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Fantasy of Many

Daddy knows it but... What a pity, little Johnny, although grown up but is not old enough to understand what are the restraint and commands of marriage and why a man and a woman after being married for long 20 years would call it off or simply walk away with no hope for the one who is trying very hard to stay together or may be no desire, wish or trust to fall back onto by both partners.

Johnny only knows that it hit him very hard when his parents made him sit with them and explained that they were going their separate ways and due to the reasons which were not up for open discussion, mom won't be able to take care of him anymore and he will stay with daddy from now on. He was told that mom will be moving far away and won't be able to visit either, may be once a year and that too not on Christmas or any other family reunion like days.

A little upset but calm he could not even understand why he was not given any phone number or email address if not the mailing address for just saying hello if he wanted to. A little consoling was the announcement when mom said that she will not take any money from his dad, which he could spend on little Johnny for his education and make him a better man in life.

Anyhow, it is life and dad has made it very comfortable for him. Johnny has no clue why but dad has quit the job and says he makes more money now than he made when he was doing a job. All he knows that his dad is very handsome and muscular built hardly reaching 40 years old his dad is very smart. He has a computer which he works on for may be for 1 hour during early morning and far less during the late afternoon. Daddy calls it playing the market and Johnny has no understanding what he means but he knows daddy loves him, cares for him, have never refused to give him as much time as he needs and listens very caringly each word Johnny has ever said.

Johnny has been through a very up class all boys private school and a small very comfortable van picked and dropped him instead of a rowdy yellow bus filled with rude and nasty bully boys. He has grown up to be a nice well mannered teen boy. All he knows or wants to know is that his dad does everything right for him. Dad even knows how to cook and there is always plenty of food at home, latest designer clothes, sneakers and play things are all available to Johnny only for asking.

Johnny is not bothered but he has noticed in the past close to one year living with his dad that there were some men who come to see his dad and usually they were about to leave when Johnny came home from school. Dad always handing them some papers and also making some remarks about them being square and no more money was owed to them. Little Johnny has no reason to doubt anything about daddy. Daddy works out of home he understands but still when outside matters are needed to be settled these men may be helping out or something.

18 years old Johnny is little for dad and dad calls him with many affectionate names like kiddo, baby, sweetheart, junior but Johnny is not a kid any more. He is fairly tall for his age almost touching 6 feet. Some athletics and a very best gym at home have made him grow hard muscular boy, decently broad chest & shoulders, strong arms and powerful beefy legs.

Every time Johnny looks himself in the mirror, he cannot take his eyes off. Johnny has a very strong feeling towards himself he cannot explain or know what it was but seems Johnny love's himself. It is only as of late that his mother has left him and his dad; and he does not feel much about her but thinking back even, he was always attracted to his dad. Looking at his dad's physical appearance always has had some special effect on Johnny. He always felt a special glee deep down his body when he was half of his present age and it has grown larger on him now. Strong burly looking and hard beefy men, yes all men have started to excite him far more lately and he himself is looking very attractive to him. Johnny is not a shy boy but just this little thing is mesmerizing him.

He cannot take his eyes off any male figures. They look divine, holy and godly and worth worshiping on one hand but also he feels a physical pull towards most statuette looking males. Sex of course too. Yes he feels sexy when he looks at men. He knows the word "GAY" and maybe he is gay but he does not know all about being gay.

He always feels that he should be grabbed, groped by men and pulled under them and they do something to him. What is that "something" is not clear in his mind and is growing on him too? He knows all the good and bad 4 letter words like Love, Keen, Kiss, Feel and even Lust, Slut & Fuck. It is only not clear which one he is looking for from other men. In his teen age and when inundated with this desire and alone in his room playing with his manhood, well developed manhood gives some relief but the rebound effect is far severe. Who can he talk about this desire is not the issue. He knows his dad is the one man who will listen and advise him the best but it's only a bit of hesitation that is still there although father and son are very close to each other.

It is Sunday morning, nice cool April day. As planned the breakfast is done early and all the fishing gear is already put in the R.V. recently bought. The duo goes fishing 3rd Sunday of every month and today is no exception. What a fun and relaxing time it is and they even catch a lot of fish as well while they are sitting and talking in the small boat they rent at a nearby fishing spot of a very serene and tranquil lake like body of water. Daddy Joe has even bought a small hut close by to go and rest or have a nap after done with fishing and before driving home. Not big but still spacious 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms each fitted with a nice size Jacuzzi to relax in to wash the fatigue and separate shower stall to clean up. A decent size living or family room and well equipped kitchen to quickly cook some freshly caught fish. Are you ready baby, he heard daddy say. Let us get going.

He was in very casual shorts and an old t- shirt and sneakers with no socks and dad as usual in his fishing jacket over his naked torso and a knee high Bermuda with rubber sandals. They parked at preferred spot, rented the boat and soon were on their way in the water to the fishing spot dad had known as a good fishing hole. The bait line was dropped and as usual dad started shuffling the Newspaper. Johnny's mind was wandering and he was thinking, planning and manufacturing a moment, the very right moment to pop the question and ask dad what was going on in his mind. The gleam of a bit shame, the glimmer and shimmer of innocence and spark of curiosity was drowning his thoughts as he kept gathering courage to start up the discussion and somehow ask the question anyhow wishing very hard that dad would look at him and notice the uneasiness he was in and spare him the guilt but he kept fiddling with the newspaper as Johnny got over burdened finally.

