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Erotic Fight Club Ch. 01: Meeting Ronda

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the rights to the UFC, Zuffa, or Reebok brands. This is obviously a work of fan-fiction and parody. Views and sentiments expressed within this story are not reflective of any of the characters' real life counterparts. When writing stories that use real people I try to keep as true to their physical properties as I am able to and of course take large liberties with their personalities while trying to at least capture a bit of their essence. This is an erotic-homage to these people whom I respect, am attracted to, and am a huge fan of which is why I would take the time and interest to write such stories featuring them in the first place.

Warning: This story will contain ass play and rimming elements, if that is not something you are interested in I hope you will still read most of the story and skim past those parts because I've put quite a bit of hard work into this story.

Author's Note: If you are a fan of the other series I'm currently writing please don't expect this story to be updated with the frequency that that series has been. I'm hoping that this will be a bi-monthly update situation, but will see how it flows as I continue to work on it. Lots of exciting ideas, so it's just a matter of putting them together and polishing them. I do all of the editing myself so it takes some time.

With all that said, I hope you all enjoy and please leave feedback and ideas that I may be able to incorporate in later chapters.

Thanks for reading and as always, happy orgasms!


Chapter 1 – Meeting Ronda Rousey

This is a story I never could have expected I would tell, and one I can certainly never tell at parties. It's not a story about my first fight in the UFC, or even meeting my idol Ronda Rousey. It's a story about what happened after those life changing moments: my introduction to an underground world that I had no idea even existed, and how learning about it has completely changed me. I guess I should start by telling you a little about my life before I joined the Erotic Fight Club.

My name is Miya Salazar, I'm nineteen years old and I'm a fighter first and foremost. I was introduced to the world of mixed martial arts and the UFC when I was 14 years old. My mom was out of town seeing family and my dad wanted to watch Jon Jones defend his belt against Lyoto Machida so he brought me along to the local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch. I remember being grossed out at first: the blood, the sweat, the evident pain... But somewhere through the night I began cheering for fighters I liked the look of and by the end I was going wild with all the other fans in the bar when Jon Jones choked Lyoto Machida unconscious against the fence and walked away. It was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen in my life.

After that day I became obsessed. I used YouTube to find as many old fights as possible and began going with my dad to the bar for every fight we could, it was a real bonding experience for us. After a number of months I told him I wanted to train in Mixed Martial Arts. Not fight, mind you, I didn't think he'd go for that, but just train in jiu-jjitsu and boxing and wrestling. I was already a very fit young lady from taking gymnastics and ballet most of my life. I had a six-pack, strong thighs, and no boobs like most of my gymnastics peers. He agreed and started taking me to a local gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we lived and I started from scratch.

I went to the MMA gym every day my dad could take me, my social life outside of the gym went extinct but I didn't care at all and my parents were happy as long as I kept my grades up. I got my learner's permit a week after I turned 16 and inherited my dad's beat up old pick-up truck so I could be there every day after school and on the weekends too; rolling with the guys and learning as fast as I could while also working shifts at the gym to make some pocket money. In March of 2012 Ronda Rousey became the Strikeforce Champion by defeating Miesha Tate and I fell in love with the woman. She was so confident and outspoken, and so powerful. I must have watched her fights a hundred times each by the time she fought next to defend her belt – not that it took long with none of her fights ever leaving the 1st round. Her defense against Sarah Kaufman was even more dominant than the whooping she put on Tate. I wanted to be her. Badly.

My training got more intense from there as I followed Ronda's career and so desperately wanted to follow in her footsteps. I was too small to ever compete in her division, successfully anyway, at five-foot-three and only a hundred and twenty-five pounds. I guess not being able to one day get spanked by Ronda wasn't the worst thing that could happen to me, I mean I never wanted to fight her really, I just wanted to be her. However, there not being any division in the UFC for my weight didn't deter me: by 17 I was sneaking away on weekends to "group outings" as I told my parents, which were really fights so amateur that I had to pay to participate. I won all of those fights pretty easily honestly, taking a tip from Ronda I focused a lot of my time and energy in the gym on takedowns and submissions. Half the girls I fought in those days were rough and tumble street fighters. Making them tap was almost too easy.

It was in 2013 that my dreams went into overdrive: The UFC was starting a Women's Strawweight Division. I had to figure out some way to go pro without my parents knowing. They were still against me competing seriously because they didn't want their baby getting all beat up. As long I was under 18 I needed their permission to fight in any real organizations. When Invicta called my manager (me) because they needed a short notice fill-in and had heard my name floating around some local circuits I jumped at the chance to get my first pro fight. I ended up getting a friend from school to forge my mom's signature to all of the appropriate forms so I could participate.

When the time came I was up against a girl with a 2-1 record named Krista Bell. It was a closer fight than I'd have liked, she clocked me a few too many times, ringing my bell early, but I wore her down and made her tap to a kimura in the middle of the third round. The feeling of your first professional win is something you never forget. It feels like what I imagine an out of body experience must feel like: just floating around everywhere you go and smiling from ear to ear even though it hurts to smile. It felt like I might float away I was so full of myself at that point. I sobered up quick when I got home with two black eyes and a swollen lip. I managed to convince my parents (with the help of a smooth lie from one of my gym buddies) that I'd been jumped by a couple guys who wanted my bag and phone but I'd managed to break one of their arms in the confusion of our tussle and they all ran away after that. Even though they bought the lie I wasn't allowed to go out at night by myself anymore.

After that first win Invicta sent me a contract but since I was still too young and didn't think I could manage to keep my second life as secret as I'd like it to be I decided to wait until I was eighteen to fight again. Instead I went back to work and even switched gyms, managing to get myself into Greg Jackson's gym and started training harder than before. I worked a lot more on my stand up game because I didn't want to take the kind of damage I did in that first fight again if I could help it. It was around this time I met James Bartlett.

James was a fighter at Jackson's gym and a little bit older than me. He hadn't gone pro yet but showed a lot of promise. He took an interest in me first because I was too focused on training to really even notice the opposite sex in that way at all; I was still a total virgin actually. Not that I minded, I had my fingers and porn and that had always been enough for me. One day after we finished rolling together we were getting some water and he had apparently gotten tired of me not picking up his clues so he grabbed me by the shoulders, looked at me with his intense green eyes and said, "Miya, I think you're the toughest, prettiest, most bad ass girl I've ever met and I want to have dinner with you. Like on a date. Let's go on a date." I couldn't say anything except for "yes," right?

James and I really hit it off and became an official couple pretty quickly. We supported each other in the goals we wanted to achieve and made each other stronger. After dating for about 6 months I turned 18 and on my birthday we went back to his place after our workout and finally had sex. It was actually pretty nice. Everyone always makes a big deal about how bad and uncomfortable the first time is, but other than me not knowing at all what to do I think it went pretty well. I didn't have a real orgasm or anything, but it was still fun. That night I rubbed one out thinking of how his dick felt inside of me, the way it filled me up, and the next day it was all I could think of. I was rolling with some new guy that day and he could probably only smell how wet my pussy was. I told James I was coming over after the work out to get a massage and release some tension and wow did we release some tension. I released my tension about three times and he released his tension all over my little boobs. From that point on we were like rabbits.

The sex didn't take away from my focus though. Once I'd turned eighteen I got in contact with Invicta again and asked for a fight as soon as possible. I was hungry to get back in there. I won the next two fights they gave me (against girls with a combined 1-4 record of course) pretty easily and finally decided to tell my parents that I'd been fighting. They yelled a lot, but ultimately they understood. They had probably known on some level ever since I got "mugged."

After my fourth pro fight in June of 2015, which I won by second-round TKO, my manager (I really had one at this point) got a call from the UFC about me fighting another girl with no UFC fights on the Fight Pass prelims of UFC 191. Apparently they liked my "look" and thought I could appeal to many markets they wanted to expand into. I guess here is where I should describe myself a bit so you know what I mean. As you know, my name is Miyah Salazar. I'm half Japanese (my mom is full Japanese), a quarter Spanish and a quarter black. As I said before I'm five-foot-three and about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. I'd never put much thought into whether I was attractive or not because I'd only ever really been focused on being strong, but I've been told I'm pretty (mostly by family so it doesn't really count) all my life and recently someone told me that I look like if Jhene Aiko were a little darker, had muscles, and a big booty. So the UFC had seen I was attractive, undefeated, and could appeal to an Asian and Hispanic market. I was very "marketable."

