

"Take me to my bed daddy and read me the story about the big bad Wolf. I know he likes to 'eat' girls but do you think he has a big cock too?"

By the time we got to her bed she had whispered a string of sexual profanities in my ear that would make a sailor blush and that was just the start of wonderful Vegas workout. I guess she was temporarily back in the 'slutty daughter' box.

She definitely was in the 'Katie daughter' box for the rest of the week except for one night when she went dancing.

"Dad, there is supposed to be a pretty hot dance club attached to our hotel. Do you mind if we go down tonight?"

Katie has always loved to dance even as a little girl although I had not seen her dance since the last family wedding which was several years ago. I on the other hand, hated dancing because I was such a spastic dancer. When I was a teenager I was always envious of the guys that could dance well. They were out there on the dance floor having a great time with all the girls while I was stuck watching from the sidelines.

"Katie, I don't know. I'm such a poor dancer. It would not be very fun for me."

"Well, can you at least come down with me for a bit? You don't have to dance. You can sit at the bar and watch for a bit. Please dad?"

"Okay, okay, I'll come down for a bit."

The place was already fairly busy when we arrived. Katie was dressed in minimal attire. She had on a very short stretchy black mini skirt and a top that looked like a bathing suit top which covered her breasts and wrapped around her neck but left her stomach and back totally exposed. It didn't take long for her to start to mix with different groups of people. There were lots of girls and guys her age and they all seemed to regularly swap partners or dance close to each other showing off their moves.

It didn't take me long to notice that Katie was an awesome dancer. They say that white folks can't dance but Katie definitely could. Her body moved fluidly with the music. It didn't matter what kind of song they played. Her body seemed to adapt to the music as if it was an extension of the music. For the songs that were sexy her body moved in synch with the beat and she was just oozing sex. I was getting hard watching her and I wasn't the only one. I noticed guys and women watching her and moving in and out of her path to dance with her.

As the night wore on the dancing got more uninhibited. People were grinding their bodies against each other. Katie started to dance in close quarters with guys and women. She would grind her breasts against their breasts and wrap her hands around them. Guys would come up behind her and she would push herself into their groins and wrap her arms behind her around their necks. The dance floor became very hot and people were covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Nipples were poking through flimsy tops and bulges were extending down guys pants. Hands were flowing freely over bodies. Bums were being squeezed, breasts were being groped and penises were being caressed. It was dark but there was a strobe light flashing which created a time delayed peep show. Moments of darkness were followed by moments of illumination of the groping that was taking place on the dance floor.

Through it all Katie would occasionally look over at me and smile.

"Hey buddy, take a look at that gorgeous girl over there! It looks to me like she keeps looking at you. Do you know her?"

"Yes, actually she's my daughter. We're on vacation and she dragged me down here."

"Sorry, I didn't mean anything but my God, she's burning up the dance floor."

"No insult taken. I would have to agree with you about the temperature of the dance floor in her vicinity."

"I'm not sure what I would do if I saw my daughter bumping and grinding like that."

"Well, we are in Vegas and she loves to dance and I am here watching so I'm not too worried. Plus, she definitely will be sleeping in our hotel room tonight so I don't think I need to worry about her."

Actually I was quite relieved. I was not sure how I would respond to seeing Katie being so intimate with other people. My biggest fear with our relationship was that over time my mind would start to think of her like a girlfriend instead of a daughter and I would get possessive and jealous if she fooled around with other guys. That would be a disaster. I already felt guilty enough at what we were doing. She didn't seem concerned but I was, and if I had found myself getting jealous that would have been a big red flag. I wanted to maintain my state of mind as her dad, not a husband or boyfriend preventing her from seeing other people.

Katie wanted her dad to come with her because she wanted to see how he would react. She knew he didn't like dancing but she wanted him to watch her. He was always telling her to date more and she often wondered how he would react if she actually started bringing guys home. Eventually she would meet someone and bring them home and she wanted to know if he would be jealous. This would be a great place to do a little test.

She loved to dance and planned on putting on a show for her dad. It didn't take long for the dancing to get close and intimate liked she liked and she kept looking at her dad to see how he was reacting but she never detected any discomfort in his facial expressions. In fact, as the dancing got more intimate she detected the look of lust that she knew all too well. Her dad was getting turned on watching her all but fuck these people on the dance floor. Good!

With the relief that came from knowing that her dad was not unhappy she plunged back into the dancing totally uninhibited. It didn't take long for the pleasure between her legs to start to grow. There was an orgy of bodies around her, touching her, squeezing her and she was groping them back. Eventually she couldn't take it any longer and had to leave. She headed straight for her dad and whispered something in his ear, grabbed his hand and led him off.

