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This is a follow on to A Taste of France. It is a stand alone story and can be read separately.

I'd met Alex a few months earlier, when she rented the house next door. Alex – Alexandra - was French, and liked to sunbathe in her back yard. This had led to exhibitionism, teasing, flirting, eventually to sex, and now we were dating. I thought Alex was gorgeous; 5' 6", slim and curvaceous, dark shoulder length hair, seductive eyes and full lips above a half opened mouth, with that European sense of style that I found so enticing.

We were in her bed - I often slept at her house – and it was early morning, with the dawn just breaking and the birds singing. Alex was lying on her right side under the sheet, curled up against me. We'd gone to bed early the previous night, tired so no sex. As usual we were naked... she stirred, and I moved against her, my groin spooning against her ass. I pulled her close so she could feel my growing erection, and started stroking the skin of her left hip and thigh.

Still sleepy, she pushed back against me and I reached further round to caress her left breast, a clear sign that I wanted her. I moved my hand lower, to gently stroke her sex, but she reached down to stop me.

"Cherie," she said pushing back against my erect penis, "sex this morning would be delightful but I don't have the time. I've an early meeting and can't be late."

I said nothing, just moved back a little to put space between us and removed my hand. She continued, "I know we haven't made love in several days. But I can't be late today."

With these words she threw back the sheet and swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, her dark hair cascading over her shoulders, her full heavy breasts and curvaceous body a temptation to the dead. I watched as she walked away to the bathroom, her heart-shaped derriere a thing of beauty.

As she entered the bathroom room she turned, a hint of her full breast visible behind the curve of her back. She looked back as I lay there, my cock still hard. "Join me."


I kissed Alexandra strongly, pushing her back against the shower wall while she massaged my erect penis with her right hand. With her other hand she held the detachable shower hose, playing the warm spray over my cock and balls. I reached down to touch her clit but she stopped me again.

"Non, non, mon can take care of me tonight."

Dropping the shower hose to the floor Alex squatted down, a benefit of years of yoga. Her back was against the wall and she leant forward and planted delicate kisses up and down my cock. Her tongue flicked out, swirling over the purple swollen head, teasing me. I jerked in uncontrollable response. "God, you're good at that," I moaned appreciatively.

She kissed my cock some more and then she took me inside her hot wet mouth, just the head to start, and started to suck ... I moaned, my cock tensing every few seconds, and her hands went out to the cheeks of my ass pulling me forward a few inches as she swallowed more. Her left hand came back around and she grabbed the base of my cock and my balls as she slowly slid it out of her mouth before licking the tip of my cock with her tongue. And then she repeated the whole sequence. I watched as the head of my cock disappeared past her lips into her open mouth, and then she took me all the way down. No other woman had ever taken me that far before.

"Alex," I gasped, "I'm not going to last long with what you're doing," my voice more urgent as my cock swelled harder, larger, as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft.

She looked up at me, but said nothing and kept sucking, her hand and mouth working together, sliding back and forth. I felt my orgasm nearing. I was going to come hard.

With my hips I pushed my cock in and out of her hand and mouth as if it was her pussy. My groans grew louder and more frequent, my pleasure building as I kept trying to push in deeper into the warm wetness of her mouth.

"Ohhhhhh," I moaned, "Alex...I'm going to come, baby." I wanted to warn her as usually when she sucked me off I'd finish by spurting my jism over and between her breasts, like some erotic glaze.

But not today.

Her left hand was still cupping my balls, and then she slipped a finger gently but deeply into my ass to massage me. I lost control and with a loud grunt, I erupted in her mouth, my anal muscles clenching in intense pleasure on her finger, my hot come pulsing into her mouth and throat...and she kept sucking all the time, milking me dry. The last few spurts slowly dribbled out of the sides of her mouth as she continued to slide her hand up and down my shaft.

Post orgasm my cock was so sensitive that I had to pull away. I lent back against the shower wall, breathing hard. Alexandra picked up the showerhead and gently sprayed my cock and balls again, cleaning me, causing the most exquisite, almost painful sensations.


