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Irma's New Toy

He had seen her before, there at the department store, and he had given her more than a fleeting glance as he bought a newspaper on finishing his coffee before work at the store near where he worked. She had had an immediate impact on him as she strutted past, mature, attractive and so confident. Their eyes had met as she left the store, a prim smile giving him an immediate erection; he thinking she hadn't really noticed him, but he was wrong.

While most of the male eyes there fell upon the younger women with her, his eyes were drawn to the voluptuous and gracious curves that blessed the older woman in the group. A tight back skirt pulled in at the waist, accentuated the globular cheeks of her ample arse, her white blouse expressing large womanly breasts, and her manner so commanding as she shepherded the younger women with a distinct matriarchal air. It was obvious that she was no shrinking violet, her confident persona making her all the more attractive to him as he did his best to study her discretely, fantasising about how she might be in a private audience with him.

Her brown eyes flicked from the girls to his, a plain smile emanating from her red lips and sharp features as she recognised him from the week before, noting his continued interest. He looked away to feign disinterest, slightly shocked at her recognition of the awareness of his presence, but his eyes were soon drawn back as the mature auburn haired beauty undid a fastening at the top of her blouse to show one of her younger companions a locket she wore, inadvertently drawing his eyes to the lightly freckled flesh displayed atop a delicious cleavage. A curt smile greeted his eyes as she caught his glance one more, making him retreat to the cafe area, though his retreat would be futile, her interest now aroused.

As he purchased a coffee and turned, there she was beside him. She gave him a contemptuous smile.

'I'll have a black coffee, if you don't mind my company.' His cock swelled at her bold manner and husky voice, increasing his attraction, as the feeling grew that she knew his interest had betrayed his inner thoughts. She stood passive, her eyes wandering down the length of his body as he stood agape, feeling captured.

'Oh.. Ok, of course..' She grinned as his voice broke, he was sure she had somehow detected his erection. He bought her the coffee, and he followed as she led him to a table, already demonstrating her natural command. As he sat, she did not sit opposite, but pulled a chair round, sitting and crossing her broad thighs, fully within his view, a black stiletto waved at him as he swallowed hard, already speechless. She gave him a stern smile as she lifted the cup to her red lips, her finely manicured hand displaying equally red and sharply filed nails.

'The girls are over in the lingerie department, amusing themselves... but then you didn't give any of them a second glance; you certainly gave me your attention.' He flushed, now knowing she would not be satisfied with anything but the truth, and in the few moments he had known her, he knew she would have it.

'I.. I, didn't mean to stare.' She heaved her large breasts, which he could tell were still very firm for her years, and would sag just slightly; perfection in his eyes. She smirked at his discomfort, every polite and direct reply gave away what she hoped to find in him.

'Most men don't give me a second glance, especially when I'm in the company of such young and shapely girls, that can mean one of several things; I'm hoping that you won't disappoint me. Is it that your eyes simply prefer the more generously proportioned woman?' He coughed slightly trying to remain nonchalant on sipping his coffee as her direct approach began to corner him.

'Oh... I have to admit... skinny girls don't cut it for me.' She crossed her legs the other way, delighting at watching his discomfort at opening up, but she knew he wanted to, and would coax the whole truth from him. She placed her free hand on her hip, the pose enhancing her authority somehow.

'Skinny - 'girls'... is it older women who appeal to you?' His cock was now bone hard as he felt her taking charge of the conversation completely, getting a perverse enjoyment from her inquisition, and he could see from her eyes that the pleasure was reciprocal. There was little doubt in his mind now, that she was actively dominant. He so hoped that the pleasure of his impromptu liaison would be continued. He took a deep breath, and panicked a little that he might say the wrong thing, feeling her eyes search his face for the weakness which would result in him to exposing himself.

'I... I find older women... their... their sophistication, so much more attractive.' He had wanted to say 'authority' and she knew it. He watched as she stiffened and squirmed her thighs, pointing the heel of her stiletto at him, her cunt was tingling now as he dangled on a hook, all the time his appeal to her increasing. She would ease him down before challenging him to admit his now thinly guarded submissive tendencies to her.

