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Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 08

Vijaya sat in the bank conference room, trying to stay calm while inside, her heart was racing. The silence in the room was so thick, the occasional rustle of paper seemed to have to force its way through and sSeated around the big table were all the principals to the sale while they were all carefully studying mortages, deeds and other papers and Vijaya, at this point, had nothing to do but watch them as they slowly turned pages.

Her job, she hoped, was done. She had gotten buyer and seller together, gotten them to agree on price, and helped arrange the mortgage. Theoretically, there was nothing more for her to do except collect her commission. She wondered how Uday was doing. She had made another of those gut-wrenching drives to the hospital with him shivering and shaking beside her. By now he had been on the kidney machine for close to an hour. His agony should be subsiding. Vijaya felt reasonably confident that everything was going to be all right. No one at the office had gotten wise to what she had done. All the terms of the sale had been agreed on. Even though Uday only had two more times on the hospital kidney machine, there should be no trouble. Those two treatments would give them enough time to get their own dialysis unit and get it set up.

He was going to live! It all had worked out, all the worry and sweat and filth and degradation and risks had paid off, had been worth it. The guilt Vijaya felt about what she had done was tempered by the knowledge that Uday was going to live. She noticed that Sundar Raj had finished reading his papers. The banker arranged them in a precise perfect stack in front of himself, placed a pen and a pencil exactly one inch on either side of the pile, then sat back. The expression on his pink face was unreadable.

Ripu KN was next to finish. Casually, he dropped the last one on the top of his untidy heap and rubbed his eyes. His expression was just as unreadable as Raj's while Sandhya KN added the papers she had been reading to her husband's stack and her lips quirked and she glanced at Vijaya, and shrugged.

Badri Dayal was frowning. Vijaya watched him nervously. His forehead was wrinkled slightly - three faint lines between his red eyebrows. Reaching the end of the final sale contract, he leafed back through it and reread it. Keeping the contract open to that page he set it in front of him, and weighed it down with an ashtray.

"Well," Sundar Raj began, "everything seems to be in order. Is everything agreeable to you, Mr. KN?"

Vijaya watched him fearfully. The short, powerfully built man nodded. "Yes."

"Mrs. KN?" Raj asked.

"If it's all right with him, it's all right with me," she said agreeably.

"Mr. Dayal?"

The big Panjabi frowned. "No."

Vijaya flinched at the single, short denial. Oh God, not now! Sundar Raj looked mildly startled.

"Oh? What seems to e the problem?"

"Two problems," the color-haired man answered. "First is the date I take occupancy. That has been changed from what Mr. KN and I originally agreed upon."

He paused and Vijaya's eyes went to the KNs. Ripu KN was looking at the agreement. Sandhya KN was carefully inspecting her long, elegant fingernails.

"Second problem is in the mortgage," Dayal went on.

"There is a prepayment penalty in the mortgage." He looked at Raj.

Raj nodded blandly. "Well, yes, that is standard bank policy," he responded.

"Well then, it's no deal," Dayal said firmly.

Vijaya thought she was going to die.

"I see," Raj said blandly. "That's unfortunate."

"What's wrong with the date of occupancy?" Sandhya KN asked her voice soft.

Vijaya eyed the tall woman carefully. She had the feeling something was brewing.

"What's wrong? I have to be out of my present place on the first of the month, and according to this I can't move into your house until the last of the month. At least, that is when you are scheduled to vacate it," Dayal pointed out. "I don't understand why it was changed."

"Maybe there's an error on your copy," Sandhya KN suggested, getting up from her chair. She strolled around the table, her moves easy, graceful languid, and sexy. When she got behind Badri Dayal, she leaned over him, and studied his papers. Vijaya saw that one of the woman's big, lush breasts was brushing the side of Dayal's head, and that he responded by leaning against the warm, soft mound and rubbing his cheek against Sandhya's shining satin blouse.

"Mr. Dayal," Sandhya said softly, "this agreement says we will vacate the house on the last day of the month, if you so desire, however, I don't see where it makes any statement as to when you are to move in." She shifted to rub her full breast provocatively against the man's cheek. She also slid one hand down and rested it on his thigh.

Vijaya watched a gleam come into Dayal's blue eyes. Leaning away from the tall woman pressed so intimately close to him, he looked first at her face and then his gaze traveled downward to admire the full thrust of her breasts and her trim waist. "Just what, exactly, are you driving at, Mrs. KN?" he asked softly. Vijaya's heart was hammering. Was Sandhya KN such a wanton that she was going to seduce the man right here? Vijaya glanced at Ripu KN. He was watching the interplay between his wife and Badri Dayal with great interest and when he felt Vijaya's gaze on him, he glanced at her and smiled. Vijaya realized then that the whole thing had been planned.