The minute they got in the elevator she plastered her sweaty hot body against him and kissed him forcefully. As soon as they got to their room she tore off their clothes and jumped on top of him on the bed. She grabbed his cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it back and forth several times to get it wet. Then in one fell swoop she impaled herself totally on his rock hard card. Sweat dripped off her face onto her dad and her body felt like it was on fire against her dad's skin. In no time the orgasm began to build and she grabbed on tight to her dad and started to spasm in huge waves of pleasure. When the orgasms subsided she flopped onto her dad, her hot sweaty skin sticking to his body. They just lay there stuck together not moving, not talking, just enjoying the moment. After she cooled down she rolled off her dad and his sticky, gooey cock popped out of her. She turned on her side and he rolled behind her and spooned her closely until they both drifted off.


I picked up something in Vegas that I knew Katie would like but decided to make her wait until we were home and she was in one of her sexual moods.

"Honey, I have a surprise for you."

"Ooo, I like surprises daddy! What kind of surprise?"

I made her close her eyes and then returned a minute later with my 'new' dick. I knew Katie still liked to play with Nick to get at her deep spots but it was unpleasant for me to help. Attaching Nick with a harness squashed the shit out of my balls and penis which was no fun at all. It was also a hassle using my hands. It was tough to get the angle right and there was a lot of "move it up a bit, push harder, slow down, etc, as she tried to guide me to move it the way she wanted. I knew she liked it when I helped though because she had told me it was distracting doing all the work herself.

I found a store in Vegas with a huge selection of sex toys that carried the brand of dildo that I had bought for Katie (Nick). The silicone was very high quality with no rubber smell and a soft lifelike feeling which quickly warmed up to your body temperature. What I wanted was a penis extender though not a dildo. Fortunately, they carried one in the same brand as Nick, made of the same material.

It was perfect. The end was like a normal dildo but the rest was like a large condom that you rolled over your penis to hold it in place. The part that you rolled was quite thin so I would be able to feel the pressure of her vagina somewhat through the material. Because I'm quite wide it would be a nice snug fit when I was hard and there would be no problem with it slipping off.

"Close your eyes."

I quickly rolled the add-on over my penis (that was another advantage over the harness which was a pain to put on) and went over to her on the bed and gently rubbed the end of the penis over her face.

"Keep your eyes closed. Take your hands and start to feel it from the tip down."

She gradually started to explore it with her hands starting at the tip and smelling it.

"Oh dad, it feels so life like and so big and fat" as she tried to wrap her hand around the circumference. Then she gradually slid her hands down until she reached my groin. "Dad this feels really long but I don't feel the harness?" She continued to feel it. "The middle part feels really warm like your penis does. What is this?"

She opened her eyes and gazed up and down it continuing to squeeze the various sections. She finally noticed the end part that I had rolled up against my groin and realized what it was. I rolled part of it up and down my penis so she could see how it worked.

Her eyes were starting to get that turned on look.

"Want to try it out?"

"Hell yes!"

I lay on my back and she straddled me, lifting herself up high enough so she could rub the tip back and forth against her already wet pussy. After a bit she should stopped moving and gently applied downward pressure. I always loved watching this part. The dildo was so thick that it stretched her pussy lips into a round circle around the head. The skin would keep stretching wider and wider until amazingly enough it would be stretched enough for the head to pop in. I had a nickname for it and called it her 'rubberband' pussy. She would always pause a bit at this point, savoring the feeling and giving herself time to adjust.

I reached up and coated my thumb with the cream that was oozing out of her and started rubbing her clit, leading to a grunt from her. She slowly started to move back and forth pushing the dildo deeper and deeper into her. I had bought the black one again so I could see the color contrast against her white skin and it also allowed me to see how excited she was as her cream would leave white streaks against the dark material. It was quite a visual on!

It took a while but eventually she bottomed out and leaned forward on my chest, kissing me softly.

"Dad, this feels so good. It's so deep inside me and I feel so incredibly full and stretched. It's like you are part of me!"

She gradually started to move back and forth. I let her control the motion. It was so big I didn't want to risk hurting her by thrusting back too hard. I ran my hands softly up and down her silky smooth legs and arms and squeezed her butt cheeks, then rubbed and twisted and pulled her nipples. She was starting to pick up the pace and was exhibiting all the visual signs that I had come to associate with her orgasms, eyes shut, face tensed up, skin blushing red. In no time at all she grunted loudly and started having her epileptic like orgasm seizures.

