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Helping A Friend Ch. 01

This is a separate story series about some people I have known all my life, and is not connected to any other stories.

I was sat in my friend's living room one Saturday afternoon, staring into my coffee in total shock and disbelief. I had absolutely no idea what to say, I don't think anything she could have said would have surprised me more. I looked up at her with a shocked look on my face and my jaw just about touching the floor, to see her looking, kind of hopefully, at me.

I had known Casey pretty much my whole life, we had been really good friends in our teens and had even dated for a while but we concluded we were better off as friends. That was a long time ago, we had both moved on and she was married now. We were close and didn't consider each other 'exes', just good friends. There was nothing romantic between us but I did still fantasise about her a lot. I think it was a combination of wanting what I couldn't have (typical) and her 'good girl' persona.

She had always been a bit naive and innocent, and didn't want to have sex until she was married. She was quite inexperienced, I knew she had had a few boyfriends and I suspected a few of them had got their hands in her knickers but I don't think it went much further than that. It was kind of adorable in a way, she never swore and didn't like to use dirty words so she was shy about mentioning sex and she referred to my penis as my 'thing'.

She seemed almost embarrassed for me to see her naked even though she had a killer body. She was tall and slim and didn't have an ounce of fat on her. She had long, dirty blond hair and tiny boobs, and a sweet, innocent face. When we were dating, we were restricted to fingering and hand jobs for a long time. I eventually convinced her to let me go down on her, which she admitted she loved, and she let me do it a few more times. Then, on just one occasion, after a party when we were both pretty drunk, she agreed to blow me. It wasn't really a blowjob, it was a hand job with a bit of licking but she was doing it for me so I appreciated it. She didn't have a problem with cum though and I remembered how we used to lay next to each other and she would wank my cock until my cum splashed all over her naked body.

Anyway, back to today, she had asked me over for coffee while her husband was at work. He was a nice guy but worked ridiculous hours so I hardly ever saw him, although neither did she by all accounts. It wasn't unusual for me to go round for a chat, I knew they were having a few problems because he was never at home and I figured she just wanted to talk, like normal. This time though she started talking about how she was fed up and all the usual stuff and then she just blurted out "I'm going crazy, we haven't been together in two months."

This was new, she had never discussed her sex life with me, even when we were dating she didn't really like to talk about physical stuff out loud. That wasn't even the part that shocked me though, what made my jaw drop was she went on to explain that her sister, Hannah, and Hannah's husband James, belonged to a swingers club and that they had been trying to talk her into going along with them. That alone was enough to make me choke on my coffee, Hannah, the girl I'd known since we were kids, was a swinger! Apparently, Casey had told Hannah that Dom almost never touched her these days and that she was starved of physical contact, and Hannah had suggested she come along to a swingers night to see what it was all about.

I couldn't believe my ears at this point, I sat there dumbfounded, trying to take in what I was being told. She went on to explain that she was considering going along and wanted my help. She quickly realised how that sounded and clarified that she didn't think anything could ever happen between us because we had a history and she didn't want to ruin our friendship. However, the swingers club (for obvious reasons) was couples only and she felt that I would be the best person to escort her. She reassured me that this was just to see what goes on, it's not like she planned on swinging, she just wanted a bit of excitement.

What happened next was a bit of a blur, I went through the rest of the day in a daze until I found myself in a car, accompanying Casey, Hannah, and James on their way to a party. I didn't even remember agreeing to this, I think it was such a shock to the system, I was having trouble processing what was happening. We pulled up at a huge mansion house in the country, not too far from the town where Casey and Hannah lived. It seemed to be a fairly smart affair, Casey was wearing dark trousers that hugged her tiny arse, and a dark blouse. Hannah had a short black dress on showing off her long smooth legs.

