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Deedee's Debut

"Ugh!" I said aloud to myself. I was staring in the mirror at my naked body and honestly, I wasn't impressed. I don't know when or how it happened, but as I exited my 20s and found myself in the middle of my thirties things were changing, and not for the better.

My belly was pudgy, my thighs were dimpled, and my formerly perky B cups had some very visible sag. If I waved my arms long enough, I was pretty sure I could fly right off the ground. How could I let myself go like this? I mean, I was by no means a lazy person. I was educated, I worked hard. I had my Master's Degree in Business Management from the University of Michigan. It got me my dream job as a management analyst for a company near my hometown. It is the best of both worlds. I'm close enough to stay connected with friends and family, but since I'm a few cities away I get to live my own life without feeling like I'm under a microscope. Really though, it wouldn't matter if I was. I work such long hours that I don't even have any time to get into any trouble or misadventures that I would need to keep secret.

I poked my belly one last time and sighed. Maybe I could get a stationary bike or something? Spring was here and my body was so far away from summer clothes I may as well give up.

I put on my traditional trousers/blouse/cardigan combo, slid on my sensible ballet flats, grabbed my coffee and a granola bar, and headed out the door.


I sat in the office lunch area lost in thought. I hadn't brought a lunch and the food trucks downstairs were calling to me, but I was remembering my body overview from the morning and I just couldn't bring myself to indulge. A salad truck probably wouldn't be very popular, but that would have been what I needed today in order to eat without a pile of guilt.

"Hey Deborah!"

I turned and saw Mike and Paul entering the lunch area. I smiled, looking forward to the chance to socialize, even if just for a few minutes.

"Hey guys! What's going on? Finally taking a break?"

"Yea we're starving. We're gonna hit up the lunch trucks. Can we grab you something?" Paul asked.

"No I'm good. Thanks though."

"Hey Paul, can you grab me some pork tacos? I want to catch up with Deborah for a minute!" said Mike.

"Yea man, no problem. I'll be right back. Are you sure I can't get you anything?" he asked me.

"Thanks Paul, but I'm fine." I declined. Stupid mirrors.

"So how's it going Deborah? You work so hard you hardly ever come out of your office!" Mike came and sat down next to me. Mike is a great guy, and a good friend. Not really physically my type, but he's married anyway so I didn't need to worry about that. He's tall, white (like super pale), skinny, and just a bit awkward. His wife on the other hand is smokin' hot. I've only met her a couple times at work functions, but from what I can tell, she is the perfect woman and it seems like she just worships him. I honestly don't know how he pulled it off.

"Oh it's going. Just finished up a big project and I've been thinking about taking some time off." Hmmm... was I? I mean, I guess that's the type of thing that you say when you're shooting the shit with someone, but it sounded like a great idea. Maybe I could go to one of those weight loss retreat places or something.

"Really? You should. Everyone needs some time off. Going somewhere with a special someone?" He goaded me. He knew I was single. Everyone did. Not that I ran around advertising it, but I worked with pretty much all men, and honestly, they are much bigger gossips than any women I've ever worked with.

"No, nothing planned. Just thinking about refocusing a bit. Maybe spending some time getting healthier. I'm not getting any younger and you can't just let yourself go. It gets harder and harder to get back to where you want to be." Am I really discussing fitness with this bean pole? Like he has a clue about what it takes to keep from becoming a walrus.

"Really? You're concerned about your health? You've got a lovely curvy figure, although it's hard to tell in those frumpy clothes you wear."


"And if you're considering making changes, maybe you should think about a boob job. Your frame could handle much larger breasts."

"Oh my god shut up. That is so inappropriate Mike! I don't want new boobs! I mean, maybe it would be cool if they were a bit perkier, but I mean, they're fine."

He ran his eyes up and down me, very analytically. "Of course they're fine! I was just saying like, in a perfect world, if you could build yourself your dream body, your boobs should be bigger, that would be more proportional."

