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Doctor's Orders

My husband has been very ill over last few months and only now is getting back to good health. It means that sex has been very difficult with Miks in hospital lot of times.

I think you can imagine that going from having regular sex with husband and a girlfriend to having none is very difficult. Even more difficult when sometimes you had sex with both and husbands best friend. Even though I have been very tired I have also been very frustrated, but I am not one to just fuck someone. So I have had lots of times with my toys!

As I said Miks has been very ill and for sometime was in hospital in London which is quite far from where we live. My mother has been over to help look after children and I had time off work to visit Miks often. The hospital give specialist care so they are used to having wives there a lot of time.

On the last day of one visit when I was having to go home again Miks doctor came round with some student doctors to talk about his case. The doctor is very strict and it was clear that some of the students were scared of him which was sort of funny because he was always nice with us. One particular student seemed to be having more trouble than anyone else and dropped their pen at least twice as well as struggled to explain what they thought. I was not paying much attention to what they were saying as I had heard so many people saying so much over the few days that I concentrated on MIks.

The doctor summarised Miks situation for us at the end and it was only when I heard the student drop the pen yet again that I realised that this student was incredibly cute looking with the most gorgeous eyes and could not help smiling at them.

I thought nothing more about it and soon it was time for me to leave and do the long trip home. As soon as I got home the children took over and I was stuck with phone calls to Miks only for the next week.

Just over a week later I was back in London with Miks and just after I had arrived the doctor to see him again, with those students following on again. The cute one was there so I could not help but check them out. Cute face certainly but was probably not the fittest person in their year at medical school, but those eyes - big, beautiful and blue!

The student must have realised I was checking them out because they dropped their pen yet again, which earnt them a strong comment from the doctor. He then demanded that they tell him more details about Miks which they managed to do with a furious blush on their face.

When they all left Miks looked at me and said that I had got that student very flustered while I was checking them out. I laughed and replied that they were very cute! All of a sudden the student came back and stood by the end of the bed while we were talking. One of the benefits of being Latvian in England is that one understands what you are saying so they had no idea we were talking about them. Miks looked up and the student apologised for their clumsiness saying that the doctor had demanded they come back and do that. Miks accepted it and I gave them a little smile that seemed to fluster them even more!

They went off again and Miks whispered to me that he reckons the student had a thing for me. I laughed saying that I doubted that as I was quite a lot older than them!

Over the next three days while I was there Miks teased me a lot about the student and on the two occasions that they came round the ward again they seemed to avoid looking in my direction at all.

All too soon it was time to go home again to look after our lovely children, but I missed Miks so much. One night though while playing in bed I found myself picturing the student as the one plunging my favourite toy in and out of my soaking wet pussy rather than Miks with those oh so beautiful eyes!

Only 2 days later I was back at hospital with Miks and he had been moved off main ward into a side room. No reason was given but it did give us a lot more privacy than we had been having. By now we had not had sex for two months and Miks was still not strong enough to fuck but when it was quiet that first afternoon I did climb onto his bed and the cuddle led to me giving him a handjob. As I did I told him how I had masturbated thinking of him but that I had also imagined what it would feel like to have sex with the student. Miks clearly fancied the idea but said that he would only agree if he could watch!

I had thought that it was just me being frustrated with Miks being in hospital that made the idea sound attractive but suddenly I found myself wondering what it would feel like.

Unfortunately, I could only spend one day with Miks this time as my mum phoned to say that our younger child was sick, and Miks insisted that I go to look after her. He was not going anywhere! I left at the end of day and as I left Miks said that he would talk to student doctor as he sometimes came round to give him injections. I grinned but did not think it would be anything other than a big fantasy!

Journey home that day was really bad and I end up going straight to bed and was shocked awake by alarm. Had to rush to get the children to school and managed to get them there just in time and Claire was coming out of school at same time. We had a chat and she had some spare time so we went to a little cafe in the town that we like. I would rather have gone home but having my mother at home would have stopped us doing what I would have liked to do and Claire had to go to work for 10:00 as well.

We caught up as I had not seen her for two weeks and she wanted to know how Miks was. I told her that he was getting better and as I was talking about him, my phone rang and it was Miks. He told me that the student had been around with the specialist again and had been told to take an up to date history with a series of questions. So he was left alone with Miks. Claire realised that we were going to be awhile and had to go to work so she gave me a kiss on my cheek and waved goodbye.

