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Harriet's Liberty Ch. 05

Harriet's satisfaction peaked as she befriended 'Curious Mandy' via e-mail; she learned that like so many housewives she had inhibited a strong sexual desire to dominate, particularly as she suspected her chauvinistic husband was having affairs with younger women, while she was trapped in a dour and lifeless marriage. She edged toward separation, and Harriet was determined she'd help her go through with this and secure her freedom, Bryant would make the perfect foil in showing her just how things should be for an independent woman, and she could vent her ire upon him for daring to suggest he would dominate her; the sexual satisfaction she'd enjoy in her triumph over him would be immense, and Harriet's pleasure at seeing Bryant reduced further and so deservedly, had her cunt wet with excitement.

Amanda Horton showed no inhibition of her desires on receiving that initial mail with the picture of the male who had boasted his dominance, only to be shown leashed and conquered by a younger woman; she described to Harriet how she had masturbated many times over the sweet reality of the true position he held, and how she was lifted by the truth. She was more than eager to hold that leash, and have Bryant know the prim and exacting justice of the cane as he paid for the chauvinism he'd dared to suggest.

Harriet told Amanda of her pleasing progress, and agreed to meet her for the first time at the library, so that any slight thought that the mails and picture were contrived would be dispelled on meeting in so public a place; Harriet gaining an extra thrill at having a woman she'd never met witness the triumph of her vengeance on those who had showered scorn upon her. The submissive male who had been promised the task of carrying her things home for her at the end of the day, would now earn an unforseen treat beyond simply being seen to be under her control by the members of staff; he would warm Amanda's dominance in preparation for Bryant being presented to her, ensuring her ego was fully inflated and her arousal at a peak, in preparation for justice to be served so fittingly.

Bryant had spent the night sleeping on a futon at the foot of Harriet's bed, his slumber fitful as he toyed with the cruel cage she'd imprisoned his genitalia with. He knelt on the futon and looked up at her glorious naked figure with pleading eyes, when she had showered and stood gently fluffing her hair with a soft towel. She grinned as she bent and unbuckled his gag, at least allowing his mouth freedom. His cock pulsed hard in the tight chrome grid, the eye of his bell-end glistening with pre-cum as it poked through the slot of the shiny dome which allowed him to piss but nothing else, as she picked the tiny key on its small chain from her bedside cabinet. Her grin broadened on savouring the disappointment in his eyes as she threaded the small chain through a gold chain and fastened it with her delicately manicured fingers about her neck, the key dropping into the warm haven of the cleavage between her full breasts.

'You'll not be given the chance to disobey me and masturbate while I'm away, I know you won't be able to resist the temptation, so I'll ensure you don't.' His mouth opened to gesture a plea, but he was silenced as Harriet placed her upright index finger against her lips; the silent command preventing his words.

'I have a list of household duties that you'll perform today... Now, you'll help me dress for my last day at work.' Bryant was yearning to wank hard by the time he zipped her into the tight waisted black leather skirt, the split at the rear giving him a teasing view of her black seamed stockings, her full round arse tight in the leather above above it, the reflected light shining from the skirt to emphasise her delicious curves as she stood in regal dominance while he attended her. With her hair up in a bun, her tight white blouse over a bra which raised her breasts to show their full glory, she looked every inch the strict schoolmistress of many a submissive male's fantasies. She further imposed her authority, pointing to a list on the table she'd compiled with an air of nonchalant confidence.

'You'll see these tasks are all completed, then you'll shower and await my return on your knees at the foot of my bed at five o'clock. Be sure to be there in good time, I may return earlier, and if you're not there...' With her bedroom facing the rear of the house, Harriet was quietly confident that Bryant would not be tempted to chance waiting at a window to the front of the house to view her return; she'd have company she didn't want him to see until she was ready.

