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Grace Entertains Friends

As I discussed in a previous letter, I had accepted the role of being the door prize at the swinger parties held by my step-son John and his wife Christine. I would arrive before the guests did so, and cover myself in whatever little costume they had prepared for me. I was a kitten, a bunny and a puppy on various occasions. And of course was required to wear the uniforms of a French Maid, a school girl, a nurse and, my favorite, a nun. As the guests arrived I would see to their drinks and satisfying their needs. The various couples would have me dance and strip before them. Wives would feed their husband's cocks into my mouth, and have me eat their horny little snatches as their husbands fucked me from behind. Men would take turns having anal sex with me as their friends watched, or had me suck their cocks. I enjoyed these parties immensely, but I noticed that Christine seemed to have largely lost interest in them. Yes, she would let the men their fuck her. Yes she stroked and sucked their cocks. But her expression was bored, and her gaze was distant.

When I asked her after one party if she was no longer interested in the swinger lifestyle, she replied in an accusational tone that of course she was bored with it, as I had introduced her to fucking a big cock by tricking her into letting my lover Tom fuck her. This encounter is also described in a previous letter I have written. Tom, myself and Christine do get together rather regularly for a threesome. And it is amazing to see how she attacks his big cock with the eagerness of a hungry slutty school girl. When we are together, I barely get to enjoy Tom's cock at all, as Christine is immediately upon it with her lips, eagerly gulping his length into her throat. Soon she is on her back begging him to fuck her soaked cunt with his 10 inch prick. I kneel alongside Tom and holding his dick guide my lover's big cock into her slutty snatch. She moans like a $10 whore as his full length penetrates her, and he loves to grope at her bouncing firm tits and squeeze my heavy breasts while he rams himself in and out of her. He had to force fuck her a few times in the ass to make her the obedient slut that she has become. But now she accepts his massive dick in her butt without complaint. Tom enjoys having us perform 69 in each other before him, and then to alternate fucking my ass and Christine's ass. I will tell you this. It takes much practise and patients to be able to take a thick 10 inch cock into your ass. Christine is learning, while I of course am well trained and my ass accepts Tom's cock now as freely as does my cunt.

But back to my story, Christine's indifference did not seem to be explained away by these fucking sessions of ours and I suspected that there was more to this story than she was willing to disclose. So when alone with John I asked how their love life was outside of their occasional swinger parties. He explained that Christine had all but lost interest in sex. He said that she would only let him fuck her infrequently, and even then seemed distracted and distant. He said that she often stayed late at her law office and wondered if she had found another lover. I had come to grow very fond of John, he was a fine man with a great heart. I felt bad, knowing that I had tempted his wife to fuck outside their marriage and their agreed upon swinger group. And so I offered to spy on her if he liked and he accepted my offer.

Visiting Christine's law firm the next day under the pretense of going out for lunch, I was able to see the office in which she worked. Introducing myself as her step mother, the secretary showed me to her office. This gave me an opportunity to see the people who worked there. Many of her co-workers were old men and women, but some few were young and good looking. In particular I noted two tall very handsome young black men who were clearly twins. They eyed my bosom and I noticed them glancing at my ass after I walked past. The secretary explained that they were the Kingston twins, young interns who she claimed with a smile were the life of every company party. Christine's office was large and plush, with a large desk and soft chairs and sofa. It was on the ground floor of the building and had a large window at the back with heavy closed curtains.

Before she arrived I decided to adjust the curtains, carefully, at the edge, leaving an opening through which an observer outside the building could discretely peer in and see most of the room. I also slightly opened one window, admitting an outside viewer to overhear conversations within. When she arrived she said "What the fuck are you doing here you stupid whore?" Always a joy to meet. I explained that I had come over thinking she might like to go out for lunch. "Listen you idiot fuck tramp," she explained "You are a fuck toy for my husband and our friends and never ever anything more, a simple slut. Not get the fuck out of my office and never let me see you outside of our arranged meetings again!" Well, I guess I was told. I went and sat in my car and waited. I watched as everyone left the building. But everyone did not leave. I specifically noted that Christine had not left. Nor the Kingston boys. Exiting my car, I quietly went around back and took a look into her office through the opening I had left.

From my viewing position, I could see just the edge of Christine seated at her desk. She was typing away at her computer. The door to her office was shut. I waited for some time thinking nothing was suspicious. But then a knock came at the door. I was able to hear her say "Come in." quite clearly.