Miks had had to answer lots of questions about how he was feeling with all the treatment he was getting and it took quite a long time. When the student finished he had asked Miks whether he had any questions that he wanted to ask. Miks saw his opportunity and said to him that he had noticed that he seemed to find his wife attractive. Apparently, he froze and looked at Miks in horror, which sort of confirmed what we thought. He fumbled over a reply trying to deny it, but Miks stopped him and said that it was alright if he told the truth. After a little bit more denial and a bit more talking from Miks he finally admitted it.

Miks then asked if he could ask another question, to which the student said of course. Miks explained that because of what was wrong his sex drive had almost completely gone at the moment, and he knew that I was feeling frustrated, so would the doctor like to 'play' with me a little next time I was there. Apparently his eyes went incredibly wide and he could only give a slight nod of the head.

I admit that the rest of the day went by in a bit of a dream and my mum ended up getting annoyed at me because I kept not hearing what she said! Then I saw Claire at the end of the school day but with the children with us I did not get chance to say anything to her. I was happy when everyone in bed as I was so excited about my next trip to hospital that I was very wet. I got my favourite toy out and masturbated myself to a deep, deep orgasm thinking about the fun I was going to have!

The next morning Miks phoned me when I was walking back from taking children to school. He was doing really well and had been given good news about coming home. Because he was doing really well he was going to come home on Friday - it was now Tuesday. He wanted to know if I would come down on Thursday so that I would be there first thing on Friday so we could leave as soon as he was able.

Of course I could! I was very excited about getting Miks to come home, so excited that I forgot all about the student doctor and all about the plans Miks was supposed to be making. I spent the rest of the day and most of the next day getting the house ready. Miks was still going to be a bit weak after so long in hospital so the chances are he was stay in bed for a few days so there was lots to organise.

On Thursday I left by car instead of train and after terrible traffic on the motorway and even worse in London I realised I was happy that I did not live there. Still I had not remembered the student doctor, I was still too excited about having Miks come home.

After 3 and half hours of driving - my Sat Nav had told me 1 and half - I finally parked in hospital car-park and went up to the ward. Miks was eating his hospital dinner which as always did not look very nice but he smiled his gorgeous smile when I came in. We sat and chatted for a bit and that was when he told me that he was actually being sent home that afternoon. My face fell because of the thought of driving back home again that afternoon through all the traffic and Miks laughed at my look. He told me not to worry because he had booked a room at one of the local hotels.

It was then that he reminded me of the student doctor because he added that he had not told me so that I would definitely come down that day as he had arranged for someone to visit us at the hotel. I could not work out who at first and again he laughed saying that maybe I needed a doctor to give me a full medical and that he was sure that I would enjoy it. Then I realise what he was talking about and said that I had not packed for that sort of thing. He told me not to worry and that we would have time to go to shops before the doctor finished work.

Now I remembered I could feel myself starting to look forward to the time I was going to have!

We finally got Miks out of the hospital at around 2:30pm and I drove us through the local streets to the hotel which took 10 minutes, although it probably would have been quicker to walk! As we drove we noticed that there was an Ann Summers shop just around the corner, which was the perfect place to go shopping. We booked into the hotel and by then Miks was exhausted so he had a lie down on the most amazing King sized bed while I went shopping.

I must have spent a good hour looking around the shop before deciding on a sexy babydoll and brazilian knickers, along with a black buttplug, lube (of course) and some condoms (I may like sex but no way am I letting a complete stranger fuck me without one)! Then I went back to the hotel where I found Miks fast asleep.

I climbed onto the bed next to him and cuddled up to him feeling incredibly happy to be able to do that after the last few months and again thank God I have such lovely husband. Here he was thinking of me on the day he came out of hospital. He knew I had not had sex for long time except with toys and knew that he would find it difficult energy wise for quite a bit longer yet. So as he slept I gently undid his trousers and slipped my hand into his boxer shorts, reaching for the cock I know and love so much.

Miks stirred slightly as I took his cock in my hand but stayed asleep, so I took him into my mouth and started to slowly suck his cock into life. One hand was cupping his balls gently and I teased the head with my teeth and lips carefully sliding his uncut foreskin back. I could feel him start to harden in my mouth and as it did I moved my tongue to tease the very tip where I could already taste a hint of his precum. It felt like years since I had last done this to my gorgeous husband, although in reality it was probably about three months - ever since he had got sick.

As he continued to get hard I worked him more and more, enjoying taste of him after so long. Suddenly I feel his hand stroking my thigh seeking to move under my skirt and I glanced up at his face to see him smiling at me. I moved myself a little so that he could move his hand a bit more and I feel him move his hips slightly together with my mouth and hear a slight sigh of pleasure from him.