When we entered the house, we were greeted by a young woman who excitedly hugged Hannah and James, and then introduced herself as our host, Alison. She was younger than I expected, she looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was average height with a curvy figure and bright blonde hair, and was dressed in an expensive looking dark blue dress. She had a huge smile spread across her face as she told us she had been looking forward to meeting us and that Hannah had 'told her all about us'. I didn't know if I was being introduced as Casey's husband or what, so I just smiled and went along with it.

We got a drink and started to walk around and I estimated there were around thirty or forty people there, just drinking and chatting. It was odd, at that point it could have been any normal party, except for the fact that Casey was anxiously stuck at my side, not really sure what to do. There were plenty of very attractive women and some of the guys seemed cool too so I relaxed a bit and actually started to have a good time.

I had no idea how this whole thing was supposed to work but, as it turned out, there really wasn't any kind of structure to it, later in the evening, people just started getting a bit physical with each other, like teenagers hooking up at a party.

Casey seemed nervous, but excited at the same time, she kept discreetly pointing out people in various states of undress. By this time, Hannah and James had walked off and Casey and I were alone, just walking around. There were a few rooms with closed doors but Hannah had told us that people who chose not to go to a private room were generally happy to be watched. Eventually we came across a few people standing around watching something, and as we found a space in the crowd, we saw what they were looking at. Our host, Alison, was sat on the sofa in the middle of the room with her dress now down around her waist and her pert, round tits sitting proudly on her chest. She was bobbing her head back and forth as her husband stood in front of her, thrusting his cock into her mouth.

"Oh wow!" Casey said in a loud whisper, "she's actually sucking his thing right here in front of everyone." She grabbed my hand as she stood there transfixed, watching Alison slobber on her husband's dick. As she did so, a cute little blonde we had met earlier, Ruth, sat down next to Alison on the sofa as her fiancée Ian stood nearby. As we watched, Alison's husband Clark slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and stepped to his right where Ruth grabbed it and looked up at him as she slid it between her lips. Ian then quickly moved in to replace Clark and Alison smiled up at him and giggled sweetly as she took hold of his cock and shoved it into her mouth.

Casey gasped loudly and squeezed my arm tightly as we watched these two women blowing each other's partners. I decided this was my chance to test where I stood in this situation so I slowly slid my hand down Casey's back and ran it over her tight little arse. She ignored it for a minute until I gave it a squeeze, then she leaned in and gently whispered "what are you doing?"

"What? Oh sorry, I wasn't paying attention" I said, making out like I hadn't done it on purpose.

"Look I really appreciate you coming but I don't want to ruin our friendship" she whispered. "I don't mind you touching me, just as long as we're on the same page."

I can't say I wasn't disappointed but I didn't really have time to react. Our attention was sharply drawn back to the scene in front of us as Ruth let Clark's dick slip from her mouth and stood up. Clark took her seat on the sofa as she stood in front of him and hurriedly unfastened her trousers and pulled them down her legs. She didn't appear to be wearing any underwear; she just stepped out of her trousers, spread her legs wide and sat back down on Clarks lap. He held his cock in position and they both groaned loudly as he thrust it up inside her and wrapped his arms around her body. I moved my hand back down to Casey's arse and squeezed the soft flesh as we watched Alison pull off Ian's cock and give it a tug while she smiled up at him. Without a word, she got up, turned around, and pulled the bottom of her dress up over her waist as she knelt on the sofa with her elbows resting on the back. Ian stepped closer, reached up to grab the waist band of her black panties, and slid them down around her thighs. He then lined his dick up behind her and pushed his hips forward, forcing himself into her pussy.

To my surprise, I felt Casey slide a hand down over the front of my trousers and I jumped as I realised, for the first time, that I was rock hard. She gently traced the outline of the bulge in my trousers as we watched these two couples fucking in front of us. I don't know how long we were watching but eventually, Ruth, who had turned to face Clark, began to ride his cock faster and moan louder. She was naked from the waist down but still had a tight long sleeved top covering her tiny breasts. As she slammed her hips into his, she started almost screaming "come on Clark give it to me, I want to feel you cum inside me, fill me up." With a loud grunt, Clark pulled her body tight to his and thrust his hips upwards as he unloaded his cum into her.

