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As Julia Carter was led out of the Whorehouse Club, it was not the many hands that groped the most intimate parts of her body that terrified her; it was the woman that her mistress had just given her too. The woman that confidently walked ahead of her was her younger sister, Kate! Julia was nervous because Kate was an unknown quantity, was she a real dominatrix or was she just playing. Julia whimpered as a second tall muscular woman joined then and kept pace with Kate excitedly congratulating her on her new acquisition. The woman was Sarah, the cousin of the two Carter sisters and, although physically the most powerful, she was completely controlled by Kate. Kate appeared to be heading for the car but stopped abruptly at the brightly lit entry to the car park. Kate handed the lead to Sarah and told her to wait until she went for the car.

As Kate disappeared into the darkness, vehicles entering and leaving the car park illuminated Sarah and the near naked Julia. Many of the occupants cheered and laughed, shouting obscene suggestions of what they would like to do to Julia. Sarah was obviously amused; she turned to Julia, and said, "Suck my cunt!" Julia was mortified but fell to her knees and started sucking Sarah's cunt. Humiliated beyond belief, Julia continued to lick her cousin's pussy as car after car drove slowly past, illuminating the incestuous couple. Julia did not think things could get any worse, but then a flat bed utility pulled up, its headlights spotlighting them. Finally, Sarah's orgasm flowed through her body and she roughly pushed Julia to the ground.

As Julia lay there, Kate climbed out of the utility and taking Julia's lead dragged her towards the vehicle. Kate climbed onto the tray and pulled Julia up alongside her. Kate tied Julia to the ladder bars, fully exposing her sister to motorists and pedestrians alike. Kate climbed down and drove off into the night. Kate was driving slowly and within seconds a truck approached and illuminated Julia, the truck continued behind them almost all the way home, occasionally sounding the horn to attract the attention of the larger groups of pedestrians to the naked Julia. Julia was totally humiliated but her cunt juices flowed freely, saturating the tops of her stockings.

Julia was thankful when the utility finally pulled into the driveway of the family home although she knew it would mean that she must soon perform many depraved sexual acts. However, Julia was not released from her bonds she remained on display. Several of the neighbours approached, some grabbing her breasts and some fingering her cunt. One man, she did not recognise, actually took a selfie as he forced his prick into Julia's mouth. After that particular incident, Sarah released Julia and dragged her into the house. Kate violently forced several fingers into Julia's cunt, finding it saturated, she soundly whipped Julia for allowing herself to get sexually excited by a male!

Kate settled down into a chair, opened her legs and ordered Julia to suck her cunt and arse, while Sarah took a strap-on dildo and fucked both of her cousin's holes. Kate and Julia were soon approaching orgasm, Julia was finding the domination particularly stimulating and her cunt juices were again trickling down her thighs. She was in raptures, while Kate was finding that Julia was a skilled and enthusiastic cunt licker. Kate and Julia both orgasmed and as Kate's juices burst forth she roughly pushed Julia away, but Sarah immediately grabbed Julia's hair and removing the dildo from Julia's arse, Sarah forced Julia's mouth on to her cunt. Julia dutifully sucked Sarah's cunt to an intense orgasm.

Kate smiled at Julia, cunt juices still dripping from Julia's mouth and chin, then Kate said, "Wow sis that was fantastic, I must try being a Dom again."

Julia was shocked and said, "You are just playing at domination and submission!"

Laughing Kate said, "Yes, ok I am. What more do you want?"

Julia lowered her eyes and said, "I really want a real woman, like mom, to dominate me!"

"Wow!" Kate exclaimed, then added, "You better go and get dressed and wipe the cum from your face, Mom will be home soon".

Julia's mother, Sandra, a divorcee, was a petite, highly desirable milf who was exceedingly sexually active but was also known as a strict authoritarian.

Julia had just finished getting dressed in sophisticated yet sexy gear. She was still fantasizing about being dominated by her mother, when she recklessly decided to entice her mother into being her dominant mistress.

When her mother arrived home from her night out she called from the hallway asking if everything was all right. Kate answered but Julia remained silent. Kate stared at Julia questioningly and realising Julia had all ready begun to seduce their mother, she pointedly wished everyone all the best of luck and went to bed.

