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How Girls Night Changed My Life

This is my first ever story so I do not know how good it will be.


My name is Steve and I have a great life. I have a great job. I have a beautiful wife. I did not think things could get much better until my wife came home from a girls night with all of her friends.

Now let me tell you a little about my wife. Her name is Lexi. She is 5'6" and 125 lbs. with a fit and toned body. She loves to work out and take care of her body. She has natural C breasts that have a perfect round shape and perky. Her ass you can bounce a quarter off of. The ass is full and round and 99% of women would die to have it. A little about myself, I am 6'4" and 220lbs. I also work out and have a muscular body. I also consider myself to be well endowed. I have about a 9" long and a pretty thick dick. I know that is well above normal and Lexi only complained at the beginning of our 10 years marriage that I was to big. That made me feel good and since then her love canal is a perfect fit. We are a couple that does not like hair either so both of us enjoyed some laser hair removal to get rid of most of the hair on our bodies. Lexi left a little for a landing strip if she ever felt like having one but for the most part she keeps her little pussy bare.

Our marriage is great. We are best friend and love spending time together. Our sex life is good for a normal married couple. We both waited till marriage so neither of us have experience much outside of our marriage. She keeps me satisfied with sex a few times a week. We keep our sex pretty normal because she has always been conservative and I have never really tried to push her boundaries. Thinking I was keeping her happy by not pushing her too far. This however was a mistake, as I would soon find out. I personally loved blowjobs but she would only blow me maybe one a month and would never let me cum in her mouth or let me blow my load all over her face and tits. I would always tell her when I was about to cum and have me put it in her pussy to get off in there. I am not complaining about giving my wife a nice creampie but every guy fantasizes about a nice cumshot or his wife swallowing his big load.

However, sperm subconsciously grossed out Lexi. She had never had a bad experience with cum because she has never let me give her a nice cum blast. The other fantasy I had was putting my big dick in her amazing ass. I was always too afraid to bring up anal sex because of her conservative background and I thought she would think I was crazy. I would always tell her I am down to try anything sexual at least once. Hoping she would come up with the crazy idea to let me fuck her in the ass. Of course that never happened and I was living in a dream world. I would always try to touch or graze her little hole, during doggy style while her ass was spread open to me and during foreplay when I finger her I would let one finger rub her asshole a little bit. I did all of the teasing to see if she would ever give me any reaction. However she never gave any response to a touch. She also never told me to stop touching her asshole so I took it as a partial win.

Now for the story that changed our relationship and sex life forever.

I was home alone on a weeknight while Lexi was at her monthly girls night. Her girl's nights are usually tame parties that consist of dinner, games and a lot of girl talk. My nights at home alone consist of watching TV and showering after work. Lexi's girl's nights usually don't go to late but this one in particular kept the ladies out past midnight. Normally I would be asleep by that time but I like to wait up for her so hear how the party went and if there is any new gossip that I should know about. She eventually got home at about 12:30 and came and joined me on the couch. I start asking her the normal questions of how the party went. She gave me the surprise of my life when she asked me, "would you ever want to have anal sex?" I didn't want to show too much excitement because the wheels were turning so fast in my head and my dick seemed to be growing by the second. I deflected the questions by asking her, "Where did this question come from and what did you guys talk about tonight?"

Lexi then went through their whole conversation and she said, "We started with normal girl talk but the conversation turned towards sex quickly and we stayed there the rest of the night. First we talked about how often we all have sex and for most of my friends it is often. My group of friends has some pretty horny girls. Next it was about our husbands."

I had to stop her there and ask "what about your husbands."

She continued and said, "Well please don't get mad but we talked about how horny all of the men are but that is just part of being a guy and then it turned to dick size."

I could not believe what she was saying to me because I always thought she was more private about such things. I asked her, "So you told all your friend about my dick, I can't believe this!"

Lexi then started rubbing my leg just a little bit below my cock and was pleading, "Please don't get mad it really was not bad and plus you have a lot to brag about."

"What are you talking about"? I said.

"Well all my friends could not believe how big you were. They thought I was lying to them but I told them it was the truth and they were amazed. Most of their husbands are about 6". I didn't know they came that small and you know what's funny and embarrassing for Matt. Kim said he is only about 4 ½ inches. Some of my friends wanted me to get a picture of your dick to show it to them. I just laughed at them but I think they were really serious." She said.