'I remember the look and smile you gave me a week ago; it made my day somehow, I like the adoration of certain males, and something in your look told me you had that certain quality. I'd like very much to discuss that further with you, somewhere a little more secluded so's I can have you more to myself.' His cock boned with anticipation, and the confident tone in her words, as though she meant that she wished to devour him. His voice creaked as he blurted a response, pleasing her as it showed his desire to be controlled.

'I'd so like that too... I mean.. if you mean you would like to meet elsewhere... wherever you choose of course.' She grinned and lifted her chin victoriously.

'It's women that are in control that you like, isn't it? He blushed and his breath deserted him as he looked around to check no-one was in earshot.

'Yy... yes.' She licked her lips and smiled with satisfaction at the minor humiliation she had brought from him; all of his own doing, and noticed the relief it had also awarded him. Her satisfaction swelled at how quiet he was, no brash bravado and cocky evasive retorts, he would show her the obedience which she desired.

'You'll meet me at the Golden Angel tonight, a nice secluded pub with intimate seating; you know it?' He could not confirm the appointment quick enough, dribbling the coffee he had tried to steady his nerves with, bringing further contentment from her.

'Yes... I know it..' She had him now.

'You'll be there at eight, prompt, and I'll have you tell me all about you.' She stood, looking proudly down on her morning's work, as his eyes surveyed the delicious curves.

'Oh, and your name?...' He creaked his response, his cock pulsing, already feeling owned.

'Drake... Drake Chester..' She smiled.

'Irma, Irma Rendall. You wait there for a moment; I have something for you which you will return to me this evening.' He watched her divine shape strut round to the women's room, then stared into space, not quite believing what had just happened to him. She was back within two minutes and handed him something in one of the store's bags.

'Put that in your pocket and keep it there till you get home. I want the bag and it's contents back at eight sharp. You will be there.' She left him with his mouth agape, to watch her superb arse and legs jostle in the skirt as she strode to the lingerie section. What was in the bag would leave him compelled to be at her prescribed destination; not that there was the slightest chance he would not turn up, obediently.

He thought about opening the bag before reaching his flat, but the crushingly commanding tone she had, kept him held in abeyance; teasing his submissive side enjoyably in her absence, her authority excited him no end and kept his cock erect as he drove home. He laughed as he stumbled up the stairs in his haste to reach his flat; it were as though her influence had already affected his self control, and fumbled with the keys which also seemed to have gained a life of their own. With the door closed behind him, he pulled the bag from his pocket. His cock boned as he felt the soft silky material, and was confronted by her black panties, her delicious scent immediately wafting from them. He panted with excitement, laying them on his bed and wrestling with his clothes as he stripped naked.

He knelt before the panties and felt a strange and delicious caution, as though the supremely confident woman was present; so strong had been her controlling influence, he knew he was already owned and that she would be thinking and knowing he would worship her intimate scent, the thought of his base acts amusing her. He sniffed hard at the lacy fabric, his cock boning in reverence at the heavenly scent of the powerful woman, his eyes fixed on the stained gusset as he moved the panties with one hand, stropping his erect cock urgently with the other. He closed his eyes as his nose took in the divine spice of her nether regions and imagined her beautifully large mature cheeks descending to smother and queen him in dominant satisfaction.

He edged and jerked, quickly pulling the panties over his head, snorting hard and panting into the gusset, moaning loudly as his stiff cock poked high and erupted, his balls tight and tingling in the throes of ecstasy as hot semen burst in glorious loops, the bliss of an orgasm in total submission to a mere pair of panties so thoroughly wholesome. He knelt, spent and panting through the gusset, squeezing his dribbling cock, his heart now pounding as he thought of the evening to come.

Irma stood smiling with content before the full length mirror, applying the clasps from her black seamed stockings to her garter belt, then stepping her black stilettos through a pair of black high waisted satin panties. She grinned with satisfaction as she turned this way and that, admiring her full womanly arse held tight in the satin, the gentle bulge of her mature belly in the high waist, and her camel-toe expressed sweetly in black satin. Her nipples poked at the upper seam of her low cut black bra, threatening to burst free in a proclamation of her crisply authoritative mood. She slipped on the bottle-green dress which complemented her auburn hair tied up in a tight bun so well, and pulled the three inch wide black patent leather belt tight; its clasp expressing the curves of her broad arse and hips below it magnificently, and emphasising the bulge of her full womanly breasts above it.