Then I watched as the two tall well build black twins entered her office. "The office is all ours again Christine, everyone else has gone home." One said.

Finishing her typing without responding, Christine then stood, straightened her professional but body hugging dress down over her curvaceous body, and strode over to the men. Her blonde hair flowed behind her as she walked, and her calves tightened from her high heels. Standing before the men she announced "Well then gentlemen, let us begin, shall we."

With this one of the men seized her by the arm and twisting it behind her back placed both hands together and pinned them. The other man called her a slut and slapped her across the face. Sliding his hands down her body, over her breasts and proceeding down to her thighs, he grabbed the material of her skin tight dress and pulled in up over her hips. She had no panties on and her bare ass and shaven pussy were revealed to their view. Placing his hand over her cunt and appearing to finger her, the man in front uttered "Is the white slave's cunt and ass needing of a good hard fucking today?"

Gasping heavily Christine responded "The slave girl needs her black master's to use her as the slut she is. Please boys, fuck all my holes, fuck your white slut slave!"

Well, this was a little bit of surprise to hear I thought to myself. Obviously she had come to accept and even crave the submissive role Tom demanded of her. But I was yet to understand why she craved the cocks of these young men when she seemed so bored with her husband and his friend's cocks. Then I understood! Releasing her arms the men forced to her knees. Without a word she unbuckled each man's pants and lowering them and pulled out their cocks. And beautiful fine cocks that they were! These magnificent black Titan's certainly lived up to the reputation of black men! Extraordinary specimens they were, thick and long, each boy more well-endowed even than Tom. Big gorgeous black cocks that I would have gladly paid money to be fucked by!

Seizing her by her hair, the boys took turns thrusting their cocks into her gaping mouth. She appeared to eagerly engulf each cock into her drooling lips. As her face was repeatedly fucked by a pair of what must have been 12 inch cocks her eyes continually stared up at her dark lovers with an expression of complete submission and lust. I watching transfixed and rubbed my moistening pussy through my panties as she licked and sucked on each big dick presented before her, and as she tugged playfully on each pair of oversize hanging balls with her fingers and lips. As she sucked their meat they referred to her repeatedly as slut, slave and whore, which seemed to only make her suck more desperately on their balls and dicks.

Pulling her to her feet, each of the towering men slapped her across the face again and then wrenched the dress from her body, leaving her standing naked between them. They then spanked away at her perky 36C tits and perfect heart shaped ass with their open palms as she moaned in pain and pleasure. Ordering her to assume the position of a slave girl about to take two cocks she leaned over a chair, offering her plump willing lips on one end, with her willing red ass thrust out at the other. Looking over at them she pleaded "Please Master's, please, fuck me, fuck your slave girl with those cocks that I worhsip. I am so tired of my husband's small white pecker, I need real men to fuck me, with real men's cocks. Please. Please fuck your slut slave girl. Please."

With this each man assumed a position on either end of Christine. She squealed long and loud like a little pig as a big long black dick forced its way into her hungry cunt. Before she could cry out, the other long dick went deep into her throat. The young men pounded Christine like the whore she had become, taking turns fucking her eager mouth and cunt. As each cock was withdrawn to exchange positions, I could see drool pouring from her mouth as pussy juices flowed from her cunt. Her body would shake and quiver until each cock was settled back into her willing holes. Her ass pumped back and forth forcefully as she tried to drive as much of the length of each cock into her twat. As she sucked each big dick her hands clasped around the shaft with all the vigor of someone holding onto a rope for dear life. She would hold each cock before her eyes and gaze with intense admiration at the prize she had found, as if they were the only true love that she had ever known. It was clear that she truly did worship these big dicks. She was not a slave to these men, but in a real sense her body was a slave to their giant cocks.

Having fucked her mouth and cunt to their contentment, the boys propped Christine's ass over her desk and commenced taking turns ramming their cocks into her ass. The first had to take his time to enter her, and no surprise, for they were each as wide as my forearm. She screamed intensely, and I could see her face cringing in pain. I thought for a moment she looked like she might pass out. But her body clearly loved the abuse and she began to moan with pleasure as his cock entered her and began to slide back in and out. "You like my brother's cock up your asshole don't you, you fucking slut white tramp? Beg for it slave, beg like the whore you are!" The one said to her as the other pumped away on her butt hole.

