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Futa World 04: Coming Together

Copyright 2015 Lara Longstaff

All Rights Reserved

WARNING! Extremely large and unrealistic cock sizes ahead!

Chapter 4

Sheila tried her best not to pout as she looked across the wide, mahogony table at the three stern faces frowning at her. She hated Washington. She hated the capital's muggy summer heat, hated the red tape. Most of all, she hated that she had to be there. She crossed her long legs and smoothed her tight black pencil skirt. Ever since James had come back into her life, she'd taken to wearing garter belts and stockings again. They made her feel sexy, but they weren't always the most comfortable day wear, especially in warm weather. Even so, Melinda loved them too, and so she kept wearing them.

"Your gene therapy does sound interesting, Doctor Bennet," Fromer said as he tapped one of his long, bony fingers against his temple.

"Cosmetic treatments such as this require more testing," rumbled Jackson through his heavy jowels. The heavy-set African American leaned over the desk, his dark eyes holding Sheila's. She couldn't help but gulp.

"I've already started preparing wide testing in the New York City area," Sheila added quickly. "Over three thousand women have applied to be part of the trial, so far."

"A good number to start," Rogers said, shaking her head. "After you screen out pregnant women and the crackpots, I'm sure that number will be much smaller." The handsome woman was the most skeptical of the three FDA board members. A shame, really. Despite her conservative black skirt suit, the woman appeared to have a lush, matronly body. "Surely no normal, sane woman would desire such...modification."

"You'd be surprised, Miss Rogers," Sheila found herself smirking. "Since the public has had a chance to read about my results in the newspaper, demand has been steadily growing. We have three thousand subjects after rejecting more than half of them."

"Be that as it may," Fromer stepped in. "Your firm will need to run many more tests, including some long term studies, before we'd even consider granting approval. Your potential customomers will just have to wait a few years."

"But can't you fast track this drug? It's been nine weeks now and none of my initial tests subjects, including myself, have suffered any side effects! It's completely safe!" Sheila protested.

"You'll need a larger sample size over a longer period of time," Jackson growled.

"Any of us has the authority to fast track treatments, Doctor Bennet. But I myself choose to do so only for important medicines," Rogers sneered. Sheila grimaced at her. If only the woman didn't have her black hair in such a severe bun. She'd be rather pretty, otherwise. Older than Sheila herself, of course, probably mid-forties, but she looked like she took good care of herself. The scientist blushed. Damn her drug! Even in times like this, she couldn't help but check out other women!

"Very well," Sheila sighed. "We'll initiate testing tomorrow. And we'll run as many as it takes, with as many volunteers as we can get, until you realize that this genetic therapy is not only safe and effective, but desperately needed."

"We'll see, Doctor Bennet. We'll see," Rogers said doubtfully.

Sheila waited for all three government functionaries to file out of the hotel conference room before letting out a heavy sigh. Four meetings with the approval board had all ended the same way. She might as well fly back to New York and see how Jim was coming along with production. That wasn't the only reason for wanting to return, of course. She felt her panties grow tight between her thighs as she pulled out her cell and dialed Melinda. It had been three days since she'd held the petite redhead in her arms, and she missed her dreadfully.

"Hello, Sheila," James Avery answered instead.

"Uh, hey, Jim. Where's Mel?" Sheila wondered.

"In the shower. I thought I'd answer and see how things went down in D.C."

"Oh is she just?" Sheila frowned. She hadn't been concerned when moving into Jim's penthouse in New York with her girlfriend. She was still confident in her ability to please a woman far better than any man alive, even a stud like Jim, but the two of them seemed to get on like a house on fire.

"Don't worry, I haven't put the moves on her. Yet." Jim chuckled into the phone. Damn him!

"Jim," Sheila grit her teeth and tried not to imagine the handsome man slipping between Melinda's slender thighs. She felt herself stiffen even more. Why was she getting turned on? Mel would probably laugh at him anyway, the girl was quite accustomed to seventeen inches now! "You know what, Jim," she suddenly laughed. "Go ahead and do your best to get into her panties, but I warn you, it might not go very well for you!"

"Don't forget, Sheila, I know what you've got under that skirt as well as anybody!" Jim laughed on the other end. "I'll just have to dig deeper into my bag of tricks."

"You and your bag of tricks," she rolled her brown eyes. She'd need to hurry back to New York soon. He was getting too big for his breeches and she knew just what to do to put him in his place. "As far as your question, the meeting didn't go great. Same as before. More testing."

"That's a shame, darlin. Can't you use any of your magic powers of seduction?" he chuckled through the line.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Mister Avery," she replied. "I don't have magic powers. Can I help it if no woman can resist me?"

"Wasn't there a woman on that panel? What's the matter, isn't she attractive?" Jim turned serious. "Even if she isn't maybe you should, you know, take one for the team."

"Isn't that unethical? Never mind. I'll call you back, after." Sheila asked, but she was already standing up and striding quickly through the door. She'd met the FDA representatives at her hotel, and if she had any luck, she might be able to catch them before they got away. Her heels clicked on the marble floor as she craned her neck to see across the huge lobby. She spotted the trio about to walk through the revolving doors onto the street.