Hey dad, he said in a kind of stammering tone. Can I talk with you about something I need your help for? And why not sweetie, dad quickly folded his paper and looked at him as if he was worried or at least troubled to guess if Johnny had done some wrong or he was in a mess and was being nervous about it. What is it, how can I help you?

Dad's concern was almost written on his face and Johnny felt so assured that he is the one and only right person to talk with, about what he wanted to talk and seek helping answers and solution. It was still quite early in the morning. Sun had risen the light and warmness was straining through the leaves of the trees. Boy knows he was safe outside and inside but did he want to be safe anymore specially inside... not sure he thinks for a while, damn he has already started and made dad a part of what's coming to him soon, sure soon he wishes.

It has been over and again, he has been listening to his body. The whispers have called him many a times. He has overheard other boys talking some things they did and enjoyed tremendously. The stories of all the 'bad' things happening in different parts of the city, by lonely stretches of road, in the farthest edges of the park at late night hour!!. He has wondered enough how, just how and why some older or even younger guys seem to know so much how they feel and what they want but he did not. He had wondered only without clarity, about men and what it would be like to be with older men, touched by them and something more done to him as he gets kind of trapped beneath large muscled men. You do not dare to be alone with grown up men, and watch out if you drop your pants even for an instant, those men will get you and do you nasty (he was almost sure that's what he heard one boy telling another).

He could not speak with anybody else but his dad only and knew his dad was not one of those men or at least will not do him nasty, so why not speak up and see how and what it leads to. Gathering all his courage, he looks in the eyes of the man he is with, his own dad... for a moment, why he does not know, he sees a naked man... strong, all solid muscles, very broad chest more that could wrap his young body all over and plenty more. Those rugged thighs, pillar like all meaty legs and ... No he shakes his head, as he hears his dad, I am all ears Johnny. What is it; tell me, I will surely help you, no matter what.

Ummmm, it is kind of strange and a bit difficult to talk about, he hardly whispers looking at his dad. Something real awful is still happening, he still sees his dad all naked. Nothing is strange between us two, Johnny. Dad has very comforting and confident words for him.

Suddenly the fishing line starts vibrating and all the continuity breaks as two of them reel it in slowly. Oh my God, it is big one, easy...easy... and a really big fish is pulled in the boat where they have a large container for storing their catch. As Daddy Joe takes the fish off the hook, Johnny watches strong hands, sturdy arms dealing powerfully with the fish, putting a useless fight. Oh God, but why ... why Johnny sees a young boy over powered by Daddy. The boy is not fighting back, no! no! only making sure his each move makes those forceful and potent grips get even more controlling. What the fuck...

Oh no Johnny shakes his head. Thinking of a fuck word for his dad suddenly snaps innocent Johnny out of the ugly scene and he sees his dad and the fish. And when those robust manly moves finally make sure the fish cannot escape and the fish also realizes his fate in tough man's hard grip, the fight is over. Dad laid the fishing line to aside. What was it, Johnny, you said you wanted to talk about. You never been so hesitant or diffident talking with me and your silence is making it very difficult for me. He said in one breath. Johnny felt overwhelmed with the love he felt coming through in words and decided to say it all without any delay or hindrance. He was not sure if it was his mission but he surely was looking for a man who would do it all to him and teach him how it feels and how it is to be with a real man. Johnny knew that a real man, like his own dad will not require begging but know all what boys need and it was the moment to say it all to his dad and let him handle it on.

You see dad, Johnny still felt a frog stuck in his throat. I do not know if I am saying it right but I feel a need to be naked with men. Why is that, what I want those men to do to me or with me is not clear but seeing men on the street, grown up men my body starts heating up. Whenever I am exercising, taking shower or alone in bed my mind kind of always goes wandering and dreaming that some man was there with me to do it to me. What is it that I want done is not clear and that is bothering me. I don't know if I should have brought it up or not but I know there will be nobody but you, my dad that I will ever bring it to and see if you knew what I was going through and help me sort through it as well.

Johnny's throat was raw, saliva had dried up and tongue felt swollen and rough in the gritty feel of his mouth but he was glad he finally spelled it out and hopeful that dad will do all that was needed done. Just exactly as he hoped or rather knew, dad Joe had a soft giggle dissolve in the air. Oh sweetie you should not worry at all. It is just so natural the young teens think about in your age. And you better believe, daddy was like this too but unluckily I could not speak or discuss it all with my dad and I had to learn it the hard way and keep it hushed too within me but just relax and we shall take care of it starting right now. Let us wrap up the fishing trip and get back home and be comfortable. I will do better and make a real man out of my baby.

