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I hope I don't disappoint too many folks by taking a small break from the T-Girl Fantasy Island series. I want each part of that series to be as unique as possible. Different perspectives, different people, different situations and outcomes. Something to keep from becoming too repetitive. I will return to that series but the back log of stories I have thought up had me wanting to take a pause and let at least one of them out. Hopefully, most of you will enjoy the break as well. I appreciate the many comments and emails that have made my first writing experience a rewarding one. I also appreciate the suggestions people give me. While I might not be into everything suggested, you still have planted the germ in the few still functioning brain cells I have left. No telling how your suggestions may appear in my stories but hopefully if they do it will be in a way that will surprise and delight you. Jeremy as are all my characters is a fictional character but it is the name of one of the people who have emailed me and it's my way of saying thank you for reading. Hopefully, you will enjoy this short story as much as the others. Thanks again to everyone here at Literotica and all the readers as well.



It started out another long dull day at work. Jeremy Sheldon was working at Dillard's Insurance supposedly as an agent in training but in reality Jeremy was cheap slave labor, at least from his point of view. It was late afternoon before Sam Dillard called Jeremy into his office to collect the checks to be taken to the bank. Sam preferred that the checks be handed physically to the tellers before the bank closed rather than dropping them into a drop box.

'Must be some superstitious thing with him,' thought Jeremy but he didn't mind as these trips always got him out of the office an hour early.

The bank was a short ten minute drive since traffic was usually light on Tuesdays. Jeremy parked in a surprisingly near vacant lot and walked into the bank already unzipping the carrier containing the checks.

Ever felt like you stepped into a wrong place at the wrong time? The tiny hairs on your neck stand up and up can almost hear a record playing the background music screech to a sudden halt. Jeremy felt that immediately but it was too late to turn around and head back outside.

The bank was being robbed. There were two gun men holding pistols on either end of the room. One grabbed him roughly by the shoulder and with a not so gentle prod of a gun barrel in his ribs, forced him around the counter where he found the rest of the bank staff and customers lying prone on the carpet.

Each gun man wore thick padded garments, gloves, and ski masks. They moved cart loads of cash from the vault along with several safety deposit boxes they had somehow cut from the sockets that housed them. They must have been there for a while judging from their haul. They hadn't spared the people either. Another gun man appeared and started going through Jeremy's pockets carefully relieving him of his cell phone and wallet.

He didn't have much but his credit card and the forty in cash he had was liberated and he watched his wallet get tossed to a pile of others in a corner. The gun man searched his pants pockets and Jeremy felt his fingers linger on the side of his cock.

"Dear God!' he thought, 'bad enough to be robbed but molested too?'

They finished up in a calm businesslike manner and one went out to the parking lot to a van parked in a spot with its rear facing the entrance. It was a simple matter of backing the van to the entrance and two robbers shuttled the loot through the rear doors neatly and quickly. They were finished in a matter of a few minutes.

Jeremy noticed one of the robbers stooped next to a pudgy older guy, he knew was the bank manager, lying on the carpet. He appeared to be whispering instructions into the old guy's ear. He saw the robber slide something into the pudgy man's coat pocket before his head was roughly pushed to the floor. The one that had ground his cheek into the floor stopped the one that whispered to the pudgy guy as he walked by. A quick murmured exchange between the two, followed by a pause that seem to last an eternity.

He heard a husky voice in his ear. "Well Mr. Observant, see something you shouldn't have? You should follow instructions better. Now you're coming with us."

Jeremy felt a pair of hands grab him under the arms and haul him up on to his feet. He had been nervous before but now that he was being pulled to the back of the van he was nearly ready to piss himself.

"Kevin's Qwik Karpet Kleaners" was painted on the side of the van. 'Apparently Kevin had a low advertising budget or a wife or girlfriend with too cute of an imagination.' He thought sarcastically as he was pushed into the van. The rest of the robbers climbed in with him and they sedately pulled out of the parking lot.

Two of the robbers moved quickly and pushed Jeremy down on the bags of cash. One produced a large zip tie and secured his hands behind his back. They seemed to drive only for a few minutes, taking several stops and turns. A police scanner blasted out the local law enforcement chatter. Jeremy rolled over until his back was against the van wall.

The driver turned out to be a woman! As the other four gun men stripped off their masks and bulky clothing he realized that they were all women! He would've never guessed. After one particular hard turn, they came to a halt. Two women climbed out the van's side door, both now wearing shorts and Tees that showed their curves appreciatively.