My mood defiantly got better because now her hand was now stroking my cock through my shorts. I was rock hard but I wanted to hear the rest of the story.

"I think you are in a better mood now" she said as she grabbed my cock.

"I feel much better" I was never mad because I am pretty proud of my man meat.

"I felt so proud and good about you and your body so I am sorry if I shared to much but everyone just seemed so jealous. Now at your poker night you will know all of your friends wives want to see your cock."

"Now continue with your conversations," I said.

"Ok so your dick talk turned into orgasms and vibrators. Some of my friends can get off with just the dick and now knowing their husbands dick size we know why but most of them use vibrators like our magic wand. Kim talked a lot about her vibrating dildo. With Matts dick being so small she said she uses it almost everyday."

"You guys covered a lot of topics, no wonder you were there so late"

"Well our last topic was interesting, anal sex. Kim brought it up saying some of her new neighbor friends have anal sex regularly. One of her neighbors said she really like anal. She orgasms every time she gets fucked in the ass. Another friend said her husband love to put it in her ass so she uses it a special treat for him. "

"So what did your friends have to say about all of this."

"All of them claimed they have never tried it. Some of them thought it was gross. Others wondered what it would really be like. Kim wants to try it but Matt said no. She is really curious and was mad Matt would not try it. We then talked about if our husbands would really want to try anal. That is why I asked you about anal."

Now I needed to come up with an answer that would not push her away but leave her interested. I said, "well to tell you the truth I have thought about it a little bit in the past. You have an amazing ass so it always intrigued me but I did not know if it would be fun or a little gross or what. I am always willing to try something once and it would be interesting to find out what it would be like. I like to have new experiences so in a round about way I would try it but that would be totally up to you and I would never want to do something you do not want to. What do you think about it?" I hope I didn't say too much but I could not wait for her answer. She also continued to stroke my cock so she had to still be turned on.

"I do not know how I really feel about it. I don't think I want to try it anytime soon but I want to think about it more and maybe talk about it more. Maybe one day we can do it but I just think it will hurt and the thought of you fucking me in my ass is just a little weird right now. From now on if you have anything sexually you have thought about or want to try I want you to tell me and we can talk about them. For now I am quite horny so do you want to fool around?

I said, "You know I do and I think I would get some serious blue balls if we didn't with all this sex talk I am so turned on."

"Lets take theses shorts of and free your amazing cock"

I loved how she was talking, we do not talk dirty very often and if we do it is not very dirty so to even hear her talk about my cock was great.

She then got on her knees in front of me and said, "do you want me to suck your big dick," the questions was more rhetorical because she did not wait for me to answer before the tip of my dick slipped into her mouth. This was really out of the norm for her to be blowing me out on the couch but I was just going to go with it and enjoy every moment. She was focusing on the head swirling her tongue around and around. She then brought up a hand and started jerking me slowly. The girls must have talked about different techniques of blowing because she was doing some new moves. Gradually she started to take a little bit more of my cock into her mouth. I could tell she was getting into it and even more turned on as she started to moan. A couple more inches went into her mouth and now she probably had about half or my cock in. This was better then she has ever done. The blowjob was great and I did not know if I could last much longer. She stopped suddenly to look at me and say, "I don't know what has gotten into me but I am really liking this right now. Am I doing OK?"

"You are doing amazing this is the best blowjob you have ever given me. I don't think I will be able to last much longer." I said.

"I want to suck you a little longer but tell me when you are about to cum. Oh yeah grab your phone and take some picture of me. I want to see what I look like with this big cock in my month. Maybe I will show my friends." She then winked at me.

"You keep blowing me like you are and you can show them whatever you want." I said.

"Kim and a few other girls talked about deep throating at the party and how much their husbands loved it. Would it be OK if I tried it on you?"

I could not believe this was my wife. "You can do anything you want to me honey. I would love for you to try to deep throat me. How about you take off some of your clothes first.

She stood up and started strip off her clothes. Once she was down to her bra and panties she got back on her knees and got back to work. She looked amazing. She had on a matching set black thong and bra. The material was sheer so her pink nipples showed through nicely. The little break from her blowing me gave me extra stamina. I turned the camera on, on my iPhone. I took a few photos and she looked so hot with my cock in her mouth. I started giving her direction. First to look up at the camera so I could see her eyes as she sucked. I felt like I was directing porn but she seemed to like it and was doing anything I told her.