His hands move further up my thigh and I move so my legs are open for him as he slipped his fingers inside my already damp panties and as his finger touched my clit I moaned around his cock. I moved onto my knees so that Miks had easier access to my pussy and so that I could move over him and allow his cock to slide deeper into my throat. As I did his hips moved upwards to fill me as much as he could. I could feel him pulsing against my tongue and my hand gently squeezed his balls. Slowly but with increasing pace I started to move my mouth up and down him until I felt his breathing increase a sure sign that he was about to cum.

I released him from my mouth and worked his cock with my hands as his fingers rubbed my clit and then he exploded in orgasm. His cum flooded out of him all over my face and my hands and he seemed to just keep cumming. I looked at him and as I turned another jet hit my ear and we burst out laughing. I asked him when the last time he had cum was and he admitted that he just had not had any energy lately. Already he looked exhausted again so I kissed him, climbed of the bed and headed for the shower. As I went into the bathroom and looked backwards over my shoulder I could see he was already falling asleep.

After the shower I lay on the bed with Miks for a little while just cuddling the love of my life! I am so happy to have him out of hospital and getting better and so lucky also. About 6:00pm I realised that I would need to get ready and Miks grinned saying that he loved watching me get ready. It is true because lots of times we have ended up having sex halfway to me being dressed to go out. This time that was not going to happen but he could not take his eyes of me as I got dressed and I enjoyed giving him a show.

At 7:00pm exactly the phone went from the lobby to tell us that our guest had arrived and we went downstairs to meet him. When we got there he could barely keep his eyes off me but he could not look me in the face. We went to the bar for some drinks and both me and him drank but Miks did not even have one, which is something new!

After about 30 minutes of simply talking and finding out a bit about him, Miks suggested that we went upstairs and that he would follow after a few minutes to avoid people getting suspicious - it was a really nice hotel after all. I got up and the doctor jumped to his feet and we went out to the elevator to our floor. Looking at the look on his face I think he was caught somewhere between excitement and terror so as the doors closed I moved close to him and kissed him. At first he tensed up but he quickly relaxed returning my kiss with passion. The doors opened on our floor and I broke off the kiss and walked out of the lift leaving him to follow!

As I got to the door of the room I pulled the keycard out of my purse, glanced sexily over my shoulder at him putting the card into the slot and went to open the door! It did not work! I always have problems with these stupid keycard things! So I looked down and tried again! Nothing! Tried again and still only little red light appeared. He offered to try and as soon as he did it the green light came on! I said something like "my hero!" and burst out laughing which he joined in with.

We went into the room still laughing and I sat down on the bed. I think the kiss and the keycard had relaxed him by this stage as he walked over to me and kissed me deeply again! His hands cupped my face as we kissed deeply and my hands touched him lightly on the outside of his legs. The sexual tension started to rise!

Still bending over me and without breaking the kiss he slipped one hand done on my breast and squeezed it gently but firmly. My hands moved up his legs and round onto his groin where I could feel his cock starting to harden under my hand. I slowly undid his belt and then his zip so that I could release him from his prison and as I did his trousers slipped down his legs. I broke off the kiss at this point to see him stood there in front of me with his shirt covering what I really wanted to see. I moved it up and in his black briefs I could see an impressive amount of semi-hard cock.

I reached behind him and pulled the briefs down over what felt like a very nice arse and as they slid I watched them catch slightly on his length before suddenly releasing it. As I said it was looking very impressive and it was still only semi-hard. I put my hand around it and even in this state my hand could hardly fit around the girth and it must have been 18cm in length. To top it all he was circumcised which is still fairly new to me in real life.

I slowly licked his length and his balls and whilst also slowly masturbating him. All the time it seemed that he continued to grow with a slight curve away to the left. God it looked so good! As I reached the head I swirled my tongue around that circumcised head and have to say it tasted as good as it looked. I slipped my mouth over his head and started to give him a blowjob.

After a few moments of this, I heard Miks comment that we had not wasted any time and our new friend leapt backwards in shock. I think he had forgotten that Miks was going to watch for a moment, so caught up in the moment was he. As he turned to look at Miks I could see his full length for the first time, standing tall and erect and realised that he was now fully hard. He must have been a good 24cm long and was very thick 11 wide (I think that is about 9 inches and 4 inches thick) which was bigger than anything I had ever seen in real life!