There was a small round of applause from the onlookers and they both stayed where they were to watch until Ian pulled his cock out of Alison's pussy and stood back. She jumped around back onto the sofa and took his cock back into her mouth, sucking noisily. Within seconds, Ian was grunting and holding her head in place as he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed as she continued sucking him until he had finished cumming, and then she licked him clean.

I think Casey and I were both a bit shocked at what we had seen and we drifted away in a bit of a daze. We spent the rest of the evening wandering around watching various people fuck each other and so on. It was like a sensory overload watching so much live action right in front of me. Despite what Casey had said, she continued to let me fondle her bum so I was hopeful that eventually she might warm up to the idea of letting me go a bit further. I couldn't wait to see her sexy naked body again.

Towards the end of the evening, we were upstairs and had gathered with a few people who were watching a hot brunette on her back on a bed, getting fucked by a guy stood between her legs. When I saw the guy pull his cock out and move to the side to be replaced by another guy, I moved closer to get a better view and left Casey a couple of feet behind me. I don't know how long we were stood watching but it was long enough for several guys to have a turn fucking this young woman. None of them came; they were just rotating around taking it in turns to slam their dicks into her as her large breasts wobbled around on her chest.

When I eventually looked back, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Casey had her trousers and her panties pulled down around her thighs and a guy I didn't know was stood next to her with his hand between her legs, thrusting a finger up into her pussy. He was totally naked and Casey was furiously wanking his hard cock up and down as they kissed. I didn't know how to react, she had said that she just wanted to be a spectator here so I wasn't expecting her to do anything, especially not with a stranger. I forgot about the other show and watched, frozen to the spot as they continued to masturbate each other. From what I could see, it looked like Casey still had a nice full bush of dark hair covering her pussy. It wasn't too much but it always used to turn me on how wet it got when I played with her pussy.

As the guy sped up his hand movements, Casey pulled away from him and gasped "ah yes, I'm there, I'm there." Her hips began to spasm slightly and her body shook as she had an intense orgasm. She kissed the guy again and then looked into his eyes as she said "thank you, that was amazing." Then, flashing a glance downward she asked "are you gonna go too?"

With a gentle smile he replied "that's okay, I'm saving it for my wife." With a nod, he gestured towards the bed and I realised that he was the husband of the woman pulling a train on the bed a few feet away from us.

Casey slowed her stroking and gently tugged on his dick for a few more minutes while absently running a finger through the soft hair covering her own wet pussy. When the guy who was currently fucking the woman on the bed pulled out and moved away, she looked over to her husband and gestured to him so he excused himself and walked over to join her. When he reached her, he firmly flipped her over on to her front, with her legs hanging down to the floor and her arse presented to him on the edge of the bed. He plunged his cock into her from behind and began fucking her fiercely. Within about a minute, he pulled his cock out of her and furiously wanked it as it began to erupt a torrent of cum all over her back and her arse. She squealed with delight as he grunted and squeezed out the last of his spunk.

As soon as he had finished, one of the other guys that had been taking turns with this woman moved in to replace him and slipped his cock inside her from behind. He also banged away for a minute before pulling out and shooting a huge load of cum up her back and over her arse. In quick succession, I counted four other guys that had been part of the rotation step up, thrust into her a few times, and then spray their loads all over her. By the time they had finished, her back and arse, all the way down to the tops of her thighs was covered in the sticky white mess. As she moved her head, I could see that some of it had even splashed up into her hair. She was smiling as she got up and rubbed her hands over her arse cheeks, covering them in cum.

Again, a little shocked at such a bizarre new experience, Casey and I drifted off in silence with Casey slowly pulling her panties and trousers back up. We ran into Hannah and James and agreed we were ready to go. They had been in a private room for most of the night and Hannah was looking a bit dishevelled. Her hair was a mess and I could see a few white patches on the front of her dress. She was also a bit unsteady on her feet and I found myself wondering how many guys had been inside her little pussy that night.