Sandra too had registered that Julia had remained silent and on entering the room immediately asked what was wrong. Although Julia pretended not to want to talk about it, her mother insisted.

Angrily Julia said, "Ok, Ok, I resigned from teaching at that bloody school. I am working out my notice and before you ask I had to, they found out I was a lesbian!"

Sandra was shocked and staring at Julia, she said, "A lesbian, what, why?"

Julia, still appearing angry, shouted, "Lesbian, why! When was the last time a man gave you a bloody good orgasm! All men think about is their fucking pricks and ejaculating their seed and that takes five minutes at the most! I am willing to bet that the only times you have been delirious with sexual pleasure is when you are masturbating!"

Silence fell and Julia stormed off to her bedroom.

Sandra was stunned and after making a coffee, she followed the others to bed. Sandra climbed into bed and picking up a book attempted to read but what Julia had said kept forcing its way into her thoughts. Sandra slammed the book shut and thought, "I had two good fucks tonight, ok the first in my cunt, it may have been just five minutes, and I only had a mild orgasm, but the second in my arse went on for ages and I had a big orgasm."

She closed her eyes, and imagined what had happened. Slowly she imagined the prick entering her cunt and pounding her many times. The feelings it generated within her. How the mild orgasm had swept through her body and how the man had eventually ejaculated. Finally admitting to herself that neither fuck would have been three minutes, she climbed out of bed and went to the shower.

As she entered the shower, she thrust her fingers into her cunt and took out her diaphragm, smiling to herself that at least lesbians don't have to worry about contraception. She began to wash but her fingers found her clit and gently she started to caress the nub. Sandra started to fantasize about her sexual experiences, but visions of Julia being fucked with a huge strap on dildo kept rushing to the centre of her thoughts. Sandra cleared her mind and tried to think about men, but the fucking of Julia forced its way back into her mind and she began to fantasize on the vision of Julia being fucked by a woman wearing a massive dildo. Sandra was now rubbing her clit vigorously and had four fingers jammed into her cunt. A truly massive orgasm was building and Sandra was frantic in the stimulation of her clitoris. The fantasy was truly amazing and at the point of orgasm, she saw the face of the woman fucking Julia, Sandra was shocked to realised the woman was her, it was her, Sandra, it was her, Julia's mother. The orgasm was beyond anything she had experienced in a long time and with fluid squirting from her cunt she slid down the shower wall, convulsing with each new wave of pleasure. Sandra laid there as the warm soothing water ran over her. Sandra, her legs unable to support her, closed her eyes enjoying obscene, incestuous thoughts, but finally she climbed out and dried herself. She went back to bed and snuggled into the blankets trying to think of the times she had had massive orgasms.

Suddenly Sandra sat bolt upright, the only orgasm that could compare with the one she had just had, she thought, was when her and her sister Clare had had lesbian sex in Clare's bedroom. Sandra lay down wondering what she had missed in all the years of vanilla sex.

Sandra slept fitfully as images of lesbian sex with her daughter, Julia, flitted in and out of her mind. She rose later than normal and going to the kitchen to make coffee, she saw Julia sat at the breakfast bar.

Julia looked up and said, "Sorry for what I said last night."

Sandra smiled replying, "Don't be, I understand completely. But, I win the bet!"

Julia looked perplexed and asked, "What bet?"

Sandra laughed and said, "You bet me that the only times I was delirious with sexual pleasure was when I was masturbating. You are wrong; my greatest orgasm was with your Aunt Clare, twenty-five years ago in her bedroom. The only lesbian experience I ever had!"

Laughing Julia said, "Twenty-five years ago and with a lesbian, that doesn't count. When was the last time you had an unbelievable orgasm?"

Sandra hesitated and then said quietly, "Last night, I started wondering what I had missed, not having had lesbian sex and one fantasy led to another. And, I might add, to a tremendous orgasm that left me paralysed with pleasure for a lot longer than five minutes."

Julia stood up and kissed her mother forcefully on the lips and as she realised that her mother had parted her lips to accept her tongue, she knew her mother had fallen. Julia brushed her mother's lips with her tongue and said, "Until tonight them."

As Julia left for work, Sandra contemplated her words, a little fearful but excited.

