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For Services Rendered Ch. 01

His face buried in her neck, breathing heavily. Her legs wrapped tight around his naked sweaty body, bringing him close to her. He thrust in and out of her, quickening his strokes as his breathing sped up. He inhaled quickly, moaning has he exhaled slowly. Knowing what he likes, she guided his hand to her heaving breast, which he grabbed willingly. She pulled his hair, exposing his neck, nibbling softly. He propped up on his knees, pounding into her; she felt herself tighten, preparing for climax. Gritted teeth, closed eyes, a firm hand on her big breast, he released inside her, out of breath and moaning. She squeezed him with her legs, pulling him closer, hoping for a few more thrusts to push her over the edge. His thrusts slowed, she felt him pulse, squeezing the last drops inside her.

"How was that baby?" she asked, running a hand through his sweat soaked hair.

He grinned at her, lost deep in her green eyes. "Amazing, as usual."

She kissed his forehead, nudged him out of her, and walked across the room to the bathroom. He sat up on the bed and watched. Each of their encounters she did the same thing, and he always watched her walk across the room. His manhood was soaked with their essence, two bodies locked. Getting into this "club" was the best thing that had ever happened to him; otherwise, he may not have ever met her.

"Listen, I know we've talked about not talking about breaking the rules..."

"LA-LA-LA-LA" she responded with her fingers in her ears.

He sighed and got out of the bed to go to her.

"Just hear me out, please."

She had just stepped into her panties and was pulling them over her butt when his hand grabbed her hips. Fingers dug into her hip bones and snatched the breath from her chest. She smacked his hands away and continued to dress.

"Everyone that's part of this thing has a reason to be here. We need this. The rules keep all this intact and I won't be the one to break the rules and shatter the whole thing." she said, pulling her pants up to her waist. Still naked, admiring her beautiful curves, he leaned against the opposite wall.

"I'm not saying we make it official, it's one function, and everyone will have 'arm candy'."

"One function?" she exclaimed, snapping her jeans and reaching for her bra. "This one function has how many members of The Club?"

"Probably all of them."

"Exactly!" She turned to face the mirror, adjusting her breasts in her bra. "What better way to be kicked out of The Club. I like it here, I need this. You do too. The Administrator has said its work..." she stopped suddenly. She had said too much. Speaking of the administrator was forbidden and only the B's spoke to her/him, never the A's.

The Club was formed several years ago by a Psychiatrist named Angela Benson. Dr. Benson had been seeing a young woman with a sex addiction who was finding it very difficult to quench her desire for sexual activity. Another patient was a young doctor who was a nervous wreck before every surgical procedure he performed. To her, she suggested a controlled outlet. A partner with the stamina to meet her needs, a clean bill of health, and unlikely to form an attachment. To him, she suggested a time proven method of stress relief. She gave them both disposable cell phones for discreet contact, and instructed him to contact her before surgical procedures, and her to wait for his contact to make it spontaneous. Neither partner had too many details of the other, and was told to keep conversation to a minimum. Their first encounter was an immediate success leading the young doctor to seek out advanced surgical procedures and skyrocketed his career, while the young lady found a healthy outlet to her urges and minimized the dangerous online behavior she had been doing prior. Dr. Benson saw this social experiment as an opportunity. What if sex before surgery was the key to reducing medical mistakes? This could save lives, greatly improve the quality of care given at her hospital, and as an added perk, decrease malpractice insurance premiums due to the much lower incident number at her facility.

"You brought her up! It is a woman, isn't it?" he asked her, eagerly.

She screwed up; he would not let this go unless he got something. "Yes, it's a woman. Not another word about it or I have to report it."

"Wow." he said with a step back. "That escalated quickly."

"We both know why we are here." she said, pulling her shirt over her head. "And I've said before, I won't be the one to ruin this for everyone else." She stepped into her shoes, put her keys in her pocket, and grabbed his hands. Still naked, he stood against her. Forehead to forehead they held hands silently for a second. She closed her eyes, fighting back the feelings she had tried so hard not to formulate. He stared down her shirt at her very full chest.

"Please don't jeopardize this." she said, eyes closed still, her thumbs rubbing the tops of his hands. "I need it as much as you all do."