Anyway, needless to say I thought my heart and head were going to explode at the same time when I got the news. I actually started to hyperventilate a bit. Despite their reservations about me fighting still my parents knew this was a big deal and threw a party for me that weekend. I knew my dad didn't want to see me get hurt, but I also think he was the proudest father in all of New Mexico that night.

After the celebrations were over it was time to get to work. We put together a two-month camp and I got to work with Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn much more than usual during that period, which was pretty cool. I also learned a ton and got to roll with Holly Holm for a few sessions which was seriously cool because she was next in line to fight Ronda. Everything was going really well, almost too well, and I started to get really nervous about the fight the closer it got. Luckily when you're new to the UFC not many people are interested in interviewing you so the lead up was all about cutting weight, which wasn't too hard since I could hardly keep any food down and only needed to shed ten pounds anyway.

The locker room warm ups were no different than the rest of the week had been: butterflies fluttering around my stomach, running into the knots that had tied themselves in my innards. I hit the pads when they asked me to, I stretched when they asked me to, and I took a break when they asked me to but it was all very robotic and distracted, like I wasn't fully in control of myself. I was getting seriously worried that this chick was going to beat the shit out of me because I wouldn't be able to lift my arms at all.

James was in the locker room with me and a couple of my coaches and with about thirty minutes left before I was going to be called out he asked them to leave us alone so we could talk. He could tell how tight I'd wound myself and wanted some time alone to try to loosen me up and get me out of my own head. "Miya, you're gonna do great tonight. You don't have anything to worry about; this girl is a kickboxer with a 2-1 record. She's nothing you haven't seen before. You just gotta go out there and do what you do." I tried to smile at him as he moved toward me after locking the door to our room, but it was a crooked smile only half felt.

He sat down beside me and shifted back so he could rub my shoulders. His strong fingers digging into my muscles and loosening them up felt great but I was sure I'd just re-knot them with worry before getting in the cage. "My parents are here James, what if she knocks me out?"

"That is not gonna happen, you've got a solid chin and good head movement, as long as you do your best I know you'll win this fight." His hands had begun working down my back, working my lats and along my rib cage.

I let my head fall to the side and onto James' shoulder, "Well I appreciate your platitudes, no matter how biased they are. I just can't get my mind off of all the possibilities, all the people watching me. I want to be the best, but what if my best isn't enough to be the best?"

He was digging his knuckles into my lower back just above my shorts, "It will be. I know it will be." He planted his soft lips on my forehead and gave me a kiss. "You just need to stop thinking so much. It's good to be aware of the possibilities and situations that could spring up, but if you obsess on it you're going to beat yourself. You have to be loose in there and just feel the fight."

"I know you're right," I pouted, "but I can't shut my brain off. I don't want to be this stressed but I can't make my dumb brain shut the fuck up."

James laughed and grabbed my chin to turn my head toward his, "I've got an idea that could help." He planted a firm, passionate kiss on my lips and then ran his hand over my currently-braided hair, his fingertips lightly grazed my neck and shoulder before slipping itself under my sports bra and finding my nipple and giving it a light tug which sent chills through my body. I've always liked my nipples personally, I know a lot of girls can be really self-conscious about their nude form but I've always rather liked mine. My nipples are the puffy kind and a chocolate-brown shade which makes them look a bit like Hershey's Kisses. James often jokes that they taste like milk chocolate.

As I let out an involuntary moan into his mouth thanks to his teasing my mind began to race: 'Do we have time for this? Will everyone know I've just had sex? Will it actually help? I've heard Ronda say in interviews that she likes to have sex before fighting, but I doubt she meant in the locker room minutes before a fight... Will this affect my stamina during the fight?' And while all of that was racing through my head my pussy had become incessantly moist and I could feel the blood pulsing through it. My final intelligent thought in that moment was, 'I need to take these shorts off so they don't reek of sex during my fight.'

I broke our kiss, losing myself in the moment, and stood from the bench we were seated on. It took all of two seconds to step out of the tight Reebok shorts and the underwear I was wearing and then I reached down to yank James' shirt off as he began fumbling with his shorts. "I need you to fuck my brains out babe." I kissed him hard, holding his face in both hands and staring him in the eyes, "Make it quick."

He had his shorts and boxers off by that point and his cock was rock hard between his legs and staring straight at me. I've not been made familiar with a lot of cocks, well mostly just the one and the ones I've seen in porn, but I've always thought James had a very nice one. It's not overly long – though I don't have much to compare it to – at about six inches, maybe a bit less, but it is very thick and that's my favorite part about it. Not to mention it's a pretty dick, well as pretty as a dick can be I guess. He's circumcised with a bulbous spade-shaped head and one large vein that runs down the top of it.

Seeing his dick between his legs pointing at me, staring at me, waiting for me, I couldn't help myself. I swung one leg around him to the other side of the bench and then straddled him with both. My engorged lips smushed against his cock and I slid them up and down the length of it to lube him up. We began kissing passionately, so many feelings were firing through my body but there were no thoughts in my head. With a quick adjustment of my hips I was able to take him into me and sat down on his meat fully. I loved how full he made my hungry pussy feel. I slowly moved my hips up and down so my clenching inner muscles would massage his shaft. He could only take a few moments of this before he took my words to heart and fucked me properly.

James stood up with me still impaled on his cock. It was no feat of strength really as he is nearly a foot taller than me and far stronger than any average guy. With both hands grasping a plump cheek he held me firmly and then began jack hammering into my pussy. I could feel his heavy balls swinging up to slap my ass with every other thrust, and the sound of my pussy slurping up and down his length filled my ears. I wasn't thinking anymore, but I was feeling everything: the muscles flexing in his back as I held onto him, his tongue exploring my tongue, my pussy hugging his dick so tightly I thought we might start a fire, and the immense pleasure coursing through my entire body. It didn't take me long to get to the brink of an orgasm, "Baby, I'm gonna cum. Oh, fuck yeah baby! Give it to me harder! Fuck!"

"I'm close too Miyah, fuck you're so beautiful, I fuckin' love you." He groaned and picked up the pace. At this point he'd pinned me against a wall which was helping to hold me up and also giving him a bit of leverage to get even deeper. I was on Cloud Nine.

"Cum inside me baby. Fill my cunt with that hot white spunk!" Usually I made him cum on me or I'd swallow it, but I was on birth control and honestly didn't give a fuck at that moment in time, I just wanted as much of him inside of me as I could have. Of course as soon as those words came out of my mouth and entered his ears his balls exploded. He thrust hard into me, hitting spots I wasn't aware I had and began pumping load after load of his cum deep in my pussy. I could feel his cock spurting it out, pulsing with his own personal orgasm rhythm and that sensation plus the knowledge that he was pumping me full of his baby batter sent me into one of the most intense orgasms I'd ever had.

We stood there – well he stood, I kind of hung, still wrapped around him with his dick slowly softening inside of me – for a minute or two. I clung to him but my legs were shaking and I was breathing deeply, just holding on for dear life. Finally I glanced at the clock, I had 10 minutes left before I had to start walking down to the cage. A glop of his cum ooze out of me and splattered on the floor and we both laughed, still overcome with ecstasy.

"I should go clean up a bit. You didn't mess up my hair or leave any scratches on me did you?" He pulled out of me slowly and let me down. As soon as my feet hit the ground a rivulet of his cum began rolling down my inner thigh, follow by two more on the other side and another thick glob of white hit the ground.
"You look fine, just a bit sweaty and flushed. Luckily you're dark enough that it's hard to notice." He winked at me when I shot him a look. "I'll clean up here; you go in the bathroom and compose yourself a bit."