She looked around her to ensure that everything was just how she wanted it in the room, then sat at her dressing table to apply shiny crimson lipstick to her pouting lips. She smiled contentedly at herself as she tongued the inside of her glossy lips, she had not felt so dominant since disposing of her last boyfriend, passing him on to an equally dominant associate in trite business-like fashion as though he were a used vehicle, the novelty of his ownership having run its course.

Her cunt tingled as she recalled the thrill it gave her, he feeling the full power of her dominance as she coldly cut him from her life, the lush spite she felt at witnessing his bewilderment so exquisite, his ego crushed completely as he was passed on to know the fresh and acute dominance of another woman. She wondered how long Drake would last; she had felt the tingle of desire immediately on that first glance, and was very pleased with the impression of submissive honesty he had shown her over coffee. Her panties being accepted by him were as good as him having signed a binding contract, though he was blissfully unaware of this; her cunt tingled all the more with the satisfaction of knowing they will have already confirmed his enslavement, he would now be dominated to her satisfaction.

Drake dressed smartly but casually, and arrived at the destination chosen by Irma a good twenty minutes before the hour. His heart pumped and he broke into a cold sweat as he entered the Golden Angel, pleased to see that there were not too many people there at that time. He bought a bottled beer from the bar, and casually strolled down the aisle of pew-like seats with their cubicles offering privacy, and sat to the edge of one, looking back down toward the entrance. His fingers toyed with the fabric of her panties through the bag in his pocket as the minutes ticked by, the beer in the bottle being sipped toward emptiness as the clock above the bar ticked past eight. The setting sun shone blindingly through the glass panelled entrance doors as people entered, then at five minutes past the hour, his cock pulsed at the unmistakable silhouette of Irma Rendell which graced his eyes.

He swallowed hard, finding difficulty in just choosing words to greet her as she smiled with an air of studied contempt at him, enjoying his awkwardness and knowing her choice of attire would have his cock erecting in immediate submission.

'Hello... good evening...Irma.' She simply lifted her nose then faced the bar.

'Gin and tonic with ice.' She said no more and strutted past him to where she had seen him seated to await his service. He gave a gasp as he watched the seamed stockings and superb arse jostle in the green dress, flushing again nervously as he ordered her drink, and a vodka for himself. His legs felt leaden as he approached to sit facing her, feeling as though she would devour him. Her smile eased his awkwardness as he sat; she took the drink without thanking him, it was simply his duty to provide. Her eyes studied him, pleased with the nervousness her presence caused him, then she looked about her.

'I do so like this place; so perfect for liaisons, no ears or eyes to invade our privacy. You'll give me the bag now.' His heart pounded as he took the bag from his pocket and handed it to her, feeling exposed by her immediate reminder of the true purpose as to why they were there. She slipped it into the large handbag she carried, and took a long sip of her drink as she took pleasure in watching him squirm, his balls tingling as her sharp red nails toyed with the glass.

'Were you pleased with what was inside?' She puffed her breasts and lifted her nose with a stern air of impatience, telling him she would demand quick and honest answers, he still coming to terms with how attractive she looked in the green dress and minimal make-up. He knew she would tease the full admission of his need to submit to dominant women from him, though this was patently obvious already.

'Yes.. Irma... I was very pleased with what was inside.' She grinned as he swallowed hard. She had witnessed and enjoyed this with other males; their inner desire veiling the complete truth in a feigned resistance to what they really wanted to say, their relief in honest admission needing to be teased from them and awarding exquisite pleasure when it came, the male sweetly humiliated yet relieved to hear themselves confirm submission to the power of feminine dominance. She would enjoy taking him there.

'MISTRESS Irma.' His anus tingled at the lush tone of her authority.

'Tell me how you were pleased with a simple item of underwear; did you wear them perhaps? If I decide to continue an association with you, there are several items I will enjoy seeing you wear.' She crossed her legs and felt the warmth of her arousal, her cunt wetting the tight black satin panties which she would soon have him sniff, knowing full well that he will have sampled her scent already. He blushed and blurted out a retort, baited by her actual indication that she wished to further their liaison.

