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Getting Caught Ch. 01

Disclaimer: This story contains elements of voyeurism and exhibitionism, spying, fingering, anal sex, throat-fucking, creampies, blackmail and non-consensual sex. If any or all of this offends you, please read no more. All characters and scenarios are completely fictional, all characters are of legal age, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Tonight was the night, my special time away from my family. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife and my two girls, but sometimes, a man needs solitude and isolation to indulge in activities that he enjoys, which in my case, is stealthily peeking through teenage girls' windows and watching them undress or play with themselves. The girls in our suburb were surprisingly active on the sexual front so I had a smorgasbord of young flesh to observe.

Of course, my daughters had no idea that my alone time incorporated voyeurism. They thought I went to the pub or some other traditional place where busy overworked males liked to unwind. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever suspect that their loving father was spending his alone time every Monday night looking into the bedrooms of their friends and classmates as they displayed their bare soft skin for his sick twisted pleasure.

My wife, on the other hand, knew what I did when I left the house alone at night. In fact, if I recall, it was her idea that I begin a life of secret spying. We had always been very experimental in our sex life, but despite everything we had tried - bondage, dressing up, public sex, etc. - everything was eventually becoming very standard and normal. We had become desensitized to every form of sex between two married people, so we decided to incorporate other people in our sex life without them knowing about it.

For obvious reasons, she firmly objected to me actually fucking anyone else, but the idea of spying on young teenage girls as they exposed themselves excited both of us. I would go out in dark clothing with my laptop and peripheral webcam, carefully position the webcam so I could see through the crack in their curtains or the gap above their blinds without exposing my face through the glass, and record what I saw if it was any good. I would then go back home after a few hours when the girls were usually asleep, watch my exploits with my wife, and then fuck her like mad.

To ensure my wife had plausible deniability in the off-chance we were ever discovered, I always used a face-blurring program on my laptop to hide the identities of the girls I recorded. This happened after I recorded them so, of course, I knew who I was recording, but she was blissfully ignorant just seeing faceless nudes on the screen.

Tonight was the night. But something different happened tonight that I never ever dared to imagine would happen.

There was one particular girl my wife and I loved to watch. She lived a few streets over, and she was very exhibitional. I had been recording her for months now and every time I did she was a little more exciting. The first couple of weeks we only caught her undressing or coming out of her shower. A few weeks after our initial encounter, though, as soon as I got there, I found her spread-legged on her bed, fingers deep in her tight pussy. After that, she became my first stop whenever I went out. I had months of video footage of her and every single video made me want to cum.

I got dressed in all black as usual, gave my little girls a kiss each before they went to bed, and grabbed my spy kit before heading out. The walk between our houses seemed long and laborious. Each step my feet made on the pavement sent a shockwave of excitement and dread through my body. At the same time as I loved peeking at these girls, their firm succulent tits and their deliciously pink pussies, I obviously knew what I was doing was illegal and I would be in serious trouble if ever I was caught.

I eventually made it to our favourite girl's home and I snuck around the back as I always did. When I crept behind her house, what I saw made the blood in me drain away to nothing and my stomach turn to stone. My heart froze and sweat poured off me like Niagara. There, sticky-taped under her window, was a note.

"To the man who spies on me, I am glad I have been able to provide you with something to watch every week, but now, I want something from you. Come inside, Mummy and Daddy are away for a few days. Love, your nude muse. x"

I was trapped. I couldn't leave because obviously she has known I was peeking through her window for a while, and if I didn't come in as she requested, she could easily go to the police and have me arrested. My breathing was sharp and inconsistent, and was beginning to make me hyperventilate. I almost dropped my equipment, my mind was that much in a daze. I put the folded note in my pocket and slowly walked to the back entrance and hesitantly knocked on the door. I was shaking violently and sweating profusely, but there was no backing out now.