I smiled and obliged, snatching up my panties and shorts as I waddled into the bathroom, clenching my pussy as tight as I could so as not to make a complete mess. Inside the bathroom I squatted over the toilet and squeeze out most of James' cum. The sounds of my pussy squelching as I did so were a bit embarrassing, but it was just us in the room still so I didn't pay it much mind. I also took a wet towel to my thighs to make sure no dried cum lines would appear later. After taking a quick pee I redressed, checked myself in the mirror, and went back out into the locker room.

James had just sprayed some air freshener and I coughed while laughing, "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. It probably smells like straight up pussy right now, I was wet as hell." After James had unlocked the door I went back to stretching and he helped. My coaches came back in with about two minutes to go and soon I was being ushered down the halls of the MGM Grand and out to the Octagon.

When the cage door swung shut I realized I wasn't nervous at all. My mind was calm, I felt loose, 'Maybe a little too loose,' I thought as I felt a bit of leftover cum drip into my panties. The tunnel vision I experienced in that first UFC fight was weird. The seats weren't even half full at that point, as I was the first fight of the night, but Bruce Buffer was getting ready to announce my name. I don't even remember him introducing the other girl, her name was Tanya Clarke, and all I could focus on was her face. She wasn't ugly, but she also wasn't attractive, and she looked mean. As my eyes focused on her furrowed brow I noticed she had a big pimple in between her eye brows and I think I might have cracked a smile. Thinking back now I probably looked like a complete psychopath: just a blank stare while all the officials asked me small useless questions and then a random smile while she is being announced.

When Bruce Buffer turned his attention to me I finally came to my senses a bit, enough to hear him anyway, though I continued to mostly just stare at Tanya. "And now... Introducing her opponent! Fighting out of the Red Corner! She's a mixed martial artist with a professional record of four wins and no losses! She stands five-foot-three-inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds! Fighting out of Albuquerque, New Mexico... 'Mama' Miyah Salazar!" I broke my stare to glance around at the crowd and managed a wave. The production crew were getting their cameras and cords out of the way now and Bruce Buffer was gone. It was time to fight.

When the bell rang I came out quick and took the middle of the Octagon with my hand out to touch gloves. She was still mean-mugging me but she tapped her left hand to my left hand as a sign of sportsmanship. We began to circle each other; I did my best to keep the middle and not let her take control, trading a few jabs with her as we danced. She landed a hard leg kick but I answered with an overhand right that hit her in the cheek and followed it with a kick to the body as she backed up. When she came forward again I ducked a lead left hook and went to the body with three quick punches but then caught an uppercut to the mouth. She threw another leg kick and I moved backward, light on my feet. As she moved forward I came forward as well with a jumping knee that only glanced her shoulder thanks to a well-timed dodge on her part. The lunging attack put me closer to the fence now and her in the middle of the Octagon so she pressed the pace with a volley of strikes that pushed me against the cage with my guard up. I clinched her quickly and landed a hard knee to her abdomen before immediately throwing her with a hip toss.

Tanya landed hard on her back, possibly caught off guard, and I was on top of her in side control. I could hear her gasp for breath as soon as we were on the mat and realized I must have knocked the air out of her. I quickly slid my knee across her belly and obtained full mount. Sitting back out of her reach for a second I threw a big elbow that she blocked, and then another. She grabbed my right arm with her left hand but kept her right arm up to block so I leaned to the right and brought my left elbow down and across her cheek which opened her up. It might have rocked her too because she went to grab my other arm but the grip of her left hand loosened enough for me to wrench my arm free and grab her attacking arm with both hands. In one swift move I'd wrapped my legs around her arm and began pulling back as hard as I could to force the tap.

I sprung to my feet and yanked my mouth guard out before letting out a roar in victory. It probably wasn't my most attractive moment but the adrenaline and exhilaration just takes over. Honestly, the next ten minutes were a blur and I barely remember having my hand raised and my victory announced before I was backstage again talking to a few people from the media, nobody notable other than Ariel Helwani, but at least he seemed impressed by me.

I sat in my locker room with my team and James for a while as they recounted the fight and threw compliments and criticism at me rapidly. Once the excitement had died down a bit we simply watched the fights together. I was excited to see Raquel Pennington get herself a first round submission since I've always been a fan of hers, and then the fast-paced slobber knocker between John Lineker and Francisco Rivera had us all standing up and yelling at the TV. It was a little bit after that fight that there was a knock at the door so my coach Tom got up to see who it was.

After talking to whoever was outside for a minute he closed the door and came back to sit down with us. "That was one of Ronda's people," he reported, "said that Ronda wants to meet you at the end of the night Miyah." The way he said it was so nonchalant that I almost didn't understand him, but once the words sunk in I actually squealed.

"WHAT!? She wants to meet me!? Ronda Rousey!? Are you fucking with me right now Tom? Tom, I swear to God if you're fucking with me I will rip your fucking arm off!" I'd sprung to my feet and was shaking Tom by the shoulders while everyone laughed at my intensity.

"No Miyah, that's actually what they said. Said they'd come back around with the specifics later but wanted to make sure you didn't leave since you don't have any media obligations."

"Holy. Fucking. Shit." I was pacing at that point, "I've gotta shower and change then. Do I look okay? I haven't seen how bad my face is."

"She barely hit you babe," James replied. He'd stood up and was keeping me from pacing by holding me still to plant a kiss on my forehead. "You look great."

"Okay, good." I took a deep breath, "Alright, I'm gonna go shower."


By the time I was clothed and done drying my hair the Paige VanZant fight was heading into the third round. I asked James who was winning and he told me Paige had pretty much been dominating Chambers. This didn't surprise me, Paige was a strong up and comer and would be a big star one day if she kept going at this pace. Not only is she a talented fighter but she's gorgeous as well. She looks like a typical cheerleader with a pretty smile, long blonde hair, well-done make up, and her bubbly personality, but who could also kick your ass. Early in the third round she had Alex in trouble on the ground and was able to snatch the Aussie girl's arm much like I had done to Tanya. When Joe Rogan interviewed her she barely even had a scratch on her.

For the rest of the night I sat in that room only half-watching the fights playing out on the screen, most of my brain was obsessing over what Ronda could want and what I would say, or whether I'd be able to say anything. Part of me thought about asking James to fuck me again in order to clear my mind but it would have been weird to ask my coaches (and some teammates had joined us as well) to all leave again for no good reason. At least none I wanted to share with them.

Finally the fights were over, Demetrious Johnson had defended his belt dominantly and everyone was beginning to file out of the arena. There was a knock at the door and I went to open it this time. A young guy in dress pants, nice shoes, and a clean white shirt was standing there. "Hi, Miyah right?" He stuck out his hand to shake mine so I took it. "I'm Charlie, I work for Ms. Rousey. I believe I spoke to one of your coaches earlier?"

"Yeah, Tom." I responded; my heart was already in my throat.

"We weren't able to get back by here before this unfortunately, but are you cool with meeting Ronda now? She should be back in her suite soon and wanted me to bring you up to meet her." His smile was perfect, in an unsettling kind of way, but his eyes seemed friendly at least.

I couldn't find words, so I sort of whimpered and nodded at the same time, trying to force a smile.

"Okay," He smiled and it seemed more genuine then, "come with me then and we will head straight up there."

I turned back into the room, "James, I'm going to go up to meet Ronda. Do you want to come?" I turned to Charlie, "Can he come?"

Charlie shook his head briefly, "No, I'm sorry. Ms. Rousey was very clear that I should only bring you up."

"Oh, well okay then," I looked back at James apologetically, "Nevermind. Just me I guess." I practically skipped over to him and planted a firm kiss on his lips before shooting out of the door behind Charlie.

It was slow going moving through the crowds of fans, UFC employees, MGM staff, and everything else as we headed to the elevators but my heart was pounding so hard I couldn't hear anything around me. Then we were in the elevator and I felt sick to my stomach the entire way up to her floor. I knew it was just butterflies but really felt like I was going to cover the elevator floor in puke. Then we were at her door and Charlie swiped his card, turned the handle, and pulled it open with a light creak.

"This is it for me," he said with another perfect smile. I wasn't sure but something about his eyes seemed mischievous.