In the following days, Casey told me she definitely wanted to go back the next month, and said that she didn't know what had gotten into her. She hadn't planned on letting a stranger finger her, she just got so hot watching everything and it just happened. She reiterated that she just wanted to experience what has going on so she maybe had something to fantasise about at home. She was very enthusiastic about going along again the next month, so I agreed to join her again.

I was much more relaxed this time and probably drank a little bit more than I should as we walked around admiring all the semi naked people. Casey was looking amazing in a black dress that was tight around the torso but a little bit flared around the skirt. She had on skin coloured stockings and tall black boots that made her look elegant, but also sexy as hell.

We had been there a while and were in a small, quiet seating area chatting to a couple called Jo and Walt. Jo was a very sexy young girl with dark hair and pale skin. She was slim, with a tight arse and bigger breasts than I would expect for her frame. I don't know what she was wearing when they arrived but she was now down to just her black bra and matching French knickers, and Walt was in just his boxers, but they were just chatting casually like this was normal. We were getting on well with these two when suddenly, Jo leaned in and planted her lips firmly on mine.

She took me totally by surprise so I just kissed her back as she moved to straddle my hips and sat down on my lap. She continued kissing me for a while and then ran her hand over the growing bulge in my trousers. I responded by grabbing her firm arse and squeezing it, eventually slipping a hand inside her knickers to feel her soft flesh. I don't know how long we were kissing for but she began grinding her hips against me, dry humping me until she broke off the kiss and excitedly moved down my body.

I wasn't expecting this at all but I didn't argue, I just stared into her eyes as she knelt between my legs and started to unbutton my trousers. She pulled them open and quickly fished my cock out of the open fly of my boxers. It was rock hard and she ran her hand up and down the length a couple of times before engulfing it in her mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she took it back out and licked all the way up and down my shaft, occasionally moving to take one of my balls into her mouth. I was in another world, lost in the pleasure of this hotty sucking my dick as I looked around, until I was snapped back to reality when I realised what I was looking at.

Casey had taken her dress off and was left in an orange bra and matching orange panties with her hold up stockings and boots still on. She was knelt between Walt's legs frantically bobbing her mouth up and down on his dick. My own dick jumped in Jo's mouth at the sight of this innocent married woman furiously sucking a stranger's cock into her mouth. I didn't know whether to be shocked or jealous or what, but I sat bolt upright and Jo pulled my prick out of her mouth to see what was going on. She rose up to sit on my lap again as we both watched Walt put a hand on Casey's head and start to control her movements, gently fucking her face.

She looked so sexy but so slutty at the same time, I thought I was going to cum right there without Jo even touching me. I had to take my mind off it so I wrapped an arm around Jo, and stood and turned, dropping her gently down on the sofa. I grabbed the waistband of her knickers and slid them down her legs so she could step out of one side, then I quickly spread her legs and buried my head between them. Her pussy tasted sweet and she was clearly turned, on so I licked all around the lips of her pussy before pushing my tongue up into her. She giggled and squirmed around, pushing her hips against my face. As I continued licking her, she got more and more turned on until she ran a hand through my hair and gripped it tight, pressing my face harder into her pussy. Eventually, she gripped my head between her soft thighs, held me in place and came, releasing a small squirt of pussy juice over my face.

When she finally relaxed her grip and let my head go, I dropped her left thigh to my shoulder and spotted something in my peripheral vision. Glancing to the side, I saw a black boot in the air with a piece of orange cloth hanging from it. As I turned, my breath caught in my throat as I took in the scene before me. Casey was lying back on the sofa with her legs spread wide and held in the air by Walt, who was stood between them, feeding his cock into her pussy. Her face was contorted in a look of pure pleasure as he pushed inside her, and then pulled out a bit to push back in. She still had her bra on as well as her stockings and boots, and her lacy panties were hanging from one leg.
I couldn't believe my eyes; Casey had insisted she wasn't here to have sex with anyone. The scene was so erotic though, it looked as though she was so desperate to get fucked that she didn't even have time to undress properly, she had simply pulled her panties off one leg and let Walt bury himself inside her. I couldn't decide if I was horrified or turned on by what I was seeing but I don't think my dick had ever been so hard. Casey opened her eyes and looked up at me, smiling a cheeky smile as her head jolted at the force of Walt slamming into her. She looked directly into my eyes and moaned "ah, I can't believe he's inside me, it feels so big."