"Miss Rogers!" she called as loud as she could as she ran. The voluptuous woman swiveled her head, and their eyes locked.

"Did you have something to add, Doctor Bennet?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"You're our last meeting of the day. If you forgot something, we have have time to hear your evidence," Fromer said as he leaned against the plate glass of the door.

"Speak for yourselves. If I don't get back by five, the wife will have my head," Jackson said with a frown.

"Actually, I just need Miss Rogers," Sheila panted as she slid to a halt.

"It is Mrs. Rogers, Doctor Bennet. I am a married woman."

"My mistake, Mrs. Rogers. Do you mind, though? It's really important. I don't need to waste everyone's time," Sheila added quickly, hoping to forstall the two men. Jackson nodded at her and slipped through the door.

"Should I wait for you, Cynthia?" Fromer asked his companion.

"I don't think this will take long, but I'll probably go home after this. Share a cab with Tom and I'll see you both on Monday," Rogers said with a firm nod. Fromer shrugged and left the two women.

"Thank you, Mrs. Rogers, I'm sure this won't take long," Sheila said and gestured back toward the meeting room.

"See that it doesn't," she snapped.

"Right," Sheila cringed as they headed back. Several men in business suits were already filing into the meeting room when they arrived. "Looks like somone booked the room after us. We could step up to my room?"

"You can just tell me here, Doctor Bennet," Rogers said, planting her fists on her generous hips. Sheila studied her for a moment. She was a few inches shorter and a few years older. She had fine lines around her large, hazel eyes and her plump lips. Her black suit coat hugged her full, hourglass figure closely. Her legs were shapely, with nice rounded calves and meaty thighs encased in sheer tan hose. Quite the milf, actually.

"Call me Sheila. And we're going to need a little privacy," she winked and snatched the woman's arm, pulling her down the hall to the next door. She hustled her inside what turned out to be a cramped little supply closet. Racks of bleach, towels and window cleaner lined three walls, while a big stainless steel sink took up the other.

"What's this all about? Unhand me!" Rogers jerked her arm away as Sheila shut and locked the door behind them.

"Sorry to be so forward, Cynthia," Sheila said as she peeled off her white blouse. Her heavy breasts swelled over the tops of her demi-cup bra. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down her legs before tossing the flimsy bit of lace at the older woman. She sighed in relief as she felt her over-sized cock and balls swing free between her legs.

"Look, I don't know what you think you're going to accomplish, but I have no interest in standing here and watching you undress, Doctor Bennet!" Rogers said as she backed away, her plump bottom hitting the sink.

"You'll see, Cynthia!" Sheila smirked. She unclasped her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were high and firm and she sighed as she ran her hands over them, teasing her long, light brown nipples. "Brace yourself," she said as she reached behind herself to unzip her skirt.

"I should call the police," the terrified woman whispered. She leaned back against the sink, her eyes wide as she watched Sheila slowly pull her tight black skirt to the floor. They stood in that little room, staring at each other in silence for almost a full minute. Sheila leaned back against the door, watching the other woman's face, enjoying the play of emotions on her features. Shock, curiosity, and finally desire.

"You see, Cynthia, there are some things you just have to see to understand!"

"Yes," Cynthia licked her lips, her big eyes glued to the fat anaconda hanging nearly to the scientist's knees. Sheila pulled it up, letting the weight of it make the head droop over her slender wrists and exposing her plum-sized balls hanging low in her smooth sac.

"I know what you're thinking. It's too big. I assure you, it just the right size. A lifetime of exposure to males has left women with a rather skewed perspective on proper proportions," Sheila said. Given the way women, and men in fact, reacted to the size of girl-cocks, and the relative ease to which women in particular seemed to adapt to it, she'd come to believe that humans were meant to be so well endowed. Evolution must have gotten off track somewhere down the line. She intended to correct that!

"Well, that's what you wanted me to see? It is... quite astounding!" Cynthia said at last. Her skin, creamy and pale, flushed a deep pink. She began to suck in long, deep breaths.

"Yes, thank you! I'm a bit above average, from what data I've gathered from the Wentford test subjects, though only by a few centimeters. You can take a closer look, if you like, Cynthia! There's no need to be shy," Sheila smiled warmly as she began to stroke herself. She felt the blood rush through the shaft, expanding the smooth skin.

"Truly remarkable," Cynthia said as she took a small step forward. Her soft lips parted as she looked closer. "It's getting bigger!"

"Yes, you really ought to see me at full size," Sheila urged. "If you were to say, give it a little squeeze I'm sure I could make that happen."

"I can't!" the woman said even as her trembling hands joined Sheila's to grasp the mammoth tube of flesh. Together they began to stroke, working in unison to bring her to her full, impossible size. Sheila grinned and took her hands away, letting the older woman do all the work.

"Your hands feel great, but not as nice as your mouth would," she said as she pushed gently on the woman's shoulders. Cynthia stumbled to her knees, her grip tightening on Sheila's cock.

