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Josephine, The Family Fucktoy Ch. 03

Hey everybody! Sorry for the long wait between parts two and three, I've just been busy and working on other stories as well. As I mentioned before, this story isn't strictly incest/ taboo, there are elements of other categories, in chapter 2 it was BDSM, and in this chapter, there's a forced sex element, a bit of a roleplay going on. This one will be a little rougher, but rest assured it will be the roughest chapter in the series (I think, ha). Anyways, I hope you enjoy, I'll try to be quicker in the next chapter, and while this one is mostly entirely sex, I assure you the next one will have quite a bit more plot/ shit going on.

Thanks for reading, thanks for any feedback (even if you are being an anonymous prick), and as always, every character in this story is over 18.


Josephine's eyes rolled in the back or her head as she climaxed again.

She was strapped to a wooden chair, backwards, so the back of the chin held her up by her chin. She was naked, covered in sweat and welts, a few bruises here and there. Her arms and legs were bound to the legs of the chair, her ass sticking out, a double pronged vibrating dildo inserted into both her pussy and ass. Her mouth had a large, red, rubber ball gag strapped in, big enough to keep her quiet, a steady stream of drool slipping down her chin and onto the floor below.

In front of her was Patrick's lap top, a steady loop of porn playing. He'd somehow rigged it so the videos would play for only a minute or two before switching to the next, and he'd made sure to only include incredibly rough, filthy scenes: gagging, throatfucking, bdsm, gangbangs, rape scenes, girls crying and being abused, girls orgasming, being held down and fucked in every hole.

The seat was wet and there was a puddle on the floor from how many times she'd squirted. Josephine had just enough leverage to move the dildo back and forth, to control where it pressed against. She couldn't get it out, but she could control which area inside her it pressed against, giving her the ability to control when she came almost, or rather, prolong the duration between orgasms, for no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't keep herself from cumming after long enough.

She was alone. She'd been tied up and left like this for what felt like hours now, and her mind was practically fried. Her eyes were sunken, her body was worn out, she was beginning to get scared of whether or not her training would do irreparable damage to her psyche or body, but even those worries were short lived. They would brush up against her and she'd begin to panic, then they'd fly off with the next impending orgasm.

Finally, she heard the door open and close. She couldn't move her head, but she knew it was Patrick by the length of time he'd taken to even address her.

"Having fun?" He asked her after a moment or two.

"Mhm," She squealed, nodding her head slightly.

"Had enough?" He questioned, spanking her ass.

"Mm! Mhm! Mhm!" She begged, and she saw him close the laptop, grabbing the dildo and pulling it out of her holes, turning it off.

He pulled the gag out of her mouth and she gasped, shaking and spitting, wincing.

"Oh! Oh God! It's happening again!" She squealed, spasming as her body climaxed one last time.

"Sh," Patrick whispered in her ear, comforting her, holding her through the last orgasm. "Sh, it's ok, it's ok."

She slowly calmed herself, shivering and shaking as he untied her, then he scooped her up in his arms and carried her into his bed. She looked down and realized he was naked, his hard cock swinging underneath her.

As soon as they plopped down on his soft mattress, she lunged after his cock, grabbing it and shoving it deep down her throat.

"Way woo wer" she said, thanking him with his cock in her mouth, her head bouncing up and down on his hard shaft.

"You're welcome, kitten," Patrick smiled, leaning back and letting her suck him off. After a moment or two he got restless, grabbing her body and picking it up, twisting her around so she was sitting on top of him, her pussy right in his face.

He'd barely licked her when she shivered, her body tensing as she came again.

"Oh! I'm sowwy!" She cried, forcing his cock even deeper down her throat.

"It's ok, kitten, you can keep cumming however many times you need, you have my permission." He cooed, and she hummed a little, his cock all the way down her throat, holding it there.

"Fuck!" He gasped, then grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them, licking her tight little ass. She shuddered and started to orgasm again, shaking her head and squealing, then bobbing up and down on his cock some more.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned to him.

"Please, sir, please don't make me cum anymore," She begged, tears streaming down her face.

"You've had enough?" He asked, spanking her ass, and she nodded.

"Yes sir, please, just let me suck you off. I want your cum so bad, I want to swallow your cum like a good little girl!" She whined, and Patrick leaned back, smiling.

"Very well, get back to work" He demanded, and she smiled, grabbing his cock and slapping it against her face.

