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Holodeck Discoveries Ch. 01

This story is set in the Star Trek universe, but does not feature any of the familiar characters you may have seen on TV. However, it does mention some events which may be familiar to fans of the show. However, no copyright infringement is intended. This is a work of fiction from my imagination and fantasies and does not have anything to do with Star Trek or its creator etc.

As per my usual, this story is more of a slow burn than a slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am, but when it does reach its climax, I hope you do too dear readers. I'd love to hear about them in the feedback.

The overall story has (hopefully) something for everyone because my own fantasies and kinks are so varied. It features M solo, F solo, Voy, Mast, MM, MF Intr, FF, MFF, MMF, NC, MF Inc. Enjoy!


First Engineer's Log; Star date 63221.6

I'm not even sure I know how to log this. God, I don't even know why I'm logging this in the first place.

I guess I just need to document it while it is still fresh in my mind. Who knows, maybe 200 years from now, someone will access this log and...I don't know what they'd do with it.

Alright, I'm just going to speak freely. I swear all of this is the truth. Here goes...

I was working on cleaning one of the containment coils in the anti-matter flow regulator when I received the transmission...


"Mr Laughlin, incoming transmission from Starfleet."

"Ok, I'll take it over here at console 2."

I punched in and Admiral Jacobson's face appeared on the screen.

"Tim my boy, how are you?"

I grinned and replied, "I'm fine Admiral, how are you?"

"Ahh, busy, you know how it is."

The Admiral's easy-going manner had always impressed me. I had never met anyone who could be so laid back and so authoritative at the same time. Still, he never calls me to socialize; he usually calls me because he has broken something and needs me to fix it.

Sure enough, he says, "Tim, I need your help."

I rolled my eyes and said, "Let me guess, you've gone and clogged your antimatter injectors again, and your chief engineer is too large to crawl inside to fix them." Some might see my manner of address as insubordinate, but I could talk that way to the Admiral; I had served under him for 6 years, and he was married to my sister.

"No it's not that. I'm getting transferred to star base 12 next week to work on something for Starfleet's 400th anniversary, and I want you to come help me."

"Doing what?"

"Tim I can't say anything over sub-space at the moment. But needless to say it is important and I think you are the most suitable candidate for the job. I have already talked to your captain about the transfer, and while she's sorry to see you go, Captain Tii'Vad understands why you need to join me on star base 12. The Firenze is going to rendezvous with your ship in two days to bring you to meet Rebecca and I."

"Becky's going to be there?!?" I had a hard time believing that my sister would actually set foot in a ship; she was scared of space travel. Funny that she had married a Starfleet captain (who was later promoted).

"Yes I finally managed to convince your sister to leave Earth. This project we will be working on will probably take 9 months or so to complete. And she didn't want to be alone that long."

"I assume that also means the kids are with you?"

"Yes the girls made the trip too. They're both excited to see their Uncle Tim."

"Well Admiral, I guess I will see you guys next week. Laughlin out."


So I finished up my work, said goodbye to my friends and colleagues and took my leave of Captain Tii'Vad. I beamed over to the Firenze and relaxed for the 5 day voyage to star base 12.

When I arrived, my sister and her husband were there to greet me in the transporter room.


"Timmy!" My sister practically squealed and rushed the pad when I beamed aboard! Her husband had to restrain her; after all, there was protocol.

"Permission to come aboard sir?"

"Permission granted. Welcome aboard Tim."

"Thank you Admiral." By this point Becky was practically jumping out of her skin. I realized I was happy to see her too. Finally, the Admiral relented and my big sister tackled me with a tremendous hug. I hugged her back, then released her and shook Paul's hand.

Becky asked me about my trip and chided me that my transmissions were so infrequent, all while Paul (the Admiral) was trying to get a word in edgewise to point out some of the features of the base.

Finally, Paul had to cut Becky off because we had reached my quarters. He said we'd try a tour again after dinner, without company. He asked me to join them for dinner in their quarters in 2 hours. That should give me time to freshen up, rest and unpack.