"Fuck my ass Master, fuck your slaves ass hard, I want both of you, over and over. Use me, fuck me, I'm your white trailer trash whore!" She screamed aloud. The men took their turns repeatedly drilling a foot of cock into her ass and calling her white trash, both eventually cumming in her hole. After each blew his load into her, they put back on their clothes and without a further word turned and left the room, leaving her naked and bent over the desk with semen leaking from her butt. From the expression on her face I could tell that she had become their willing slut, that she loved their domination over her, and that she lived for the humiliation of having her married holes punished by the huge black cocks of these uncaring men. I knew also that she now cared for her husband as little as I cared for mine.

Feeling bad for John, I visited him at the hospital where he worked as a surgeon the next day. I told him that I had seen nothing, and that maybe she was just working too hard these days to be interested in sex. But I took him out to lunch and we had a great time. I was coming to really enjoy my time with John. Christine didn't want him, so what the hell, why shouldn't I take him as mine! I began to bring him home made lunches to his office, and invited him out for lunch more regularly. I started to dress sexier for him each time I came. The hospital workers looked at me funny, but he explained that I was his step-mother. Some step-mother, I am guessing they thought!

On one visit to his office he seemed quite depressed. On inquiring what the issue was, he said that Christine did not return home until after midnight the day before. Though she claimed to be working late, she stank of booze and sex, and walked by him like there was a cucumber in her ass. On undressing and climbing into bed and quickly falling asleep, John said that he inspected her dress. He said that it was covered in cum stains. Inspecting her sleeping body he said that he found 2 new small tattoos on her. One was on her flesh where her bush would be if she had not shaved it bare. It said "Maurice's," and had a little arrow pointing down. The other tattoo, situated over the crack of her ass, with another arrow pointing down, said "Jamal's."

John cried in my arms, and I consoled him as best I could. I offered to suck him and fuck him to make him feel better, but he said that they had agreed not to fuck outside their group of friends. I said "Well, screw her, obviously she has found another and you deserve better. You are a wonderful man, and deserve a loving woman." He nodded and said that now no one loved him. Not knowing what came over me I blurted out "John, I love you. I love you and want you. Leave her to her new friends. Take me John, take me as your new lover." Crazy I think I was temporarily, or I just felt so very bad for him. Regardless, he grabbed me, kissed me, and soon had me bent over his desk. After that I visited him daily when I could. We would go out for a nice lunch, return to his office, and then we would fuck like school kids! His dick was small compared to his brother Tom's, though ample enough. But I really enjoyed the affection he offered. Tom was insensitive and just fucked me as a willing cunt with big tits. But John I believe truly adored me, and showed himself as tender and loving. This is what every woman truly wants. He didn't fuck me. He made love to me.

On one visit, after we fucked, John said that he would not be available for a visit next week as he was going to a medical conference in San Diego, and would be meeting up with 5 old friends from his college years. I said that I loved San Diego and that he should bring me along, saying that I was a colleague. After some thought, we agreed that I would accompany him as a medical secretary in training. I said that I would dress sexy and that he could show me off to his friends if he liked, and that I was his fuck toy for the week! He loved the idea and I went home to pack.

In San Diego, I dressed professionally, but super sexy! It was August and hot, so I wore summer dresses that were cut above the knee. My 38 DD breasts were pushed up in a bra that showed ample cleavage under the low cut dress. With high heels that wrapped around my ankles and my hair done in a bun, I looked the part of the office secretary that every employee longs to stick his cock into. Meeting his friends at the hotel, John introduced me as his new intern in training, and each man shook my hand excitedly as their eyes explored the exposed flesh on my chest. I pretended not to notice and laughed and smiled at every comment they made. We all went for dinner, and each of John's five friends were very polite and flaunted over me. I noticed that each bore a wedding ring. It is such as delight as a woman to be the absolute center of attention by a group of married men, prettiest girl in the room and all that, and of course I loved it!

Afterward, as I lay in bed naked with John, quite inebriated and having fucked him silly for the night, he commented causally that I really turned on his friends with my girlish giggling throughout the night, my playing, dancing and bouncing. He said that he enjoyed how I teased them with my jiggling cleavage, placing my calves on their laps, giving them a hug and pressing my boobs against their faces, sitting with my thighs spread just wide enough to show them that my panties were pink. I admitted that being a tease was my way! He explained that while I was visiting the little girls room that they had asked if he had got anywhere with me as his intern. He said that had told them that I had sucked his cock a few times and fucked him once, but gave up once I realized that he could not get me promoted in my career prospects. He told his friends that I was one of those ambitious bitches who gleefully fucked a man who I thought could progress my position in life. He explained that he told each friend that they should pursue convincing me that they had connections and that then I would latch onto their cock like a Hollywood wannabe would be onto a movie producer. I looked at him directly and said "John, you know that now you are one true love. And you want me to let each of your five friends seduce and fuck me?"