Johnny's eye glitter, daddy smiles back wider and Johnny grits his teeth too. He knows good time is coming as they both head back and confident that daddy will do, tell and teach all, a man is made to do with boys and specially boys like him who need and ask for it. I thought, we should rather go to our hut instead of home but on second thought, home would be better and even if we are dragged by time until whatever late, we shall be home and won't have to drive all tired and fatigued. Daddy just not utter much else and Johnny also kept his peace just thinking and imagining for what was there to follow, until they pulled into the driveway.

The young boy is completely naked as told, Daddy is not. Johnny is not certain about all the details but he knows that's what he wants: He intends to lose his virginity or is he really...? Have you taken a shower and cleaned yourself as explained, dear. Daddy asked lovingly and the kid answers in affirmative as they both join each other in bed. Well... that's a good boy, says dad and explains what he thinks about the fantasy and or mind sketches were all about. You see Johnny, it is a very natural and ingrown in some men as they start hitting a certain age, the desire to be naked amongst other men starts growing too. I was like this too and there is nothing to be ashamed or shy about. You should be happy to have me as your mentor adult man to tell, perform and teach all there is to teach. So just relax, go with it and I assure you, it will be more fun than you ever thought in your dreams. Daddy lodges a big kiss on the kid's cheeks.

The boy's eyes widened when he first seen that huge fleshy member hanging between the Daddy's strong hairy muscular thighs. Even limp it was more impressive than any of the boys' at school that he'd ever seen. Limp, it was over six inches long, hanging away from the body in a long, thick, graceful arch. The boy, feeling the manly strength of it, smelling the thick musky manly odor of it, feels his sense of self fade away. All that exist is his dad's cock. He realizes that he is grateful, grateful to view this magnificent specimen of adult manhood, grateful to be naked and asked to be on his knees in submission to this luscious manly cock of Dad and the big masculine balls hanging below it. Grateful to have the chance, the opportunity, to earn the privilege of losing his virginity to it, to service it so he may feel every veiny inch of it inside him and at last be taken by it.

Entranced, but knowing naturally Johnny starts licking at the Dad's dick, running his small hands and wet tiny tongue along its length as it slowly grows bigger and bigger, thicker and harder until it stands proudly full mast like a pillar of cement, concrete and steel. The boy is awed by its length and width. The big Daddy cock was now easily close to a foot long, hard and ribbed by pulsing dark veins all along its massive shaft. The veins ran up its perfect manly length, around and even on the underside of the meaty beam; the head grown big and dark, and blunt looking like a fleshy arrow perfect for piercing young flesh& fucking open virgin boy ass. This is a real man's dick, a big masculine lead knob of hot hard lusty flesh, dominant, wide and thick.

Johnny thinks he's never been more willing to put something in his mouth this large, this swollen and this hard. He opens his mouth as wide as he can as Dad pumps his dick in past the boy's willing lips, forcing it, making him taste and swallow the essence; work those pretty lips and tongue and suck it. Open your pretty throat and suck on my big cock! Johnny hears the directions. Let your tongue wrap and roll around the wet pole. The boy feels the Dad's hands clamp on either side of his head and the hips pump forward as Daddy slowly starts feeding the boy more and more of the cock. The cock head and shaft are so wide the boy can barely take it all in, but he does. Dad Joe, feeds the boy as much of that thick pole as the boy can manage, making the boy choke and gag before pulling out a little to let the lad breathe.

Again and again Dad forces the youth to swallow more and more of it, until the boy can feel the long hard beam bruising his throat, the thick wide head reaching down inside beyond the developing bobbing Adam's apple. Although eager and willing Johnny has swallowed barely a third of it, his eyes and nose watering, jaws aching, spit and the Dad's salty fluids running down his chin. But he just takes it, trying to open his throat to snatch a breath when he can as Dad gets off drilling the inside of his mouth, doing his best to survive it as the mouth and throat get fucked, driving that manly organ deeper and deeper into him. Johnny is ravaged but he knows it is for his good and he is stubbornly resolute to show that he can take it from Dad. He is obdurate and persistent to show the desire, the will and the readiness from now on for any man, real man who wants to do him what Dad was doing, teaching and making him endure. Ahhhhhh, he starts putting more effort in attacking and ingesting the more and more of Daddy cock length relentlessly.

Time stands still, the boy struggle exceeds never ending for a very long while and at long last Daddy gets swooning and grimacing as he cums, and the young teen finds himself drowning in man cum as powerful jets of thick white seed floods his mouth and throat. Loud and louder growls, shrilling combo of moans and groans compliment the powerful orgasm and climax letting Johnny boy swallow and gulp, taking as much of it as he can, tasting nothing but thick slush, sweet salty man juice, feeling like his head is being held under drowning him in heavy slick musky cream, sensing the hot loads of manly nectar filled balls go on and on until they burst free and dribble down his chin and neck, splashing warm and thick liquid a bit on his belly too. Heaving, panting and gasping Daddy Joe pulls his dick out and away at last and lets the kid slip out of this hands, breathless.

Johnny is tasting the real man on his lips, feels the man on his skin, and it makes him so hard. "You done well, pretty boy," he hears Dad say above him. He hears a rhythmic, wet slurping sound, and raises his eyes. Daddy is jerking on his big wet cock milking out all the fluid from the manly plumbing squeezing the enlarged ball sac as his body stretches and twists and the rush starts to diminish and squealing ends with abating of erect Daddy cock.