The day was passing slowly and Sandra decided to go on the internet and check the range of things lesbians actually do to each other. She found herself captivated by images and stories of lesbian domination, public humiliation, punishment and pissing. She rubbed her clit vigorously as she watched videos of lesbians forced to suck cunt or arses and those showing dominant lesbians fucking a slave's cunt and arse with large dildos. After she had several orgasms she angrily thought that that could not be her, she closed the internet and prepared a romantic dinner for herself and Julia.

Julia arrived home from work early and was carrying numerous packages. As she entered the room, candles blazed on a table for two. Discarding the packages Julia rushed over to her mother and kissed her passionately. Julia attempted to push her tongue into her mother's mouth but her tongue was forced back by Sandra's tongue invading her mouth. Julia sucked and played with her mother's tongue as it explored every crevice of Julia's mouth. After several minutes, mother and daughter separated and Julia realised her mother was dressed in her sexiest outfit. Julia smiled to herself and asking if she had time for a shower, she ran off to shower and change.

Julia returned dressed in heels, lace topped stocking, a micro skirt and a flimsy top. Sandra realised Julia wore no underwear; she could just see her daughter's cunt peeking out from below her skirt. Sandra smiled to herself and they both sat down for dinner. Over dinner, Julia guided the conversation to her mother's fantasies and by the end of the meal; Julia was convinced that her mother was a dominant lesbian, although her mother had not yet accepted it.

As they drank coffee, Julia slid off her chair and crawled over to her mother, pushing her mother's legs apart. Moving closer Julia began to suck her clit and play her fingers over and around her mother's cunt and arse. The vaginal stimulation sent Sandra's sexual arousal spiralling upward, her cunt was saturated; juices were literally dripping on to the floor and within minutes, Sandra exploded in a torrent of pleasure. Gasping, Sandra grabbed Julia's hair and pulled her up. Sandra began kissing her passionately and raked Julia's mouth with her tongue. Then pushing Julia's head back down to her cunt, Sandra said simply, "Again!" and Julia commenced to suck and finger her mother's cunt and arse a second time.

After Sandra's fourth massive orgasm, she pushed Julia away. Julia crawled and retrieved one of the packages she had brought home. Crawling back to her mother, she presented her with the package and said, "My Mistress should wear this." After some time Sandra tentatively stood up, unsure whether her legs would support her. Taking the package into the bedroom she changed into the new outfit, it was a perfect fit and even just wearing it aroused Sandra.

Sandra returned to Julia wearing a latex body suit, which incorporated six-inch heels. The suit left Sandra's cunt, tits exposed, and it had a zip which when opened allowed access to the crack of Sandra's arse. Julia was kneeling; she offered another package to her mother as she approached. Sandra tore it open and found a large strap on dildo with a particularly big nub and anal beads for the pleasure of the wearer. Sandra smiled and putting it on ordered Julia to her bedroom.

Julia positioned herself on all fours and waited patiently for her mistress. Sandra climbed onto the bed and immediately rammed the dildo into Julia's cunt. Both women groaned with pleasure as Sandra began moving in and out of Julia's cunt. Julia's cunt was sodden and the dildo slipped in and out easily, and as the attachments took Sandra closer and closer to orgasm, Sandra became frantic and pounded Julia's cunt mercilessly. At almost the same instant, both women had massive orgasms. Julia's head and shoulders collapsed on to the pillows as Sandra lay prostrate over her back, the dildo still buried deep in both their cunts.

Sandra slowly recovered and withdrawing the dildo from Julia's cunt, she forced it into Julia's tight arse and began to pump it in and out once more. The constant pounding sent both women into a frenzy of sexual pleasure and both came again, Julia squirting cunt juice all over her mother's legs and the bed.

Sandra had never experience such a high level of obscene pleasure, but as Sandra slowly withdrew the dildo from Julia's arse, she was mesmerised by the gaping ass hole left by the dildo.

Staring fixedly at the gaping anus, Sandra said, "Julia that was absolutely fantastic, but did you enjoy it and are you alright?"

Julia looked around at her mother and said, "Mistress, I am your submissive, you are my lesbian dominatrix and a dominatrix does not care whether their slave enjoyed it, so long as my Mistress did, that is all that matters! But the answers to your questions Mistress are; yes it was truly magnificent and yes I am good."

Sandra smiled and nodded.

Both women smiled before Julia said, "Mistress, I am a true submissive; I find the pleasure buried within domination, humiliation and pain irresistible!"