To this he responded "Absolutely."

What else could I say. "John, you know I live to fuck a new cock. I do truly love you. Who shall I fuck first?"

After that, everything seemed to zoom by. Each man made every effort to impress me with his importance and connections. Through the day at the conference I dressed sexy but conservative, but in the evenings I dressed no better than a $20 whore. John was delighted with my behavior and each time he fucked me he told me to play the bigger slut. Soon enough an opportunity came for me to offer myself to a friend. Leaving from a bar we needed 2 cabs and so I grabbed onto his friend Stuart's arms and announced that we could travel back together. I cuddled tight in the back seat with Stuart, with my black nylons under my leather skirt that just covered my ass, 5 inch spike heels, and a tiny silk top that didn't quite manage to cover my breasts. With both of us drunk in the back of the cab Stuart placed his hand on my thigh as we laughed and joked, and I offered no resistance at all. Growing bolder he raised his hand until it was deep between my legs. Squeezing my legs tight I told him that he was a very naughty boy and nibbled on his ear. By the time we got back to the hotel I was cradled in his arms and his hands were under my top fondling my breasts.

Being a gentleman, he brought me to my room. I asked him to come in, saying that I was too drunk to undress myself for bed. Entering the room I stood before him and swaying slightly back and forth explained that I liked to sleep in the buff and had on way too much clothing. Offering to help, the thoughtful gentlemen he was, Stuart removed my top, exposing my breasts. Without dwelling further, he then removed my skirt, heels and helped me out of my nylons. Standing now completely nude before him I thanked him for his efforts and asked how I might repay him for his diligence and thoughtfulness. He told me to lay on the bed and all compensation would be forthcoming.

Laying myself stretched out on the bed with my legs slightly spread and my breasts falling to my sides, I watched as Stuart stripped and advanced upon me like dog on a piece of warm meat. Forcing my legs apart he proclaimed that he could grant me great advantage in the workplace, and without further ado, plopped himself down upon me and promptly thrust his adequate penis into my always willing pussy. He pounded away upon me like a puppy playing with a toy, and he seemed all quite excited and satisfied by the experience, though I was only mildly entertained and spend more time focused on the TV than on his ill balanced rhythms. Passing out beside me, I prayed that John's remaining friends would be a better fuck than this lame duck.
I told John the next day of our adventures and laughed away as I recalled the sadness of his friend's lack of energy. John told me to pursue Chris next, as he was more renowned for his virility. So the next day I suggested to Chris that we listen to a presentation together and entering the room sat in the back row alone. I spread my legs seductively and holding his hand eventually placed it upon my inner thigh. He looked at me a tad surprised I suppose. I smiled and left the situation at that. He started to rub my leg, bare today, and I opened my legs wider to offer him a wider perspective. We proceeded together to a number of other talks, each time taking the rearmost row of seats. Each time presenting him with ample opportunity to explore with his hand the bare flesh of my legs and my panty covered crotch. After some time I took to also rubbing his cock through his pants, and placing his hand under my top. Without a bra on, my tits were his to explore without constraint. And he took advantage of this opportunity without hesitation! An older woman glared at us on one occasion, while an old perv enjoyed and stroked himself watching us on another. Regardless, I focused on Chris and making sure he enjoyed every moment we shared together.

After the conference I sat beside him at dinner, and rubbed his cock under the table throughout the meal. We also danced afterward, and I kissed him deeply, whispering in his ear that I wanted him to give me a good hard fucking. Eventually we ended up together back in his room and he gave me the best fuck of my trip to San Diego. He was a bit short and of average build. But that man could sure fuck! He pumped away at my cunt like a jack hammer over and over, all night long! Each time I thought he would cum he would roll me over and start again, fucking me from behind, on top, sideways, and everything in between. He made me have orgasms over and over, and fucked me until my twat was beet red and raw. Finally, deep into the night, his balls erupted into my cunt. I couldn't get over how wonderful my pussy felt and I sucked his softening dick, thanking him profusely for a great fuck. I visited John in the morning, sore between the legs and staggering. John gave me a quick fuck, noticing my convulsions from an overused cunt. Jokingly he said I better recover soon as I had to fuck another friend tonight, just before he came in my raw pussy yet again.