I took him up on his offer, and unpacked, relaxed and showered. I made my way to their quarters at the appointed hour, and was treated to an excellent meal. Becky had prepared my favorite meal (Shepherds Pie) just the way our mom used to make it when we lived in Richmond as kids.

After dinner and a visit with my cute little nieces, Paul switched back to Admiral, and we excused ourselves so that he could conduct the tour again.

Paul took me all around the station, pointing out equipment and rooms, introducing me to fellow officers and crew, and answering my questions.

As we arrived at Hangar Bay 2, he said, "And this is why I brought you here Lieutenant."

The doors opened to reveal what appeared to be an ancient and badly damaged warp core.

"Admiral, is that an Excelsior class warp core?"

"That it is. I knew I picked the right man for the job. Lieutenant, this is the warp core from the USS Melbourne. She was destroyed by the Borg almost 200 years ago, trying to prevent one of the Borg ships from reaching Earth. Luckily, the Enterprise stopped them. After the Enterprise beat back the Borg threat, the Melbourne, Kyushu and other destroyed vessels were salvaged by Starfleet and stored at our base on Titan. Anyways, with the 400th anniversary approaching, Starfleet wanted us to restore the warp core you see here for an exhibit and tribute to fallen heroes. That's where you come in Lieutenant."

"So you want me to repair this rusty old warp core?"

"Yes. I know your service record, and unofficially I know you're all about old technology. There's probably nobody better suited in the fleet (except perhaps Admiral Data) to restore this hulk to its former glory. And we'll provide you with a top notch team to help you out."


"I don't think you've met her yet. Her name is Anessa Gordon, and she's the great grand-daughter of Jordi LaForge, the Enterprise's chief engineer."

"That's one name Admiral. Who else is on this top notch team you are assembling?"


"Me sir?"

"Yes you Tim. Between you and Anessa, I figure the heart of the Melbourne will pump with vigor in less than 9 months. Which is your due date. The 400th anniversary celebration will occur on star date 63998, and you need to have it done two weeks before so that it can be disassembled, transported and then reassembled in San Fran."


So there I was, faced with a huge task, and not much in the way of resources to help me.

Still, I must admit that I was thrilled with the assignment. For lack of a better term, it turned me on more than anything had in a long time.

Then I met Anessa...


I was on my back, realigning conduits underneath a condenser when I heard the cargo bay doors open. I heard the echo of footsteps approaching me, then a soft melodic voice with a southern accent ask "Lieutenant Laughlin?"

I emerged from under the condenser and was rendered speechless. Before me stood perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was tall, with flawless dark skin, a wide nose, hazel-colored eyes and generous lips. Her black hair was done up in a regulation bun, but shone with a luster that spoke of care. Her ears were well proportioned and her neck was long and slender. As my eyes left her perfect head and travelled down her body, I couldn't help but notice that her uniform was having a hard time dulling down her curves. Her breasts were large and her hips flared nicely.

It was at this point I realized that I had spent nearly a minute eyeing up my junior officer without uttering a single word. My face must have been 100 shades of red and my ears were burning. Embarrassed, I gulped and replied, "Yes I'm Lieutenant Laughlin. You must be Ensign Gordon. It's nice to meet you. I have heard great things about you from Admiral Jacobson, but I must admit, I haven't had time to review your record."

If she felt anything about my obvious leering, she didn't say. "That's ok sir. I had time to review yours on the trip here aboard the Yukon. And I've heard things too. Um... I mean, at the Academy sir. I'm really excited to be working with you on this project sir."

I got over my initial embarrassment and exclaimed, "That's great Gordon! What experience do you have with Excelsior class starships?"

"Plenty sir. My official experience is all in my records sir. Unofficially, my grandpa and I fitted a Nacelle to an old freighter our family owns. We also outfitted her with the replicator from one of the Enterprise's shuttle pods and the shields from the old Yamato. I tell you it made that old ship a lot more comfy. I grew up listening to stories of my great grandfather and his experiences on the Enterprise."

"I'm sure all that family history and inherited knowledge will come in handy. I realize that the Melboune wasn't a Galaxy class like the Enterprise, but I'm sure you will do just fine."