Seriously?! Was I really discussing my boobs with my married coworker?! This conversation needs to end now. Why is he being so cavalier about it!?

"Alright I got your pork tacos and a couple of chicken tacos for Deborah! I know you said you didn't want anything, but I didn't want you to feel left out while Mike and I go to town on these babies!" Paul announced as he came back in the room. I was still reeling from Mike's nonchalant analysis of my body.

"Um thanks. Maybe I'll have one." I quietly said.

"She is worried she's getting old and fat so she's not eating." Mike blurted out as if it was no big deal at all.

"Mike!" When did he get so annoying?!

"Really? You can't just stop eating Deborah. That's not healthy!" Paul said. I liked Paul. I got the impression that he was a bit of a ladies man, as he always said the right thing at the right time, but he was actually really nice. It didn't hurt that he was tall, dark and handsome.

"I was thinking of maybe taking some time off to get back into shape, you know, one of those health camps, nothing crazy." I quietly explained, feeling judged (mostly by myself) and vulnerable. The feminist in me couldn't believe I was discussing body issues with my male coworkers. I should just embrace the body I have and live my life confidently, if only it were that easy.

"Well, I know that personally, I would hate not having you around here, even for just a couple of days. All of us guys look forward to your smiles and conversations. Plus you help dilute this sausage fest a bit!" Seriously, Paul is just too smooth.

"I mean, I haven't decided anything, I just don't want to let myself go." I mumbled. This was getting more and more awkward by the minute.

"Hey Mike, you got that number for that Doctor your wife goes to?" Paul asked.

"Oh yea, I'm sure I've got it in my phone. That's a great idea. Really helped my wife with some, uh, mmm, uh, thyroid issues, that's what it was. Really helped her feel more confident and comfortable in her own skin!" Mike searched through his phone and gave Paul a wide grin.

"I mean, your wife is gorgeous Mike. I can't imagine she would have any confidence problems."

"You better believe it. But Dr. Robbins made her feel like a brand new woman. This was actually before we got married. We met here actually. She was a secretary in the accounting department." He grabbed a piece of scrap paper and wrote down Dr. Robbins information.

"Why doesn't she work here anymore." I wondered aloud.

Paul and Mike exchanged a look.

"She likes to work from home. Super independent you know. She actually started her own business recently."

"Doing what?" I asked.

"You know what, we need to get back to work, but I'm going to let Dr. Robbins know you're coming in, and you just call that number. The office is super flexible with clients so they can probably get you in on an evening or whatever works for you. I also know from personal experience that they take our insurance. Give it a chance. I think you'll love it. Enjoy the tacos!" Mike hurriedly replied.

"See yah round Deb!" Paul followed Mike out.

Well, that was an interesting lunch. I looked at the number on the paper. I put it in my pocket. I really did need to get back to work.


I sat on my couch drinking red wine and not eating the pasta I picked up on the way home. I wanted to eat it, but I was still thinking about everything that happened today. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the Doctor's number. Should I call? What could it hurt if I called now. Of course they wouldn't be open but this could be my test call. God, I'm such a pussy.

I grabbed my cell and called the number. I didn't want to over-analyse it, which is what I do for a profession. Man is it hard to turn off. I listened to it ring once, twice, thr-

"Hello Dr. Robbins office. How may I assist you?" answered a very feminine voice.

"Um, hi, yes, hello. Umm I didn't think anyone would answer. Um, my friend, Mike Yoder gave me this number. I, ugh" Could I sound any less intelligent?

"Yes Mike did call. He's so sweet and so handsome too! Don't you just think that he's so handsome?!" She chattered away.

"Um sure. He's ok. So I don't really know what I'm doing but I was hoping to maybe make an appointment or whatever?"

"Of course Debbie! Let's see... Did you want to come in tonight?"

"What? Wait, why did you call me Debbie? No one calls me that. My name is Deborah. Tonight? The Doctor's schedule is that flexible?"

"Oh I just thought Debbie sounded so cute! Or maybe Deedee! Deedee! That sounds soooooo perfect! Don't you wish your name was Deedee?"