"Take my cock out and just smile as you look at it," she looked so happy which made me ecstatic. "This will be a good one to show your friends," We both laughed

"Now lick and suck on my balls." She had never sucked on my balls before. I would of never thought to ask her until now. She didn't even hesitate, "Oh honey you look so hot and that feels so good."

"Ok now back to blowing me, see how much of my cock you can take and remove your bra. I want to get your tits in the pictures to. We can show those off to your friends too, haha." She looked so good topless with a cock in her mouth. She took a couple strokes to be back to half my cock in her mouth. I gave her encouragement saying, "Oh you look so good and you are doing amazing." I continued to take pictures. Little by little she went down my shaft. Each time down my shaft a little more went into her mouth. 5 inches then 6 inches and then 7 inches.

She came up for air and said, "Wow that was a lot more that I thought I could do. I think that might be my max, your just so big." Then back in her mouth I went. She started to really speed up. Almost like I was fucking her face. It was amazing and I switched to video so I could always remember this night. She was so into it and taking as much as me as she could. I hit the back of her throat and that just made her moan and go crazier. Her hips started to squirm and her moans got loader and she progressed into an orgasm. This just encouraged her as she assaulted my cock. I was in heaven and was about to reach the point of no return.

"I am about to cum, honey its coming, HONEY!" She did not stop, she continued on with wild abandonment. "HERE IT COMES," That was all she wrote, jizz erupted from my cock into her mouth. I don't think I had ever cummed so much. She could not contain all my jizz so and took my cock from her mouth and continued to stroke and cum hit her on her chin and her tits. I was in heaven. My orgasm might have been the best of my life except for our wedding night when I first penetrated her and came in her pussy. This blowjob was right up there with that. I could not believe that that just happened. All I could say was, "WOW!"

She swallowed and said, "Wow is right, that was amazing. I wish we had been doing this for the past 10 years. I have 10 years worth of blowjobs to makeup for." She scooped up what cum I had shot on her face and tits. "I do actually like the taste of your cum, Its warm and delicious." She took my cock back in her mouth and sucked out any remaining jizz.

I was still hard has a rock after this and was ready to still play. I slowly took down her panties and laid her back on the couch. "Now its your turn" I got between her legs and looked at her really wet and bare pussy. Lexi asked for the phone to see how she looked sucking my cock.

"These pictures are so hot. I feel like a porn star. My friends will be so jealous when they see this one." It was a picture of her with her tongue out licking just the tip of my cock.

I turned my attention back to her pussy. It looked so good I just had to get inside her lips to get a taste. I started slow to tease her a little by kissing her thighs and all around her pussy. She was already going crazy and breathing heavy. She was so turned on and I had not even touched her pussy yet.

"Oh baby, eat me, eat my pussy. Please lick my pussy."

I had to obey. I slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Once I hit her clit she went straight into an orgasm.

"Right their honey. Oh right there. Lick my clit. OOOOOHHHHHHH YEAH. Keep going oh that is amazing."

I increased the speed and pressure on her clit and her orgasm just kept going.

"Lick my pussy. Suck on my clit honey" This was the best orgasm I had given her. She slowly started to come off of her high but I continued to lick all of her pussy. We had already been so wild this night and I had a naughty idea. I looked and her pretty little pink puckered asshole and decided to go for it. I brought my tongue to her ass crack and started to lick all the way back to her clit. I ran my tongue right over her asshole and up her pussy.

She squirmed and said, "Naughty boy, I guess you liked the anal talk?"

"Yeah I might have liked it a little bit and your ass just looked so nice and I decided to give it a little try."

"It felt really good, would you lick it again for me?

I didn't even answer, I pushed her knees back towards her head and spread her cheeks and started licking. I didn't think I would ever have this opportunity so I was making the most of it. I rubbed her clit as I continued to lick. Another orgasm came over her. "Lick my ass you naughty boy. Oh that feels so good. I feel so dirty and so good. Oh that's the spot, oh yeah honey! She loved it and so was I. The orgasm subsided and brought me up to her face and gave me a big kiss and said, "you are amazing and that was amazing."

"I really liked it too. Your ass is so nice and I felt so dirty licking your ass." I said.

"You ready to fuck my pussy. We will keep working on my ass and maybe one of these days you can put your big tool in there." She said.