"Where should I start sir?"

"That's a really good question Ensign. I was wondering the same thing when I got here yesterday. Mostly I've been poking around and doing small make-work tasks that I can complete solo. I was waiting for you to arrive because in this case, two heads are better than one."

Over the next several hours we poked around the decrepit old machine, cataloging what looked like it could still operate, what was maybe worth salvaging, and what needed replacement.

When we broke for lunch, we both needed to wash up and change into clean uniforms before we could report to the base's mess hall. I dropped Anessa off at her quarters with a promise to meet her in 15 minutes.

When I returned after cleaning up, I met Anessa waiting for me in the hallway. She looked as pristine and beautiful as when I first laid eyes on her earlier today. She smiled at me and accompanied me to the mess hall.

We had a nice lunch while I regaled her with tales of challenges overcome and exploration of uncharted territory.

During lunch, Anessa was summoned to attend Admiral Jacobson. She promised to return to the cargo bay when she could. I finished my lunch and made my way back to the cargo bay and resumed work.

While I was behind the injectors, I noticed a small panel in the injector housing was loose. I went to put the panel back into place, but there was something behind it that was preventing it from sitting correctly. I shone a light inside the opening, but couldn't see the obstruction, so I reached in.

I felt soft fabric and was able to grab a handful. When I removed my hand, I was holding a small silver-colored bag that contained several small objects that clanked together.

I replaced the panel and walked over to my workbench. I opened the bag and spilled out the contents. They looked like memory chips. I grabbed my tricorder to analyze them. The tricorder revealed that they were indeed memory chips like those used for data storage. However, they were old. Really old. Like over 150 years old.

I put them back in their bag for now, and put the bag in the drawer of my bench. I'd examine them later when I had more time. For now, there was lots to do. At this point, Anessa returned and we got back to work.

Indeed I forgot about the bag and the memory chips for the next five days.


The work went well and Anessa and I really seemed to hit it off. I introduced her to my sister and my nieces, and we are always ate together too. In fact, the only time we weren't together is when we were sleeping or attending to personal needs. Although, that is something I hoped to remedy.

I had begun having fantasies about Anessa: bending her over the workbench and fucking her from behind, her on her knees blowing me and receiving a load of my cum all over her pretty face. I began masturbating and thinking about her as I came.

I kept it professional when I was in her presence, but privately I wanted her so bad it hurt.


"Lieutenant, what's this bag?"

"What bag Ensign?"

"This bag in the workbench."

"Oh that bag. I found it behind a loose panel. I had forgotten it until you mentioned it. They're data least that's what the tricorder says."

Anessa said, "Yeah, I've seen ones like this before on the freighter. They're memory chips for saving Holodeck programs."

"Ok. Why would they be hidden inside a mothballed warp core though?"

"I don't know Lieutenant. I could find out what's on them and who they belonged to, but it will take some doing. Chips like this haven't been used for at least 80 years, so we will need some sort of converter or adapter just to be able to have our computer read them."

"Ok Gordon, let's finish up with the dampening field, then we will see what we can scare up to check out those chips," I said.

A couple hours later, we had a stable dampening field, so we called it quits. We headed to the mess hall after cleaning up for a quick supper, then back to the hangar to unravel the mystery of the chips.

First, we tried inserting them into some empty slots into the base's Holodeck, but they wouldn't fit. Anessa tried copying the data onto a modern chip, but the protocols didn't align.

Anessa said she had noticed a store room on one of the lower decks, so we went there, but it didn't contain anything useful.

I approached one of the old-timers to ask for his help. Carl said he was part of the first crew to man this base, but that was 35 years ago, so all of the equipment on the base wasn't old enough to read our chips either.

Anessa and I let it drop because we had a much larger task that was occupying most of our time.


Over the next few weeks, Anessa and I made measurable progress on the engine as replacement parts started to arrive and slightly damaged items were repaired. Anessa was good and lived up to Paul's billing. We accomplished our first major milestone within the first month, establishing a stable warp field. The Admiral was very pleased with our efforts.

And my feelings for Anessa continued to develop as our friendship grew. Then one day I crossed the line...