A weird slick sound came from one side of the van then the other. The two girls climbed back inside bearing the "Kevin's Qwik Karpet Kleaners" logo and a sizeable portion of the white background with them. Lord knew what was on the side of the van now.

There was no sense of fear with these ladies. They seemed smart and professional which didn't leave Jeremy feeling any better about his future. His curiosity, which got him in his unenviable position, forced him to look over each of his captors.

There was a blonde with nice tan shoulders driving. Another seated next to her. He could make out the high cheek bones and gentle pointed chin from the part of her face that was visible. She had the look of a girl who turned heads and the manner of someone who was well aware of her beauty.

He glanced around at the remaining three, they all did. There was one ebony skinned beauty, one Hispanic and one brunette. Each of them could break a heart with a cold glance or send thrills to anyone they chose to grace with a smile.

None of them were smiling at him except the brunette. Her eyes seemed bright as she let her gaze rove over their young hostage. Jeremy felt his heart speed up slightly at her interest. Maybe she would like him enough that he might have a chance to walk away from this.

They drove for just under an hour before they entered someplace dark. Once the van halted the crew climbed out and quickly threw open the back doors. They pulled Jeremy roughly from the van as they continued to work.

They were in some sort of warehouse or something. Another van, this one a fancy custom job with expensive detailing had its rear doors open. The crew put one girl on guard with him, the blonde from the co-pilot's seat earlier while the rest moved the loot from one van to the other.

Glancing at the van they arrived in, he saw the logo of the city's cable company. He turned back to the van they would be leaving in and saw that several compartments were built into the sides and floor of the van for smuggling the loot should they be searched. These girls didn't miss a trick it seemed.

Once the loot was transferred, one of the girls pulled what looked like a paper grocery bag from one van and placed it into the cable van. While two others grabbed plastic fuel cans and poured gasoline along the sides of the van letting the fuel coat nearly the entire surface.

The fuel cans were tossed inside the cable van and the girl emerged with a satisfied grin. "Five minutes," she reported to the blonde who was sticking a gun painfully into his kidney.

They climbed into the custom van and Jeremy was pushed inside into the hands of the others who were waiting inside. He was not sure if he was happy at not being shot there in the warehouse or upset at not being released. It dawned on him then that he knew what they looked like. The thought sent a spine weakening chill through the young man as he silently contemplated his future.

They pulled out of the warehouse this time each of them, Jeremy included, was sitting in far more comfortable seating. There was a set of chairs behind the driver and "shotgun" seat. Jeremy shared a side facing bench seat with the sexy brunette that eyed him earlier. She was definitely looking him over again now. Jeremy once again felt the thrill of her interest. He had never met anyone so obviously aggressive and confident.

There was another police scanner in this van to listen to the police as their now alerted presence was everywhere. About thirty minutes or so later there came a report of a warehouse fire. The police were all over the city searching for the carpet cleaner van. It seemed ladies had planned everything perfectly and were now, hours later, far outside the city headed to the border between California and Mexico.

They stopped at a rather high end hotel close to the border. After purchasing a set of suites on the first floor, the crew moved their few belongings and their hostage quickly inside. The brunette sat him down on the bed next to her.

"We will lay low here a few days and let them think we already crossed the border." She explained to the nervous young man. "Until then you can keep us entertained."

The blonde who was obviously the gang leader came over and sat down next to him. "The best thing for us is to stay out of sight and use this time to relieve some stress, so we may be here for five or six days." She produced a pair of small tin snips to clip the zip tie securing his hands. The brunette went to her bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs with a small link of chain connecting the two cuffs.

The two women quickly pulled off the confused man's clothing before securing his hands to the rails of the head board. The way he was fastened he could at least have the option of sleeping on his front or back. He found himself in a surprisingly arousing situation. How many guys wouldn't love to be held prisoner by such sexy women? The way all of them were looking at him there was little doubt as to how they would be "relieving their stress." Jeremy started becoming at least hopeful for his immediate future.

The blonde leader told the rest that she was heading out for dinner. She would bring back something for all of them and with a smile told them to have fun. She took the dark skinned beauty with her. Three remaining grinned at each other as one went to the room temperature controls and slid the peg up a few degrees to warm the room. The other two grabbed bottles of something and climbed into bed on either side of their captive.

