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I Am the Bride Act 01 Scene 01

Act I: Tipping Point

Scene 1: Blow by Blow

– By Loveforgirlieboy © 2015

Edited by shygirlwhore and copperskink

October 12th Thursday evening.

My eyes open in a flash.

I must have fallen asleep.

I bat my eye lashes; they have always been too long.

I feel cool air on my skin. The AC must have kicked on. Not good. I am nearly naked.

I look like an oversexed Christmas present. My body is wrapped in pink ribbons. A pink bow rests on my lower back an inch or two from my crack. My nipples, crack, balls, and penis are all hidden. My long, wavy, auburn hair flows down my back with small curls. The shorter strains held with black hair clips.

I pivot my neck to spy the office that I am inside of. I didn't take much time to look around when I entered and undressed.

I look down at the hard surface beneath me. I lie upon a large oak desk with a smooth, glossy, granite top. Aside from a small, red and gold pillow, I am uncomfortable. I look down at the floor to see a large, gold-trimmed, brown and green tapestry lying in front of the desk.

The flooring consists of a dark-stained wood tile.

In front of me is a large, single window and below it rests a long book shelf covered with small antique Chinese statues. I remember taking the liberty of looking out the window while I undressed. Outside was a terrific view of San Francisco, from the hills.

The wall to my right is outlined with two small, stained cedar tables with single glass tops. On each of the cedar tables is a stunning gold and purple Tiffany lamp, adorned with Chinese-styled art. In-between the cedar tables are two small mahogany chairs with black leather cushions.

Hanging from the wall to my left is a large mirror with chrome trim and gold flowers engraved into its glass near its borders. Next to the mirror is a tall, gray, metal filing cabinet. With all of the décor in this room, that one work-unit seems out of place.

By the corner to my far right of the room is the door from which I entered.

Behind me is a large, brown, leather chair.

TO MYSELF: "All of this luxury sits in one room of a three-story house in the hills above 'The City'? Who is the mistress for which I wait? What kind of woman is she? How does she afford such things?"

TO MYSELF: "Why did she ask me to lay here?"

I hear a click. I turn my head to my right to see her walk in.

My mistress walks in the door and finds me lying where she expected. She smiles. She has a look of desire and appreciation in her eyes.

HER: "Hello, Bitch."

ME: "Hello, Brandy."

HER: "Did you wait long?"

She turns to face the door.

I lie.

ME: "No."

With a life of its own, her long, shiny black hair sways an inch above her round, sculptured ass, while she closes the door. Her pants seem stretched; they hug every curve. She turns back to face me. Spotting her unsightly bulge, I restate my previous claim.

TO MYSELF: "Dear god!"

She walks further into the room on my right side. I hear her footsteps on the wooden tile floor as she leaves the tapestry. She walks beside me carrying a medium-sized black bag.

HER: "Have a hard time finding the place?"

She turns on one lap. Then another.

ME: "Yeah. I keep getting lost."

I hear her placing some objects behind me. I can't see what they are.

HER: "It can be daunting, especially at night."

From behind me, she walks around my left side. She turns on one lamp. Then another.

HER: "Do you like my house?"

ME: "Yes. It looks like something out of a—hhuuuaaaa—nnaaa."

I feel several sharp points tease the soles of my feet. My breath catches in my throat.

She caresses my calves. Her touch is warm and gentle. Her fingers squeeze my feminine thighs. Her hands slide down between my thighs and then back up on them in circular motions. Every time her hands move up she squeezes my thigh muscles.

She repeats this pattern of movements a few times. Every time she repeats the pattern of movement she gets a little closer to my butt.

HER: "I love your short, girlish frame."

At the end of what I expected to be another circle, her hands glide up onto my butt cheeks. Her hands squeeze my cheeks and pull them apart.

ME: "Ahhhh—ooooh."

Her fingers play with the ribbons that bind me. I hear her flicking their curls like a cat testing a new toy before batting it across the floor.

TO MYSELF: "Will she open the present or will she ravage me unwrapped?"

One finger daringly slides down my butt crack. She wiggles her finger back and forth. Her finger slides against the insides of both cheeks.