'No... no... Mistress Irma... I didn't wear them, I... I... sniffed them.' He hung his head slightly as he shamed himself, feeling as though the entire world had heard him, though the admission of doing so to the very woman who had openly awarded them to him had his cock boning; she knew that this will have been the first thing he did, and he waited on her chiding him for such a gross act. She grinned with triumph, and far from chiding him, decided to take him further down. She let him stew, enjoying his blush for a few moments, then calmly took the panties from the bag, holding them up on her elegant fingers to bring the full recognition of his enjoyment back to him.

'Did you masturbate for me, on sniffing them?' His voice broke, delighting her as he was treated to the vision of the panties which had granted him so wholesome a submissive orgasm, held high by the woman who had created the scent which he had worshipped.

'Yes Mistress Irma... I masturbated... masturbated for you.' Her cunt oozed as she enjoyed his humiliation, knowing the inner submissive excitement he would be feeling, dominated by her simple words as thoroughly as with whip or cane. She half closed her eyes and lifted her head, the panties held close to one breast, the nipple from the other poking hard through the fabric of her low cut bra and dress.

'And how did you picture me as you masturbated, what did you desire as you came?' She saw the seconds pass by in his mind as though they were hours, as he found the strength to admit and enjoy the shame of what she already knew, she aiding his response by placing the panties back in the bag and retrieving a long leather leash and collar which she calmly lay on the table. His rigid cock pulsed pre-cum as he eyed the leash and prepared to confirm her ownership of him. He had thought she would tease him slowly and gradually, but her immediate and direct approach left no time for him to meander and edge at the truth; her mood was acutely keen, she would have him in his place below her with all haste.

'I... I thought of being on my knees to you... being under.. under your control... I... I dreamed of being owned by you.' Her brown eyes burned with stern admiration as she watched the beads of sweat form on his brow, her deep inner sense of sadistic excitement carefully hidden as she maintained an air of nonchalance, her fingers toying with the leash that she yearned to see him wear. She had him now, and he was hers to put to good use, her panties moist with arousal at the speed with which she had made him confirm the weakness she would exploit with satisfaction.

'I think you have a little more to tell me, but I want to hear it when you realise your fantasy and sniff at the panties I have on... while I'm wearing them. That is something you'd desire, isn't it?' He was now beyond shame, having relieved himself of the burden of truth, almost hyper ventilating and close to spending the contents of his balls at the thought.

'Oh yes Mistress Irma... I'd desire that... be honoured... so much.' She smiled softly, enjoying hearing the still awkward but relieved tone now that the admission of his submissiveness was outed, her breasts heaving as she fought to contain and obscure any outward indication of her own desire to dominate him, taking her phone from her bag.

'Hello... I'd like cab from the Golden Angel please... to Parsonage Lane... just five minutes? Thanks.' She dropped the phone into the bag, and returned her attention to the leash, her fingers toying with it.

'This leash will confirm my ownership of you. You will wear it whenever it pleases me to allow you to feel its caress; one of those occasions will be when I show you at my club, a humiliation which I know you'll learn to enjoy, being led before the eyes of others, confirming your submission to me. You will beg me for the privilege of wearing it when I get you back home; are you prepared to do so?' His mind was in a scramble as he tried to take in what was happening to him, and all he was told by the supreme Irma, his cock pulsing as he thought of the feel of that leash about his neck. He could not be more sure as he stared back at the voluptuous auburn haired woman who would own him. He gasped a little as he responded with sincerity.

'I am more than willing to beg for the leash... Mistress Irma.' She teased the leash back into her bag, as his pleasingly genuine response fuelled her dominance, making her cunt tingle with victorious satisfaction.
'Then you shall see it again shortly, and you'll be taught just how to worship womanhood when wearing it.' Drake's anus tingled as she stood and displayed the magnificent curves which had secured his capture, speechless, her stern smile as she looked down on him as controlling as her words.