After getting dressed we sat drinking coffee before Alex had to leave. "There's an event at the university tonight. The opening a new building and I need to be there. Perhaps you'd like to join me as my companion? Wine and little snacks on sticks and art appreciation. It's 7.30...wear a nice suit.


I met Alexandra at the entrance to the new building. She looked hot, a reddish cocktail dress molded tightly to her body, cleavage on display from high heels pushing her breasts forward and her derriere backwards. Her hair was hanging free, just the way I liked it. I looked dapper myself, in a nicely cut Italian suit, the kind I wear to job interviews or to see the bank manager.

Wine glasses in hand, we wandered through the foyer of the new building, looking at the artwork, exchanging a few words of conversation with other guests. We were standing in front of an incomprehensible installation when a colleague came up to Alex and started talking to her. After several minutes of conversation that meant nothing to me Alex turned and said, "Cherie, I need to go and talk to my Chairman for a few minutes. Can you amuse yourself? I'll find you when I'm done."

Alex disappeared with her colleague and I moved on to the next exhibit. It was some kind of phallic-looking sculpture, a circular slanting cylinder ending in a bulging head. According to the label it was "Abstraction #11".

I was standing there, somewhat lost in thought, when a feminine voice broke into my reverie.

"It looks like a giant cock."

I turned to face the owner of the comment. Thirty something, tall, busty, long blonde hair and a knee length sleeveless little black dress that showed off her arms and shoulders.

She continued, "I like big cocks but that would be a stretch," and I wasn't certain if this was a double entendre, a harmless accident of word choice or an invitation to flirt.

Holding out her hand she said, "I'm June. I'm a researcher here". I could see from her nametag that she worked in the same department as Alexandra.

I shook her hand. "I'm Paul," which was all it said on my tag.

"You're English? You work here?"

"Yes I'm English but no I don't work here. I came as a guest of a friend. Alexandra. She's in the same department as you."

"Oh you must be the new boyfriend. I'd better stop trying to pick you up," she said and again I couldn't tell if this was deadly serious or a joke. I must have transmitted this through my expression as she linked her arm with mine saying, "That was a joke, Paul. Perhaps we should move on from the giant cock?" and without waiting for an answer June pulled me over to a painting.

We continued this way for twenty minutes, helping ourselves to several more glasses of wine on the way. I couldn't imagine what was keeping Alex but I didn't care; June was funny, good to look at and very sexy. Just my luck I thought that after a desert of female companionship I should meet two attractive women in short order.

"It's hot in here," she said. "Let's step outside for a while."

We went through some doors at the back of the foyer to an outside terrace, which was deserted. June hitched her dress up onto her thighs and hopped up on the stone railing. I sat down at a small table facing her.

"So, new boyfriend," she said, "you must be good in bed or have a big cock. She hasn't complained about you at lunch the way she did about the last one."

And I'd thought Alex was demure and restrained...except when she was telling me to fuck her harder...

As June spoke she slowly moved her legs apart. Her skirt moved further up her thighs and from where I sat I could see right to her crotch, to the black silk triangle covering her pussy. Almost as if to make sure I didn't miss the show, she slowly closed and opened her legs several more times.

I was now sure she was flirting with me and I began to get aroused. To reinforce the effect, she leant back, her arms supporting her on the railing. This pushed her breasts forward against the thin material of the dress. I could see her nipples against the fabric.

I was now really hard inside my pants.

" do have a big cock then?"

Before I could answer the door to the terrace opened and Alexandra stepped through.

"There you are," she said looking at me "Bon soir, June. You've met Paul I see. Great party eh?" Without waiting for an answer she turned to me. "You drove I guess? I'll just meet you at my house. I haven't quite finished talking to the Chairman."

With a whiff of perfume she was gone.

The tension between June and myself had been broken by her arrival so I stood up, saying, "Well I'm going to head off then. Nice talking to you."