The smell of tropical fruit filled the room as he felt their warm hands apply oil to his skin. He moaned slightly under their touch. Both girls' ran their hands over his chest and shoulders. They caressed and massaged the young man who quickly fell under their spell.

He shuddered with pleasure as the brunette ran her fingers across his belly and straight for his throbbing cock. She leaned down to look him over carefully, maybe checking for signs of infection or sores? Jeremy didn't know and didn't care at this point. She was close enough he could feel her soft warm breath on the skin of his dick.

He rocked his head slowly back into the pillow with his eyes shut lost in the thrills both women were providing him.

The Hispanic girl continued to rub the delightfully scented oil into his chest and shoulders. The brunette, apparently satisfied with her inspection, surprised Jeremy by engulfing his cock easily. He let out a loud gasp as his felt her take him in hungrily. His dick felt like it was now nestled in a warm wet heaven with an amazingly experienced tongue gliding along his shaft within the confines of her mouth.

The other girl worked her fingers down his chest to both of his nipples as she let her fingernails scrape his flesh bringing all his nerve endings alive. Shudders rocked his body between the two women. The brunette worked his cock for several minutes before the sexy Hispanic girl gently pushed Jeremy onto his side.

Jeremy opened his eyes to see the beautiful dark hair girl lovingly stroke his cock while he felt the girl behind him rubbing his back with more of that wonderful oil. Her hands explored his back and ass with the same obvious experience as the girl stroking him had shown with her mouth.

Jeremy was in paradise. If he was to be killed later at least he will have the greatest time of his life beforehand. He relaxed completely under their efforts.

The two girls smiled at each other knowing the young captive was nearly ready. The brunette ran her hands down the insides of Jeremy's thighs gently pushing them apart. Jeremy obliged and bent his knee so that one leg was propped up on his foot giving both sexy girls full access between his legs.

He groaned into the pillow as he felt four oil soaked hands work between his thighs. Fingers gently rubbed his shaft and balls, fingernails left gently stinging trails on the sensitive insides of his thighs He felt the girl behind him run her fingers down the crack of his ass before burrowing gently between his cheeks.

Still groggy with the flood of sexual nervous impulses the two skilled women had inflicted on him, Jeremy relaxed his ass cheeks, curious as to what new pleasures she would soon provide him. He felt his hip pushed further over towards the brunette giving the beautiful girl behind him greater access to his bottom. Her oil soaked fingers massaged and scratched his twin orbs before gently prying them apart revealing his rear entrance.

He felt her warm breath between his cheeks as she applied oil directly to his anal ring. Her fingers rubbed the ridges and furrows of that tiny opening causing the young captive to tense up at the unexpected burst of pleasure. The brunette continued to stroke his cock with one hand while massaging his balls gently with the other. The combined effect of the ladies efforts had Jeremy quickly overwhelmed and ready for sex.

He gave a startle gasp as the brunette leaned in and once again engulfed his cock into her mouth. Jeremy let out a nasally sigh as she aggressively slid her lips along his shaft. At the same time, the beautiful Hispanic girl leaned down and gave Jeremy the most surprising thrill of his life. He felt a curious warm digit begin to explore his rear entrance. It was soft and wet which made his anus quiver with delight.

'She's using her tongue!' he realized as he felt his entrance relax under each soft stroke. He felt the tip of her pretty nose burrow into the valley of his ass as she began to probe his ass gently. Jeremy wasn't sure how much more of this he could take before shooting his load.

The brunette had stepped up her game with his dick and now his hips were tensely rocking. The head of his cock was nearly numb with all the nerve endings firing off a flood of impulses. He felt dizzy from the sensations that had his heart hammering in his chest and his lungs working overtime.

He felt an oil covered finger replace the tongue in his ass. The digit snaked deeper into his rectum causing the young man to arch his back in surprise. He had never experience anal penetration before and the feeling of that finger in his ass quickly sent his nervous system into overload.

The brunette barely pulled her lips from his cock before he shot string after string of cum across the sheets. The girls enjoyed a soft chuckle at the young man's release. A quick wipe of a towel cleaned most of his cum from the sheet and the two girls stepped back away from him.

Jeremy turned onto his back to see both sexy robbers start to undress. His cock, still numb from sensory overload, lay limp and shriveled against his thigh. The temperature in the room was warm enough but the oil on his skin cooled his flesh.

Both girls unfastened bras and dropped them to the floor. Jeremy's eyes feasted on two sets of perfectly formed tits capped with hard inviting nipples. He barely noticed the cute blonde driver seated close by, her hand working between her open thighs along the crotch of the jeans she was wearing.