A severe shiver of white-knuckle pleasure flows through my body. I shake involuntarily. My penis grows slightly and quivers. My anticipation heightens.

She speaks in a monotone voice as if rehearsing lines before an interview.

HER: "Where is the key I gave you?"

I feel her other hand tease the bow that rests above my lower back. I nod my head to my left.

ME: "Over there."

She pulls her finger from my crack. A sigh of disappointment leaves my mouth.

ME: "ahhhnnnaa...hhaaa...with my things."

HER: "Hmm."

I tilt my head to see her standing next to my left side. Her left hand is at her side.

I feel a finger slide between my cheeks.

ME: "aaahh"

My anticipation is killing me. I hate being teased.

I feel her finger wiggle back and forth. She flicks the opening of my girlie-hole. The sudden sensation against my most private area causes me to rotate my hips in a vain attempt to escape my embarrassment.

She flicks my girlie-hole again. I flinch.

ME: "emmeefff"

With her finger dancing between my cheeks, she leans down towards my face. I look into her shiny black orbs and see my reflection.

HER: "Are you ready?"

I begin to reply, but she silences me by placing her lips on mine. Her kiss is sweet, warm, and inviting.

She pulls back from me before I have a chance to taste her saliva.

I sighed.

ME: "Yesss, Brandy. I am ready."

HER: "Didn't we agree that you would call me 'Mistress'?"

ME: "Yes. Yes, Mistress—gggaahhhhhhh."

The finger that was teasing my sweet hole slides inside without warning. Slowly her finger sinks deeper and deeper. I feel her knuckles push down between my cheeks. My penis grows bigger.

HER: "Be a proper bitch, and I will reward you".

She raises her left hand to show me a large, dark, red paddle. Outlining the paddle's width are little pink hearts that stand out to form smooth bumps. At the center of the paddle is a gold extrusion of the letters, 'G-I-R-L', in all capital letters. The reaction shown in my facial expression is too honest.

HER: "If not, I will punish you—without mercy. That was the agreement in our contract, correct?"

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "Good girl, Lindsay."

ME: "Lindsay?"

HER: "I will no longer refer to you by your real name. I will only refer to you as a 'little girl', 'bitch' or by your new name, 'Lindsay'."

ME: "Why did you choose, 'Lindsay', Mistress?"

With her eyes on mine, she pulls her finger from my ass and steps back from me.

ME: "Ahhha"

HER: "It's a good name for a bitch."

I blush a little darker and look away from her gaze. From the corner of my eye I see her smile.

She walks farther from me. She stops and stands near the center of the tapestry.

Like a hunter watching every move of her prey, she watches my reaction as she unbuttons her sweater. She breathes slowly, her eyes on me; in a trance, she holds me in suspense.

With her dark eyes on mine she takes off her white blouse to reveal that she has no bra on. Her breasts glisten as if she had a hard day at the office.

Without bending her upper body or leaning against anything, she raises her left her leg. She removes her left shoe. Effortlessly she does the same with the other. She tosses them aside. Her sense of balance is fantastic.

She unbuttons her dress pants. Her long, brown legs effortlessly flow from her off-white slacks. Her man-cock stretches the delicate lace, bikini-cut panties.

Without making a sound, she removes her panties. Without leaning or stooping, one leg raises into the air. and then the other.

I blush darker and turn my head when her long, black snake swings free.

I turn my head back towards her to find her gracefully walking toward me. Her cock points at my face.

She stops with her manhood a few inches from my mouth. With a final step in my direction, she closes the distance.

Her dark shaft points at my mouth.

I can smell a light perfume from her body.

HER: "Look down at it. Memorize its shape."

I look down. Her swollen head is purple. Angry black veins run the length of her man-cock. They add to its width.

HER: "Looks hungry, doesn't it?"

I blush.

HER: "Over the course of this weekend, you are going to become acquainted with its features."

Her man-cock pulse and lifts upward, tapping the bottom of my nose. A drip of precum flows forward and glistens.

HER: "Kiss it."

Slowly, I push my lips against its head. I plant my lips on the urethra. A faint taste enters my mouth.

HER: "Lick it."

Timidly, I extrude my tongue. I brush my tongue against the bottom of the head and follow a straight path up to it's urethra I taste her precum. I shiver in excitement.