"No. Deborah is fine. Um, so I could seriously come in tonight?" This day could not get any weirder.

"Absolutely. The Doctor would prefer it. Mike is a good friend and I want to please him so badly. The Doctor likes to meet a new patient right away. I can't wait to meet you either!"

"Oh gosh. Ok. Maybe I'm crazy but sure, I'll come tonight. What time and where is the office?"

"Can you get here in 30 minutes Deedee? We are downtown right off of Main St. Mike gave me your cell number so I'll text you the address. I can't wait to meet you Deedee. Bye!"

What the hell was that? And why the fuck did she keep calling me Deedee. What a weirdo. I hope I don't have to interact with her much at the office.

My cell phone buzzed. There's the address. Well I guess skipping this pasta will be easier than I thought. I finished my glass of wine, grabbed my jacket, purse and keys and headed out the door.


"Hello? Is this Dr. Robbins office?" I called into the open foyer. The place was easy enough to find in a large old building filled with office suites. It was actually pretty close to my work.

The door opened and out walked a gorgeous blonde in a short pencil skirt and cleavage exposing blouse with fuck me heels.

"Deedee?! Oh my gosh I'm just so glad you're here!" She came running at me and gave me a big hug. Her huge tits smashed my face as she was towering over me in her heels.

"Um hi. I'm Deborah."

"I know silly! I'm Trixie. We spoke on the phone. You are right on time!" She bubbled.

"Trixie?" Really?

"Isn't it just the cutest name ever?! I'm so lucky that's my name. I don't think any other name could make me happier, although Deedee is a great name too!" She beamed at me. Man, this girl did not have a clue. She turned her head back to the office door and I heard a little jingle. I noticed she was wearing a small leather collar around her neck with a little bell on it. Clearly I have not kept up on fashion trends.

"Ok Deedee, follow me. Dr. Robbins can't wait to meet you!" I didn't think it would be worth my time to continue to correct her on my name so I gave up.

She led me through a maze of hallways with the typical medical office look. Scales and exam rooms and medical supplies. She stopped at one room with a closed door and knocked 3 times. She turned around and beamed at me. "Good luck!" she said, and then sashayed away.

"Come in!" was bellowed from inside the room by a very deep masculine voice. Gosh. I hadn't even thought that Dr. Robbins would be a man. This conversation is going to way more awkward that I had anticipated. Well, if it worked for Mike's wife, maybe I had a chance.

I opened the door and stepped inside. "Close the door." Dr. Robbins demanded, not rudely, but very firmly. I turned and closed the door and then stepped inside. I looked up at the most gorgeous man I had lay my eyes on in a very long time. He looked latino, like maybe Mexican or Costa Rican or something with dark hair, hazel eyes, and a solid build. He was sitting on the little swivel stool that Doctors tend to sit on while examining their patients. The stool looked tiny under him.

He was examining some papers in front of him. "Deborah?" He looked up and asked.

"Yes." I stepped forward and offered my hand to be shaken. He looked at it for a moment and then firmly took it in his and squeezed. Not really a handshake, more an act of dominance.

"Nice to meet you Deborah. Please take off your shoes, jacket and clothes and lay down on the bed." He turned back to his paperwork.

"Don't you usually leave the room for this part? I shyly asked.

"That seems a bit redundant doesn't it? I'm just going to walk right back in and see you naked anyway. Besides, I'm busy going over your information."

"What information? I haven't filled out any forms."

"I got this information from your work. I'm very close with the owner as well as the head of HR and I like to get ahead of my work."

"Umm ok." That didn't seem super legal, but he seemed professional enough.

I took off my jacket and my shoes and sat them with my purse on a chair. I removed my cardigan and blouse. I shimmied out of my pants, remembering how dimpled my thighs had looked this morning. I turned to get onto the bed.

"I said remove all of your clothes." He said in a very detached, disinterested kind of way.