She shot a glance at Sundar Raj. He was gripping the edge of the table so tightly the tips of his fingers were white. His collar looked too tight. It was cutting into the soft flesh of his neck, and the color of his face had changed from pink to red. His gray eyes were looking so hard at Sandhya KN it looked as if they might push his glasses off his nose. Sandhya KN leaned easily back against the table beside Badri Dayal, posing her long body in a graceful line. She began unbuttoning her satin blouse. "I am sure that you would find living with us for a month most - stimulating."

"Oh?" Badri Dayal replied innocently. "In what way?" He dropped his gaze to the pair of breasts Sandhya KN was slowly exposing. Her blouse was open down the center now. She wore no bra. He could see the magnificent full thrust of her bosom, the heavy, exciting undersides of her breasts and the deep, lush valley between them.

"Why, physically, of course," she answered. "Ripu and I are students of a wide variety of physical cultures. For example," she concluded, leaning forward, placing her hands on the Panjabi's cheeks, "touching." She lowered her mouth to his, her lips pursed, but open.

Sandhya was thrusting her tongue deep in Dayal's mouth in bold exploration, taking the initiative. Sandhya's heavy breasts swayed enticingly. Badri Dayal took his hands from the edge of the table and reached for her heavy glands. Casually brushing her blouse open, he lifted and massaged the heavy globes, his palms rubbing over her large, alert nipples.

Vijaya was feeling rushes of flame sweep through her just from watching Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal necking and petting their way up to a searing plateau of lust. Tearing her eyes off them, she glanced at Sundar Raj. He looked as if he was about to explode. Then Vijaya looked at Ripu KN. He looked interested but complacent. He cocked an eyebrow at Vijaya, then gave a small jerk of his head in the direction of Sundar Raj.

The banker? What about the banker? Then understanding dawned. Obviously, the matter of date of occupancy was being negotiated already. That still left the problem of the prepayment penalty clause. Vijaya got up from her chair, her heart pounding. She felt both sick and excited. It was such a preposterous setting - the staid, conservative conference room of the bank. But it made it all the more exciting. Sundar Raj was barely aware of Vijaya's approach. When she moved into his line of sight, he shifted so he could still see Sandhya and Badri. Vijaya sat on the table in front of Raj and glanced over her shoulder at Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal. What she saw sent her blood pressure soaring. She could not blame the banker for wanting to keep on watching.

The colored-haired buyer had bared Sandhya to the waist. Still seated, he was leaning forward, his head tipped back. He was sucking and tonguing first one rubbery tit, then the other, making the dark buds gleam, and stand up proudly and ask for more attention. Sandhya was running her fingers through his dyed locks. Her head was tipped back, her breasts thrust forward. Her face was a mask of lust - open mouth, slit eyes. "About that prepayment penalty," Vijaya said softly to Raj, still listening to the ecstatic sighs from Sandhya KN as Dayal sucked on her breasts.

Sundar Raj shook his head. His necktie bobbed nervously as he swallowed. "Bank policy," he squeaked. His eyes were still locked on Dayal and Sandhya KN.

Vijaya undid the top button of her blouse. "You can make an exception," she said softly.

Raj shook his head again, still without taking his eyes off the couple down the table from him. "I am sorry, but it is just not done. Except under extremely unusual circumstances."

Vijaya nodded her head in the direction of the buyer and the seller's wife. "Don't you think this is somewhat unusual?" She noticed that Dayal had both of his hands up under Sandhya KN's ghaghra. As Vijaya watched, Sandhya lifted her hips. Badri Dayal smoothly slid her lacy panties down her sleek, tan legs. Sandhya's grin was tight and excited and her white teeth flashed in the unforgiving fluorescent lighting.

"That - that has nothing to do with bank policy," Raj squeaked. "That is a private negotiation between buyer and seller."

"Hardly private," Vijaya pointed out as she saw Dayal lifting Sandhya's ghaghra and exposing her to the waist. The woman's lush buttocks flattened as she sat on the table, her ass right at the edge. The polished surface reflected the image of her bottom like a mirror.

Her blouse completely unbuttoned, Vijaya reached out and took one of Raj's limp hands. Gently, she placed his palm against one of her breasts, curved his fingers to match the soft mound, and pressed his hand to her warm bosom. "I am opening our negotiations right now," Vijaya pointed out. "I am acting as the buyer's agent in this matter."