HER: "Are you a horny bitch?"

I turn from her as my face reddens.

She grabs my chin and gently turns my face back towards her manly penis. Her penis is against my lips.

HER: "Are you?"

ME: "Yes."

HER: "What are you?"

With every word my lips brush the tip of her man-cock

ME: "I am a horny bitch."

HER: "Good girl. Now open that pretty little mouth of yours and say 'please'."

ME: "Pleaz---gguggom."

Still holding onto my chin, she quickly inserts her giant cock into my mouth. With my hands and feet tied in ribbons, I can only submit.

The head of her cock slides against my tongue. I taste the skin of her cock. I twist my tongue around its width. Not an easy task. Its large diameter is much greater than my small tongue.

She removes some of her length. She pushes it back in.

HER: "Mmm."

I feel her hands on my back and my shoulders. She massages my shoulders; her touch relaxes me.

I continue to lick her love tool. My lips glide over its surface as she rapes my mouth.

I feel the head of her cock enter my throat. I gag and cough.

HER: "Don't worry, little girl; you'll get used to it. But for now, let's make this easier."

Leaning over me, using her hands to push and pull my body, she rolls me onto my back. I hold my head up and look up at her towering beauty. She looks down at me and smiles.

HER: "Lindsay, let your head rest on the edge."

She places something soft under my head.

She places one hand on my chest. She guides her cock toward my mouth. I open my mouth. She enters. My penis jolts as the width of her cock sides between my lips.

Her cock enters my throat. I swallow her girth. Her nails gently rake my flesh. She seems pleased with my throat. I continue to swallow her man-cock.

I lick the base of her cock as she pushes the rest of it into my mouth.

Her balls come to rest against my nose. I breathe in the scent of her dark sack. Her smell is exhilarating. I lick her balls.

HER: "hhe...ahh"

Gently she pulls out so that only her head remains between my lips. I lick and suck her head. I taste more of her fluids entering my mouth.

She pushes it back inside. Keeping a slow pace, she fucks my mouth and throat. Her fingers pinch my nipples. With her other hand, she caresses my face. She massages my shoulders and fucks my mouth.

She picks up pace. She isn't pulling out very far anymore. I do my best to lick her shaft as it enters and exits my throat. Her hips shake. I taste a lot of precum. Her cock hardens and grows very hot.

Her hips shake, again. She places both hands onto the sides of my head.

HER: "GOD! Lindsay! Swallow!"

Hot fluid shoots down my throat. Her balls bang against my nose and cheeks.


More hot fluid races into my throat.


Another shot of hot liquids.

For a short time, she leans against the desk and my body. She breathes heavily. Her hands rest on my stomach.

Slowly, her cock goes limp in my mouth. After taking a few more short breaths, she stands erect and regains her composure.

HER: "Clean it and milk it."

I use my tongue to clean her shaft. She moves her back and forth cock in my mouth. I squeeze her shaft with my lips. I taste her semen flowing into my mouth.

As she pulls her rod from my lips, I swallow.

I lick her rod a few times. She smacks my face with her cock.

HER: "What does a proper bitch say after she has been fed?"

Impatiently waiting for an answer, she continues to smack my face with her dick.

ME: "Thank you...for your cum...Mistress."

It's hard to speak when you are being dick-slapped.

HER: "You are welcome. Lindsay is a good bitch."

She continues slapping my face with her dick.

HER: "What did I say?"

ME: "I am a good bitch, Mistress."

She chuckles and walks away.

HER: "Yes. You are."

Walking around me she grabs my wrists.

She pulls me into a sitting position.

She pulls me off of the desk.

HER: "Stand."

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

She walks around her desk. I hear a drawer opening.

She returns with a pair of scissors. She snips here and there. I spent a lot of time trying to properly tie my body and look great for her. She undoes all of my work in a few seconds.

She leads me around her desk and faces me toward the desk. She drops the scissors into an open drawer next to me. She reties each hand at either side of my body, allowing for some slack between them.

HER: "Stay. Do not turn around."

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

I can hear her rummaging through a plastic bag. But I can't see what she is doing.