"I'm not sure if I can get it up again right now," he stammered embarrassingly. "It might be a few minutes."

"Oh, we won't need your cock to get what we need from you," she reassured the young man who lay helpless on the bed.

His attention was captured once more as the two women slipped out of their shorts. He noticed a curious bulge in the front of both pairs of panties.

The two girls looked at each other with a grin and as if on some unspoken que, both slipped their panties down soft tan thighs. Jeremy jerked slightly as two impressive cocks sprang out of confines and seemed to grow larger and harder once freed.

"What the fuck?!" Burst from Jeremy's lips before he even realized he had said it.

His surprise got all three girls a good laugh before the brunette slid down next to the tense young man on the bed. Her body pressed seductively against his. She sent a leg over his and glided her soft flesh down his thigh. He felt her cock hard and pulsing against his hip.

"This is what will happen," she said softly to her young captive. "We are going to fuck you."

Jeremy looked back at that incredibly beautiful face inches from his in stunned terror.

"And not just that sexy tight ass of yours either," she continued with a smile that now took a predatory aspect.

Jeremy went pale at the images she put into his head of his obvious fate.

"Should you decide to be an asshole and bite any of us," she nodded back towards the blonde sitting close by. Jeremy followed her gesture to see the beautiful driver flipping the tin snips that cut his bonds earlier in her hand.

He felt a soft set of fingertips turn his chin to face the brunette whose lips were now inches from his own.

"We will gag you with your underwear and cut your dick off one," she pecked his lips with a soft kiss, "Little snip" "at a time," Until we can stuff it in your mouth, "understand?"

Jeremy stared at her blankly.

The girl's eyes went hard as she reached down to clutch his limp dick between her fingers and started to squeeze. "Understand?" she asked again sternly.

Jeremy could only nod.

He let out a soft sigh as she released his cock. With a smile she pushed him on to his stomach. The terrified young man felt the sexy girl climb on top of him. He felt her lower herself against him until only the tip of her cock brushed his oil gleaming ass cheeks. The helpless captive let out a soft whimper. Rocking her hips from side to side, the smooth head slid over one soft cheek then the other before she took aim and lowered herself fully on top of the boy.

Her hard cock glided easily between his well lubricated thighs to prod his balls pressed into the mattress. He felt her warm soft breasts pushing into his shoulder blades. Her arms threaded under his own until her hands came up from underneath to clutch at his shoulders. Tears started to well in the helpless captive's eyes as she kissed his cheek gently.

"Soon I will be inside you," she whispered to the now crying young man. "It will hurt," she promised "But it will hurt a lot less if you relax and give me your ass rather than you making me take it, understand?"

Jeremy buried his face in to the pillow, his sobs muffled as he felt her shift on top of him. His stomach rolled in dread as he felt her push his legs apart with her own. He resisted slightly but she was not to be denied. He felt her breath in his ear once more.
"You can't stop what's about to happen," she whispered. "So relax and let me in."

Jeremy was openly crying now as he felt her hips rock slightly bringing that hard cock against his rear entrance. He wanted to clench his cheeks to stop her from coming any closer but he knew as well lubricated as she was she'd slide down to his hole easily anyway. There was nothing left to save him now.

"Nooooo," he wailed softly "Pleeeasssee." He felt her cock press against his clenched entrance.

"Open up for me," she said softly. "It will hurt far more if I force my way in."

Jeremy clutched the pillow with his shackled hands until his knuckles went white. He took several deep breaths as he tried desperately to relax. He felt her cock press into him, battering at the last tight ring of muscle that still resisted her demands.

His body shook as his weak cries grew louder as she rocked her hips gently knocking at his opening. With each thrust she pushed a little deeper.

"No, please, no," Jeremy sobbed pathetically as he sought some sort of escape by burrowing his face even harder in the darkness of the pillows.

With one final hard push both man and woman felt his last barrier relent and she slipped inside.

For him it was a burning white hot flame of pain that tore a scream from his throat. For her it was tight warm feel of pure heaven, she continued to rock gently settling more of her cock into that trembling virgin ass.

The sexy woman reached up and pushed the helpless boy's face back down into the pillows as she sank deeper into his flesh. She shivered with delight as she felt that tight ring gripping her shaft slide down to the base of her cock before she bottomed out in the bucking young man.