I know what he really wants though, Daddy looks at his cutie baby and thinking loud. He needs to get it up his ass, mmmmmm especially from a BIG STUD like me...? That's what you want, isn't it. Isn't it? He mumbles as the lungs starts to breathe normal! The Daddy cock seems to hear and throb with joy.

Now, what do you want my sweet kid pie.

Fuck me. Make me know what it is to be taken by a real man. Did the boy say it or Dad just heard it only because he wanted to hear it; nothing was for sure. I will make the man outta the kid, Why NOT? Daddy had decided for sure.

The young boy lies naked on his back helped by the tall muscular Dad stud; on his knees stands magnificently naked watching as the boy spreads his legs for him, exposing his tight young virgin pucker up for the inspection. The smooth athletic young muscles gleam, the subtle curves of his full round young ass emphasized.
The Dad approaches, the boy closes his eyes, his tiny hands curling into fists. He's nervous with anticipation. This is it. This is what he's dreamed of. Losing his virginity to a big strong man, being used by a man's big adult cock - he sees his dad adjusting his kneeling between the teen legs. A slick finger presses up against his ass, lightly circling the entrance to the boy's ass. The boy can't stop the eager moan of eagerness and frustration he feels as the Dad toys with him, teases him. He gasps, unprepared when at last the man slips it in - the finger feels so much bigger and longer than the boy's own fingers do.

Fuck, Johnny shakes his head trying to come out of the mesmerized stage of imagination. This is NO any man, this is daddy, loving and all caring daddy is now finally taking care of his fantasy, his dream to be done something by adult man and now ... ouhhhhhhh he sighs as solid knuckle of thick and long daddy finger slides past the tight anal ring and ass lips split apart. Johnny feels just a touch of pain and him.

With the other hand still slick with his own balls brew, dad fondles the boy's hard cock. One finger becomes two, three, until the pressure on the stretching of his anal ring builds and builds and Johnny's boy ass is determined not to lose the challenge. Daddy fingers have met a good match! Ummm tight puckered hole impales itself very firm and rigid making the fingers circle wider inside by wiggling the hips and meaty buns. Daddy fingers reach in trying to grab or at least massage a certain spot again and again, making Johnny's total body shiver and quiver.

Slowly this ecstatic and thrilling trembles build huge into a feeling so good that the boy shudders and cums, clear liquid spurting and squirting onto his firm young abs. Daddy laughs softly in the dimness and still concentrating with fingers busy inside the young but now a bit extra stretched hole. Heaving, gasping, panting boy body finally calms down. Wet and slick fingers leave the hole as it slowly tries to shut back to original tightness... but Oh, sure, yes thick daddy fingers get busy repeatedly scooping up the slick fluid and then sliding those now even more slippery fingers deeper inside the boy's obedient hole teasing the boy back to full arousal before lubing up his own hard cock with the boy's own pride cum.

Johnny boy, still recovering from his fantastic orgasm opens eyes as he feels a tidal wave of sensations run wild and the big Daddy's heavy weight falls upon him, the hard muscular adult body pressing him down. The feel of the hard long spear of slick wet man flesh at first pressing up against his dick, the feel of the manly big heavy balls sliding, sliding, sliding down falling between the teen's open legs, the big hot shaft trailing after, so big, so heavy, so all grown up and hard!

Daddy presses himself up against his boy's cum glazed glossy ass, huge sized tip of adult cock head slowly sinking in. The virgin hole dilates at first, then resists. Haaaaaaa, Dad pushes again, suddenly the boy feels it, the strong manly pressure building and building in and around his ass ring. This is what Johnny boy has been dreaming of as he lay alone, playing with himself, his fingers secretly touching probing at the tight ring DEEP between his legs, dreaming of the day that it will be something bigger, harder, firmer pressing there... breaking through until it filled him deep inside... there.

Little concerned but horny and all ready for this, boy gasps, it's not all happened yet, not yet, but it's hurting already, and still the bulk of that deep presence waits outside. Slowly, inch by inch, gradually pressing deeper, forcing his ass lips split painfully apart, steadily burrowing into his virgin hole. He thinks about how big the Daddy cock is, how big and heavy and hard it felt in his hands, on his lips, when it was down his throat. Before, thinking of how big it was, made him excited. Now, pressing in him like that, he's not so sure. It feels so much bigger now, so much stiffer and suddenly far more dangerous. He wonders if this was such a good idea, being alone with this big hard relentless cock looking so damaging.

As the pressure increases, Johnny feels his hole reluctantly forced open, he can't contain the panicky rush of doubt or the shivers of fear trickling down his spine. He wanted this!!. He wants to push Dad away. He wanted this!!, he to say something, anything that will make all this stop. It felt so right to finally be under a real man & his adult cock. The boys at school were right; not to be naked with any adult man...he is not ready for this. He feels himself panting; his lungs suddenly unable to get enough air, scared by that huge hot very masculine presence hovering up against his rear entry.