Harriet astounded herself with her own confidence as she strutted to the door of the dour grey library building at five minutes after nine, deliberately late to ensure she received maximum focus from a full compliment of staff. She had thought she might have a little twinge of nerves on her approach, but the only twinge she felt was the pleasing tingle of her cunt as it moved in the black satin panties below the tight leather skirt, today she would wreak just revenge upon those so deserving of it.

Inside, Albert Gifford, the beer-bellied and balding Head Librarian had been tutting and eyeing his watch before returning to his office, commenting on how the Harper girl had had more than enough time with her complimentary days off for the funeral to get over the loss of her mother; the female members making up the other staff, nodding nonchalantly in agreement with him, as he asked that she be sent into him when she arrived, to be rebuked regarding her time-keeping. The officious middle-aged women raised their noses at each other, she'd better turn up, somebody had to pick up the returned books and shelve them after all.

The door opened and Harriet strode in, a wicked smile on her face as the stunned women took in the metamorphosis that had taken place, Ella Brown, a church going busy body in the local community with mouth agape as the once demure and servile girl breezed up to the coat hook and calmly hung her smart jacket where once the girlish grey woolen coat had hung. Fay Wright, the wife of a local and henpecked police officer, looked on with immediate jealousy at the tight leather skirt and seams that she aspired to but would never dare wear, and Sybil Clark, the Deputy Head Librarian, herself a closet dominatrix who had her businessman husband behave as she believed all men should, was the first to find the courage to speak.

'We know you've been through an emotional period Miss Harper, but do you think your mode of dress is appropriate for the library?' Harriet grinned and strutted over to her on her tool heels, her new confidence oh so evident.

'I think it perfectly appropriate for what may be my last day here Sybil... and as for that 'emotional period', I'm not just rid of my overbearing mother, I'm rid of the life that went with it too.' She smiled curtly as the other women hid their smiles behind their hands as the bold woman that Harriet had become had the temerity to address the matriarchal woman as 'Sybil' rather than the expected 'Ms Clark', the woman stuck for words externally, but inwardly admiring her spirit.

'Well... I think you'd best see what Mr Gifford has to say, he errr... demands to see you regarding your timekeeping... you intend leaving us?' Harriet smiled knowingly as she felt the unconscious respect that the stern woman now showed her.

'Yes, I have many things to do with my life beyond this library now, and I'll see if I can make other changes too... Sybil.' The older woman's eyes pricked up; everyone was aware of the officious woman's aspirations to be Head Librarian, thwarted only by the stubborn resilience of the male who frequented the office with his name on the door. Harriet brushed past her, leaving a waft of heady and sexually potent, and expensive perfume as she made for that door with supreme confidence.

Albert Gifford had placed the small chair in which the demure gir would sit, a yard or so from his desk; it always gave him a keen erection to chide his female subjects this way, sat exposed while he brandished his pompous authority regarding shortcomings he found with them. His jaw dropped as the door swung open without the courtesy of a knock, and the erection he anticipated started early as the vision that had once been the meek Harriet Harper strutted in. She smiled casually at the small chair, for once glad to see it as her tight leather skirt creaked exquisitely on descending to it; slowly crossing her legs, she gave the startled male a generous view of her legs clad in black nylon, her broad arse and tight waist enveloping the chair as she waved a spiked stiletto playfully. The Head Librarian swallowed hard as he took in the full breasts which pointed nipples at him through the intimidating bra and thin blouse, lost for words. Harriet's cunt swelled as she savoured his being struck dumb with bewilderment.

'You wanted to see me... Gifford? Well here I am, I don't have all day.' Outside, the three women flocked to the door, vainly straining their ears to hear what was being said, though murmurs were the only audible noise, much to their disappointment. The pompous male reddened at being addressed by his surname, though it tweaked at his budding erection as much as her appearance. He blurted a response.

'Your... your timekeeping is... is not acceptable, I expect my staff to be be here on time... regardless of circumstances.' Harriet smiled casually and astounded Gifford by taking a cigarette from her bag and calmly igniting it, blowing a waft of smoke through his non-smoking office.