She lay exhausted on top of me for quite a while. I had not cum so she still had the huge penis inside her and she seemed quite content to leave it there.

"My turn honey!"

I removed the add-on and rolled her over on her back. In one thrust I bottomed out in her slick pussy.

Katie loved the feeling of her dad's fat warm cock resting deep inside her and her body was still aroused from the last orgasm. She was ready to go again but she wanted him to fuck her really hard and that was the one thing he was always reluctant to do. He told her that it was hard for him to totally let loose because he was always worried about hurting her. She had learned though that if she talked really dirty to him, she could get him so crazed that he would lose it. When he was like that he didn't even see her. His eyes were glazed and he was in a sexual frenzy and fucked the shit out of her. She loved it! Fortunately, she new all the words to arouse him.

"Daddy, I'm ready for your big fat slippery cock! I need it really bad! You're such a bad daddy, fucking your little girl, aren't you daddy! I'm trying to be so good but you keep forcing yourself on me and I can't help myself. You're stretching my pussy and ruining it for everyone else! What a bad daddy you are! But you know what daddy? I love your big fat cock in me. I love being your little whore! I make big messes on my bed thinking about your cock! What would mom think of you fucking me! Daddy, do your friends know you're banging your daughter like she's a total whore? What if I get pregnant? Will you still love me? Will you fuck me from behind when my belly is hanging down on the bed? What a bad daddy you are!"

That was all he could take. He start to jackhammer her. He was ramming her so hard that her whole body jiggled with every downstroke. He pinned her shoulders with his elbows so that she didn't bang up against the headboard.

"Harder daddy, harder! Fuck your little slut baby harder!"

He couldn't possibly move any harder but he continued on.

"Daddy, I'm getting close, cum with me, cum with me right now!"

He was ready and his balls tightened up and he blew a huge load in her. The flood of hot sperm pushed Katie over the edge and they both collapsed on the bed.

Katie lay there in total bliss! Her pussy was still sending pleasant aftershocks and she was engulfed in the warm afterglow of two fantastic orgasms.

What an incredible sexual arrangement she had with her dad! It wasn't just that he was a fantastic lover! It was the totally liberating feeling of being able to do whatever she wanted sexually with no repercussions! Normally, there were so many things for a female to worry about when they were turned on. What would happen to your reputation. Would you get a STD. Would the guy turn out to be a psycho and hurt you. Would the details of your date be public news the next day. Would your parents somehow find out. Would you hurt your dates ego by being too aggressive. Would your date mind a session with the Mistress. The list went on and on and on!

She didn't have to worry about any of those things with her dad.

He never even dated so no worries about disease. He loved her unconditionally no matter what she did and knew her moods totally so there were never any awkward surprises. In fact, he seemed to have a sixth sense about her moods. If there was some kind of limit he had with her sexual appetite and preferences he never expressed it. In fact he seemed kind of kinky and actually liked their Mistress sessions. There were some mornings when she woke up feeling really sheepish about what she had initiated the night before in the heat of passion but he never said anything. He was fantastic! She totally loved him!

His stare eventually pierced her sexual ruminations.

"So, I gather you like my new present?"

"Oh ya! We're going to be using it a lot if it's okay with you!"

"That's why I bought it honey. It's easy to use, not painful for my balls and penis and in fact I actually get some stimulation through the thin covering."

She thought, "Could life get any better!"


Doing the dishes is boring. There is no dishwashing machine in our new place so we do them the old fashioned way. Sometimes I do them. Sometimes Katie does. Sometimes we both do. When we both do them we play a little game that makes the dish washing fun.

We start off by wearing as little clothing as possible or none and she always has her long hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

If she is washing I will stand right behind her and nuzzle her neck with my nose and lips. She loves to have the edges of her ears licked softly and enjoys when I blow little whispers of air into her ears. Then I touch my body against her back and slowly and gently run my hands up and down her sides and reach forward to glide them across the smooth skin of her upper legs. For a while I might run my hands over her ass cheeks and stop to gently squeeze them in different spots. Then I might move my hand in circles on her stomach over her belly button and move both hands up to her breasts and play with them. At first, I just gently squeeze each of her breasts in my hands. Eventually I always caress her nipples, with soft feather touches at first and then start to roll them between my thumb and forefinger, alternating between squeezing and pulling and varying the pressure.