I laughed nervously, "So do I just go in and sit down somewhere? I've never been in a suite like this before. She is expecting me right?"

"Yeah, just go on in and make yourself at home. I'm not sure if she's in already, but if she isn't she will be soon. Either way she will know you're there." He pulled the door open a bit more as a signal that I should get moving but before I was able to move he added, "And relax Ms. Salazar, Ronda is one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of working for. Just be yourself and don't forget to breathe."

I smiled at him, "Thank you Charlie, I really appreciate that." I took a deep breath and exhaled it forcefully through my nose. I was about to meet Ronda Rousey. Holy shit. I marched through the door and was greeted instantly by the light scent of lavender perfume and some mellow music playing from various speakers throughout the suite.

The front room was enormous. To the immediate right was a wall and doorway, and against that wall were various pictures, cabinets, and tables. To the front left corner there was a huge L-shaped couch and massive television. The left back corner was sectioned off into a kitchen and then to the far left was another doorway. Straight ahead was a beautiful glass wall that led to a balcony which overlooked the Las Vegas strip.

I looked around for any sign of Ronda but saw none so I moved forward and peeked into the room to the right. It was dark inside but seemed to be a dining room that led to another set of rooms. To the left the door was partially shut but there was a light on. I thought maybe she was in there changing into something more comfortable so after taking in the pictures hanging about the room I went and sat down on the couch.

It was covered in some sort of velvet or microfiber that felt great on my butt and legs when I sat down. I was wearing a sort of sundress so I crossed my legs like a lady while I waited. It was really quite an awkward situation; sitting on an incredibly famous stranger's couch in relative silence, not sure whether it would be considered appropriate to turn on the TV or anything and not even having my phone to surf on while I waited because I'd forgotten to grab it before rushing out of the locker room. And the famous stranger whose couch I was sitting on happened to be my hero.

For a while I fidgeted with my fingers, picking at the cuticles and nervously chewing at the nails. Then I realized there were magazines on the coffee table, mostly UFC Magazine, so I grabbed one and began flipping through the pages. I'd guess maybe five minutes went by before suddenly, and without warning I heard a voice come from my left. Her voice.

"Sorry to keep you waiting like that, I had to wash all the makeup off and get the hairspray and all the bobby pins out of my hair. Not to mention squeezing out of that dress. You looked amazing in your fight by the way, I was really impressed."

I had looked up from my magazine as soon as I heard her speak; to be honest my heart had jumped a bit because she'd startled me. When I saw her I think my heart might have stopped completely. At least for a few seconds; obviously I survived the encounter. What greeted me from the doorway, of what I now knew must be the Master Bedroom, was a fully naked, freshly washed, and ridiculously gorgeous, Ronda Rousey. She was leaning against the door frame a bit and smiling casually at me, though her eyes were analyzing. So many thoughts rushed into my head. First and foremost: 'What is going on?' Followed by: 'Am I dreaming?' For a moment I was sincerely curious if I'd been knocked the fuck out and was currently unconscious in the middle of the Octagon dreaming about a naked Ronda Rousey.

"Well say something. If you just stare at me all slack-jawed like that you're going to make me blush," she wasn't lying either because as I continued to be at a loss for words her cheeks began to turn a soft rosy-red in hue.

I'd heard somewhere that Ronda rocked a 34A cup, probably on one of the many fan sites I'd visited over the years of idolizing her, but seeing them sitting proud and perky on her muscled chest made them seem larger than I'd imagined. They were nice boobs regardless of size, round and probably a bit more than a handful (though to be fair, I have small hands) with tiny light brown nipples poking out at me. Her waist curved in sharply from her strong back, much like my own, and even though she wasn't at "fighting weight" she looked toned and sleek. Her hips are a bit more narrow than curvy, but the sexy muscled "V" of abdominal muscles that sloped gently into her pelvis caused me to hardly notice. From there my eyes were drawn immediately to the soft brown cropping of pubes nestled right above her slit in the shape of a small heart. Right beside them was her infamous Olympic Rings tattoo. I couldn't really see her pussy due to the positioning of her leg, but what really surprised me – more than the naked superstar standing in front of me – was how badly I wanted to see that most intimate part of her and how warm it had suddenly gotten between my thighs.

I don't know how much time had passed since she spoke, probably no more than a minute, but it felt like an eternity before I finally snapped my jaw shut and stuttered, "T-thank you Ms. Rousey." I looked away, back at the magazine. "Sorry for staring, I didn't mean to. I was just caught off-guard."

She let out one of her throaty chuckles. I couldn't see her because I'd averted my eyes but I could feel her sly smile, "Well I wouldn't have worn my birthday suit to meet you if I wasn't okay with a bit of staring." I looked back toward her; my heart was fluttering a mile a minute as we locked eyes. "Do you like what you see Miyah?" She moved toward me, that charming crooked smile still on her face but my eyes had trailed down her smooth body and landed on the pair of lips framed by two very muscular thighs. As she reached me she stuck out her hand, "And it's just Ronda. Nice to meet you Miyah."

I'm not sure how I was able to move my arm at that point, but somehow I wrenched it up enough to lock hands with Ronda Rousey. Hers was warm, and I'm sure mine had become ice cold. "N-Nice to meet you too R-Ronda." My entire body had started to shake because of the anxiety and nerves.

"Oh sweetie," Ronda purred, "are you okay? You're shaking." She rubbed my arm with her other hand briefly before releasing me. "If you're uncomfortable you can leave, I promise its fine. Or if you want to stay I can pour you a shot or something to calm your nerves."

I desperately wanted that shot, but my brain was overwhelmed with all sorts of questions still. 'Was I being seduced?' I didn't know Ronda was bisexual, and I knew nearly everything I could about Ronda. 'Did she greet all of her fans like this?' Of course she didn't, this couldn't be a normal thing... 'But why me?' I had to ask her. "Why – Why am I here Ronda? You don't meet all of your fans this way do you? I mean I'm naked around other girls all the time in the locker rooms and all but this just seems more intimate. You look sexy rather than casual, and even if this is casual it's still not normal right? Or is it? Sorry, now I'm rambling... I'll have that shot, please." My face was absurdly hot, meanwhile my hands were cold and sweating and my pussy was boiling. I'd never really felt anything like this before and specifically not the lust for another woman I was feeling at that moment. I'd seen porn of course and I'd complimented another girl's boobs or butt or even pussy as saying they were attractive, but to my recollection I'd never been turned on by them necessarily. But Ronda had immediately made my panties soggy for some unexplainable reason.

She chuckled again after my rant and smiled at me, "Sure sweetie, I'll answer your questions after I get it for you." She turned around then and headed to the bar in the kitchen. Of course my eyes were instantly glued to her ass; it was incredibly bubbly and obviously strong. Her two perfectly muscled cheeks wobbled back and forth as her hips swayed away from me. I couldn't help admiring her back either. I'd seen it before of course, she only wears a sports bra when she fights, but it seemed more vulnerable then in her hotel room and completely nude; still strong but also soft and sexy.

She was back with a shot of whiskey in no time, or perhaps I'd just been lost in my thoughts. I smiled at her and took the shot from her, my hand trembling so hard I was sure I'd spill it. Ronda sat down beside me, not too close, but close enough that I could feel the warmth emanating from her body. Her presence was actually a bit soothing and my nervous tremors subsided briefly enough for me to throw the shot back. I swallowed it hard and held back a grimace. I'd had whiskey before despite being only 19, but I'd never really acquired a taste for it.

The warmth of the shot ran through my chest and to my extremities quickly and I began to calm down. I squirmed a bit on the couch, turning to look at Ronda as to not be rude, and just the friction of that motion made my wet pussy clench with pleasure. I couldn't figure out why I felt that way.