"Paul," she replied, " maybe...could you do me a favor...give me a lift home? I caught the bus today, as I knew I'd be drinking...I live in a condo complex's on the way to Alex' house."

I wondered how she knew Alex' address. "Sure," I said, although I thought this might be a bad idea.

"Let's go to my office first," June replied, "I have to collect a couple of things". And so, twenty minutes later, I was struggling to the car clutching a large box of books.


The drive to June's apartment was uneventful. No more flirting, just idle conversation. I parked outside the building and offered to carry the books up to her condo.


She opened the front door and stepped through. The condo was tidy, simply furnished, open plan, a large lounge/dining room/kitchen. The master bedroom and ensuite were off a corridor to the side.

"On the table please," she said and I placed the box there as she walked down the hall into the bedroom. "June, I'll see you later," I said, determined to decline a nightcap.

"Could you help me get out of this?" she called out. I went down the hall to the bedroom. June was standing there, facing away. I moved behind her and unzipped her dress down to the small of her back. As the zip opened the sides of the dress fell away, revealing smooth tanned skin and the outline of her spine. I felt the strongest desire to kiss each vertebra, finishing in the cleft of her buttocks. But before I could act, or leave, she kicked off her shoes and slipped the dress off her shoulders and stepped out to let it drop to the floor. From behind I could see the full expanse of her back, the curve of her hips above a plush ass, satin-smooth tanned skin and the tiny black strap of her panties in her ass cleft, not covering much of her behind...and no bra, but I already knew that. She turned round, a small black triangle in front covering little, her full pear-shaped heavy breasts swinging like hanging fruit, the nipples above the brown aureoles standing proud. She was completely strap marks.

June moved away and sat down on the edge of the bed, facing me, and slowly opened her legs wide the way she had before. I couldn't take my eyes off her pussy as she slipped a finger into her panties, rubbing herself up and down, all the while looking at me. And then she reached down with her other hand, pulling the panties aside so I could see her pussy and her finger running up and down her slit. She was clean-shaven and I could see her engorged labia.

Of course my cock began to respond.

"You like what you see?" June asked. I felt desire overshadow my reservations as she stood up and came forward to kiss me on the lips, her hand reaching down to cup the front of my trousers.

"Oh yes, you like...maybe you'd like to fuck me to? To shove that big hard cock deep into my tight wet juicy pussy?"

June led me to the bed and pushed me down so I was sitting on the edge. Removing my jacket and tie she began to unbutton my shirt. Then she knelt in front of me. Soon my pants and shoes and socks were gone as well, leaving just my underwear, which was struggling to contain my erection. June looked up and smiled, all the while caressing me with her hand before pulling my underwear down and over my feet, my cock springing free in front of her. Leaning forward she licked the head as if it were a popsicle, then started to move her mouth up and down the shaft. I was being fellated for the second time that day, by a different woman, and it was like some porn fantasy coming true. I grasped her head in my hands, helping her to move gently up and down on me as I thrust my hard cock into her willing mouth. She continued to suck me, using her hand as well, up and down the shaft. "Wait," I said, "I'm getting close."

"You can't come," she said," I haven't driven you crazy enough yet".

So she stopped, taking her mouth from my cock. And stood up. Going to the nightstand table she took a bottle of hand lotion and squirted some on her hand. Sitting back down on the bed alongside me she rubbed some on my cock and some between her breasts. "Stand up," she said and I did.

She held her breasts up for me. As if on autopilot I moved forward, slipping my cock in the tanned cleft, moving back and forth as she used both hands to push her breasts inwards, trapping my cock within the warm succulent flesh. Soon I was fucking her breasts vigorously, unable to think of anything except my pleasure as I slid back and forth.

"Come over me. Come on my tits," she said, looking innocent and sexy at the same time. "I want you to shoot your come all over my breasts, to coat me with your juice...would you like that?"

Oh yes I'd like that I thought. I was so close to the point of release, my rigid cock moving faster and faster between her sweet soft breasts when I came to my senses. This wasn't my girl friend. I shouldn't be doing this. So I stopped thrusting.