"I see," Raj acknowledged in a strangled voice. "But I must be firm!"

Vijaya reached down to the banker's lap and traced the monumental bulge of the man's erection. "You certainly are firm," she observed. "You are definitely, very, very firm." After giving his cock a squeeze through his pants, she unzipped his trousers slowly. "Let's just bring our negotiations out in the open, shall we?" she said softly.

His cock was like the business end of a baseball bat. It stood upright in his lap. The zipper of his fly seemed to cut cruelly into the monster column. Vijaya solicitously undid his belt and the waist of his suit pants, and spread them open. His cock was threatening to rip the fly of his boxer shorts. "Oh my!" the banker sighed.

For a moment Vijaya thought what she was doing had squeezed the noise out of him. Then she glanced at Dayal and Sandhya. The big Panjabi's face was buried between the tall woman's lean, graceful thighs. He was chewing noisily at her thickly bushed pussy. Sandhya was grunting and whimpering ecstatically, her hands pulling on Dayal's red hair as she urged him deeper into her dripping crotch. Vijaya reflected that she had told Dayal that Mrs. KN tasted good. Afraid she might be losing her hold on her negotiating target and Vijaya quickly stripped her blouse off completely, baring herself to the waist. Sliding forward, she offered her small, pert, exciting, youthful breasts to the sweating banker. Still staring at the oral copulation down the table, he reached blindly for Vijaya's tits with both hands and massaged them eagerly. Vijaya placed her hands on the backs of his and pushed down firmly, showing the man how it should be done.

"Now, about that prepayment clause," she said softly.

Raj desperately tried to gather his resources. He had never experienced anything like this before in his life, never seen anything like what he was witnessing. That man was actually sticking his face in that woman's crotch! It was perverted! It was disgusting! It was the most incredibly exciting thing Sundar Raj had ever seen in his entire life!!

"No," he insisted desperately. "It-it must remain the way it is. Unless . . ."

"Unless what?" Vijaya asked softly.

"Unless your powers of persuasion are indeed unique," the banker stammered. "As unique and talented in your way as Mr. Dayal's are in his."

Vijaya glanced again at Badri Dayal who was still chewing happily on Sandhya KN's pussy. Sandhya was leaning back. Her rolling and twisting hips were thrust forward. Her nipples were hard, jutting at the ceiling in mute testimony to her lust. Her entire sensuous body was quivering in the throes of her orally triggered orgasm.

"You'd like some oral persuasion on the subject?" Vijaya asked.

Raj nodded tensely. His face was dripping with sweat.

Vijaya eyed the monster cock in the banker's lap dubiously. It looked too big for her mouth. But she had absolutely no choice in the matter. They were down to the final hour. Uday's life hung on what went on in this room right at this very moment. Vijaya slid forward off the table. She swung Sundar Raj's swivel chair so he faced her but could still watch the wild scene between Sandhya KN and Badri Dayal. Out of the corner of her eye, Vijaya saw that while Dayal was still eating happily from Sandhya's juicy trough, he was fumbling with his own clothes, unfastening his pants.

Evidently their negotiations were entering a new phase.

Vijaya gripped the base of Sundar Raj's cock in her fingers. Her hand was dwarfed by the huge too]. She could feel the masculine tower thrumming with excitement. Blue veins pulsed visibly just beneath the pale skin. The head was a monster brownish rounded cone. The tiny slit at the tip was magnified by a clear crystalline drop in it. Vijaya smeared that slippery sticky drop over the bulbous glans, making the meat shine in the harsh lighting. With her thumbs on the underside, pressing the yielding ridge that marked the central tunnel of Raj's phallus, she milked more fluid from his organ. Rising onto her knees, Vijaya leaned forward to place her mouth over the quivering monument to lust. She licked the cap of the erect penis delicately and felt a shiver go through Sundar Raj.

Carefully, she bathed the entire rounded peak of his immense, hard organ. She lapped at it as if wearing down a triple dip ice cream cone. She tasted the secretions he had already produced, hot and salty and exciting. Her mouth watered, forcing her to swallow a wave of saliva. Her pussy was dripping into her panties with a hunger of its own.

Lifting her head for a moment, Vijaya glanced up at her quarry. He was gripping the arms of his chair tightly. His eyes were still fastened on Dayal and Sandhya KN. Sandhya's legs dangled off the table. She was now stretched on her back on the polished wood, her ass right at the edge. Badri Dayal had shoved his chair back and was standing between the woman's long, graceful legs. His pants were down around his ankles. He was setting the point of his iron hard prick in the hot bushy nest of Sandhya KN's sex. As Vijaya watched, he drove his steely organ into her dripping orifice, through the soggy twisted kinks of her pubic hair.