I had been working up the courage for a couple weeks to ask Anessa to go out with me (or as close as one can get to "going out" on a star base. I kept playing it over in my mind about how best to do it and get a favourable response. When and how it actually happened took me by surprise almost as much as it did to her.

We were working (as usual) and I was holding up a housing for a coupling so she could attach it to the ceiling. She was standing just inches in front of me, using a spanner to attach a bolt. I looked into her beautiful face, drinking it all in. She smelled divine, her skin looked flawless and a little damp with a sheen of sweat. Her tongue slightly parted her generous lips (something I had noticed she does when she concentrates). Her gorgeous hazel eyes were laser focused on the task at hand; I had nothing else to look at but her. As I watched her tighten the bolt, I noticed her tits jiggling with the effort.

I couldn't help myself; my prick got hard.

We were so close - she was definitely inside my personal space. Of course I couldn't move away nor adjust myself to conceal my hardon because I was holding up the item she was bolting in. It was everything about the situation; her fresh scent, her fantastic body and gorgeous face, my masturbatory fantasies about her, the fact that she was virtually pressed against my body, her wet pink tongue sticking out between her dark lips. All of that conspired to make me abandon 12 years of exemplary service and training. I leaned in and kissed her!

Time slowed down. As my lips pressed against hers, everything seemed to happen in slow motion all at once: she squeals, her eyes widen in surprise, the spanner falls from her hand and clangs against the metal deck, my hands let go of the housing I was holding up, my right hand goes around her waist and pulls her body into mine, grinding my hardness against her pelvis, her mouth remains closed and doesn't admit entry to my tongue, and finally her hands push at my chest, pushing me away.

My heart was pounding furiously and my head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton. I could feel the dull thud of my pounding heart inside my head. In fact, my heartbeat was so loud, I barely heard her when she said, "Tim get a hold of yourself! This isn't right."

Suddenly the magnitude of my mistake set in, and I was crushed by my shame and her rejection. I stepped away, mumbled an apology and fled from the hangar.

I retreated to the solitude of my quarters, and spent the next several hours calming myself down and trying to think of a way to undo any damage I had done to my career and my friendship with Anessa. I couldn't believe that I had so badly misread the situation with her.

Eventually I came to a resolution about how I was going to handle it tomorrow, and decided to turn in and try to get some sleep.

However, my guilt and my agitation conspired to keep me up, and I was at this point that I figured out a way to view the contents of those old memory chips. That's the funny thing about problem solving; you never know when inspiration will take hold.

I told the computer to book me in the next available 90-minute slot on the Holodeck


I returned to the (thankfully) empty hangar and retrieved that bag containing the chips, a tricorder, some Latinum cable and some tools. I then went up to deck 15 with my equipment.

At the outer doors, I opened the access panel and connected the tricorder to the relays via the cable. Then I forced some of the cable into the housing of the chip.

When I turned on the tricorder, the chip glowed a pale blue. The contents of the chip appeared on the display screen.

There was a file called BATTLE SIM 1 ALPHA, and another called ENGINE SCHEM. The file that interested me was something called PSYCHOANAL 2 CARTER. I figured this might help me determine who the chips belonged to. It might be prying to look at psycho-analysis profiles, but I figured the subject was long dead, and thereby had no right to privacy.

I told the computer to load that program, and stepped inside the Holodeck when instructed.


I entered a non-description room. It was stark white, and there were no windows. I observed a single chair in the center of the room so I stepped towards it. As I did so, a rough set of hands grabbed me and a male voice barked, "Don't move Annette!"

I was spun around forcefully and found myself staring into the muscular chest of one of the largest men I had ever seen. I looked up at him; he down at me. He had dark penetrating eyes, a beard and shaggy unkempt hair, and his lip was curled into a sneer. He looked fierce and dangerous.

"You have returned Annette," he said contemptuously. "You know the price I must exact from you for entering my domain."

I found my voice and said, "I'm not Annette. Computer, end program!"

"Oh come now Annette, you know that never works. You don't get to leave until I'm satisfied. Now take off your uniform!"