TO MYSELF: "Why shouldn't I turn around? What shouldn't I see?"

My curiosity almost gets the best of me, but she walks back around, facing me.

TO MYSELF: "My eyes are the same height as her nipples."

I look up to her face to see her smiling down at me. She cups my face with her hands. She bends down. I close my eyes.

I feel her lips on mine. He kiss is warm and wet. She slides her hands down my shoulders. Her hands continue down my rib cage. Her tongue enters my mouth. I feel her hands on my hips. She moves her hands around to my ass. Her tongue dominates my tongue with swirling movements and brushing strokes. She squeezes my butt cheeks. One of her fingers slides down my crack.

She removes her lips from mine. I open my eyes. She looks into my eyes. I feel like a puppy dog in her arms. Her finger slides up and then back down, pushing inward just an inch. I feel her finger come dangerously close to my...

ME: "nnneeeeeeaaaaah"

I lost my train of thought.

HER: "Sit down. Slowly."

That same finger slides back up.

With both of her hands back on my hips, she guides me back onto her chair. Suddenly, I feel something wet and soft but hard poke my left ass cheek.

I had no idea that a large dildo was waiting for my boy-pussy. I try to stand up, but her hands force me down.

She moves my hips to the right. I feel the tip of the dildo kiss my anus. The tip of the dildo enters my little hole. I blush.

She slides her hands down to my cheeks and pulls them apart. She slides her hands in farther. She uses her fingers to spread my anus.

TO MYSELF: "I am going to be impaled on one of her joy toys!"

The realization makes me shiver.

HER: "Down."

I relax my legs and ease myself down onto her toy cock. The dildo rudely enters my ass. I squeal.

ME: "eehhhh"

HER: "Sit"

I sit all of the way down on the chair. The dildo continues to enter my body. Simultaneously, my cheeks land on the chair's cold leather and the total length of the dildo finds its home inside of me. I take a few deep breaths and I adjust to its width.

HER: "Good girl. Don't move."

She walks to filing cabinet. On top is her little black bag.

She returns with a long, golden, narrow rod in one hand. On one end is a small loop upon which a string is tied.

She squats in front of me. Her giant, black, erect penis points up at me. Its head is a beautiful shade of purple. The sight of that black monster embarrasses me. I turn my head so I don't have to see it. However, I can't seem to keep my gaze from it. I peek back down at its beautiful form. I yearn for it to be in my mouth, again. I unconsciously wet my lips and swallow.

She gently grabs my penis with one hand.

HER: "Pay attention to me."

I look up with a start. She is staring into my eyes.

HER: "Later, you will get more of my cock in your mouth—and then in your little pussy. But right now, I want you to listen to me and follow instructions."

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "Lift."

HER: "Lift", she repeats.

With my hands still tied I can only use my legs. I lift myself up a few inches. A portion of the dildo slides out of me. I do my best to hold myself up.

HER: "Drop."

I drop back down. The dildo's total length reenters my body.

HER: "Good. Do it, again. Up."

I lift myself up a few inches.

HER: "Down."

I drop back down.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down. Each time I lift and drop I impale myself with this dildo.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down. My penis is sliding in and out of her clenched hand. My penis is growing in size.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down. I unconsciously grip the dildo with my anus. The shaft digs into my anus. My love doughnut is getting very warm.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down.

HER: "Do it again."

"My ass is getting hot mistress."

HER: "Good."

ME: "Why is that?"

HER: "There is no need for me to explain anything to you. That was stated in our agreement, correct?"

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: Complete trust."

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down.

Little did I know that she coated the dildo with anal fire oil.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down.

She passionately kisses me. She slides her tongue into my mouth. I smell her breath. I taste her saliva. I trace her tongue with mine. I place my tongue into her mouth.

She backs away with a displeased look. Before I have a chance to ask, she squeezes my penis with a strong grip. I gasp at the severe discomfort.

HER: "You do not put anything into my mouth. Not your tongue nor your little weenie."

HER: "I place things into your mouth. If something goes into my mouth that is because I place it there. Understand?"

I squeal.

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "Good."

She relaxes her grip.

HER: "Do it again."

I lift myself up a few inches. And then I drop back down.

HER: "Do it again."