Ronda was smiling at me sweetly, and as I turned she turned a bit as well, moving a bent leg onto the couch while the other was still planted on the floor. I couldn't help but glance down between her legs then to try and get a better look at her pussy, the sudden center of my infatuation. To my great frustration the way she was sitting – leaning over towards me a bit – left almost all of her lips hidden from view. My eyes darted back up to meet hers and she raised her eyebrows as if to say, 'I know what you're looking for.'
Her amused face became a bit more serious, though she kept the alluring smile that was perhaps her only form of armor at this point. Well that, and the fact that she could rip my arm off at any point, naked or not. "Okay, so what were those questions you had for me? Why are you here and do I meet everyone in my birthday suit?" For a second I didn't realize she was pausing for me to respond because I'd ceased looking at her face and my attention had trailed down her neck and to her chest where a droplet of water had fallen from one of the damp tendrils of her sandy blonde hair and was slowly moving down the slope of her pert breast. As the drop of water collided with her firm brown nipple I realized the silence and looked up at her, she was grinning and blushing a bit. It took me a second to process the words I'd taken in without realizing it and then nodded.

"Well no I don't typically meet most fans while naked, in fact that list would be very short," she laughed her throaty laugh. "But in this case, I'm the fan and... I don't know, this is probably a really odd thing to do and I questioned whether I should or not, but ever since I saw you in your fight I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. And I guess that answers your other question. You're here because I was drawn to you and I wanted to meet you. I'm just glad you wanted to meet me and haven't run from here screaming yet. And actually, I'm really happy that you seem to like what you've seen so far."

I swallowed hard; my throat seemed so incredibly dry. I tried to conjure up some saliva and swallowed again. "Ronda, I know you probably hear this a lot, but I'm definitely one of your biggest fans." I was surprised by how easily my words were coming out suddenly, "I can't say I got into the sport because of you, but I was inspired to strive for greatness because of you, and given a path to follow to that greatness thanks to you as well." I was touched by the soft smile that brought to her face, and how she looked away from me for a moment to resist tears forming in her eyes. "So of course I wanted to meet you, but I certainly didn't expect this." I immediately felt like that stung her a bit so I blurted out quickly, "Not that I mind! I'm actually incredibly flattered and..." I thought about my next words carefully, weighing what I'd known about myself my entire life and what I was feeling then against one another. Finally I said, "Surprisingly aroused."

At that point I grabbed her hand, which had been resting on her thigh closest to me and with bravery I didn't think I could ever muster two minutes before I placed her hand beneath my dress and held it there for a moment. "Oh wow," she smiled foolishly, "It's like a furnace down there. Well, if it makes you feel any better – not like you couldn't already tell how attracted I am to you – look at what you've done to me just sitting here being all cute and flustered." She leaned backward a bit from where she was sitting to reveal a large wet spot that had formed since she sat down.

I grinned from ear to ear, not only because of how much seeing that turned me on (and boosted my ego), but also because this finally gave me a good look at this Amazonian-like goddess' pussy and for some reason I'd been obsessed with seeing that most private of areas since she'd first spoken to me from her doorway, like I was drawn to it by some unperceivable force. I was not disappointed, not that I thought I could be really as I didn't have much experience with being attracted to vaginas before that moment, but it looked delicious and I finally understood why James would often say the same about mine. Ronda's pussy had meaty outer labia, a lot like mine really but her lips were the same tone as the rest of her skin rather than darker like my own. A thick pair of inner lips peaked out from between them and were glistening with her juices and slightly agape, as if they were waiting to devour something. What my eyes ended up fixating on though was her swollen clitoral hood and I began imagining push it back gently and suckling at what must be a rather large clit. I only had a few precious moments to admire her nethers before she leaned forward again.

"Wow," I said, "I had no idea. The thing is Ronda, I'm kind of in a relationship. With a guy. His name is James and we've been together for about two years now." I could feel how badly I wanted her, though I wasn't even sure where to begin on that front, but I felt guilty already and we hadn't even done anything yet. Still, the guilt was like a huge pit in the back of my stomach aching every time I longed to touch Ronda's body or have her touch mine. And yet at the same time I couldn't help thinking James would be mostly be jealous of me rather than Ronda, and would wish he could have been present to witness it.

"Ah, I didn't know you were in a relationship. I guess at your age I thought you'd still be in that exploratory single phase. Well, you can't blame a gal for trying right?" She looked visibly deflated by my revelation and my heart wrenched. Of course somewhere in my mind I knew that if I'd walked out of her suite right at that moment she'd be over it in a few short days and move on with her life, but seeing her reaction at that moment was like a knife in my belly, stabbing the pit of guilt that had previously called my guts its home not ten seconds before. What were the odds that this would have happened to me though? That my career hero and idol, one of the most famous women in the world, would see me fight and instantly be hot for me and then invite me to her beautiful hotel suite only to confront me completely naked and with lustful intentions? I realized that if I didn't seize this opportunity I'd been confronted with I'd likely regret it immensely later in life and I've never been comfortable with regret.

"Fuck it, he'll understand," I mumbled half to myself as I let my instincts take over and I leaned forward with purpose to take the side of Ronda's face into one hand and planted my lips firmly to her own. She had very smooth, firm lips, as opposed to mine which were fuller, and a little swollen and bloody in one corner where I caught that uppercut earlier in the night. I liked the sensation of kissing Ronda, it was very different from kissing James, more tender and delicate. She tasted of mouthwash and a hint of passion fruit, which I found curious and delightful. Our lips had hardly pressed themselves together a second time before she let a low moan rumble into my mouth, the sound and sensation of which sent a tingle shooting from my pussy to the rest of my body.

Soon our tongues had begun snaking their way into one another's mouths and the moaning was intensifying. Ronda's hands had found my hips and pulled me in closer to her before tugging my dress out from under my butt and legs and only breaking our kissing long enough to slide the dress over my head and toss it on the floor. Beneath my dress I'd been wearing a black strapless bra and a white and pink polka dotted thong. I'm not one of those girls who have to match their underwear, but had I known Ronda Fucking Rousey was going to be taking it off of me I might have put some more effort into choosing which to wear. She didn't seem to mind my "fashion faux pas" much though, and instead just seemed anxious to have my level of nudity match hers as quickly as possible; something I was not at all against at that point.

Once my dress had been discarded her hands quickly moved to the next article of clothing while we continued to exchange tongues with a passion I've rarely encountered thus far in my life, and suddenly I felt the pressure of my bra dissipate and the material fell away from my skin to be discarded into the same pile as my dress. The air in the room was warm but my nipples still hardened instantly upon losing my bra due to the sudden change in temperature, which sent a new tingle up my spine. As Ronda's hands slid around my ribs and to my petite tits I shivered and moaned louder than any time previously. Another moan escaped my lips and I involuntarily wiggled my hips back and forth on the couch as she took one of my plump nipples between her fingers and gave it a firm pinch.

I finally broke our kiss and took a deep breath, "Holy shit Ronda, you are an amazing kisser." We were both panting with ecstasy and grinning foolishly. Her eyes were locked on my chest though.

"You have probably the most perfect nipples I've ever seen. They look like they taste like the sweetest kind of chocolate. I'm having a really hard time fighting the urge to maul them right now." Her fingers gave both of them a pinch this time and I twitched and groaned.

"First you need to get me out of these panties, they are ridiculously soaked."

She purred at me with a grin and pushed me back onto the couch where I propped myself up on my elbows to watch her. It was then that I realized I was still wearing my Chucks, so I quickly used my toes to kick them both off beside the couch and then stretched my smooth, muscular legs out toward my new lover. She took my left leg and pushed it wide against the back of the couch and left the right one mostly where it was. Leaning forward on her hands and knees she began planting soft wet kisses from my right knee up my thigh until she reached my panty-clad mound. I watched her doing this for a bit, shivers and tingles racing up and down my body, my nerves on overload, but then noticed her sexy round cheeks sticking up into the air behind her and began to imagine what that view must be like and how badly I wanted to see it. Ronda brought my mind back to reality though when she hooked two fingers in either side of my panties and began to tug.

I lifted my butt obligingly and wiggled my hips back and forth as she pulled the polka-dotted thong out of my butt crack, down my thighs, and ultimately threw it into the pile of clothing she'd been creating on the floor. I could see the hunger in her eyes as she gazed at my newly revealed pussy. I couldn't really see much more than the curve of my mound from my angle, but I could feel how sopping wet and excited it was; what I tenderly refer to as "girl drool" was slowly making a delicious trail from the juicy pink opening between my engorged brown lips to the tight pucker that was usually hidden between my overly ample ass cheeks. Ronda took my left leg and pushed it back against my abdomen which naturally spread my pussy open a bit as if inviting her in.