Miks told him not to worry about him and that he should forget that he was there and just enjoy me. Which is what he did!

I stood up from the bed and grabbed hold of his cock and in return he reached behind me. But I gave him a quick kiss and told him to strip off while I got into something a little more comfortable!

I went to the bathroom where I had left my lingerie and accessories and was followed by Miks! He quickly helped me out of my clothes grabbing a quick feel of my wet pussy as he did. He suggested that I forget putting on the panties I had bought and just relied on the babydoll as he did not think they would be on for very long anyway.

Then he got to lubing me and my new buttplug up! He covered the plug in lube and then put a very generous amount on his fingers and worked it around my rosebud before slipping a nicely lubed finger inside. That alone was getting me even wetter than I was already. When he slipped the second finger in I groaned in pleasure but then he pulled them out and pressed the cool metal of the plug against me and I felt him allow it to slip inside slowly. It felt so good, slightly cool inside the heat of my arse and on its own almost brought me to orgasm.

But that was not why we were here. I had a lovely black stud with an amazing cock to fuck!

I walked back into the room with Miks behind me and there was the doctor sat on the bed fully naked and my first opinion was right about him. Very cute face but not especially athletic but I am not that athletic either! Despite the slight chubby nature of his stomach all I could see was that big, thick cock standing tall and hard against his belly. He watched me walk towards him and stood to greet me with a deep kiss that made me tingle in all the right places.

His hands started to roam my back as I felt his hardness between us and his tongue probing my mouth. Slowly his left hand went down my back until he was feeling my bum under the babydoll. His other hand slipped round to my front and firmly started to squeeze my tit teasing the nipple with his thumb. I ground myself against his cock and tried to imagine what it was going to feel like inside me.

All the time his hands were on me I could feel myself getting wetter than I had thought possible and then his hand reached between my bum cheeks and felt the ring of the butt plug. He slipped his finger into the ring and gently pulled it - not enough for it to come out but just the right amount to increase the tightness a little. My knees almost gave way at this point and he picked me up, which is not that easy and carried me to the bed.
He lay me down on the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor between my legs and his hands moved up my inner thighs until his thumbs started to rub either side of my soaking wet pussy. He had gone from the shy junior doctor to a strong and certain lover. His thumbs were working magic on me and I started to wriggle on the bed because I could feel an orgasm start to build. He clearly knew what he was doing and as his thumbs continued to stimulate me he slipped one inside me whilst circling and teasing my clit with the other. That was enough to send me over the edge and I groaned out loud as I came.

He did not waste any time at all and before I had even relaxed after the orgasm he was burying his face in my pussy. His tongue slipped between my lips and he seemed to suck my juices up with a long tender kiss, before sliding his tongue forward so that he was teasing my clit again. As he did so he slipped a finger into my pussy and started to massage my insides. It was not long before a second and then third finger joined the first and while still licking and teasing my clit he finger-fucked me hard. God it felt so good and within minutes I was building up to a second orgasm! He could clearly tell he pulled away from me and I groaned in frustration.

However the frustration did not last long because he rolled me over onto my stomach and positioned himself between my legs gain with his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He grabbed hold of the butt plug and firmly pulled it out of me whilst rubbing himself up and down my lips. It was enough to send me over the edge again and this time I came all over that beautiful cock even squirting a little in what is for me very rare thing.

As I started to come down again I realised that he was starting to push himself inside me and I pulled away. I sort of stammered out that I really wanted to fuck him but that he had to wear a condom. He looked across to Miks who agreed with me and got up and went to the bedside table where the condoms were. He ripped open a packet and all the time looking at me quickly rolled it onto himself. Then he was back behind me and pulled me further onto the bed.

He knelt above me and pressed himself against me and I felt myself open slowly to allow him to enter me. God I had never felt so stretched in my life. He was bigger than my biggest dildo and almost as fat Miks whole hand on those rare occasions when he fits all his fingers in me. Add to that the angle of entry and it felt incredible. Just as I thought I could not take anymore I felt his belly touch my bum cheeks and realised he was fully inside me.

He paused allowing me to adjust to his size and then he started to fuck me. Again it felt incredible! He pulled him self out and then back in to his full length again. In and out, in and out, in and out. On each in stroke I felt his belly touch my arse then out again until it felt like he was going to pop out of me. Each movement felt wonderful. I slipped my hand under myself so that I could feel his hardness with my fingers and his condom covered cock was hot and sticky with my juices and he just felt so big!