'Then you won't have to worry about that too much after today; I'm giving you short notice, today is my last day working here, though I may venture back on occasion.' Gifford stood, partly outraged, partly in awe, as she held the cigarette at arms length and flicked the ash on his polished floor.

'You can't just leave like that... it's impossible! I'll need a month's notice... those are the regulations.' Harriet simply lifted her chin and smiled softly at his guarded tantrum.

'And what do the regulations say about those books you obtained by special order?' She leaned forward and grinned cruelly as she watched him swallow harder than ever.

' know, the ones you received without the titles being listed, the ones which aren't displayed in the library... the ones you've kept as your own private collection at the expense of the local authority?' Gifford's face blushed with acute embarrassment at being caught, his anus clenching hard and his cock showing its defiance at his shame by hardening. Harriet drew on the cigarette in triumphal contentment, her red lips screwing on the but and leaving their mark as she smiled on inhaling.

'You were very foolish in allowing me the keys; I was just a servile innocent girl who'd never dare to pry after all. Well, you were wrong. I've been on to your scam for some time, and your choice of titles through that discrete wholesaler were of great interest to me; it didn't take long to decipher how you'd covered the accounting for them on the computer, you've been a very naughty man.' Gifford's terror increased as he visioned his life dissolving before him, newspaper reports, pilloried publicly in court; she had seemed such a homely girl whom he'd never dreamed was clever enough... He went white and stared at her with pleading eyes.

'OK... You can go whenever you want... please... please don't... ' Harriet laughed, her cunt now wet as he squirmed for her pleasure.

'Venus in Furs', Stanton's various pictorials, and so many lesser known but equally sordid sexual novels, many there in that cabinet behind you - the lock so easily picked, you ARE careless - and so many more which have disappeared home with you. I was so disappointed to reach the near end of a tale regarding a dominated male, only to find that you'd secreted it home earlier that day. You'll have to let me complete my reading some day, perhaps you'll read it to me.' Gifford now sensed that some form of blackmail would be her intention, the strange relief it offered made him discard any element of self esteem.

'Please... I'll do anything... anything.' Harriet looked at him sternly and pointed down to the floor where she sat.

'You'll start by kissing my feet. Now!' Harriet placed both stilettos to the floor as Gifford fumbled from behind the grandiose desk which he had sat so pompously behind on so many prior occasions, and belittled himself at her feet. She stroked his balding pate as he humbled himself at her shining black shoes, his lips leaving wet ovals on the patent leather.

'There, I know how you've loved to do that for a woman, and this is just the start.' Gifford's feeble heart pumped as the mixture of fear and strange carnal pleasure raced through his mind at what she had in hers. He looked up at her with eyes stunned at his predicament, his cock now harder than it had been in years as hers betrayed the sheer pleasure at his torment. She grinned smugly and pointed to the ash she'd dropped.

'Lick that up immediately!.. we can't have Ms Sybil Clark's office in a mess.' Gifford gasped at her words as she laughed while his tongue lapped at the ash; he not sure as to whether the acrid taste or her words were the worse. He spluttered as he consumed the burnt offering and stared at her in disbelief from his knees, the bulge in his grey suit trousers betraying his true thoughts at being put firmly in his place, her confident smile ensuring the bulge pulsed readily.

'Oh yes, there'll be changes round here. I know you've probably masturbated over her; we both know the sort of strong woman she hides behind her prim and proper outer shell, it's oh so obvious. You've been finding your position a bit of a strain, and you've decided to turn your role over to her, taking on her role as her underling; that's what your official report to the authority will be.' She lifted her stiletto to his lips and nodded her head, Gifford needing no further prompting in complying and kissing the toe obediently.

'The truth is, we're going to have her in here, and you're going to beg that you reverse roles with her. I'll see that she allows you to share this office; she'll have extra curricular duties for you that will require your close proximity no doubt. I'm sure the benefit of achieving the position of Head Librarian will be enough to appease her when you confess the secret that has brought about your sad demise.' Gifford panted as he took in the dramatic change imposed on him, he could do nothing to change it, and had indeed fantasised about the stern woman. He would shortly have the opportunity to spend his seed over the reality of her guarded sexual dominance, which would be released by her in the euphoria of her new role.