Ronda looked at me then as if to check if I was still on board, and found confirmation in the fervent look in my eyes. She lowered her head between my thighs until she was so close to my eager pink hole that I could feel her breath on it and with each slow warm breath my inner muscles would clench spastically from the pleasure pulsing through my nerve endings. Finally she planted a kiss right on the hood of my clit and I actually had a small orgasm right then. Just the sheer fact that I was watching Ronda Rousey tenderly kiss my clit was nearly enough to make me cum but the sensation of her smooth lips pressing against that tender flesh was more than enough to push me over the edge. My pussy began clenching hard, as well as my ass cheeks, and I bit my lip to stop from screaming. It was a brief orgasm, but intense, and after probably only ten seconds it had subsided.

If my face hadn't already been completely flushed with ecstasy I'd have probably blushed when Ronda looked up at me with raised eyebrows. "Did I already make you cum, Mama?" For some reason her use of my fighting nickname actually turned me on more, whereas I'd always told James to not dare call me that in bed. Maybe it was actually the sensation of her breath on my overly sensitive bud that was responsible.

"Yeah," I half-whispered, "that orgasm has been building since you walked out of your room naked I think." I managed to smile crookedly, almost drunkenly, at her.

"Well you'd better hold on to something then because I've been told before that I'm pretty good at this." Ronda took one hand at that point and wet her finger tips with her tongue before using her thumb and forefinger to pinch my hood and pull it back. With that motion she had simultaneously revealed my clit fully and seemed to be grasping the base of it firmly, a sensation I don't believe I'd ever felt before. When she moved her face in again she got so close that I could feel her lips parting before the wet pink muscle of her tongue flicked against my clit and caused me to buck my hips uncontrollably for just a moment.

"Holy shit," I gasped as I grabbed hold of the couch tightly with both hands and leaned back so I could no longer see her. Her tongue continued to flick at my clit and would sometimes slip around it fully in counter-clockwise circles. With great focus I was able to keep from bucking my pelvis straight into her face and breaking her nose each time she did this. After a couple of minutes of torturing my sensitive bud like that she lowered her face, trailing her tongue between my thick labia, over my peephole, and down to the pink tunnel that so wanted to be filled with something. Her tongue took up that job as she pressed her face into my gash forcefully and shoved her slick appendage deep into my hole. At the same time that her tongue was pumping in and out of me her nose was pushing firmly against my clit and her pinched fingers had begun massaging up and down as if she was jacking me off slowly. The pleasure was intense in so many ways I'm not sure I could ever accurately describe it with just words, so let's just say an orgasm like none I'd ever experienced, or have experienced since, exploded from my loins.

When I say it exploded, I mean it exploded. I'd heard of girls who would sometimes have squirting orgasms and I'd even seen it before in porn clips, but I'd never experienced it when masturbating or from James and I having sex so I'd never thought about what it must feel like. In fact, part of me was almost positive all those girls were faking it somehow. But with Ronda's face pressed urgently into my folds, already coated in my natural lubricant from the thorough job she was doing, my pussy exploded in a sudden burst of transparent liquid that hit her square in the upper lip. To her credit she realized what was happening immediately and slipped her tongue back into her mouth only to open wide and gulp down the rest of the stream of girl cum gushing from my pussy. In the blink of an eye her fingers managed to abandon my now hypersensitive clit and slide three knuckles deep into my convulsing snatch. Immediately she pushed them up against my pubic bone and found my G-spot and began to milk it firmly which caused the orgasm to intensify and produced even more ejaculate that was now spraying all over her face, chest, and arms.

Meanwhile I think I may have torn the couch cushions with how hard I grabbed them as the orgasm rushed through my body. My legs began to tremble and tense up at the same time while my ass clenched with every pulse of the orgasm ripping through me and my hips bucked wildly in the air above the couch. It felt as if the orgasm lasted forever but I'm sure it was no longer than a minute before my twitching and trembling began to subside.

Ronda was a sexy, beautiful mess. She had a wide smile on her face and was licking her lips in between flashing me her pearly whites. Her entire face was wet with my juices, to the point that it was dripping from her chin onto the couch, which was also a complete mess. "That was maybe the sexiest thing I've ever seen," Ronda reassured me, "and I've seen quite a few sexy things. You're just incredible Miyah." She crawled forward over top of me, dripping my own juices onto my belly and tits as she did so, in order to plant a sloppy, yet amazingly sexy, kiss on my lips. I tasted myself on her lips and on her tongue, the savory sweetness of my cum was all over her.

"You're such a sweet talker," I purred between kisses making us both laugh. "Does my cum really taste this good or is it you that tastes so delicious?"

"You taste like watered-down honey baby," Ronda gave me a final kiss on the lips and then began sliding her way back down my body. "In fact, I'm going in for seconds, right after I get a good taste of these," she grabbed both of my small tits and squeezed them while taking the left nipple into her mouth and suckling it softly for a moment before transitioning to the other. "Not quite the Hershey's Kisses they look like, but very yummy nonetheless," she laughed, but I was too drunk on my orgasm still to mention how many times I'd heard that before so I just smiled foolishly at her.

As she kissed her way down my abs, focusing on the muscled V that led to my pubic bone, I began to protest, "I'm not sure I have another orgasm in me Ronda," my voice was hardly above a whisper because I was so worn out.

"We'll see about that," she retorted and I could hear her smiling even though I could no longer see her face as it had disappeared back between my legs. "Do me and yourself a favor and hold your legs to your chest if you can sweetie," Ronda purred as she began gently suckling at my outer labia, taking the meaty lips between her teeth and gently biting at them which sent shivers up and down my spine. I did as she instructed with some effort, lifting my legs back toward my chest and then hooking my knees with my elbows. This motion raised my butt and hips up and Ronda followed with her face.

She continued warming me up again for a while, lapping lovingly at the pink flesh of my pussy and then occasionally going back up to my clit and suckling it tenderly which would cause my pussy to clench and my legs to twitch. I'd been so wet for so long at that point I was sure I'd succumb to dehydration within the hour. Suddenly, and without warning, Ronda's tongue slid south across the short gap of my taint and then circled the sensitive puckered skin of my asshole which immediately caused me to clench my ass cheeks together. Ronda stayed adamant though and continued to slowly trace circles around the hole while grabbing my left cheek with her right hand and squeezing it as if to say, "Trust me." What choice did I have other than to relax after all of the pleasure she'd inflicted on me so far?

I let my muscles relax and continued to hold my legs back as requested and when Ronda felt me relax she slowly began applying pressure to my anus with her tongue. I felt the slimy appendage push its way into my ass and once most of it was inside of me I couldn't believe how nice it felt wiggling around. I'd never really been interested in anal play before, it had always seemed sort of weird or gross to me, but the sensations I felt then made me realize how wrong I'd been. I squirmed some and pushed my ass into her face even more which let Ronda know that I was enjoying what she was doing. She grabbed my other cheek then and gently pulled them apart while I relaxed my sphincter a bit more to allow her further penetration. She was so deep at that point that her nose was fucking my pussy.

Once she felt I was comfortably loose she began bobbing her head back and forth so that she was simultaneously fucking my ass with her tongue and my pussy with her nose. The dual sensations were driving me crazy. It wasn't nearly as intense as the clit and G-spot stimulation from before but it was more of a slow burn; I felt the beginnings of another orgasm building. Before long she stopped tongue fucking my ass though, much to my displeasure. I let out a long groan to let her know how I felt and she laughed.