"Oh, ok. I just thought I could at least keep my bra and underwear on..."

"Not if you are to be properly examined." He sounded like he was starting to get irritated.

I swiftly removed the last two articles and hopped onto the bed. I felt so exposed and awkward.

"Ok Deborah. Trixie is going to come in and take some blood. I need you to take these two pills. The first one will help you relax, because I do realize that many women are very sensitive about their bodies and I need you to be open with me so I can figure out how to help you." He was looking me directly in the eye and I was trying to remember the last time I had been naked with a man.

"Sure, but aren't we just going to put me on some diet or exercise regimen or whatever?"

"I can't determine what you need until we do a full exam. And I prefer to heal from the inside out." Oh man, he's some sort of new age type.

"What's the second pill for?" I asked.

"You are smart! Mike said you were very smart and also very popular around the office." I blushed. Sure I was friends with everyone, but no one thought of me as anything but the dowdy analyst. "The second pill will help me to read you better. Not really a truth serum or anything like that, but it is very helpful in the process."

Just then Trixie came back in. "Hello Doctor sir! Are you ready for me to take Deedee's blood sample-wample?"

"Yes Trixie. That would be great girl!" They were very close together but I could swear I saw him scratch behind her ear. Weird. She set up her equipment beside me. Meanwhile, Dr. Robbins handed me two pills and a bottle of water. "Fuck it" I thought and swallowed them both and chased them with the water. Dr. Robbins smiled at me, and I seriously melted. He was so gorgeous!

"Ok Deedee, hold still!" Trixie said from my left.

"Ow! God Damnit!" She stuck the needle in and I watched my blood begin to flow. She took several different tubes of blood and even filled up a separate bag. I started to get woozy and a bit faint. I heard a snap and I looked up to see Dr. Robbins putting on some rubber gloves.

"How do you feel Deb?" He asked as he moved his chair between my legs.

"Kinda woozy. I don't know if it's the blood or the drugs..." My voice sounded so soft.

"Trixie, when you take the blood to be analyzed, you can let them in. Thanks for being such a good girl today Trixie. I left your bowl in the back room if you're hungry and your bed is back there as well if you need a nap. I knew we'd be here late."

"Oh thank you master! You're just the bestest!" She came over and lovingly licked his cheek. I mean, I think she did. I was so confused and everything was getting kind of fuzzy. It didn't help that Dr. Robbins was running his hands all over my body, touching and exploring every inch.

Trixie gathered her things and cheerfully excited.

"I do need you to sign just a few forms for insurance purposes and what not. Here you go. And here, and here. One more here. Alright. Lay back down. Carefully... Don't move too fast. There you go. Let's just relax for a bit and have a little conversation. Now tell me, when was the last time you had sex Deb? Your pussy is very tight." I hadn't even realized that he had a finger inside of me. These drugs were good.

"It's been over a year." I answered, straight forward, no hesitation, almost as if compelled.

"When was the last time you had an orgasm?"

"A week ago."

He began running his finger up and down my slit, catching my clit on each stroke. It felt good, but I felt empty and not super connected to what he was doing.

The door opened back up and I was very surprised to see Mike and Paul walk in.

"Deedee is doing very well. She has a naturally submissive nature. Your team was very smart to hire her. She'll be perfect as the office cum dump." The Doctor assessed.

Am I Deedee? Wait... that wasn't right? Did I want to have sex with my co-workers? Be a cum dump? That doesn't sound like me... I was so confused.

"You look confused Deedee. What's wrong?" Dr. Robbins asked.

"I don't know, Doctor. My head is confused and I feel a little funny. What are Mike and Paul doing here? What are you doing here Mike? Paul?" I turned to look at them and I got a bit woozy.

"We're just worried about you Deedee! You're our little girl and we just hate to see you down on yourself! We're here to help you!" Encouraged Mike.

"That's right sweetie. We care about you so much and we can't wait for you to feel great!" Paul smiled at me.