"What's the matter," she asked, surprised. "You don't want to come over my tits?"

"I can't do this," I said. "I can't do this with you. I have a girlfriend."

I freed my cock from her breasts and stepped back, still engorged and hard and on the point of exploding.

"It's just a blow job... a tit job," she said. "It's not fucking. President Clinton said so."

"June," I said, reaching down to pick up my underwear, "You're an incredibly sexy lady and I'd love to fuck you every which way. But I have a girlfriend."

"She'll never know."

"Maybe," I replied, "but I will." And I got dressed while she watched me, that ripe luscious smooth sweet flesh available, just waiting for me to come to my senses....

As I walked out of her bedroom, she got up and followed me, those lovely breasts swinging, nipples still hard.

We moved to the front door and she opened it for me, half hiding behind it. I turned to look at her and she stood on tiptoes to kiss me full on the lips again.

"You're a good man," she said. "But I'll be here if you change your mind. But don't leave it too long or I'll be spending the evening with Bob, my friendly rabbit."

The drive back to Alex's house was only 20 minutes, and at every intersection I was at the point if making a U turn, my cock still ridiculously swollen. I needed it to go down before I got to Alexandra's house.


Alexandra was already home. I couldn't restrain myself and with barely a hullo and minimal foreplay I took her to the bedroom, ripped off her clothes and fucked her furiously, finishing with taking her from behind. She came several times before I exploded long and hard into her pussy. And all the while as I slammed into her from behind I was imagining it was June on her knees, the black thong pulled to the side, her crying out with satisfaction as I fucked her senseless...

"You were pretty excited," Alexandra said as we lay on the bed entwined in post-orgasmic torpor. "That was great. I came twice. You were so, so hard."

Reaching down she caressed my cock, slick with her pussy juices and my semen.

"I'm guessing June tried to seduce you. She likes to do that to boyfriends, to come on to them. It's a see if she can tempt them to stray."

She didn't know I'd given June a lift home.

"But I guess you resisted. Otherwise you'd have had nothing left for me."

Thank god I'd stopped. But in my mind I could see the arcing of my semen across June's body, coating her skin, pooling between her breasts.


It was several days later in the afternoon when there was a knock on my door. To my surprise it was June, wearing a white blouse and a short skirt that showed off her legs.

"Alexandra is not here ...teaching...she will be back at her house in a few hours," I said.

"I know," she replied. "It's actually you I came to see. Can I come in?"

"Sorry...yes, of course you can." I stood back and she entered and I closed the door. "I was just having a cup of coffee. Would you like one?"

"Please," she replied.

Coffee in hand we went into the lounge and sat on the couch.

June turned to face me. "I wanted to apologize for the other night...I don't usually come on to boyfriends so strongly. Normally just a little flirting. But I'd been drinking and I was horny and hadn't been laid in months."

I said nothing, just wondered if that had changed since our last encounter.

"This is hard to say to you...but...the other night, when you left, I I have to ask...when you came back to Alex, all worked up, did you fuck her?"

I nodded.

" did it feel? How wet was she? How tight? Did she moan for you? And... were you thinking of me as you fucked her?"

She asked so casually, as if we were discussing the coffee.

"Of course I was bloody thinking of you as I fucked her," I said putting my coffee down. "You're a real cock tease...with a reputation I understand. Why are you here? What is it you want? To prove you can turn me on? You've done that already. And yes, before you ask, I'm hard again now."

"What I want," she said putting her cup down," is your cock. Your big fat hard cock. I want it in my mouth. I want it in my pussy. And I want it in my ass."

Reaching forward I ripped her blouse open.

I so love dirty girls.


We'd been at it for over an hour and she'd come twice from me licking her clit and pussy. She'd fellated me again, taking me to the edge repeatedly but not to the point of coming. I was still rock hard.

She was on the bed, on her hands and knees facing away from me.

"Just do it," she said, looking back over her shoulder, "put your cock in there. In my ass. You know you want to." I took the lube and squeezed out a liberal amount into my hand rubbing it over my cock and between her butt cheeks, around the wrinkled brown rosebud guarding her forbidden passage.