Sandra turned her back on Julia, an evil smile playing on her lips and said, "Your Mistress has much to learn, Slave! Now suck my arse!"

Sandra, the inexperienced dominatrix and her daughter Julia became inseparable over the coming weeks and a true Mistress and slave relationship developed, Sandra brutally punishing Julia whenever Julia failed to comply with her ever increasingly demanding instructions. Sandra had realised that her initial exhilaration at stories of lesbian domination, public humiliation, punishment and pissing were what she really craved to do to her daughter.

Sandra decided to take Julia on holiday. The destination was remote, but Sandra was confident there would be sufficient holidaymakers available to allow her to constantly humiliate her slave. As Sandra awoke on the morning of departure, Julia was still sleeping curled at the end of her bed. Sandra stretched lazily, and then kicked Julia awake and throwing her legs over the edge of the bed she dragged her daughter's mouth to her cunt, Sandra began pissing in her mouth. Julia had become and expert at drinking piss and eagerly allowed the urine to flow unrestricted down her throat; without the need to keep swallowing, Julia did not spill a drop of the golden fluid.

"Clean it!" demanded Sandra and Julia complied without hesitation.

"Suck it!" Sandra order and Julia commenced licking and sucking her mother's cunt.

Julia, after bringing her mother to a massive orgasm and serving her Mistress breakfast, began packing the car, but before her task was completed, Julia's Aunt Clare pulled her car into the driveway. It was the first time Clare had seen Julia dressed in her slave's outfit and stared, aroused at the sight of Julia in her high heels, stockings, short skirt and an infinitesimal top. Clare was almost certain she could see Julia's shaved pussy each time she moved and gazed unashamedly at Julia's distended nipples rigid beneath her top.

Clare trying to compose herself asked Julia where her mother was, to which Julia replied, "My mistress is having breakfast in the dining room." Uncertain whether she had heard correctly, Clare mused whether Julia had called Sandra her mistress; Clare entered the house and gasped as she saw her sister dressed in leather. Clare had almost forgotten the purpose of her visit, but collecting her thoughts, she said, "My shit of a husband, Charles, left me weeks ago and took the kids. I got the house and a good payout so I am happy, but god I am frustrated. I was hoping you could initiate me into the singles scene."

Sandra smiled and said, "Certainly, stand up!" then she called, "Slave".

As Julia hurried in, Sandra added, "Suck your Aunt Clare's cunt and arse!"

Clare stood rigid as her niece Julia fell to her knees and lifted her skirt. Clare looked at Sandra horrified as Julia pulled her aunt's tights and panties off, but as Julia's tongue began to caress her clit, Clare moaned and spread her legs wider. Clare and Sandra stared at each other as Julia continued to suck Clare's clit and played her fingers around Clare's cunt lips and anal rose.

Sandra, stood up, a smiled playing on her lips, and said, "Just think, you are going to have the greatest orgasm of your life!" As her orgasm built, Sandra wrenched Clare's hair, forcing her head back and kissed her sister vehemently, searching her mouth with her tongue. Clare was lost in the obscenity of her niece's sucking and toying of her cunt and her sister's passionate kissing and enjoyment of her humiliation. As her orgasm rush to a climax, she knew that this was indeed the greatest orgasm of her life! The climax hit Clare and she collapsed, squirting cunt juice in every direction. Julia and the floor were covered in Clare's vaginal fluid but Clare did not care, she lay in a pool of her own juices panting and jerking with pleasure.

Barely aware of her surroundings, she heard a distant voice say, "Now her arse." She felt herself being dragged into a kneeling position, her face and hair lying on the floor in a pool of her own cunt juice. Then Julia's exquisite tongue began to play with her anal rose, fingers pushed gently into her arse and several more into her cunt. Clare was delirious with pleasure, the orgasm she had just enjoyed seemed to flood back and soon she felt once more the true ecstasy of a sexual orgasm. Clare collapsed unable to control her pleasure, her cunt squirted repeatedly and losing control, piss rushed from her body to the floor, surrounding her, saturating her. Clare lay moaning on the floor, not quite believing what had just happened but hoping she would experience such depraved sexual pleasure again, and again, and again.