They had never used those kinds of endearments with me before, but it felt awfully nice. They walked to either side of me as Dr. Robbins continued to stroke my pussy. Mike ran his hands through my hair as Paul palmed my breasts.

"So I say we need double d's, especially with a name like Deedee. She also desperately needs a smaller waist." Paul said from my left.

"I don't want larger breasts." I whispered.

"Shhh sugar, the men are talking now." Mike smiled down at me. "I agree double d's for Deedee. Narrower waist, tighten up those thighs, she has nice long legs, so that makes that easy! Can we do red hair? I've always wanted an office bimbo with red hair!"

"I think red is a fine choice!" the Doctor agreed. "We'll do the standard permanent body hair removal, although a little red heart above her pussy could be cute. Her lips really need to be plumper. We want her to really drool when she's sucking cocks. Her holes are very tight. Do you want me to widen them at all, or would you prefer she be in pain?"

Widen my holes? Red heart on my pussy? What was happening? I tried to say something, but I couldn't get my voice to work.

"Paul, Mike, what kind of temperament were you thinking? I love how eager to please my Trixie girl is and she's so friendly and affectionate, but my pain slut Onyx really helps fulfill some of my other needs. What were you guys thinking?"

"Hmmm... well eager would be good, since she will be fucking everyone at our office including clients, but I think I prefer when they're quiet. No offense but Trixie is a bit talkative." I think it was Mike talking. It was really hard to tell.

"Yes, but that's nothing a cage and a gag can't fix. Sometimes I put Trixie in her cage just so she's easier to piss on." the Doctor chuckled. "Did you need an office toilet. I've heard a lot of corporations are having major successes using slut toilets."
"Oh god. I know her body still has to be worked on but this talk about sluts is really getting me hard. Can I fuck her now?" One of them asked.

"Let me call in Trixie. She can slob on your knob and hold you over. We're going to be here all night. I have to run tests and start getting the right dosages put together. It's better to wait at this point. Besides it would be like fucking a sex doll. She's practically catatonic right now."

"I don't mind. I've been wanting to fuck this uptight cunt since the day we pretended to hire her. HR knows how to pick em."

"Ok Paul, I guess you can fuck her while we wait for some of the tests. I'm going to go check on Trixie." I heard the door close.

I felt someone near my head and someone near my thighs. "God Mike, she is gonna be so fucking hot when the Doc is done with her. Maybe not as hot as your wife, but still!" I felt something huge enter my pussy, but I couldn't even move. "Holy shit! I have never had a pussy this tight! We gotta have the Doc keep her this tight. We can't let him loosen her up. Who cares if it hurts her, as long as we won't have to listen to her complain about it."

Mike turned my head to the side and started sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. "I can't wait til she's done. I want her to be a silent pain slut. I want her to just smile and be our cum dump. She is gonna be perfect."

"A Pain Slut? Really? Hmmm... I guess I hadn't even thought of that option. I don't want to have to spend much time on her. Just a quick fuck. I guess we could at least get her tongue, tits and clit pierced. Maybe some combination. The Doc will know what's best, he always does." Paul continued pounding away at my cunt.

"Yea, who knew I'd want my wife to be a human cow, spending her days attached to a milking machine? But nothing makes me hotter than coming home and breeding her from behind. And we make so much money off her tit milk. The Doc is a true artist!"

The Doctor returned. "I see you gentlemen are enjoying yourselves! Well please hurry up. I heard that last part of your conversation and I think I know exactly what to do with our little slut. I believe it will take about 2 weeks to do what I need to do, but you can visit daily. I'll let you know when she's ready to go back to work. Is there somewhere she can sleep there? I think we should probably sell her apartment and car. It would really confuse her, going back and forth, navigating traffic and normal people. She is going to be very simple from here on out. I also had her sign over her bank accounts but I'll just go ahead and keep that as payment."

"We can set up an office just for our cum dump. She can live there, and she won't need to eat once she's on your supplements. That way she'll be available 24 hours a day."

"Sounds good. Go ahead and cum in her and I can get started!" said Doc.