Breathe deep, kiddo. This is gonna... And with that one brief warning Daddy flexes his hips, plunging that terrifyingly giant, meat pillar of full-grown man lust up into the young tender virgin ass. Johnny hardly contains the sudden shriek of mind-numbing pain from the tight and tiny tunnel walls as the fire of agony bursts, along with the head of the giant cock, inside his petite asshole. The envy and lust lost to the fires, Johnny struggles mindlessly consumed in a flash as he feels another burning inch of that thick hard flesh pumped deeper up into him, the hard shaft forcing his young anal casing walls far apart with a steel piece wedged in.

Another burst of pain, another hard grunt, and more as his depths feel that giant cock slowly invades further into his ass. His young body writhes and struggles beneath the heavy large man, only the whites of the teen's eyes visible beneath the firm hand that holds his young body down, extremely difficult to contain his screams as Daddy cock continues impaling him, ruthlessly anally assaulting him again and again with that huge dark fleshy spear.

Johnny feels his heart pounding like a drum as jolt after agonizing jolt of blinding pain runs through his body each time the muscular lust craved man above rams his thick meaty shaft in deeper, an inch after thick painful inch is forced up his tight passage, inch by inch the monster strips away his virginity, slowly violating the luscious boy with his big hard man-meat.

Then it stops. Tearing agony gives way to a dull deep, very deep throbbing pain. The boy's guts are on fire; his ass is radiant and glowing by now. Johnny lies sweating and dazed under his loving daddy, legs forced wide apart, his ass feeling more like it's had a tree trunk rammed up inside it than an adult man's dick. Part of him feels numb, dazed with pain and shock as he wonders if he could endure any more pain... but he also knows he wanted it, he needed to experience it firsthand. Courage builds but ahhhh, oummm fucking mammoth piston stretching his hole is real, making his body feel desolate with electric shock like currents all reaching to the thinly spread bottom sphincter.

Relax, kid. Relax. We're almost there, Daddy says, his voice is low, the words felt as much as heard, the sounds rumbling deep inside the boy. Sweat drips off the Dad's muscular torso, falling like gentle rain on the sweet baby's smooth young flesh. Dad's voice is as frayed and worn as Johnny's! Struggling like a rough and tough Army soldier put to do a tougher task of drilling very resistant spot. He takes his big strong hand off the boy's tender chest and the boy breathes in deep, taking in huge breaths of air. Dad looks, the sweet boy's body is very slick with their mingled sweat, glistening trails running down the lightly defined muscular grooves, his slender smooth torso and thighs glistening. The boy looks up into the gleaming eyes above him with saucer sized eyes, before falling down upon the big strong muscular shoulders and wide adult chest, trailing down to the big strong hard abs, down to the space between his own legs... there to rest on the massive thick hard shaft, of which at least a good 5-6 inches remains still sticking out of his aching asshole.

The remaining length of flesh is dark and brutally hard, all ringed and ribbed with big fat bluish veins, throbbing and shimmering with his own cum, and spit Daddy had smeared before.

Seeing it like that, STILL HALF buried inside him, the boy nearly passes out. He cannot believe he has got something that huge still waiting outside to plunge deep up his ass! It felt also like he had already taken a whole adult size mans cock inside him! Even though it hurts so bad the boy bridles inside. He is livid; why but why his hole was behaving like a wuss...and he's no wuss or a sissy. Dad bucks his hips again, but the boy is ready this time and determinedly clamps his mouth shut, grunting with pain. He needs length in him.

The force comes down again, holding him at the shoulders now. Ooooo, such a brave little boy, Daddy appreciates. I'm going to shove the whole thing up inside you, so better get ready and used to how it feels.

With this alert, he waits a while longer before slowly pulling back. Johnny feels like his whole ass is drilled the most massive, most painful but in reverse. He can't stop himself from arching under there, letting out a half pained moan as he feels that big hard cock move slowly out from inside him. His ass is pushing hard, trying to clear this huge anal intruder as it eases out with excruciating slowness, making him feel every veiny inch dragged slowly through his stretched out burning ring until only the head is inside, the long thick hard shaft floating and waiting at the brink of his throbbing aching empty ass.

The drive back in is just as intense, except this time Johnny actually feels that huge head penetrating inside, shoving aside the walls of his tunnel as it plows deeper and deeper and deeper into his depths, pushing hard up into his gut. The teen lets out another long moan! he feels his guts...not only the guts; the total inside being relentlessly rearranged around this giant cock, his asshole stretched and forced as this giant adult anal intruder presses inch after throbbing hard inch deeper and deeper into his bowels, the wide head piercing his flesh, his dad's huge weapon going still impossibly deeper inside him. He can barely believes it, cannot understand what he is feeling, when at last the dad's pubic bone finally presses up tight against his ass cheeks. A huge thick throbbing rod of hot hard man meat has been thrust deep into his being. The reality is beyond anything the young teen has ever imagined about a very BIG LONG HARD inches of that thing! It sure hurts but the need is there too...Johnny concentrates.

