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Inductive Orgasms Ch. 01

Matt is a 22 year old engineering student. Tinkering in his basement electrical lab while working on a project for one of his classes he made an amazing discovery. The device he was building was supposed to transmit electrical power through a field created by an induction coil. He had been working on ways to control the frequency and amplitude of the field and had devised a liquid made of harmless materials, an electroactive polymer fluid, that would react to the field and transmit the energy being emitted from his device.

One night, working late, he spilled a container of his fluid mixture on his own pants. He was concentrating on his work so he ignored the spill and it soaked into the crotch of his pants. He was annoyed, but was concentrating on his work and continued with the test of the controls he was building for the device. As he changed the amplitude and frequency he realized it was producing a sensation in his pants. An amazing sensation, and after a particular change in the settings he quickly got a raging erection and came in his own pants. Now he was really annoyed and more than a little distracted. But as he twisted the knobs again, his penis got another erection and the ecstatic feeling of a prolonged orgasm overcame him. He recovered after a few minutes of being nearly passed out and went upstairs to change his pants, walking uncomfortably in his sticky feeling pants.

He lived with his mom and his big sister. His sister, Mallory, was 24 and had graduated college with a degree in Liberal Arts. She had a useless degree and no job prospects so she was living at home still, doing nothing much. She had given up on submitting resumes months ago. As was her normal habit, she was laying on the couch watching a movie. She was wearing what she normally wore around the house. Most days she never put on anything but a pair of panties and a thin tank top that allowed her big brown nipples to be seen when the lights were on. Her panties typically revealed a camel toe, and not infrequently one side of her panties would slip into her butt crack leaving one cheek hanging out as she walked around the house.

Mallory was not bad looking. She was actually quite attractive when she cleaned herself up a little. She had gotten her mom's looks and had the same blonde hair that she wore straight and long. She had blue eyes, and fine features and was 5 feet 8 inches without heels on, not that she ever wore nice shoes. Her tits were almost always nearly on display and Matt was always slightly amused by watching them nearly fall out of the tank tops she wore. Mallory had long legs and a perfect ass to go with it. Matt had seen that ass so many times, always half-covered, that it no longer intrigued him.

His mother Michelle was divorced, but made a good living and had been able to support her two children working as a sales rep for a medical company. Michelle was forty-three. She was the same height as her daughter, with the same looks except about twenty pounds heavier. Her butt was still perfect, although wider than her daughter, and her D cup size breasts were larger than her daughter's C cups, as a result of having a couple of kids. Her breasts were still firm and her butt was remarkably smooth and free of any imperfections. She worked out regularly and did yoga. Michelle traveled for work pretty regularly, and worked long hours, so the house was pretty much left to the two college kids.

Matt decided to go to bed that night. When he awoke in the morning he had an inspiration. If this fluid could make him instantly erect and make him come so explosively, what would it do to other people? His annoyance at his lazy half-dressed sister made him immediately wonder what it might do to her. She was the perfect test subject that was always available. He began scheming how to put this idea into practice. His pants had dried out over night so he put them back on and went back to the basement. He turned on the coil and set the knobs exactly where he had set it last night. His cock hardened and he came in his pants again. He could feel a faint warming sensation and vibrations against his member as he adjusted the frequency. He moved around the basement judging how far the device would transmit. How to apply this, he wondered.

He continued to test it on himself. The sensation began like a soft velvet glove stroking him and then as he amplified it, it felt more like a warm wet tongue engulfing his member. He continued changing the frequency and amplitude, making mental notes of the effects. He wanted to test it on his sister to eliminate any sort of placebo effect that his knowledge of the field effects might have had on him.

His sister was gone and he was the only one home. He mixed up a large batch of his polymer fluid and went upstairs to her room. He took a brush and began applying it to the crotches of all of her panties, even the dirty ones on the floor, that he suspected she might put back on. He ran a blow dryer as he went and dried each pair. Another brilliant idea came to him, what about bras? Maybe he could stimulate her nipples too. So, not wanting to miss the opportunity he coated the insides of Mallory's bras with the same fluid and dried them. Realizing that Mallory seldom wore a bra, he did the same with her tank tops.

When he got back from class that evening Mallory was on the couch, wearing a pair of pink panties that he recognized from her bedroom floor, and a pink tank top that one of her breasts was almost escaping. She was watching something on television. He knew his mom would not be back till Friday, so it was time to run some tests on Mallory. He went to the basement and got his controls and returned sitting in a chair near Mallory. He pretended to be interested in the show. They made some small talk, but as they did he very slowly turned up the controls, watching to see if Mallory reacted. Soon he noticed she seemed to be having trouble concentrating and she opened her legs slightly. He could see that her crotch was wet. It was working. He was elated at his discovery.