As the girl on the other side of the door unlocked it, each sound from the lock hit me like a wrecking ball. The handle began to turn and my mouth was as dry as Sahara. My face was as white as paper, my bones as stiff as concrete.

Before me stood a beautiful young girl, half-Asian in descent, gorgeously slim, a little over five feet tall with long silky black-as-black hair and deep brown eyes, yummy B-cup tits, a small waist and flawless columnesque legs. She wore a tight white low-cut tee that displayed an ever-so-subtle shading around what would've been her cleavage had her tits been bigger, a short denim skirt with a large black belt and cute flats on her feet. She wasn't wearing a bra so through her white tee, I saw her beautiful mounds with her dark nipples clearly visible to even the blindest person.

"So you're the sick fuckwad who's been perving on me the past few months." You would think how she said that would be with a definite angry inflection, but it was said with more of a flirty teasing tone. She pulled her hair behind her ear and turned to lead me inside, her hips sexily swaying as she moved. I walked inside, closed the door behind me and followed her into her domain.

She pointed at the dining table and I took a seat, putting down my laptop and webcam beside me. I felt like a naughty boy waiting outside the principals' office at school. My palms were sweaty, my breathing worse than it was before, and my head feeling like a ten-ton boulder.

She stood on the other side of the table looking intently at me, as if to figure out a puzzle. "I know you from somewhere..."

My heart just about leapt from my chest. She knew me?! Oh God, this was getting worse by the minute!

"Yeah, that's right! You're Shae and Chloe's dad, aren't you? They're in my English and sport classes." Fuck! Not only was I discovered, but the girl who discovered me actually goes to school with my daughters. Shit, fuck, shit! I nodded and averted my eyes from hers. Maybe she won't say anything to them.

She walked around the table and lifted my chin to meet my gaze. Staring at me for what seemed like a lifetime, she sat down on the chair next to me and leaned forward. Even amidst the precarious situation in which I had found myself, I still managed to steal a glance down her top, seeing those perfect tits not just though a webcam but in the flesh. As freaked out as I was, I was happy in that split second to be seeing her mouth-watering mounds so close.

"Tell me, how much do you want to keep your spying a secret from your daughters?" I've never been so scared in my life. "How much do you want to keep your spying a secret from the police?" I was wrong. Now I've never so scared in my life!

I gulped what little saliva I had. "Wh... What do you want?"

She smiled the smile of a sadist, enjoying the power she had over me. I was completely at her mercy. One wrong move could land me face-first in a prison cell and the loss of my girls. She stood up and walked to her previous location.

"You needn't worry, you know. If I was going to get the police involved, they would've been here before you arrived. You've been very predictable with your visits." She's right. Every Monday night between 8pm and 10pm, that was my window of opportunity. If I wanted to avoid this particular outcome, I should've randomised my visiting times. Too late now, I guess.

"And if I wanted to include your girls, I could've told them many times in the last few months. I see them every week." She's right again. She has to have alternative reasons for keeping my secret. Money, maybe? If I tell my wife I was caught and I'd have to pay to keep me out of prison, I'm sure she'd acquiesce. I asked her again.

"The first thing I want from you is for you to show me all the videos you have of me on your computer." My eyes widened. My lungs stopped working. She wants to see my collection of her? Why? I was shaking so much, I had a hard time manoeuvring my laptop in front of me, let alone type my password or find her folder.

There were dozens of videos in there, ranging from 30 seconds long to almost twenty minutes. She watched all of them, one by one, her smile growing as each video came to its conclusion. She truly was an oddity; on the one hand, she was a definite sadist, feeling an unusually high sense of enjoyment in my discomfort, but she also seemed to enjoy what she was watching, the results of months of perving on her through her bedroom window.

I could tell she was getting turned on seeing a voyeur's view of her naked self, drying her wet body off after a shower or fingering herself on her bed. She was salivating, slightly pulsing her hips and breathing deeper. When the last video had ended, she turned to me.