"Yes sir," She whispered, then shoved it back down her throat.

She bobbed her head up and down, slobbering and choking on his cock, until at last he couldn't fight it anymore. He groaned and she plunged his cock all the way down her throat, letting him shoot his load down her throat, gulping it all down.

When he had finally finished, she picked herself up, turning to him, a dribble of cum leaking out the side of her mouth.

"Thank you for your cum, sir," she whispered, then collapsed on his chest.


When she awoke, it was dark outside. She was wrapped in blankets and there was a glass of water next to the bed. Patrick sat on his computer, typing something out, lost in his work.

"Um, sir-" She squeaked, and he turned to her, a smile on his face.

"Patrick," He corrected, "We've talked about this, I don't want you to get in the habit of calling me that when we're not having fun together."

"Yes, sorry s- I mean, sorry Patrick." She smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," He grinned, closing the computer and turning to her.

"Not just, not just for today. For everything, for the past couple weeks, for training me," She cooed, barely even able to pick herself up. "I've been having so much fun with you."

"I'm glad." Patrick smiled, standing up and walking towards the foot of her bed. "You're an incredible sub, Jo, and a fantastic lover. I've had a lot of fun too."

"Good," She moaned, sitting up and grabbing the water. "But, um, there's something I need to talk to you about."

He sat down next to her, and she took a few gulps, then handed him the glass.

"Well then spit it out, Jo, you know you can tell me anything," He laughed, taking a gulp, then setting the water down on the bedside table.

"Well, I think I'd like to take a break from my training," She whispered, a hint of worry in her voice.

"Take a break?" Patrick laughed, "Jo, you don't need any more training, we could have probably stopped a week in, everything we've done after that, well, it's not really training anymore, it's just fun."

She smiled, grabbing him and hugging him. He picked her up and sat her in his lap, letting her nuzzle her head against his chest.

"Oh God, I was so worried that you'd-" She started, but he put his finger to her lips.

"Jo, when this all started, we agreed that it would simply be physical, remember? There's nothing to explain, nothing to argue about."

She kissed his neck, again and again, pushing her body against his.

"Oh Patrick! God, you're so wonderful," She gushed, smiling up at him.

"Likewise, Jo, I couldn't have asked for a better little sister," He laughed, kissing her forehead.

"But, um, there's something else I wanted to talk to you about," she admitted, her face turning beet red.

"And that is?" Patrick asked, an all too knowing look in his eyes.

"Well," She bit her lip, "I think I'm ready to fuck Mark."


Mark had noticed his little sister, Josephine, had been acting very strangely the past couple days.

She'd been a little bit more engaging, but that wasn't it. She hadn't been the shy, dutiful little girl he'd been used to for a few weeks now. She was more open and lively, she laughed more, she talked more, but he'd barely noticed that.

And it wasn't that she'd been spending more time with his older brother, Patrick, sneaking off into his room, going on little trips, or electing to stay home together when everyone else went out hunting or fishing. No, nobody really noticed anything strange going on. They were a very busy, independent family, everybody spent most of their time doing their own thing, so even if Josephine and Patrick had been hanging out a little more than normal, it had gone unobserved.

Really, what had raised Mark's curiosity lately was just how much attention she'd suddenly started paying him over anyone else.

It started out innocent enough, when he was watching the game and she'd insisted on sitting down next to him and asking him about it. She was wearing next to nothing, some little sundress, her curvy, soft figure was hard to miss, but he'd been a little preoccupied and had brushed her off.

Then she'd asked him to help her out in the basement with her weight lifting. He'd sworn the shorts she was wearing then were tight enough and small enough to be considered panties more than actual clothes, and her shirt, an old T that she'd cut up so her shoulder popped out and her stomach was bare, practically flaunting her sexy little body to him, sent blood rushing to his head.

"Am I stretching right?" She'd asked, her legs spread, bending over, and he could see her puffy little pussy lips sticking through her shorts, and he'd started sweating profusely, his mouth dry.

"Yeah, yeah, that's right," He'd said, then made some excuse to leave.

But what finally set him off was when he was sitting in the kitchen, and he could hear her talking to some friend on the phone in the dining room. She knew he was in there, she had to, she'd walked right past him as he poured himself a glass of orange juice, and still she'd began giggling to her friend over the phone.