He let go suddenly, "I'll leave it alone if you don't remind me that there are others. It's hard enough not thinking about it, I really don't need you bringing it up." He gathered his clothes and began to dress.

"I'm sorry, there's just more at stake than you and me." She said, leaning against the doorway, keys in hand.

"I have surgery soon. You know the rules, you go first." He said dressing himself with his back to her.

"Well I'm only available for another few days so if..."

He put a hand up, signaling her to stop speaking "I know what to do."

He walked across the room to her, grabbed her face gently, and kissed her on the lips.

"Thank you, Marilyn" he said with another kiss. "Until next time."

"Until next time."

Procedure dictated that the B's take the detached garage on the left, while the A's used the attached garage to limit exposure. She started her car, backed out of the garage, and headed home.

"We're not sluts." Vanessa said, finishing another colorful shot. "We provide a service; we are volunteers contributing to the medical community!"

Vanessa, a member of The Club, had introduced Marilyn to The Administrator almost a year ago, hoping to get her in.

"Would you be quiet about it? Let's get out of here; you know I hate this bar." Marilyn disliked nearly every bar. She was a homebody who preferred a bottle of wine and a good pair of sweatpants over expensive Martinis and heels.

"Fine." Vanessa said, downing the last colorful shot on the table. "You're driving."

Marilyn had known Vanessa since college. Both graduated with Communications degrees, but had difficulty finding meaningful work. Exclusive "Speak-easy's" tailored to Seattle's wealthy elite provided better pay than cold calling at local television stations, or filling coffee orders for the music producing industry. One of these places is where The Adminstrator approached Vanessa. She was tall, slender, with wide hips and a shapely chest. Hazel eyes and long straight hair from her Caucasian father, light brown skin from her Samoan mother. She was a 10, fit for any modeling industry, if she could contain her drinking. Vanessa was a registered member of The Club for over a year before mentioning it to Marilyn. Dumbfounded, Marilyn had many questions.

"So you just have sex with random guys...just because?" Marilyn asked one night at Vanessa's apartment over drinks and sappy Romantic Comedy movies.

"They are not random, and there is a reason, I just can't get into details" Vanessa said with a sly grin to her friend. Vanessa thought Marilyn would be a perfect addition to the B's.

Dr. Benson had recruited 4 local women to "engage" with the 6 doctors in her care. At her insistence, the hospital instituted a mandatory annual psych evaluation for the benefit of the staff. Positions below Charge nurse were excluded. She enjoyed being able to speak with the rest of the staff, but really needed a way to gather doctors.

"So who would it be? One woman? Many?" a doctor and perspective member asked.

"I have several women who participate. They understand the necessity of the task; have been vetted through background checks, references, under the guise of potential legitimate employment, and a thorough STD panel. All are negative; all are tested bi-monthly."

"And I just tell you I have a Laminectomy, or whatever may present itself, and you arrange a time and place beforehand?"

"I'm working on a calendar type procedure to align availability with the house and all the members, but for now, yes, I'm the middle-man, so to speak. For reasons I'm sure you'll understand, I can't provide references, no other member has been willing to do so. But I can provide results of my study over the course of a year before I started this invitation only club."

The doctor looked at the findings in the charts. Legitimate data, mixed with fictional patient details and locations did lead to a decrease in surgical deaths, post-surgery care, and a dramatic, almost total, decrease in surgical equipment left in patients.

"The reduction in retained surgical instruments alone is almost worth it." He handed back the study and sat down. "Ok, I'm in"

Marilyn and Vanessa arrived at Vanessa's apartment. Vanessa was very drunk by then.

"Tell me Dr. Green doesn't give you the creeps. I've heard of his skills as a surgeon, but those hands on my body give me the chills." Vanessa said, half awake, stumbling across her bedroom.

"Vanessa please stop, it's just me here but you were loud at the bar, you have to shout to the world about The Club every time you drink. Have you considered leaving?"