With a sigh of contentment she settled down on top of her victim. Her shaft lodged deep inside his bowels, Jeremy was pressed harder into the mattress by the weight of her body. She twisted and rocked her hips relishing the muscles of his rear passage shifting and turning to adjust to her intrusion. For several moments the two bodies were locked together on the bed.

The girl kissed the young man's shoulders and neck. His sobs weakened as she took his ear in between her teeth and nibbled gently. Slowly the white hot pain cooled for Jeremy. His ass quivered as his feet drummed helplessly against the bed. Every shift of her hips sent another shock of pain through her captive. Slowly, his body finally relaxed and accepted his fate.

Sensing he was ready, the brunette rose up on her arms and slowly drew her hips back. Her cock slid back out of his ass smoothly. He let out a groaning sigh deep in the pillow.

"Get ready for it, baby" she said as she slide her length back into his ass.

Jeremy's spine arched at the mix of pain and electrical shock as nerves he never knew he had sent conflicting signals of pain and pleasure to his brain. Jeremy bit the pillow tightly as she bottomed out inside him once more. Another pause of two bodies locked together. The girl cooed with excitement as she turned her head to her two friends.

"This has got to be the tightest ass I have ever been in before!"

The blonde laughed, "Well hurry up, we all want a turn!"

The idea that he would be passed from one girl to the next finally struck home with the young captive as fresh tears of pain and humiliation were smeared by the pillow case against his face.

The brunette slowly picked up the pace. Her knees bent outward forcing her captive's legs further apart. He felt her hands grip his shoulders from underneath even tighter as she used her hold as leverage to thrust herself deeper inside him. Her hot breath blasted in his ear with each thrust. The two of them began to rock the bed against the wall as she fucked him harder.

The other two girls watched in rapt silence as their friend broke the young man in, both stroked their cocks impatiently waiting their turn.

The boy's toes curled as the pain finally gave way. The shocks of electricity through a thoroughly worn out nervous system receded leaving the young man drunk on the hormones that flooded his body. He raised his red face out of the pillows to face the head board that was banging against the wall. His mouth opened wide, fighting to gulp in badly needed oxygen. He felt her diamond hard nipples scrape against his skin as she pressed harder into his back.

"God! You have got to be the best fuck I ever had!" she exclaimed as she slammed her hips pistoning her cock in his now loosened bottom. His ass cheeks rippled with each thrust.

The banging of the head board echoed in Jeremy's head to punctuate each time her cock rammed to the hilt inside him. He felt her draw back slightly as she reached for the other pillow on the bed. Pulling the young man's hips up with her cock still deep in his ass, the eager woman slid the pillow under the boy's hips to give her better access to that sweet entrance.

Unable to wait another moment, the blonde driver stood up still stroking her cock. She climbed up on the bed and slid down in front of the helpless young man. Jeremy opened his eyes at the shift in the bed and realized what she had planned for him.

She settled in front of the young man's face, her cock stood straight and hard inches from his lips. "Open up," she commanded.

Jeremy shook his head even as the brunette on top of him continued her now demonic pounding of his ass. Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, Jeremy paused and reluctantly his lips parted. The blonde ran her fingers through his hair as she guided that sweet mouth down on her cock.

Jeremy felt the warm hard flesh rub pass his lips. He tasted her on his tongue as she pushed across that soft flat muscle and continued deeper into his throat. Feeling the head of her cock probe the back of his throat Jeremy panicked. His arms and legs flailed uselessly as the blonde pulled out slightly to let him regain control.

"Relax your throat," she ordered as she pulled his head back down. She felt her glans press against the soft tissue of the boy's throat and shifting slightly she cupped his chin to align his mouth to his throat. With that bend almost completely gone from his passage she slid down his throat easily.

Jeremy slowly began to relax and let the beautiful girl fuck his mouth. The blonde held his chin up with one hand while her other gripped the boy by the back of his skull. Her shapely hips flexed sending more of her cock down the young man's throat. Both women were lost in their own personal paradise on either end of Jeremy's helpless body.

The room door opened as the gang leader, followed by her dark skinned companion, entered the suite.

"I see you got the party started already!" she smiled hungrily at the naked young man trapped between the two women who were batter him on both ends.

"What did you bring back?" asked the Hispanic girl as she dove into the bags and cartons.

"Chinese," said the leader taking in the limp form between the two women. Her cock stirred inside her shorts.

She took her eyes off of the action and grabbed a carton of steak and peppers and one of fried rice and settled in front of the TV to wait her turn on the bed.