"I know, I can't help it! It's just, after me and Travis broke up, I've been dying to get laid, it's killing me!" She laughed, and Mark swore he saw her throw a sweet little glance his way.

"Yeah, yeah, but I don't want to fuck just anyone, I'd rather it be someone I can trust, someone that'll pound my little pussy to oblivion, without getting all lovey dovey on me. Fuck, why the hell is it so hard to find a guy that strictly wants to fuck my brains out?"

Mark sighed and shook his head, barely able to think straight, his cock rock hard.

He'd wanted to offer up his services, to tell her he'd be more than happy to fuck her tight little pussy and walk away without a second though.

But he held his tongue. Offering to fuck your step sister, your sweet, innocent little step sister, was just too much for him to jump into. What if she freaked out? What if she told their dad? Or worse, Jacob?

No, he pushed it out of his head and went for a jog instead, trying to forget about it, trying to sweat it out.

When he got back, Josephine seemed like she'd been waiting for him, sitting in a little white sundress, wearing an apron of all things, at the kitchen counter.

"Oh good! You're home!" She giggled, jumping out of her stool.

"Oh, uh, yeah, just went for a little jog." He smiled, rubbing the sweat from his brow.

"Mmm, you get nice and sweaty," she smiled, biting her lip and giving him a sultry look.

"Yeah, well, it's a hot one-" he started, but she grabbed his sides and pulled her body against his, taking a deep breath in through her nostrils.

"Fuck, I don't know what it is about guys, but when you sweat, ugh!" She giggled, batting her eyelashes and letting go. "I was wondering if you could help me with something, if you don't mind."

"Well, uh, I was gonna take a quick shower," He started, realizing the very serious need to jerk off and release all the sexual tension he'd let build up. His cock was rock hard, he was struggling to keep it unnoticeable underneath his basketball shorts.

"Oh, nonsense, this won't take that long!" She insisted, grabbing a couple different bottles of cleaner and a rag off the counter.

"Well, ok, I guess," He obliged, and she kicked open the kitchen cabinet underneath the sink.

"I noticed how filthy this cabinet is earlier, and I want to clean it, but it's gonna take every cleaner we have to get the gunk out, even some wax to really polish it clean," She smiled, and Mark couldn't help but notice how she accentuated the word "polish."

"Uh, ok," he swallowed, rubbing his forehead again.

"So I'm going to get down there and start scrubbing, and I want you to hand me whatever cleaner I ask for," She smiled, and Mark nodded.

"Sure, yeah, I can do that," He smiled, and she lunged forward and hugged him, pressing her body against his rock hard cock.

He knew she must have felt it, and when she pulled away there was a lingering stare, her smiling up at him, an almost naughty look in her eyes, but then she turned away.

"Great!" She giggled, then got down on her knees, looking up at him.

Mark half expected her to open up her mouth and pull his cock out of his pants right then and there, but she only smiled and turned towards the cabinet. She got on her hands and knees and half her body disappeared under the sink.

"Hand me the spray cleaner, and the rag," she told him, her hand sticking out behind her, and Mark grabbed what she asked for, and turned to her, almost having a heart attack when he looked down.

There, on her hands and knees, her upper half completely hidden inside the cabinet, her legs and ass sticking out, Josephine's dress had completely lifted up over her ass. Her plump little butt was sticking out entirely, bare and pale, almost shaking a little bit.

"Um, uh, yeah, here you go," he stuttered, handing her the cleaning supplies.

"Thanks!" She giggled. Her ass moved back and forth, back and forth as she scrubbed and cleaned, and Mark's blood rushed to his head and his heart begin pumping a mile a minute.

"Fuck," he whispered under his breath, unconsciously grabbing his cock and stroking it.

"Oh geez, it is just FILTHY down here!" She moaned, sweat pouring down Mark's face.

"Yeah, well-" he gasped, his eyes locked on her bubbly little rump.

"It's been so long since anyone took care of things down here, it's just TERRIBLE!" She giggled, and Mark leaned down a little to get a closer look, realizing Josephine's pussy was slightly gaping, glistening wet.

"Yeah, that's-"

"You really can't ignore it for that long, it really needs to be taken care of regularly, I just wish I wasn't the only one here who would bother taking care of it," She insisted, and Mark snapped out of it, standing up straight.