'You'll come with me now. I intend to teach you how to behave just as it pleases me. l'm going to dominate you.' The word 'dominate' resounded through his mind again and again, as she strutted out and he followed like a stray dog, drawn along by her as though he were already leashed, his fate sealed. Everything else around him was a blur as he focused on the superb arse which bustled before him in the tight green dress, the shapely calves shimmering in the seamed stockings as she strode out into the sunlight to the waiting cab; she had no need to look back to see if he was there, she knew he was enslaved and as good as in chains.

She stopped by the cab, and turned her head, smiling and looking at its door. He skirted round her, taking a sniff of her perfume, and opened it for her. She gave him a stern smile as she stepped in, pleased to see the immediate and total service she would now demand of him. He got in, and she gave the driver their destination with an air of content, then quelled her capture's nervousness a little by edging closure and deftly slipping her hand to his crotch, making him swallow hard as she gently squeezed the balls that were now hers.

The cab pulled into the driveway of a neatly appointed detached house, and as he fumbled for his wallet, she squeezed his balls then lifted her hand and retrieved her purse from her bag.

'I'll pay.' He watched her soft smile as she paid while he stepped out, traversing the cab to open the door for her. She stepped her long legs out from the cab, and as it drove away she strutted up to the front door.

'You'll get used to being owned by me. You will only pay when it's convenient for me to allow you to do so; everyone we come into contact with from now on will know I'm in control of you.' She opened the door and walked ahead of him down the sharply decorated hall without a further word, past a large lounge with luxurious leather furniture, and to the stairs which she ascended at a slow pace with calm deliberation, allowing him to view the delectable full and rounded arse he desired and would worship at her whim.

His cock boned, aching to know her dominance as she opened the door to her bedroom which was more of a boudoir, a large canopied bed with black silk sheets, the decor in purples and maroons which complimented her auburn hair and mature elegance. She smiled with cruel pleasure as his face showed just a minimal reluctance on seeing a selection of whips and accessories laid out prominently on an ornate dresser, a stand with an assortment of canes next to it.

'Oh yes, you'll know discipline for any indiscretion shown, and there will be times when you'll know the whip simply because it pleases me.' She moved him close to the full length mirror.

'Strip!.. and on your knees! I'll hear you beg for the leash now.' As he fumbled to remove his clothes, she strode to the table by her bed and picked up a glass of water and a blue tablet. She walked slowly back, a contented grin on her face as she admired her latest conquest, naked, kneeing and willing, his cock standing stiff and high in a salute of submission to her dominance, the bell-end glistening with the silky pre-cum which confirmed his desire to know utter helplessness at her firm hand. Her cunt bulged in the panties as she enjoyed each spiteful moment of her victory. She sneered as she stood dominantly over him, pulling his head back by the hair.

'Open wide! I'll have that cock stand to duty for a good while; you'll know the strength of its desire to spend more than ever, your torture will be exquisite.' He opened his mouth and she gently rubbed the tablet on his tongue before delighting in sliding it back and having him gulp down the water. She tossed the glass into a corner, and pulled the leash from her bag on the floor, impatient to know the pleasure of dominating him. His cock pulsed with defeated pleasure, his anus tingling in utter submission as the magnificent woman stood bolt upright in all her mature and commanding presence, the leash which would confirm his enslavement taut between her elegant fingers.

'Beg for the leash!' There was no hesitation, his cock oozing pre-cum as it throbbed in submission, his eagerness to feel her adorn him with it, overpowering.

'I beg you Mistress Irma... I beg you to wear your leash.' His own words shocked him in their release of his desire to be humiliated, brought down to the level of a defeated cur. His cock stood rigid as he looked up at her with passive obedient eyes whilst hers expressed the haughty and selfish indifference of a confident woman who knew her dominance was never to be questioned, as she buckled the collar tight, and tugged at the leash to affirm her ownership, her indifferent look turning to a cruel and satisfied smile. She turned his head toward the mirror.

'Look at yourself, see your shame and tell me this is what you desired!' His heart pounded as he took in his own image, on his knees, naked, his erect cock showing him what he could not deny, collared, and the leash held firm by the proud and dominant woman he had masturbated over. Her long legs clasped together, the tight green dress, belted tightly to accentuate the mature curves of her supreme body, her red lips pursed and her brown eyes showing the sheer pleasure of her triumph. He ached to spend his mess for her, in utter defeat. His eyes met hers in the reflection as he confirmed the pleasure of his shame.