I just sat there, kind of in a state of shock, as I watched Casey get fucked in front of me. She reached a hand out and grasped my hand in hers, squeezing it tightly as her slim sexy body got slammed repeatedly. By now another couple had noticed what was happening and wondered over to watch but, to my surprise, Casey didn't seem phased by this. She just gripped my hand tighter and kept her gaze fixed on me as Walt plunged his cock into her little pussy. As he pounded away, she didn't take her eyes off me and I almost got the impression she wanted me to witness what she was doing.

She looked me dead in the eye as she panted "I feel so naughty, he's really doing it, his thing feels so good in me." It was like she was taunting me, wanting me to see her get fucked by someone else. Walt began to speed up his thrusts and really pound his dick into her, and her moaning got louder. She directed her gaze back at Walt for the first time and asked "does that feel good, am I going to make you finish?"

Walt grunted his reply and Casey looked back at me as she panted "I want to feel it, I want to feel him do it. I think, ugh, I think I'm going to let him finish inside me."

As she said that I felt a bit of pre cum dribble from the tip of my dick, which wasn't even being touched at the time. Jo had moved her legs off me now and we were all just sat back watching with anticipation. With a roar, Walt slammed his dick all the way into Casey and held still, clearly blowing his load inside her. When he had finished, he gently thrust his hips a couple more times before very slowly pulling himself out of her. He dropped her legs down to the floor, still spread apart, and I could see her gorgeous tiny little pussy, now a little red and so sexy. She didn't even close her legs, this shy innocent woman I had known for so many years just lay there, letting everyone look at her used body until she moaned "More, I need more, I want another one."

I was on my feet in a split second. Finally I was going to fuck this sexy girl who had denied me her sweet pussy so many times. This was my chance to get my dick inside her perfect little body and I wasn't going to waste it. I quickly stepped up in front of her with my dick in my hand when, suddenly, she closed her legs and looked up at me. "No" she gasped breathlessly, "not you." She looked past me to the other couple that had been watching the action and I turned to see a man stood, already half naked as his partner slowly stroked his cock. He immediately moved forward as I took a step back, not fully comprehending what was happening.

As he reached Casey, she opened her legs again and he stepped between them with his dick in one hand. Without another word, he pointed it at the entrance to her wet little hole and firmly pushed his hips forward. Casey let out a load sigh as he pushed forward and grunted "fuck you're tight."

"Well you're bigger than my husband" she replied with a cheeky smile.

I just watched on helplessly as this new guy fucked Casey's willing young body just inches away. At one point I noticed that his partner was stood behind me with one hand up under her skirt, frantically fingering herself.

Casey's pussy must have been tight, it was only a few minutes before the guy announced he was ready to cum. "Oh yes" Casey moaned "you can do it inside me too, I want it in me."

He immediately slammed back into her and grasped her hips tightly as he grunted and shot another load of cum into her. He stayed inside her for a minute afterwards, stroking her legs and telling her what an amazing body she had. When he eventually pulled out of her, he thanked her and walked away, hand in hand with his partner, and I turned back to Casey to see a thin trickle of cum ooze out of her pussy. She didn't even attempt to wipe it up, she simply put her other leg back through her panties and pulled them back up into place, covering her sloppy, cum filled hole.

When Walt and Jo had gone to get a drink and we were alone, Casey apologised for getting carried away. She told me she didn't know what came over her, she just couldn't help herself. She said that she had only ever done it with Dom and then when Walt wanted her she just couldn't resist. She also said I was cheeky for trying to do it with her and warned me again that she didn't want things to be awkward between us. After all, there were plenty of other attractive women here.