Gifford quivered in shame and a subliminally deep ecstasy at the surreal situation as he knelt on the floor, watching the supreme Harriet stand and her now delicious arse making the leather skirt squeak as the globes of flesh jostled within it on her strutting to the door. She grinned as she felt and heard the dispersal of bodies behind it on pulling it slightly open. She adjusted her posture to appear as nonchalant as possible on popping her head round the door, seeing Ella and Fay scurrying toward the shelves with the books that had awaited her re-shelving, and Sybil hastily tapping the computer keyboard in an attempt to appear occupied.

'Mr Gifford requires your attendance Ms Clark.' The matriarchal woman deftly adjusted her hair and made her approach in typical haughty fashion, eyes half-closed in studied importance at the inconvenience at being called from her work. Subconsciously, she was pleased at the opportunity to have the undeserving male know her natural authority within whatever discourse took place; she had indulged in many a fantasy about him too, while being pleasured by her feeble husband. Her cunt fluttered immediately on being shown into the room by the curtly smiling Harriet, seeing Gifford kneeling on the floor, his hands trying to hide the shame on his face. Harriet flicked the latch on the door, locking it.

'You're probably wondering why the click of that latch is heard so often Sybil; well, Gifford here has been a very naughty man indeed, and he's decided to confess all to you, and beg your silence over a certain matter by means of making you a very pleasing offer.' Harriet was pleased to see that Sybil's initially shocked expression was now cut by a guarded half sneer, more than delighted already by what she saw. Harriet strutted over to the kneeling male, and stood in a dominant pose over him as he cowered in the combined dilemma of shame and the cutting internal excitement at having his submissive tendencies exposed before a woman whom he knew would relish controlling him.

'There's no escaping it, and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy your humiliation; it's been long overdue and so deserved. Tell Ms Clark about the books... Now.' Gifford panted and looked up at the stern Sybil, her arms crossed and her sneer growing all the time; she looked particularly attractive now, and he knew she'd dominate him mercilessly now that the false and pretentious veil of formality would be removed forever, she in turn looked upon the kneeling male with wholesome anticipation, her cunt oozing nicely on inspecting the bulge in his trousers which heralded the mutual pleasure she guessed was coming.

'I... I purchased books... with money from the authority... books that were not for display, books I kept for myself.' Harriet was joined by Sybil as she stepped over to stand proudly above the penitent male, savouring his humiliation.

'Tell her what the books were about; they pleased me, and I'm more than sure that Ms Clark will find them most appealing too.' Sybil put a finger under his chin and lifted his head.

'Yes Gifford, you'll tell me everything... I'll know if you're hiding anything, and you know you won't be able to hide behind your authority anymore, it looks like you're just where we both secretly wanted you to be.' Gifford's cock boned with a curious pleasure as he felt her control sweeping his former positional defence away, and this before she knew what else was to come.

'The books.. the books are all... all BDSM, with the accent on... on female domination.' He gasped with a strange relief as he let it out, and sniffed pitifully at Sybil's scent, now yearning to be totally humiliated by her. Harriet smiled as she saw the pleasured look on Sybil's face; she now held him completely under her control and would toy with him incessantly. Harriet elaborated as he bowed before Sybil, in shame and carnal lust.

'Some of the books were historical classics, but still not acceptable for this staid library and it's patrons, others... well Gifford, you certainly kept me entertained - others were very risque novels, graphic and extreme; I particularly enjoyed the snuff tales. The court would have a field day if ever it came to light.' Sybil let out a gentle but cynical laugh as he cowered at her feet in humiliation.

'I knew it. I felt your eyes on me on so many occasions, now why would anyone be attracted to an older authoritative woman like me? You've confirmed what I'd thought for a long time; it seems my miserably pathetic husband is going to get some relief from my domineering ways, he now has some unforseen competition.' Harriet strutted to the cabinet where the current crop of books were stashed and with the aid of a paper knife from his desk, opened the lock with consummate ease.