Quiet and somewhat serene Johnny lies there as Daddy rests a while too, ass getting familiar & lost to the sensations of a big hard dick buried inside his virgin, was once virgin ass. Drenched in sweat he lies there savoring the pain/ pleasure/ fullness of the huge throbbing Daddy cock shoved all the way up his ass. Feeling the fullness, the aching hardness of Dad's massive organ inside him was immense but pleasing too. Little be known to Johnny that it was nothing as compared to the feelings that was beginning to build into a whole new, mind altering pleasure as he feels Daddy slowly starting fucking his young tight ass canal. Each movement of that giant shaft pulling from within, the thick blunt head stroking the orifice from within, filling the teen with shivers of ecstasy each time it bludgeons past a certain spot inside him. Felt like hitting hurts... No, it feels so good... Not ..., No it does feel heavenly but it burns.

Magic is happening for real to feel, to experience and to believe. So pure pleasure, so enticing enjoyment prevails very rapidly and it makes Johnny want to cum like he's never cum before. It's ripping him apart. He wants it harder, deeper, faster and nonstop. He wants to feel it - MORE...the pain, the pleasure, the agony, the ecstasy...bliss all wrapped together. The young Johnny suffers even as he willingly opens himself up to it, lost in this terrible exquisite violation of his teen body, needy, hungry for every ravishing stroke of Dad's adult sexy move as it plunges DEEEEEeeeeeeeePER at his young body's innermost depths again, again, again, again, again and again.

Rhythmic, constant, full LENGTH thumping makes Johnny boy shiver and shudder under Dad but the experienced fucker wastes no time, building up steadily to a harder, faster and aggressive pattern that has the boy paced out shivering and quaking even more beneath him. Each stroke feels like Dad's hammer is punching him up the ass as that giant cock pounds up deep inside the happy horny boy ass, very happy horny ass NOW again and again. Johnny feels his whole ass ablaze with the pain/pleasure and controlled by the loving Dad's rough hard giant adult sex tool, making him writhe under Dad, moaning out loud, swearing, begging the man for mercy in one breath and then begging again to fuck him even harder with every thick masculine inches of that cock the next.

The youngster is gasping now, mindlessly clinging to his dad as dad fucks him harder and harder. He has barely realized it before...immense pleasure has made him cum again, hot, wet flood of boy juice pumped out of his untouched dick only to wash over his stomach as daddy's big burning cock sends equally hot waves of pleasure and very little pain through the young body. The boy watches, his Dad fucking him alive with new indescribable sensations, his young body in a state of total arousal as the Dad works him over, those big strong adult muscles in fluid motion fucking very hard and deep. The feelings build and build as the Dad fucks Johnny, and Johnny, feeling being fucked now with the whole body, giving himself up completely to the sensations the friction of that powerful cock sliding in and out of him, taking him, hurting him, pleasuring him, forcing him to submit in all its glorious adult masculine fucking power.

With a sudden move of shoving balls deep, Daddy pushes in even harder with force, arching above the teen, muscles rippling across the hard broad chest. His head goes back and the boy feels the enormity of gigantic cock rapidly swell even larger and thicker before exploding deep, very deep inside him. The youngster is totally dazed at this new sensation. His ass musculature is pushed sideways from inside horribly hard but there is no pain. A scalding flood hits the boy's insides burst after burst of Dad man's hot pleasing fluid pumps and surges inside him. Teeth clenched, face distorted, toes curled, the older man stayed hilt deep inside the newly stretched out boy ass as he cums and cums. Hot and slushy cum pulsing up that thick throbbing huge manly shaft flexing so gargantuan that it could rip the ass ring if the ring did not behave or resisted. Steamy man seed flows reaching the deep into the farthest ends of newly reshaped and redesigned cavernous anal canal and breeding it so well.

Johnny boy is lost to the sensation of the heavy, huge presence of Dad's big nuts nestled between his young legs, and the gallons of hot man cum surging out from them then rushing up, up that throbbing shaft before exploding like canonized jets of liquid fire bathing and comforting the bruised and tender hole from within. The boy stares half alive as an unknown euphoria is causing an astounding spell and gasping at the feel of a man's hot cum flooding his bowls as cock contractions continue and it cums again and again inside him, amazed at the sight and feel of where they are both joined.

The stark contrast between the thick hard platform looking base for his beloved Dad's throbbing pulsing dark fleshy associate grinding tightly at the hollow between the obviously weaker open legs of the teen, pale smooth white warm skin. Johnny feels like he is on a most amazing merry go round, his newly fucked ass, his whole body is in a Trans soaking all the joy it has been; he smiles and clings hard to his daddy from under.

Slowly the draining man's climax subsides, its torrential flow ends leaving Johnny feeling completely hosed, soaked inside and out. The now thankfully deflowered teenager lies beneath dad, his hands rubbing massaging dad's hard muscular chest, feeling the magnificent strong hard adult contours so different from his own. And daddy continues to move inside him, asking him to try harder and squeeze clutch his slow yielding dick and milk out all that remains in the plumbing while tweaking his prize boy's nipples almost painfully between his fingers as he does so.