We went to get a drink and look around a bit more and, to my surprise, Casey didn't even put her dress back on. She just left it on a coat hook and walked around in her underwear.

She looked so gorgeous and a little slutty at the same time, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. That is until we wondered into an open bedroom upstairs and what I saw made my jaw drop. On the large bed on her hands and knees was Hannah, totally naked and moaning loudly as a guy I had met earlier called Mark was stood behind her slamming his dick into her. He was really fucking her hard and fast but she seemed to be enjoying it immensely and was gripping the bed sheets tightly in her hands. On a chair by the wall, a slim redhead I didn't know was riding Hannah's husband James and there were several other people around, some engaging in various activities, some just watching.

After a few minutes of watching Hannah get used by this guy, Casey leaned into me and whispered "I've got an idea, why don't you do it with Hannah, I'm sure she would like that." I didn't really know what to say, I really wanted Casey and was still a bit annoyed at her attitude. I did need some relief though and Hannah had always been almost as pretty as her sister. As I watched this gorgeous young woman getting pounded, I realised it was a great idea, especially if Casey was happy with it. My dick was already rock hard and it twitched again when Casey reached a hand around from behind me and stroked the front of my trousers as she cooed "ooh I think you like that idea."

I now couldn't wait for this guy to finish fucking Hannah so I could see if she would give me a turn, but he seemed to have a lot of staying power. I was stood there for a while watching her get railed when I felt Casey push into my back. She moved her hand from the front of my trousers and rested it on my waist as her head pressed into my back again. I turned to see what was going on and my eyes shot open wide in shock. Clark, the host, was stood behind Casey pushing his cock into her. He had bent her over at the waist slightly, pulled her panties down below her arse and was ramming his cock up into her.

What the fuck was going on? This innocent shy woman, who until tonight had only ever had sex with her husband, was talking another dick inside her. She was facing straight at me while her body was jolted around by the force of Clark thrusting into her, and she looked me in the eyes and panted "Clark wanted to do it with me too, I can't believe all these men want me, he's really big." My head was swimming and I didn't know what to do, I didn't know if I was upset or turned on but I knew I had to get some relief before I exploded.

When I turned back around, Hannah had turned to face the other way and had Mark's prick in her mouth. He stopped trusting and groaned as Hannah began to swallow. I decided to leave Casey to get fucked, and I walked over to the bed just as Mark was leaving. "Hey you" Hannah said looking up at me. I smiled, trying to ignore the weirdness of the situation and the fact that she had just swallowed a load of cum. Her gaze drifted down to the bulge in the front of my trousers and she flashed me a pouty look and said "isn't my sister taking care of you?"

I filled her in briefly on what was going on and she couldn't quite believe it. I watched her face drop as she looked over to see Clark pounding away at Casey's pussy. "Well" she said sitting up on the bed and straddling me. "Let's take care of this quickly and then we can see what's going on with her."

With that, she reached a hand down and pushed it under my belt and into my boxers, gripping my cock. She seemed pleasantly surprised by the size and hardness of it, and began to urgently pull my belt open and yank my trousers off. I didn't want to kill the mood but I had to warn her that I had been on the verge of cumming all night after Casey had denied me, so I wasn't going to last long. She smiled sweetly at me and bent down to pop the head of my cock into her mouth.

Hannah gave a fantastic blowjob and swirled my dick around in her mouth before pushing it as far in as she could take it. In an embarrassingly short time, I announced I was close and she just moaned and kept sucking. I still couldn't quite believe this situation, I had known this little hotty my whole life and it wasn't that long ago I had danced at her wedding. Now here she was, naked, waiting for me to shoot a load of cum into her mouth. I grabbed her head, pushed myself in gently, and threw my head back as my cock exploded a huge load of cum into her. She didn't even flinch, she just swallowed it all down and carried on licking my cock clean.