Vanessa stopped suddenly and glared at Marilyn. "Leaving? I need this, more than you do! I got you in, and I can't kick you out of The Club, but I can tell you to get the fuck out of my apartment! Go! Now!" Marilyn shook her head as Vanessa continued to yell. She know Vanessa would text her the next day with a smiley face and a half-hearted sorry. Vanessa had demons, and alcohol brought all of them out. Maybe she should say something to Dr. Benson...The Administrator. No names were supposed to be used in this. She started her car and headed home. A familiar ring came from her phone, an emergency request. She pulled off to the side, opened an innocuous weather application on her phone, and searched for weather in ZIP code 99723. What looked like an advertisement for some sort of kitchen appliance was a link to the real app embedded in this weather app. The emergency request wanted someone immediately, some sort of major trauma surgery she imagined. She was out already, upset about Vanessa's behavior, and could use the distraction. She responded to the alert that she could be in the house in 20 minutes. The background on the app turned from red to green, looks like she was getting laid tonight after all.

Dr. Benson looked over the young lady sitting in her office. Disguised as a patient, she interviewed this potential member of The Club.

"Vanessa says you'll be a good fit. She's slightly unstable, but has been a great addition to The Club, that's what we call it." Dr. Benson said, not looking up from Marilyn's file.

"Uh yeah, Vanessa and I have been friends for a long time. She was in The Club for a year and I had no idea."

"As long as her alcohol consumption is minimized, her discretion is perfect. Now, about you. What has Vanessa told you? And be honest, I am a psychiatrist, I'll know."

"All I know is that she uses her phone to meet men for a legitimate reason. Honestly, that's all. I'm only here to quiet her requests that I join. "

Dr. Benson looked her over; she would be a good fit, physically. The typical man's fantasy: blonde hair, green eyes, long legs, and large breasts. She was skeptical, which is a good thing. Too eager to join The Club means advanced knowledge of the program, or unrealistic expectations.

"Vanessa isn't authorized to reveal details." Dr. Benson said, finally looking up from the file. "I can, and will at this time." She set the file down and looked at Marilyn in the eye.

Uncomfortable with the exchange, and unsure what to do, Marilyn replied "Okay?"

Dr. Benson began immediately: "For the past 3 years, I have matched eager young women, with very hungry sex drives, to practicing surgeons of this hospital. What began as a treatment idea for a nervous doctor and a patient with a sex addiction turned into a full scale social slash medical study. Now, it's evolved into The Club. Doctors request a block of time with a B from the club. I have a number of women, that I won't disclose, matched to a number of male doctors, again, I won't disclose those numbers. The women provide availability, the doctors find a block of time before a scheduled surgery. I have the hard data to prove my process works, The Club has been a great benefit to the medical community, and has saved lives. Let me be very clear on certain points: this is not a prostitution ring. No money, gifts, or services are exchanged. You volunteer with no expectation of payment or reward. This is not a dating service. Personal detail is kept to a minimum and outside contact is VERY strictly forbidden. Your personal relationship status is your business, but be warned, leave it at the door."

Marilyn soaked in the information. Vanessa had been having sex with doctors to calm their nerves before surgery? What a relief! She had thought her friend was some sort of "escort" or something.

"I see a look of relief in your face, not what you expected?" Dr. Benson inquired.

"Well, close, to be honest. I thought Vanessa was some sort of prostitute."

"Some may say she is, as well as the other people in The Club. I say people because I now have a number of women doctors who require a male B. It's quite the operation. Shall I continue or list the reasons why this will remain a secret and thank you for your time."

Marilyn had to think about that. It sounded dangerous, exciting, and fun! She enjoyed sex as much as anyone else, and this was safer than meeting men at a bar or online.

"I want to know more. I'm strangely interested."

"It shouldn't be strange. A woman of your age in good health should have an appetite for sex. It's part of our DNA, and a sign of a healthy life. Now, you'll be vetted through a criminal background check, credit check, references under the guise of legitimate employment, and an STD panel will be performed every two weeks. You're welcome to provide your own contraception, or I can issue it as your doctor. 'Normal' sexual activities are expected with minimal work on the A's part, that's how the doctors will be referred to at this point forward. This isn't a fetish group, anything considered 'strange' must be submitted to me before attempting. Sexual intercourse in varying positions, oral sex, both giving and receiving, and anal sex is all requested. Your prescription contraception and the mutual STD panels negate the use for condoms, so they are not encouraged. At this time, none of the A's or B's use them. Ejaculation can and will occur in and on various parts of your body. Is this too much for you?"

"I've never had anal sex; I've never had a desire to."