You'd have to be a fool to not realize what's going on here, he thought. He turned to her and realized she was shaking her ass from side to side, she'd even spread her knees a little bit more.

"Will you hand me the wax? I really need to lube up this wood," She giggled, and Mark exhaled a deep breath, shaking his head from side to side.

She couldn't be any more obvious, he realized.

He pulled his shorts down, stroking his cock until it was rock hard.

"Mark?" Josephine called, her hand sticking out behind her, "Can you give it to me."

Fuck, he thought. He knew he shouldn't, he knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help himself.

"Mark! Come on! Just give it to me!" She demanded, her back arching down, her pussy just staring up at him. He shrugged, then got down on his knees, straddling her and shoving his cock right up her tight little pussy.

"Oh God!" She squealed, as he grabbed her wrist and held it against her back. "Oh! Fuck! Mark!"

"Is this what you want?" He yelled, pounding her tight little pussy.

"Fuck! Mark! Fuck!" She groaned, yelping a little when he spanked her ass.

"Jesus Christ! You're pussy's so tight!" He gasped, shaking his head as he thrusted into her from behind.

"Oh god, yes! Mark! Fuck my little pussy! Oh god! Your cock is so good!"

Mark couldn't help it. There'd been so much build up, so much anticipation, he knew couldn't hold out much longer.

Josephine arched her back and stuck her ass up, her pussy hungrily accepting every thrust.

"Oh, fuck!" Mark groaned, inching closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh god! Yes, Mark! Cum inside my little pussy!" Josephine squealed, almost reading his mind. "Oh god! Fill me with your cum, Mark! Fuck, I want you to cum inside me!"

Her begging and pleading sent him over the edge. He grabbed her ass and pulled her back, slamming his balls against her pussy as he exploded inside her, shooting his load over and over again.

"Ohhhhhhhh Yes! Yes!" She screamed, and then Mark fell back, wiping the sweat from his brow and staring at her as she crawled out of the cabinet and looked up at him, smiling a pouty little grin.

"Oh god, what the fuck," He groaned, shaking his head. "Jo, I'm so fucking sorry!"

She rolled her eyes, smiling, as she grabbed his cock and started licking him clean.

"Sorry for what? Not lasting longer?" She giggled, stuffing his cock back in his pants, then pointed at the kitchen table.

"Get up, sit at the table," She demanded, and like a dog, he acquiesced, climbing up and into his seat.

Jo stood up slowly, pulling her dress up and over her head and tossing it aside. She climbed on top of the table and sat in front of Mark entirely naked, her legs spread, her glistening, clean shaven pussy right in his face.

"Did you like that? Did you like my pussy?" She asked, fingering herself.

"Yes, fuck, yes," Mark groaned, burying his face in his hands.

"Good. I had fun too," She smirked, and when Mark looked up he saw his cum dribbling out of her pussy and onto her fingers, her smiling devilishly as she brought them up to her lips, licking them clean.

"Oh, fuck, this is so wrong!" Mark moaned, shaking his head.

"Why?" She snapped, staring down at him almost angrily. "I wanted you to fuck me, I practically tricked you into it! What? Am I not good enough for your cock?"

"No, no! Jo! It's not like that, it's just-" Mark stammered.

Jo giggled, rubbing her clit again and smiling at him.

"You've told me you'd do anything for me, countless times." She informed him, fluttering her eyes a little as she played with herself.

"Yeah, but-" Mark tried to argue, but she cut in.

"And right now, I want a good fucking. You don't want to fuck me?" She asked, making a little pouty face and big, sad, puppy dog eyes.

"Well, no, it's not that, it's just-"

"Oh my god," She groaned, her breath quickening and her face flushing as she began to climax. "Sh! Sh! One second!"

Mark watched as she made herself orgasm, her pussy contracting and squirting all over the table, a mixture of his cum and her juices pooling in front of him.

"Oh, fuck, there we go," She sighed, smiling at him.

Mark sat there in shock, his eyes practically popping out of his face, as Josephine leaned back, catching her breath.

"Relax, dummy," She giggled, "This isn't anything. But you've always been such a sweetheart, you've always been a good big brother. Is that so much to ask that you fuck me?"

Mark swallowed, shaking his head from side to side.

"No, I mean, of course it isn't." He gasped.

"We're both consenting adults, we can have a little bit of fun, right?" She asked, smiling at him.