As I concentrated on the feeling of fulness he gave me I moved my fingers just enough that I could play with my clit and as I did he stopped fucking me and pulled out. He got me up onto all fours and almost instantly was back inside me and at exactly the same time started to press his thumb against my willing rosebud. Gently I felt it open to allow his thumb to slip inside me as well and he fucked me hard. His heavy balls were slapping against my clit and the only sound in the room was the wonderful sound of sex.

My eyes were closed but I felt something brush my arm and I opened my eyes to find Miks kneeling on the bed in front of me with his cock beautiful and hard in front of me. I did not need to be asked to do something about it and simply opened my mouth to allow him to slip it in.

By this stage I had never felt more full in my life. A BBC in my pussy, a thumb in my arse and Miks in my mouth. With every thrust of that huge cock my mouth took Miks to the hilt and then I would release him as he pulled back, only to slam into me again and all the time the thumb never seemed to stop wriggling about inside me.

Suddenly, the doctor's pace started to increase and I could hear his breathing start to increase. Harder and harder and harder he pounded me until he groaned and seemed to collapse on top of me and I fell under his weight. His thumb slipped out of me, but I felt his cock continue to pulse inside me. I looked up at Miks and he wriggled down the bed a little so that he could kiss me and as he did I felt my skilled lover pull out of me and climb off me and collapse on the bed next to me. His hand went straight to my pussy and his finger slipped between my lips coating itself with my juices before he moved onto my clit, which he masterfully played with for less than 30 seconds before my own orgasm exploded from deep inside me and I cried out in ecstasy.

We all lay there for a few moments enjoying the heat of our passion. The doctor was the first up and he stood at the end of the bed looking down on me and asked whether I wanted to go again whilst pulling the condom off his cock which did not seem to have gone down at all. I glanced across at the clock and despite having met at 20:00 it was still only 21:30 so I suggested a shower as I love getting wet and soapy with lovers!

He grinned at me and grabbed another condom and pulled me to my feet to go to the bathroom. Miks followed through and sat on the toilet seat while his doctor turned on the shower. He then turned to me and handed me the condom packet and suggested that I put it on him. I did not waste anytime and opened it before stretching it over the head of his cock and unrolling it down his length. He then took me by the hand and pulled me into the shower cubicle with him.

At this point he took some of the shower gel that the hotel provide and proceeded to rub it together in his hands before starting to wash me all over with those incredible hands. Before long I was covered in foam at which point he picked me up and pushed me against the wall of the cubicle and stood between my legs. He lowered me down onto that long, thick cock and he slid in right to the end and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his back.

He took total control at this point lifting me up and down and ramming himself against me whilst the water from the shower made his beautiful black skin glisten. I buried my face into his shoulder as I felt yet another orgasm start to build as he thrust in and out with my back against the wall. Then it hit me and this time I just cried out in pleasure as it pulsed through me for what seemed like an eternity. But still he did not stop and he carried on fucking me through the spasms that wracked my body.

Finally, he stopped and put me down and asked me to turn round. I did although my legs were weak like jelly and he lifted me again but this time his cock was pressing against my bum. I told him there was no way I could take him there, but he said that I should trust him as he was a doctor. I pressed me down firmly onto his hardness and I felt my rosebud start to open to accommodate him. Surely he wasn't go to fit, but after very long and very slow entry I realised he was inside my arse. I do not think I had ever clamped onto anything as tightly and I could almost feel his veins pulsing inside me.

Once I had adjusted as much as I could he started to pump my arse and I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck as he kissed it. Once! Twice! Three times he pushed me down on him before I heard his groan of pleasure and he came again.

Carefully he lifted me off him and he got the shower head and washed us both down. Then he turned off the shower, stepped out and passed me one of the towels. Miks was busy finishing himself off while we dried and my lovers cock slowly deflated back to normal size.

At this point he turned round and said that looking at Miks he, as his doctor was going to prescribe some rest, and to be fair he did look exhausted. The doctor went back into the bedroom and started to get dressed whilst thanking me for a lovely evening. Miks lay on the bed and was already starting to fall asleep as I saw the doctor out of the room. I climbed in next to Miks and cuddled up to him feeling as satisfied sexually as I have for a good few months and we fell asleep together.

Next morning we had to check out and I had to drive home. Have to admit that it was one of the most uncomfortable times I've ever had as traffic was bad out of London and three hours sat on my sore pussy and arse was not the most pleasant feeling. The memories however! Wow!

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