"Oh, my!" Sundar Raj exclaimed in a breathy voice. "Oh, my goodness!"

"The prepayment clause?" Vijaya reminded him desperately, trying to keep her own lust-crazed mind on the problem.

"NO!" the banker insisted. "You haven't convinced me yet."

Vijaya bent over his lap again, her eyes focusing on his huge cock. It was aimed up into her face like a huge carnal missile. She pursed her lips and encircled the rounded nose cone of his phallus, drew her head back, sucking blood right to the tip of his stupendous organ. "Mmmmm," the banker groaned, his hips shifting in his chair.

Her arms hooked over Raj's thighs, her hands steadying her meal, Vijaya lowered her head and took more of the quivering tower in her mouth. She stroked the sensitive underside with her velvety tongue. She sucked to draw still more blood to his already engorged tissues.

"Mmmmm," she purred. She had to admit that the banker's cock tasted delicious. Her pussy was dripping with excitement. She was a cock-sucker! And she loved it. Bobbing her head, she took more of the huge organ into her mouth, in between her teeth.She remembered how much of BadriDayal's cock she had been forced to take, and wondered if she could possibly take even half of Sundar Raj's incredible staff. Pushing down, she drove the hot sausage toward the back of her throat. Then she lifted her head, sucking and slurping her spit off the hot column of meat. Spitting out her meal for a moment, she cast a quick glance at Badri Dayal and Sandhya KN.

They were doing it right there on the conference table. Or at least Sandhya was on the table, on her back, her marvelous, lush breasts quivering, her tits pointing at the ceiling, her head rolling from side to side with passion. Her ass was nearly off the table, and Badri Dayal was standing between her thighs. Her legs were doubled up, her thighs stretched so wide the tendons on the insides stood out. Dayal was slamming his cock deep into Sandhya's streaming vagina. When he rammed in, their bodies impacted with a slapping squishy sound. He was reaching forward now, mashing his hands down on Sandhya's breasts, crushing them flat against her ribs, pinning her to the unyielding conference table. Ripu KN? What was he doing? Vijaya risked a quick glance in his direction. He was standing, leaning over the table, staring down at his wife's passion-crazed face. He himself looked nearly insane with lust.

Vijaya realized that he was without a partner.

"Mrs. Sanorita?" Sundar Raj asked softly.

Vijaya shook her head. What about Ripu KN? There had to be something for him, too. Vijaya realized she was the only one who was empty and hungry.

"Ripu," she croaked.

KN's head whipped around. Vijaya looked at him hungrily, desperately. At the Syede time, she lifted her ghaghra, hooked her thumbs in her panties and hauled them down her thighs to her knees. She deliberately exposed the pale, lush moons of her ass to the man's horny gaze. Let him make of that exposure what he would. Vijaya turned her attention back to the banker in front of her. She impaled her head on his monumental erection again and felt it swell more. She pumped her head on it hungrily. Suddenly there were hands on her, lifting her ghaghra, baring her naked white ass. She was half leaning forward, her bottom thrust back toward Ripu KN. Forced to devote her full attention to the cock in her mouth, she could only trust KN would use or abuse her appropriately. She felt Raj's balls delicately, trying to gauge his readiness to cum, the level of his excitement. He was wheezing and panting.

There was a thrust at Vijaya's ass that made her jerk.

Something huge and hot was pressing between her buttocks, wedging into her crack. That was too high, far off the mark from her vagina. But she couldn't do anything about it. Did she want to do anything about it? There was a stab at her anus that sent a blast of fire through her.

"Aaahh!" she gasped around the phallus glutting her. Sundar Raj's hips surged up, ramming his titanic organ to the back of her mouth.

Desperately, before she totally lost control of herself, Vijaya spat out the monstrous hot meaty prick. "The prepayment clause," she croaked.

"No!" the banker squeaked.

Vijaya squeezed his cock painfully in her fingers. "The prepayment clause," she mumbled desperately, feeling a fiery burning at her anus. She could feel the heat of Ripu KN's powerful body behind her.
"All right," the banker caved in abruptly. "Just don't leave me like this, please don't leave me like this." She saw him drag the papers over, paw wildly through them with one hand and cross something out with a palsied stroke, and initial it.