"That sounds amazing honey, I love you so much." I said

"I love you to honey, you are the best husband and I am no lucky to have you. Now lets fuck." She said, "Let me blow you for another minute I just love it now, its so hot!"

She got my cock nice and wet. Then I pulled her up onto my lap so I could put my dick in her. She slowly lowered herself down on my cock until she took it all in. She then starts moving up and down on my cock. As she was riding me we were kissing passionately. I then lowered down to her tits and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She loved her nipples played with and this sent her into another orgasm. Once she came down from the orgasm she kneeled on the couch and I stood behind her and staring to pound her from behind. I loved to fuck her from behind and it gave me a nice view of her asshole. Now knowing I could play with her ass a little bit gave me even more excitement. I casually started to rub her hole with my thumb.

"Oh that feels nice. Now fuck me hard!" she said. I obey and started to really go hard. "Yes, keep going baby. Harder. Faster. Yes that's good baby. Oh yeah before I forget don't cum in me, I want to take it in my mouth again so tell me when you are close." Now I really started to pound her hard. I could not believe I was about to shoot another load in her mouth. Also she had never blown me after I had been in her pussy. I don't think she had ever tasted herself. With all this excitement I was ready to blow in a couple minutes.

"I am almost there honey." She quickly got off the couch and down on her knees in front of me. There was no hesitation with taking my cock in her mouth covered in her juices. She sucked hard and fast while jacking me. She was a pro, at least in my mind. "Here it comes baby." She did not slow her pace and I shot blast after blast into her mouth. This time she was ready for it and did not let any fall out of her mouth. She kept milking my dick until I started to turn soft. We both headed for the shower and talked about tonight's events.

"I think our sex life has changed for ever after tonight and I am sorry I was not more adventurous earlier in our marriage. I guess I was just naïve but I think we will have a lot of fun now." She said.

"I love you and I love our marriage. You are the most important thing to me. I would have been happy the rest of our lives with just how we were. Tonight was amazing and I am excited to experience new things with you." We finish our shower and passed out.

A week later Lexi had to go on a business trip for a few days. Leading up to her trip we had sex almost every night. All contained a lot of oral, good sex and a little anal teasing. I was not looking forward to her leaving. I just wanted to be naked with her all the time. Going to work was hard enough so 3 days was going to be hard. Lexi however had a few trick in store for me while she was gone. The first night we Face Timed. We talked dirty to each other and then both masturbated. It was fun but her mouth and pussy is much better.

The second day is when things got really crazy. I got home from work, shower and started watching TV. I got a knock on my door. I answered the door to find my wives best friend Kim. She is wearing a short black dress. The dress is skintight and shows off all of her beautiful curves and a nice amount of cleavage. Kim is a beautiful woman. She has more curves then my wife but is really sexy. Her dress lets you see every curve. She has brown hair and a cute face. Her boobs are probably a D because they are a little bigger than Lexi's. Her stomach is flat and looks firm. Her ass is her best asset. It is round and perky. For a white girl she has a nice booty. I have always admired her backside. I still wondered why she was dressed so sexy and why she was at my house. We are both happily married and I would never cheat on Lexi.
"Can I talk to you for a minute." She said.

"Of course come on in." I was not going to make her stay outside. She and Matt are our best friends.

"What can I do for you?" I ask.

"Well have you talked to Lexi about me" I just shake my head "OK well, I want you to fuck me in my ass."

I think I almost fell over. "What are you talking about? I am not going to do that are you crazy?"

"Ok just hear me out, I guess that was a little bold to just come out and say. Let me explain. I was talking to Lexi about your new and improved sex life. By the way the picture of Lexi blowing you is so hot and your cock looks great."

"Thanks, but I am still really confused as to why you want me to fuck you in the ass?"

"OK so I was talking to Lexi about your sex life and how you have taken a liking to playing with her ass. She told me all about her being not ready and scared to try anything yet. I told her "You are lucky because Matt is boring and will not even try anything new and I really want to try anal." She then came up with the idea of me being the guinea pig for anal. I did not know what she meant at first but then said, "Steve really wants to try anal and you really want to do anal so why don't you two do it together. Then you can tell me what it is really like so then maybe I can do it to. The added bonus is you get to play with Steve's big cock." I could not believe she was telling me to have anal sex with her husband but the more we talked about it the more it made sense."