The next day was Rob. Rob was a nice man, soft spoken, almost to the point of being shy. I knew that he would require some effort on my part. Following dinner I suggested we go for a walk. Holding his hand along the way I tried to comfort him and make him feel relaxed. Returning to the hotel I followed him to his room, he not sure of why. I said that I had a strange and deep desire to know him better and we both entered the room. Pouring us more drinks I turned the TV to a music station and danced before him. I could tell that he enjoyed the show but he didn't know how to show his pleasure, so I thought that I might help him along. Kneeling over him to hand him his next drink I whispered in his ear "I want to suck your cock." Returning to my dancing I watched his eyes and as his boner grew. Turning my back to him I removed my blouse, exposing by bare back. Swaying from side to side I let him have glances at my bouncing boobs. Finally turning to face him I approached him closely and jiggled my tits before his face. "Do you like my tits Rob?" I teased. "Would you like your cock between these tits?"

Dropping to my knees I pulled off his pants, pushed his legs apart and grabbed onto his cock. "Nice cock." I commented and lowering my head gave him a 30 second cock sucking to tease him further. I then returned to dancing, swaying my breasts back and forth. "Stroke your cock for me to watch Rob, keep it good and hard for me" I pleaded. Rob immediately began rubbing his dick, stroking himself as his eyes fixated on my bouncing tits. Removing my skirt I now danced nude expect for my heels. Approaching again I stood before him and raising one leg placed a heel on his dick. Rubbing my trimmed bush and letting him stare at my vagina, I asked "Do you like my pussy Rob? Would you like to fuck it after I suck you and tit fuck you?" Having teased him adequately I once again got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth while he still stroked it. "Mmmmm, such a delicious yummy cock!" I exclaimed as I licked his balls and sucked his dick. I continued sucking his cock deeply as he held it for me. Putting his other hand on my head he began to push my head deeper onto his cock. I easily took his full length into my throat as I was used to sucking a much bigger dick. When he released my head I looked up to him and asked "Do you like how I suck cock Sir? Tell your slut if she is a good cock sucker."

I returned to sucking and slurping dick and awaited his response. Finally, the shell of this shy man broke and he replied "Fuck, you suck a great cock bitch. Keep swallowing that cock slut."

"Thank-you Sir," I responded "Tonight I want to be the best fuck slut you have ever had. Use my mouth, my tits, my pussy, my ass, all as you please. As you fuck each hole, please tell me if I am being a good fuck for your cock." With that I once again placed my lips over his dick and sucked at him furiously. Grabbing me by the hair he pulled my head off his cock and teasingly slapped his dick across my lips and face, then thrusting my mouth back over his dick rammed my head down deep over it. Yanking my hair hard he again lifted my head upward and slapped my face with his dick more. "So you like sucking cock do you?" he inquired.

"I love sucking cock Sir." I replied.

Repeatedly forcing my head back onto his cock, having me suck, and then pulling my head away he said "So the little slut loves cock does she. In her mouth, in her cunt. And in her ass."

As my cunt had been so over-used the night before, I had offered my ass up to give my worn twat a bit of a break. Looking up I responded "Yes Sir, I love an ass fucking Sir. I hope that you are going to give your slut a good hard ass fucking tonight Sir."

Shoving my face again onto his cock by grasping my hair tightly he responded "My wife is a bore, and never did let me fuck her butt. She has little breasts, a big ass, and doesn't suck dick. You have a tiny tight bum, big bouncing gorgeous tits, and a mouth that gobbles dick like a whore in heat. Damn right I am going to fuck that ass, hard and deep, you cock hungry little slut."

"Thank-you Sir, this whore in heat needs a cock in her ass tonight."

With that he ordered me to give him a tit fucking, and placing his dick between my tits I pumped away on his pecker with my big breasts. He grabbed my hair again and yanking my head back said "So you like being called a slut and a whore don't you. Well titty fuck that cock you pretty little whore. I see you have a wedding ring on. Here you are, another man's wife, naked and sucking and tit fucking my dick, and you haven't even kissed me yet. You certainly are an eager little fuck slut."

"You don't have to kiss a whore to fuck her," I responded "and a slut just lives to experience sucking and fucking a new cock. Feel free to fuck this other man's wife in any way your dick desires." I teased.