HER: "Do it again."

HER: "Do it again."

HER: "Do it again."

HER: "Do it again."

I continue to rise up into her hand and fall back down, while gripping the dildo with my anus.

The heat us still increasing.

HER: "Do it again."

A powerful sensation develops on my balls and penis.

ME: "My penis...make me cum."

She grips my penis very tightly. It hurts.

ME: "Ahhhh—ahhhh. It hurts."

HER: "You don't make commands. If you want to make a request, then learn how to make a request like a proper bitch."

ME: "But..."

HER: "Listen carefully. You are my bitch. I am going to dominate, rape, and own you like a whore. If you are lucky, I will share you with my friends."
ME: "My penis hurts."

She smiles cruelly.

HER: "You don't have a penis or a cock. You are not a man; you are a bitch. You have a little weenie."

I flinch at the pain in my little weenie.

HER: "What do you have?"

She squeezes harder. The heat in my anus increases.

HER: "Say it!"

My voice sounds high-pitched.

ME: "A little weenie."

She relaxes her grip. She strokes my weenie. It becomes hard. The earlier sensation in my balls and weenie returns. I unwillingly clasp down on the rod in my ass. My breathing becomes stronger.

HER: "Are you close?"

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "Good."

HER: "Do it again. Stay up this time."

I raise up and use my legs to hold my place by pressing my back against the chair. I feel the width of the dildo's expanded head stretching the entrance to my boy pie.

HER: "Do not sit down until I say so."

ME: "I don't think I can hold myself up for very long."

I don't want to say anything. She is strong enough to tear off my little weenie.

She stares at my little weenie while gently stroking its mere five inches. With her free hand she reaches underneath my ass. I hear some clicks and a snap. She retrieves her hand.

HER: "Sit."

I sit down, or rather, my legs give out. My little balls and weenie settle on my lap with her hand still in motion.

I gasp when my cheeks make contact with the chair's leather cushion. In one swift motion the dildo's total length re-enters my body. My legs feel weak. My ass feels full.

Her free hand reaches for my chin. She forces me to look into her eyes. Her face has an expression of deep concentration. As if she is peering into a supernova while holding its secrets in her palm, she stares into my eyes and strokes my little weenie.

HER: "Lift."

ME: "I don't think I can."

I shake from the closeness of what I hope will be a powerful orgasm.

HER: "Do you want to cum?"

ME: "Yes."

HER: "If you don't lift, I'll stop stroking."

With every ounce of strength I have I lift, again. My legs are failing. Slowly, I make vertical progress. I hope that my efforts are enough to please her.

HER: "Stay."

Her black eyes shine fiercely. Like the prey of a tigress, I feel vulnerable.

She passionately kisses me. She slides her tongue back into my mouth. She traces my tongue with hers. I do nothing but hold myself up.

She strokes my weenie. The dildo is firmly held inside my tightened girlie-hole. With every stroke of her hand, I unwillingly squeeze the dildo harder. The heat increases with each stroke of her hand.

She pulls her tongue out of my mouth.

Before I can free myself from the dazing effect of her kiss, I feel something cold against the tip of my weenie. My eyes shoot open.

The sensation of the cold metal sends shivers down my spine. She continues to stroke my cock.

She pushes an inch of the thin rod's tip into my weenie's hole.

ME: "guuhhhaaaa"

The cold feeling of the smooth metal in my weenie is profound.

With one fluid movement she slides the remaining length of golden rod down my little shaft. I arch my back. My toes curl.

ME: "nneeeee—ahhh--ahhhh--guhhhhhaa"

I realize what the gold thing is.

HER: "Sit."

Exhausted and overcome with these new sensations, my legs give out. My ass lands on the chair with a muffled thump. When my cheeks meet the chair's cushion, the dildo bumps my pelvic bone.

She ties the end of the sounding rod just beneath the turtleneck of my weenie with the red string.

She slides her tongue back into my mouth. She traces my tongue with hers. She continues to stroke my weenie. I endure the pleasure.

With each stroke, my weenie becomes more rigid. With each stroke, my anus tightens harder around the dildo. I begin to squirm anxiously as my anus becomes very hot.