The boy's body arches back each time the man does so, his ass clenching on the long thick shaft buried within him. So heavenly so divine, his bruised and hurting but unbroken ass ring moving up and down gripping groping the seed spurting machine and milk out all that remains inside as asked by daddy. In time, in response the reaction is there, and that shaft begins to waken again, to thicken and stir, throbbing deep inside the young teen's gut.

Ooooouuunnnggghhh, Johnny writhes and moans feeling that giant snake swell and lengthen again within him, feeling the hard rigid length of it grow and stretch, swelling and pushing aside the walls of the teen's now soggy battered smoldering ass and surroundings.

The young boy knows he's no longer a virgin, and it feels great, at least until daddy rips out his hardening cock from the boy's ass. The boy cries out in denial, feeling the sudden loss, absence instantly, almost like he'd lost some precious part of himself he'd just finally found. The sense of loss is only compounded when he sees the long slick length of the man's cock dripping with very thick manly cum and the boy's own inner juices. The gaping hole so hollow, so unoccupied!! Young Johnny never before had the realization of this dreaded awful defeat. The sudden emptiness inside his ass is worse now after he has at last experienced what it means to be full with an adult man's hard driving cock, despite the impossible belief (at the sight of that huge dripping member) that any man could have been able to put all of THAT so deep inside him. And that the manly dick is already thick and hard again!

I'm almost done with you here, sweets. Johnny heard his Dad announce; now that we've opened you up I'm NOW going to fuck you one more time, doggy-style and maybe even teach you how to ride my cock too. So roll over and get on fours boy. Bewildered, the now [Opened Up] teenager has no clue what it meant. Was he opened up, was he fucked or was it something entirely new which he had endured so grandly. He was fucked no doubt ok! Bewildered of course but not dissatisfied or disenchanted he is rather enthused to learn all he is taught and even more coming, he quickly does as he is told. Moving his body to obey the boy feels his dad's thick cum slowly crawl inside him, some of it escaping to leak out from his newly fucked hole, slowly dripping all hot and wet down his silky smooth thighs.

Still in ecstasy from being fucked open, the boy feels like he's gone to heaven and back. He's so anxious by the commanding hard sex that his young body knows deep inside that no matter what he is told to do, he would do it; anything at all. Anything, what so ever he is ready for to feel that big hard man cock up again inside his ass or down his throat. Horny ass is still crying out for the loss it is undergoing and wants to be jammed full forever.

He realizes Daddy's large rough hands pull him up on all fours, against the dad's pompous sex machine. Both knees wide apart, firmly placed and the shoulders, yes; no elbows, shoulders down... Beautiful newly fucked open ass up in the air and still glowing red hole pushed out for daddy to fuck it some more. Face down and both arms pushed back for Daddy to hold them at wrists as reigns to control.

Ready NOW, teen hears, words felt deep as well as heard...daddy announces and he feels enormous thighs move on him.
Relax, relax, relax...just keep the hole pushed out yessssssss exactly yessssssss like that; is the new command. Take a deep breath and... SO focused Jonny is suddenly nailed with an abrupt invasion. No warning, no caution, even the sentence was not fully completed. Absolutely merciless, rather harsh and ruthless move it was by all means. But truly this time that huge erection slides little easier into him, Johnny realizes may be even understands why because he knows that the subtleness is its own reward; but the initial pain remains as he is pierced

again by this massive anal intruder, ass walls struggling to accommodate the big hard cock as the young body fights against the manly bigness, his ass instinctively struggling to work itself back to its normal boyish state, to return his anal opening back to being boy-sized, not man-sized: or at least any size that feels smaller than having a feeling of unbearable wideness with baseball bat sized adult meat cock shoved all the way up it.

Daddy's rough and tough hands felt smooth, smoother than the hairy balls on the ass entry; roaming and giving well deserved pats and spanks on those charming buns, Johnny was consciously squeezing to keep his ass sphincter so close to a boy-sized. All beef thighs of loving daddy were pressurizing the fuck point to behave and not resist. Massive balls of cum source crushed but being the cause of all joyful and fantastic sensations spreading deep inwards making the fucking cock buck and show its stiff and tough love for the ass. The young teen gasps as he feels the familiar sensations as dad and son are joined and gelling inside the boy again with those large now low hanging balls pressing up into him. Dad moves back slowly and gently and boy moans, shudders feeling big man's long, hot palm and fingers wrap around his own hard strained tense dick. Held closer, enveloping applying tugging force on the boy cock and balls; Johnny's small young body in dad's muscular arms, dad's stiff full-sized adult rod buried deep into Johnny boy's guts. He groans helplessly as the man starts jerking him off hard, rubbing his fist up and down the teen's shaft, lubed by sweat and the man's own cum leaking out of being fucked teen asshole.

The boy bucks and moans, his body writhing and twisting on the huge hard shaft, his body, and the tight firm walls of his cum filled tunnel puffed along the whole massive length of buried mature cock producing intense fiery feeling until at last the boy feels himself cum into the daddy's hand. Open, Johnny heard being asked and the boy mouth opens as he gets a handful of his own boyish brew. Even after he has gulped it all, dad keeps his hand at the boy's mouth until the lad has licked it completely clean. Daddy rubs and wets his vein ridden fucking shaft with the mix of boy's cum and saliva and then grips the boy's hips and starts moving again, fucking the boy harder and faster with those familiar, swift hard ruthless strokes.