"If done properly it can be pleasurable for both partners. Enough time in The Club and it will come up. The A's don't take to 'No' very well. I suggest you review your position on the subject."

"Okay. Well...I want in. I want to join The Club"

"I'm glad to hear that. You'll be a welcome member. A recent request of 'nothing exotic' will be well met. You'll need to download this application; I'll show you how to use it once you're all the way in. Once your background check and tests come back, I'll show you to the house. You will use the left detached garage; the A's will use the attached garage on the right. Their faces are more widely known, even though the house is in a discreet location, close to the hospital"

"I suppose I'll look forward to your call?"

"Yes, I look forward to the results. See my nurse to schedule the blood tests, and don't mention The Club outside of this room"

Marilyn arrived to the house to meet her emergency contact request. The app background turned green to let her know that the A was in the house already. She arrives last, and leaves first, more not to see his car and gather more personal information than necessary. She used the keypad to open the garage door, parked her car, and entered the house.

"I am so glad it was you." her partner for the even said as he got up off the couch to approach her.

"I'm glad I was out already so I can..."

"Listen I don't have a lot of time. Several ambulances will arrive soon with patients from an accident and once they are through the Trauma Ward I'll be in surgery for hours."

She tossed her keys on the counter and pulled off her shirt.

"Sit down" she said, looking at him seductively.

He was taken aback by her frankness, but complied. She untied his scrub pants, pulling them off his legs, revealing his thickening cock. She scooted on her knees up to him, pulling off her bra, unsnapping her jeans, showing the top of her black lace panties. He spread his legs, welcoming her, put his arms up on the top of the couch, and leaned his head back. She grabbed the top of his throbbing cock, only the head showing from her hands, which she kissed and licked gently. She stroked lightly, up and down, with her hands, her hot breath and soft tongue swimming on his head. A drop of pre-cum emerged from his head, she squeezed him to get his attention, and smeared his early cum across her lips as he watched. Their eyes locked as her lips wrapped tight around his shaft and she buried his hard cock in her throat. Each stroke, she felt his head on the back of her throat, her lips touching his hip bone. She stroked his balls gently, feeling him harden further. He brushed the hair from her face, guided his hand down her back, around her arm, getting a handful of her big breast. Her sucking increased speed and pressure. She pulled the skin tight to the base of his shaft and sucked eagerly, up and down, in and out, her tongue lapping the head as it passed her jaw.

"Let's go to the bed, can we...can we try again?" he inquired to her.

She continued to stroke his cock, soaked with saliva, laying her head on is thigh, admiring its girth and general appearance. She stood up, pulled off her pants, panties, and straddled him, putting his face between her breasts, which he grabbed eagerly. She reached back and guided his cock inside her, and began rocking her hips. Her legs and back remained still, while her hips rose up and down on him. He alternated sucking on her nipples, squeezing her breasts, his hands finding their way all over her body. She moaned as his girth stretched her, and hit spots other men could not. His request was not an uncommon one; she had gathered that most of the A's are married. You can remove the ring, but not the indention or the tan line. Anal sex must not be common in their marriages, all but one A had requested it, but his impressive girth made it more difficult.

"Do you really want to try again?" She said on top of him, his hands squeezing her breasts tight, his tongue dancing on her nipples.

Between moans he said "Yes, yes baby, I do."

She slowed her hips, tossing in a tight twist to her up and down. She kissed his forehead, his cheek, held on his lips briefly. "Let's get in the bed then."

She stood up suddenly, causing him to cry out.

"Not funny!" he said as he followed her to the bedroom. Naked, she crawled to the head of the bed, gathered the pillows, and stacked them underneath her. She reached into the nightstand, gathering individual lubricant packets. "Working" for a hospital had its advantages.

"Are you sure you want..."

She stopped him there. "Just do it slowly, ok? "

"Ok baby."

He crawled on his knees to the bed, viewing her beautiful behind. Her long legs swayed slightly back and forth, her tight, shaved pussy in full view, but his prize was slightly above. He had tried anal sex with her after a couple meetings, he wasn't sure how many. They had been on their left side, one if his hands under her neck, holding her hands, the other pouring lubrication on him, and inside her. He had aligned his throbbing head with her sweet opening, grabbed her breast with a slippery hand and said "It won't feel right, but you need to push back on me, you know, like you're.."
"Yeah I got it, do it"

HIs hand slid down her side to her hip, and he pushed his hard cock into her ass. His pleasure was immeasurable as her tight body squeezed every inch of his big cock with pure tight pleasure, she screamed in pain as she accepted him, all the way, every thick inch.