As he loomed over me, I realized for the first time that he was naked. His erect manhood stood out proudly from his body, pulsing and bobbing with his heartbeat.
"Computer, arch!" Nothing happened. "Computer, end program! Now god damn it!" Nothing. The large man grabbed a hold of my uniform and yanked, ripping the sleeve. "Somebody help me!" I tapped my communicator. "Laughlin to..." The large man tore the communicator from my uniform and crushed it with his bare hand! Then he grabbed at the tear in my sleeve with both hands and pulled the upper half of my uniform apart. "Finish striping for me slut, or you'll have to explain another black eye to your superiors!" His fist curled and tightened in a threatening manner.

I yelłed, "Enough of this. Computer, end program and display arch. Override ..." That was all I got out before he punched me in the mouth. I cupped my hands to my mouth and tasted blood. "I told you to strip slut! Looks like I'll have to do this the hard way."

He picked me up and carried me bodily to the chair. I screamed and struggled, but he was relentless. He plopped me down in the chair and bent down in front of me. I aimed a kick at his face but he was too quick. He darted in again and grabbed the bottom half of my uniform and yanked. The uniform came down my legs until it was turned inside out and bunched near my feet.

I tried kicking again, but it was useless with my feet now tangled in the remnants of my uniform. I screamed again for the computer to put an end to this ordeal, but nothing happened. I looked into the face of my tormentor and saw his angry lust and his contempt for me and my wants.

Then he was back on his knees between my legs, grasping my underwear. He essentially snapped the underwear off with one quick motion.

Now I was naked with a fierce, angry, naked man and I was dreading what was coming next.

"I see you came equipped with a cock this time Annette," he said, in reference to my obviously male anatomy. "I love it when you surprise me like this. Now get on your knees and suck me!"

When I didn't move, he punched me in the stomach. "I said on your knees and suck me whore!"

I was doubled over in pain, so he pulled me from the chair. I fell onto the floor and he pounced on me. He wrestled me to my knees, then backed away and stood up. He advanced on me, his hard prick sticking out in front of him, angry and red and leaking precum.

"Open up slut!"

I kept my mouth shut. His leg shot out and gave me a good stiff kick in the ribs. I groaned in pain and my mouth opened, and was suddenly stuffed full of cock. My eyes bulged and I choked, but my tormentor didn't stop. He roughly put his hands on either side of my face and continued to shove it in.

When the invading cock hit the back of my throat, I gagged and struggled to breathe. Once I finally caught my breath, I realized my nose was touching his lower abs. He had his entire cock in my mouth and grunted with pleasure.

Then he slowly began to withdraw it and I got a brainwave. I bit down as hard as I could and once again tasted blood. Instead of the expected wail of agony, I heard him moan in pleasure. "That's it cock whore, use your teeth. You like that big cock don't you. You like being fucked in the mouth you little teasing bitch!"

I was nonplussed. I had to figure out how to breathe around his shaft as he began fucking my face harder. I eventually got my gag reflex under control and began to establish a rhythm with his thrusts. Then a funny thing happened: I realized (with some horror) that my own prick had hardened and my strong erection had emerged from the tangle of my pubic patch. I had gotten a hardon from being forced to suck another man's cock.

On the heels of that revelation came his orgasm. It certainly took me by surprise. Without warning, his body stiffened, his grip on my head tightened and then he was shooting torrents of hot cum into my mouth. I gagged and struggled to breathe as he filled my mouth with his spunk. When he finally finished cumming, he continued to hold my head in a death grip and did not withdraw his massive cock from my mouth. "Swallow my cum bitch, then get me ready for round 2."

When I did nothing, he cuffed me upside the head. Reluctantly, I swallowed his warm load, felt it sliding down my throat. I was surprised that he remained hard, and he began fucking my face again, working his stiff prick in and out.

"Use your tongue to clean me up bitch."

I did as instructed, swirling my tongue around the head and up and down the pulsing shaft. The fact that I was starting to enjoy blowing him was not lost on him or me. He teased me about developing a "boner" as he called it and said he knew I liked it like this.