The man's hard adult cock plunges again and again past the tight anal ring, pummeling the boy's rectum with deep powerful strokes.

Now The young boy's wrists are pulled and his lower body banged to stay at good distance for a brutal but needed cycle to make the young boy body rock hard and swing forward and backward under this anal assault. The boy panting whimpering and groaning as he is fucked harder and harder until he is gasping helplessly with every powerful blow coming from Daddy dick. The boy stares speechless back between his legs, past his again intensely erect cock, hoping to catch a glimpse of that massive piston at work. The rough, aggressive strokes quickly open the boy's ass back up to its proper compliant and dutifully yielding state, his anal orifice changed and reshaped into a big adult sized pleasure hole inside the boy's small tight body, each hard stroke making the boy moan with mingled pleasure and pain.

Young nerves riding the razor's edge as the teen Johnny is lost once more in the wondrous feelings of getting fucked with the huge fleshy column of a real man's lust sliding in and out of him, making him feel as if his young body was only made to be pinned and then gaped, opened up by some powerful relentless brutal fucking machine, driving the young teen past endurance and then fucking him on and on to unknown highs floating in air. Keep a tight squeeze and don't let me slip out...he heard the commanding voice.

I guess it's time to let you learn and practice cock riding. Slow.!Slow...!Slow, Daddy's torso moved back as his legs got extended up front, kid so lovingly held with big strong arms going under his shoulders and hands crossed on very pink nipples. Johnny well aware how his empty ass will feel also moves very easy..Easy with daddy's going on his back. AHhhhhhmmmm ouhhhhhhh absolute perfection!! The teen boy is nailed with utter beauty, his slender back to his dad and his face towards dad's feet.

Johnny is straddling but he knows to buck stretch and extend his back grabbing daddy's ankles will be essential for the precision. Oh, dad is so pleased for Johnny. Now it is your turn to fuck yourself with daddy's cock baby. Take charge and ride hard, Johnny heard his directions. So happy to be in charge, in control Johnny starts to jump looking under through his legs, God... what could be more pleasing, more provoking, more enticing. Solid stiff flag pole appearing disappearing at Johnny's will. No he will not be a failure; he can take all of it he knows. His ass hole moves rhythmic faster till the head of the cock remains in and then the whole body comes down hard on the shaft making it go in him. Like a robotic automaton, no mistakes. Fuck me Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

He raises his ass slightly and daddy folds his knees...double the force, double the speed, double the pleasure..Endless raw and rewarding fuck progresses on and on. Now Johnny realizes what he did not understand as the whole episode started why daddy said it would be better on the floor than on the bed. No bed could bear all this severe, this strong dual. I love my daddy..I love you daddy, fuck me daddy.

The fucking goes on and on until every inch of Johnny boy's inside has been repeatedly violated again and again, until Johnny boy's arms and legs tremble with exhaustion. The boy is totally bemused with pain OF PLEASURE. He keeps repeating fuck me, fuck me fuck me phrase excessively exciting and enticing daddy not to stop, not to devoid him of his due.

Out of nowhere Johnny shoots young boy cum drools on to daddy balls. Dad's stiff cock gets lubed as it fucks. Johnny cannot go on as his body wobbles down. Daddy overcome by his precious kid's demand of getting hard fucked roles over again quickly. Dad is on top, Johnny is under. Dad's large hands drop down to the silky soft inner thighs of boyish body. Johnny boy screams, Daddy man growls. Ass is fucked with speed and force of gigantic measures. Johnny thought that the fucking had gone forever when he was took earlier, but it is was nothing compared to this second longer harder more brutal and deliberate fucking. The eternal, the endless fucking continues until at last the giant cock begins to grow and swell even further, reaching a never before length and width until at last those fuck jolts make him pulse, and writhe into manly strong jolts squirting another thick hot steamy load deep inside the Johnny's bowels with repeated bursts, until at last those huge balls stop swinging; cuddling up instead between the boys legs and that hard manly groin stops slapping against the firm well rounded & fucked ass.

For the last time that huge adult shaft sinks into the young boy's body - the last hot fluid rush of man seed filling his aching burning inside to overflowing again.

Johnny boy remains on all fours, catching his breath as the man gets off him, feeling again that dreaded inevitable emptiness after his beloved DAD has filled him again with his manly mature seed and huge masculine male organ. He stays still with his head bowed into the cushion, thankful and pleased to have the joy introduced to him by the loving dad who always cared and done all for Johnny, the no more kid Johnny but a man of a man Johnny forever from now on. Daddy very slowly pulls his boy over him, ass crack leaking the spew ...a scene to savor and enjoy forever.

Daddy whispers suggesting a refreshing hot shower together, another lusty lesson of passionate lovemaking between the two loving souls. This kind of love stories never end and there is always more to come and CUM we all know.

To be continued by many more Johnnies and Joe's all over the globe and beyond!!


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