With this he ordered me onto all fours on the bed. Assuming my doggy position he came over, groped my hanging tits and fed his cock into my open mouth a little more. Then getting behind me I felt his dick soon enter my wet pussy. At the same time, he began to explore my asshole with a prodding finger. "This little slut certainly in a great fuck. What an easy wet cunt you have to enter. This pretty little whore must fuck a lot of dick. Does your husband know that you are the town slut? Does he know that you fuck all his friends? How many dicks have fucked this slut's cunt since you have been married?" he inquired.

"No Sir," I responded "He has no idea. I get fucked a lot Sir, every week by different cocks. I love a new cock Sir, I love sucking and fucking cock Sir. I have fucked hundreds of cocks since we have been married Sir. I love being the town slut."

"Fuck, what a whore you are." he said, and with that pulled his dick from my sopping but raw cunt and began to force it against my asshole. Without much effort my butt opened for his cock to slide in. When you get fucked in the butt on a regular basis by a thick 10 inch cock, a regular sized dick slides in pretty easily! Rob was impressed by how easily his cock slid into my ass and soon was pounding away on my hole, running his whole length in and out of me, fucking my asshole as easily as if it were a cunt. "Fuck," he moaned "your ass gulps up a cock with the same ease as your twat. What a cock hungry bitch you are. I bet every one of those hundred cocks fucked this slut ass. What a whore you really are!"

With that he fucked at my ass, grasping my hips and pounding away at me until he exploded in my bum. As the night was still young we showered together and returned to bed. Through the coming hours and into the night Rob continued to enjoy fucking me as he pleased. Getting him hard each time by sucking and tit fucking his cock, I let Rob use my body as his play toy. As our last fuck for the night I mounted him on top, I fucked his cock first with my pussy, and then sat on his dick with my ass. Crushing my tits in his hands, I used my legs to raise and lower my asshole over his cock. I loved the feeling of my tits being squeezed hard and the cock in my butt under my own fucking control and I came hard, screaming out loudly. Collapsing beside him and stroking his hard dick until her came, Rob's final words for the night were "Christ, you really do love your asshole being fucked don't you, my sweet little whore." With this I leaned down, licked up the spilt semen from his belly, and drifted off to sleep.

Time was running short and there were two friends remaining. John suggested I arrange to provide them both entertainment together. So that night after the conference and dinner we all went and had drinks at the bar. The men who all had fucked me kept winking at the 2 remaining friends and one by one slipped away, making some excuse or the other that they had to be going. Eventually I was left alone, quite tipsy, with Tyrone and Jeff. Both were good looking men, average height and build. I suggested that sitting in a hot tub and having drinks would be nice and we all agreed to meet at the tub in 5 minutes. Returning to my room I put on my teenie tiny bikini, wrapped myself in a towel, and proceeded to the pool. I deliberately took my time to ensure that the men were there before me. Approaching the tub that the men already sat in I innocently let my towel fall and offered them a prolonged view of my bare legs, flat belly, and my barely covered 38DD boobs. I then gingerly entered the pool and sat between the two men who probably had already figured out that they would be fucking me that evening.

With nightfall coming everyone else had left the area long before and we were alone in the pool room. I suggested to one of the men that they should get up and turn off the lights to the area and leave on only the lights in the tub, to which he promptly complied. Sitting between my two men with drinks in our hands, I put down my drink and placed each of my hands on their knees beneath the water. I told them that I felt like such a lucky good, to be imprisoned between such two good looking and charming men. Running my hands down their thighs I let my fingers settle on their groins. Rubbing them threw their swim suits, I felt each man growing hand beneath their shorts. Raising my arms briefly to undo my bikini top and throw it over the side I grabbed a hand of each man and placed it on a bare breast, returning my hands underwater and under their shorts. Clutching each man's hard-on in my firm grasp they each focused their attention on the tit that they had been offered.

Teasing them on I said "Well, are one of you gentlemen going to give me a kiss and tell me how beautiful I am, or are you planning to just fuck me without so much as a word?" Laughing and leaning back each man in turn began to kiss me deeply on the lips and tell me how perfect I was. "Do you guys like my tits?" I inquired, squeezing them together with my shoulders. Each man took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it while squeezing and caressing the flesh of their corresponding boob, telling me how remarkable my tits were. "And what about my legs?" I asked, raising one out of the water. Tyrone held and kissed my calf while Jeff rubbed the other leg under the water. Each agreed that I had lovely legs. "Well what about my bush and my pussy?" I inquired. With that hands were quickly underwater and I felt my bikini bottom being tugged off as fingers explored the hairs of my trimmed bush, my clit and my vagina. Releasing their cocks and removing my hands from their shorts I raised my hips upward in the water, bringing my body to the surface. Each man grasped a leg to raise me further and spreading my legs took turns shoving their fingers into my twat. "Well you boys really know how to show a girl a good time! " I chimed. "A lady really enjoys being finger fucked by two fine gentlemen," I said, "But what she really needs is a big hard cock shoved into there. You boys going to keep a girl in suspense all night, or you going to show me those two big dicks I was so lovingly stroking for you?"