"You've seen a lot of me; everything, in fact. I think it's time I saw you. Strip!" I reluctantly stood up and began removing pieces of clothing. My belt, my top, my shirt, my pants, my shoes, my socks. The only think I didn't remove was my underwear. I had been watching this girls for months, fully naked, her tits and pussy completely uncovered, but it's different when the tables are turned.

"Everything," she said sternly. She spoke with authority, even though she was half my age and a good foot shorter than me. I took a deep breath and dropped my briefs, bare to her eyes with nowhere to hide.

She looked at my dick, staring at it as if her gaze would somehow make it spring to life. I was still too scared, though, to be aroused by this hot young thing. She walked closer to me and extended her arm out, grasping my cock in her petite hand. I gasped sharply, not sure of what to do from here. She began slowly pumping it in her hand, my cock getting stiffer the longer she did it.

"And what did you do with my videos after you went home? Jack off to them?" Her eyes looked like she wanted to kill me, but her lips and what her hand was doing said something quite different.

"Actually, my wife and I would watch them together and fuck like crazy afterwards." She seemed taken back that my wife not only knew of what I was doing but was actively involved in the operation, enjoying the spoils of my ventures as much as I.

My cock was now fully erect in her hand, her fingers struggling to close the circle around my thick girth. She examined it, felt it, looked at it. Wheels were turning in her head, I just know it. I could hear the clicking of cogs in the mind of this seductive young nymph but as lewd and as deprave as my actions were, I love my wife too much to take any action with any girl anywhere, no matter what my own personal feelings on the matter were.

She bent over with an open mouth, and was completely shocked when I stood back, denying her a taste of my hot rod. She still had my cock in her hand and she tried to pull me back into line, and I almost ripped my cock off trying to stand my ground.

"Get your ass over here and fuck my mouth." Her eyes shot bloody daggers at me, figuratively pinning me to the wall behind me. I shook my head, scared as fuck as to how she was going to react to my defiance.

"You have a young teenage slut who you've been peeping at for the last few months ordering you to face-fuck her, and you're saying no?!"

"I love videoing young girls naked but I'm only ever going to fuck my wife."

That did not go down well.

She screamed a loud blood-curdling cry, and I leapt at her, putting my hand over her mouth and waiting for someone to come banging on the door asking if she was alright. Minutes passed and no one visited. I slowly took my hand away.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I whisper-yelled at her.

"You do what I say or the police and your girls both know what you've been doing, and I may even add that you broke into my house and tried to rape me. Your fingerprints are in a few spots around here so they wouldn't need much convincing." Her voice was completely devoid of hesitation or reluctance; she was serious.

Fuck, I thought to myself. Rape was definitely going to happen, but I won't be the perpetrator, I'll be the victim. Seldom do you hear of young hot teenage girls raping peeping toms like me. If I was anyone else, I'd jump at the opportunity of filling this hot young whore's mouth with my cock and shooting my cum deep into her stomach, but I didn't want to betray my marriage vows or the woman to whom I made them. As perverse as I am, I take my vows seriously and I would never commit adultery. Not willingly, anyway.

I realised that I only had one choice and that's to do what I swore I wouldn't do, to cheat on my wife. Neither her nor I nor our children would want me to go to prison for voyeurism so I resigned myself to my fate and moved closer to her.

She smiled, knowing she checkmated me. She knelt down, her mouth only inches away from my cock. I had had a few sexual partners in my life but I have never been forced to have a girl suck me off before; it was a strange feeling, being pleasured against my will. She skirt rose as her knee bent, her white lace panties exposed to my view. I couldn't see them very well but what I saw was hot as fuck. I could see down her top, her perfect tits begging to be touched.

No. No! I can't think these thoughts. I'm married. I'm a happily married man. Think of my wife and daughters. You're doing this for them, not for your own enjoyment.

She moved her eager open mouth closer to my cock til I could feel her hot breath gently caressing the sensitive skin between my legs. She extended her tongue out of her mouth and touched the hole with her tip. I shuddered involuntarily, averse to the attention my member was receiving.