"My mouth?" she gulped. "I've never even done that for my husband!"

"You probably never wanted to before right now, eh, Cynthia? Go ahead. Give it a try. You might find you like it!" Sheila urged her. She gryated her hips, rubbing her pink, heart-shaped cockhead all over the woman's startled face.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" Cynthia mumbled as Sheila's sticky precum coated her lips. She hesitated only a moment. She whined plaintively before opening wide and showering Sheila's turgid prick with hot, sloppy kisses.

"Oh that's the stuff!" Sheila groaned, rocking back and forth on her tall heels. Her cock was as thick as her own fist, but she guided it mercilessly into the bureaucrat's sucking mouth. Those big hazel eyes looked up at her in shock as Sheila made her cheeks bulge with her girth. She took hold of the woman's tight hair bun and pulled out the pins, letting her long black tresses fall over her shoulders as she slurped and gurgled.

"Get up," Sheila ordered, her voice raspy with barely contained lust. She longed to take a good hour or two and teach this stuffy lady how to deep throat, but choking her out with her cock wasn't going to get her what she wanted. She had to make Cynthia Rogers scream over and over with the kind of orgasms only she or other dickgirls like her could provide. She pulled her off her cock and helped her to her feet.

"I could barely manage to get the tip in my mouth!" Cynthia said as she wiped her drooling chin.

"That takes some practice," Sheila nodded. "At least for women. My boyfriend-" she stopped and cocked her head to the side. Was James Avery her boyfriend again? They hadn't done anything together since the day they met in his office, but she was living in his apartment now. "My boyfriend took it all with only a little practice, but men have bigger throats."

"Yes, well," Cynthia coughed and looked shyly away. Her small hands still pumped rapidly up and down Sheila's stiff organ. The sexy scientist grinned at the sight of the woman's sparkling wedding ring against the ruddy flesh of her cock. First Melinda's boyfriend, then Karen's fiance, and now this poor woman's husband. Her cock jerked from her loins. It was wrong, but it felt so good.

"I bet your husband doesn't treat your body the way you deserve," Sheila said as she took a firm grip on the woman's black suit coat. With a quick jerk, she ripped the garment open, sending the buttons flying to rattle against the floor and walls.

"He hasn't touched me in months!" Cynthia confessed. She had a crazy look in her light eyes, like she was about to bolt, or perhaps to completely surrender. Sheila didn't give her a chance to choose. She worked quickly, ripping her blouse just as savagely as she had her coat. She unsnapped her bra and licked her lips at the sight of Cynthia's massive, matronly bosom. They were even bigger than her own! Pale and oh so soft!

"You have great breasts, Cynthia! Your husband must be an idiot!" Sheila said as she bent to slurp one long, pink nipple, then the other. Her fingers sank deep into the creamy globes. "Either that or you're just too much woman for his puny male sex drive!"

"Please, don't talk about Hector that way!" she whined, but clutched at the younger woman's head as her tits were worshipped.

"Whatever you say, Cynthia, but you'll be agreeing with me before I'm done with you!" Sheila pulled the woman's skirt over her broad hips, exposing her tan pantyhose. They wouldn't do. She ripped the flimsy nylon to shreds, tearing long streaks down the woman's shapely legs. She wasn't wearing panties beneath, and Sheila cupped her hairy pussy.

"You're ruining my clothes!" Cynthia protested, but it was an act. She spread her legs wider, giving the beautiful brunette better access to her needy womanhood. Sheila slid a long finger between her folds, quickly finding her hot tunnel.

"You're soaking wet, my dear!" Sheila chuckled. "You can have Hector buy you new clothes tomorrow. In the meantime, turn around and bend over the sink!"

"What? Why?" Cynthia asked over her shoulder, already bending at the waist and gripping the steel rim of the sink with both hands.

"I think you know why," Sheila taunted her. The woman had a big, round, fleshy ass. So unlike Melinda's boyish little bottom. She gave it a smack, and the sound echoed in the small room, followed by the middle-aged woman's girlish squeal. She spanked her again, then again, leaving red handprints all over those fat, soft globes.

"Just do it if you're going to do it!" Cynthia sobbed.

"Do what?" Sheila wondered. She stopped spanking to caress the woman's thighs.

"Put it inside me. Fuck me," she whispered.

"Oh, if you say so!" Sheila laughed. She nudged Cynthia's thighs apart with a knee before stepping back and holding her cock with both hands. She still marveled at how big and heavy it felt in her hands. She slapped the meaty column against that soft ass, watching the pale flesh wobble. She wondered if what she'd heard crass young men say was true, that the bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushin? She chuckled as she guided the blunt pink knob between the woman's legs. She'd only been with two women since aquiring her huge girl-cock, but already felt like an expert.

"So thick!" Cynthia whimpered as Sheila forced the tip straight into the woman's tight, hot vagina. The pressure was immense, and the geneticist had to focus lest the wonderful sensation drove her over the edge with pleasure.