"Right," He nodded, almost in a trance.

"So you can fuck me, just this once? And not get weird, not get all sappy and emotional about it? Just give me a good, hard fucking, have a little fun, and not expect anything else?"
It was so easy, so simple sounding.

"Well, yeah, Jo, I can do that." He said, and she sat up, scooting forward and pulling herself into his lap, his hard cock pressing through his shorts.

"Good! Because I've got to admit, if that's all you we're going to give me, I was going to be a little disappointed."

She giggled and leaned forward, nibbling on his neck and ear while he grabbed her ass.

"Oh!" She bounced back, resting her arms on his shoulders. "I'm serious, I want to be clear about this. I don't want love, I don't want any emotional crap, and I don't want you thinking you can fuck me whenever you want. Are you sure you can handle that?"

Mark shook his head and rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, Jo, I think I can handle that," He groaned, spanking her ass.

"Good!" She giggled, jumping up off his lap. "Dad's at work and Jacob's at the beach. Patrick won't be home all day, so it looks like we've got the house to ourselves until about, what? Six?"

She smiled, grabbing her dress from the floor.

"Yeah, sounds about right." Mark laughed, watching her ass as she walked over to the doorway.

"Good, I'm going to take a shower. You'd better make good use of that time, I want you to take me and fuck me however you want"

Mark nodded, sitting up and staring at her, leaning against the door frame.

"I think I can handle that." He smiled, and she giggled a little.

"Good! Oh, and one more thing," She smiled, staring at him.

"What?" He asked.

"I want you to be as rough as you can," She almost whispered, turning around and walking away, her beautiful bubble butt jiggling from side to side as she sauntered off.


Josephine was all dolled up, her hair curled and dried, bouncy and soft, when she stepped out of her room in her short little work out shorts and a tank top.

As soon as the door was shut behind her, a hand reached out and grabbed her out of nowhere, shoving her face first up against the wall, groping her body as she struggled against his grip.

"Oh god! No! Please! Don't!" She cried, tears streaming down her face as her shorts were pulled down and her ass was exposed, turning to see a giant brute in a ski mask abusing her.

"Shut the fuck up, slut!" Her assailant demanded, spanking her ass roughly while his coarse fingers rubbed her wet little clit, then he grabbed her hair and whispered in her ear. "If it gets too rough, just say 'red' and I'll stop, ok?"

"Ok," She nodded and whimpered a little, the resumed the act. "Please, please, just let me go!"

Mark picked her up and threw her over his shoulders. Her little shorts were around her knees, making it impossible to kick, but she hit him and flailed as he walked with her back into his room.

"Oh god! Please! Don't!" She begged. "I'll give you whatever you want, just please, don't hurt me!"

Mark tossed her on his bed and she looked around. Mostly sports memorabilia and posters of athletes, countless trophies and framed pictures of him and friends, teammates, coaches.

"You'll give me whatever I want?" Mark asked, stepping up to her and grabbing her throat, then pulling her shorts completely off pushing her legs apart and rubbing her inner thighs.

"Oh god, no, not that, please!" She begged, tears streaming down her face. "Please, no, oh god, please don't!"

Mark's hands groped and rubbed her flesh, squeezing her legs roughly, then he pulled off the mask and threw it aside.

"Mark? It's you?" She sobbed, her acting skills unchecked. "Please, Mark! Don't make me do this!"

Mark grabbed her throat and slapped her face, shoving two fingers down her throat while she sucked and slurped on them eagerly.

"I bet that's just what you want, isn't it? You're just a dirty little piece of meat, aren't you?" He asked, and she grabbed his wrist and shoved his fingers even further down her throat, pulling back and letting globs of spit dribble down his fingers and onto her body as she gasped and whimpered.

"Oh god, no! Please, Mark!" She begged, and he reached down, rubbing her pussy.

"Fucking christ, Jo, you're soaking through your little panties!" He exclaimed, and it was true. Her little white lacy panties were sopping wet, and she squirmed and as he rubbed her clit through the frills.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Oh god!" She squealed, pressing her body against his touch. "Oh Mark! Please don't make me! I don't want to be a filthy little whore!"

Mark slapped her again, this time harder. He was getting bolder, more aggressive.

"That's what you are? Isn't it? To be fucked and turned into a filthy little cock loving whore?" He asked, and she sobbed, turning away, lying on her stomach and trying to crawl to the other end of the bed.