I heard them both grunting and felt a bit of wetness. My eyes were wide open, but I couldn't really see. I heard the door shut and then I felt some pressure on my asshole. "Yes we are going to make you into the perfect office analyst." The Doc said as he shoved his dick in my ass.


"Good morning Deedee! Are you ready to go to work?!" I felt wetness on my cheek and turned to see Trixie on all fours, wagging her ass, licking my cheek.

I felt absolutely awful and was so confused. I started to stand up and get off the cot I was on, but I was a little bit woozy. I sat back down.

"Here is your outfit Deedee! I helped pick it out! It is so so so cute and will make your hair look fab!" She was crawling around me and looked very excited.

I stretched up and slowly ran my hands down along my body. My tits were huge, my tummy was flat and my waist was narrow. I saw a mirror on the wall and walked over to it. I looked like a supermodel. Big, pouty lips, long lean legs and flowing wavy red hair. Holy shit.

"Hello DD! You look gorgeous!" Dr. Robbins spoke from the door. I turned to look at him and began drooling. All I could think about was getting his cock in my mouth. "Ok ok, if you insist I guess you can suck my cock." he said with a smile.

I practically ran to him, undid his belt, lowered his fly and started immediately sucking on the most delicious cock I had ever tasted. Nothing could possible taste this good. I wanted to suck his cock for the rest of his life.

He chuckled down at me and pulled back my hair so I was looking up at him. "Alright DD, you are very good at that. You will be very popular at the office when you go back to work today. I just want to explain a few things to you. First of all, you can no longer speak. You won't really ever have the urge to speak, but also physically it is impossible. You will never be able to speak again. With this pretty red hair, just consider yourself the little mermaid, she did alright without a voice." He began to thrust his cock all the way down my throat and it felt so amazing.

"You're addicted to sex. Cock, pussy, whatever. As long as you are bringing someone pleasure you will be fine. You are especially fond of having very large items in your ass. You are the management analyst after all. Some people get pleasure in different way, so be aware that it isn't about your pleasure, but theirs. The only pleasure you feel anymore is from being a good slut and getting off as many people as you can. Now, Paul will be in charge of giving you your medicine and supplements daily. You have a new office that has everything you could ever need! There is one thing I need to warn you about. When you are not bringing someone pleasure, you will feel depressed and absolutely worthless, because well you are. If you go longer then 10 minutes without a cock in you you will start to feel pain radiating throughout your whole body. It'll only get worse the longer you go without. You are the perfect cum dump and you are such a hard worker. I know that you don't like to take time off work so I hope you can keep up that same work ethic. It's really not that hard to always have a cock in you. It's what you're made for, pleasuring men." The Doc began to speed up and I could cry I was so happy. I couldn't wait to taste his cum. Yummy!

"Alright slut. After I cum in your whore throat I want you to get dressed. Paul will be here soon to take you to work. I might come visit you, you're such a great piece, and this tongue ring is fucking perfect. Oh fuck oh here I come you fucking whore!" He started squirting his juice down my throat, then in my mouth and on my lips. I have never been so happy. I wanted to be covered in his delicious juice. I had never tasted something so amazing. I was crying and smiling and licking my lips.

"Get dressed cunt!" He left the room and closed the door.


"God Deedee, you have exceeded all expectations!" Paul was escorting me from the Doctor's office to work. It wasn't very far but everything was loud and confusing. Worst of all, Paul's cock was right there beside me and he wouldn't let me have it. "That dress is something else. You just look like the perfect slut. Everyone in the office cannot wait!" Trixie put me in a tube dress that barely covered my nipples and came down and grazed my ass cheeks. No bra or panties. I was wearing stilettos that made it difficult to walk, but that meant I got to cling to Paul. Paul was the most handsomest bestest man in the world. I couldn't wait to taste his cock!