Her tongue action, the heat in my anus, and her hand stroking my weenie push me over the edge.

My hips jerk forward. My balls and weenie give the sensations of a climax but the cum does not flow forward. Instead, the feeling of an imminent climax continues to heighten.

Her hand reaches the tip of my weenie. I squeal. My hips jerk forward, again.


Her hand reaches the tip of my weenie. She thumbs the tip of the rod. My hips jerk forward, again. I scream.

My hips jerk forward, again.

I yell.


My hips jerk forward, again and again and again.

ME: "God damn! Shit!"

She stops rubbing my weenie. The orgasmic sensation subsides. My anus is suddenly very very hot.

ME: "GUUHHHAAAA... It's burning! IT'S BURNING!"

Her free hand moves to my balls. She massages the bottom of my balls.

Back and forth her hand moves from my balls to my taint.

My hips jerk forward, again. I scream like a girl being slapped.

My hips jerk forward, again and again and again.

Again and again and again, my balls try to ejaculate. But they can't. With every would-be ejaculation, my anus tightens and burns.

The pleasure of this sexual torture is excruciating. I lose sense of everything except pleasure and pain. My weenie is pulsating. My anus is burning.

My hips jerk forward, again and again and again. Again and again and again, my balls try to ejaculate.

It seems like an eternity has passed, or has it just been a little while? I can no longer tell. I no longer care. The anal heat is unbearable. My orgasmic forces are overwhelming all of my senses.

Finally, stops kissing me.

She rubs the tip of my weenie with one hand and strokes my weenie with the other.

I scream like a little girl.

ME: "MISTRESS! Please!"

Tears of shame and pleasure run down my face.

HER: "That's right, little girl, cry for me."

More tears run down my face. They blind me.

HER: "Are you crying?"

More tears run down my face. I try to blink them away.

HER: "Don't deny them. Acknowledge them."

I breathe deeply.

HER: "Are you crying?"

ME: "Yes.

HER: "Good. Let the tears come. They help you to lose control. Every drop brings you closer to surrender. Every drop brings you closer to total submission. Total submission is heaven for a bitch in heat."

HER: "Are you a bitch in heat?"

She moves the hand that she used to massage my weenie's tip toward my balls. Gently she massages them. My hips jerk again. My anus tightens. My anus is on fire.

TO MYSELF: "Am I losing control, or have I already lost control?

HER: "Are you a bitch in heat?"

ME: "Please make it stop. My ass is burning. I need to cum."

It's unbearable.

HER: "Are you a bitch in heat?"

ME: "I am."

My hips jerk forward, again and again and again.

I yell.

ME: "Yes! YES! YES! YES! I am a bitch in heat."

I scream.


I desperately want to cum but I can't with the sounding rod in my little weenie.

ME: "I am a bitch in heat. PLEASE FUCK ME!"

She stares at me. I am crying.

ME: "Please, god, make it stop!"

She laughs at me.

HER: "Silly little bitch. You will have to cum like a girl before I let you cum like a man."

She resumes massaging my balls. My hips jerk several times.

ME: "GOD!"

HER: "Do you want to come like a bitch?"

I orgasm, again, but nothing comes forth. I scream as the heat follows the orgasm.

HER: "Do you want to come like a bitch?"

ME: "I can't! I can't! I am not a woman! As much as I want to, I can't cum like a woman."

HER: "That is where you are wrong."

I scream.

ME: "My ass burns when I...nnnneeeeeeahahhhaaaaaaa"

My hips jerk wildly.

She gives my balls a rest. The orgasms subside again, I pant, short of breath.

HER: "Good. Your pussy is supposed to burn."

I scream as the intense heat follows another orgasm.

HER: "Do you like my fire oil? I bought it just for you to enjoy."

She strokes my weenie again. I orgasm, again. I scream as the heat follows the orgasm.

HER: "The heat aids in making you cum sooner, but that burning rush of heat that follows will help teach you to prolong your orgasms."

She releases my weenie.

I pant uncontrollably. She grabs my arms.

HER: "I am going to lift your up. You are going to stand."

I chuckle in disbelief. Tears are dripping from my chin. They land on my legs. One cold drip lands on my weenie's head. The sudden cold sensation startles me. I jump with little effort.