"You have to push back or it will hurt"

"I am fucking pushing and it still fucking hurts!" she said through gritted teeth, squeezing his hand. He withdrew to the head, and pushed back into her as she screamed again. His stokes increased in speed, and depth for several minutes until she slapped his hips multiple times.

"OK OK OK stop, I can't do it anymore, it's too painful"

"Ok, sorry" he said as he slowly withdrew from her.

She bellowed a long painful moan as his thickness slid out of her. Remembering why she was there, she reached down and stroked his throbbing cock with her hand.

Out of breath from attempting to hide the pain she said "Give me just...I just need a minute...we can finish"

"Don't worry about it." he said, trying to get off the bed. "I'm sorry if I hurt you."

He can't go to surgery upset and frustrated she thought. She slid his cock inside her pussy, attempting to abandon thoughts of cleaning him before doing so.

"No it's ok, really, finish. What do you want?"

He finished inside her, from behind, on their sides, in several minutes. Marilyn thought she should have held on a bit longer, he could have finished in her ass.

On her knees, preparing to accept him for anal again, she turned her head to see him lubricating himself. She began to say she'd keep quiet and he need to start and finish, but his lubricated fingers entered her, and all words left her, all thought became of the pain in her ass. Two fingers at first, another packet of lubrication, then three fingers. His hand slid in and out of her while she moaned in pleasure and pain into a pillow. She felt his other hand slide down her back, feeling the side of her breast, to grab a hand full of hair. His lubricated hand pressed firmly on her lower back, he said: "Are you sure about this? If I start this, I'm finishing"

He pulled her hair, raising her head off the pillow, allowing her to answer.

"Yes lover, do it. Finish"

He pushed her head back to the pillow and pressed the head of his cock against her ass. He could see her pushing back, and with that, grabbed her thigh with his slippery hand, and pressed his cock inside her ass, again. The head pressed in first, causing her to yelp, then he slid the veined thickness deep in her. Her screams drowned by the pillow. Anal sex had been a wonder for him, but his size usually turned off the women to the idea. His wife had given him a firm "Absolutely not" early in their relationship, but several of the girls in The Club had been able to take him. Now, Marilyn was no different. His hips moved back and forth as his thick cock slid in and out of her ass, the head never leaving her body. He thought back to their first time, her scream of pain. He thought of her sweet mouth sucking his thick cock while he squeezed her big tits. He had more pussy than he could handle with no money trail to try to hide, as he did when he was with prostitutes at first.

His pace quickened, her screams decreased. She was pushing back just right, matching his strokes. In and out he slid back and forth in her sweet, untapped ass. Flashing lights outside indicated the ambulances had arrived; he didn't have much time left. His pace quickened again, pounding into her harder than she could handle. She reached around to find his body and tap out, but only found pillows. The pain kept words from forming, and he pressed her into the pillow to keep anything from coming out anyway. His moans matched his quickening pace, he let go of her hair, grabbed her hips, and slammed into her one last time. She screamed out in pain as he released a big, backed up load inside her ass. He pulled out slowly, then back in, ensuring every drop went inside her.

"The ambulances are here, I'm so sorry but I have to run" he said as he pulled out of her completely, and slowly. She lay in a naked, sweaty slump on the bed, her ass screaming in pain, his cum dripping out of her, down her pussy, onto the bed.

"I get it, go save lives" she said with a wince as she tried to roll over, but decided against it for the time being.