Vijaya prayed it was the right clause. She speared her head on his burgeoning cock, driving it clear to the back of her mouth until her throat knotted and her stomach began heaving. Pumping with her hand, she piston her head on the ravening organ between her lips, sucking and swallowing desperately, massaging it with her tongue. She lurched and almost bit the banker as Ripu KN changed his aim, thrusting his phallus deep into Vijaya's vagina without warning. She felt a searing bolt of disappointment. That really wasn't where she wanted to be fucked. She wiggled her ass in frustration. Then Ripu KN hauled his phallus out of her dripping, slippery pussy. His prick slimy with lubrication, he jammed it at her anus again. And this time Vijaya felt her rectal sphincter yielding to him, spreading slowly open to admit his phallus. There was unbelievable pain mingled with ungodly pleasure.

"Oh-oh-oh-Oh God, I'm Cumminnngggg!" Sandhya KN yelled.

Her cry was soaked up by the soundproofing of the ceiling. Her long lush body convulsed and threshed on top of the conference table. Vijaya saw out of the corner of her eye that Badri Dayal was slamming his cock full depth into Sandhya's deep hole. His balls were pulled tight up against his body. Then a thick wave of creamy fluid oozed down them and dropped thickly onto the expensive gray carpeting.

"Rrrrrrgggghhhh," Vijaya gargled around the phallus in her mouth. Cock was pounding deep into her rectum, stuffing her bowels with meat, totally reversing everything she had ever experienced. Her lust blazed higher and higher. Gripping Vijaya's trim waist in his strong hands, Ripu KN slammed his cock deep in the tight gripping hole of her anus. It clung to his phallus, a tight greasy sheath that caressed his penis in a way no vagina ever had. He drew back and slammed into her again, and again, feeling her flesh pull and tug at his. He wasn't going to be able to hold his climax off for long. Watching his wife with Badri Dayal had sent KN's lust boiling up to an incredible level. He had been about ready to masturbate to relieve the explosive tension in his groin when he had seen Vijaya look at him significantly and lower her panties. The sight of her shining, pale exciting ass had drawn him like a magnet. With her bent over the way she had been, sucking the banker's unbelievably huge cock, there had been one obvious target for his lust.

KN had tried, unlubricated, to bore his way into her rectum. Then he took advantage of her readily available lubrication and attained success. He heaved on Vijaya's waist, matching his drives to the wild bobbing of her head on Raj's cock. Vijaya was sucking and sucking and sucking on the banker's huge tower of meat. She was cum and orgasm in one, wordlessly, silently. An unbelievable rush of fire was streaming through her entire body. She had the feeling that KN's and Raj's cocks were going to meet somewhere deep in her body as she absorbed their ravening thrusts in the opposite ends of her alimentary canal. Then KN's fingers plunged into her empty but drowning pussy, and Vijaya's entire body knotted as her orgasm increased in power.

Vijaya slammed her head down, pounding the huge, brutal cock into her throat, feeling her gullet stretch at the monstrous invasion. She felt the eruption of cum, quivering, rumbling, roaring the length of the pillar between her lips. Mammoth wads of cum were pounding down her working, swallowing throat.

Peristaltic waves massaged the head of Raj's cock and propelled the semen into a hot pool in Vijaya's belly.Those peristaltic contractions seemed to carry clear to her anus. Her rectum suddenly convulsed around the huge shaft lodged in it, and semen sprayed deep into her bowels.

Ripu KN had his spurting organ drilled as deeply into Vijaya as it would go. His strong hips were jammed up against her soft buttocks, crushing them with their power. His entire body heaved with every fiery pulse of semen that slammed deep into Vijaya's ass.

Vijaya felt as if she were being roasted on a penile spit that ran through her from her mouth to her anus. Her body was one searing ball of pleasure as she came and was flooded by the spermof her two ravishers. She clung to Raj and squirmed her ass against KN as she climaxed. KN's fingers drowned in her pussy.

The pulsations of the cocks in her faded reluctantly, slowly and then died completely. Desperate for air, Vijaya spat out the banker's organ and sucked in a huge lungful. As she did, she felt her rectum crap out Ripu KN's shrinking organ. Her strained anus let a gooey wave of semen drool down into the crack of her ass.

Ripu KN gone from behind her, Vijaya slumped back on her heels.

Her ghaghra fell to cover her naked ass and pussy. For a long time she just breathed, feeling the hot pools of cum congeal deep in her body.

Half an hour later she was walking out of the bank, barely aware of her aches and pains. Tucked safely in the bottom of her purse were two cashier's checks, each for nineteen thousand dollars.

She started toward the hospital and her husband.

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