HER: "That dildo had better not slide out."

She stands up. She pulls me up, off the chair.

I try hard to clinch down on the hot rod in my ass, but it is no use. My ass is already loose. I feel the dildo slide from my anus. I try to grasp its tip, but its too late.

The dildo hits the floor. It bounces off the wooden tiles.

HER: "What the fuck?"

She looks down at the floor.

She looks at my face with a fierce scowl. I turn my head in shame.

HER: "What did I tell you?"

ME: "I am sorry."

Suddenly her expression turns to a smirk. She chuckles. I think she was betting my ass would be too loose or I would be too tired.

She steps to my left. She pushes me against her desk.

She puts one hand on my neck and forces me to bend over her desk.

My chest and arms make gentle contact. The granite is very cold. The desk seems to be a perfect height. My balls of my feet touch the floor and my legs are not bent. I rest my head on one side.

Her hands flow down my back. My back arches in response to her commanding touch. "Stay there, or else", is communicated to me without a single word spoken from her lips.

Her hands glide back and forth from the top of my bent ass to the bottom tips of my shoulder blades.

Her hands trace the shape of my feminine waist and hips. Her hands slide lower. She caresses my ass with both hands. Her fingers spread my cheeks. She teases my love hole with a finger.

HER: "What did I tell you to do?"

ME: "Not to let the dildo come out of my honey hole."

She prods my opening with her finger, but I am too tired to care.

HER: "Which hole?"

ME: "My..."

HER: "What am I fingering?"

ME: "My girlie-hole."

HER: "What kind of hole is it?"

ME: "A pussy."

HER: "Why do you have a pussy?"

ME: "Because..."

She shoves the finger into pussy. I wince.

ME: "...I am a bitch."

HER: "That's right."

ME: "I am sorry."

She removes her finger. I hear her sniffing.

She walks to her bag again and returns with a much larger object.

HER: "Yes. You are a sorry bitch with a loose pussy and a little weenie."

She gently prods my pussy with her finger but does not enter.

HER: "What are you?"

ME: "I am a sorry bitch with a loose pussy and a little weenie."

HER: "You must be some kind of slut if you can't hold in a small object."

TO MYSELF: "She thinks that dildo was small?"

She leans over me. Her right arm gracefully falls onto on my back. She runs her finger through my hair. I feel her fingers against my scalp. The sensation is very calming.

She places two fingers from her left hand into my mouth. Without thinking I suck and lick her fingers. Darting and swirling around them, I worship her digits.

She pulls her hand from my hair. Gently she prods my pussy with a finger.

HER: "Raise your hips."

I arch my back and raise my hips. She slides two finger into my pussy. I feel raw to the touch of her fingers.

HER: "Squeeze my finger."

I do my best to squeeze her finger. I am surprised that I can still squeeze my pussy. She gently finger fucks me.

She pulls out her fingers from my pussy. She sits up on the desk.

After a short time she spreads my cheeks with her fingers. A cold liquid lands on my anus. She reinserts her fingers into my pussy. She spreads my anus apart. She pulls her fingers out.

She prods my pussy teasingly with something soft and big. I squeal like a girl.


This new object stretches my pussy. I moan with pleasure.


She pushes the object further into my ass. My ass continues to accommodate the wide object. As the object fills my ass, I feel the length of the object become narrower as it continues to enter my body.

I hear the audible scratch and jingle of something small quickly dragged against the desk. She pulls her fingers from my mouth.

From her right hand to her left hand I watch her exchange a small white device dangling from a small key chain. Look like an electric key for a car.

TO MYSELF: "What is that for?"

I look into her eyes. With a wicked grin, she flips a switch on the device. Vibrations erupt in my anus. I squeal.

ME: "he ah he ew"

She stands up behind me and caresses my cheeks. She gently pulls and moves the butt plug around to test my grip.

ME: "Ah"

She squats behind me and reaches around my hips. She removes the sounding rod from my weenie.

She slides something between my legs. I hear several snaps as she places something around my hips, firmly attaching it to my body.

HER: "When I stimulated your weenie, I denied your orgasms. Now, I am going to help you achieve a your first female orgasm by stimulating only your butt cheeks and pussy. This will become a daily routine for you until you have learned to be a proper bitch."