Without warning he withdrew from my mouth and backed away. He ordered me to remove the rest of my uniform and mount the chair on my knees. When I did nothing, he raised his meaty fist in a warning and promise of what was to come if I didn't comply.

Once again, I was forced to do something I didn't want to do. I bent down and shucked the uniform off of my legs, and then mounted the chair on my knees, facing the back of the chair. The large man approached me and told me to crouch on the chair. I felt him reach underneath me and stroke my most private spot. Then he withdrew his hand.

I heard him spit, then his hand was back down there and he was wetting up my asshole with his spit. When he felt I was ready, he told me to get on my knees and stick my ass up in the air. Part of me wanted to resist and refuse, part of me wanted to get this over with, and another part of me had enjoyed the way it felt when he lubed me up and wanted to feel what it was like to have a cock up my ass.

All my attempts to end this had not worked up to this point. I tried one last command to try to end the simulation, but it was no good. On top of that, I got another blow to the kidneys for my trouble. So I finally submitted and assumed the position. He stepped behind me, and I felt hist left hand on my hip.

Then without ceremony or foreplay, I felt the head of his meat touch my virgin asshole, and then he forced it inside of me.

Oh the pain! I felt like I was being torn open. There was so much pressure as he bore down. I felt his other hand on my hip, gripping me, then suddenly he thrust forward, burying himself deep inside my bowels. He paused for a moment, and I took this opportunity to exhale and scream. As I inhaled, he started to inch his way out, then he slammed it back in again just as deeply. I screamed in pain again and then he started to pick up the pace. He would only pull out about halfway, then shove it back in deeply. In a distracted way, I could tell he had bottomed out inside me because I felt his abs and pubes against my ass on his downstrokes.

Warmth spread over me and soon the pain in my torn opening was replaced by numbness. And then it started to change as the head of his scepter found a spot deep within me that felt good when it was touched. I figured if I was going to get ass fucked, I might as well enjoy it. So I started moving my hips and trying to aim his cock at that area.

He continued to pound my ass relentlessly. I could hear him grunting with his effort. My own cock had become harder that it had ever been and I reached down and began stroking it as he fucked me. It felt amazing now to be so full in such a sensitive area. I could also feel a familiar tingle in my balls that told me my own orgasm was imminent.

On one of his downstrokes, his crown touched that special spot, which sent me over the edge.

"I'm cumming!"

I could feel my sphincter expanding and contracting around his invading cock as my own seed erupted. I think the squeezing sensations he must have been feeling in my ass must have sent him over the edge, because he bottomed out inside me and began filling my cavity with his spunk.

He remained still for a long time. The seat of the chair was covered with my cum. Then, without a word, he pulled his cock out of my sensitive ass. It emerged with an audible **plop**. I felt his cum follow as it began leaking out of my gaping hole.

He finally spoke for the first time since he had ordered me to assume the position. "You got fucked good slut. Your ass felt so tight. Now go back to work and come back to see me tonight when your shift ends."

I looked over my shoulder and was surprised to see the holodeck archway. He was standing beside it, still naked, arms folded across his chest and a satisfied smirk on his handsome face.

My wits started to return. I sensed that he would no longer hurt me. I had so many questions. I thought I would try him first.

I approached him and said, "You keep calling me Annette. Annette who?"

He replied blandly, "I don't know what you mean Annette."

So I persisted. "Do you realize I'm not this Annette person? My name is Tim Laughlin."

"Who else but Annette would enter my realm? You must be her."

OK, now I was getting the idea. Sometimes you cannot argue with a computer program. It was obvious now that this Annette person had programmed this man to behave as he did: pounce on her and force her to perform sex acts and take it up the ass. He could not distinguish between Annette and anyone else.

Shit! It was at this point I realized that my uniform was on the floor beside the chair, completely ruined. Bending over to retrieve it, I realized how sore my asshole was too. Still, I had to get back to my quarters, and I couldn't do that naked. I attempted to dress in it, and was at least pleased that the lower half of my body was covered.

I invented a cover story in case I encountered someone between here and my room. Then I gave the command to end the program, and stepped out of the archway.

To be continued in chapter 2.

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