Well this certainly changed the pace and each man was soon standing before me naked with a cock at my face. Taking turns, I stroked one cock while sucking the other. "My what beautiful big cocks you two charming gentlemen have." I teased "Pity that your wives aren't here to fuck them for you. Well, I guess that their misfortune is my reward and I am just going to have to do the deed myself." With that I bent over the edge of the pool and offered my bum to both of them. Soon enough one cock was in me. Fucking me for some time, the cock withdrew and another cock entered me in its place. "God, you sure know how to make a girl feel appreciated!" I exclaimed. The men took turns fucking me, the other occupying his time by fondling my dangling tits and having me suck and rub his cock.

Then all of a sudden the lights to the pool area turned on. We all stopped to look up and saw a young security guard standing at the light controls near by. "What the ..." he muttered.

But before he could go further I cooed "Get over here soldier, and let mommy suck that meat of yours!"

Approaching the scene, I leaned over the tub and placing his hands onto my hanging boobs I promptly unbuckled and unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground. In seconds I had his limp but quickly growing cock in my mouth. Taking a quick breather I said "Are you guys going to start fucking me again or what?" So I sucked this complete strangers dick while the boys once again took to taking turns fucking me from behind.

The guards radio began to squawk on the floor with a distant voice and leaning over he took his radio from his belt and said "Vince, get your ass down to the pool area now. You gotta see this!" I continued sucking and the boys continued pumping my cunt. Soon enough another guard entered the room and on seeing us came quickly over.

Looking up at him I said "If you want that cock sucked, you had better get those pants off." Tyrone and Jeff laughed as the young man struggled and almost fell over trying to get free of his pants as quickly as humanly possible. Soon I had a cock in each hand, one in my pussy, another in my mouth, and three sets of hands groping at my hanging tits. Tyrone and Jeff alternated cocks in my twat, while the two guards each got their cocks sucked in turn. Soon I felt one cock gush into my mouth and another into my pussy. A few moments later, another cock came all over my ass, and the last spewed semen all over my face. Laying back in the tub, floating on top of the water, I said "Well you boys all sure know how to show a girl a good time! Thank-you gentlemen for all the cocks and semen!"

Well that was the last day of the conference and the next day was Saturday, but return flights were planned for Sunday. So the men decided to rent a yacht for the day. I arrived with John in a tiny sun dress, with my bikini underneath. The other men were already on board and one held my hand to help me onto the ship. Getting underway, I made my task to be the bar keep, and asking folks what they would like got to work mixing the drinks from the fully stocked bar on the yacht. It was a sunny hot day, and it promised to be a glorious one. Each man had fucked me good and hard, and I think they all understood what this day was going to consist of. After serving each man a drink and as we headed out to sea, I let me little sun dress fall to the floor and laid myself out upon the deck. "Can someone please put some suntan lotion on me." I said. "I wouldn't want my skin to burn." Well this got the events of the day underway. Four men were quickly around me. One applied lotion to one leg, while another covered the other leg. One oiled up my belly while the other worked my shoulders. Soon hands groped at my tits, covering them with oil. Rolling over I said "And my back side too please."

My back was oiled up and I felt the clasp on my bikini top come undone. Someone mentioned it was important to get all of my back covered in lotion. I also then felt someone tugging down my bikini bottoms, saying it was equally importantly to ensure my ass was well oiled. Now I lay there naked as four men explored my body with their hands. Spreading my legs I also raised myself up upon my shoulders so that my bare boobs hung down. The men freely rubbing their oily hands over my ass and legs, up and down over my pussy, their fingers explored my vagina and asshole, and tugged and squeezed away at my tits. I was in pure heaven! After enjoying the moment I said "All right boys, all right, I think you have lotioned me up pretty good now." Getting up I strolled over to John who was at the helm and sitting on his lap I said loud enough for everyone to hear "Thank-you Sir for letting all your friends fuck me. They were all such great lovers. I truly enjoyed satisfying each and every one of them."