"That's cold," she said as she felt the lubricant touching her sensitive areas. 

I slipped a finger inside her puckered opening, feeling her widen slightly. I added a second finger to more resistance. "Relax," I said. "I am relaxed," she said, "it's just an automatic reaction."
Removing my fingers I positioned myself behind her, her head down on a pillow as she reached behind her, pulling her buttocks apart to reveal the forbidden opening, to invite me in.

"Rub your clit. It'll be easier if you do that as I enter," I said.

Squirting more lube onto her and onto me I carefully placed the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed forward, easing myself slowly into her back door. I was afraid of hurting her and tried to be as gentle as I could, so I stopped as I encountered resistance when her inner sphincter tightened up.

"Wait," she said, conscious relaxing her muscles. A minute or so passed. "That's it," she directed. "Push it in. Slowly...slowly."

Thrusting my hips forward I exerted pressure until the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter into her rectum. "Ah," she gasped. "Oh," I grunted.

"You're so feels so good," I replied, as her anal muscles tightened around the shaft of my cock and I thought I might come right then and there.

I thrust forward again, all the while taking in the delicious depravity of her ass stretched around my swollen cock.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned as the head of my cock slipped further inside and the warmth of her ass surrounded me. It was an incredibly tight fit but I pressed forward until two or three inches were inside, then paused, waiting for her to become accustomed.

"You ok, babe?" I asked, holding myself motionless.

"Maybe," she replied, "you feel so big. No wonder Alex likes fucking you. But she won't let you in the backdoor like this will she?" she said, squeezing her rectal muscles around her cock, as if to remind me it wasn't my girlfriend's ass I was sodomizing.

Not that I needed reminding. Such a dirty girl.

In wordless response I moved forward a bit more and another inch of my cock disappeared inside. Again she groaned, letting her head go lower to rest against the pillow. She didn't protest though, and I could feel her pushing back against me. I held myself still for a few moments, then pushed my hips forward another inch, sliding deeper into her ass. She turned to look back at me over her shoulder.

"I'm so full. Don't tell me you're not big. You're fucking enormous."

She was so tight and the sensations so intense as I moved forward slowly, my cock disappearing like a magic trick into her back passage until my groin was hard against her buttocks. 'You're in aren't you?' June said as my balls touched her pussy. 'You're all the way in my ass."

"Wait," she said, "let me get used to this before you get to work."

The view was absolute perfection, this woman available for satisfying my lust, her curvy ass spread wide, my cock all the way inside her. She was so tight I was still afraid of hurting her, until she begged me to fuck her. Reaching back between her legs she started to rub her clitoris again as I started to move in and out very carefully, both of us gasping each time as I slid back in to her tightness.

It was like a scene from a porn film.... a cock pulling out of an ass, the ring of tissue clinging to the rigid shaft, glistening with lube...the kind of scene I'd jerked off to many times. I began to move a bit faster, and reached down to grab her ass cheeks, spreading them wider to ease my passage in and out.

'Fuck me hard, baby,' she sighed, "Your cock feels so good." Holding her open I slid in and out of her several times, then held onto her hips and pulled out further.

"Harder. Do me harder"

June pushed her hips back at me for emphasis as I slid all the way in, and she pushed back again against me as though trying to fit even more of my cock inside her ass, sighing with the pleasure, so I fucked her a little harder, strengthening my thrusts. Soon I was pounding into her as hard as I could, grunting with each stroke, my groin slapping against her buttocks, my heavy balls swinging against her pussy lips. I wanted to fuck her so hard she'd never forget, to make her pay for the frustration and sexual tension she'd caused me for days now, when all I could think of was her even when I was fucking Alexandra. I wanted to tear into her tightness, to thrust and pound and open her up, reveling in her pain, letting myself explode into her, emptying my balls completely and as deep in her ass as I could.

"Do it," she said, "What you're thinking. Make me pay."

So I did.