"Are you serious you planned this out with my wife for me to fuck you in the ass?" I said.

"Yes and she knew you would react like this so she is expecting your call to talk about us." She said.

I go to the other room and call Lexi.


"Hi honey, Kim is over here and she told me about a plan you had."

"Yes, I want you to fuck her in the ass but only if you want."

"I don't even know what to say" I said.

"I know this is a huge shock be neither of us would ever cheat on one another but its not cheating when I want you to do it. Plus Kim's fantasy gets fulfilled, you get to try anal and you and Kim can tell me how it is. Maybe we can try it when I get home if everything goes good." She said.

"It is still a little crazy to think you are telling me to have sex with your best friend." I said.

"We have the best marriage and that will never change. We can help her and us. I really want you to do it." She said.

"OK how do I even start with her and what is she expecting to happen?"

"Don't let it be awkward, she wants it. I want you two to have a fun night. She brought dinner for you two so just sit down and talk like the friends you are. After dinner get naked and have fun. Nothing is off limits for me. Kiss her, eat her and fuck her brains out. She is supposed to give great blowjobs so get a couple of those too. Just have fun and enjoy her ass." She said.

"This is crazy but I guess I will fuck your friend" I said.

"Great I am so excited to hear all about. Can you send me some pictures? I want a picture of you in each one of her holes. Ok have fun and I love you."

I was about to walk out of my bedroom and have sex with another women. Lexi is the only women I have had sex with. I was nervous but excited to have a new experience, new pussy and anal for the first time. Tonight was going to be awesome.

Kim stood up couch when I come back into the living room. "Well?" she said.

"Lexi explained it all to me and told me to have a good time." I said as I walked over to her. We stand inches apart for a second just looking at her. I pull her into my body. We hug for a few minutes. Gradually my hands go down her back and onto her ass. I gave her ass a good squeeze. We both laughed and I said, "I think this might change our friendship a little bit."

"I know but I am super excited." She said. Then raised up on her tiptoes and gave me a kiss.

"So I heard you brought some dinner for us." I said.

"Oh yeah let me run out to the car and get it." She said.

We sat down at the table and ate the sushi dinner she brought. It was like we were on a date. The conversation was easy as it always has been. Our conversations included a lot more sex than normal. Part of the way through dinner I started rubbing her bare leg just below her dress. She placed her hand right next to my crotch. We continued like this through most of the dinner. At the end she moved her hand to my cock. I grabbed her tit and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

"Lets move to my bed," I said.

When she stood up from the table I unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the ground. Her body was great. She had no bra on and her tits looked amazing. Dark pink nipples and her boob shape was great. Then I looked at her ass. She had on a tiny red thong that made her ass look perfect. It was round and soft. I could not wait to play with it.

I then took of my shirt and she pushed my shorts to the ground. I was not wearing underwear so my cock sprang out of the shorts. She reached down and grabbed my shafts. "Lets go to the bed before we get more distracted." She said. I grabbed my phone for pictures and she led the way never letting go of my cock.

Once in the master bedroom she led me to my bed. I sat on the edge as she got on her knees between my legs. She held my cock and looked at it and said, "I am so excited to play with your big dick." She then took the head of my cock into her mouth. Without hesitation she slid her mouth down around my cock until I was in the back of her throat. She had taken my whole dick with no problem. From that point on I knew this was going to be a great blowjob. She continued to go up and down on my cock deep throating me with every stroke.

"Oh Kim that feels so good, you are so good at sucking cock. Keep going baby, you are doing great." I said. "Lick my balls Kim." She did more than lick them. She put both balls in her mouth and started swirling her tongue around. It felt so good I could barely contain myself. I could tell Kim was going to be a freak in bed. She then kept switching back from my cock to my balls. "Oh Kim keep going. I am going to blow soon." She then focused on my dick and started deep throating me so hard and fast. I had to get the camera so I could show Lexi how Kim deep throated me. "Oh baby here it comes!" I shot my load deep in her throat and she sucked until she cleaned all cum out of me.

"That was so much fun and your dick is so nice to blow." She said.

"You are incredible at blowjobs, I will definitely need another one before you go home." I said.

"I will blow you whenever you want Steve, I love Matt but you dick is just so nice and probably double his size." She said.

"Get up on this bed so I can take those panties off of you." She jumped up on the bed and stood right next to me. I hooked my fingers in the tiny waistband and pulled her thong down to her feet.