John said I that I was most welcome and then each man talked openly about how they came to be fucking me through the week. Strolling around naked between the men, on approaching each I would give him a big hug and kiss and thank him for the wonderful fucking that he had given me. I asked John if I would be permitted to fuck all his friends again today. "Of course," John said, "But we are all going to play a little game. I will ask a question about who each of us has had sex with, and who we know our wives have had sex with. And depending upon the answer, you will get to suck or fuck them, singularly, or in groups. Let's begin. Gentlemen, you all know Christine, my wife. Well recently she has taken to fucking a couple of guys named Maurice and Jamal. I don't know who they are but she must love their dicks for she has their names tattooed to her cunt and ass! So to replace her I have taken to fucking this fine little slut standing here naked before you now. There, that is my little piece of truth. So, since Christine is taking it in both holes, Rob and Jeff, please feel free to fuck Grace in both holes at the same time!"

The men stood around looking a bit stunned and not sure what to do. So I went over to Jeff and kissing him on the lips said aloud "Baby, don't you want fuck my asshole? Please fuck me in the ass darling." Begging to be anally taken I pulled down his shorts and began to suck on his limp dick. Nervous of the audience I finally got him hard and pulling him by his cock over to where Rob was standing I likewise pulled off Rob's shorts and fondled his cock until he grew hard. With both men's erect penises in my hands I pushed Rob onto a cushion and mounting him, slid his dick into my pussy. Fucking up and down on his cock I told Jeff to get behind me and enter my ass while I fucked his friend. Obviously new to them, the position took some time to get established. But eventually both men were inside of me and we set up a good rhythm with my riding slowly up and down on Rob's dick while Jeff rocked back and forth sliding his dick in and out of my ass. The other men gathered round, many taking pictures. I love being the center of attention of a group of men and savoured the feeling of the two cocks in my body watching the other men lining up for their turns.
John reminded the boys not to cum and to save up their strength, as there were many hours of skank fucking yet to be had. As we pumped away John asked Chris about his and his wife's sexual adventures. Chris said that as far as he knew his wife was faithful, but that he had convinced the baby sitter to suck his cock from time to time, giving her a $50 bonus each time. With this John told the boys to give me a rest and for me to suck his and Tyrone's cocks. They stood side by side and getting on my knees before them they quickly slid out of their shorts and I took each cock in my hand and began to suck each in turn. Looking down at me John asked if I had enjoyed my ass fucking moments before. "You know I love being assed fucked baby." I responded. Then he asked if I liked the two cocks before me now and enjoyed sucking them like a common whore. "And you know how I absolutely adore sucking nice meaty cocks honey!" I moaned.

Standing there with my mouth wrapped around his dick, John asked Stuart to talk about his wife. Stuart explained that his wife had been the college slut, and was known for fucking most of the football team. He said she would leave the door to her room open and jocks would enter through the night and in the darkness fuck her, she never knowing who it was who just stuck their dick into her. Stuart said he married he because he knew that she would always be a good fuck. On this cue John suggested I be blindfolded and based on my experience with each man, had to try and guess who's cock I had in my mouth and twat. Finding a cloth I was blindfolded and placed on my fours on a cushion. I then began to feel various hands groping my boobs, ass and legs, while I also had cocks shoved into my face and felt men mounting me from behind. As I sucked each dick presented, and got fucked by each new cock, I tried to guess as best I could which dick was in me. They said I was right about half the time, which was considered an achievement.

After that the stories continued, and different teams of men would act out their adventures or those of their wives on my body, getting titty fucks, blow jobs, anal fucking or cunt fucking as they pleased. At times one man would fuck me alone as the others watched. At other times, all six of the men would be huddled together attempting to secure an opportunity to shove their cock into one hole or another. Typically three or four would be making me lick balls and stroke cocks as their peers explored my tits, ass and pussy. As the drinks continued to be poured, and as the night progressed, each man emptied his semen into my mouth, my pussy or my ass, over my tits and on my face, some only the once, others managing a second or even a third time. By the time we returned to port, all men were exhausted and semen dripped from my every hole and covered my tits, face belly and ass. The men compared photos on their cell phones, and exchanged ones with one another of views they particularly liked. I laid in John's arms at the back of the boat, and thanked him again for bringing me along and letting his friends use all my body in such a fantastic gang bang. I told him that I loved him and I promised to continue to be the best fuck toy he could ever have. I said that he wouldn't have to worry about who Christine was fucking anymore as I would always be there to suck and fuck his cock any time it was horny and needed a willing hole to stick itself into. He just looked at me, smiled, and said "Christine who?"

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