"Just relax, my sweet virgin," Sheila cooed as she steadily worked more and more into her. Cynthia Rogers may be long married, and probably had a couple of kids to boot, but her pussy was even tighter than Melinda's. Not for much longer though! She took a firm grip on the woman's massive hips and set to work. One had to be a little patient breaking in a new pussy, she knew.

"God it feels..." the bureaucrat's voice trailed off into a long, low moan that seemed to rise from the pit of her stomach.

"Yes, you're feeling me touch you in places never touched before," Sheila said smugly as she passed the halfway point. She looked down, watching in awe as, over the next few minutes, the older woman's curvy body took in more and more of her. She bottomed out, of course, but kept on pushing, kept on stretching.

"FUCK!" Cynthia screamed, slapping the inside of the metal sink, making it sound like a drum in the tiny room. Sheila grinned and pulled back until just the tip rested past her stretched lips. She spread her legs, planting her tall heels firmly on the floor before thrusting with all her might.

"Take it all, you uptight bitch!" Sheila cried as her bludgeon of a cock battered through the shrieking woman's insides, forcing her open even deeper. It took several more mintues of rough, savage pumping, with the older woman screaming and shuddering and jiggling under her, but Sheila finally forced all seventeen inches into her abused pussy. She held herself still, panting as she felt the woman's insides churn around her.

"It hurts," Cynthia moaned, her voice weak. She looked over her shoulder at the taller woman. Her black hair stuck to her forhead, damp with sweat. "Why did you stop?"

"Just letting you catch your breath," Sheila winked. Her cock truly never failed. She slapped that beefy ass once more and really began to fuck. The metal racks beside them shook and rattled as they rutted like beasts in the hotel supply closet. Someone came and knocked on the door, but both women ignored it, far too busy screaming in pleasure to even notice. There was some muffled shouts, but eventually those stopped as well. As far as Sheila was concerned, the only thing that mattered was the hot milf bent over under her.

"Yes, yes! Oh sweet Jesus YES!" Cynthia shouted as what must have been her twentieth orgasm flooded her senses. Her once tight pussy was a sticky wet tube of hot, raw flesh that caressed and squeezed fitfully around Sheila's relentlessly pounding cock. The sexy scientist felt her enormous balls begin to swell; her own boiling orgasm fast approaching. She let the older woman's screams fade to a whimper before stepping back and pulling out.
"Get on your knees and face me," Sheila barked, her voice hoarse with barely contained need. Cynthia nodded as she pushed herself up from the sink. She sank to the floor, a wobbly, sweaty, disheveled mess. Sheila crouched down in front of her, slapping her giant cock between the woman's breasts, leaving a wet trail of precum and pussy juices.

"I took all of that!" Cynthia said, her voice filled with wonder. She once again kissed and stroked Sheila's titanic prick while the brunette reached down and pushed the soft swells of her breasts up against her shaft.

"You sure did, Cynthia! And you loved it to, but oh fuck!" she cried suddenly. That hot tongue, those clever hands, and those amazing breasts finally coaxed her stubborn orgasm out of her. Pleasure spread from her head to the tips of her toes like a detonation. Her cock throbbed between Cynthia's huge tits and sent loose a blast of cum that splashed against the pretty woman's face. Powerful muscles contracted deep within her as Sheila's potent balls sent more and more pearly seed rocketing from her cock.

"Goodness!" the FDA offical cried as her face was soon covered. Thick globs of the hot goo fell from her nose, mouth and chin, splattering all over her heaving breasts.

"Oh, giving you a pearl necklace," Sheila smirked, but she staggered back, leaning against the door. She wiped her sweaty brow and surveyed the damage. Cynthia knelt on the floor, stunned and dripping with girl-cum. Her clothes lay in tatters around her.

"And then some! Good God, How am I going to get out of this hotel?"

"Here," Sheila tossed the woman a towel from one of the racks. "Sorry about the clothes. When we phallic women fuck, we can make quite a mess!"

"So I see," Cynthia laughed, her shoulders quaking, her huge, cum-soaked tits wobbling. "I can't believe what just happened."

"Yes, but it was fun, wasn't it?" Sheila said as she found her panties, grunting as she forced her semi-hard cock, still slick with juices and well over a foot long, into the black satin. "What do you say, are you convinced about putting the project on the fast track to approval?"

"Ever heard of the Bullet Train?" Cynthia nodded. "Just get that New York study underway and send over the results. You'll get your approval faster than you can blink!"


Sheila wasn't sure what she expected to find when she stepped into James Avery's New York penthouse, but the sight that greeted her certainly wasn't it. Sure, she'd given Jim the go-ahead to try to seduce her girlfriend, but she didn't think he'd actually succeed! She stopped in the doorway, dropping her bag on the floor. She could only stare at the scene before her.

Jim lay sprawled on his back on the thick carpets of the living room, his hands behind his head and grinning like he'd just won the lottery. Melinda sat astride his trim waist, facing away from him in reverse cowgirl. Her little body bounced up and down quickly, and she yelped each time her ltitle ass came to rest on the tall man's lap. Both of them were nude of course, and Sheila felt herself start to respond, despite the situation.