"Oh, baby, that's so good," she cried as I ravaged her ass. "It's so dirty... Oh God, I love being fucked in the ass. I'm such a slut."

She was pushing back against each thrust, her full breasts swinging forward with each stroke, like syncopation...

"June," i gasped as the tension built, my balls tightening, "I'm going to come soon."

"I'm going to come too," she answered. " Come in me...spunk in my dirty asshole. Fill me up with your cream"

"Oh," she cried shuddering as she orgasmed, her anal muscles tightening rhythmically on my shaft, taking me past the point of control. Grunting, gasping, with one last thrust I pushed deeply into her body as I ejaculated and she pushed back against me, forcing as much of my cock as she could manage deep inside as I spurted two, three, four times until she collapsed on the bed with me on top, my cock still in her ass. A minute or too later I had softened enough and I slipped out.

"You bad boy," Julia teased, still lying face down, her ass cleft filled with lube and my come. "You sodomized me. You fucked me in the ass. And I'm sure you liked it. I've never met a man who didn't like ass fucking."

"And I'm not even your girlfriend."


It was several days later when Alex rang me during the day. "Come to dinner tonight."

I was nursing a glass of wine and Alex was cooking when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and was surprised to see June there. She kissed me saying, " You weren't expecting me I think."

Dinner was interesting. There was a marked undercurrent of sexual tension between June and me, and I was paranoid that Alex would find out I'd fucked June...and in the ass, no less. Alex had never been willing to do that. So I drank a bit too much wine and tried to appear nonchalant.

We were in the lounge after dinner, having coffee, talking, when it got even more interesting. I was on the edge of the couch. Alex and June were sitting on chairs opposite me, when almost as if rehearsed they leant over and started kissing each other on the lips. Then they stood up, and in between kisses they undressed each other, until both were in their underwear. This was skimpy, lots of lace, and must have been chosen deliberately. Alex had on a maroon bra and panties that barely covered anything, just a hint of fabric held on with strings. She knew I found lingerie a real turn on, like most men, and she must have bought this specially. I'd not seen it before.

June was wearing a sky blue thong and a matching demi-bra thing that left her breasts almost spilling out. It looked like something from Victoria's Secret and she was filling it very, very well.

Spellbound, I had watched in anticipation, with no idea what exactly was going on, except that this was having a seriously stimulating effect on me, in spite of the alcohol.

Breaking their embrace, Alex smiled and sauntered towards me with a provocative little wiggle and sat beside me. She reached for my belt and took off my trousers. She ran her nails lightly over the bulge in my underwear, and looked up at me, licking her lips. Then she reached into my underwear and pulled out my cock, which was not yet fully erect.

At which point June stood up and came over. She reached down and unclipped Alex' bra, which fell from her shoulders to the floor, leaving her breasts hanging free. June leant down and kissed Alex' breasts, taking the erect nipples in her mouth and Alex gasped, arching her back.

"We like boys," June said, lifting her head. "But...when boys aren't available..."

Leaving the rest of the sentence unsaid.

They took off the rest of my clothes and June sat down on the other side of me. As I lay back against the couch, they took my cock in their mouths, trading my erection back and forth from one to the other, licking and sucking every inch until my shaft was slippery wet with saliva and was like a bar of iron.

Then Alex placed her hands on her breasts and pulled apart her cleavage, and from somewhere June produced a bottle of massage oil and leaning over poured oil over and between Alex' breasts. I stood up and moved forward so that my cock was positioned between her big soft titties. Her smooth flesh enveloped me and those beautiful breasts wrapped around my cock as she began moving up and down. With each downward stroke, my erection would poke out from the top of her cleavage and she would try to lick the head.

And then, unexpectedly, Alex moved back, leaving my erect cock bobbing there.... June moved over and took her place between my legs, sensuously holding my gaze while she took off her bra and wrapped her oiled breasts around my cock, stroking me with her slippery cleavage, rising and falling, while Alex, kneeling nearby, looked on.

Then Alex started to talk.