She took the head into her wet cave and gave it a little suck. I withdrew slightly, until she grabbed me by my ass and brought me even further in her mouth. She was voracious, engulfing my cock in her mouth inch by inch until it was all in her throat. When she said she was a slut, she wasn't kidding. Only someone with a lot of experience could take my entire cock without gagging.

I'm not going to lie, it felt great being inside her throat like that, completely surrounded by warm slippery flesh closing in around the shape of my cock. My wife loved sucking my dick but she couldn't take it all in like this girl could.

I pulled out of her mouth and took a step backwards. "If we're going to do this, can you at least tell me something about yourself, like your age?" Please at least be legal.

"Why, are you wondering if you're a peeping tom and a kid fucker?" She winked and giggled. If she was underage, I'm walking out right now and dealing with it later with the assistance of my wife.

She laughed loudly and took a step towards me. "Don't worry, I'm just fucking with you. I'm legal, I just look young, so we can fuck all I want. And don't worry, no one's going to find out. Not if you be a good boy and fuck me however I want."

If fucking this hot little Asian is going to keep my family together and keep me out of prison, I'll do it willingly and fervently. I'll shoot my cum down her throat, stretch her teeny tight pussy and fill her ass with my cock, anything she wants. I don't know if she'll keep her word but what choice do I have. If she wants me to fuck her, then I'm going to fuck her hard and rough.

I picked her up and laid her on her back on the table, her head hanging off the edge. I then positioned my cock at the entrance of her mouth, resting my throbbing rod on her wet lips. Without a word, I shoved my cock deep in her mouth, sliding into her oesophagus and causing her throat to bulge to accommodate my dick.

She moaned very loudly, her moans muffled by a throatful of man meat. She lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside to play with herself as I throat-fucked her. My conscience was slowly losing its voice as my desire to fuck this girl grew and grew, like my cock in her mouth. I'm sure my wife would understand if I was blackmailed into fucking her in exchange for keeping silent about the videoing. To that end, I decided that the only way to satisfy this hottie was to fuck her to within an inch of her life and leave her gratified and happy.

I pounded her throat hard, and she loved it. I grabbed her legs for added leverage and fucked her face like I would her pussy. I had never experienced face-fucking this hot before. I thought only professional cock-suckers had the ability to take a thick long cock like mine so deep into their throats. I pulled out and the excess of saliva that was lubricating her mouth spilt out over her face.

"That was so hot, don't stop!" Yes ma'am, I thought to myself. Shit, if this girl loved throat-fucking this much, I can only imagine what else she would be into. Thinking of the possibilities was getting me so excited, I had to quickly change my train of thought to avoid cumming in her stomach right then and there.

Seeing her play with her perfectly pink pussy was definitely making it hard not to cum in her throat. I wanted her to fuck her between her legs and I was going to make it happen. I pushed her hand to the side and began playing with her pussy myself, feeling her juices wet my fingers. I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted her. Shit, she tasted so good! I needed more!

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and walked around to the other side of the table. I wrapped my arms around her spread legs and stuck my tongue inside her overflowing pussy, lapping up all her juices and exploring her insides.

"Fuck!" she yelled. She grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my tongue deeper inside her. Her aroma was intoxicating, driving me crazy and making me want to tongue-fuck her even more. She tasted so sweet and delicious, I didn't want to stop, and from how she was acting, I don't she wanted me to either.

I looked up at her from between her legs and her face was contorting and grimacing in orgasmic satisfaction. I stopped for a moment only to pull her skirt and panties off. She removed her tee and I caught myself staring at her, this gorgeous Eastern beauty displaying herself naked for a stranger she found peeking through her window.

I decided to join her and took off all of my clothes as well. What a situation I found myself in. I began my secret life to look at young girls as they took off all their clothes, and now, here I am naked with the hottest girl I've videoed, contemplating putting my cock inside her tight wet teenage pussy. I looked at her, cock in my hand, getting closer to her forbidden entrance.