"Don't just stand there with the door open, baby, come on in!" Jim turned his head and winked. Melinda slammed her tiny body up and down a few more times, her tiny breasts jiggling from the force of her eager fucking.

"Oh, crap, Boss!" she squealed. Her big blue eyes met Sheila's and the two women stared at each other for a long, silent moment. Finally Sheila sighed and stepped inside the apartment, closing the door behind her.

"Well, I didn't think you'd actually pull it off, Jim," she said quietly. She wore a navy blue dress with flowing skirts and low, chunky heels suitable for travelling. If it weren't for the tightness of her white cotton panties, that skirt would be tenting out nearly a foot and a half in front of her.

"I almost didn't, you should have heard her giggle when she saw me naked!" Jim said a bit sheepishly. He patted the small woman's hip affectionately. "It was damn near cruel enough to break a man's ego."

"I'm so sorry Sheila," Melinda said softly, chewing her lower lip. "I was just so jealous that you and him had hooked up again..."

"It's okay, Mel, and you're right," Sheila nodded. "I have no right to be jealous. I've had sex with three other people since we became a couple, including James. I don't want to lose you." She paushed. "In fact I don't want to lose either of you. It's probably for the best that you two, uh, get along so well."

"You're really not mad?" Melinda asked, her voice small. She must not have realized it, but she rotated her slender hips on the older man's lap ever so slowly as they talked. She was enjoying it, but how could she even feel him?

"No," Sheila forced herself to smile. She quickly stripped, throwing her dress and then her bra and panties over her luggage by the door. Her cock snapped to attention immediately, thrusting out from her curvy hips and throbbing.

"Oh Gosh, I've missed you Boss!" Melinda cried as she hopped up from Jim's lap, leaving his stiff, wet cock to glisten as it stood up from his body. The tiny woman rushed to her side and Sheila pulled her into a loving embrace. She simply adored her energy and playful attitude, and couldn't get enough of her petite little body. Their tongues wrestled as Sheila caressed Melinda's soft, supple body.

"I'll never get tired of seeing that," Jim said ruefully as he looked on from where he sat on the thick carpets.

"You won't have to, James," Sheila said when she broke her passionate kiss. She held the young woman in one arm and beckoned for her former lover to join them. "I know it's greedy, but I want both of you."

"You really aren't mad are you?" Melinda whispered. Sheila looked at her. Her huge blue eyes were wide, nervous.

"I'm not, Mel. But it's not because I don't love you. I love you more than ever. And I'm glad you and Jim get along, because I want him in my life too," she said softly.

"How can I refuse such an offer, Sheila?" Jim said as he wrapped his powerful arm around Sheila's trim waist.

"You just want to have two girlfriends, you dirty old man!" Melinda giggled.

"You're damn right! But I'm not alone in this, you two will each have a boyfriend and a girlfriend!" he chuckled, then stooped to kiss each of them on the cheek.

"Very unconventional," Sheila sighed. "But if I represent a third gender, there's a kind of natural order to it. One of each."

"Whatever you want to call it, Boss, I've really missed your cock!" the redhead giggled as she fondled Sheila's rampant prick.

"And I've missed you. For all these years I've missed you," James said quietly. His lips met Sheila's, and they kissed with all the passion of their once blistering love affair renewed.

"Isn't that sweet?" Melinda chirped happily. "We ought to give our girlfriend a proper welcome, Jimmy! C'mon!" She said as she crouched on the floor, tugging at Jim's hand to pull him down with her.

"Isn't this a sight!" Sheila laughed as she looked down between her full, round breasts at the handsome man with thick black hair and sexy green eyes and the adorable impish red-headed girl beside him. "What are you two naughty people up to down there?"

"Oh I thought we'd both worship your cock. It's pretty awesome, after all!" Melinda giggled. She suited deed to word, and began to to lick and kiss all over the gargantuan shaft. Weeks of practice had taught her to find all of Sheila's most sensitive spots, and her soft little tongue found them all.

"She makes a point," Jim conceded. He bent lower, his lips finding Sheila's pendulous balls. He toyed with them for a while, kissing the heavy orbs through the smooth, silky sac. He opened wide, sucking one in and rolling his tongue over it, making Sheila hiss in pleasure.

"I could get used to this!" the tall brunette cooed, her long fingers toying with thier hair. Mel tackled her cock first, choking and gagging as usual as she struggled to get all seventeen inches down her slim little throat.

"Get right down on it, Mellie," Jim urged as he watched, smirking. The small woman shot him a dirty look, as she sucked at the tip. She sucked in a deep throat through her little nose before pushing forward again. Her cute face scrunched up in obvious pain as her throat bulged out fighteningly far. Her neck and face took on a deep red hue as her lips, stretched thin and pale, sank lower and lower.

"I know it's hard for you sweetheart," Sheila purred. "But you're almost there, you can do it if you really want to!"

"Just relax and swallow, honey. Don't think about or worry about breathing for now. You can hold your breath can you?" Jim encouraged.