'Now you'll tell Ms Clark what you've been told to say in order that she might consider not turning you over to the authorities; you'll be at her mercy, whatever she decides. Then we'll both give you something you've deserved in a long time.' She smiled as she opened the cabinet doors, displaying the hoard of lurid books, and her fingers pulled a cane from it which she'd taped unseen in the corner behind the doors. Sybil's smile was one of supreme triumph as she watched Gifford's face drop in acceptance of what was to come; his humiliation would be capped most fittingly with a caning that he'd earned for his previous pomposity. His balls tingled as Harriet flexed the cane and he looked up to the stern woman who would now be put in a position to dominate him in work and play, his voice breaking as he thought of the strokes to come.
'I beg you... BEG you Ms Clark... to take my position as... as Head Librarian...' Sybil gasped and laughed clasping her hands at the master stroke, her breasts heaving with contentment, before sneering down at the once officious and pompous male who now grovelled at her feet. Harriet prompted more words from him with a prod of the cane to his arse.

'You'll beg Ms Clark to be stationed in HER office, as HER underling too; she'll need to have you on hand... for various 'duties', and of course, the authority will know officially of your new owner's promotion.' Gifford's cock pulsed hard as he was brought down by the crushing humiliation which was also so perversely pleasing.

'I beg to be allowed... allowed to share... your office, as your underling Ms Clark.' Sybil's mature cunt was wet with arousal now; she would have him where she wanted him, permanently and officially, and how she'd make him pay for his prior indiscretions.

'Well, that sounds like a very reasonable offer. Now you'll kiss my feet and beg for the cane you so thoroughly deserve.' Harriet smiled smugly as she witnessed Sybil now openly confirm what she'd suspected, Madam Sybil Clark was sexually dominant and would now thoroughly enjoy her work without inhibition within what was now her office; Gifford was crushed by the feminine superiority he had secretly desired, and would pay dearly for his weakness, but he would know his own perverse pleasure in his downfall. His cock close to spurting as he humbled himself at the feet of a woman he had fantasised over.

'I beg you Ms Clark... I beg you.. Beg you to cane me.' Sybil closed her eyes and grinned with content as she savoured his words, then pointed to the desk.

'Clothes off, and over that desk which is now mine. You'll face the books which have brought you down while you're thrashed, you'll read them to me later.' Harriet and Sybil increased his humiliation by laughing at his portly body as he undressed, his cock poking rudely erect from below his belly. He felt totally defeated as his flesh stuck to the shiny flat surface of the desk, his cock throbbing as it slipped tantalisingly on the polished wood, his eyes flicking from the books which had incriminated him, to the younger woman he had treated with such contempt who now had him under her complete control.

Harriet's cunt tingled hot with arousal as she began to indulge her vengeful spite with the cane, Sybil nodding with a trite smile as she acknowledged the younger woman's right to serve the pompous male with his first taste of the cane. Her leather skirt creaked deliciously as she posed before his naked flesh in a display of regal dominance.

'It's been such a pleasure breaking you officially, now you'll feel my own personal pleasure before I see you caned by the woman who now owns you.' She licked her lips and sighed as she lifted the cane, her sexual pleasure at dominating a male so thoroughly deserving of it was overwhelming. Down came the cane, its delightfully judicious sound heralding the pleasing crack of rattan against soft flesh, Sybil now rubbing her cunt as Gifford's body tensed, the out of condition contours of his unfit body wobbling independently as he let out a restrained whimper while the first red stripe blossomed across his cheeks. Harriet held the cane high, savouring every moment of his pain as the sting warped through his body, making him buck at the desk and allowing him to savour it in full before the next. Down it came again, hard and true against his flesh, embedding itself in the soft cheeks with a resounding crack before leaving the flesh to recoil to the sound of Gifford's quailing cry.