"Not so fast!" He yelled, grabbing her leg and pulling her back. He ripped her panties apart and threw the tattered rags away as she squealed and sobbed.

"No! Oh god! No! Please don't fuck me!" She begged, but Mark's stiff erection was sticking through his shorts and he dropped them in an instant, grabbing his cock and pressing it against her wet little pussy.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" He asked, groping her ass as he shoved his dick inside her.

"Oh!" She gasped, shaking her head. "Oh god! Oh! Fuck!"

Mark pummeled into her wet little pussy over and over again, grabbing her hair and roughly spanking her ass, choking her while he pounded into her.

"Oh! Fuck! That's it! Oh god! Mark! Fuck!" She bounced, pressing her body against his.

"That's just what you want, isn't it? You're a filthy little fuck slut, aren't you?" He groaned, slamming against her.

"Yes! Yes! I'm just a dirty little whore! Oh god! Yes!" She shrieked, biting her lip as she reached her climax, squirting all over him and his cock, spraying his sheets with her juices while she screamed and squirmed.

"Oh! Mark! Oh! I'm so sorry!" She sobbed, and as he pulled his cock out, she shot up, climbing off the bed and getting onto her knees. She pulled her tank top off exposing her beautiful, oversized tits and lunged at him, grabbing his cock as she licked his thighs and sucked on his balls.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry Mark!" She cried. "I'm just a messy little slut! Oh god!" She shrieked, sucking and kissing, slurping up her juices before shoving his cock down her throat and bobbing up and down on it voraciously.

"Suck that cock!" He demanded, slapping her face, then grabbing her hair and forcing his dick down her throat, again and again while she gagged and drooled, then pulling back.

"You're a dirty little cock sucker, aren't' you?" He asked, slapping her tits, one then the other, over and over again.

"Yes! I'm just a filthy little cock loving whore!" She screamed, then shoved his cock back inside her mouth.

Mark grabbed her head and forced his dick all the way down, his balls slapping her chin, then holding her there as she writhed and struggled, squirming and fighting desperately for air, drool gushing down her body in torrents before he finally let go.

"Oh god!" She screamed, turning over to get away, sobbing as she tried to crawl. "No! No! Mark, no!"

She'd never roleplayed this hard, and Patrick had always had a gentle hand, quick to give her a respite or a soft touch to remind her that it was all a game. Mark, on the other hand, grabbed her leg and pinned her to the floor, shoving his cock up her pussy without a moment's rest.

"No! No!" She sobbed, crying as he forced her face down against the ground and fucked her little pussy senseless. "Oh god! Mark! Please!"

Mark rode her mercilessly while she sobbed and squirmed, fighting against his touch through another orgasm, squirting over the floor, then another.

"Fuck, what a filthy little slut," Mark laughed, grabbing her hair as he picked himself up and stood over her, pulling her naked body over to the puddle of her own juices on the floor.

"Lick it up, slut," he demanded, forcing her ass up in the air and her face down on the ground.

Josephine sobbed, sticking her tongue out and lapping up her juices as mark spanked her and shoved a finger up her ass.

"I'm sorry!" She sobbed, tears dripping down her cheeks, "I'm so sorry! Oh god!"

Mark stood up and sat down on the chair, stroking himself off as he watched her whimper and degrade herself, eagerly licking her juices off the floor.

"Am I being good? Am I being a good little whore?" She squealed, looking up into his eyes while he stroked himself. "Am I good enough for that cock, sir?"

Mark gasped, taking a deep breath as he watched her.

"Get over here and suck on my balls first," He demanded, and she crawled over to him, grabbing his shaft and stroking it as she sucked and licked his balls.

"Just like this? Am I being a good for you?" She asked, and he pet her hair.

"Yes, yes, just like that," He groaned, lifting his leg up so she could get a better angle. She sucked and slurped, then saw his asshole, looking up and watching him groan, his eyes closed.

Patrick had never had her lick his ass, but she'd seen it happen in some of the videos he'd made her watch. She got curious, she got excited, and pressed his legs up, sticking her tongue out.

"Oh! Fuck! Jo!" Mark gasped as she buried her face in him and licked him again and again, probing her tongue against his ass. "Jesus Christ!"

"Am I being good?" She sobbed, then thrust forward and resumed.