"Look, I'm sorry it hurt, but now that we've done it, it makes it easier for every other time. Shh we'll talk about it next time" He bent down and kissed her lips. "I have to go right now"

He quickly dressed in the other room, and ran out. The garage door never opened, he had come from the hospital. Marilyn gathered her strength and walked to the shower. She knew his name, Leonard Addams. He had been married 13 years, has 3 children, and in The Club for two years. Vanessa said he enjoyed anal sex, and was getting rougher with her. Marilyn tried not to discuss the A's with Vanessa, the only other B in The Club she knew. She enjoyed the sex, enjoyed the distraction, most of all, she enjoyed the company. More often than not, she found herself alone in her own home. Only Vanessa knew that she was married. Dr. Benson and none of the A's knew. She didn't do this to hurt her husband, she loved him dearly, and it was her way of coping with him being gone for weeks at a time. When they met, his ambitions in life were simple, pretty girls, fast cars, and tons of money. He married her, filled his garage, now he traveled the world for his profession, increasing his wealth, hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

She stepped into the shower and felt his cum run down her leg; The Club had a very nice house, leased discreetly by Dr. Benson using a fake corporation that caters to the material needs of The Club. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two garages, adjacent to the hospital. It was perfect. She stayed in the tiled steam shower until her hands pruned. She dried off, tossed the sheets in the washing machine, and dressed, waiting for the quick cycle to finish so she could dry it and leave. She broke a rule, letting him leave first, but it saved her a trip in the morning back to clean up. Her aching back side and hand print left on her breast made her think he was getting rougher. She lay back on the couch and her mind wandered while she waited for the machine to finish and her pain to subside. What would her husband think/do? How long could this go on? What happens when this whole thing falls apart? How did she even get to this point? The last question was easier to answer.

Hot water bubbled around her face as her husband's cock thrust out of the water, into her mouth just above the surface. The steam and heat mixed with the alcohol in her blood made it tough to focus, but this wouldn't last much longer. Each of his long trips brought an expensive addition to their massive home; the last trip got this hot tub, within a grotto, within a small forest. He stripped her on their patio and had her walk across the lawn, through the trees, into the grotto, naked, as he watched. He finished his beer, threw the bottle, and went after her. They made out heavily. He squeezed her breasts hard; she scratched his muscled, hairy chest. Now their first passionate session inside the grotto was about to end in her mouth. His pumps quickened, his guttural grunts matched his exhales, and his sign he was about to cum. At the last second, and at the same time, he shoved his cock into her mouth, and shoved her head and his lower body underwater. She struggled to get away as her mouth filled with cum and hot tub water. He let go and she burst from the water, coughing.

"You fucking prick! See if I ever suck your cock again!" she said between coughs.

"Oh come on sweet thing, it wasn't so bad." he said "Ok ok fine, I'm sorry. I won't do it again"

She caught her breath. Naked, her big chest heaving, the dim fake flame light of the grotto tossing shadows over her husband. His eyes were locked on her with a sly grin on his face. He was powerful, manipulative, and confident. He knows how to get exactly what he wanted, but she would get a small win for him. She ducked out of the grotto, under the water fall, snatched his shorts and shirt, and then dashed across the yard. Laughter filled their lawn as she put on his clothes, forcing him to walk naked from their secluded retreat.

"You think I give a shit?" he said as he strolled naked, without a care, toward their home.

"You're no fun, she said as she peeled off his shirt and tossed it at him.

"Stripping for me again? We might have to go again before I leave."

That killed her mood, and he saw it, regretting mentioning it and losing a chance to fuck her one more time. They lied in bed, she wept while he slept. He drove to the airport while she slept, the valet service would bring back the car. That night, she opened the weather app and put in the ZIP code for the first time. Her first time signing in as "Available" in The Club. She scrolled through the calendar looking for openings. The next day, early in the morning. What a strange time to want to have sex! She took the request and went about her day. The next morning, when her alarm went off earlier than usual, it took her a second to realize why. Sudden realization snapped her awake, and out of bed. She dressed for the occasion, matching black lace bra and thong, short skirt, a revealing top, easy to remove. Light makeup, her favorite perfume, and her "fuck me" heels as her husband named them. She checked the app at a stop light close to the house, the background was green. She pulled up to the key pad, and for a second struggled to remember her PIN for the garage. As the garage door closed behind her she wondered what she was doing here. Companionship? Sex? She closed her eyes and thought hard about not going in, backing out of The Club. The thought of three weeks alone, while her husband was in Europe this time, or was it Asia? It didn't matter. With a deep breath and a quick exhale, she shut off her car and went inside. The smell of strong coffee washed over her as she walked in.