As Clare regained her senses, she heard a voice say, "Now it is your turn." A hand grabbed her hair and pulled her across the floor finally pushing her face into a cunt. Sill disorientated Clare started sucking and licking the cunt the best she could, but as things became clearer she realised she was sucking her sister Sandra's cunt and her niece Julia was standing to the side of her watching. Clare sensed rather than heard Sandra give Julia a command. Just as Clare wondered, a pain shot through her as Julia paddled her arse. Clare ministrations of Sandra's cunt suddenly became frantic as a second harder spank of the paddle sent shock waves through her. Clare was frantically sucking and fingering Sandra's cunt but as the paddle repeatedly struck her arse, she began to look forward to the pain. Increasingly the two sisters strived for orgasm, Sandra intent on pleasure, Clare intent on pain, finally they both orgasmed. Sandra covering her sister face with her juices was surprised as Clare collapsed once again in a series of sexual convulsions.
Sandra preferred to stand for the rest of the visit to her sister's house, but promised to return within two hours to accompany them on holiday. Julia, after determining Clare's dress sizes was sent to the store to purchase garments more appropriate for Sandra's new slave. Clare returned and Julia rapidly transferred her mistresses and her belonging to Clare's much larger four-wheel drive vehicle, while Clare dressed in her new skimpy clothes.

Around noon they set off, Clare was driving; Clare's skirt, by the order of Sandra, had been pulled up to display her cunt. Sandra sat in the passenger seat, while Julia knelt crammed between Sandra's legs in the well of the front passenger compartment. Soon Julia was ordered to suck her mother's cunt and arse.

After an hour or so, Clare was ordered to stop and Clare and Julia exchanged places. Julia drove off, her skirt pulled up and her face covered in dried cunt juice, while Clare was ordered to suck her sister's cunt. They drove for another hour before Sandra exclaimed she needed a piss. Clare assumed that they would stop at the next service station, but Sandra wrenched Clare's mouth to her cunt and began to piss; Clare was not an experienced piss drinker, piss cascaded from her mouth, and ran down over her. Clare gasped when she realised her cunt juices were flowing freely, excited by the abuse. The two slaves soon understood that they pissed at the side of the road in the most attention-grabbing place available. Clare felt traumatised by her first experience of pissing in public, but as she drove, a pool of her juices formed under her arse and she knew the incident had aroused her incredibly.

Finally, they stopped at an isolated service station to eat. Sandra fitted dog collars and leads to both her slaves. As Julia filled the car with fuel, Sandra, dragged Clare into the café and looking around saw only the waitress and four other people, three Negro women, two of whom were in their early twenties and very attractive and very sexily dressed, the third she guessed was their mother. The fourth occupant of the café was an extremely well dressed attractive woman in her late thirties, early forties and judging by her jewellery, very rich indeed. The waitress was a young chubby white girl in her mid twenties.

Sandra ordered three basic meals and sat down. Spreading her legs, she looked at Clare and said, ""Suck!" Clare turned almost purple with embarrassment but slowly got on her knees and began publicly sucking her sister's cunt. Just as Julia entered, the waitress move towards Sandra intent on stopping the obscenity, but Sandra looking at Julia said, "Make the waitress orgasm!" Julia moved towards the waitress and pushed her against the wall, lifting her dress; she forced her hand under the girl's knickers and began to play with the girl's cunt and arse. Julia pushed a finger into her tight cunt and the girl moaned opening her legs further. Sandra looked at the three Negro women; the mother was now sucking on her daughter Diane's cunt, while the other daughter, Susan, watched the rich bitch as the bitch surreptitiously squeezed her own breast and nipple, she was obviously extremely sexually aroused. As the rich bitch let her hand fall towards her cunt and lifted her skirt, clearly masturbating, the Negro Amazon, Susan, walked over and grabbing the bitch's hair, pulled her from the café.

Sandra smiled as they left, but her orgasm was continuing to build, almost within seconds of each other Sandra, the waitress and Diane screamed their pleasure; the waitress squirting volumes of cunt juice. Exhausted Sandra and her two slaves ate their meal, a slight tang of cunt juice evident in the food. As they left the truck stop, the two slaves resumed their respective positions and the threesome drove off into the night. Sandra closed her eyes wondering whatever happened to the rich bitch and her Amazon abductor, not that it worried her, she had her own loyal slaves.


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