Jeremy had his eyes shut tight; he had retreated deep inside trying to shut out what was happening to him. But the two hard shafts of flesh ramming their way inside him wouldn't allow him complete escape. Each thrust broad a flash of light behind closed eyelids.

The cock in his ass seemed to pulse and throb, the friction of her sliding in and out of his anal passage now sent waves of pleasure to his exhausted brain. His mouth had gone numb as he drooled around the cock that now slid easily down his throat. Even the sensation of that tip rubbing his throat that once caused him to retch started to feel good.

His mind completely out of gear, Jeremy began to rock his body between the two women fucking him. His ass began to shake once more but now in need rather than agony. He began to swallow the cock in his throat, trying to get more of her inside him.

In the darkness, behind his tightly shut eyes, Jeremy felt his reality shift and when it settled, he realized the pleasures both women were giving him. Listening to his gasps and groans, they felt the boy reach that turning point between them, both girls began to fuck the boy savagely. Their cries of pleasure gave Jeremy a strange sense of pride in his new found abilities.

The renewed pounding of the headboard against the wall got the attention of the other three ladies as they surrounded the bed watching their two friends reach climax together. Both women inside Jeremy let out a groan of deep satisfaction as they came.

Jeremy felt both cocks swell in his throat and ass. He felt every shudder and spasm of those wonderful shafts as hot cum shot deep inside him. The splashes of semen down his throat and in his ass gave him chills causing his entire body to shiver and his skin to goosebump with excitement. Finally spent the two cocks slid out of him after depositing their loads.

He lay on the bed feeling empty and cold. He almost wanted to cry when he felt the bed shift again. He felt a pair of hands raise his hips in the air as another warm shaft slid into his used ass. A few seconds later another cock rubbed gently against his lips beckoning him to open up. He eagerly accepted and soon was filled once more.

So it continued for days, The girls took Jeremy in turns or in groups. Occasionally, they let the young man out of bed to hobble to the bathroom and empty his bladder and bowels. He would shower and clean himself, once he got too weak one or more would join him in the bath and would help clean him up. He would take a bit of food and drink then it was back to bed.

They would allow him a few hours' sleep before he felt the now familiar feel of hands on his hips and yet another hard cock pushing its way into his ass. They no longer restrained him. Jeremy was now hooked on having these beautiful women deep inside him. The feel of hot cum shooting inside him was what he craved whenever he was awake. More than once he fell asleep with one of his beautiful captors in his mouth or in his ass or both.

The last afternoon, the blonde leader had him pushed onto his back. Her hips rocked between his legs that were hooked behind her thighs as she stared down at the rapture on the completely turned hostage. He ran his hands lovingly up her arms as he rocked his hips in return for each of her thrusts. She slowed her pace long enough for Jeremy to look up at her in blissful contentment.

"We can leave you here in this hotel room," she said as she ground her long hard cock deep in the young man's body. "Or you can stay with us."

Jeremy looked up at her blankly. His exhausted mind was trying to grasp what she was offering. For days he had not even known a world existed beyond the confines of that bed. Now, he never wanted to leave.

The sexy blonde picked up her pace once more pounding the boy's ass deeper into the mattress. Her voice dropped to a husky growl as she felt the young man grip her cock with his ass. He had truly become a superb cock slut in the past few days.

"If you come with us, you will cook, you will clean, you'll do anything we say, when we say, how we say," she drove each point home with a powerful thrust of cock. Jeremy squealed with delight at each thrust, his legs locked behind his lover's hips pulling her deeper inside him.

"In return," she continued nearing climax, "You'll have more cock in a year than most women will ever get their entire lives."

Jeremy's mouth fell open as he groaned, once more his ass filled with splashes of hot cum. That badly craved chill radiated across his body as he wrapped his arms around the beautiful woman on top of him. The two remained embraced, lost in their private world of pleasure.

The blonde slid out of the exhausted young man. His face was slack in weak euphoria as he felt her cum still deep inside him. The gang gathered their belongings and searched the rooms for anything that might tie them to the robbery.

By the time they had finished, Jeremy had managed to find his clothing, dress, and sat on the bed staring blankly at the floor. Silently the gang left the room until only the brunette remained.

Jeremy's eyes rose from the floor to find hers staring back at him. He felt the hunger still glowing in her gaze. He stood up on unsteady legs and feeling the cum begin to seep from his ass; he quietly walked out of the room to climb into the van.


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