"We're almost there slut. I can't wait for your ass. The Doc says it's your specialty. Alright, let's get on the elevator." We got inside, and there were a few other people. Looking around, I realized they were all people from our office. I immediately bent over in front of Paul and spread my ass cheeks. "Fuck! What a horny little cunt! You guys don't mind right?"

They all assented, knowing they would soon get a turn.

Paul shoved his cock fully into my ass. My ass was made for big black cocks! Oh! 2 big black cocks would be even better. Or a baseball bat. Oh I loved Paul inside my ass! Sooooo goood!

"God you're such a fucking cum dump! I've never been able to get my whole cock in anyone's ass before. Oh shit I am not going to last! Here it comes cunt!" He filled me with the best feeling ever. Warmth and safety and happiness right into my asshole. I would have sighed if I was able.

"Turn around bitch and clean up my cock. I can't go into work with your ass remnants on my dick you dumb bitch." Oh no, how stupid of me! I turned around and immediately sucked him clean. He was so delicious. I wanted to eat him for every meal.

We arrived on our floor and everyone in the elevator paused briefly. "Alright, I'm gonna take this toilet to her office. You guys know where to find her when you need her." I held on to Paul's arm and walked with him to my office. He was so wonderful and chivalrous. He is handsome and perfect and I couldn't believe he would ever have sex with someone like me. I was the luckiest girl in the world. He paraded me all around the office, making sure everyone saw me. I couldn't wait to have sex with everyone! We walked past my old office and kept going. I wondered where my new office was and when I would get to have sex again.

We arrived at my office a few minutes later and Mike was sitting on a chair. I was so happy to see him that I ran to him and start trying to pull his pants down. "Woah slut, calm down. You can suck my cock soon but at least get into your work clothes first!"

I looked at him confused. I thought I was wearing work clothes.

"What a dumb cunt. Those are your public clothes. At work you're naked. Always. Whenever you're on this floor, you can't have any clothes on. Now take them off!" Mike yelled.

Oh I was so stupid. What was I thinking! I took off the tube dress and started to remove the shoes.

"You can leave the shoes for now. Let me see you." He began to examine my body. "I love the nipples piercings. I know he held off on a clit piercing, but we can add that later if we decide to. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." I did as I was told. "Oh that is going to feel good on my dick!"

"It does man! So fucking good!" Paul chimed in.

"She sucked you already?"

"Yea in the elevator after I fucked her ass!"

"Fuck! That's great. She is a hard worker! Slut come here!"

I stood before him, but I started to get a funny feeling in my stomach. It turned into an awful pain. I needed a cock! I need cocks, as many as I could get.

"What's wrong slut? Do you need something? Oh that's right, every ten minutes isn't it? Alright well get on your knees and I'll give you my dick medicine."

I kneeled painfully and reached up to unleash his dick. Although not super thick, it was very long. I gobbled it up and began slobbering and sucking. The pain was gone and I never ever wanted to stop sucking Mike's cock.

"That's right cunt. Oh you are gonna work hard for this office. You will keep all 36 of us happy and satisfied at all times. You'll do whatever it takes to keep us satisfied. I know you will because you are a dumb whore of a cum dump and you live for cock. Too bad you're not even really worthy of cock. We'll give it to you, but just out of pity. Mmmm I saved a big load for you you piece of trash. Push your tits together, I'm gonna cum all over them."

I held my double d's together and Mike spewed all over them. I instantly began rubbing it into my skin. It was like the most rich luxurious lotion I had ever used.

"Open your mouth toilet!" Mike said firmly. I open my mouth and he immediately began to piss down my throat. It was warm and comforting and it made me feel like I was so good at my job. I'm so happy I went to school and got my Master's degree in order to get this prestigious job. I can't imagine ever doing any other work!

"Keep your mouth open you dick sponge!" Paul said, stepping up to take his turn. I smiled the whole time he filled me with his pee. What a wonderful way to start my day!

"Alright, let's go slut! We've got a conference meeting with all department heads and the CEO. We can't be late." I walked between them in only my heels and a smile on my face. I couldn't wait!

deedee's   debut  

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