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "I placed your weenie inside a large plastic bottle. I want you to cum in that bottle."

ME: "Yes, Mistress."

HER: "Count for me."

ME: "Count?"


The sudden pain on my left butt cheek surprises me.

ME: "ONE!"


She spanks my left cheek, again.

ME: "TWO!"



It stings.



The audible impact of her hands hitting my ass seem very loud to me.



She keeps hitting the same cheek with her right hand.


ME: "SIX!"

Oh God! My pussy is getting very hot again.





Every time she hits my ass, I tighten my anus. That tightening increases the blood around my anus and therefore the heat increases with it.




ME: "TEN!"

Now she is hitting my left cheek much harder. The soreness of my left cheek increases with each audible blow of her right hand.



That hit was harder than the last.



That hit was even harder! I hoped that the sensation of the vibrating butt plug would help to drown out the pain of the spankings. But instead the spankings and the vibrations seem to help me to define each of them.



Each spank is harder than the last!



The heat in my anus is unbearable. Every sense in my body is focused on my ass. I can feel nothing but pain.



A mixture of tears and sweat run down my face.

She caresses my red butt cheek. Her fingers feel cool to the touch. I can feel the heat coming from my skin.

HER: "Your left butt cheek is very red and dark with an outline of my right hand on its surface. I have to make the other cheek match."

ME: "You must be kidding!"

She walks to my right side. She turns to face the other cheek.

HER: "Why on earth would I leave anything unfinished?"



She spanks my right butt cheek with her left hand. The pain did not surprise me. But I wasn't looking forward to more spankings.











OH NO! I need to pee. I can't do that in front of her.





I can't hold it anymore.



The sound of the piss hitting the bottom of the bottle fills the room. The sound becomes that of a liquid hitting a pool of liquid as I begin filling the bottle.

The sensation of peeing is exhilarating. The sound subsides as I finish peeing.

HER: "24 hits. That is not bad, some people don't hold out that long."

She reaches down and removes the bottle. She replaces the full bottle with an empty bottle.

HER: "But unfortunately you have not cum yet, so I must continue with your spanking."

I see her left raise her hand. Something is in her hand. I can't quite see what it is. My eyes are out of focus, but the shape is unmistakable.

Dear god!!! The paddle!!!



My weenie is becoming erect.



That one was harder.



That one was much harder. My weenie is getting very hard and stiff. The vibrations feel too good.


That one was harder, still.

That was TWENTY-EIGHT! But I didn't have the power to speak. I feel incredibly close to coming but my weenie seems so slow to ejaculate. My mouth is open but only a single loud squeal could be heard from my wet lips. Spit is flying from my mouth.




Precum is dripping from my weenie.

Now she is hitting both of my girlie cheeks. She is alternating from the left to the right and then hitting both at once, smacking the tip of the vibrating butt plug that is inside my pussy.




The sounds of her spanking my ass become a crescendo of pain and pleasure as the loudness and impact increases with each blow to my girlie cheeks.




I am unable to speak, I am unable to think. I can only FEEL this tremendous force building inside my little weenie. It feels unbelievable. All of the times I have been fucked like a woman, I never came. Now, I am going to come like a whore while being spanked.




My weenie and my ass are the center of my world. I can't sense anything else. My vision is blurring. My hearing is dimmed. Somewhere in the faint distance I hear a smacking sounding. My senses are fusing together.




A powerful force of orgasmic sensations tsunami throughout my body. A tremendous river of fluids slam through my weenie.

My weenie explodes. I scream like a little girl being slapped in the face.





Another powerful force of sensations course through my body. They soar towards the tip of my weenie like lightning through a rod of iron. Another round of semen jolts from my weenie. I scream like a bitch.





A third volley of semen flies from my weenie like a laser. It'd swear the final orgasm was more powerful than the previous two combined. My scream broadens into a yell.

I can not stop vocalizing my pleasure.

Suddenly, I lose my sense of hearing. My sight turns black. I am not aware of her spankings anymore. I can't feel the vibrations. The pain of my sore ass doesn't exist. But surely they continue—in another world from where I am now.

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