Mel nodded in response. Her whole body trembled, sweat breaking out on her pale skin as she forced herself even lower. Finally her small nose pushed up hard against Sheila's taut, tanned belly as she nuzzled her face into the tall woman's body.

"Oh good job! I know it's so hard for you!" Sheila exclaimed in excitement. Melinda had only managed it all a handful of times, most of the time choking and gagging too much to get more than halfway down. She closed her eyes and relished the intense sensation of her young lesbian lover's hot, tight throat clenching around her shaft.

"Gosh!" Mel spluttered as she at last pulled all the way off. She coughed and wheezed, spit dripping from her mouth and hanging off Sheila's mosntrous appendage. "If I stayed any more I think I was gonna pass out!"

"Maybe next time, my love," Sheila stroked the girl's face, blushing at her own words. Melinda blushed and nodded.

"I think it's my turn, girl. Let me show you how it's done!" Jim piped in eagerly. Melinda giggled as she sat back to make room for him. "This really isn't the best position for this, how about I lay back on the couch and you feed me, Sheila?"

"Oh that sounds like a marvelous idea!" the well-hung dickgirl exclaimed. She licked her lips as she watched the big, athletic man stretch out on the wide, white leather couch. He lay on his back, idly stroking his cock as he hung his head over the side, his mouth open. His gray eyes met hers, and he winked.

"Gee, Boss, I think he likes sucking your dick as much as I do!" Melinda said as she bounced up to her feet to get a better view.

"Good thing too," Sheila agreed. She kicked off her heels and padded up the handsome man. He was so cocky, so eager, she plunged right in. He flopped on the couch like a fish out of water as she ruthlessly speared his mouth, then his throat with her cock. She leaned over the couch, hunching her hips as she drove them forward. Her big breasts wobbled over his face as she steadily fed him one inch after another, not stopping until her massive balls plopped against his face.

"Wow! He took it just like that!" Melinda snapped her fingers and giggled.

"Uh huh, he was made for this!" Sheila smiled. Jim let go of his own turgid cock to reach around them and stroke her thighs as she pumped. His lips and tongue moved like magic around her steely shaft. His hot, velvety throat undulated around her as he swallowed repeatedly. She could see his throat bulging, not as dramatically as Melinda's tiny neck, but she could see herself sliding back and forth and the sight drove her wild.

"I see what you mean! No way I could ever take you like that!" Melinda whimpered. She flopped onto the chair opposite, spreading her slender legs and rubbing her sweet, pink slit furiously as she watched her lover savagely fuck the man's face.

"No need to be jealous, sweetie! You've got a trump card, that hot little pussy!" Sheila blew her a kiss as she picked up the speed, using his mouth and gullet as hard a she could. The man took it like a damn pro!

"It's still all yours, by the way, Boss! I remember when you said it belonged to you!" Melinda gasped as her little talented fingers brought herself to a sudden, sharp orgasm.

"Good," Sheila nodded. "But didn't I see you fucking Jim just a little while ago?" she panted. Her breasts were swaying faster and her thighs burned with the effort of keeping up her blistering fast pace.

"Yep," the diminutive redhead grinned after a moment, still recovering from her cum. "I let him have my butt instead!" she giggled like a naughty schoolgirl.

"Well I'll be!" Sheila laughed. "I've been so focused on your wonderful pussy I've forgotten all about your bottom! You realize I'm going to have to claim that now, too, don't you, sweetie?"

"Oh shit!" Melinda squeaked, but her bright blue eyes stayed fixed to the erotic scene before her, and her furiously twitching fingers never left her tiny clit.

"First things first though!" the brunette said as she leaned over her handsome boyfriend. She held her massive cock balls-deep in his throat, feeling him breathe deep and hard through his nose. She shivered as his hot breath tickled her sensitive balls. She ran her hands over his well-muscled chest and toned abs. He was quite a work of masculine art! He slapped her thigh once, then again, his movements urgent.

"I think he needs you to let up for a minute, Boss," Mel observed.

"Are you okay, Jim?" Sheila asked as she stepped back, letting her huge girlcock pop free of his gaping mouth.

"Jesus," Jim muttered as he sat up, rubbing his neck. "You really don't pull any punches do you, babe?" he chuckled, his voice wheezey.

"I'm sorry, but your mouth is simply to die for, Jim. Just like it was before!" She bent to kiss his forehead tenderly.

"Maybe a change in position. Doggy style?" he suggested as he wiped spit from his chin and a tear from his eye.

"Great idea!" Sheila clapped. "Get down on all fours and I can feed it to you! Melinda, sweetie, since you've been kind enough to let Jim have your ass, I think you should return the favor!"

"What do you mean, Boss?" Melinda asked as the tall man quickly assumed the position on the floor.

"What you mean he didn't lick your little bottom before filling it?" Sheila arched an eyebrow at her girlfriend.

"Well, yeah, now that you mention it," the redhead blushed.

"Good. And he'll have plenty more chances to lick you again, and your pussy too. I know how he loves to do that."

"You're damn right I do!" Jim agreed.