'Yes... oh yes Mistress Irma... this is what I desired.' She gave a soft but cruel laugh, radiant in her dominance over him, already knowing that breaking him to suit her strict authority would be a pleasurable matter of routine. She smiled at him as she took the leash in her teeth, and watched him pant in lusty anticipation as she removed the black patent leather belt, and flapped it with a crack like a tawse, making his cock bob before she discarded it. Her eyes watched his intently as she undid her dress, slowly unzipping it, and letting it drop to the floor. Her pleasure was immense as he gasped audibly on seeing the abundance of milky white flesh, contrasting against the high waisted black satin panties which held her ample arse firm, and showed the mature womanly bulge of her belly. She turned slightly as she kicked the dress away with a deft flick of her tall black stiletto, allowing him a better view of the cunt he would readily worship, the inviting camel-toe expressing the fully aroused lips which glistened in the satin, wet with her dominant excitement. She said nothing for a few moments, taking the leash in her hand again, and turning her head to view herself and eye her slave in the reflection once more, enjoying the increasing torture he felt, aided by the growing effects of the pill which ensured his cock would maintain its state of worship to her dominance, even after the semen was teased from it several times.

'Well my little pantie sniffer, you'll now be treated to the fresh scent of your Mistress. You do want to sniff me don't you?' He bucked on his knees, yearning to know the delicious scent of her cunt. He inched forward as he responded.

'I do Mistress... I want to sniff...' His reply was cut short with abrupt finesse; she sneered and slapped his face hard, pleased to be given a reason to discipline him, having not given permission for him to move.

'Patience! I'll have no impudence from you!' She dropped the leash and strutted over to the cane stand, pulling a long and flexible example from it, flexing it with a stern look of just determination. His eyes flicked between the cane and the movement of her superb thighs and torso as she approached, mesmerised.

'Down!' He bent immediately on her command, his cock poking rudely below him as he exposed the flesh of his cheeks for her, his eyes looking to one side to study the sleek stilettos as he earned the first strokes of the cane from her. The whoosh of the cane descending was followed by the sharp crack of its impact, making him cry out in pain as the cane striped his flesh. Irma grinned with sadistic pleasure as she awarded him the first three strokes of the cane he would soon beg for after a short period of his reform under her. His anus tingled as the sharp pain warped through his flesh, and though he cried out with the pain of each stroke, his balls tingled with a carnal pleasure of submission that made him want to shoot a hot tribute across those shiny black stilettos.

She had now shown him that her bite was as genuine as her bark, having him know that she would not tolerate disobedience; his anus now tingling wildly in submissive pleasure and bringing him down to the level of a punished schoolboy. She tugged his leash.

'Up on your knees!' He resumed his position, his balls tingling harder than his rear on noting the cruel delight on her face as she sneered and thumbed the tears from under his watery eyes; the severe sting making them run, and the spiteful pleasure of bringing tears to his eyes exciting her haughty feminine dominance. She stroked his hair as if he were indeed a child.

'There will be times when I'll have you reduced to tears with the cane, whenever the whim takes me. You will learn to enjoy being broken with the cane, and I'll take great satisfaction in indulging you.' His pulsing cock, now mastered by the effects of the pill, wept pre-cum as her commanding figure struck a pose with the cane he would know, making him yearn to submit to a thrashing, already hopelessly in awe of her superiority. She grinned contentedly and moved closer, then holding his hair, pushed her thighs and belly toward him.

'Now my pantie sniffer, you'll experience the fresh scent of my cunt for the first time.' She smiled with smug satisfaction as his eyes stared at the delicious mound, shrouded in black satin, feeling him pant with anticipation as his nose was slowly pressed to the bulging lips. She felt him shiver with joy as he sampled the heady spice of her cunt.

'Oh yes! Smell how the cane has made your task all the more enjoyable; I know how a taste of the rattan has cemented your submission, sniff at how my enjoyment of your pain has aroused me.' His cock boned fit to burst as his nose nestled in the warm cleft of hot wet satin, the tight fabric almost converting his nose to an erogenous zone as the bridge slipped against the taut material, the hot moist cleft and its delectable spice drawing him in.