By now, she will usually be wet between her legs and I push any pants or panties that she may be wearing to the floor. I reach around with my hand and start to rub her clit, gently at first but with increasing pressure. At some point she tells me she is ready and leans her arms forward onto the counter top and arches her body towards me. I run the tip of my dick up and down over her juicy pussy lips several times and then gradually push into her. There is usually very little dishwashing going on at this point. Katie verbally directs the pace and hardness and angle of penetration. If she wants slow I give her slow. If she wants hard and fast I give her hard and fast. Eventually her fists clench on the counter top and her whole body tenses up and we usually both cum together.

A most enjoyable way to do the dishes


I was watching the season finale of my favorite TV show. It was half over and then she came out of her bedroom wearing sheer nylons and the string bikini she bought in Vegas. I told her that she looked really hot in her string bikini on the flight home and she already new I loved the nylons. She walked over to the couch and sat down, facing me, leaning back against the end of the couch looking at me with her barracuda smile. She gradually stretched her stocking clad feet out so that they were snuggled under my leg, wiggling her toes occasionally, not saying anything, just watching my reaction.
I was trying to focus on the show and ignore her, after all it was my favourite show and the season finale.

She wiggled her toes again so I would look over and then pulled her thong to the side, revealing her glistening, bare pussy. She put her finger in her pussy then slowly put it in her mouth and licked it clean. Then she did it again and leaned over and held it under my nose rubbing it across my lips. It was getting really hard to concentrate on my show!

At the commercial, she reached over and pulled my shorts and underwear off and then turned my legs toward her on the couch with my legs on each side of her. Once the show started she placed one of her feet underneath my balls and started moving them around. Then she gently wrapped both of her stocking clad feet around my cock and started to move up and down. I love the look of sheer nylons and loved the feel of them on my cock. How was I supposed to watch the show? The finale was near though and I was determined to stay focused!

I was a goner when she got up and turned away from me and sank herself down on my cock. I guess technically she wasn't blocking my view but when she started to squeeze her vaginal muscles really tightly against my cock as she moved up and down, I might of as well have been blind. I didn't notice the show anymore.

It didn't take long for both of us to cum which I really enjoyed but afterwords I was definitely ticked. I missed the end of my favourite show just because Katie was horny again!

"God Damn it Katie! You made me miss my favorite show! Couldn't you have waited another 30 minutes for your fuck!"

She knew her dad's favorite show was on but she loved taunting him and so far she was batting 100% in terms of him not being able to resist her. It was a very empowering feeling! She did love her dad though and knew he was upset. She knew how to grab shows off the internet after they aired and would get the show for him. Plus, it was his own fault, he never did say 'no means no'. It's not like she raped him!

"Don't worry dad, I'll get the show for you tomorrow so you can watch it."

"Really, you can do that?"

It was amazing how many things her dad did not know given that he was such a good programmer but I guess he was from a different generation and just not up on all the internet and smart phone things that she took for granted. She made a mental to show her dad any of the things she noticed he did not know. Just the other day she showed him how to text. He had a smart phone but just used it for calls and had never texted. Amazing!

"Don't worry, I'll have it for you tomorrow. No problem!"


Every once in a while her dad seemed to feel the need to ask her about her love life and how he was worried that their relationship was holding her back socially. She didn't mind at first but it was starting to wear thin.

"Look dad, you really don't need to worry about me. I'm fine. If you had forced yourself on me when I was five you would surely deserve to rot in hell but I'm not five am I? You never forced yourself on me ever, did you? Your sexual presence has not stopped me from doing well at school. It has not stopped me from having friends at school. It did not stop me from finding and decorating a house for you. It has not stopped me from dating. I have dated since I started college. You know that. It's not my fault I have not been interested in any of them after the first few dates. Do I have to bring someone home and fuck them in front of you to put you at ease? When I find someone I really like I'll bring them home. I promise! I admit that you've set the bar high. You're a great dad and a great lover. They say girls often marry someone like their dad so what's wrong with me waiting for someone as good as you?"

I saw no flaw in her logic and left it but I still worried about our relationship in the back of my mind.


The Red Cross left a generic message on our phone that they were short of type O blood and asked for donors to come in. My wife and I were both type O and frequently gave blood because it was in demand.

"Katie, I'm going to give blood. You should come with me. They are short on type O blood."

"Dad, I'm type A not O."

"Are you sure? You must be type O because both your mother and I are."

"I'm positive dad. I gave blood in high school and they gave me a card with my blood type on it."

"Let me check on the internet, maybe I'm wrong."

Katie watched as I looked on the internet. We both looked as the table said that two type O parents could only produce a type O child.

"What does that mean? Does that mean you're not my dad?"

There was only one person that could that question and she was not talking to us.

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