"Fuck! Jesus, so good!" He laughed, then he grabbed her face and started throatfucking her again.

"Fuck, what a filthy little cum slut!" He groaned, leaning back. She sucked him off for a moment, then as soon as his eyes closed she jumped up, darting out the door.

"Why you-" Mark called as she ran down the hallway and down the stairs. It was in the living room that he caught her, grabbing her naked body and throwing her onto the couch.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please! Please don't fuck my little pussy any more!" She begged, shaking her head and trying to crawl away.

Mark grabbed her hair and shoved her face in the couch, lifting her ass up and spanking her, over and over again, harder than she'd ever been spanked before.

"Oh god! No! No!" She shrieked, but he was relentless. He spanked her ass so rough she was cringing, screaming and sobbing and begging, only this time she wasn't acting. She thought to use the safeword, but pressed back the urge.

Mark finally stopped, grabbing her and picking her up, pulling her into his lap and forcing her to straddle him as he shoved his cock up her pussy.

"Oh god! Mark! Yes!" She moaned, riding him, kissing him and biting his neck as she clung to his muscles. He grabbed her ass, forcing her down on his cock, lifting her effortlessly, stretching her little pussy and bouncing her up and down.

"Fuck! Oh Christ! It's happening again! Oh! Oh! Please don't make me cum again! Please don't make me be a slut for you!" She begged, only to receive another spanking on her ass.

"Make that little pussy cum!" He demanded, spanking her again and again, "Make that little pussy cum for me, be a good little whore!"

With that he set her off again. Wave upon wave of excitement rushed over her, hitting her hard and fast.

Mark slapped her tits as she rode him, again and again, choking and slapping her face. Her orgasm was rough and violent, hard and fast, and when it was through she collapsed on top of him.

"Oh! Oh! I can't! Mark! I can't!" She begged, but he lifted her face up by her hair and slapped her again.

"You can, and you will!" He demanded, then picked her up and turned her around.

"Oh no! No! Mark! No!" She screamed as she felt his hard cock rubbing against her ass. She put her hands on his knees and wiggled her ass against him, rubbing her asshole hard against his enlarged cock. "No! No! Not there!"

Mark grabbed his cock and lifted her, spitting on his hand and lubing his cock up before pressing it against her tight little ass. She grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart, spreading herself and biting her lip as he forced his way in.

"OH FUCK!" She screamed, but his hands wrapped around her waist and he picked her up, standing up and holding her in the air as he lifted her up and down on his cock, impaling her while she grabbed her tits, squeezing her nipples and moaning.

"OH FUCK! OH GOD! OH I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!" She shrieked, grabbing her own throat and squeezing as he fucked her ass, rubbing her little clit and forcing her to orgasm. She shook her head and convulsed, squirming and shivering, gasping and whimpering, climaxing hard.

"Fuck!" Mark groaned, and then she felt him cumming, filling her little ass with his hot load, again and again, then collapsing back down on the couch, letting her fall into his lap.

"Oh! Mark!" She groaned, lurching over to him and grabbing his cock, grabbing it and licking it clean, stroking him and sucking him off while he groaned and gasped. "Oh, Fuck!"

"Fucking Christ, Jo," Mark sighed, shaking his head and wiping the sweat from his face.

"Thank you, sir," Jo hummed, smiling up at him while she licked him clean. "Thank you for your cum!"


Josephine could barely walk up the stairs and into her room. Mark had fucked her senseless, her entire body aching, spent, sore. She groaned as she turned the doorknob and opened it, falling into her room.

"Jesus Christ, Jo!" Kat sneered at her, shaking her head She was lying on Jo's bed in jeans and a button up black and white blouse, her back against the headboard and her phone in her hand. "What the fuck did he do to you?"

Jo stumbled forward, collapsing onto the bed, and Kat grabbed her, pulling her into her lap and petting her head.

"Oh, fuck, Kat, he just gave me the roughest fucking of my life!" Jo whimpered, nuzzling her face against Kat's chest.

"Yeah, I could hear everything. Fuck!" Kat exclaimed, petting Jo as she whimpered and moaned.

"Oh god, Kat," Jo shivered. "It was amazing!"

Kat moaned, shaking her head and staring down at Jo angrily.

"Fuck, Jo! Quit rubbing my face in it!" She whined, pushing Josephine off of her lap and over on the bed.