"Come in! Come in!" a voice said from the living room. "I was just having coffee. I am worthless in the morning without my..." He entered the room and stopped in his tracks. His eyes worked her body up and down, very slowly. He caught himself and closed his mouth.

"A new B, and what a new B! You are...just wow!" he said as he put his coffee cup on the counter and approached her.

"I'm Mary" she said.

"Doctor A" he replied with an extended hand.

They shook hands quickly.

"As I was saying, I'm no use to anyone without my coffee. Join me in a cup?"

"No, thank you" she nervously replied "My nerves are a wreck already"

"Well come, sit, please. Wait; is this your first meeting?"

"Yeah, sorry"

"No! No! I would have been more courteous if I had known. Sit, sit, please."

She put her purse on the counter and sat next to him. Hands folded on her lap, legs crossed, her skirt intentionally riding up her leg a bit.

She took a second to look him over while he poured his coffee. He was an older man. 50's maybe. Salt and pepper hair, short cropped beard, hair line creeping past the middle of his head. He was dressed simply, plaid button down tucked into slacks and plain shoes.

"Well, welcome to The Club, as we call it. The Admin speaks of her data proving the legitimacy of it, but we are...well you know who we all are, our profession at least"

"Yeah, are you all..."

"No, no, darling. I know you know. That's enough. "He sat next to her and immediately rubbed her thigh. "Nice soft skin. You really are something else. A welcome addition. Well, we both know what we are here to do, shall we?"

Nervously she replied "Yes, please"

He took her hand and walked her to the bedroom.

"My my my" he said, admiring her curves.

"I'm one of the original members of The Club." he said as he unbuttoned his shirt. "I was part of the medical study, after the original two, and before The Club as it is now. Go ahead and undress, just the top and skirt, I'll do the rest." He said with a wink as he slid his pants and boxer shorts to the floor. She unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor, she pulled her shirt over her head, and his hands stopped her arms, her shirt obstructing her vision.

"Riiiiight there, for just a moment" he said

His fingertips brushed down her arm, across her exposed lips, down her chest, both hands finding her breasts at the same time.

"It's tough to find a set with size and quality, but you, my dear, have done quite well. Just a few more moments like this, I promise I'll let you see again."

He kissed the top of her breasts, slid his hands down her stomach, inside her underwear and around her hips. His lips went up her collar bone, her neck to her lips. Their tongues danced as his hands worked up her back. He unclasped her bra, ran his hands along her ribs, to fill them with her breasts

"You are going to be a lot of fun, you may drop your shirt now, and let's lose this too. "He said as he pulled her bra off her shoulders and to the floor.

He stood, caressing her big breasts.

"My my my, even as a doc...someone in my line of work, someone who sees these in a ...professional sense quite often, I can't help but admire yours. Oh, and feel free to you know, get involved. My times are early but other members want in and out."

She looked at his body, he was aged, but not unattractive, he was naked, fully erect, standing slightly above her, caressing her bare chest, hardly stopping talking to let her get a word in.

"Well I mean that's fine but this time would you mind..." she said before he chimed in.

"Sure, want me to take the wheel? It's your first time, sounds good to me. Let's get you on the bed, shall we?"

They turned to the bed, holding hands. She sat on the edge and turned to bring her legs on the bed.

"I'm still in awe of you. True specimen of beauty. In the center of the bed please, right there, yes. No, no pillow. Yes, right there."

He crawled up the bed, his eyes never leaving her heaving chest. She fiddled with her hands, nervously.

"Oh come now, I can't be the only one enjoying myself here." he said as he crawled on his knees between her legs. He grabbed the sides of her panties, pulling them off her hips as he said. "You know this sex before surgery thing goes back a long ways. Ooops, I said too much. Oh, you know the drill. Anywho, it's really nothing to be nervous about. The Admin wouldn't put a virgin in here." He stopped suddenly, her panties at her feet, pointed straight up.

"No! Oh no no" she exclaimed, attempting to alleviate his concern. "I'm certainly not a virgin, I'm ma...not a virgin, at all"

He tossed her thong across the room, set her feet on either side of him, leaving them both naked in the bed.

"Good to hear!" he exclaimed excitedly.