She shimmied down so her legs were hanging off the table. Raising them and spreading her lips apart, I could see how wet she truly was, an addictive waterfall of teenage juices.

"Have you got a condom?" she asked me.

"No. I wasn't planning on fucking you tonight."

"That's too bad. I guess you can't fuck my pussy, then."
A look of utter disappointment immediately appeared on my face, the sadness of being denied permission to pound this delicious clit welling up inside me. I really wanted to fuck her there.

She turned around and bent over, her perky ass right in front of me, her sweet perfume finding its way into my nostrils. "You can fuck my ass, though, if you want. Do you like that kind of thing?"

I instantly dove in, sticking my tongue deep inside her ass, tasting her dirty hole and lubricating it up for my thick cock. Reaching under her, I cupped her tiny tits in my hands, fondling what I could and caressing her hard nipples between my fingers. She gasped and moaned louder than before, reaching behind her and spreading her ass cheeks apart for easy access.

Putting my nose at her taboo cave, I breathed in her scent. Her fragrant musk smelled so good, I could smell her ass forever. Sticking my tongue in some more, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into her, my tongue extending out from my mouth as far as it could go.

I stood up, my cock fully erect and eager to feel her tight sphincter enclose around my girth. I sped around the table to shove my cock in her mouth again, just to get it wet again, and then I sped around again and immediately shoved it inside her anal canal. Thrusting in and out of her tiny hole was hard but very satisfying. She obviously either hadn't done anal before or not very much, but she made up for her lack of experience with an overabundance of willing enthusiasm.

"Oh fuck, shit! You're so big, it hurts but feels so fucking good! Fuck that ass, cum inside me, fill my ass with your thick load!" Hearing this sexy young cock-hungry slut was enough to get me over the edge. I arched my back and with a single push, emptied my balls inside her colon, her asshole now teeming with pervert cum.

Pulling out, her hole overflowed with my seed, globs of gloop dropping on the floor. She stuck two digits inside her ass and covered her fingers with cum, bringing them to her mouth and tasting my creamy deposit. "Yummy," she said, allowing her tongue to explore her fingers and lick up all the cum on them.

I had better get home, I thought to myself. I had no idea what was going to happen when I got home and told my wife of all the things that had happened. I hope she understands that I only did what I did to protect us both.

Getting off the table, she came over to me and pushed her lips onto mine, introducing her tongue to my mouth in a manner most forceful. I was at war within myself: on the one hand, I wanted to wrap my arms around this hot teen and embrace her after we just fucked like pornstars, but on the other hand, I'm married and she's not my wife. Fuck, she's young enough to be my daughter! What to do, what to do...

After kissing me, she handed me my clothes. Was she kicking me out? Wow, a teenage who likes the fuck-and-flee method. I like her.

"Give me your phone."

Before I had a chance to object, she grabbed it out of my hand. "What's the code?" I typed it in for her, unsure why I was allowing her access to my phone and all the private information stored in it.

She went to the camera and took a photo of herself from behind, making sure to get her cum-soaked asshole and her face with her fingers in her mouth in the shot. She then went to my contacts and added her number. Kimmy Cum. A hot name for a hot girl, the Kimmy part at least. Finally, she added her photo to her contact.

"If you want your secret to remain a secret, you'll keep my number and do whatever I tell you."

I got dressed, grabbed my gear and left for home. I had never been so worried on my way home on a Monday night. Usually, I'm so excited to get home and watch all the videos I had recorded, but tonight, tonight I wasn't as keen to get home, for fear of what my wife would say or do. I can't avoid it forever, or even for an extended period of time, so decided to face the music, head home and just tell my wife what had happened straight away before it gets out of hand. I was sure in my mind that I had a good reason for fucking Kimmy. She wouldn't blame me if I was blackmailed with exposure to the police and our girls. Would she?


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