"Ow!" Jo whimpered, curling up into a little ball and sniffling quietly.

"Oh, aw, Jo, I'm sorry," Kat sighed, leaning over and rubbing her friend. "You really that sore?"

"Yes," Jo squealed, tears running down her face.

"You ok?" Kat asked, pulling her tight as Jo sobbed a little.

"Yes, yes, I'm ok," Jo whimpered, wiping back the tears, "It was good, it was so good! It's just, I'm a little, it was a little intense."

Kat lied down next to Jo and pulled her tight, rubbing her skin and kissing her.

"Sh, sh, it's ok, you're gonna be ok," She whispered, kissing Jo over and over again.

"I know, I know, Patrick said this could happen, he'd always cuddle with me and hold me afterwards so I'd feel safe. Will you hold me?" Jo smiled, and Kat smiled back.

"Of course I will, Kitten," Kat smiled, pulling Jo around and letting her rest her head on her chest.

They lied there together like that for some time while Jo regained her composure, rubbing and holding each other. After a while, Jo calmed down, pulling herself up and grabbing Kat's face, kissing her sweetly.

"Thank you, I- I think I'm better now," She whimpered, nibbling and kissing Kat's neck.

"Ok, good, you had me worried for a minute there," Kat sighed, rubbing and scratching Jo's back.

"I'm ok, it's ok, he wasn't, well, I told him to be rough, and it was sooooooo good," Jo purred. "It was, it's just, afterwards, I don't know."

"It's ok, Jo, I get it." Kat smiled, then her face scrunched up and she glared at Jo. "I'm still a little pissed at you for not letting me join in, though."

Jo sat up, reaching forward and tugging at the buttons on Kat's shirt, pulling it open one at a time.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," Josephine whispered, pushing Kat's shirt aside and revealing her small, perky tits. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"Oh yeah? How's that?" Kat gasped, her back arching as Josephine sucked and bit her nipples.

"Well, for starters," Jo giggled, "I can still feel Mark's warm cum inside my ass."

Kat blushed, looking down at Jo with shock and excitement.

"Fuck! Jo! You're such a dirty little slut!" She squealed, reaching forward and smacking Jo's ass.

"Ow! Please! Be gentle!" Jo whimpered.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Jo!" Kat laughed, rubbing Josephine's ass while she sat up. She got off the bed and Jo shimmied over, standing up and spreading her legs, then stood up a little straighter, leaning against the bed for support.

"Mmm, fuck, you're so dirty!" Kat giggled, getting on her knees behind Jo and rubbing her clit.

"Oh god! Just like that, oh, oh!" Jo purred, pressing her ass back, and Kat stuck her fingers up Jo's wet little pussy, getting them nice and lubricated, then pulled them out and began to finger her ass.

"Ohhh! OH!" Jo whimpered, her body bouncing back and forth on Kat's fingers.

"There we go!" Kat laughed as Mark's cum began dribbling out of Josephine's ass and down her fingers. Kat smiled, hungrily lapping up his cum as she fingered Jo's ass and rubbed her clit.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Jo whimpered, her legs shivering as she reached another climax, squirting a little, her muscles contracting, jizz forcing its way out her ass.

Kat grabbed Jo's cheeks and spread them, licking her ass and eagerly sucking and slurping up all the cum that came out until there was nothing left and Jo fell forward, crawling back into bed.

"Fuck! Jo! Thank you!" Kat giggled, licking her fingers and gulping down what was left of Mark's cum, then stripping off her pants and crawling into bed, beside Jo.

"You're welcome," Josephine giggled, kissing Kat and rubbing up against her. "But there's one other thing I need you to do."

"Ha! So needy! And what about me? When do I get some of that amazing Hendricks cock?" Kat laughed, shaking her head from side to side.

"Soon, actually," Jo giggled. "I need you to fuck Jacob."


I know, I KNOW, nobody wants to see a threesome with Kat, Jo, and Jacob. Well would it appease you all if I told you that I'd decided to tone it down on the threesome I was planning on incorporating into the story? Without giving away all the details, I think I might forego the threesome or simply make Kat a very minor player in the overall hook up. Or is that just a very vocal minority that doesn't want to see a threesome? Any and all feedback is appreciated. Ok maybe not all, some of the people on here are real pricks about leaving anonymous comments. WE GET IT, YOU DON'T LIKE ANYTHING.

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