He began kissing her feet, down her legs, between her thighs, then between her legs, He lowered himself to the bed, resting his head on her thigh, his right arm wrapped around her left leg, his left hand spreading her lips, inhaling her aroma. She squirmed as he inserted two fingers into her, his tongue danced between her lips. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly. He looked up over her stomach, to her big breasts, rising and falling with her heavy breathing. Each stroke of his hands was matched by her hips, his tongue lapped at her wetness. Fingers curled inside her, tongue lapping at her clit, her juices flowing out of her, he felt her moan, wiggle, and squirm.

"You seem sufficiently prepared. A little reciprocation seems to be in order." he said with a grin.

"Of course." She said with a smile.

He sat up on his knees and gently grabbed the bottom of her throat, guiding her open and willing mouth to his firm cock. His size was average, width and length nothing to write home about. Her mouth accepted him fully, her nose buried in his pubic hair, lips wrapped tight around his shaft. She pulled away slowly, her tongue swirling around his head.

"Oh my word, you are good at that. I may just let you finish what you've started." he said. His hands slid down her back, around her ass, back up her ribs to caress her swinging breasts. He squeezed them together, lightly pinched her nipples as her tight, sweet mouth sucked and pulled his throbbing cock.

"I'm no spring chicken you know, I don't have the stamina these young pups in The Club have. Sometimes I find myself...oh my...right like that...yes that there..." he said, trailing off into heavy moans. She stopped sucking halfway down his shaft, her hand pulling the skin tight against his pelvic bone. She pulled her lips over her teeth, sucking hard on his head, lapping up the pre-cum with her tongue.

"Oh...oh, right like that...I'm going it comes...oooh!" he said again, his words trailing into a high pitched squeal. She buried his cock in her throat, feeling it pulsate, shoot its hot contents into her mouth. She saved it on her tongue, pulled out when he was finished, and milked the last drops from him onto the pool of hot cum on her tongue.

"Young lady, I've never...I mean...the way that you...oh wow." he exclaimed through heavy breath. She closed her mouth, smiled, and swallowed. She kissed up his pelvic bone, up his chest to his neck.

"It was my pleasure." she whispered in his ear with a nibble.

"Oh yes! All yours, I'm sure! My, oh my, I really wish we could request B's, it's just luck of the draw. I really hit the jackpot this morning!"

She stepped into her panties and pulled them over her hips; she pulled her bra over her shoulders, clasped it in the back, and adjusted her breasts, another flash of cleavage for him. By then, he was dressed, and watching her dress.

"Truly perfect, The Club is fortunate to have you. Well, first time, how was it? I get chatty sometimes; I hope it doesn't bother you."

"No not at all. It was a welcomed distraction really, and what we did well..."

"I'm sorry about that." he interjected before she could finish. "You see, my home life, well I'm in The Club if that explains much. And it had been so long since a young lady...well as well as you did it. I hope I'm not leaving you frustrated." he said with slight bit of shame at the end.

"No honey, really. You're good down there, don't get me wrong, but knowing I did something you enjoyed is why I'm here." she said, zipping her skirt.

She pulled her top over her head, and again, he stopped her.

"Just a few more seconds with the girls if you don't mind." he said with his hands on her breasts.

She chuckled "Take your time."

He caressed her breasts over her bra, kissed the top of them, and smelled her sweet sweat in her cleavage. His hands dipped inside, feeling her soft nipple harden between his fingers.

"Ok I have to stop or I'll toss you back in the bed. Oh my, the time! Nothing in this world would pain me more than asking you to leave, but I must insist. Rules are rules."

She adjusted her shirt, stepped into her, shoes and grabbed her purse. She grabbed his collar, pulled him close, and kissed him deeply, her tongue attacking his.

"I hope to see you again, and soon!" he said as he broke the kiss.

She smiled at him, tossed him a wink, and left.

She reset the bed with clean sheets and tossed her used ones in the dryer. She winced at the pain from the ass pounding she received earlier. After that, he would want it again, every time. He was going to get rougher with her, as he did with Vanessa. With the doors locked, she got in her car, and drove home. The sun was rising over the skyline in the east and she'd not slept. A night out with Vanessa and her first anal sex experience to completion left her exhausted. The sun was up fully by the time she arrived home. She stripped down fully and crawled naked into bed. She was asleep by the time her head hit the pillow.

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