"Even your ass tastes sweet, are you like made of candy or something?" Without waiting for an answer she stuck her left middle finger in her mouth and made sure to cover it in a generous amount of saliva. With relative ease she was able to slide each knuckle of that finger into my tightest hole and I could feel her pressing lightly against my inner walls which sent jolts of pleasure coursing through my body and caused moans to involuntarily escape my lips. Then she incorporated her other hand, using the bountiful girl drool to lube up the middle and forefinger before slipping those digits into my still-hungry pussy.
I gasped; the sensation of having both of my holes played with was incredible. For a moment she was just exploring them, swirling her fingers around and getting me used to the feeling, but when she lowered her face and attached her soft lips to my clit again she really got down to business. I'd say I was impressed with the knack she had for multi-tasking but at the time I don't think there were any thoughts in my head except, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"

The UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion had created a suction with her lips and was slowly sucking on my clit, creating pressure while also flicking the tip of it lightly with her tongue. Meanwhile she was simultaneously pumping the finger in my ass and the two fingers in my drooling pink tunnel back and forth; slowly at first but she began to gain momentum finger-fucking my pussy rapidly while keeping the ass-fucking slow and steady. All of the nerves she was stimulating were sending lightning bolts of pleasure arcing through my entire body and I had a hard time remembering to keep holding my legs because I just wanted to let my body react to the heavenly treatment I was receiving.

The next five minutes were like an orgasmic blur of ecstasy, the lewd squelching of her fingers pumping in and out of my pussy, and my uncontrollable moans, gasps, and whispered praise. At some point Ronda curled her fingers upward again, finding my G-spot once more and applying pressure to it while pumping her fingers back and forth. At that point I couldn't hold my legs anymore and I let them drop onto Ronda's strong shoulders as I grasped at the couch, my tits, and Ronda's head in a fit of pure illogical ecstasy. The pressure of an orgasm had been building in my mound since she first pushed her tongue into my ass but finally I'd hit the point of no return and my climax roared through me.

My asshole clenched Ronda's finger harder than I thought possible and my pink walls began clenching and unclenching her other fingers rhythmically as the third orgasm of the last forty minutes took over my body. She applied some extra pressure to my G-spot and suddenly another spray of my ejaculate cascaded from my pussy and covered her face and chest once more. I can't actually recall if it was just that one squirt or not because my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I just laid there for several minutes covered in sticky sweet juices, salty sweat, and twitching sporadically in several different appendages and orifices.

While I recovered Ronda curled up beside me on the couch and though her five-foot-seven-inch frame was much larger than mine she managed to fit snugly against me, using my shoulder to rest her head on. I felt like I was high on ecstasy or something (though to be honest I'd never tried ecstasy, or any other drugs for that matter) because every inch of my body was warm and fuzzy and when Ronda would peck my skin with kisses and stroke it lightly with her fingers it felt like the most amazing fire was lit briefly on my skin. Everything felt so warm and comfortable that before I knew it I'd passed out.

When I awoke I tried to sit up quickly but my left arm was pinned by Ronda's heavy upper body, when I looked at her I remembered where I was and also was relieved that it hadn't all been an amazing dream. She sat up on the couch, smiling adoringly at me, "You alright?"

"Yeah, yeah," I mumbled, feeling a bit groggy from interrupting my REM cycle. "Just forgot where I was for a second. How long was I out for?" My left arm had fallen asleep a bit so I began trying to shake the tingles out of it.

"Only about 30 minutes I guess, it could have been a bit longer though." Her hand was stroking my thigh softly as I stretched and fidgeted with my tingly arm. "Why? Do you have to go?"

I thought about that question for a second. Was I planning to stay there for the night? I mean why not if she'd have me? But then there was James to think about, he could be worried about me. Was he still even at the venue or had he gone home with the team? I finally said, "Could I use your phone? I want to call James and let him know what's going on so he isn't worried or calling the cops or something."

Ronda laughed, "Of course, just use the land line over there," she pointed, "and I'll get you some water in the meantime." She stood up from the couch and began to walk toward the kitchen, and I immediately fixated on her fantastically perky cheeks as they wobbled back and forth with the swaying of her hips once more. Halfway there she paused and looked over her shoulder to say something and then began grinning when she saw where my eyes had been. "Don't worry, you'll get to play with all of this if you are so inclined," she smacked her left cheek playfully and I laughed but also stared at the wonderful jiggle of flesh and muscle. "By the way, do you smoke pot?"

"I so want to play with all of that," I laughed while standing up from the couch finally, "and no, I've never smoked before... But I've already submitted my post fight piss test and I've always been a bit curious, so if you want to smoke I don't mind." My legs felt like Jell-o as I attempted to walk toward the phone. I'd had post-sex-wobbly-legs before but never to this extent. I had to kind of crouch at first so they wouldn't give out. By the time I'd made it across the room to the land line they felt a lot better though and my grogginess had mostly faded.

I dialed James' number quickly and waited patiently as it rang three times before he picked up. 'Shit,' I thought, 'what do I tell him exactly?' I only had about half a second to inner deliberation before I heard his familiar voice.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hey baby it's me. I forgot my phone so I'm using the one in Ronda's room." My heart was beating fast suddenly as I continued to consider whether I should lie or not. But what excuse could I really give that he would believe I needed to stay in Ronda's hotel room all night? Or maybe I could tell him she and I were having so much fun that she'd just arrange a car to take me home when I'd tuckered out? Would he believe that? Could I keep up the lie?

"Oh hey, I was getting worried about you. Everything cool? You've been gone a while, we were about to send a search party." His laughter cracked as the phone connection acted up.

"Yeah I'm great actually." I paused for a second and took a deep breath. Now was the time. Truth or lie? "Actually, James, it has been really fun and really interesting. And actually... God, I don't know if you'll believe me when I tell you this but I can't lie to you either." I could hear my heart racing and I glanced over my shoulder to see what Ronda was up to. As far as I could tell she was rolling some sort of cigarette or cigarillo on the bar and wiggling her amazing ass back and forth to the tunes still playing through the speakers in the hotel room. "I'm standing naked in Ronda's suite right now."

"Huh?" was all that came back.

"I know, I know. It sounds insane." My voice was hushed. What I was saying was nothing Ronda didn't know but it still felt like it should be a private conversation. "We just had sex. Or... well... she fucked me anyway. I haven't really fucked her yet, she's pretty aggressive as you might guess. But I want to fuck her. Like really badly. I mean who wouldn't right? It's really weird James, I didn't even know I was into girls but ever since she walked out of her bedroom naked all I've wanted to do is taste her pussy. I don't know how I didn't realize any of this before tonight, but it has been a real eye opener. But I still love you James. That hasn't changed, but this is just something I couldn't pass up or I'd regret it for the rest of my life. And I'm learning things about myself and my body that I had no idea about." I took another breath, "James? Are you there?"

"Ronda's naked?" He sounded completely dumbfounded.

"Okay, this might take you some time to process." I glanced at Ronda again; she was sealing the cigarillo she'd been messing with and looking over at me with lust in her eyes. I wiggled my ass at her teasingly and smiled. "I'm going to stay here tonight with her, so you guys can go back to the hotel. I'm really sorry for making you hang out here this long. I'll see you tomorrow babe, and I'll answer any questions you have then. I hope you can forgive me!"

"I... Uh... Okay," he mumbled uncertainly.

"I love you. I've got to go okay? Have a good night!" I kissed the receiver.

"Uh... You too."

I clicked the phone down and let out a long sigh. "That was the weirdest conversation of my life. I can't even imagine what is going through his head right now."

Ronda laughed, sauntering over to me with a tall glass of water in one hand and a joint or blunt (I couldn't tell the difference) and a lighter in the other. She handed me the glass and gave me a luscious kiss on the lips. "My guess is many boner-inducing images if you told him the truth. He's going to rub his cock raw tonight thinking of the things we are getting up to."

I giggled and took a sip of the water, which soon turned into a gulp and then finally I just downed the entire glass. "You're probably right," I said after placing the glass on the counter. Ronda had the joint between her lips and was lighting it up with a series of quick inhales. She held the smoke in her lungs for a few moments and then blew it into the air with a light cough.

"That's some pretty good shit," she said and coughed again. "You wanna try it?"