"That's that cock in and out...faster and harder...shove that big cock between her didn't think you'd get this when you came over today did you, didn't think you'd get to fuck her big breasts."

And then June took over.

"Oh yeah... come over my breasts...give me your big fat load all over me...right here between my big titties...oh yes...that's so warm," she said as jism pumped out of me like a geyser erupting, spray after spray across her breasts, up into the base of her throat, milky strands of pearly essence glistening against her skin. Spent, gasping with the intensity, I sat back down on the couch.

June sat back against the couch, her breasts and throat and stomach covered in my cum. Alex kissed her on the lips again, then knelt down in front of June, opened her legs, and gently slipped her thong down, revealing the moist cleft. She leant forward and her tongue lapped up and down June's slit, then adopted a wandering path up the inside of her thighs and over her inner and outer lips with little diversions to her clit.

Clearly they had been lovers.

I watched as Alex eased back June's labia and her tongue moved in to lap at the sweet juice there. "Oh god, that's it"...right there...keep doing that...please don't stop," June gasped between her ever louder moans.

"Oh God, Paul, fuck me, Jack..." Alex begged, "Fuck my pussy while I do this..."

I was hard again by now and getting off the couch I knelt on the floor and positioned myself behind Alex, aiming my slippery cock at her pussy. Moving the maroon panties aside, I rubbed my cock up and down between her pink lips until the head of my cock slipped inside. Once the head was in, I pushed into her pussy from behind, both of us gasping as I entered her. I pushed forward, and slid forward into her tight warm wetness.

"Oh, Cherie," Alex gasped breathlessly pushing back against me while continuing to lick June's clit up and down and all around.

I palmed her ass cheeks and began fucking Alex doggy style, my engorged cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

We continued in this way for several minutes, the tension and excitement growing, until June's body started to shake as Alex brought her to orgasm. June's body went rigid, her back arched and for a couple of seconds she stopped breathing. After a few moments she began to relax and take a breath, still continually whimpering. Such a sweet sound I thought.

Once June had come, Alex lifted her head and started pushing back as I pushed forward.

"Oh, Paul" she cried out, "Keep doing that and I'm going to come too."

"Come for me, Cherie," I urged.

I could feel little tremors starting to spread out through the muscles of her pussy.

"Oh god, that feels so good, oh god, oh god, ohhh... I'm coming." I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock as I kept thrusting in and out as she came, my thrusts slowing down as her contractions lessened.

I withdrew slightly, my cock covered in her nectar, and lowered my face to Alex' ass and starting licking her rosebud and pussy from behind. Alex said nothing, just allowed me to continue. In a moment of overwhelming desire I reached for the oil and greased up my swollen cock and spread oil on her puckered hole. I positioned my cock behind Alex and slowly, gently pushed into her forbidden tightness. She said nothing, just gasped and pushed back against the intrusion until the head of my cock slipped past her anal sphincter and she gasped some more.

I held on to her curvy rear as we started to build up a faster rhythm, my groin slapping her ass at one end of the stroke and her anal muscles sucking me back into her depths at the other. Feeling my balls tighten, I pushed in deeper, almost oblivious to the fact that June was watching, still lying on the carpet, touching herself as I thrust in and out of Alex.

"Do it, baby," June said, "fuck her ass".

I had a flashback to a few days earlier when June had been in that position, on her knees, my cock in her ass as I sodomized her, and the image was so strong that I started to come, so I seized Alex' hips and slammed myself forward, burying my cock as far into her rectum as I could go, and I groaned loudly with each pulse as my cock twitched and jerked, spurting my cum into her. With each ejaculation I rammed myself deeper, trying to penetrate further each time as my seed surged up my length to splash deep inside her forbidden hole.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock still deep in her ass, and after several minutes she finally managed to say, "Oh god, I've never done anything like that in my life. That was so wild and dirty."

The three of us showered together before June had to return home. At the door she kissed me, and then Alex, both on the lips.

She turned as she walked down the path. "Next both free for dinner? My condo this time?"



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