He fidgeted with the controls taking his time to get her aroused, not wanting to take her too far too fast. She was ignoring him, but no longer seemed to be watching the television, and one hand slipped into her panties while the other on one touched of her breasts. She was breathing more heavily and staring off into space. Her nipples had gotten hard and protruded prominently. He decided to go for it, and turned it to a much higher setting.

Mallory laid her head back and moaned loudly, spreading her legs and rubbing her clit wildly with one hand while she pulled a breast out of her tank top and began to pinch and pull on her nipple roughly. He kept it going, fascinated that she was so oblivious to his presence. She was moaning continuously now, louder than the television. She pushed her panties down and began to finger-fuck herself, still oblivious to what she was doing in front of her little brother. Her panties were soaking wet and she pulled one leg out of them, letting them fall on her ankle. She had her crotch completely splayed open, and her pussy was fully visible to Matt. After she had reached multiple orgasms and made a wet spot on the couch she relaxed in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. She was still oblivious to Matt sitting four feet away watching her. She recovered and looked around, obviously embarrassed when she realized Matt had watched her masturbating. Matt was silent and pretended to watch the television. Mallory pulled her panties back up to her crotch, and tucked her tits back into her top, embarrassed and not knowing what to say or do.

Matt took the opportunity afforded by Mallory replacing the panties against her crotch to turn on the coil again. Mallory responded immediately and began to moan loudly. He left her in this state for a couple of minutes.

"Mallory, do you need a cock?" He asked her in a cynical tone. As brother and sister Matt and Mallory had never bothered with being polite to each other, so asking her this was just normal banter to Matt.

"Oh my god, I...I need a cock...I need to be fucked...please fuck me..." she said, surprising him. She was mumbling, completely unaware that Matt was actually right there watching and listening. Matt pulled her legs to the edge of the couch and dropped his pants. He pushed her panties to one side, and put a finger on her panties on top of her clit as he turned up the coil. He wanted the coating in her panties to be in contact with her clit. His hard cock penetrated his sister's pussy in a fast stroke. She was screaming in ecstacy and wrapped her legs around him pulling him into her pussy. Matt put a hand on each of her breasts and rubbed the material of her tank top against her nipples as he squeezed her fat tits. He thumbed her hard nipples like he was flipping a switch. She continued to come and bucked like a bronco, her hips quivering and her mouth gasping for air. He came deep inside her.

As he pulled out of her he lowered the controls. She responded accordingly going back to a state of blissful oblivion still not fully aware that she had just fucked her brother. He left her laying there and went to the basement to work on his next plan.

The next day she slept in and he had class. When he came home she was on the couch in her usual position, in her usual clothing. She had changed her panties to some blue ones, but still had on the pink tank top. He went downstairs and gathered up his equipment. This time he had added a small spray bottle of the fluid. He had realized yesterday that when her clothes came off, he risked having her regain control of herself. He was going to try applying the fluid directly.

"Matt, we have to talk about last night. That can never happen again."

He shrugged and sat down.

"It is just wrong. You have to promise me. I can't have sex with my little brother. I think it is against the law."

He was already turning the knobs and could see she was responding.

"Oh fuck...oh my god...not again.."

Matt turned it up faster tonight and could see Mallory was already dampening her panties. Her hands were already touching her breasts and her legs were opening and closing, attempting to put pressure on her moistening labia and swollen clit. Soon she had her legs splayed open again and was finger fucking herself through her soaked panties.

"No, nooooooooo, I can't do this...oh my god...I need your cock Matt...I need it in me please"

"Are you sure Mal? I thought you said we couldn't do this again." He grinned.

"Oh my god, just shut up and fuck me."

He pulled her panties down this time and took out his tiny spray bottle. He misted her crotch and then lifted her legs enough that he could spray a quick squirt on her little pinkish-brown puckered asshole. He put some on his thumb, slipped it under her shirt, and rubbed it across her nipples. She was trembling and shaking from continuous orgasms as he then played with the control knobs. He met no resistance plunging his hard cock into her dripping wet vagina. He admired how her pink pussy lips moved in and out as he pumped his hard cock into her vagina, and loved the little wisp of blonde pubic hair that was across her mound.