He was now ready to believe that all women were truly superior as the once meek young woman he'd belittled so often, thrashed him like a an insignificant schoolboy caught misbehaving in class, the pleasure she showed in punishing his flesh increasing the lush humiliation he felt; his eyes watering tears and his cock boning as it slipped against the desk in the pre-cum that each painful stroke brought from it. Sybil watched eagerly as Harriet awarded him twelve cuts of the cane, leaving him writhing and humping at the desk as his pain and humiliation edged toward a submissive pleasure he'd certainly not foreseen on arriving for duty that morning. Sybil sneered at Gifford on the cane being passed to her, and took a deep breath as she too was immersed in the satisfying situation of openly expressing her power over this pompous male, one whom she had fantasised over dominating as she peaked in orgasm when pleasured by her husband. Now the dominatrix was well and truly released from the closet, and she would indulge the pleasure of her feminine authority to utter satisfaction.

Harriet moved the chair into the full view of Gifford, sitting and crossing her legs so that he could not escape the satisfied smile of a woman who had just caned him, and allowing him a good view of her legs to further tease his senses.

'I am so going to enjoy this, it's been a long time coming, but I've a feeling it'll have been worth the wait.' She watched as Sybil stood haughty and proud with the cane, her previously mundane life enhanced considerably within a few minutes, thrilled and full of sexual exhilaration.

'Oh yes Gifford, we'll not disappoint young Ms Harper after all the trouble you've put her to. I'm going to give you a sound thrashing, and we both know how you'll show your appreciation of it. I shan't stop till you've confirmed your pleasure at taking the new position under me - however long it takes.' Her smile was radiant as she placed one hand on hip in matriarchal fashion, and whipped the cane down, Gifford's cock pulsing rock hard below his belly, as the impact and unforgiving sting had him thrust his portly body forward. He knew exactly what was required of him, and Harriet's cruel smile as she enjoyed his pain would bring on his humiliating surrender so much quicker.

Sybil's delivery of the cane was applied with the earnest spite that its recipient had so richly deserved, and Gifford was quickly reduced to tears as the welts rose and glowed red across the tortured flesh of his cheeks. He could not escape the cane, nor the delight that Harriet showed in her cruel smile as he was humiliatingly broken, due to the hold that the women had over him in respect of the books now displayed to taunt him. As Sybil's arm rose and fell relentlessly, he focused through bleary eyes on those books as the stinging cane had him lapse into a lush submission with the thought of being owned so completely by the woman caning him. Sybil watched him buck at the desk as his balls tingled with masochistic defeat, her cunt buzzing with sadistic pleasure, increasing the strokes. Harriet clapped her hands with joy as she watched the grimace on the balding male's face change to a look of bewildered pleasure.

'You have him Sybil! He's totally defeated, worthless, and ready to kiss your feet again in utter obedience!' Her words took him over the edge, and he turned his head to see the woman who had triumphed over him, Sybil's eyes meeting his as she thrashed the seed from him.

'Yes!! you'll confirm your life of service to me now!' Her elation peaked as the stroke of the cane saw him tense and grown, jerking in pure ecstasy as his cock pulsed wads of hot semen to the polished surface of the desk which he'd been so pompous behind. His jets continued with a dark yet fulfilling pleasure as Harriet laughed and applauded his defeat. Sybil rested the cane on his tortured flesh as he panted and squirmed in his own mess, humiliated but reborn to a life he had fantasised about, and now thrust on him whether he liked it or not.

Harriet stood and smiled at Sybil as she sneered down at her prize with contentment.

'You are most welcome to bring him to my house if you wish to spend some time training him, I've a lot of 'facilities' that you'll find most useful. I must go and see to our customers on this last day here, there's some I'm particularly interested in seeing before I go. Don't forget to lock the office door after I go, I'm sure he might need some gentle encouragement with sending his official mail about the change.' Gifford knew he had no option, and as he slipped from the desk to kiss Sybil's feet in thanks without prompting, it was obvious he would not have it any other way.

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