"But for now, you can lick his ass while I fuck his mouth!" Sheila didn't give the man a chance to respond. She slapped his handsome face with her club-like cock before burying it to the hilt between his lips. He gurgled and thrashed for a moment, but soon settled down to a nice, deep, rhythmic suction.

"That dick is making you kinky, Boss!" Melinda tittered as she crawled onto the floor. "I fucking love it!" She spread his tight buns and hesitated only a moment before moaning and pressing her cute face between them. Jim lurched, his body sandwiched between two lovely young women.

"Kinky and horny!" Sheila agreed. She sawed her hips back and forth, dragging her huge cock past Jim's stretched lips steadily. Her young girlfriend slurped and lapped, her pretty face delving deep into his tight, virgin ass. Her balls slapped against his chin ever faster, swelling and with her rising cum. His throat was just too fucking good!

"Cum down his throat, Boss," Melinda urged between slurps at his ass. She hummed as she went back to it, digging her nimble tongue deep.

"Yes, yes here it comes!" Sheila cried. With a final forceful stab she rammed to the hilt, her cock jerking and swelling even more inside his hot, raw throat. She shuddered, holding two fistfuls of Jim's thick black hair as the icy chill of orgasm washed over her. The tip of her cock extended deep within him, shooting her steamy white load directly into his stomach. She moaned, grinding her body into his face as she spurt over and over.

"Good God!" Jim gasped as Sheila slid back onto her ass on the carpet. Her chest heaved, her nipples brown points hard enough to cut stone. Her cock, slick and dripping with spit and cum, stood up like a primative totem pole.

"I don't know what's better, your mouth or Melinda's pussy!" she gasped finally.

"Her tongue is pretty wild too," Jim grunted. He crouched on all fours, his body tense as the young redhead tongued away happily. "I've never felt anything like this before," he admitted.

"Get used to it, Jim," Sheila said. "I've decided that her ass should be mine too, and that's a little unfair to you."

"Yeah, but with your cock, you kinda get to make the rules, huh Boss?" Melinda winked at her before taking a playful bite at the man's firm, beefy ass cheek.

"Hey!" Jim yelped.

"So to make things more fair and even, I've also decided to take your ass, Jim!" Sheila said lustily as she slowly rose to her feet. "I've got more than enough dick for the both of you. The only question is, who is going to get it first?"

"Oh, me! Pick me!" Melinda rose her hand eagerly. Sheila laughed and nodded graciously as the little woman spun around, presenting her small, boyish ass. She crouched on hands and knees, wiggling her slim hips. "You need to ruin my butt just like you did my pussy, Boss!"

"Looks like you've got a volunteer," Jim said as he rolled over onto his side. His cock had flagged, drooping between his legs. Sheila had a hard time not sneering at it. He was such a fine specimen otherwise! Best just to ignore that little shortcoming. "Here's the lube, though I was inside her only an hour or so ago. She might be ready."

"You really think so?" Sheila smirked as she took the jar and squirted the thick wet goo liberally over herself. In moments she was lined up with the pretty girl's tiny bottom. She gazed down skeptically. She could see the little pink rosebud, glistening with lube from where Jim had fucked her. It seemed far too small for the task. But then again, so had her pussy, all those weeks ago. "Brace yourself, my love," she said sweetly as she rubbed her cockhead between those soft pale cheeks.

"Gosh, this is gonna hurt," Melinda looked over her shoulder nervously. Her big blue eyes were wide with anxiety. "But just do it, Sheila. It hurt when Jim did me the first time too, best to just get it over with."

"All right," Sheila nodded and took a deep breath. She clutched her tiny waist with one hand while the other held up her massive cock. With a firm, deliberate jab, she wedged her heart-shaped cockhead against that tight little ring, slowly prying it open. The two women gasped in unison. Melinda arched her back but didn't move away, and Sheila kept pressing.

"OH GOD!" the redhead shrieked as her abused sphincter suddenly forced open to make room for Sheila's fist-sized cockhead.

"So tight!" Sheila gasped, holding herself still. She'd never felt anything like it. The small woman's ass squeezed her so tight! She could feel the muscles clenching and releasing around her, gradually opening up.

"Just stay still for a minute, Sheila, please?" Melinda begged, her voice high and desperate. She hung her head low, panting. "This really really fucking hurts."

"Okay, sweetie, just relax, I'm not going anywhere," Sheila said soothingly, stroking her back. Jim knelt beside them, patting the girl's rump afectionately as his hot mouth sought Sheila's. They lost themselves in a long passionate kiss, their hands sliding together over Melinda's soft skin. Jim bent and took one of her nipples in his mouth, suckling slowly.

"Okay, the pain is going away," Melinda whispered after a few minutes. "It feels really strange, like need to go to the bathroom."

"Just relax. I've heard that before," Jim said. The man must have gotten around after he'd left all those years ago. Sheila was glad of his expertise now.

"Should I start pushing again?" the brunette asked him.

"No," he shook his head, rubbing his cheek against her soft breasts. "Pull out and push in again, as slow as you can."