She lifted her mouth off me and groaned, and by the time I opened my eyes, there was another guy stood behind her, thrusting his prick into her. She smiled up at me and I backed off a little while I watched her getting fucked yet again. I watched for a few more minutes, only distracted slightly by the redhead screaming out as James shot his load inside her. When I finally looked around, I realised Casey was gone so I left Hannah, who was now on her back getting pounded hard, and went to look for her.

I was wondering around for quite some time looking for Casey and when I eventually found her she was in one of the other bedrooms, once again, on her hands and knees on the bed, getting fucked from behind. She was now missing her panties and her bra, and showing off her tiny tits while Walt slowly thrust into her. There were three other guys and Jo, all stood watching her get fucked. She had her face scrunched up and was grunting every time Walt moved his hips but when she opened her eyes, she spotted me and smiled.

As I moved a bit closer to her, she looked up at me, gritting her teeth and grunted "he's doing, ugh ow, he's doing it, ugh, in my bum." What! I was totally shocked. This shy, reserved girl didn't even like to be naked when we were dating, now here she was wondering around naked in front of everyone and getting fucked in the arse by some guy she barely knows. I just stared at her, open mouthed as she grunted and grimaced. I was frozen to the spot until I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to the side to see Jo, now also naked and gently running a hand over her pussy.

"Hey gorgeous, where did you get to?" she asked with a smile. Before I could answer she leaned in and whispered "My hubby can't believe his luck, and I can't believe she's taking it up the arse."

I couldn't fucking believe it either but I just managed to stammer out a meek "no."

Jo then stepped in front of me, facing away from me, and looked back while also reaching behind her to take hold of my cock, which was still hanging out of my boxers. It was only then that I realised I was rock hard again. "Well he's certainly had his fun" she said, "its only fair we have some of our own."

Casey had her face scrunched up again so she wasn't paying attention and I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. Jo cocked one leg to the side slightly and lined my cock up with her wet little cunt, then returned to a standing position in front of me. She felt warm and wet so I grabbed hold of her hips and thrust myself inside her. She was quite tight and her loud groan prompted Casey to open her eyes and smile up at me. We all watched each other as we banged away and I reached around to grasp Jo's boobs as they bobbed around. Now that I had cum, I had a bit more staying power so I gave Jo a good pounding as she squealed and moaned.

After a while, Casey started to grunt louder as Walt thrust harder, and we realised he was nearing his orgasm. Casey tried to look back at him over her shoulder and grunted "are you close? Ugh, I want you to, ah ow, to finish, ah, in, in my bum." I was so turned on by her slutty behaviour that I buried my cock hard, all the way inside Jo as she rubbed her clit. Walt roared loudly and Casey screamed as he buried himself in her arse and shot another load inside her. When Walt eventually pulled out, Casey collapsed on the bed, exhausted. It was only when she rolled over onto her back that I realised her stomach and pussy were covered in white patches of partially dried cum. Evidently, Walt wasn't the only guy she had fucked since I last saw her.

I still didn't know whether I was upset or just turned on, but I took my frustration out on Jo's tight young pussy as she rubbed her clit and she began to shake with a powerful orgasm. "Where do you want it?" I grunted right into her ear. "Do you want my cum all over your sexy body too?"

As she came down from her orgasm she moaned "oh yes baby, all over me, spray it wherever you want." I pulled my dick out and stood behind Jo, furiously wanking it until the first jet shot out and landed half way up her sexy back. It was followed by several more shots that covered her lower back and her arse cheeks in my sticky mess.

She turned, gave me a peck on the lips and told me that felt great. Then she left, leaving Casey and I alone in the room. She tried to stand but was a bit unstable on her feet and looked a complete mess. She had nothing on aside from hold up stockings and boots, and her lower abdomen and her curly pubic hair was covered in sticky semen. She found her underwear but didn't bother putting it on, we just stumbled off to retrieve her dress. We met up with Hannah and James and drove home in silence, contemplating what had happened that night.

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