He decided he wanted to completely test her and see how far she would let him go. He pulled out and quickly rolled her over, pulling her legs over the arm of the couch. She offered no resistance. In this position he could see her puckered asshole with its light pink-brown rim and he sprayed it with another spritz of the fluid. He slipped a finger into her ass to test how she reacted. She pushed back, moaning and still nearly out of breath. He slipped in another finger, and another. He pulled his fingers out and began to push his cock into her tight asshole. He gave her a moment to relax, although he could not tell if she knew what was happening anyway. She was moaning and cooing as he moved inside her. Her arms were outstretched in front of her. He slowly and gradually buried his entire cock in Mallory's asshole, coming as he did. The idea of fucking this normally-annoying bitch in her asshole, and feeling her come as he did it was pure ecstacy.

He pulled out and left her on a medium setting, letting her convulse and spasm from the after effects of her many orgasms. He pulled on his pants, and left her alone, still quivering, eyes clinched shut, breathing heavily. He sat down and turned off the coil, letting Mallory slowly come back to reality and realize that she had just been butt-fucked by her little brother, and that she had liked it, and liked it a lot.

"Oh my god."

"I feel like a whore but that was the best fuck I have ever had, little brother."

"So you still think you don't want any more of this?"

"Oh..." she paused, "I want it again. That was too fucking amazing. But we have to be careful. We can't let mom know."

"That's true. If mom found out what a whore you are she would throw you out of the house."

"Please, don't tell mom."

"And stop calling me a whore, asshole."

"So stop calling me an asshole, whore."

He thought for a moment. "I'll make you a deal then sis. You suck my dick every day and I will make you have another orgasm like that every day. And I won't tell mom a word."

"I don't want to suck your dick." She scowled as she said this.

"Ok then no more amazing orgasms for you then. And I show mom the pics of you masturbating on the couch. You were spread open like a porn star with your fist nearly inside your cunt."

"Bastard. Okay asshole. I'll suck your dick. But you have to make me come like that after I do. And I am not swallowing your cum."

"We'll see. Mom comes home in three days, so you have three days to prove to me that you can suck dick as well as I can make you cum."

His mom came home on Friday evening. Mallory had indeed lived up to her promise, and much to her surprise she had cum so hard while Matt had his cock in her mouth that he did not even fuck her pussy in order to satisfy her. She was in ecstasy, coming to the point of almost passing out, only from the act of sucking her brother's cock. He had come in her mouth each day and she had swallowed it, unable to bring herself to remove his cock from her mouth once her orgasms had begun.

They both pretended like nothing had changed when their mom came home, but in the middle of the night, Mallory came to Matt's bedroom and sucked his cock again, doing her best to remain silent as she came with his cock deep in her throat. Matt decided he was beginning to like his big sister a lot more.

That weekend he built a small remote control for the coil, so he could leave it somewhere out of sight and not be carrying around this strange device. He put the remote in an old cell phone so no one would even wonder why he had it. He tested it out Sunday night when his sister came sneaking into his bedroom again. It worked well, and now he was sure no one would realize he was controlling the sensations induced by the electromagnetic impulse field.

Mallory left the house on Monday to visit some friends back at campus and Matt's friend from next door came over after they had been in class that morning. Matt and Steve were playing a video game when Matt blurted out, "Steve, you'd like to fuck my sister right?"

"Ummm well, yeah she is pretty hot."

"I will trade you my sister for your sister."

Steve laughed at him. "How the fuck can you do that? Mallory hates you anyway and doesn't even know I exist."

"Let me worry about the details. Just watch your phone and when I text you to come over be prepared to have your way with Mallory. But, you have to let me fuck your little sister."

"Okay, I suppose you plan to drug Mallory or something, or just knock her out with a club, but how would I ever get Cindi to let you fuck her?"

"I told you, let me worry about the details, but I will need your help with some things. And I promise you they will both be willing and eager once I have them ready. You'll see, Mallory will be begging for it."

"Damn. I don't believe you but I have nothing to lose I suppose. Okay, you are crazy, but I don't care if you want to try to fuck Cindi. She sure won't do it because I ask her to though." Steve laughed.

The next day Mallory was still home when he got up. She had climbed into his bed in the middle of the night and sucked his cock again, but now she was watching television on the couch, wearing her usual skimpy panties and a white tank top. Matt knew that both he and Steve had no classes until evening. He messed around in the kitchen making breakfast for himself, and would occasionally turn on the coil until he noticed Mallory was showing signs of discomfort and was mindlessly rubbing her clit under her panties. As he ate, he kept ramping up the speed and intensity, until Mallory was no longer aware of the television and was fully engrossed in playing with her own pussy and pulling on her own nipples. Mallory had already lost any modesty around her little brother and yanked down her panties, then lifted her top over her breasts, displaying herself to her little brother, and secretly wishing he would fuck her again to give her some relief from the intense stimulation she was feeling. She thought he would, as he came over and touched her pussy and nipples, but he sat back down and continued to eat.