"Sure," I said with a small shrug and put my hand out to take the blunt from her. Holding it precisely between two of my fingers I gingerly put my lips to the unlit side and took a deep inhale; probably too deep. I felt the hot smoke rush through my throat and fill my chest then held it for a solid second and exhaled roughly with a hoarse cough. After two seconds a longer series of coughs hit me and I was at it for a while.

When I'd finished coughing Ronda somehow had the blunt in her hand again. "Let's go to the bed," she purred at me and grabbed my hand as she turned to walk into the other room. This meant those amazing ass cheeks were wobbling back and forth just in front of me and I couldn't help myself so after a couple of steps I sprung forward and grabbed them with both hands. Ronda squealed and shot through the doorway, joint in hand, and tumbled onto the bed. As I crawled on top of her she was taking a deep hit off of the joint and as soon as my face met hers she moved in as if to kiss me, except she blew the thick white smoke out and into my mouth. I sucked the air in quietly and held it in my lungs for just a moment before blowing it back out and into her face. The tendrils of smoke this created seemed to move in slow-motion, lingering around our heads for minutes before fading away.

I kissed her then, my head light and overcome with passion. Our tongues swarmed one another and seemed to melt together. Ronda had immediately taken two handfuls of my ass and squeezed it forcefully; I could feel my asshole spread slightly and pulse, eager to be pleased once more. Meanwhile I was squeezing both of her soft tits in my hand, groping at them and occasionally moving my fingers to pinch her cute brown nipples. She moaned into my mouth and I reciprocated. Soon I was grinding my mound into her hip trying to work my way selfishly to a forth orgasm.

Ronda broke our kiss, "Mmn mm, it's my turn now Little Miss Horny Pants," she smiled. Without a response I postured up and swiftly flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She gasped and then giggled. Using a terrible British accent she exclaimed, "Oh my!"

On my knees behind her I gazed lovingly upon the treasure I'd sought for what felt like forever. She had a lovely brown swirl of an asshole, a part of the body I'd never been all that keen on but now suddenly had a passion for. There was a mole on the outer rim of her anus that made me smile because it looked kind of cute. Just below that were the slick puffy lips of her pussy. They were parted just slightly so I could see the glistening pink of her snatch. A heavy hood covered almost all of her incredibly swollen clit. I decided to attack her pussy first because it seemed odd for me to eat a girl's ass before ever eating a pussy.

I smacked her right ass cheek sharply so I could watch it jiggle and then grabbed each globe firmly and pulled her cheeks apart. Her slick pink tunnel was winking at me and her juices were pooling at the entrance before dripping down the thick outer lips. I swooped in, suddenly overcome with a hunger for such an appetizing entrée. My tongue slurped its way up one lip collecting her dense musky essence as it went and then dipped directly into her. I wiggled it around inside of her for a moment before taking her flavor back into my mouth and tasting it truly. Between the two of us she had the more powerful aroma: less sweet and more tangy but with a savory base. It lingered in my mouth as my tongue went back for more and I began to tongue fuck her in earnest before realizing I was pushing so deeply into her that my nose was pushing into her tight pucker just as hers had attempted to penetrate my own. At least now whenever someone called me a "Ronda Rousey Brown-Noser" I could say it's true. They probably wouldn't believe me when I told them she had brown-nosed me too though.

After a while of tongue fucking her I decided I was probably the worst and most over-eager pussy eater in the world so I resolved to switch it up and thought back to what Ronda had done to me so I could attempt to recreate the pleasure she'd given me. To her credit she had her face buried in a pillow and was unleashing encouraging moans mixed with an assortment of lustful curses. I moved my sticky mouth from her pussy to her clit and did my best to fasten my lips around the swollen pearl and continued to tease it with my tongue. In the meantime I brought my hand up and sunk two fingers deep into her pussy and began pumping them back and forth. It was interesting to feel another woman's pussy for the first time; I'd explored my own many a night in my youth but had never explored another woman's before. I could tell immediately that we were built very differently.

As I continued to drive my fingers in and out of her tight slit she just got juicier and juicier; so much so that I could hardly hear her moans over the sound of her pussy slurping at my fingers. I tried to create a vacuum with my lips and suck but couldn't tell if it was working or not at first, but once I got the hang of it and began flicking the tip of my tongue over her sensitive bud she started bucking her hips back against my jaw and fingers. Because of the position I was in, with her on her hands and knees and me balled up behind her to get low enough to wrap my lips around her swollen pearl, I was in a prime location for a glob of her girl drool to drip onto my cheek and slowly slide down toward my chin. I didn't abandon my duties to wipe it away though and just allowed the sweet nectar of her pussy to slowly coat my face as I continued to please my new lover.

I kept at that method for a while as she bucked her hips and cried out my name. The self-conscious part of me thought she was overacting in order to encourage me but the hopeful side of me thought she might be approaching her own orgasm so I switched up my plan of attack. I removed my lips from her clit which was met with a disheartened groan from the pillows. My right hand was still busy with her pussy so I smacked her ass playfully with my left hand which got a gasp and a giggle out of her. Before I lowered my head back down to business she brought her head out of the pillows and looked back over her shoulder at me, "You're not too bad at this for your first time you know."

I smiled at her with genuine pride and then while looking her directly in her heavily-lidded grey eyes I stopped the rhythmic finger-fucking I was giving her and bent my fingers down toward her pubic bone to find the textured skin that indicated her G-spot and pressed them against it firmly. She let out an audible gasp and her eyes rolled back in her head due to the pleasure. I grinned contentedly before bringing my mouth to the brown pucker that had been staring me in the face for the last five minutes.

I'd never tasted an anus before and before this encounter had never really wished to, but after feeling how good it felt to have a tongue swirling around inside of the most intimate of cavities I knew that I wanted to bestow that pleasure upon Ronda. I started hesitantly, afraid of the taste, so I touched my tongue timidly to her small stretch of taint and drew it slowly up toward her hole and then smoothly around the wrinkled brown skin. Ronda's entire body shook then and I could actually feel the lump of flesh I was stroking methodically swell beneath my fingers.

The taste wasn't what I expected; it was sort of metallic and tart but not bad at all. With reassured confidence I poked the tip of my tongue at her clenching hole and used my left hand to pull at her ass cheek and spread it slightly. Once a fraction of my tongue had penetrated her she easily loosened her sphincter and allowed my slick appendage in completely. The sensation was strange, but also incredibly erotic to me. The idea that I was tongue-deep in Ronda Rousey's asshole turned me on more than I ever thought it would; to the point that I couldn't help but remove my hand from her cheek and slip a couple of fingers into my own pussy.

It quickly became apparent that the sensation was just as pleasurable for her as it had been for me because within moments of my tongue swirling around inside of her I felt her pussy clench my fingers and suddenly it was like a dam broke. The force of her orgasm hit me in the collar bones and soaked my entire torso immediately with her clear sticky juices. Her body tensed before letting forth another geyser and it felt like her sphincter was refusing to let my tongue leave for a moment before loosening its grip and allowing me to pull my face away. With one finally spray of ejaculate Ronda's hips slumped to the bed and I slid my fingers out of her and licked them clean.

Ronda rolled over, her face was flush and sweat glistened on her skin. I was covered in sweat myself, but mostly I was coated in her juices, and of course she was still sticky with mine. I crawled up her body and gave her a long sensual kiss, our tongues rolled around one another within her mouth and our tastes mingled. "That was amazing," I purred at her as we broke the kiss. "I never even imagined I'd love pussy this much, let alone that I could have an orgasm like that."

Ronda smiled back at me sleepily; she seemed to be feeling the buzz from the pot more than me, though I definitely felt the foggy euphoric sensation of it. "You were great," she said in a low voice.

"No, you were great. I was okay at best," I laughed and rolled over onto the pillow beside her. My hand reached for hers and our fingers intertwined.

"If you thought this was great you are going to be blown away by what I've got in store for you." Ronda turned her head and gave me a sleepy grin. Her words were vague and teasing on purpose, leaving me to wonder what she could mean. "But for now, let's just get some rest."

I smiled at her and wiggled a bit closer, wrapping my arms around her own thick muscled arm and placing my forehead against her shoulder. "Okay." Before I knew it I was drifting off into a deep sleep.

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