"Right," Sheila nodded. She hated leaving such a tight, hot hole, but Jim seemed to know what he was talking about. Melinda's ass seemed to suck at her cockhead as she withdrew, but shen she pushed back in, the young woman let out a long, pleased sigh.
"Gosh that feels good!" she cried, inching her tiny bottom back, taking a few more inches. "Oh, even better!"

"Keep going, babe, nice and slow," Jim said, slapping Sheila's ass. She rolled her eyes at him, but did as he said. Each painstaking stroke brought her smooth body closer and closer to her young lover. She could feel her guts twist around, making room for her as she explored her darkest depths.

"This is fucking wild!" Melinda exclaimed. Her ass got looser by the minute, and before long, Sheila heaved back and forth, slamming her whole cock in and out of Melinda's body. Sheila loved every moment of it. Loved the hotter, tighter hole, loved the way the young woman looked under her, loved Jim's hands all over her body as she fucked, loved his mouth on hers. Most of all, she loved that her adorable lesbian lover had given this most intimate act to her. She wanted to share it with Jim too.

"Get on your hands and knees beside her, lover," she whispered hotly in his ear. "It's your turn!"

"All right," he gulped. As nervous as he seemed, and as outlandish as her request, this handsome straight man, rich and successful, a man who could have, and did have, any beautiful woman he wished, got on his hands and knees for her. She pulled out of Melinda with a wet plop, making the redhead moan as she was emptied.

"Aww, I was just getting into it!" she whined.

"Don't worry, sweetie! I've got more than one cum left in me tonight. We've got hours to go!" Sheila said as she hobbled to the side, lining up behind the handsome man.

"You're such a fucking stud, Boss!" Melinda giggled.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Jim said, looking over his shoulder. His gray eyes, steely normally ever so calm, confident, and in control, were dilated wide.

"I hope your advice on taking Mel applies to you," Sheila said before lubing up her cock with a fresh coat of sticky gel and pushing her pusling knob between his tight, muscular cheeks.

"You and me both!" he yelped. Sheila chuckled and slowly pushed her cock past his tight, virgin sphincter just as she'd done with Mel's. He was even tighter and hotter, and she grimaced, the pressure was almost painful.

"Fuck!" the man cried, his hands balling into fists and pounding the floor. Sheila held still for a moment, letting him adjust. He panted, his back heaving as a cold sweat glistened on his tan skin. She felt him start to loosen, so she pulled back and penetrated him all over again.

"This is grand, fucking my girlfriend and my boyfriend in the same night!" she moaned as she forced half her cock into his spasming rectum in one powerful thrust.

"It's pretty cool, Boss!" Melinda agreed cheerfully. She remained crouched beside the older man, and leaned over to kiss his cheek as Sheila roughly stole his anal virginity.

"That's too deep, you're gonna break something!" Jim yelped as her giant cock pushed into his guts. Her tits swayed back and forth as she relentless thurst deeper. Jim grunted and moaned, and finally started rocking back and forth to meet her. Her huge balls swung like pendulums as she hilted inside him, smacking painfully into his smaller set.

"Really, you want me to stop?" Sheila taunted him. Her pistoning cock rubbed over his sensitive prostate again and again. Jim hung his head, his body quaking.

"No, keep going. Harder. It's fucking amazing!" he said finally. His voice cracked, whether from shame at loving being fucked, or from sheer pleasure, Sheila didn't know. She reached down, feeling his soft cock and balls swaying under them. He may not have been hard, but he obviously loved it.

"Take it, Jim, just like I used to take you!" she panted. She gripped his waist hard, pumping furiously at his upturned ass. His cock started spurting wildy, the limp organ flopping to and fro, spraying his pent up load all over his belly, her thighs, and the carpets as it slapped back and forth.

"Oh I can feel you cumming!" the brunette cried. The man's ass clamped down on her incredibly hard, sending bolts of pleasure down the huge shaft. She wiggled her hips back and forth, relishing the sensations.

"I can't believe he came just from getting it in the butt!" Melinda giggled.

"Don't tease, sweetie," Sheila chastized her playfully. Jim sank to the floor, resting his head on his arms with his ass stuck up against the scientist's body.

"I've never cum so hard before," he said happily. "And I don't care how it happened. It felt good!"

"Damn I love you, James Avery!" Sheila said happily as she pulled out of his ruined, wet ass. "But it's Mel's turn again!"

"Yippie!" the redhead giggled. Sheila sat back on her heels and looked at them both. Two completely different lovers, each gorgeous in their own way. Both with their hot, sexy bottoms turned toward her, eager for her cock. With a lusty growl, she slid every fat inch balls-deep into the shrieking woman, pumping her for a dozen strokes before pulling out and once again spearing the groaning man on her cock. Back and forth she fucked them, bringing herself, and each of them, to more screaming, bucking, wet orgasms as the night slowy faded into morning. By the time the three of them finally collapsed and crawled to the bed, they fell into a deep, happy sleep.

Sheila smiled softly as she nuzzled into Jim's strong chest. She wrapped an arm lovingly around Melinda's slim shoulders. Things were really coming together!

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