Matt texted Steve. "Come over, but come in the side door quietly and do not say anything."

"Be right there" a message shot back.

Steve walked into the room from behind the couch that Mallory was spread open on, and standing behind the couch could see Mallory had her legs wide apart, two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, and her big tits were bouncing from the rhythm of her hand against her pussy. Steve put his hand over his mouth and his eyes widened as he looked at Matt.

Matt put his finger to his lips to signal to Steve to be quiet. "Mallory, you look kind of horny. Do you need a cock?"

"Oh my god...yes...I need a hard cock so badly. I was afraid you didn't want me."

Matt texted Steve. "What hole do you want first"

Steve's eyes widened, and he texted back, "first?"

"Anything you ask for she will give you."

"Blow job and pussy."

"Mallory I have a hard cock for you but you have to suck it before you can have it in your pussy."

"Please, I love sucking your cock."

He waved at Steve to drop his pants and approach her mouth. Her eyes widened as she realized it was the neighbor kid, with a hard cock aimed at her mouth, but she did not protest and just opened her mouth, reaching out to grab his cock as he pushed it into her hungry lips.

Steve could not hardly believe this was happening. She was eagerly sucking on him and unbeknownst to both Steve and Mallory, Matt was rewarding Mallory for doing a good job, making her even more hungry to feel the cock in her pussy.

She pulled off Steve's cock for just a breath of air, and gasped, "fuck me, fuck my pussy."

Steve moved over and slid quickly into the warmest tightest wettest slickest pussy he had ever felt. It was his first, but he was pretty sure it was spectacularly good. Mallory groaned and writhed on his cock, wrapping her legs around him so she could push him deeper into her flooding and convulsing vagina. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and she kept her eyes closed tight, which had the result of making Steve feel more comfortable about fucking this older girl.

"Oh god Steve, I want your cock in me." she managed to gasp out. Steve was impressed that she seemed so grateful for his efforts.

Steve came quickly, but Matt made sure that Mallory had a small earthquake between her widespread thighs as he saw Steve closing his eyes in concentration. Steve was trying to savor every sensation and record every moment of this experience so he could remember it later. He still had no idea that this would be available to him almost anytime. He stayed inside Mallory as he shrank back down and let himself fall out of her, but noticed that she was still trembling with aftershocks. She reached down and touched his cock and motioned for him to come to her mouth. She put the soft cock into her mouth and began to clean it. She reached under his cock with her tongue and licked on his balls. Steve was stunned. He had never seen Mallory as anything but an aloof stuck-up bitch, that always seemed to sneer at him and her little brother. Now she was licking on his balls and still had her legs spread wide. He was feeling her tits and she was not even trying to move them away from his groping. He was amazed.
Her ministrations soon made him hard again. As he looked up at Matt, Matt made a funny hand motion and whispered, "turn her over and do her ass."

Steve's eyes got big again and his cock bounced upward at the idea. Mallory offered no resistance as Steve pulled her leg over and pushed her ass, giving her the signal to turn over. She looked dazed still but turned over, and let Steve pull her legs over the arm of the couch like Matt had done before. Her upturned ass was a gorgeous sight to Steve. Matt reached over and sprayed a little bit of fluid on Mallory's ass crack, nodding at Steve to go ahead.

Steve did not know how to do this but decided to just push himself against Mallory's tight rosebud. It gave way, and as he entered her Matt gave her a heavy dose of high frequency. She began to orgasm immediately. Steve was stunned and kept pushing into what he was now sure this was the tightest hottest most amazing thing that his cock had ever felt and Mallory was pushing back in her eagerness to feel more of her orgasms. Steve's cock was soon buried to the hilt in Mallory's butt and he felt an amazing sense of power as he held this trembling woman's hips that were mounted on his cock. He came deep inside her and again relaxed his cock before sliding out. Mallory's asshole remained open slightly, and was clenching and relaxing as she continued to enjoy aftershocks.

Matt and Steve both sat down in recliners that were arranged around the couch. Mallory was coming back to normal slowly. As she did she realized what she had done, but realized how much she had enjoyed this.

"Steve that was fantastic. Matt you are a pervert, but thank you for letting me do that. I loved that. You have no idea how much." She paused for a while, rolling onto her back on the couch and lifting one leg over the back of it. Her tank top was still gathered up under her arms leaving's her big breasts hanging where Steve could now admire Mallory's tits, and see her wet seeping pussy. She finally got up off the couch and said she was going to take a shower.

"Let's go to your house." Matt said to Steve. They went next door and Matt carried a box over to Steve's house.

"Okay Steve, how was that?"

"Oh my fucking god that was unfucking believable."

Continued in Chapter 2: Induction of Cindi

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