"Lexi told me that you don't like hair but I have always had some. I trimmed it as much as I could without feeling weird that it was all gone." She said.

Her pubic hair was shaped in a perfect triangle just above her slit. Everything around her actual pussy was completely free of hair. "It looks great Kim, you did a great job with it. Now can I have a taste?"

"Of course Steve please give me all you got."

I had her stay standing. I pulled one leg over my shoulder and gave me great access to her pussy. Her pussy tasted so good, it was sweet tasting and very different from Lexi. I started flicking her clit with my tongue as I inserted a finger in her pussy.

"Steve I am cumming, oh Steeeeve I'm cumming!" she said. Once finished she looked down at me and said, "Wow you can eat some serious cunt, Lexi is a lucky girl."

"How about you get in doggy style Kim and I will show you what it is like to have you ass played with." I said.

She got a huge smile on her face like she just won the lottery. Her round ass was pointing up in the air and it looked perfect. I spread her cheeks to see the place I would be losing my anal virginity to. The asshole was cute and pink. My dick was so hard and could not wait to be inserted into that little hole. I know I would have to warm her up a lot so I put my face right in her crack and started eating her ass. She went wild. She reached back and spread her ass wide open for me. I made her ass nice and wet. I pulled back from her ass and slowly inserted my finger. Her ass was so tight. Gradually I worked the whole finger in her little hole.

"Shit that feels good, I can't believe I have your finger in my ass, I love it."

"Do you want me to start finger fucking your ass?" I said.

"Yes, please fuck me baby, fuck my ass."

Her ass is hugging my finger so tight as I slowly pull my finger from her as and then pound it back in. I finger fucked her for about 30 seconds and her first ass orgasm started. She went wild and bucked hard against my hand. During her orgasm I thrust another finger in her ass. Her ass spread to accept the second finger. The added finger and ass spreading sent her deeper into her ass-gasm. Her body was shaking like crazy. Her ass-gasm lasted for what seemed like a couple minutes. After she was trying to catch breath and gain some composure. I moved to her head and offer my cock.

"Get it dick sloppy and wet baby so I can fuck your perfect ass so hard." I said

Taking my cock in her mouth she made sure I was wet. She was my cock sucking slut and soon to be my anal slut. My cock my dripping her saliva and I got back behind her.

"Take my anal virginity Steve. Fuck me like the slut I am. Please put that big dick in me baby and fuck me hard."

I knew her ass was ready so without hesitation I slammed my cock balls deep in her ass.

"Oh shit I have a dick in my ass and it feels so good. Fuck me baby! FUCK! That feels good. Grab your phone and get this for Lexi."

I had totally forgotten about taking pictures. I was in an anal daze. It felt so good and so different from a pussy. I was in heaven and my anal addiction was going through the roof. I was taking tons of pictures of her incredible ass and my dick sliding in and out of it. My balls would slap her pussy every time I pounded her and this added to her excitement.

I pulled out of her ass and she said, "what are you doing put it back in."

"I want lay down and you get on top." I laid back and she climbed onboard. She straddled me and slowly lowered herself down on my cock. She leaned back a little. I relaxed, enjoyed the view and let her do the work. It was beautiful to see her cute little pussy and her ass stretched around my dick. It was a perfect picture and I knew Lexi would love it. The visual and physical stimulation was getting to be too much for me and I knew I would blow soon. "Fuck me hard Kim I am going to cum deep in your ass. Come on Kim fuck me with that nice ass." She bounced hard on my dick. "I'm coming Kim, fuck I'm coming in your ass. You're my anal slut."

Coming in her ass sent her into another orgasm. We came together and then she collapsed down on my chest. We looked at each other and both smiled. We were in agreement that anal sex was amazing. I knew right then that what Kim and I just shared was truly special. Our relationship was forever changed for the better and our feelings for each other were strong. I passionately kissed her and then said, "You are amazing and sexy. You are the best friend anyone could ask for and Lexi and I love you. I especially love your ass." I said

"I love you guys two and thank you for this amazing experience. Now speaking of your dick, shall we clean that up?" This whole time my dick was still in her ass. She rose up off my still semi hard dick and slid down my body. She grabbed my dick and started to put it in her mouth. Slowly she sucked my dick clean.

"Lets go shower again and then call Lexi to tell her all about it." I said.

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