His balls tightened as he she held his head tight to her crotch, his eyes fixed to the soft belly clad in black satin as he inhaled deeply, head spinning as the dominant woman threatened to snuff him out there and then by asphyxiation, and how he wanted to succumb totally to her power. His cock ached as he was held captive by the folds of her hot cunt, panting for the little air available as its delicious fragrance overwhelmed him. He began to buck at the air as he struggled, his balls announcing the divine surrender of a spontaneous orgasm brought on by the drug, her lush scent and her sheer dominant power, he now in hopeless submission to her. She laughed cruelly on seeing him jerk, victorious in her dominance as his muffled moans of submission heralded the ceding of his weakness to her superiority, his humiliation acute and so pleasingly belittling as the tone of her laughter saw the semen burst from his rigid cock without physical stimulation, dominated by the scent of her cunt.

Her laughter increased as she felt the confirmation of his defeat spray her ankle, the dull warmth of his tribute followed by jets of seed to adorn the stilettos, coaxed from him by her derisory mocking which increased the vigour of his shameful ecstasy; she ecstatic also in her spite at his weakness, witnessing him spend in utter submission to her power, his cream released at just the whiff of her cunt after three strokes of the cane. He was a cur, and her enjoyment in her intent at reducing him further swelled her ego. She pulled his head back and sneered at his bemused face, twisted in the torment of blissful submission and shame as his cock pulsed the last vestiges of his utter surrender to the floor in the final throes of his first orgasm under her domination. She slapped his face hard, ensuring his cock remained rigid and throbbing, held erect and ready to serve by the drug despite him wasting his seed. She pointed to her shoes.

'Lick it up! I'll have a clean floor and shoes before you sniff my arsehole. We'll soon have you ready to shoot again, but you shan't do it without my permission ever again. You've earned 12 strokes of the cane, but won't enjoy punishment till I show you to my friends; you'll tell them how you came without wanking or stimulation to earn it, their mockery and derision will award you a special pleasure as you feel my justified vigour with the cane.' His cock rose as he hurriedly licked his seed from the floor, anxious to lick it from her shoes, and when his tongue lapped at the shiny stiletto he felt her legs tension as she enjoyed his servile worship, his anus tingling as he thought of being displayed and caned by her before other women, his cock reaching a firm erection again as she stood and twirled her shoe, ensuring he cleaned it thoroughly. She laughed and stepped to her dressing table, picking up her phone.

'Talking of friends... thank goodness for modern technology; we'll have them begging to meet my new pet.' She stood the phone up, pointing at the dressing table stool. She clicked the button and sauntered to the chair and turning to smile wickedly at it, she slipped back and spread her globular arse cheeks over it.

'Come and sniff my arse, and masturbate for the ladies; I want them to see how I've dominated you sufficiently already.' He did not hesitate, and though aware of being exposed so thoroughly and publicly, wondered on the eyes that would enjoy his humiliation as he crawled obediently to the delicious round arse in black satin. She laughed contemptuously on feeling his nose probe at the lower part of the inviting cleft, then smiled pompously at the camera as he sniffed hard and stropped his cock furiously, enveloped in the pure ecstasy of submission as the hot musty spice of the dominant woman's arsehole enslaved him completely.

'See how well trained he is already; he has something to tell you all when we meet next, and I know he can't wait.' She pulled her cheeks apart, lifting her head and laughing as he grunted with pure pleasure on sending a worthy loop of hot semen between the legs of the stool toward the seams and heels, his face pressed hard into the warmth and tangy aromas of her globular arse as he pulsed out his mess in sweet humiliation. She lifted her arse away when his grunting stopped, leaving him panting on his knees as she retrieved the phone. Her eyes were filled with wholesome pleasure as she re-ran the video, showing it to him, then showing him a list of female names to whom it was forwarded; each would thoroughly enjoy his humiliation and relish hearing what he had to say when they met. She put the phone down and stood over him as she slipped the panties off and showed him her glistening cunt, shaven and topped with a delightful tuft of red hair.

'Now my pet, on the bed, face up. I'm ready to allow you to taste me.'

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